You don't want to miss the action pickleball pickleball i'm coming so so tell me what's a what's a tip as a.

Newbie that i should be expecting number one draft pick is catherine perrinto hi y'all i'm brene brown with the austin pickleballers and we pick pat smith it's all about the fire fight.

with women and men competing against each other in singles the dream breaker has changed the game of pickleball forever number one female number one male oh yes.

Newport beach california is home to major league pickleball this is season two of the groundbreaking tournament series which has altered the landscape of the fastest growing sport in america forever we began with 12 teams competing for the mlv championship we are now down to two and a hundred thousand dollars is up for grabs.

As we welcome you courtside i'm michelle mcmahon alongside my counterparts five-time u.s open medalist chad edwards and seven-time u.s open medalist dominic catalano and gentlemen we've been witness to some of the best pickleball players and talent in the world here so far in southern california but the biggest headlines coming in to today's.

Championship and this tournament weekend in the mlp was a new owner on the circuit how about nfl icon and future hall of famer drew brees joining in on the pickleball fun he is now a team owner for the mad drops joining icons of the likes of renee brown james blake mark lazary lots of big names here in the ownership circle what does this do.

For the sport in terms of notoriety chad when you have owners like drew brees getting in on the fun yeah anytime you get a future nfl hall of famer jumping on board as a team owner that's just going to draw so much attention i mean the names already of the team owners have it but this is going to create so much momentum so much hype.

We're going to see mlp expand as we continue forward well if you're new to the fastest growing sport in america welcome and welcome to major league pickleball it's one of the most unique formats in terms of the sport that we have witnessed in its young history so let's go over the rules of what this championship series.

Is going to look like it's a unique format and that it's rally scoring games are to 21. of course we will play four games featuring the full team dynamic as we mentioned 12 teams were drafted four players each so we'll have a women's doubles round a men's doubles round and a mixed doubles round and this is a fun format for the players why dom because.

The team aspect of it you don't get that in traditional pickleball and when you add that team atmosphere you get a lot of these players who do come from tennis and they played college tennis they love that team atmosphere so that's a great aspect and then when two players are playing you have two teammates who are on the sideline and are acting like.

Coaches there are two more sets of eyes that are out there helping you out and they can coach point to point so that aspect of it it sets us apart from everyone else so that's one nuance of major league pickleball here's the other the talk of the town really is the dreambreaker which is that fifth tiebreaker game a singles format which.

Is an interesting plot twist here for major league pickleball what's your perspective on this chad everybody wants to see the dream breaker if both teams finish tied at two we now go to the singles and with that it's four points played and you keep rotating through but the lineups can be man on man woman i'm woman and vice versa.

It's an interesting form we've even seen 47 year olds taking on 15 year olds so it really breaks the barrier in terms of gender and age and that's one of the many reasons we love this sport of pickleball here's the tale of the tape though in terms of the championship round it's a tale of two unbeatens blqk is the team to beat they've been the.

Team to beat all tournament long they have not lost in this tournament or any tournament they've won two mlp titles the leaders in that format and the ranchers an entirely different looking team than we saw in austin just a couple of months ago what's the most intriguing part about this matchup dom well in austin the ranchers.

Finished 11th place they come back and they are now in the championship they made some moves in the off-season and they're standing here about on the brink of winning a championship all right well here is the road to the championship the biggest element that jumps out to you is what chad yeah just like dom said blqk hasn't been tested yet but if the.

Ranches can play like they did this morning this match-up's going to be electric all right time now to welcome in the fourth member of our crew top 50 pro cameron blackwood with more on this matchup from the sideline cameron energy and intensity michelle are the two words i would use to describe the match we're going to see here on.

Championship court two things to look out for in this match dj young's aggressive forehand roll this creates so many options and holes for his partner to capitalize on second is irina tereschenko she has been blqk's rock here this weekend being able to adjust between the replacements of lacey schneemann and rachel redkard for the.

Injured paris todd look for her to take control in women's doubles right from the start michelle the biggest story line is the return or not of paris todd for blqk it is going to be a last minute decision i will keep out an eye for that here on championship court great stuff cameron we will certainly keep our eyes on the paris todd.

Storyline but we're going to step aside for just a moment when we return we'll bring you first serve of the women's doubles match-up coming up right after this on cbs sports.

Let's thank all our referees and all the work they do aura organic official nutrition partner of mlp and by knock around sunglasses official sunglasses partner of mlp.

we are back on championship court it is the final round between blqk against the ranchers and our first matchup is going to be featuring women's doubles a couple of all-time greats on display here on championship court michelle mcmahon dominic catalano chat edwards in the booth cameron blackwood.

Down below on the sideline let's listen in on today's coin toss and the context right anna zane this side is newport this side is pickleball anna you call it she calls pickleball it is pickleball so the ranchers have chosen to be the.

Home team which means they get to hear the mixed doubles line up first and they get to match it okay blqk will choose side they're choosing this far end the ranchers will be receiving on this side all right so the ranchers win the coin toss which means they get to pick their.

Mixed doubles matchup when it comes to that round against blqk here's the teams on both sides starting with the ranchers it is the fiery anna bright 22 years old she's a fierce competitor strong tennis background there jackie kawamoto her partner in women's doubles 26 years old and then for the men it's dj young and james.

Ignatowicz a very young fiery tennis background team on the side of the ranchers they have yet to be beaten in this tournament format however blqk has yet to lose a team match in this entire major league pickleball format in terms of a championship they've got two to their name irina.

Tarashenko one of the greatest of all time she was on blqk's team last season in the inaugural season 39 years old commanding the pace at every point for her side paris todd joining her a newer face to the pickleball circuit former tennis pro turd pickleball pro one of the best in the world zayn navratil on the side of the men's as we mentioned.

This is a four game series between these two teams if we must meaning if the series is tied two games a piece we will go to that fifth tiebreaker game the dreambreaker format turning things to singles but for now we turn our attention to women's doubles what do you expect to see early here.

Chad in this matchup paris todd loads up for the first serve well i think the the approach here is trying to keep anna brought under control if arena and paris aren't able to counter her speed ups it's going to be a very up very difficult battle for them.

Right away anna bright there she is that's exactly what annabrite does she's going to look to start fast and my key here is going to be seeing what however todd is moving she has not played all day today you mentioned it dominic that was the biggest storyline heading into today's matchup for blqk paris todd was not.

Available this morning she was back into the lineup after being cleared by a trainer she'd be cleared for doubles and singles and that how do you find your rhythm if you're just cold coming in to a final match up here.

You've got to hit a ton of balls and she's going to hit a ton of balls ranchers are going to test her but we saw it right there of why kalamoto and brought is such a good pairing jackie just gets everything back and it gives anna the ability to play loose and free there's todd coming great on cue yeah.

Great coverage there from paris todd went for the ernie here you watch her come and she will get off court here todd slides to the middle finishes with their two-handed back tarashenko with the server stepped into that and unleashed a massive forehand.

Using the network anna bright four the ninth overall pick in this draft to her team and we're we're seeing bright play this weekend like she did when she first came on the tour she's taking risks but she's really solid some some good swings on balls and then.

Gets hit with one of them but you're right chad she's playing like she played when she first got out here fight it off couple of errors for the ranchers giving the blqk the early advantage here her backhand is her strength she.

Can drop it on the court and just does it with such precision good but that was also a better constructed point the ranch has moved that ball around jackie's speeding that ball.

paris chad will recover the serve you have six one of the nuances as we mentioned the rally scoring it serve goes or odd side according to what the score is potentially.

Asking if that ball caught the hair of jackie kawamoto you got it here you don't know bob swiss helmer to tell on a replay as well.

That's a good ball there for anna break getting that ball down so that ball adds the shins of paris top hardball for her to attack on so she was kind of in between there no that ball was a little bit higher and paris todd isn't going to get cheated on a swing but even when she hits the previous forehand flew a little bit.

Because she got big but that one's so short so compact moto loads up to counter the pace blqk recovering the lead she does not get short on that one when she's hitting the baseline grip and rip and it is a controlled very hard drive.

Ranchers tie it up anna bright will go hands battle all day she comes out the winner in that one i think bryant hit an outball to start that hands battle right there she's stuck with it tereshenko getting involved a little bit there paris getting a little too big on that one compared to the previous.

Two-hander that she palled through anna bright once again and so a great job there of anna bright as todd's hitting down on that ball and getting some top spin on it right flattens it out she's just trying to do too much it flattens it out right back at her body.

So we will have an end change what's causing the shifter momentum chad so i i think paris is in a difficult situation right now she's inconsistent just because she hasn't played much for the last two days and you can go out and you can warm up and you can be loose but the pace of these.

Balls within a game situation if your timing is not spot on that's where you end up you know you try to get a little big or you might get jammed a little bit so if she can find her rhythm she's going to be extremely dangerous but right now the timing is a little bit off fun fact about anna bright by the way you mentioned that we.

Haven't seen her on the pickleball tournament until recently she said before this that she might have entered before that had she not taken on the hike of the pacific crest trail which goes from mexico to canada said she even hitchhiked through that it was a a goal of hers she finished in september of 2022 and started pickleball a month.

Later said if not for that i would have been on the circuit sooner here's peristad trying to counter and wright both players spectacular in the hands battle at net a very strong tennis background on both sides and one thing you are seeing and i've picked up on it is avoiding the backhand of irena.

They want no part of it whether it's dinking or on anything else as far as hands battles there's two-handed backhand at all right now and honestly i think bright hit an output an attempted love for jackie kawamoto always long blqk.

Tying things up setting the tone as she does best yeah it starts from the tereshenko drop watch his cut backhand right and it gets popped up just enough for her to come in and attack on it well that spin that she's generating makes makes the ball slide so if you're hitting with another open face it's gonna pop that ball up.

Yup there is todd with the backhand rip the tides have turned blqk up by two what's changed just complete assault here from blqk on the offensive side of things they're pulling hard now and putting pressure on breit and calamoto right after this end change.

By the way top three russian junior tennis player back in her history in the sport one of the veterans of the sport you're in pickleball that was very smart they're expecting todd to be as powerful as she has been.

The whole time and she just takes a little bit off of it gets the paddle face underneath and rolls it in there it is for anna bright looking to get some fire going on her side well finally brighton calmoda able to get a ball down at the feet of tarashenko and forcing her to hit up on that finally.

Anna breit played tennis for cal in her history a spectacular talent there also incredibly intelligent how about that finish for paris well the injury was never to her hands or her shoulders so any ball anytime that she's.

Sitting up there that's where she puts good swings on it i think the test is anything down at the feet like we're talking about where she has to get down and get this and you see her standing straight up thank you those are what i call grown-up things.

Right and so what they're doing tarashenko and todd they're putting pressure with their dinks right they're not playing patty cake going soft soft they're hitting those dinks putting pressure on at the feet of brighton commodo cause the pop-up and the put away for paris.

24 years old originally from newport beach california only started playing people over 10 months ago and she's already one of the best talents in the world and they constructed that point well it was just right there when jackie went to speed it up.

She created her paddle was a little flat so there was no spin on that ball backhand up and back i mean i like it trying to test her right there and change something up but the ranchers now trailing by three how.

Can they get back into this one we'll find out right after this short break don't go anywhere i am all right ladies and gentlemen got one at least.

Can you hear me can you hear me okay thank you thank you thank you back on championship court blqk running away with a three-point lead our top 50 pro cameron blackwood sidelined with more i'm standing here next to the blqk.

Sidelines i was hearing irena tell paris keep fighting we are in this just keep making balls i will finish them we have nothing to worry about just play with it cameron in just a moment apologies for the technical difficulties there paris todd back to serve for blqk with a three-point lead.

with a crucial that's such a good angle from kyle moto right there reaching in and taking that out of the air beautifully done by kawamoto yeah just a.

Little flick of the rest right there opens the paddle face rolls the hand and rest over so that's the right attack at the lower half of paris todd irina taraschenko is.

Getting everything back they're also recognizing that tarashenko is the tide has turned and the ranchers now two points away within closing distance on their side what's been the difference for the.

Ranchers well i mean again high energy for both kawamoto and bright more from bright but again they're just sticking to their game plan would i'm really impressed with is anna bright anna bright is staying in points a little longer she's waiting on balls that she can attack she's not trying to force anything so.

Really impressed with the annabrite discipline right now and cal moto is just such a good compliment to her getting everything back and keeping them in points you see anna brock getting fired up right there and jackie's just all smiles however what they've done really well in the.

Last four points or so is that they've made the adjustment of not going as wide to paris todd's forehand for the dink because she's doing a really good job of rolling that going a little bit more into the body but they recognize that tarashenko is not as likely to attack off the backing.

How about that game point on the paddle of jackie kawamoto on their side let's just get one back over we saw it earlier all they did was keep the ball in play get one more ball back over here she's a little she's a little taller you could see when she was taking that paddle back.

That it wasn't fluid she got really stiff and try to just push that over ever so tightly now we return to traditional pickleball scoring both teams stuck on these points until they score on their serves how about that jackie kawamoto earns the serve right back at game point so that's.

Twice now i'm thinking maybe the movement of paris todd laterally is hindering her out of the last four points she didn't even get to what a way to finish anna bright on a lucky bounce and a valiant effort from paris chad.

The ranchers come up with a huge game one victory in women's doubles that ball sat on the side of the ranch's net and then somehow crept up and over and i was going to say that's a bad speed up but somehow she got a paddle on it with enough spin and it just climbed up.

And over the net and it's kind of disheartening because you thinking anna bright's gonna celebrate on a winner to end it like that and she can't because that ball just drops over the bad part right there is we saw paris todd grimace trying to jump forward at that ball in the net the winners anna bright and.

Jackie kawamoto standing by with our cameron blackwood cameron anna when you're not sure who you're going to be playing against who's going to be pairing up with irena how does that change your strategy going into this match it was really tough we watched some of both lacy and irena play and also paris and irena and kind of you.

Know talked about what we were going to do we didn't really know what to expect and we just came out we came a little tight everyone's tight you know blqk has been on the stage before we haven't but really happy we clutch out that win jackie talk to us about the strategy you had pushing paris white off the court at about 15 18 i think we started to figure.

Out to open up the court a little bit more spread irena right wide and bring paris into the middle and then go behind her thanks guys back to you michelle cameron thanks so much we're gonna step aside for just a moment but don't go anywhere the drama is only beginning here on championship court for major.

League pickleball it's men's doubles coming your way right after this anna bright enthusiastic after a huge win in game one thank you woman child.

So uh welcome back to newport beach california for game two of this major league pickleball matchup finals between the blqk and the ranchers so far the ranchers on top one to nothing after winning that crucial women's doubles matchup and now we move.

On to the mix it's dj young for the ranchers and his partner james ignatowicz a couple of young guys newer to the pickleball circuit james ignatowicz still in college former tennis player out of vanderbilt universities heading into his senior year and could potentially win 25 000.

Here today on championship court a hundred thousand dollars on the line for each team and if you're new to pickleball or major league pickleball this is a revolutionary format on the other side it's blqk the defending champs zane navratil the best pickleball players in the world.

In doubles and singles his partner 35 years old based out of auburn alabama he will be our first server of this men's doubles matchup quickly we see exactly what's going to happen here we're going to see some chads over here laughing because we're going to see these firefights and it's a.

Great start burgnatovich and dj young that one might have knocked the pritchard cup off from behind the court there but navratri right there and just went straight into the body.

a hundred percent he saw nevertheless coming really hard so he slowed it up and took something off it so that ball's at the shins of never tells he's trying to get that back up over 3-1 dj young back to serve on his side.

And that's that was the control dj that we saw this morning he's still aggressive but he's picking yeah just a little tentative on that inside out forehand i think the spot that the rangers have got to go to the back end of both of these guys are just navratri and hewitt are just too strong.

With the fall here young what created that dj young's length right there he's reaching in to start that click right and so for you guys watching at home that flick wasn't meant to be a winner it was meant for ryan to block block up and he's there for the forehand put away young again high risk high reward type.

Of action he described his style of play to me as shooters are going to shoot risky but exciting to watch never know what he's going to do he next i don't even know what i'm going to do next average hill with a crafty serve down the middle for rafa hewitt.

So dj young trying to make the adjustment he had a really good reach flick went up a little higher the next one he tried to go low with that flick when you they're so extended to really have to get low he's still trying to find the balance on that one he was doing a good job of putting it away.

He's a little off here with that flick game is still early zayn navratil to make up for it on the return dj young stepping in on zayn navratil taking back the lead to their side what created this point yeah there's dj young with the inside out forehand i think navratri thought he.

Was going to push it a little wider and a little firmer so he got out in front of it and caused the pop-up shaking his head saying i'll go pace with you all day well and when dj's going well he's seeing the ball looks like a beach ball and that's exactly what it looks like he's seen the ball.

Like right now he read the navatel speed up so well gets pulled up and the ranchers with the biggest lead of the game so far so right now dj's shooting about 30 with that reach flick but when it's on he's going up into the sternum of hewitt very difficult to get out of the way of and.

You just have to block and that forces the ball up his first error of the game to your point chad dj young three unforced errors coming in the backhand zane navratil created the opportunity here just by defense i think we even got a little nope out of.

Jane navato just going airborne right there jumping over the top of that spread eagle a blade leap frog over the ball how about that replacement for james ignatowicz dj young pulled the string through the changeup ignato inch went fastball fastball dj pulls the string throws a.

Little softer ball in there causes the error dominating that kitchen line with that left hand forehand yeah and they're returned by naruto right there i mean that thing maybe was a hair over the net just slid.

All the way into dj young holy fire fight james and not a witch coming away victorious on that one so look now the ranch was up by two midway through i don't mind rafa hewitt like getting into that and he he stepped in front of an average on one that got him a little odd position let zayn stay engaged in that i think they stay in.

That dj young going for the army blqk recovering a point in the circle so one of the things that sets the top 10 mail between a guy like dj young where he's phenomenal but it's the inconsistencies rob the hewitt's sprawling out.

might as well throw your paddle at it at that point tomorrow night at 7 eastern get ready for all things golf as michael bree tees off on the latest hot topics and weekend action from the wyndham championship.

Watch course record with michael bree right here on cbs sports but for now it's all pickleball and the ranchers the first team to 11 points on the end change james ignatowicz and dj young two of the more unproven talents in major league pickleball what are they doing well well i mean i think they're.

Just playing with a lot of confidence they've carried over that momentum from the semifinals this morning to this matchup tonight and when you're playing with a very loose ignatowicz and dj young but yet controlled right we're seeing this chad a dj young that a lot of times we'll see will lose.

Control a little bit he's playing very controlled very well keeping balls in play and attacking when he needs to giving them a two-point lead here in this game so go ahead chad i was going to say when you are that aggressive player you're still going to make mistakes but if you can minimize them to two in a row instead of four in.

A row that's the difference right now young is seven kills to his five unforced errors high risk high reward so james ignatowicz putting navratil in a corner this doesn't happen often why is james ignatovich able to get the job done.

Ignatowicz wants that fast ball he wants that ball coming at him and actually we talked to him a little bit yesterday and we're like you know which do you prefer backhand or forehand he's like either one i'm good he's the most consistent player on the court right now just one unforced error once again.

Punishing blqk with the backhanded ernie it looks like voqk wants to possibly challenge where ignatowicz was i think it was they want to challenge that back left foot on the drag not going to it was kind of close he didn't look like.

He dragged but bob swiss i'm right there with a rare miss for him on the backhand in the middle so i think the ranches right here just have to stay consistent they've built a little bit of a lead here allow blqk to try to.

Force the issue maybe make a couple of mistakes that ball is long that's two errors in a row for zayn navratil visibly frustrated on his side bl2k is not used to trailing this big in any circumstance especially in men's doubles.

So with that in mind we will tell you how they bounce back after this short break we're gonna take a quick timeout and show you how it resolves after this hello hello hi can you hear me testing one two three four five six seven eight.

Ray i can't hear you okay though when i'm talking to you okay awesome okay cameron what are you talking about cameron okay now i can't hear her again yes she is yeah she's talking i can see her talking into the mic.

Talking can you hear me one two three i'm gonna talk about blqk's huddle just now do we have enough time to do that yep okay perfect i just wanted to know the topic so i don't yep yep can you hand me my backpack are we good right here.

Okay awesome thank you okay yep perfect got it hi gentlemen yes welcome back the team to beat blqk on their heels for the first time in major league pickleball cameron blackwood was listening in on the huddle cameron.

What'd you hear here down at blqk they are looking to clean things up rafa said we don't have a choice it is now or never they are also going to look to start speeding the ball up over at james ignatowicz's forehand see if they can't jam him up a little bit they're looking to take dj a little bit out of this match see if they can't climb back in.

And win this game great stuff cameron thanks so much a six point gap on their side and the gap widens the ranchers up by seven this is the first time blqk has been tested in a long time and they're starting to press and starting to feel that pressure right now trying to make.

The perfect shot oh that stayed in big roll from dj young yeah when you would you know if you take the approach of we're only gonna we're gonna try to take dj young out of the pitcher and we're just gonna go ignatowicz you're starting to play balls and potentially aren't there to be played to that.

Situation james ignatowicz coming to life once again fastest hands on the court oh and by the way he can hit a pretty hard ball and stay short let's go to his forehand that's what you're gonna get unfortunately rafa hewitt.

Going for the body just sails it off the ranchers running away with game two up by ten dj young back to serve nobody here saw this coming nobody gameplay.

how's this for a fun fact james ignatowicz a semi-professional poker player in his history back to serve but also very far out of bounds yeah i mean it's a decent time for it i mean things are gonna go in your way.

We've got a ten point push all right exactly michelle you're up by ten why not right you have a little breathing room but again with the rally scoring you need to be careful we've seen teams come back right the ranchers are frozen on 20. they have has come back.

Before in previous tournaments down by eight rafa hewitt looking to build on that and that's the rally scoring factor right there they've now picked up three points make that full the right time to call a timeout and try to ice them i would call it right now.

Don't let them get any more momentum but they have i would say this point maximum dj young all over it serve returns to the ranchers everybody on their side taking a sigh of relief no timeout needed at the moment goes for it and the game goes to the.

Ranchers dj young and james ignatowicz crafting a cinderella story against the defending champs blqk you've been throwing out fun facts michelle this is a fun fact that that's that's their second men's doubles win.

Of the three days and the first one was the semifinals the second one's the finals it's it's unbelievable but you want to talk about coming together at the right time hey win when you need to win and right now in the semifinals and the finals they pull that off and they're sitting pretty going into mixed doubles.

And remember the ranchers won the coin toss so they get to pick their mixed doubles matchup against blqk the winners for now though standing by with cameron blackwood dj young and james aganowicz cameron dj a dominant performance tell us what your strategy was heading into this game well there wasn't quite a lot.

Quite a bit a lot of strategy but me and james went on doing group pool and then i swear to god i told him we'll get it together and we did so that's all that matters james you seemed unfazed coming into this pressure situation what was your mindset what did you tell yourself before stepping on the court tonight uh.

Just to just to have fun i mean it's not a lot of people get to play in front of so many people and have this type of experience it's just fun regardless of how the outcome is this has already been an absolutely awesome experience so that's basically what i'm focused thanks guys back to you michelle.

Cameron thanks so much it is the first time major league pickleball has seen james ignatowicz making quite the entrance i would say don't go anywhere mixed doubles is coming up next blqk in a must-win situation you don't want to miss it hey.

Mlp is back doesn't ring a bell how about now we're major league pickleball and the only thing growing faster than this city skyline is our sport pickleball as the fastest-growing sport in the clemson the fastest growing sport in america fastest growing sport in america you think.

They've got the best street meat well our street meats aren't too bad either they've got a garyvee we've got a garyvee pickleball i'm coming nyc is a melting pot of awesomeness so are we some men some women some young some old.

But at the end of the day all heart and we both believe that fortunes are gained on the trading floor especially when some of the biggest influencers in the world also happen to be our owners wrap that in the highest prize money in.

Pickleball and well one million dollars there's nothing else like it new york's not so bad either major league pickleball there's nothing else like it there really is nothing else like it the fastest growing sport in america meets one of the revolutionary concepts in the sport in major league pickleball and you.

Are witnessing the finals between the ranchers and blqk it's a place that blqk has never been before trailing two to nothing they have been the team to beat in every single tournament and there have been three so far.

Including this one blqk the defending champs irina tarashenko the lone player on that original team in its inaugural season for major league pickleball one of the greatest of all time what is it that sets her apart especially at the age of 39. she's a gamer and if anyone if you want anyone in this situation down 2-0 you want irina tereshenko on.

Court right now she's a gamer she came to play and so all my confidence in blqk would be her putting her on the court first here in a must-win situation her partner is rafa hewitt he is 34 years old based out of auburn alabama he's a lefty he is powerful and he is going to need to be the x.

Factor in this matchup for blqk chad yeah i mean ruffa hewitt's the guy on the team that that's vocal that's loud that gets the energy flowing if he's on then it's gonna pick the whole team up so the ranchers won the coin toss which means the lqk had to play their hand first of who they were putting out they put out.

Rafa and irene as you just saw and so the ranchers countered with anna bright and dj young anna bright is a sensational talent here in pickleball what is it about her ability and dj young that makes them a good fit together dom well they're going to.

Be playing super loose right now up 2-0 they have no pressure on them right now if they lose they still got another match up with ignato witch and kawamoto to come back in but right now anna bright so newer to the sport i mean just new enough to not even realize the situation she's in possibly and just.

Jump in here be aggressive and her and dj young come out we will have this match-up right underway after this quick break don't go anywhere blqk in a must-win situation a hundred thousand dollars on the line the ranchers trying to get it done at three major league pickleball on cbs sports.

Network is sponsored by pro xr pickleball official paddle partner of ml major league pickleball on cbs sports network is sponsored by pro xr pickleball official paddle partner of mlp and by franklin.

Official ball of mlp back on championship court blqk in a position they've never been before against any team in major league pickleball and the ranchers are finding a way to flip the script and major league pickleball is incredible for so many reasons but here's one of them.

Former players not former players current players on different teams are here supporting their counterparts on the court that's joey ferrius he participated a fair amount this weekend in an action-packed three-day weekend a couple seats next to him is corinne carr rob cassidy.

In front of him with the glasses he was giving out free prizes here on championship court and it's one of the interesting nuances of this tournament format it's rare that you see other pro players in support of everything that's happening.

Yeah they're sticking around they stay in and watch and there's some support and you seem like some players leaning towards over here on the ranchers and leaning towards the sides of blqk cameron blackwood has more on this matchup for blqk and the ranchers cameron what are you hearing sideline a must win for blqk and they know it they.

Thrive in these pressure situations do not count them out they still believe that they can take this to a dream breaker and win it all cameron thanks so much yeah it's now or never and a hundred thousand dollars is the carrot dangling over blqk and if there's anyone locked in and focused on that.

Task it's rafa hewitt and irina tarashenko two very intense players what do you think the strategy is going to be for blqk against the all hands teams and anna brighton dj young it's blqk's got to come out and come out fast and if they don't come out fast and they start slow they put them on their heels.

What's the x factor for you chad on the side of the ranchers uh i think it's going to be dj young whether he can be a controlled aggressive if he can't and those unforced errors or those errors keep start creeping in then there's going to be some issues on the ranch's side the ranchers with a chance.

To sweep this series against blqk first serve is coming up next after this short break we're gonna step aside but don't go anywhere it's just getting started here on championship court in newport beach california are we ready to get this started are we ready to get this started.

Are we ready to get this started welcome to pickleball night in america live we're coming to you from dripping springs texas thomas wilson is so fast oh.

Dj with the behind the back wow just caught the back corner wow oh my goodness gracious wow that was crazy great wow i mean we saw so many things there we saw speed look at the crowd standing up ovation on that shot.

Back on championship court as we await first serve here for our first mixed doubles matchup the ranchers leading blqk two to nothing remember this tournament format started with 12 teams each team was drafted back in may two men two women to each team in a snake drop format there are three.

Events for major league pickleball championships this season this is the second of three here in newport beach california first serve underway rafa hewitt on the paddle so we haven't even talked about this too it puts with rafa hugh being lefty it.

Puts the males face up on each other and the females face up on each other they're gonna go cross court it's gonna go bright to hewitt and young to tarashenko so that'll be interesting to watch as well how does that change things well it just takes what it.

Does here and it puts them both flat and face up against each other and doesn't allow them really to pick in them dominating that point buries it on the earnings disguises that ball really well she'll run around the backhand and go inside out forehand push across and then she'll set up the same way.

Back behind lead oh her hands are so good right now it does not matter how low you keep that she's just countering every right there when she gets in the fire.

Fight you see her start off up at the kitchen line then she takes small shuffles back to give herself more time but also to rear back and get add a little bit more power she caused tara to try and go away from her because she's getting everything back so tereshinko tried to be effortless.

His whip action on the on the ball that's up yo you see him load kind of take it back a little bit and then it's just like he's throwing the paddle getting that arm action that we see from baseball pitches when they get that snap this is the issue right now for blqk is.

Every spot middle sideline is covered and so this is the issue for blqk is they're trying to find something that's working it's just not right now you're blqk why wouldn't you have went with zayn abertell and paris todd in your pairing to start the mix doubles to try and rock.

His back like i said rafa hewitt is extremely dangerous when he gets fired up haroshenko has the experience she's going to anchor the team but we talked about it before roughly hewitt is one of the x factors for blqk as far as how igniting he could be when things get going don't you think the.

Team that they would have put all their money on to win would be paris todd and zane madison if todd wasn't injured okay makes sense but she recovered nicely there on the ernie she was attempting she recovers back and is in position she just misses.

That oh a pop-up opportunity missed for rob mcgewett he'd love to have that one back now the only thing and i know young and bright win this point but i did not like the decision of djing to drop that and bring.

Tarashenko and he would back up to the net it allowed them to get back into that point she was moving one way and hit another i mean that's a fade away two-hander here you watch this she's fading backwards and goes across.

Her body she bet that looks so easy miscommunication in the middle the ranchers up by three but that came down to the spot of bright she picked the spot so sometimes when you've got two forehands in the middle there and you're both trying to close.

That spot there and low is going to cause that clash of patterns so far the rancher is the more consistent team two unforced errors to blqk's six tj young backing up rafa hewitt it's a rare position that rafa hewitt will ever find himself in how was he able to create this.

Opening well i mean it's again it's putting blqk on their heels they're just complete retreat mode right here trying to stay in this point interesting to see what zane navratil he ran over to the side of hewitt tarashenko what he said he sees something goes for.

The pace i love that anna breit going is going toe to toe with rafa hewitt no fear in the former cal tennis star that was the fastest walk i've ever seen in my life here anna bright is in a hurry to get to everything right now she is itching to get back on court and get right back in.

This time for our first break here in this mixed doubles matchup when we return we will bring you the second half as the ranchers look for a clean sweep against the defending champs blqk oh.

welcome back to cbs sports network tuesday night at 7 eastern don't miss a pinball spectacular as the pwa pwba wraps its season live from the lone star state see who will win the tour championship title and 50 000 prize fun.

Right here on cbs sports network speaking of winning prize buddy anna breit is looking to do that with a hundred thousand dollars on the line for the ranchers looking for the clean sweep over blqk blqk was the team to beat coming in to this weekend's tournament.

Tarashenko will take it they need something anything to get momentum going on their side if if anything right here this has to turn the tide for blqk they have to use that as something momentum here to get back in this match so far anna bright and dj young have set the tone.

in this matchup tarashenko yeah that's i mean that's two balls in a row that terra shankles missed on not very difficult balls so trying to press do a little too much with the spin accelerate a little too much go back to basics make a ton of balls.

And force young and bright to work right there she jams up great at the body he's not able to get extended and get anything on that that ball is right in the corner rafa hewitt looking to get his side going with some momentum oh i think both bright and young thought he hit that a.

Lot harder than he did yeah he was off balance on the two-hander off-balance caught off the end of the paddle and sometimes that adds more spin as well ranchers and anna bright no lack of enthusiasm on their side she is fired up i mean she's screaming she's.

Pacing she's raring to go she's a pro player and balance is a full-time job works for duper the reigning system and how about that dj young answering back you talked about it dj playing so well right there but you talked about anna bright she was stalking during the.

Timeout she was walking back and forth on the baseline let's talk about someone zoned in it's anna bright right here yeah they're just they're pressing right now they're pressing too much and we talked about it in the earlier match up today you can't make up more than one point at a time you're not going to make up that.

Six seven eight point difference with one swing vo2k takes a break rafa hewitt looking for anything to get his side oh that ball was likely sailing out of bounds just gets in the way of tarashenko it was on a mission that point and no.

Matter what it just doesn't go their way standing almost out of bounds hits her well that's the only place you had left to go mr blqk in closing distance of a three-game sweep two points away from a hundred thousand.

Dollars a major upset cinderella story unfolding used to work 80 hours per week on his family ranch from idaho they made the transition to pickleball.

That time into the net game and match point on the side of the ranchers dj young and anna bright looking to bring home the cash the ranchers take.

Home the printer cup they dethrone blqk the team with the largest target on their back this entire tournament anna bright dj young jackie kawamoto james ignatowicz the new winners and champions of major league pickleball.

what a performance from the ranchers all weekend no i mean that's that's the best pickleball that they play and they've played phenomenal pickleball all three days but that's the best pickleball that they've played in the last three days and they turned it on.

In the fun and they built that up all the three days right chad they they started to play well they got better every day and then you're playing at your best on the finals day james ignatowicz just shrugging off the fact that he gets to take home 25 000 in his back pocket as he heads to his senior year of college no big deal major.

League pickleball has a new champion it is the ranchers how impressive was anna bright and dj young in this one they didn't lack enthusiasm they didn't lack passion they didn't lack hands what a battle the ranchers came in the underdog and left the victors.

We will have post-game reaction and figure out exactly how they got it done to dethrone the champs right after this short break stick around hey pickleball.

Major league pickleball on cbs sports network is sponsored by aura organic official nutrition partner of mlp and by knock around sunglasses official sunglasses partner of mlp a new team has been crowned the champions of major league pickleball the.

Ranchers took down the two-time defending champs blqk in absolutely dominant fashion and at the top of the show both dominic and chad said that the x factors would be on the rancher side anna bright and dj young we saw that come full circle in that third game of mixed doubles dom starting with you anna bright a.

Sensational new talent in the pickleball landscape what was the best part about her performance in your eyes here tonight her focus and her concentration and not trying to do too much but when the opportunity arose she stepped up put balls away when she needed to reset balls when she had to.

And then the fact that at the end of that match when they changed ends chad and i were sitting here watching her stalk the baseline she was stalking waiting for the next point so her determination her focus it never was wavering throughout this whole weekend and it showed here in the championship match and it put them on top.

And chad for you it was dj young in what ways was he an x factor in your eyes in this matchup i mean dj young has every shot in the book and some ones that are extremely funky the reach in the pancake the turnaround but the thing with young is with all of those shots it's whether he has controlled.

Aggression and he picks the right spots and he does the right things when you're aggressive play you're always going to make mistakes and i said that earlier but if you make one or two mistakes that's fine if you make four five six in a row then your issues dj young stayed composed he chose the.

Right balls to speed up when he was attacked he was ready for the counter attack and everything that he did today was controlled and that controlled aggression well i wonder what he's thinking now with 25 000 in his back pocket more on that in just a moment cameron blackwood will bring us.

Back with some interviews with the winning team right after this short break stick around tuesday night at 10 eastern it's a crucial wnba battle as atlanta's playoff dreams hang in the balance against mvp contenders aja wilson and the las vegas aces right.

Here on cbs sports network but for now the attention is on the fastest growing sport in america it's pickleball and major league pickleball is making sure that this sport is elevating to new heights and new levels every step of the way james ignatowicz a college student.

Gets to go home with 25 000 dj young the hero as dom and chad pointed out on his side anna bright jackie kawamoto congratulations to the new winners of major league pickleball as they await their crown our cameron blackwood is courtside with the pritchard cup and the commissioner and owner of major.

League pickleball cameron take it away yes let's give another round of applause to blqk and the ranchers and a special thank you to our amazing fans you guys brought the energy all weekend long so thank you we also want to thank our amazing sponsors duper the only universal.

Pickleball rating system franklin x40 the official ball for mlp knock around sunglasses aura pro xr and the tennis and pickleball club here at newport beach we want to introduce the people here to my right without them none of this would be possible we have mlp founder steve kuhn.

Strategic advisor and worcester and mlp commissioner brooks wiley we're going to hand it over to mlp founder steve poon thank you cameron and thank you to everybody here uh again i i love saying thank you i'm trying to be more uh you know grateful.

Every day we're learning that being grateful is the key to being happy so i'm very grateful i'm grateful for many many things uh let's go a deep cut ungrateful and start with joel pritchard who invented this sport in 1965. we named this cup after him thank you for him for inventing the sport that's made so many lives better.

Let's start with that let's thank usa pickleball uh the organization has really helped build this sport over many many decades how many people have been usa pickleball ambassadors and given hundreds and thousands of hours uh uh often that no no salary just to build the sport so i want to thank you.

To say thank you to them all right now now among among the folks here let's uh i want to say thank you to the amazing players uh you know the these uh these players are so talented so amazing and they have left their hearts on the court for all of us and.

Thank you it's been amazing to watch we we've only uh this is only our third event and every time i don't think it can possibly get get better but i think this was the best so far so and the level of play was just amazing and outstanding all weekend so thank you to the players i know we've already said thank you to.

This amazing venue but i have to say it again this place has been absolutely beautiful uh the staff here has been amazing thank you sean thank you everyone here for making this amazing thank you pat uh this has been an incredibly warm welcome this is our first time doing this away from dreamland we were nervous and we.

Shouldn't have been it was it's been magical so thank you and then something else that happened this weekend which we're excited about is we had an amateur tournament here sponsored and informed by duper called our waterfall event we had over 1300 players play in that event and we had almost a hundred thousand dollars in.

Prize money for amateurs we're really trying to change the sport make better events for amateurs and watch this space we have more announcements to come about other ways we're gonna make the sport even better for everybody every pickleball player at all levels of play uh and i think i'm gonna leave it there that's.

A lot of thank yous but uh well i guess i could say one more time thank you the fans your fans have been awesome and the refs thank you to the fans and the reps uh you guys have been loud you've been raucous you guys have appreciated the uh the talent of these players and uh thank.

You for being here thank you for being a part of this thank you steve now we're gonna bring out the runner-ups blqk irena tereshenko paris todd zayn navartill and rafa hewitt paris i'll start with you not the.

Outcome you wanted but how important was it for you to be out here fighting with your team in the finals tonight well after warm-up today you know we kind of had a team meeting like we have been doing all week because we're just a unit i feel like in a family at this point and i warmed up and i was feeling good and i said guys if you want to put me in.

Then put me in and if you want to do a substitute it's up to you it's about the team so that's what mlp is all about and irina what is it like being the defending champs and the team to be coming into a tournament like this um it's fun you know but um i think i want to kind of defect the question a little bit and i just want to thank.

Lacey and rachel and all the alternate players at this event who um were patient came huge for us practice the entire time stay focused i know it was a super nerve breaking for them and uh they came out on the court and delivered so yeah huge thank you to them um we definitely felt like they were part of the team.

Thank you guys again another round of applause for blqk for an incredible weekend and successful weekend here at mlp thank you guys and now i would like to bring out the winners of mlp event here in newport beach the ranchers.

Dj young james ignatowicz anna bright and jackie kawamoto come on over here guys james you said going in that you're just happy to be here now that you've won how are you feeling uh happier to be here.

I just uh yeah it was great it was a really fun time um i have such a good team around me that all i had to do was just not screw up and uh i did that pretty successfully so yeah i just want to i want to shout out uh all my friends and my fraternity at.

Vanderbilt sigma kai they were all watching me uh shout out for the motivation that's awesome and shout out to nico my little brother future of the pickleball game and uh yeah that's oh and shout out dave dj what made the ranchers so lethal this weekend.

Well these two we we they have not lost a match together and they just saved the day every time so it was it was fun it was very fun and lastly thank you to steve and everyone that made this happen i agree thank you heading over here to jackie like he said.

You guys did not lose a match this weekend what was your mindset heading into the weekend like this i was just super pumped to be part of this team playing with anna has been just so fun our team gets along so well so we just had a blast and we want to thank tim our owner and brian sheffield and austin pickle ranch for all their.

Support and we can't wait to do it again and anna you guys seemed unfazed coming in playing the defending champs what did you tell your team before you stepped on the court tonight oh i don't even know we were all just so nervous this is definitely the tightest jackie and i came out like i said before bqk has been on the stage this is our.

First time you know really high stakes there's nothing else like it uh mlp i wanna i wanna shout out again everyone here steve brooks anne who made this all happen um jill braverman at duper it's just been such an amazing experience and so excited so excited for the next mlp event all right let's get him that check steve.

Hundred thousand dollars largest prize money in pickleball history now we're going to let you guys know who the mvp of mlp was it only makes sense that these two are going to share this title it is a co-mvp.

This year they did not lose a match they showed us how women's doubles is supposed to be played anna bright and jackie kawamoto mvp's of mlp today what does it mean for you guys to come in like you said you're not really sure how it's going to play out you're undefeated all weekend now you're coming.

Home with 25 000 100 grand for your team god it's just amazing we just i mean right off the bat i feel like we just locked in ready to go the whole weekend and it's just been a blast and for you anna we know you came from tennis now you're in pickleball how does this rank up to your tennis career um i.

Was thinking in the but right before the match started i was like man i never was half this nervous playing tennis um never played for so much money probably made a grand total of like 3k in prize money playing tennis so so stoked to be here so so thankful i got to play um with jackie we you know we're both like left side.

Players and women so we kind of had to figure that out and we we were just we're such a good team so so happy so happy to share mvp with her she's undefeated and i'm not though but thank you guys you guys are both going to get this amazing bike right next to anna there for you we're gonna take it back up to michelle.

For now thanks guys cameron thanks so much and a bright just such a firecracker and so humble i love it cameron thanks so much time for another quick timeout here on the broadcast but don't go anywhere we've got more action coming your way and highlights there's a highlight reel you.

Don't want to miss stick around you okay.

Major league pickleball rolls on from newport beach california team owner tim klitsch certainly happy with his ranchers team performance it is time now for our knock around ko of the day the best quote-unquote smash point of the day guess who it is dj young the x factor for the ranchers have another look at this beauty.

Big flat forehand right down the middle gas down the middle for the winner just slaps that and he also claimed the aura athlete of the day for the overall best player performance what made him the best player in your eyes it was it was the controlled aggression and you see it right here he's all over the court he stays compacted he's firing through.

Clean sweep for dj young the pro xr pickleball point of the game is this paddle drop game point match point 25 000 in your pocket he and james ignatowicz were so good together for this shot of the match i mean they had rafa hughes throwing his paddle that ball so doesn't get any.

Better than that blqk unfortunately can't find an answer for dj young and james and not witch and the ranchers so the ranchers the new crowned heroes of major league pickleball jackie kawamoto her twin jade kawamoto there for the finish a quick final thought on what we saw here in newport.

Beach ranchers dethrone boqk we got a new champion here at mlp it's going to be a fun time in columbus yeah i think for me it's the ranches show how important the trade deadline or the trade time is between these mlps that is a wrap for our coverage of major league pickleball from newport beach california we saw it all here on.

Championship court thanks so much for joining us on cbs sports for cameron blackwood dominic catalano chad edwards and our entire inside out broadcast crew i'm michelle mcmahon thanks so much for joining us we will see you in columbus in a couple of months.

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Relive the excitement of MLP Newport Beach as Anna Bright, Jackie Kawamato, DJ Young and James Ignatowich of the Ranchers look to deny Irina Tereschenko, Paris Todd, Zane Navratil and Rafa Hewitt of BLQK of their MLP Championship three-peat!

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