Foreign foreign sorry good job foreign.

Out of here foreign oh yeah all right okay thank you.

Everyone three two foreign foreign of course I got you thank you.

Great ready come on you're good let's take that to the other side all right this one okay all right two six two foreign.

Adorable foreign yeah come on yeah all right let's go babe foreign let's go.

Okay foreign foreign things go ahead.

let's go foreign foreign thank you foreign.

all right yeah foreign hold on the reason for it is thank you.

if you want to do one two foreign all right foreign.

Foreign yeah well I just come down here my daughter foreign let's go you gotta get it right here come on.

yeah yeah is here please here we go.

Situated oh my goodness foreign you uh one zero two guys
Maronski/Neufeldt vs. Wortkotter/Tonon