Um um pickleball i'm coming.

So so tell me what's a what's a tip as a newbie that i should be expecting coming into the league you gotta draft well number one graph pick is catherine perento y'all i'm renee brown with the austin pickleballers and we pick pat smith is.

It's all about the fire fight with women and men competing against each other in singles the dream breaker has changed the game of pickleball forever number one female number one male.

Oh yes newport beach california is home to major league pickleball this is season two of the groundbreaking draft format which has altered the landscape of the fastest growing sport in america forever we started with 12 teams now four remain.

It's blqk and the five squaring off for our first semi-final match-up of the day as we welcome you courtside i'm michelle mcmahon alongside my counterparts today five-time u.s open medalist chad edwards seven-time u.s open medalist dominic catalano boys the talk of the town about major league pickleball is for many reasons but chad one of those nuances is.

Rally scoring dive into it from a player's perspective on why they like this kind of format yeah definitely unique to major league pickleball is a rally scoring all points are scored in this format instead of players switching sides the serve switches so once you're set on your side you're there you can change.

Between timeouts or switch events but new between austin and newport beach there's a double freeze right now between at 20 and 18. so once one team gets to 20 they'll freeze the other team can keep going with the rally scoring until they get to 18 and then it's a double freeze.

Only score on your serve from that point on such an interesting format and the talk of the town in terms of major league pickleball though has been the dream breaker dom we've been lucky enough to witness a couple of those in this tournament so far on championship court what's your perception of the dream breaker the dream breaker is what.

Sets us apart from everyone else the dream breaker is a lot of fun i know a lot of the teams don't want to go to the dream breaker because there's a lot of nerves with it but what it is is if the teams go two and two in men's women's and mixed doubles they go to that dream breaker and it's single play four points in a row then the next player the.

Interesting part of that is that sometimes you have males playing females and the match-ups really do matter you see some of these teams throw out someone as a sacrifice they have a lot of different strategies with it but it is absolutely amazing to see and it's a lot of fun i know in the booth we absolutely love seeing those.

Dream breakers well if you're the fives in this current semifinal matchup against blqk you don't want to go to a dreambreaker against the stacked talent on the side of blqk here are the standings though and the road of the four teams that are currently left in the semi-final bracket the top ranked team to beat is blqk the defending.

Champs from last season from austin they have it all but the ranchers making their way onto the scene with some newer talent and newer faces to the sport of pickleball the heart eights number three and the five so this would be a huge upset for the fives if they could steal it against blqk here's how they got to the semi-final round blqk made it look.

Easy with a perfect 3-0 sweep and blqk not not so much uh battle tested as the fives have been to this point perhaps that could be their ringing chance as we welcome in our fourth member of our crew cameron blackwood with more on what distinguishes major league pickleball.

From the rest here in major league pickleball we have 12 incredible teams with amazing owners we have tennis icon james blake owner of the lions and future nfl hall of famer drew brees owner of the mad drops proving that there is nothing else like it here at major league pickleball cameron thanks so much pickleball is.

Taking the world by storm normal people like us and celebrities alike coming up right after this short break we'll have some of the greatest talents that pickleball has to offer in the world so money jargin irina tarashenko zane navratil just to name a few semi-final action coming up right after this short break stick around.

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Designed them we built them we picked nyc to announce mlp is back doesn't ring a bell how about now we're major league pickleball and the only thing growing faster than this city skyline is our sport pickleball as the fastest-growing sport in the clemson the fastest growing sport in america fastest.

Growing sport in america you think they've got the best street meat well our street meats aren't too bad either they've got a garyvee we've got a garyvee pickleball i'm coming nyc is a melting pot of awesomeness so are we.

Some men some women some young some old but at the end of the day all hearts and we both believe that fortunes are gained on the trading floor especially when some of the biggest influencers in the world also happen to be our owners wrap that in the highest prize money in.

Pickleball and well there's nothing else like it new york's not so bad either major league pickleball there's nothing else like it it truly is one of a kind major league pickleball that is the fives gary vaynerchuk's team making their way to the semi-final matchup against blqk the.

Defending champs this would be the upset of the day if the fives could pull it off against blqk the clear runner in this tournament format we begin with women's doubles then we will move into men's doubles two mixed doubles match-ups and then of course that dream breaker if we must for a tiebreaker at the end.

Of this one simone jarjim hoping it does not go to a dream breaker she is one of the greatest of all time 43 years old but you wouldn't know it on the court she's one of the greatest out there lena podiga maite her partner 28 years old a very balancing presence to players with extremely high level tennis backgrounds on their side.

And speaking of goats from one to the other irena tarashenko best in her class for blqk and the interesting storyline here paris todd typically her partner but tarashenko today in this semifinal matchup will be playing with lacey schneemann stepping in for paris todd.

We'll have more on that with cameron blackwood in just a moment but tarashenko 39 years old dictates the pace early and often and we are moments away from first serve here on championship court linda padigamaite kicking us off that's exactly what you and i pointed.

Out they're going right at schneemann right away and that's exactly what she's going to see a steady diet of that ball says that ball is long the fives back on top by one yeah we may be able to get on two hands.

The amount of times that tereshenko's gonna hit a ball here early on gene goes for the atp just wide tie game so dom if you're lazy schneemann on you know you're going to be tested early and often what's your approach don't try and do too much stay within play your game there's a reason she's here.

Tarashenko into the net the fives back on top fully capable three two three lacy schneemann back to serve to simone jarjin simone jar jean doing what she does best at the kitchen lot.

For three couple of errors early here getting the bugs out how much adrenaline is a part of this early in the semifinal round dom schneemann played singles last night in a dreambreaker georgia johnson handled that perfectly fine with the closing factor on the forehand.

Yeah it's a big forehand there from jargim and again it was a steady diet to schneemann right there and then on the put away they go to tarashankar six four point seven seven four lacey schneemann back to serve she's the.

Alternate stepping in for paris chad who is expected to return for the final we will have more on that in just a moment sit tight that ball is wide the fives off to a three-point start problem is is you have to get to that final first.

So right here it's it's a gamble for blqk to say oh we're gonna save paris todd because if you don't win this you've just saved her for columbus discrepancy on the court i think it might stay back to surf time.

Eight five targeting taking full command of that point chet edwards what'd you see on that play wow so yeah i mean we're we're seeing schneemann being tested and tested and tested better job there of switching back across the body but once simone got engaged in that point she was going to.

Finish it out with a healthy lead here early looking to be the first to 11 points for an end change to get that ball off the tape incredible athleticism just to keep them in that point making up.

yeah so i'd like to see the fives pressure her a little bit more with slower balls we've seen that she has the power but is she able to stay in a next dink situation and is she able to move around the core i think it might take.

A powerful force on that backhand fives the first two 11 and we will have an end change what'd you see jeff no they're they're testing and testing but predicament and a little bit of what the talk was is that she needs to slide to the right sit on that two-hander and just pull the trigger.

And for more on the situation regarding paris todd and lacey schneemann we have cameron blackwood who is courtside lacey schneeman actually jumped in for paris taught against group stage play against the atx pickleballers after paris todd went down and tweaked her glute lacy was key in helping them win that.

Match bringing them all the way into the semi-finals they had her play rachel redger stepped in yesterday however this morning they felt like lacey schneemann was a better fit going up against the fives talk to paris though she said she is hopeful that they take the semi so she can return with her team tonight in the finals great stuff cameron so she is.

Expecting to return for the finals good news there for blqk paris todd has taken the pickleball world by storm since she entered it about under a year ago really one of the newer faces and names and top female pros now in the world simone regime back to certain.

She's getting a little too big on that that's okay she's still staying with the pressure one of the things that i'm surprised about is that right here when she's got such a good open face back in cross course that tips off the tape goes out and blqk a couple quick ones here to get right back in this match.

Right there you have to test schneemann's ability to stay in a depth right there you see one good ball next ball floats up a little too much judging reaches in and accelerates that ball yeah and that's exactly it i think that's why too that.

Irene saraceno's playing that right i think it's because she's more comfortable either way i think sheaman's a little more comfortable on this left side i don't think she's as comfortable on that right side would love to take this one to nothing serious lead over blqk eating in the.

Men's that's a good doubles from schneider that kept that nice and low the only thing regime could do is try and get up on that ball if he does get that up and over it's going to be right back in the wheelhouse of schneider earned it with good defense i mean that wasn't the cleanest play right there i.

Think jim hit a ball that was potentially going out and then padigamate's both wasn't as explosive but potentially just a little slow on to steam wanted to go right at the body of schneemann right there rip always got her on full extension.

Goes a little wide that's really good play she set a ball up middle ran around the backhand then pushed that accelerating dink out wide pulling judging off the court and really opening up the middle to finish blocked by the post and blqk one point away from tying this thing up.

Yeah they are right back in it just when you thought the fives were about to pull away here boqk answers the bell and is now within one and forces a timeout here from the fives so if you're the fives what do you get back to on your side chad strategically speaking yeah schneemann's actually hit some really good balls the last couple.

Of rallies so i'd probably look at going a little bit more into the body toward the feet she's been getting a little further a little more extension able to open up that paddle and put some good spin on that simone jargim best in class one of the greatest of all time dom it goes without saying.

But what is it that separates her amongst the rest at the age that she's able to perform still at peak level well just her experience in general and where she's been she's won at every level she's got so many titles that i think she needs another room in her house to keep them all but that experience and them calling.

This time out right here i know she is exactly in a position where she wants to be with her team saying that you know talking about what she can do coaching up lynna right here is it all right again i'm sure she was very adamant in that timeout and figuring out what they need to do so we'll see what they talked.

About during that timeout when they come back in here former michigan state tennis coach leveraging that experience on the pickleball court it's a luxury for any player that gets to play and learn from simone jargin.

Lena podiga might say no different in that category marcia freso our lead referee in this matchup as we sort out what's happening courtside let's dive in to strategy on blqk's side what have they been doing.

To close that five point gap on their side yeah we're seeing podigamite take a couple of steps back away from the kitchen line to try to speed that ball up or be ready for the speed up and the and blqk have done a good job of keeping that ball down keeping it out the mix.

And as you step back away from that kitchen line more balls get to your feet we've got some interesting happenings courtside cameron blackwood is down there listening what's happening yeah they're just saying there's two different benches but the fives are complaining that blqk is over on their side and.

I think they're just wanting to keep the team separate right now especially with how much energy that and momentum that blqk is gaining right now i think it's just strategic they're trying to slow the game down trying to slow the momentum and uh separate their energy from rafa and zayn that they're given lacy right now and get him over to the.

Other side of the court yeah it's you talk about gamesmanship right here and that's exactly what it is so so right now eric is pointing him off yeah eric and rob nunnery want nothing about it they're gonna have to move back to that side it's a little gamesmanship here.

Chad i like it i like it getting in the head but you also have to be careful that blqk kind of feeds off the controversy a little bit so if you get them fired up or get them a little angry 100 000 on the line four teams left in position to claim it.

Lacy schneemann feeding off the controversy as you said chad edwards blqk ties it up yeah that's the last thing that the fives was a point for boqk right there so right back on track i'm not gonna lie i thought that ball.

Was going deep but just the amount of spin that she added with the wrist and of course that yellow paddle being able to drop it like i mean that thing fell off at the end of the table right at the back that point the fives.

Back on top by two i mean shenima's got some power in it petite i mean she just unloads she snaps that wrist accelerates through she's she's not as afraid to hit that ball hard lacey schneemann is taking over yeah i mean she generates so much from that you.

Watch it's almost got like a hitch to it right as it comes back just punishes that ball i'm sorry i'm sorry my mistake i was signed out point 15. 15 16. that's a good strategy i think from the.

Fives is mix in tereshenko now a little bit right schneemann's on fire she's figured it out she's settled now you gotta go to tarashenko a little bit and that's one of the issues of testing a player early they they may struggle but the more you hit to them they may find their rhythm oh my gosh.

Stephen answering and answering she's bouncing everywhere watch her just how active her feet are here watch her get off the ground here just awesome rather than trying to battle hands right.

Now and she has been heroic so far in this first game she just left it a little too high but they're i mean their spading balls up looking for the for the counter it's it's a one-two punch they're floating it wanting them to attack.

Oh i mean this is a lot of pressure right here that's been put on padiga the tables have turned blqk taking their biggest lead so far of the game oh she's airborne yeah and she's going for it she's got nothing left she's she's got nothing to lose right here there's no pressure on her she's coming in as the ultimate and she's playing.

Loose and playing phenomenal right now just like that game point for blqk and a mess for the five so game one goes to blqk lacy schneemann the headline for this one who would have thought hey.

Irena jump on my back right here because i'm just gonna take you right here schneemann steps up big time for blqk right there gets them on the board first she started as an alternate her name quickly catching fire here major league pickleball cameron blackwood is sidelined with the winners cameron.

Lacy not the best start for you but you're able to regroup how in these crucial moments we're able to take this match and win it here i just tried to be aggressive and play my game and you know they i mean they're obviously great opponents but i just tried to shut it out and focus and i was able to.

Do it irina this tournament you've played with paris todd rachel redker and now lacey schneeman how are you able to adjust your game in between these matches um you know it's all about the team i'm a team player so uh we have great options and everybody cheering us on so.

I just closed my eyes and swing let's go great guys back to you michelle cameron thanks so much we have the men's doubles matchup coming up right after this all the pressure on the fives more on that matchup in just a moment are we ready to get this started.

Welcome to singapore night in america live we're coming to you from dripping fringe texas thomas wilson is so fast oh dj with the behind the back wow just caught the back corner wow oh.

My goodness gracious wow wow that was got a standing ovation on that shot i'm gonna say she's a solid three five nah she's definitely a 2.5 guys look at that forehand she's clearly a 3.0 guys come on.

I'm at luciforo yeah yeah fair enough ratings don't have to be hard duper optimized for accuracy optimized for fun download the app and claim your free profile today we heard you missed us we're back back on championship court it is time.

For our second game in this series between blqk and the fives the women's doubles matchup got away from the fives who had a healthy lead throughout the entire game lacey schneemann the alternate the hero of that one and so now it's zayn navratil rafa hewitt against eric lang and rob nunnery returning from.

Injury let's start with zayn navratil and blqk chad what's the x factor on their side navratila and hewitt feed off of each other they're going to come out they're going to be aggressive if they get those balls in the middle they're just too powerful if something gets outside them you'll.

Hear it getting that ball down be back behind that's the x factor there if he's not able to do anything with the backhand and he's in trouble more on the fives in just a moment rob nunnery with the server eric lang had to be big early tom what else on the side of the fives are you looking for.

Rob nunnery's mobility let's see where he's at how he's doing they pulled him yesterday for the singles tiebreaker dreambreaker and so let's see where rob is at this morning henry had surgery five weeks ago on that left knee and eric lange.

Stepping up accordingly so we see the fight i mean two points in a row right there eric's attacking heward's backhand i mean that's that's his weak point there if he can't get extended on that he's going to get jammed the forehand is by far his strength.

He's gonna be able to still exchange those but lane got those down but then miss hits that next that ball is called wide so e5 is on top to your point dumb eric ling the leader and kill so far the match with two three one a must-win situation for the fives it.

Seems don't want to go down 2-0 to blqk like you said if it's down you can't do much with it but navratil is going to be fast either side we we talked last night about extension right when you watch mavericks don't do it when they.

You have to jam them up you got to go between their hips with every ball at the body bringing the pace early setting yeah this is the dangerous part for the fires right here hewett and navratil getting some momentum and they start feeding off of each other then it's just going to be all right let's put our foot.

To the floor and we're going gonna keep going and stay in attack mode easy put away about 10 feet off the fence but right into none of his armpits yeah that's not the spot to speed up.

There from from lane you know even though you're coming across the body to navigate you're still feeding his forehand he's short his compact is extended the other good thing there is rafa hewitt with the reset just allowing that ball to hit the paddle the power's going to send it back over rob nunnery.

He needed to end that point because he played another outball right there makes up for it with the overhead eric players i know that there was a little confusion between navratil and hewitt in that point but they didn't make a mistake he wasn't that bad of a ball and.

Honor trying to make something happen they understand that but that wasn't the time that's a better setup from lang he stretched navratil out taking that low for backhand roll and then once that ball came back now went crossbody to hewitt so hitting.

yeah sometimes with with that much spin on a return the ball just slides it doesn't actually bounce yeah he had never to lean into his back and he flipped middle way to hold that on paddle.

That's a good read rafa recognized that navratil ball was gonna go back behind lane and the only option lang has right there is to try to go down the line it's just full extension again you're letting these two look at that extend.

Extend put away and you you've got to you've got to jam them up you have to go at the body of these two and we've talked about it before nothing personal just business go at their body here don't let them extend the lqk the first team to 11 points we will be switching sides as we check in with cameron blackwood sideline.

Yeah i agree on the side of the fives they need to jam them up they're giving them too much room ralph is able to extend and finish those points unlike before he was getting jammed on that backhand side on the other side they're feeling fired up on blqk they're looking to take this win and take this whole match back to you guys.

Cameron thanks yeah we saw some um good points against blqk from the guys over the last yeah once you try to beat them through the middle without setting that up first by spreading them right.

They're sitting there and they're waiting i mean you've got two full hands in the middle on two extensions either one's gonna take that ball and just rip it so you've either got to go into the body or you have to set it up first by spreading it out.

there it's between the hips he's got his feet between your hips you make it difficult for navato right there the fives to four but it's go time on their side trailing in the series one nothing.

Yeah a little bit of a mishit from from lang so the counter attack came back from abraham not just put a paddle on it got a little bit of edge god added a little extra spin what a spot from it right there i mean that's placement.

Let me find the hole here after this setup big rage just punch through it instead of taking a big backswing reading the body language of the fives right now they're starting to get a little flat they're getting a little discouraged they're trying to do things.

But potentially they're trying to do too much and they're popping those balls up tagged them but i think that's that's part of the team event as well right so you've got your teammates sitting on the side they're seeing what we're seeing you.

Don't see it while you're in the points so your teammates see it and now we're like hey let's talk about it we make the adjustment and you've got sideline coaches in this team from the fives rob nunnery takes us back to rafa hewitt.

1512. not a team you can make a lot of unforced errors against how about that for movement and finding the opening that's the second time nunnery's hit that same ball and just watch his paddle head drop down makes it look like he's really going down the line he baits navratil to.

Go to the backhand and then just goes over that right shoulder answering right away it's the paddle positioning yeah that is selling it every time you think the fives get a little run going blqk's answering and keeping that cushion our ball is.

Right on the baseline skipped off so the fives looking to inch in closer down by 14 16. he was fired up right now he gets that ball nice and low and under his feet they maintain that three-point lead yeah i don't know if nana is having trouble seeing that ball or whatnot but that's the third or fourth ball in that.

Same spot running away with a four-point victory three points out from closing in on this second game to put blqk up two to nothing the fives.

Trying to gather themselves what's the advice you're giving on the side of the fives to turn this momentum around i mean they had a couple of good runs they set the balls up up better stretched out held it went into the body now if you're noticing they're trying to stretch it but what blqk is doing a good.

Job of is when they get stretched they bring it back to the middle they're not they're not giving the fives the balls now to be able to hit those sharp angles and really pull them off right and you're seeing b or qk do stay in some points a little longer right and so they're not getting that after they got beat that beat up but after they got.

Some couple balls right at their body they've said okay we'll stay in this point a little longer let's not i missed your cube newport beach let's go wait for a better opportunity they've done that they've maintained this lead and they're in control here up about to go up 2-0 here fives still have a chance in this rally.

Scoring format hewitt with the serve coming up yeah lang didn't try to go for as much on that one jump in the kitchen where he missed that ball a little wider before on an open court went at the left hip of hewitt got him.

Jammed up just enough splitting the middle right back he gets fired up totally different guys off the court super mellow and everything but on the court man he gets fired up oh the no goat zayn navratil.

Punching game point on his side you couldn't be any more right though it's like a big teddy bear off the court on the court though between the lines i don't want to mess with him into the net for the five so blqk on top of the series two to nothing they started this game and they never looked back chad what was.

The biggest x factor in your mind well i mean blqk they never give up right they even when they're behind they still just keep pressing and pressing and pressing and you talked about it blqk got up early and then they were like hey you know what we're going to stay in these points.

A little bit longer we're not going to take too many risks we developed the lead we created the league by being aggressive now we're just going to maintain it allow them to make the mistake and they just played point for point one one one one and maintain that lead kept it in one cameron blackwood is courtside with zane navertill and rafa.

Hewitt zane how much momentum and energy did the women's doubles give you heading into this match what i told our women's team was this mlp even though pickleball is in the name mlp is not about pickleball it's about energy and that's all we brought they brought incredible energy me and rafa brought energy and we.

Happened to win a pickleball match and when you're getting jammed up at the kitchen line a little bit with those speed ups how are you able to adjust so quickly to counter just just ready to sit on it waiting kind of baiting them giving them that high ball let them pull the trigger and come back and counter on them.

Thanks guys back to you michelle cameron thanks so much and so we are moving on to mixed doubles as blqk improves to 2-0 it is a must-win situation for the fives win or go home we will have that first mixed doubles matchup right after this it's hard to find supplements that work.

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Thank you back on championship court it is time for our third game in this series our first mixed doubles matchup between the fives and blqk blqk is the team to beat simone jarjim rob nunnery putting their team out to counter zayn navratil and lacy schneemann rob nunnery.

Just five weeks ago had knee surgery after a meniscus tear in that left knee his mobility a little bit altered but pretty good for his speedy return from injury what do the fives need to do x factor wise dumb in order earth's giving chad in order to have a chance in this one yeah i think.

You know nunnery likes to speed up down the line we saw what we're gonna see navratil on the right at least going lacy on the left so this is gonna be zero a couple of times and men's doubles.

Right there so he has to sell the speed up if he's gonna do it oh we're gonna there's they're stacking so i think they want strategy they want never to serve against against simone right but they're going to play zayn on the left side they're going to stack every time yeah but they want to serve again.

So change strategy wise rob has to do that speed up right into the body lacy sits big if you're just joining us lacey schneemann partnering with navratil for blqk is.

Stepping in for paris todd as the alternate there's todd looking to return in the finals if they are to advance following an injury navertill with the serve to jargin part of their strategy.

They navigate dictating the pace from yeah she's most of the players out here they play against each other a lot so you kind of understand tendencies nobody's really seen schneemann so she's everything's a surprise the enforcer at the kitchen.

Rob great jump there good mobility and he's pushing off that left knee too to get to that spot four three atp a little bit wide for georgie voq ties it up the spin on the sub is is just.

Unpredictable right now for zhang situation in order to push a fourth game the fives have to win this devil's match the hands and navratil is like back behind yeah though to come up by taking those balls in the middle she's recognizing that.

the pressure with the movement so when you see that you're trying to be absolutely perfect put that ball wrong because she takes a lot of balls out here she stays so low all of a sudden she'll reach in and just accelerate come on.

Now the five's trailing and here's that lead that they built so that's four feet inside the baseline at about 20 feet and yeah she's actually sitting that if she sees rob move line she goes middle if she sees her middle she can go.

Long long option taken by rob veteran 8 10. i think she caught a quarter of the ball on the edge guard and got some side spin there's fives are right back in this communication down the middle.

Blqk takes the lead 11-9 so we will change ends as the fives trail by two and look to regroup zane navratil and lacy schneemann have not looked back since they've started kevin with more on this matchup cameron what are you seeing so far zayn is creating a lot of movement which is.

Really helping laci feel comfortable that way she's either she can speed it up she can keep dinking and set up zayn on the other side i would like them to slow it down a little bit have simone get in some long dink rallies with lacy see if they can't create something there cameron thanks so much great insight cameron a top 50 pro in her own right.

Plays against these women on the pro circuit and so far lacey schneemann has been the story i mean really zane navratil can play with just about anyone but what has impressed you the most about lacy's performance and what she's been able to do with very little time playing.

With all of these players on blqk well again she's not trying to do too much she's playing her game right her game is speed up and so she's sticking with that the best partner for her right now is zayn navratil he wants that speed up he likes that so he's prepared for the counters if they come back but schneemann's been so accurate in both.

Women's doubles and mixed doubles right now testing shaman early and schneemann answers back with a clean winner down the center the amount of risk that she uses is what's generating head down and then accelerating through that ball just snapping the wrist.

Never tell atp nearly defended by there are six kills total on the side of blqk navratil has three casey has the other three she is pulling her weight equally in this mixed doubles matchup just wide for jargin the oqk carving out a larger gap not the way that the.

The fives wanted to come out after the timeout tarashenko and hewitt tarashenko yeah i mean even though you just had a change of ends we're seeing frustrations.

Start to creep in to judging and nunnery's game you're seeing it on their faces you're seeing it in their body language time out call on the court the fines regrouping simone jarjim trying to instruct her teammates on how to adjust.

The lqk though is so solid top to bottom what do you even do when the target you thought you could pick on maybe lacey schneemann is is pulling her weight zayn navratil you're not going to go after him how do you account or hear the fives.

Dom's plenty i need to answer into this one it's so hard right now it's it's it's a difficult thing to figure out because you've tried a bunch of you've tried a bunch of things i think the biggest one is to not get frustrated and just go randomly.

And and try to part i mean lacy's had success as far as speeding it up so you have to anticipate that every ball is coming home you've got to try to slow it down move her around zayn's moving a ton but don't take notice of the movement right still play the ball that you're given rather than trying to.

Play the positioning that they're in yeah if i'm the fives you have two players in nunnery and jarjim that could play a soft game all day long they'll stay in those rallies all day long my goal for them is to get into those rallies elongate some of these rallies make some of these balls unattackable for schneemann and naverto.

As we gather at the net marcia freso our lead referee instructing blqk and the fives they're discussing the when you have a timeout you can switch cameron blackwood is courtside with more what's going on down there cameron i'm not sure i didn't catch that.

So i think navratil and and lacy were looking at switching slides cameron what'd you get yeah they were looking into switch sides and they have to inform the ref so they were just making sure that everyone is set on the exact side and that it's under the regulations to do so.

Thank you so much cameron theo looking to continue their run up now by six a quite the gap to come back from the fives they all over it that was not the shot to hit.

For the fights i mean she's stepping into these balls they're not who's she they're almost not attackable she's taking it off of her shoelace the switch that we're looking at is the fives have now switched so nanori is taking navratil instead of zhang.

That ball sails long blq k off to a seven point lead and so the reason they do that is because most of the guys on tour have seen navratille serve a little more and so nunnery being a little more familiar with it but it doesn't run right now.

Is on fire yeah i mean that's a perfect drop from from schneemann right there jeans trying to come in number he comes over to help her out and she's getting that ball down playing just closes jared catching lacey.

As they grip to anything to cause some momentum on here saying i got this let me go to town on my forehand she almost had to throw a little left hip check hit check but beautiful she goes inside outside.

Onto our regime for the winner so that ball lands at least a foot in rob nunnery back to serve to navato right here we've seen it a couple of times a week but you can't have this is like.

Right right now that matters 20. 2013. charging taking over creating her opportunities and finishing on the angle you want to talk about a veteran move right.

Most players will try to just keep going right and harder and harder at the person went behind for an easy winner doing whatever she could to test the hands of both schneemann and navigate.

Match point on the line for blqk target finds the opening saint napretel sprawling out can't recover all the pressure on this point georgine comes away with it for another chance to battle back in okay that was pretty good but she held it and then just rolled that two-handed straight crossbow.

qk the fives closing in the oqk frozen at 20 on their side with traditional scoring needing to close out this game and match on their serve and so don't count the fives out of this one four points away from tying it up how do.

They get the job done on their side well here's exactly what you talked about chad is that it's it's never over especially in this format right so boq frozen on 20 now have to score on their serve whereas the fives can continue to roll back into this every side out they get up to 18 now.

But that still gives them a little momentum getting back into this you know they have two opportunities here to get right back to 2018 where they'll both be frozen but the key is right now is jarjim and nunnery are playing really well jarjim is doing a great job of resetting and attacking open spaces not attacking.

Right at you know blqk but attacking those open spaces and finding holes yeah and mixing that attack up she'll go one down the line one cross caught a couple down the line middle she move both her and nunnery are moving it around rather like you said it's just you get.

In this firefight and you keep going going going so somebody misses yep the crowd is alive and well here in newport beach the fives need four unanswered points to close in and tie this game to stay alive in this match trailing by two in the series the okay qk.

Relentless attack there from naverto he was going to end that point on his panel for the second season in a row blqk punching their ticket to the finals looking to repeat history congratulations to the fives for making it this far but my goodness how.

Impressive was blqk and their alternate lacy schneemann and they came out on fire from the beginning they put the pedal to the metal like you said chad and they just never quit right there and navertill with the exclamation on top with the around the post to end it the winners standing by courtside with.

Our cameron blackwood as blqk punches their ticket to the finals lacey you seem unfazed by this pretty situation how are you able to stay so composed and help take blqk into their third finals honestly they enabled me to just play my game and be aggressive and obviously having them cheering so loud in the other corner was.

Invaluable you know it's a crazy experience out here and i was like uh just so glad that they called on me and i was glad i was able to show up zayn you said that mlp is not about pickleball it's about energy how confident are you and your team that matter who you sub in who's on the court they're gonna take the win.

We have the best energy that's it and if if lacy wasn't my mixed doubles partner i would have chest bumped her like i do rafa so that's it rafa what are you looking to do now in the finals we're not changing anything we're ready we're hungry let's go thanks guys back to you michelle cameron thanks so much.

We will be back with more semi-final action after this but first it is time for our point of the match guess who it was match point zane navratil this point sponsored by pro xr pickleball the shot of the match the atp finishing with style points jose navratil acting like he's been here.

Before or something punching their ticket to the finals blqk moving on up and our next semifinal matchup will be between the ranchers and the heart eights that's who blqk will face we will determine the winner right after this short break don't go anywhere we're only getting started here on.

Championship court so so texas thomas wilson is so fast oh.

Dj with the behind the back wow just caught the back corner wow oh my goodness gracious wow wow that was wow great wow i mean we saw so many things there we saw speeding.

Ovation on that shot i'm gonna say she's a solid three five nah she's definitely a 2.5 guys look at that forehand she's clearly a 3.0 guys come on i'm at luciforo yeah.

Fair enough ratings don't have to be hard duper optimized for accuracy optimized for fun download the app and claim your free profile today is um.

We are back on championship court as we await our second semi-final match-up of the day the third seeded heart eights taking on these second seeded ranchers and this is about to be an interesting matchup you're you're seeing rachel wrecker in the pink shorts on the other side of the court.

For the hard days but not to worry georgia johnson will be back we did get confirmation that she is indeed back in this one and if you're new here with the format we begin with women's doubles in this four game series here's the heart eights lineup georgia johnson suzanna barr andre desk and john.

Cincola they've got a mix of veteran presence and youth with the 15 year old georgia johnson and so up first we're going to see the pairing of georgia johnson and susanna barr who balance each other with experience and that powerful youthful zest.

What works well in their partnership dom the veteran leadership of susannah barr and just the fact that you know she's a gamer she feeds off these kind of moments and so she's trying to help georgia johnson stay in points and when susannah barr's energy is high georgia johnson's energy is high and that just.

Helps you know georgia settle in and get into the point and the game and on the other side for the ranchers it's going to be anna bright and her partner jackie kawamoto for the first game their male counterparts james ignatowicz and dj young and this is an intriguing team entirely different from what we saw.

In the first mlp event this season in austin what stands out to you about the competitive anna bright and her partner jackie kawamoto who rarely misses on the pickleball court well super solid jackie calamoto is going to get everything back um just like sister jade um which the heart eights went through yesterday.

Jackie's gonna be very similar uh from the right-hand side though and so she's gonna get everything back and look for anna bright to be aggressive and set up jackie or set up herself i'm sorry jackie's gonna set up anna to put points away anna's gonna be very aggressive want to speed that ball up so that's going to be a difference maker i.

Think is anna bright speeding it up as opposed to the defense of susanna barr and george johnson see if they can neutralize that we're going to step aside for just a moment and when we return we will have our first match-up between these two teams featuring women's doubles and more.

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So we picked nyc to announce mlp is back doesn't ring a bell how about now we're major league pickleball and the only thing growing faster than this city skyline is our sport pickleball as the.

Fastest-growing sport in the clemson the fastest growing sport in america fastest growing sport in america you think they've got the best street meat well our street meats aren't too bad either they've got a garyvee we've got a garyvee pickleball i'm coming.

Nyc is a melting pot of awesomeness so are we some men some women some young some old but at the end of the day all hearts and we both believe that fortunes are gained on the trading floor especially when some of the biggest influencers in the world also happen to be our owners.

wrap that in the highest prize money in pickleball and well there's nothing else like it new york's not so bad either major league pickleball there's nothing else like it major league pickleball continues on from newport beach back on championship.

Court as we await the second semi-final matchup this morning between the hard eights and the ranchers blqk awaiting the winner of this matchup in the finals and the second semi-final matchup is set to start at 11 15 a.m pacific standard time so go grab a snack come right back in about 45 minutes we will have the match coverage for you.

At that time we'll see you in just a bit hold tight it's gonna be one of the best pickleball matches we've seen so far in the tournament is is is.

Is uh hey uh um.

Um so um so.

So foreign so so so.

Foreign so so hmm so so.

You you you foreign.

Oh this oh um.

um uh um um uh uh.

so so so so foreign i'm pickleball.

so so tell me what's a what's a tip as a newbie that i should be expecting coming into the league you gotta draft well number one draft pick is catherine perrinto hi y'all i'm brene brown with the austin pickleballers and we pick pat smith.

It's all about the firefights with women and men competing against each other in singles the dream breaker has changed the game of pickleball forever number one female number one male.

Yes newport beach is home to major league pickleball we begin with 12 teams at the start of this tournament only three remain as we get you set for our second semi-final match-up this morning between the heart eights and the ranchers the ranchers have yet to lose a team match this tournament and the heart eights.

Would like to change that if you're new here 12 teams were drafted of four players in early may here are the hard eights and our first matchup of four games will be women's doubles to lead us off that will be georgia johnson and suzanna barr partnering up for that one we will then go on to men's doubles and two.

Mixed doubles matchups it'll be squaring off against the ranchers a spicy combination which we'll get to in just a moment but as it relates to the ranchers jackie kawamoto and anna bright bright is one of the most competitive women on the circuit she's new to the.

Sport and came on bursted onto the scene plays with as much firepower as she does finesse but jackie and anna complement each other so well on the court what are your expectations and what gives in this first women's doubles match-up well anna bright and jackie kawamoto kind of two contradicting.

Styles but that always kind of works it's a good combination for teammates anna bright very vocal very loud you're going to hear her cheering very loudly with her partner and on the other side of the ball with the heart eights georgia johnson going to feed off of the energy of susanna barr.

Suzanna bart you know chad you and i were talking to her before this started and we did we called her you know kind of an awkward and annoying player to play against what we mean by that is it's very challenging because her shots are just not as conventional as most players right look you told her awkward and annoying let's.

Just put it that way there's no wii in that one but yeah i mean you know we talk about baseball and that's our background it's it's a little bit of funkiness and you want that you want the unpredictability of the direction that they're going a lot of these players are reading paddles they're reading hands and susanna has.

The ability to have the hand set in one direction and a quick change whether it's with the wrist or whether it's with a push that just keeps her opponents off balance yeah and it's gonna we'll see how anna bright and jackie calmodo handle it um they've both seen susannah play so they know her game.

So it'll be good to see you know kind of the adjustments being made within but i'm gonna look for susannah to try and hype up georgia johnson really quickly in this matchup yeah and with with anna bright on the other side when she when she came on the pro tour she was you know made this big splash because she's ripping balls from.

The shoelaces with a two-hander with boyum your two-handed backhand forehand and being able to keep those balls in they're coming up with your face you're getting out of the way and it's dropping two feet inside the baseline yeah and i was at that coming out party in punta gorda they played against simone and.

Corinne and it was um anna brighton george johnson yeah and they beat simoni and corrine and it was her coming out party now she did have a little lull after that right he came back down to reality and a lot of players they could fail and kind of suck it in and be like okay well maybe i'm not that much nana went to work and she.

Got better and that's why she is where she is right now time now to welcome in the fourth member of our crew top 50 pro cameron blackwood who is on the pro circuit and knows a thing or two about this matchup what are you watching for on both sides cameron i'm looking for the georgia and anna matchup they train together every single.

Day back home they know each other's game very well my key factor here is going to be susanna barr if she can come out strong set georgia up i'm looking for them to take an aggressive lead great stuff cameron thanks so much susannah barr as competitive as they come and at some point in this tournament i want.

To see what the percentage is of of who wins the match when the women's doubles goes in favor of a particular team um as for now it is jackie kawamoto back to the serve former university of dayton tennis star and we're off anna bright finds the opening deep to the baseline.

Little miscommunication there susanna called yours as it was going over her left shoulder george has really got to step in and use that power that she has anna bright coming out fiery as we anticipated 2-0 ranchers up two-nothing a little slow start here for the hard.

Eights going down three zero in a matchup of two four and oh teams here jackie kawamoto takes over the serve 26 yeah finally the heartaches got into a dink rally right and that's what they want to get into they want to slow down anna bright and kalamoto here.

What a speed up and a sideline find for jackie kawamoto yeah buzz ball floating just a little too high but jackie reaching in not doing a whole lot using the strength of the wrist and the forehand really getting underneath the ball and adding that topspin anna bright pulls susanna bar to the middle and then brings her out wide.

It was it was a good job by anna bright she went drive and then got susanna bar pulled to the middle and found that opening you're going to it's going to be now 7-1 and i'm right with the serve up by 5. anna bright loves the hand battles.

She got one there yeah and that's the power that we were talking about before play started she's gonna take those balls and once she gets into that firefight she does an excellent job of being aggressive but she extends through it and then she ends up back in the ready position to then pull the trigger again not getting too big coming across.

The body yeah and the issue here right now for the heart eights is that this big lead all it does is it loosens up the ranchers right and they want to play loose and fast and this just allows that because you have that lead cameron is courtside right behind the ranchers what are you gathering so far cameron anna loves to speed up down the line.

That is her bread and butter shot if this continues to happen where the eights are if the ranchers are running away with this i would like to see georgia and susanna switch sides i like the matchup of georgia going straight up with anna all right seth cameron thanks so much the heart eights need something anything.

To get going here against the ranchers anna bright and jackie kawamoto have been solid throughout this tournament and they came out to a roaring start so far let's hear it jackie kawamoto originally from hawaii first discovered pickleball in 2018 her dad introduced both her and her twin.

Jade to the sport lob gone long for santa barb but the right choice yeah that wasn't a bad idea right there bright and cow motor leaning in hard hannah bright loading up on every single shot how do you stop her chat well the thing that allows anna bright to do that.

Is her partner her she's got so much confidence that cal model can get everything back that she can take the risk she is again loading up on the backhand and so the ranchers off to the 11 point start so we will switch sides.

And she is so lethal with that two-handed backhand the former tennis star in her own right what else makes her and jackie a dynamic duo it's just it's exactly what you pointed out chad it's that.

Anna bright is able to play as free as she is right now because of jackie kawamoto and what she's able to do defensively every ball that georgia johnson and suzanna barr hit is coming back nothing is getting past them they're keeping every ball in play and that's a big part to kawamoto keeping it in play and.

Letting anna bright do her thing what strategy are the heart eights talking over on their side to reset and regroup i think you've got to try and keep them away from from out of right as much as you can but again cal motto is getting them back slow the ball down get into a cross-court battle with with jackie.

And see if we can move it around a little bit there's the power of georgia johnson the 15 year old sensation based out of south florida what created this opening well if you got to go you got to go now and that's again it's staying consistent.

They're going to jackie right now that caused that right there and they need to keep going unfortunately yeah that's a little bit of the of the footwork there your bar taking a step back to potentially guard against brice attack and then not able to get up get it over the net when she goes off.

Just wide for johnson who's picking up the pace and the lead widens for the ranchers the defense causes the balls keep coming back so you try to get bigger and you try to go for more and you're going to spray it every time you try to do it and right loaded up once again.

Takes the bounce off the net ranchers aren't looking back i mean that's a good point construction though from the heart eights that gave them a much better chance of staying at that point unfortunate for the punch right there susanna barr hit the.

Fade away on that forehand the fade away inside out in inside out get right behind the ball and then you can go either direction i still think they can't get in a hands battle with drunk they need to reset a couple of those balls where she attacks not going to happen that time ranchers.

Continue to roll on the serve of anna brent that ball is wide jackie kawamoto takes over anna bright by the way in the hands battles told me before this she doesn't really know what she's doing that's what jackie's there for i don't believe her when she says that no.

Said she loves it though see the ball hit the ball just wide for susannah barr they just can't seem to find a rhythm on the side of the heart eights is it more what the branchers are doing or what the heartaches aren't doing if they're trying to over so wide and and create holes because they're getting everything.

Back they're yeah again right there i i think the approach here is instead of trying to spread them out so much go inside the body go to the feet yo go to left foot where that's a much more difficult ball to do something with just wide for anna bright susanna barr taking a much-needed break.

and points the ranchers two points away from getting the edge of the series yeah she finally gets the angle there right and pulls anna bright off the court i mean como still gets a paddle on that i mean.

started it with the ernie jackie kawamoto able to finish it off holding the heart eights to just five points how were the ranchers able to get the job done here check well and that's that's part of the kawamoto.

Factor right there anna is just playing loose and free and going for things she takes she goes for the ernie right there and jackie's right there middle of the court to then put that ball away if your partner isn't as solid on defense there or is potentially as aggressive as you are.

Now they're fighting football right cameron blackwood is standing by with the winners cameron jackie dominant performance tell us the strategy you had going into this game we just didn't want to miss many balls and that's what we did we just kept it in play and let the other team make the mistakes and anna how important is it to you to.

Have a player like jackie that keeps every ball in play it's everything it's everything you know it's like we came out a little tight they came out a little tighter but even if we didn't hit a perfect drop i hit a couple that were poor we can scrap out those points because we're both so good defensively and make our way up to the line and.

Really make them fight for every point they're gonna win thanks guys back to you michelle cameron thanks so much they are scrappy and they play with a lot of grit and we are just getting started here on championship court james ignatowicz and his partner getting set for men's doubles coming up right after this short break don't go.

Anywhere are we ready to get this started welcome to system live we're coming to you from dripping springs texas thomas wilson is so.

Fast oh dj with the behind the back just caught the back corner wow oh my goodness gracious wow wow that was amazing i mean we saw so many things there we.

Saw speed look at the crowd standing up over there come on everybody's got a standing ovation on that you want to stay shot same i'm gonna say she's a solid three five nah she's definitely a 2.5 guys look at that forehand she's clearly.

A 3.0 guys come on i'm at least the forum yeah yeah fair enough ratings don't have to be hard duper optimized for accuracy optimized for fun download the app and claim your free profile today.

we are back on championship court it is time for the second game in this series matchup between the heart eights and the ranchers anna bright and jackie kawamoto setting the tone for the men's doubles.

Match-up they absolutely ran away with game number one so the pressure is on johnson cole and andre desco on the other side it's james ignatowicz his first appearance on the major league pickleball circuit a newer name in pickleball former tennis star of vanderbilt his partner dj young also one of the young talented.

Star-studded players newer to the name of pickleball so what should we know about these two i mean dj young first and foremost he's got all the shots in the book 22 years of age been around pickleball a while i've seen him for at least the last four or five years playing he's really grown up as a.

Player though got a lot more consistent when dj is on i've seen him on this court a year and a half ago absolutely running through people when he is on he's on he just needs to stay consistent james still in college by the way former tennis player at vanderbilt he is continuing his degree he's heading into.

His senior year wouldn't be a bad way to kick off senior year with 25 000 in your pocket if the ranchers can indeed win it in the finals a hundred thousand dollar cash prize on the line for all the teams johnson cola on your screen there he is representing the heart eights and his partner andre diaz who.

Is on the return so young and ignorant are either going to be on or they're going to be off they're they're both aggressive players and i think sinkhole and diesel kind of have to weather the storm a little bit.

At the at the start here to finally get their rhythm absolutely you need to avoid the ignatowicz two-handed backhand andre diaz who finds a break in a rare opening down the line well they needed that because it looked like young and.

Ignorant were fired up a quick 2-0 lead cincola needed that answer so you got to watch out for dj young running around his forehand he can do so much with it very similar to pablo tellez he's looking to do at least three different things with that flip it down.

The line middle or down the sidelines here is to go at james test him and his soft game he's i mean he's the singles x factor in this all hands team on the side of the ranchers johnson cola will take back the server errors but the ranchers may be forcing.

Them into the perfect shot yeah i like that move though right there you just gotta control it a little more because ignato which was going for the ernie yeah i think the move made him speed that up a little bit more keeping this.

A close game it's veterans versus the young guys yeah cinco just stayed nice and calm allowed that ball that play to develop to go around the post oh i think i think james is kind of questioning it as well but but yeah i.

Mean they weather that storm again dj young reaching in really rolling that snapping that wrist and they just i mean it's the whole thing get one more ball back each time he pinched middle ends up putting it all away.

i think just a few too many balls going cross caught there dude he's reaching in he's taking balls out of the air taking away time from cinco saying that i know that's probably not the right.

Test speeding up but they have to have a little more i'm sensing his dinks aren't as crisp either as dj young so if it's not speeded up then what is it slow it down to his backhand to his forehead frustrated with that miss what caused it yeah i mean they're just they're getting into this hands battle.

And both dj and and james are so fast and so compact with the swings on your previous point that yeah going to the forehand of james and getting it a little bit deeper right getting it at his foot keep trading side outs here no one can pull away young lets it fly.

And the rancher's back on top that's a really good job of letting that ball go from dj young perfect speed up taking that ball out in front and then wanted to hit up and recognizing it's gonna sell me back whereas young's going through it.

Putting pressure on his tank i want to see him go to more which is forehand james ignatowicz with the back-handed ernie so dj actually set up that ball there yo john goes to run around the backhand because again dj's slicing and cutting.

That backhand out wide or pushing it out wide responding i think i think diesel has to get involved he's he's got to crash the middle a little bit especially if they're going to keep pushing.

Out water he's a big man take take that middle use the use the reach that he has he can come back and get that he's his left foot center line he's going to bait dj into going down the line and he can come back and now he's extended to get some power right and what dj's gonna do eventually he's gonna maybe flatten that ball to the middle and then andre will.

Be able to step in and go to the right foot of james and now they get that scenario they want the heart eights the first team to 11 we are changing ends which means we now welcome in cameron blackwood with more insight look for johnson cola to be the key factor in this match he's slowing it down moving the ball around so andre can.

Capitalize on it what they don't want to do is get into the game that dj and james want which is that quick hands battle cameron great stuff thanks so much the heart eights have shifted the momentum in your eyes other than pulling back from the hands battle what else is.

Working on their side yeah i mean we're starting to see daisuke get involved a little bit more he's he's putting the pressure on and you've got to put that pressure on it against two fiery players like like james and dj they want to speed that ball up we saw a.

Couple of speed-ups from dj that aren't the best balls right he's trying to speed up a ball that's going behind him his back foot and heating it up or he's missing it into the net yeah you're exactly right you know chad is that they're getting andre involved a little more he needs to get involved he needs to be able to go to that cross.

Court to the right foot of ignatowicz cinco with the server john was on his heels from the get-go on that point because he had a ball out of the air that he didn't and he ended up on his heels john cena answers right there chad yeah james already up.

There i i was almost like hey let's go away james first ball then he makes the adjustment second ball after he takes one more step forward atp no success there you stole my wood they're very ambitious yeah it's i mean it's hot enough to hit the atp there but let alone when you're.

Back on facebook how about that finish andre looking to get his involvement back to park not sure who did it they're both there paddle tap in the middle don't take it either way what's this this is a huge lead.

I'm i'm a little surprised at the from young i mean that's that's kind of his setup shot right there to run around the back here get that inside out beforehand james ignatowicz coming to life for the ranchers well that's the forehand you want to.

Avoid right here not the speed up you don't want that waist higher chest high you want it at his foot well place shot for johnson cola take back the surf he caught that ball in half it had a ton of backspin on it ball hit didn't even bounce and then actually kicked.

Back towards him and another error for dj young hearts running away with some momentum this is the part where the young and ignatowicz that the pressure and then the trying to make the hero shot and get three points back and run and you can't right it's just like any sport you can only get one point at the time two.

Points at a time in basketball you know what i mean it's one score at a time you're not going to get them all back don't be the hero stay in the point do what got you there timeout is called on the court the ranchers searching for answers what do you think anna bright and jackie kawamoto would be telling their counterparts at this point in the.

Match of what they need to do to close the gap here i think they've got to extend the points now so they started off hot those they were making those balls and like you said now they're looking at it like hey we just lost the lead now they're trying to get that lead back in one one swing.

They need to kind of get back to dj was staying in those cross court battles a little bit longer in the last couple of points he's pulling the trigger on probably the second ball we saw james pull the trigger on that one there they're just they've got to get to that seven eight nine potentially ten balls before they.

Even think about speeding it's it's it's so cliche but it's one point at a time right and especially in rally scoring you can't give up three points and so one point at a time work your way back the only point that matters right now is this one right don't worry about the next one don't worry about getting all those points back get this one then the.

Next one worry about the one in front of you first cincola back to serve we're even in this matchup in terms of unforced errors each team having six the heart eights having the edge though with eleven kills to the rancher's seven that ball called wide and a good time out there for the ranchers to cause a.

Break in momentum i think the staff that you just mentioned there is you know a lot of heartaches have more kills than the ranches and they're taking less risks so how are they doing that they're using the right they're choosing the right balls to go whereas the.

Ranchers are trying to press to get that kill avoids the net post right there he almost got it off his chest so the way that daisuke got that back is and i i tell students this all the time is when somebody attacks a ball and hits that ball hot at you create your create a.

Wall with your paddle anytime you hit a ball into the wall it comes back don't try to hit out of that that's a tough pop-up dj young taking care of business to your point on zayescu the most consistent player out there right now just one unforced error for him to his five kills and just like we talked about.

Long elongating points the rangers do that right there they come out on top great job by djing on making that adjustment right there he has to hit up on that ball and it's right into the wheelhouse of ignatowicz.

There it is james agatowicz ready that time on his forehead yeah i think that's two bad speed up balls by bison cola uh you mentioned the stats on diescu the reason why he has those stats is he has that well-rounded game he's able to play soft and fast so he constructs the point and chooses the right ball where.

The other three guys they kind of take larger risks than he does there stay in those points wait for a better opportunity we have a one point game now in this second semi-final game timeout called on the floor the ranchers.

Seemingly lost their grip on this game but they've found a way to come back and the heart eights back on their heels what gives in this one yeah well i was gonna say i think with this you know we've been ingrained that we have to feel like we're working really.

Hard to know that we're doing a good job rather than allowing things to happen cameron blackwood with more insight what'd you hear down there they executed perfectly on the last timeout they said stop driving get it dean get up to the kitchen line you will win your points there so they're doing exactly that and you see them get back.

In this game she was listening in on the huddle of the ranchers with that insight cameron thank you james not a witch will take back the serve looking to tie things up what a drive from james ignatowicz catching the backhand of john cincola it's such a sweet two-hander here as you.

Watch this on screen so compact short sweet to the point keeps it nice and low 19 19. great job by ignatowicz thai game there it is again dj young feeding off the emotion the game point now on the side of the ranchers and again sinkhole is just pressure pressing for a little too much right.

There ignatowicz and young have chosen the right balls balls that are floating up a little bit not trying to develop something from a ball at the toes so firefight dj young coming away victorious with that one guess what game two.

Goes to the ranchers james ignatowicz dj fighting off several rounds of adversity what happened on game point well they sped it up again you know hard ain't sped it up and it wasn't a need to right at that point stay in that point as soon as you get them on the aggressiveness meaning the ranchers they're gonna end that and put that away.

And they did just that there the ranchers one step closer to a hundred thousand dollars on the line in the finals we have mixed doubles coming up after this one but first let's catch up with the winners dj young and james ignatowicz standing by with cameron blackwood james you change your strategy of.

Driving the kitchen line to dinking to get the kitchen line why well dj has a lot of length and i wanted to try to just give him a chance to use his length pretty much just penetrate john as much as he could and that's what he did and uh he played amazingly i just i just kept the ball in play and.

Let him go to work and that's the strategy what's the advantage of running around the ball to hit that nice forehand uh overall it just creates a lot of space uh i think it disgusts my forehead better than my backhand anyway and i can get better angles with it so.

Try and uh penetrate like uh like james said thanks guys back to you michelle cameron thanks so much and so up next it's mixed doubles the heart eights have to win this match to stay alive this game and we will be back with the revealing of the mixed doubles pairings right after this short.

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texas thomas wilson is so fast oh dj with the behind wow that was.

ovation on that shot back on championship court it is time for our first mixed doubles matchup between the heart eights and the ranchers it is a must-win situation for the heart eights they don't win this one they are done and the ranchers punch.

Their ticket to the final round and the ranchers put out their targets as did the heart eights andre descu and georgia johnson will be squaring off against the intense anna bright and her partner dj young if you're georgia johnson and andre dascu how are you approaching this mixed doubles matchup well i mean first.

And foremost i like this matchup actually for the heart eights because it puts diasco cross court from dj young and jaesku is one of the hottest players on tour right now and i like that control of him so we're gonna see and then it's gonna be the cross-court battle of georgia johnson and anna bright but i like.

Diescu being able to step in the middle there yeah are you going to look for him to to control that that play but for brought and young they have to keep dyesku in check they have to keep him honest they have to go behind him and they have to kind of tame their aggressiveness just a little bit.

They can do it but they've got to choose the right balls if they start speeding up from the wrong balls georgia and andre are going to be able to counteract that and we're off hundred thousand dollars on the line of right loading up early on the.

Backhand the best part about this she wouldn't do too much with it she saw the opening knew it was there and just easily pushed that down the line speeds it up a rare miss for him yeah he's going body shot right there he wasn't going caught and a lot of the times when you do speed the.

Ball up like that you are going to body trying to because it's more if they do get it back they're not going to get a good ball to fall on long was that ball potentially going out for george johnson i i mean from where i'm standing right here i think the wind was blowing that out and what made her hit it was andre.

Said you and then she kind of freaked out a little bit instead of letting that ball bounce andre making his presence known at the kitchen and the last thing that the heartaches need to do here is press start to feel this pressure after going down 3-0 here.

Dj young's got this the ability to kind of flip the hand over and then he either slaps it straight forward or he slaps this hard angle back the other way unconventional swinging it pronates that arm over the top and it's a like a frying pan slapped over here georgia johnson back to serve for the.

Heart eights don't want to lose their grip on this one early de-esque with a crafty ernie he'll take it now usually who's getting away with speeding up with the female in front of him anna bright's a different taste he needs to be careful when he's speeding.

Up at her and her counters and the ranchers stay on top yeah her footwork was off a little bit their legs i mean knees were completely straight she's walking through the ball gotta have that good base yeah and we can feel it as the breeze is coming into our booth so on camera right to left on your screen.

Excuse me left to right depends on the angle right and a sneaky backside shot for georgia johnson and that's all started here from a great reset right there from dj young see dj set up that or that reset from andre to ask you pardon me.

he's got so much power why not take that ball out of there i mean i don't know if he's you're seeing if that wind will blow the ball out right there but even in that situation split the kitchen and just tee off on it.

Heart eights got their first lead of the game surrendering that to tie it up that net that'll get you georgia johnson anna bravo takes back the surf so that love set himself up for dj young to finish on the forehand it almost looked like this who thought that johnson was.

Gonna take it out of the air she didn't he ends up having to hustle back and try and hit a drop shot yeah that's a good spot from jo from georgia she reaches in doesn't try to do too much with it but it's enough base that if bright lets that ball get too deep it's at her feet which is exactly.

What happened the hands battle goes to the ranchers it's the game they like to play he got a little off balance on that because behind him he caught him a little bit right now brian and young have done an excellent job of going behind diescu a.

Couple of times they're definitely keeping him honest and when you do try to keep somebody honest you're not looking at speeding it up behind them you're looking at making a ball bounce to pull them off more gasket catching bright in transition with a good combo right there and he finally is able to get down at anna.

Bright's feet the ranchers will take it such good work from both johnson to get back in that desk who misses that punch down the line i think he got a little excited on that when he got excited that they got back into the point they got back up to the kitchen and they just rushed the swing.

So very clean especially when they're getting pushed on their heels from andre desk who up at the kitchen line yeah but young read that that ball perfectly right there diescu tried to come over.

Georgia kind of hugging the line a little bit so she stepped back and then young caught her coming back across so the ranchers the first team to eleven we have an end change on championship court the heart eights doing whatever they can to come back into this one major league.

Pickleball is presented by aura organic the official nutrition partner of mlp by knock around sunglasses the official sunglasses partner of major league pickleball and pro xr pickleball the official paddle partner of mlp and by franklin the official ball of major league pickleball.

Cameron blackwood was courtside with some insight down below cameron what'd you hear these women are not interested in playing traditional pickleball they're they're not afraid to go straight up with these guys and they have the hands to finish out points they sure do especially anna bright who's.

Said she's gonna go toe to toe with anyone dj young back to serve for the ranchers looking to protect their three-point lead that's the start they needed after that timeout and end change they needed a quick good clean point georgia johnson gives it to him and it.

Was a good move by young but georgia did a better job of just going through the middle instead of going back to anna yes testing in a bright heart eights right back in cincola and bar are the two biggest cheerleaders right now because they want to play.

If they don't if they can't if they can't pull this out they're stuck on the sidelines no i'm laughing at these dj's only right there i mean that's just he's it's the pancake as he's going across the kitchen and flicking it back the other way tough break for desk who you can feel.

The frustration building on his side dj young continues to serve he he fooled himself right there right he went to go hit that pancake fat right but then got caught because it was too low yeah it was a good reset by johnson she didn't didn't try to do too much with it and then floated and that that caused.

The confusion oh and upright with the angles and an animated come on putting her team up by three well she answered straight back right there diesel trying to speed up in front of her she didn't do much just created an angle with the paddle and a slight movement.

So okay anna bright down the line off of the dink battle andre desk was looking to get involved he gets burnt i mean let's go back to you know 20 shots ago when anna bright and dj young were on their heels andre desk had an overhead a couple.

Overheads he could not finish they got back in that point earned the right to have that shot right there at the end anna bright waited and waited and waited she sold it she she sold it 100 because she was waiting for diescu to stop moving down the line yeah.

He was p he was pinching middle pinch meal started a slide back slide back but then eventually he stayed perfect job ranchers up by four if they win this game we are done they seal the deal punch their ticket to the finals as blqk awaits who their opponent will be this is the heart eight's last chance.

To climb back in to this tournament trailing by four in the game trailing by two games in the series well the power and the defense and you talk about i mean they're getting these big overheads back and we're actually seeing that more and more and we've seen it.

Over the last three days where it's extremely difficult to put a ball away unless you're creating an angle go go one hard through the middle and then and then spread down the line for georgia johnson with the last minute flick of the race georgia kept dj honest right here and gave herself an opportunity to hit a.

Ball back behind him great point construction from the young johnson 15 years old is georgia johnson they asked you that time creating the error and so the heart eights two points back to asco with the hard crash just took away the the timing of dj young on that one.

Oh again in georgia changing the spot again she sensed dj was going for the ernie because he's reading that now she goes to his right foot and keeps the ball away from the ernie possibility dj young finishing off the point and protecting the two-point gap that was a huge point on both sides so young.

Young gets the finish there but the smart move was midpoint where anna bright reset it she read back to hit a two-handed chose to reset it get back into the point rather than squaring away with the fast oh right back in making this a one-point game again it's georgia johnson she's.

Keeping him honest right there i love it now it's a good time out they've come out and scored four uh last five points anna bright right down the line answering back you're shaking your head why chat no i mean that's just not that's not a good speed up from diescu right there yeah he is reaching in but you're feeding anna brought her.

Two-handed backhand and that's the exact ball that she wants ranchers three points away from closing in on this match adam brought tried to sell that so hard.

Come on all right all right i'll give it was that that was that okay all right all right i'll roll it back soft smile at the end of that one she's so much fun to watch that's that's the perfect ball from dj young right there he made it look like he was going to speed that up hot ball through the.

Middle throws that little change up just a little little roll instead of being aggressive do her diet time for the heart eights that ball is wide match point for the ranchers yeah and anna bright's crossbow falls there we've we've seen georgia start pushing it more and more and more.

Because bright's doing such a good job of rolling that forehand dink george had just gone for a little too much pushing that ball wide begging for one more chance to climb back in the ranchers are frozen at 20. they can only win on their serve from here on out.

A tough redirection a jam for georgia johnson match point back on the site for the ranchers so oh a toughness for georgia johnson and the ranchers dj young and anna bright.

Take this one not only for their mixed doubles team but for the entire ranchers squad a brand new looking team punching their ticket to the final round against blqk howard bright and young able to get it done chad well second match in a row then it ends on and around the post.

But young and bright kind of kept each other in check right there they didn't pull the trigger too many times on bad balls which is what we talked about at the beginning they constructed their points they set it up and they kept diescu honest and when you have a patient dj young like that which we wanted to see.

He is very dangerous going in against blqk tonight that's going to be a good matchup cameron blackwood is standing by with the winners dj young and anna bright cameron anna why were you so successful going straight up against andre i've played him a few times he's a really good player i know he i know he.

Likes earning kind of a feel for when he might do it so i think i was just really hyper focused really on today and i just i came out ahead what was the discussion you had with your team before you stepped on court this morning well i was just basically begging and praying.

For anna to just show up and do all the work for me not a lot of discussion just a lot of hoping that she just show up and beat everyone for me so it worked out really well there you have it back to you back to you cameron thanks so much it is.

Time now for the pro xr pickleball performance shot of the match as the ranchers punch their ticket to the finals and a bright dj young taking care of business anna bright so lethal on that double-handed backhand she's nasty look at this that's just punished down the.

Line right there but watch out she clears herself and gives herself that space that's dangerous we're gonna see a lot of that tonight one step closer for the ranchers to earn a hundred thousand dollars cash prizes on the line for the finals here tonight on championship court our coverage of that begins at 5 00 p.m pacific standard.

Time over on cbs sports it is pickleball you don't want to miss for dominic catalano chad edwards and cameron blackwood i'm michelle mcmahon we thank you so much for tuning in for our semi-final coverage this morning we'll see you back for the finals on cbs sports this evening.

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