And it smells amazing so that's why i told him that's one yeah i brought one of four so that she could be like okay now there's no like girl fights just the voice extreme ownership of my space here i want to own my space and know that i'm serving and i'm i have to the third and.

I'm getting good at maybe hitting the side of the course that i normally wouldn't big clinic today montecito club this beach is right there where i learned how to play beach volleyball you're probably bummed i'm not there right now doing a clinic instead of here yeah i mean we got the zoo right there.

Where the lion roars every morning when we used to be playing in the morning room going it's pretty rad but yeah we're just up the hill i want to see the club courts are wrapped in like flowers and and like greenery excited to be here and keep fulfilling the pickleball itch you know i mean feed the sickness.