I teach a lot of clinics across the country i teach 30354045 the top mistake that i see at that 3-0 level is too big of a swing even if it's on an overhead or a put away but especially on our dinks and our third shot drops we don't want big back swings back swings are going to be killer for our dink shots it's very very difficult.

To get a ball into the kitchen when i'm starting my swing like this we're only trying to get this ball to maybe go 10 feet or so so i don't need my driver backswing to make this ball go 10 feet in fact i don't need any backswing at all right when i'm dinking and even when i'm speeding this ball up.

If sammy gives me an easier ball even when i'm speeding up it's not about taking a big backswing but just a little bit of acceleration through your shot