Because you know why why becauseit feels right it feels right hi Adam hello Robert how are you I amlovely welcome to the It Feels Right podcast because it's been too long andit feels right to be here and you have a new background because you are in a newhouse that is correct and I'm not gonna lie in the last two two and a half weeks RobertI've done several things that feel wrong and I needed to be on this podcast to make it feelright and here we are so uh yes and a new house Robert uh as everyone in the world knows movingis one of the worst things ever but uh we're getting through it so what has felt wrong movingis obviously no right no the only thing that's the.

Only there's just been multiple things that havefelt wrong because we had not uh done a podcast oh sure if we if we had stayed on schedule then theywould it would the world would return properly and everything right I mean as men as a high-endcontent creator These Days Robert you know I just I mean come on I mean I got it I got it it'sthe juice in my veins I need to have it every week buddy you're a pickle influencer that's whatyou want I'm a real influencer let me tell you what Robert well we've got lots to cover because alot has I Feel Like A lot's happened like we have obviously ml but we haven't recorded sinceafter MLP so we have you know MLP wrapped up we have a couple of tournamentsthat have wrapped up we've got um new owners that announced in MLP we havea new league altogether with Vibe we've got.

Um some some historically you know historicallyMLP players moving over to Vibe so there's lots to cover um I don't know if we'll have time to coverit all today but we will cover as much as we can uh correct yes so I think we just obviouslyjump right into uh this Vibe situation uh as we had uh kind of sprinkled in over the last Idon't even know when it exactly got announced but just uh standard PPA players sprinkled in uhevery day or day or two talking about being uh uh submitting their name for the draft correctyeah and it was just yeah it was just a completely standard stuff and standard players and then allof a sudden we had uh yesterday uh and I I don't I don't know the guy's name but a legitimate Sportskind of Tweeter commenter uh Darren Revell yeah there you go there you go uh made a statement thatJW Johnson and Dylan Frazier will be submitting.

Their names well I mean if they submit theirnames maybe they won't get drafted I mean this is it's just a submission oh [__] yeah I'm justsaying my name absolutely but uh yeah definitely uh very interesting because we little birdie Ibelieve told us Robert that he will not be able for sure to play the MLP events uh yeah that wasthat was my big question it's like okay these guys are submitting their names and we have JW Johnsonso far and Dylan Fraser so far from the kind of that MLP pool that just played this last MLP thathave submitted names to the vibe League Draft and yeah that was my big question is if they if theyplay Vibe will that conflict with playing MLP and we got confirmation that um they would not be ableto play MLP I don't know if that is because dates will be conflicting I don't know if that's becauseof the vibe contract I don't know why that is but.

Um it's it's it's a fact it it's confirmedthat JW and Dylan will not be able to play MLP yeah which is which is a big deal which isobviously a really big deal as uh you know more and more teams and team owners come into MLPuh already a slight thinness uh I would consider it slight not major a slight thinness yeah uh withthe expansion and more expansion uh obviously lots of talent growing in this sport but to lose twoHeavy Hitters and two you know super top heavy uh men uh that will not be able to play at J.WJohnson Dillard could very possibly be the one in two players in that draft uh on the men's side asas more than noteworthy oh absolutely um I think I think the big question is you know I thinktheir their announcements today's the second hopefully this gets out the third but yeah I meanVibe is making their announcement what and what's.

Tomorrow basically um the start of the uh Ibelieve it's the Texas open PPA and Dallas so more announcements to come which is why we willprobably record Another podcast later this week to kind of dive into that announcement and andyou know everything else has transpired because we will not be able to cover it all in this inthis episode but um yeah I think the big the big question is who else goes if anybody and thatthinness that we're talking about in the MLP side especially the expansion just from 12 teams to 16teams will be even more noticeable on the women's side if any of the top women um decide to to gothe vibe route so I think that's what most people are keeping their eyes on now is you know willyou have an Anna bright will you have a Paris Todd um make that jump over to Vibe and um if yeah Ithink that would be a that would be a big punch.

To uh MLP and I think you know MLP has they'vepreached openness and you know non-exclusivity let the players play what they want toplay uh but Adam at what point does that does that turn into an issue because you'renot able to lock down your top talent right now yeah uh so uh yeah no it's definitely and Iand I obviously these are these are both these are both businesses they they want to make moneywhether that's right away or at some point but I think there's always been a slight vibe that thewhatever you want to call them the PPA crew the pickleball Inc is that is that a pun uh the theuh the pickleball ink we'll call the pickleball there's been a slight Vibe yes oh oh no no stopit did I say that oh you said that oh I know I don't even I mean I can't I don't even need to tryRobert you can't script this stuff I mean it just.

Happens my goodness uh that it's been we'll sayon a scale of one to ten very very high on that scale of business money making uh obviously theylove the sport it's a great sport you know they wouldn't have a business if it weren't for theirSport and I think somewhere on that scale of one to ten you have the app MLP kind of Steve uh Steve[__] crew who obviously are running a business and want to make money but I think uh to a lotof the people they would put them a little bit more in the good for the game category so so maybenot all the way at 10 uh in a business maybe it's some balance there but as you mentioned RobertI mean this is the way the world works these businesses these these uh situations especiallyfragment and a lot of things a lot of times it's a battle until somebody winsand I think this is just kind of.

Uh standard business stuff is does that make senseRobert yeah no it 100 does um yeah it's it's it's it's been a back and forth like blow to you knowBlow by blow this year right like MLP had a crazy amount of momentum with with announcing the theLeBron group The Tom Brady Kim klysters group I just you know and I think they have one moreannouncement coming with the with the last with the last expansion ownership group and you know Iexpect that that'll probably be a big name as well um so I think I I expect PPA to do the same thingwith Vibe which let's be clear that you know Vibe is a PPA entity you know it's not it's not it'snot the same business it's it's a different legal entity but it is it is a PPA subsidiaryin in some form um and I think they're gonna have kind of the same the same rollout of ofcelebrity owners that that MLP has right you.

Know Tom Tom Dundon has you know A-list friends aswell you know sports star friends and you know if if they go to the team route like that and theyhave they obviously have a draft so I'm assuming they're going to have different teams um andthe different teams will have different owners and I can only assume that these owners willalso be you know High influence High net worth individuals that have yeah that have you knowsimilar to how MLPs rolled out their ownership so um it's you know I think Vibe seemsto have come together really quick you know I don't know if they threw it togetherI don't know how much they put into it I don't know what their format's going to be we'll findout more soon but it's it's it's very clearly uh you know a a pickleball League Pro pickleballLeague to to compete directly with MLP and to kind.

Of keep their players happy so they're not pissedoff as we've seen with Tyson mcduffin's video that they can't play MLP so I'm expecting big moneyat Vibe I'm expecting big ownership and we'll see if that comes to fruition yeah absolutely and youknow I mean Tyson's the one who made the statement or might have done a video I I don't even rememberexactly what it was but he's just the one that said something you know those those Rumblings werenot just him uh several of the players so I think that might be one of the main main reasons yousaid a couple to I always want also wonder Robert why why does your lighting seem better than mineuh it's not it's not my lighting it's just I have a I have a natural radiant skin okay yes all rightbecause I'm looking pretty pale over here and you're looking pretty Hawaii and uh so anyway butuh yeah so to kind of fix the issue with not being.

Able to play MLPs they they do their own thingum among other reasons but um I also had a little birdie tell me that it was supposed to just to beJW and Dylan uh that are going over but that seems a little wild to me that just those two and theywould cap it there with no other uh you know maybe a high-end female or two high-end females to kindof uh jump in uh with those two so that that would be shocking to me if this is just it uh but that'skind of how I'm how it's understood and also I would like to know and we don't have the fullend information on this our JW and Dylan going to play app tournaments are they going to go fullPPA where they do the vibe and the PPA tournaments um as of right now I think all are available tothem besides for not being able to play MLP so uh you know they've done a lot of a lot ofwork to get their rankings where they need.

To for the new the new siphons and appearanceviews from the app but you know if if PPA makes an offer I mean maybe maybe they go full borefull board PPA with Vibe and PPA combination yeah well my understanding right now is that uhthe vibe League will be tacked on to the existing tournaments so it'll be either a Thursday orSunday so a piggyback piggyback so they'll be they'll for sure be playing those six tournamentsuh whatever they might be um whether they play more I'm not sure I I did hear some rumbling thatyou have to play eight ppas if you're going to be in Vibe so uh not not sure if that's true ifthat's true there's been a lot of speculation and talk and blah blah blah of course but uh andjust uh yeah in just less than 24 hours I would guess since that news was announced yeah um uhbut yeah so so I mean yeah definitely I think.

They're gonna make some make some announcementstomorrow as you said the beginning day of that PPA Texas open and then also kind of trickle in somemore information over the upcoming couple weeks about the exact specifics of vibe but obviouslya huge huge uh situation to monitor as as we're moving forward and they couldn't have started offstarted it off with a bigger bang with uh signing uh you know the top if not the top two prettydang close to it male players uh for the MLP yeah I mean what are your thoughts on the overallobviously Vibe for the players in the short term is good because you know JW and Dylan wouldn'tbe going there if it were comparable money to MLP in my opinion like I'm only assuming that ithas to be significantly a significantly better Financial option for them to do that uh versusstay with MLP yeah so obviously good for player.

Short term it seems because players have optionsand players will get more money uh but in terms of the overall Pro landscape adding one moreentity a new pro league so now we have the app we've got MLP we've got PPA we've got Vibe likeit's just getting more fragmented every little new entity that gets added creates more fragmentationin this sport so what is your take on is it good for the Pro game in the long run rightand I actually uh did not play MLP uh or I mean I did play MLP but the second uh they we weremathematically eliminated and uh only played those three uh uh matches to start uh the tournament soI actually chatted a decent amount with the NOAA Rubin uh player uh the pro tennis player that wasconsidering moving uh to pickleball and that was one of the main things that he said is man I didnot know how fragmented it really was uh and so I.

Think that it is an issue I really do in terms ofyou know like you said straight up for the players less so uh monetarily but for kind of maybeExpediting the process to to getting to being more mainstream slash more uh eyeballs on the sporteven from uh just a watching standpoint not just a playing and some of the uh you know just seeingall of the talent that the game has to offer uh in the same tournament I do think that it is itis probably some form of hindrance to that so uh uh you know it's rarely anything is 100 good TheGrass Is Always Greener so I I think that you know maybe some extra monetary cash in the player'spockets in the short term could possibly delay something bigger later on I don't know if that's aslight delay if that's a major delay exactly what what it may be but that's kind of how it seems tome Robert yeah so yeah more more will be announced.

On the vibe League um in the coming days sowe'll we'll release another podcast shortly Hereafter we are I I'm sorry it's been so we'vehad a podcast I've been entirely too long yeah um we've had some we got to get you Statesidethat's what that's what needs to happen this little this little Hawaii thing is throwingoff the rhythm of the timing and yeah you know if it doesn't feel right if it does notfeel right we are not going to record and it hasn't it hasn't felt right lately so fixit Robert it's your problem fix it Robert okay it's done I'm fixed it's done it'sfixed hey we are coming regularly yeah I gotta I got a basement and a a great guestbedroom you just you just pop in and we'll interview some people and have a good oldtime that sounds lovely maybe we'll do that.

What else we got to cover Adam okay so RobertI've kind of been uh I don't know kind of thinking exactly what I what I want to say about this soI've had a lot of people ask me uh why I am not playing anymore uh obviously I'm you know not atthe ranking that I was say a year or two years ago but I think that I'm still uh at 100 physicallystill still very relevant in this game as a pro player uh but I um definitely have have kind ofswitched my focus towards the second half of my career because even if big if even if I could stayrelevant in pickleball it's only for another year to give it given my age given the talent comingin so uh I just wanted to talk a little bit about just some of the kind of trials and tribulationsthat go along with being a pro player and how these guys and gals are really doing it's someserious work rob it really it really is uh there's.

Not just uh physically taxing it's mentally taxingas well lots of travel and so I'm just going to kind of use myself and kind of how I feel uh aboutthe whole uh you know grind of being a pro player and maybe some some other people will kind ofgain some insight into what these guys and girls are going through uh on maybe not a daily basisbut certainly a weekly basis playing all these tournaments uh so uh you know it's it's a littlebit embarrassing some of it and I I was trying to figure out you know exactly how to say it um I'mdefinitely not making you know any any excuses I've I've earned my I've beat a lot of peoplein this game but I've certainly earned my losses along the way uh so not not trying to to chalkit up uh for that and and also so I'm disclaiming this big time right now as you can tell um it's itreally is uh an awesome great life so I don't want.

People to think I'm just like complaining abouthow uh playing pickleball for a living which is obviously a great situation so uh uh definitely sothat these issues affect all players I'm talking about kind of pressure some anxiety some thingsthat go along uh with being a pro player that you you really do have have the spotlight onyou I mean it's not the NBA it's not the NFL but it's growing people know who you are and uhthere's some pressures that go along with that so obviously I think that you know maybe being infull-fledged uh pro athlete physical condition could it could have helped me through someof these situations in these tournaments uh and it's certainly different for everyone Ithink some people probably go through things worse than I have some people are right onthe same page and some people have no idea.

What I'm talking about uh because they theydon't have issues with this kind of stuff so um uh normally my my routine for a tournament uhI I go a couple days early uh there's really no one to uh really play a high level stuff with uhback home and that's the same same way for a lot of players Rob so uh you know just a little extratravel and a little extra time away I usually have somewhere between 10 and 20 people talk to meabout you know who am I playing with this weekend uh you guys are gonna win for sure you know youguys are a great team this and that whatever and you know this is all individually really minorstuff but when you throw it in as a as a total body of work it starts to affect you a littlebit so 100 I also think that it's uh you you know this Rob I mean you made a Blog about it that theclimb to be a talented player and to climb through.

The ranks is just quite a bit more enjoyable in myopinion than once you kind of get more established uh not that I ever made it to the very top of thegame but I made it pretty high and I was known as a contender for a lot of these tournamentsspecifically in men's doubles so uh I I think at the end of 2021 uh that first MLP deckle inmyself we went six and one we we won the the uh the year in champ PPA year in championships we gotsecond in the U.S open so kind of going into 2022 uh playing app events basically it was if wedidn't win it was a loss I'm playing with you know the best player uh at that time uh and we heardSpencer Smith say it at the orchard uh on that PBA tournament he was playing with Riley it was alot of pressure for him because if he if he loses it's his fault he's playing with the best playeron the court so uh just just a few things that.

That kind of start creeping into your into yourmindset and your mental space as you as you start playing more and more of these tournaments souh usually the day before competition I start to feel a little odd uh just a little anxiety kind ofmind racing and I've talked about it with you Rob I almost very frequently do not sleep the nightbefore competition and if it is it's usually a couple hours I almost always wake up nauseous tryto try to force down you know five or six hundred calories because I know I need to almost alwayshave diarrhea when I wake up from nerves um and really the process of the tournament you get you Iwake up at about 5 30 or 6 I do a physical routine I I get to the courts early I warm up after everysingle match I have to do a full close change I'm constantly monitoring my hydration my my foodmy electrolytes that I'm putting into my stuff.

I'm just usually trying to stop sweating beforeI get called back to the court uh obviously when you get deeper in the day there's a little morestructure to when you're going on but that those first handful of rounds or if you get knockedout to the to the opportunity bracket early uh it's it's a rough go of it so um uh definitelyuh uh a whole process it's not just pop in play your match chat with your friends go play anothermatch there's there's a big process that goes into it occasionally I've even been uh before my firstround or after my first round even even thrown up gotten physically sick a few times and and like Isaid it's a little odd to talk about and a little embarrassing I played uh what was Big Time tennisfor me and and never had issues I've been at the World Series of Poker Final Table uh before uhand never had issues and now I'm I'm playing.

You know hitting a plastic ball with a compositepaddle and I'm having these real kind of uh uh anxiety performance anxiety issues that go alongwith it so uh can you pinpoint any differences between the tennis the poker and pickleball thatmakes pickleball so much more anxiety-inducing do you feel like it's because the expectations arehigher and like maybe like you built up the the reputation of being a top player and now you'reexpected to do a certain you know a certain way at the tournament right and I I came into thesport whatever five or six years ago and that was my decision it was like try to get your namerelevant so that you could do something in the sport because this is a good switch after pokerso I think I put some pressure on myself to commit myself to pickleball in some fashion whether it'syou know commentating coaching playing so uh I.

Don't have another job for this past five or sixyears so I think that that is some extra pressure um uh and and the expectations are different soI think with I never really had that as much uh in the poker it was more it was more myself eventhough I was doing that for a living but it is I I haven't I don't know if maybe it's becausethere's added physical stress with making it through a tournament some maybe those work off ofeach other where it's more difficult for me uh but I I mean I've been trying for you know three orfour years to really pinpoint why I I struggle with it and I have yet to be able to do so soI basically just feel like crap for three days struggle to eat struggle to have fun I don't wantto go to dinners with friends after I just want to go I want to go home and I want to do laundry andI want to go to bed that's the only thing I want.

To do and then I I get back from the tournamenton Monday or Tuesday whatever it is finally start feeling better I'm not nauseous anymore probablycramming 10 000 calories in two days it's it's not a particularly healthy cycle is kind of what I'msaying because you know like after you get food poisoning or something and you finally feel betteryou're just like oh this is awesome you know I'm cramming food in after not eating as much as Ishould throughout the weekend so it's uh it's just it's kind of and some some tournaments are betterthan others uh some tournaments I feel at last some tournaments I feel it more and I obviouslyhave not been able to fully pinpoint it so just uh yeah just a little a little filibuster there onon some of the some of the issues that I know some other Pro players have uh with the sport gettingbigger Robert no 100 and a lot a lot that you said.

Resonated with me in terms of um especiallythe sleep at tournaments I sleep horribly um there I don't think there's I don'tthink there's been a night in the last two years that I played tournamentswhere I slept the whole night through you know um especially when I don't know if theythey still release the draws at midnight because they used to do that before yeah I mean andI was talking to even Brandon French before he played at Houston and next and he waslike woke up at 2 A.M so I was playing you I couldn't sleep I was like that's but that'ssuper like it's a joke but it's common like that that's real that exists that happens a lotfor for a lot of players in a lot of tournaments um and yeah no I love that you shared all thatAdam because it's it's it's real it's yeah.

It's it's it's a little different than collegetennis and um even like kind of Semi-Pro tennis um because and this this kind of goes backto like the stuff I talk about with senior Pros a little bit is you know we've got 20year olds that are that are this is real work it's real travel it's it's very mentallytaxing to to do this three four days in a row um week after week and this is how a lot ofthese up and comers are choosing to make a living and yeah it's and it's hard andthey need to be rewarded for it and um yeah and I think the more we shinea light on some of the some of the stresses that go into that go into playingfull-time then the more people will you know one feel like they're not crazy because I know you'reprobably the first person you know we talked about.

It privately you're really the first person that'stalked to me um in terms of another Pro player that that goes through this and I know you're notthe only one but you're you're the one that's been able to share and be open with it so appreciatethat and um yeah I think I think you know now that you've talked about a little bit and sharedI think more more players will come forward and be like yeah dude this is this is super stressfuland again like you said everybody's going to be at a different level with it but it's real thestress the anxiety all that stuff is is very real uh yeah so it's uh you know once again it's youknow not the easiest thing to talk about I mean I'm I hit a plastic ball with a composite paddlefor a living and make a decent amount of money you know it's yeah it's it's pretty great but uhyou know just that that whole and individually a.

Lot of them might not might not seem like much butthat whole thing uh all those things factored into the situation I I have no doubt some other playersfeel that way at least to some degree so always always good to you know shine a light on on stuffthat that people might be uh struggling with or or give them a possible reason to maybe say somethingor or I can talk to them privately and help them out with that or whatever the case may be but buteither way yeah uh it's certainly the last even when I I mean granted you know obviously let'sbe clear the talent is huge and you know some of those poor results were a little bit of of uh notbeing 100 physically but a lot of that was just you know a lot of the people I'm playing thesedays are better pickleball players than me uh but um you know definitely uh that that last even whenI was having some pretty good successes that last.

Year and a half or two years it wasn't alwaysfun and uh I just think that some people should know that that some of some of these players uh uhhave some tournaments that everything's good but probably have some tournaments where where it'sit's borderline fun are not fun so uh just just wanted to mention mention that and and uh andyou know let everyone know that it's you know all not all roses and and whatever uh out therefor for these pro athletes yeah and I think the just the the poker versus tennis versus pickleballreference that you made um like singles especially tennis like that's what kind of a lot of uscame from playing junior tennis being you know go and travel to tournaments like before beforeCollege Dennis where College was more of a team but you're still on the court by yourself you'restill having to figure things out on your own.

Um but a lot of us come from that world so now inpickleball where kind of doubles are the primary events doubles and mixed um you're not just it'snot just you right so for me also I have like some stress and anxiety around performing for mypartner and making sure that I don't let them down that day and there's you know even if it's evenif it's small like you said like it adds up and um you know especially like let's say you don'tplay with somebody you know many times and you have an opportunity to play with them and likeyou said with the Spencer Smith thing it's like oh well if I lose it's my fault which is a wholeanother layer of pressure sure um so I it's like a double-edged sword in terms of pickleballslike you don't want to let these Partners down um you want to make sure you can go to thetournament so they're not out of partner.

Which is a big deal like you never had to worryabout that in tennis because you don't even play doubles and tennis tournaments um so you'reyou have two people you're responsible for and that you need to perform for you need tobe there for and you need to be ready to play for and then also you have singles too if youplay singles which again is the other edge of the sword which you're out there all alone andit's a long day and you have grinding points and it gets it's a physical battle more thanmore than anything physical and mental more than actual like skill and ability at timestowards the end of the day as you've seen um so yeah it's there's there's a lot of layersthat people don't really think about and I think people that just kind of observe Pro players andtournaments are probably like oh you know look.

They're going out and playing a playing a two-gamematch and coming back sitting with their friends and hanging out but it's it's you know looks couldbe deceiving it's not it's not so much like that yeah no definitely yeah no definitely agree withthat and I've even had some like I've obviously talked about this with Prof Karen Carr and uh youknow I've even had some you know quote unquote lesser players or someone I never even played withbefore just a situation where you should not have any anxiety about it and yeah there's pressurethere because they maybe have never had a you know a player a partner on your level and theyare expecting you know something good to come of it maybe it may be a Deep Run maybe possiblymeddling something like that so uh there's a lot of different ways that these that these pressurescreep in uh say for instance MLP the team event.

You have three teammates and you have a team ownerand a group of people that have invested a pick in you and and money and the team and you have threeother not just one partner you have three Partners so it's uh obviously I love I love the team aspectof it and it's it's makes the atmosphere awesome but at the same time there's some extra pressuresthat that go into it uh for for that so uh I think the the looks can be deceiving uh statementyou know really really resonated and you know sometimes my parents always watch me sometimesthey'll they'll ask they're that sometimes they know I'm feeling rough and sometimes theythey have no idea and they're like how did you feel this weekend and then we talk about itbecause uh you're just constantly trying to you know push it down and perform like you know youneed to do so uh uh yeah it's whether it's it's.

Obvious or not uh there's often often a battlegoing on uh uh inside these players for sure yeah those are good parents you got Adam no nothey're no they're they're uh Mama Stone Papa Stone they're they're doing their thing uh PapaStone crushed at the Houston app oh man that guy was running all over the place I think he'sI think he slept for three days uh yeah he's been retired for a while he did like 12 hoursof work five days in a row not to mention all the lead up so yeah he uh shout out to both ofthem that sounds like you right now retired for a while and now you're uh you've had to work thepast couple of days you need to sleep I know it's it's true it's just fun stuff is suspens hard itreally is it really is I'll tell you what I mean yeah she had uh she had a flight this morningshe's uh heading heading for a funeral I mean.

I gotta I gotta toast the the pumpkin bread for Igot to get her a little a little coffee you know make sure she's all set up pregnant lady I meanshe she she's not necessarily one to be angry but she's been hangry these last couple weeks and ifI don't have it ready for her she I'm gonna pay the price that's for sure I'll tell you Adam if Iif I ever wanted needed a house husband you'd be my first brother there's no doubt good like if Iif I get toasted pumpkin bread you're like you're my guy yeah with a little I mean a little bit ofbutter too you know you got to have that I mean for sure so uh uh yeah so that definitely uh justkind of wanted to mention that hopefully you know we'll get a little feedback about that or you knowsomeone someone in the in the chat saying what are you talking about you're playing pickleball youidiot or or yeah maybe maybe someone you know.

Uh uh private messaging me and maybe I couldI could be a uh somebody someone to talk to or or maybe have a few Pro players uh come upto me and we can discuss it and maybe it could get better better for them because uh I'm retiredand that feels right right now can we talk about um another stress-inducing uh moment for a proplayer sure it should be Travis rettenmeier throwing 100K in the line against NFL yes I mean Iget anxiety with that maybe maybe Travis just has 100K to throw around I don't know but uh he seemsto be throwing it around yeah because the nml that these guys aren't bad pickleball players theseguys are good pickleball players they're both over 5-0 duper I think yeah I think it's like 509and five like yeah 18 or something like 5.18 so I would say your favorite I wouldn't say I thinkit's I think it's a pretty even line to be honest.

I think it's going to be pretty pretty close rightnow and when you're talking about 5-0 players that is a big difference but if you I'm just sayingif you had if you had 40 players like adding more adding more of them doesn't really help that muchyou know what I'm saying if you have like you're like oh we'll play you six verse one well that'snot really an advantage when you're talking about lower lower players uh let's just get somecontext around what this is so so yes please go so nml as they do they write they write kind ofopinion pieces um on on pickleball tournaments and pickleball events Pro pickleball everything that'shappening in the Pro pickleball scene they kind of um do an analysis and write on it andthrow their opinions out there and I don't remember exactly what the article wasI think it was talking about MLP something.

Um I know exactly what it was because it wasn'the beat me okay so he he he swept me four points in a row to win the dream breaker got it andand Travis uh shot a message nml did a did a uh you know like a MLP recap or whatever ofthe day and they didn't mention that he won four straight points and he basically said greatjournalism you guys are a joke not to mention that I won four straight points to seal the dreambreaker and here we will continue I love it I don't know if well first off I don't know if he'slike doing that to troll and like just to like just uh be snarky or if he is actually likeupset that they didn't measure yeah who knows yeah yeah but either way it's fantastic and inhis comment he threw out like he's like anytime you guys want to play for 100k let's do it orsomething like that right and nml was like their.

Initial reaction was like we don't have MLP typemoney but um but we'll keep that in mind moving forward and then they dropped then nml comesback and they drop an article that says hey Travis we are in for the 100K let's put it inescrow account and play for we'll go wherever you are wherever you want to play in their trapslike sure St Pete let's do it let's set the date so it sounds like it's going to happen we'll seewe'll see uh I mean that's a lot of money for a pickleball match I'll I'll go down there andcommentate this thing it's super exciting I'll go down there and cheer yeah right and I andI do think it's it's super interesting because uh they're these guys are legit so like how bigof an advantage is is the is the two on one gonna be where are they gonna be in the court how arethey going to line it up are they are they both.

Gonna try to get in is are they going to do one upone back like who who knows the optimal strategy in this situation uh but man it's it's it's it'sit's very intriguing and if they actually stick with this 100K there is gonna be some little tightbooty holes and some really tight play out there on this court for that kind of money a hundredpercent I think so I play a lot of two on one here in Hawaii just for just for good practiceum and it's usually with a couple four fives I don't I don't this is where it gets interestingI don't lose those games uh especially early I I haven't lost but it gets I get tired I getreal tired after one game I get real tired yeah because if they play properly they're movingme around because that's it's like I've got to tell the story I've got a buddy out here alot of people know him actually he plays some.

PPA tournaments and apps his name's Kelson LyleK dog we call him K dog here on Maui I feel like I know him I bet you do he's he's buddies withIrena yeah okay but anyways you big wave surfer great dude he was telling me this story I don'tknow how I got on the story but I have to say it um so there's so in Maui we have kind of like onthe water it's called Kihei Wailea these little towns and then up the hill where there's a volcanoit's called up country it's a little cooler um there's ranches up there there's a lot oflivestock stuff like that and there's rent so there's this Ranch and uh the other day kelson'slike yeah I know uh all the all the Cowboys up at the ranch know me I'm like why do they know youit's like because I killed a deer in my bare hands I was like okay tell me more he's like yeahI was bow hunting in my uh my crossbow got.

Jammed so he's like I'm shooting and it justgot jammed up so um you know I he's like I was 20 yards out from this buck and he's likeI went back to 100 yards tried to fix the tried to fix the bow it wouldn't fix so he'slike you know I just watched this deer for a while my bow wasn't working and I decided to goup behind it and grab it by the out by the antlers and I'm like you decided to sneak up on abuck and grab it by the antlers yeah he was like yeah I just jumped on held him as tight asI could and he was huge he was like it's a big buck so he's literally just swinging himback and forth with his antlers trying to shake him off and kelton's holding on fordear life with both hands fingers bloody um and he just holds on until the deer gets tiredso he's just you know he's holding on to it it.

Eventually gets tired and he starts pulling itback by his antlers taking it he said he had to go mile mile and a half back to the ranch houseso he's just like going a couple steps pulling it then the deer like you know holds its ground andhe pulls it a couple more steps and it takes some however long to get back forever and he gets backand he's uh he's yelling at the house to pull out a nut to bring a knife out and I think he I thinkhe uh I don't know how he kills it but I think he slits his throat or whatever the most Humane is Idon't know vain sounds very Humane yes but yeah so Kayla just killed a deer with his bare hands thatyou know Robert that's a great story but why did I tell it there there was a segue there there wassome kind of wrong idea okay you lost that's K dog for you but but also and you also told me the Kdog story about how you were in the car with him.

And you were on a kind of a somewhat of a countryroad I wasn't in a car with him but he told me the okay yeah his girlfriend Skyler was in the carwith him right right right and so he saw there's a there's a deer in the road and so insteadof avoiding it or slowing down he just pumps the gas destroys the deer with the car and thenthrows the deer in the back of the car and they eat venison for a couple weeks so yeah it's aspecial mindset that's a special mindset I'll tell you what it's just K dog just K dog he's justdoing his thing what were we talking about before there's there's some relevance to that damn it Iknew when I started talking about K Dog killing a deer at this bare hands that I'd lose it but uhdon't you have to like go work or something Robert uh how much time you got we got a few minutes hereanything else we need to cover it'll kind of last.

Oh we were talking about nml uh Rhett Meyer uhyes yes yes so we we yeah we I mean it's it's just phenomenal everything about it is phenomenal uhlike from a joke to money and S 100 000 in escrow in like 48 hours so it's uh pretty exciting stuffand I'm not sure exactly what your Segway is but oh I kind of remember yeah there's something aboutlike so I play like I play Kelton some other guys here two on one sometimes and uh yeah so I startoff strong then I get really tired so if they play I think they're gonna do best three out of fiveuh-huh I mean Travis isn't Travis is fit he's in good shape so it might not be such an issue forhim as it is me right but at the same time if nml can keep him on court moving around running aroundlike it could be real it goes to five games like that fifth game he's gonna be tiredand there's gonna be a lot of money on the line.

Yeah it'll be it'll be really intriguing to watchactually I think more so than any tournament that I've watched recently yeah so yeah I I think uhTravis and myself we have a similar body type so I think it's gonna be fine he's gonna be fine yeahelite elite uh professional athlete so so when they when you play them how do they play you dothey come to the net every time or like how does it work they just come in every time yeah theycome in well I I return I always I always follow it in um if they were smart they'd try to justdrop me and start moving me around they try to pass a lot and I usually can cover that decentlywell they're passing shots and then I'm in control if I just get one volley if I get one volley deepI know I'm in control right uh but if they like if they were to drop call it to my backhand um andone of them comes up like that's how that's how.

They can that's how they can do it but like whenI play I just try to blast balls and it usually works yes right no for sure uh yeah I wouldjust be really intrigued to see what two very legitimate players uh what exact strategy theywould come up with in terms of staying back coming forward dinking and dunking possibly wearing themdown because three out of five is a big deal yeah and uh I don't care if you are in phenomenal shapeyou're playing two on one it's it's going to be some form of a factor oh yes it is yeah they don'twhat I I just wouldn't recommend they just try to hit passing shots I would drop every ball and justtry to move him around the whole time right right even if you lose the first game just wear him downmake it long points make it yeah not not one two shot rallies yeah uh no I think that's good anduh obviously we've had uh a lot of uh tournament.

Action over the last couple weeks and I'm gonnaput together a little recap of that for our next episode in the next in the next day or twoand uh and obviously that we have the PPA Texas open coming up this weekend and then right intoNationals and Indian Wells uh which I will not be going to I will be drinking ipas and yellingat the screen uh hopefully hopefully positively not negatively at that so uh so definitely we'llget a little bit more and just some specifics of the previous tournaments and uh and the preview ofNationals especially uh in these next episodes and hopefully Robert will have of some slightly moreinformation about Vibe or possible other players uh making that leap to to the Bible League soum please please tell me um and I've tried to do this in the past and it was semi-successful butpeople seem to like it a lot okay um there was a I.

Think it was like a Tuesday night pickle or evenmaybe a tournament but I rigged it up to where uh the the feed was streaming on my screen butI was doing the commentary from home oh nice so I was kind of like pirating their stream yeahkind of muting their commentary and talking and talking about the match as you know remotelyso I think it'd be a lot of fun if we did that together for Nationals or for even just like we doit on a day and for an event to see how it works I love all my colleagues in the commentaryBooth but I I it would feel right if if you and I got on there together I feel like it would beunstoppable to be honest it would feel very right is that for today yeah I think we'regonna have to cut it I know you got uh some business to handle and I gotta haulfreaking five boxes of Prof sweaters upstairs.

Uh just just good times but we must getback on in the next couple days uh because there's just too much to talk about and uhit feels wrong when when uh I don't see your that's right yeah well leave a comment belowguys whatever uh you're listening uh whatever you're listening on uh anybody wants to message meabout some of that performance anxiety I'd love to talk with any of you Pro players out there anduntil next time do what feels right guys later because you know why why becauseit feels right it feels right
Rob and Stone are back from a short hiatus. They take on the tidal wave of pickleball news. The VIBE Pickleball League has shook the pro landscape. Stone stresses the importance of mental health awareness on the tour. A $100K grudge match between Travis Rettenmaier and NML Pickleball is on the horizon.
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Show Notes:
00:00 Intro
1:48 JW and Dylan join VIBE Pickleball
6:31 Pickleball is big business
10:28 A “little birdie” broke the news to Stone
12:55 Has to be a significantly higher payday to make the jump
16:20 Mental health awarenece on the pro tour
29:30 Poker vs Tennis vs Pickleball
36:00 Travis Rettenmaier vs NML Pickleball
39:30 K-dog kills a full grown deer with his bare hands
43:08 Rob’s experience playing 2 vs 1 in Hawaii
46:25 Rob and Stone livestream upcoming