As you know pickle ball is one of the fastest growing sports in America and last week we talked with the owner of a new pickle ball facility that opened up recently near choat tulis and Jackson Avenue when we had uh owner Renee mcody uh on the show I humbly challenged Payton and Colleen to play Leslie and me in a pickle ball match we’re all novices.

So I thought this would be a great way to learn the team to learn the sport and build some team spirit oh that’s a lie I just wanted to show how much better Leslie and I are at a sport that none of us had played here’s how it went we came to the exchange pickle all courts and bar to settle once and for all who are the superior athletes in a.

Sport none of us had ever played it would be Leslie and Me Against Payton and Colleen clearly the odds are stacked against thatti serving before we headed outside to play exchange owner Renee malot gave us some tips on how to play pickle ball on one of their six indoor courts Leslie and I picked it up pretty fast colen and.

Peyton on the other hand well you be the judge after a little warm up on the air conditioned indoor courts and to make this a little more challenging we headed outside into the Heat and bright sunshine okay we may not look serious but there is a bar in there and we’re all into having fun first though we had to get a.

Lesson on the rules of pickle ball and there are a lot of them hey I’m coach Sasha and we’re going to quickly go over the rules of pickle ball this first one up to 11 you got to win by two both tiers are going to get a chance to serve which means that the first server is going to be scorer number one that’s be the third number.

All right the first in diagonal box acoss you to go Bey the kitchen line after that all players can run up and get the ball out fly that’s about it all right kids this is the beginning of the big match of the century which century just for that I’m coming after you pton it’s got to bounce right yeah yeah.

Get him got it Pon do together oh yeah this is like taking candy from a baby what the hell look into the camera edit that out why is it my sir I.

Still don’t understand the rules no kidding got it get it get it nice yeah uh-uh uh-uh uh-uh uh-uh oh it was close enough well you lost a point anyway so it doesn’t matter barura got it yes come.

On 631 losers good got it yeah nice you got it bounce yeah nice good decision I think the courts are too small yall ready here we go do the math I’m trying let it bounce once let it once nice you got it down get down no 931 we only need two more Let it bounce nice yes there was a bug in my.

Face what Colleen Championship point you got it nice yes oh that was good come on loser God you are such sore losers you’re losing I have to admit we we’ve become addicted to pickle ball we yesterday we.

Played yesterday it’s a lot of fun and uh thank you to The Exchange lost again listen you know they say blame it on the edit that was completely edting right there I first of all Rick did amazing did a wonderful job she showed it like it actually happened that’s how I remember it that’s how you remember ABS yeah that’s not how I remember it.

Happening there should have been there should have been a warning kids don’t watch this with all the name calling if you got your kids at home tell them this is what you should not do you called us losers like 53 times well so she did edit it she only put it like seven times in there well you actually lost two games that day but that’s just I just.

Showed one you know yeah
Leslie and Eric take on Colleen and Payton in a Pickleball match.