It for error so schniemann back to serve to cherishenko their way for that point yeah that's an incredible play right there from Lacey schneeman she knows she's gonna get targeted especially with her sliding to that backhand punching those balls right.

Back at them beautifully done by Lacey schneeman reasonable opening point I would say for the ladies foreign yes and to touch on what Cameron said about the wind conditions I have three tips they are footwork footwork and footwork.

Here She is again in this women's doubles final so fun to watch Lacey Schuman she played Club Tennis at USC she was actually a team captain there as well so in terms of her and her emotion her ability to lead so fun to watch her in this environment foreign goes wide there on the backhand lots of.

Former Division One tennis prowess on display here Catherine parento former Michigan State University tennis stand out Irina tarashenko Texas Tech for Anna bright showing her prowess there yeah and a little bit of a unique story too for Catherine parento she actually.

Went to college where she only spoke French when she got there at 16 years old at Arkansas it was a challenge first so she had to not only figure out her degree but also learned English at the same time just long that time for the hustlers so the Mad drops recover the surf and.

The point rally scoring games to 21 win by two what a finish for Parental yeah nice job couple quality counter attacks from Irena tarashinko got her partner a great setup on the forehand side and Catherine parento whipping through that ball with authority put it away on the right side of Lacey schneeman.

We're definitely going to try and find that right side like you mentioned Adam what's going to be challenging though is she continues to scoot further and further to that sideline that right side becomes that much smaller and smaller to the edge Steven gets pulled wide smart play preparing to parental yeah shame and she.

Really whether it's her partner or herself hitting a third shot drop really likes to be aggressive with four forward movement you get a little bit of mixed results in that situation that one was uh the poor end of it meet me and a bright working Irena tarashenko on the Baseline the.

Entire Point yeah and just great communication between bright and schneeman right there you hear her calling me three every single ball letting her partner know hey I'm coming in oh the reset of Anna bright caused that point great eye from Anna.

Bright absolutely true and as Cameron mentioned I'll discuss right after this point right to serve just shy of the tape for schniemann she's she man she really is she's so quick on her feet she's moving through that drive and almost all the way to the kitchen line by the time the ball is back to her so I like the forward.

Movement even though I said there is some good and bad with it Irina tarashenko one of the greatest of all time in pickleball locked in and ready for that one yeah just a little too quick before Anna bright could get her paddle up just really nice Pace from Irena taroshenko looking for her fourth Major League pickleball championship.

A rare Miss for her on the forehand yeah and the similar to Lacey schneeman so with that forward movement Irina very good very athletic uh that went a little too low to be aggressive uh we'll see if she continues to come in hot tonight once again by the neck yeah Irina not happy either she's had some issues with that net.

Um definitely modeled something over to her bench after that mistake how about that Finishing Touch for Catherine parento yeah the weather the storm there with the shake and bake and if you don't know what that means at home that is the third shot drive and poach they weathered the storm early got back to neutral and rewarded with the.

Point perhaps that ball going out of bounds that we will never know Michelle kind of a catch and release sometimes that happens with the flinger schneeman a little too big with the swing uh sailing that ball along into the Jumbotron and a bright working every angle she could find on that one cam yeah just a.

Great setup for man of bright right there great depth on her two-handed backhand getting them just out of system and that ball just high enough for her to close The Hustler is looking to be the first team to 11 for the end change terenzo forcing the issue Schemin back on her heels.

And we have a one-point game and Talking Stick Resort Championship Court reasonable positioning uh let Ford play tricks with her there a tough break for schneeman flat-footed couldn't step back so she felt like her only option was to attack that ball.

Jesus Lorenzo working the soft game but the hustlers the first team to 11 points we are trading point for Point momentum for momentum stay tuned for more women's doubles right after this foreign.


Foreign 15 seconds back inside the rocking protein pickleball Center at Bell Bank Park here in Mesa Arizona it's the women's doubles Championship round between the New York.

Hustlers and the LA man drops the hustlers the Cinderella story on the court the six seed trying to take down the one seed in the LA mat drops Anna bright with the serve to parento go go easy put away for Parental and the Mad trucks right back in it tied this thing.

Up that's right and they weathered that initial barrage from Anna bright and got themselves an opportun offensive opportunity of Their Own so parental will kick back the serve to Anna bright on holding her own on the right side of the Court Cameron love the aggressive.

Posture right there from Lacey schneemann reaching in and also closing out to that Center Line applying that much more tyrina tarashenko 12-11 all right just short for the drop there for schneemann yeah I was gonna touch on what Cameron said earlier about the New York Hustlers communicating I think it's.

Anna bright making all the calls out there whether whether you or me so I talked about that designated caller Anna bright definitely that on the New York hustlers chenko so the hustlers take back the one point lead 13-21 win by two rally scoring no switching on the.

Serve how about that forehand for Lacey schneeman forward pressure unbelievable from a couple mistakes early on but that is her game I like it you're gonna get in the long run more cheap points than errors from Lacey love to see it schliemann was the fourth round pick for the New York Hustlers turning out to be.

The hero today that is just an incredible series those last two rallies from Lacey schneeman going dink up the line then Force the backhand from tarashenko within the drive up the middle as well that is called finding space oh and a gray just misses the sideline the.

Man drops we'll take it back slightly too big a swing there from Hannah Wright and great pickleball going on but let's take a moment to the New York Hustlers and that drop logos are pretty clean out there so good with that backhand flick yeah a little bit more of a poke right there.

From Catherine parento just full extension love the balance she finds pulls that left hand behind her so she can really reach within the kitchen line maintaining that balance beautifully done you yeah using a little bit more Loft on her.

Shots the wind conditions are getting interesting here a championship Court how does that impact play from your perspective oh big time and you can see that ball tumble to the feet of tarashinko from Lacey schmiemann came to play today for the New York Hustler she is showing no fear and all go absolute crashing to the net.

Utilizing her skill and putting some Pace on the ball team 14. what a finish and a break for the fist pump to match I mean Lacey schneeman power shot to the middle roll out wide Irena tarashenko can do nothing but dig Straight Ahead Anne of Rights already waiting there for the Ernie incredible play from the New York Hustlers the New.

York Hustlers they thrive on energy they thrive on passion no shortage of that here I'm Talking Stick Resort Championship Corps I also think this is just incredibly clutch in terms of the New York Hustlers and where they position themselves at the end change now on the good side this is going to be dangerous for the Mad.

Drops we're gonna step aside in just a moment the crowd is electric so are the New York Hustlers more action after this foreign.

on the New York Hustler's side trying to.

Make sure that the 16. looking to take down the LA man drops trying to hand them their first loss of the tournament to match with a punishing finish on that forehand exactly right New York Hustlers the definition of playing to win right now holding nothing back going for their.

Shots and very much successful with those shots yeah she's she's got some slippery stuff she's got all the shots in her Arsenal 15-19 well played Catherine.

Momentum shift just like that here in the championship round Matt drops three points away from the hustlers foreign number 20 which means we are frozen on their side returning back to traditional scoring they must win on their serve with rally scoring until they get to 18.

slurs their first game loss of the tournament and so what was the Difference Maker in your mind Cameron I just think that was very much a lot of complimentary pickleball from both Lacey schneeman and Anna bright they moved well together they stayed aggressive they moved the.

Ball it was really impressive on their part the Cinderella story continues to unfold a championship court and right and Lacey schneeman getting game number one under their belt we've got men's doubles coming your way right after this you played lights out you guys broke the streak that Catherine were undefeated.

All weekend what was the strategy heading in today um you know we're we're on aggressive team and we're just gonna play our game and uh you know I play my best when I'm out there swinging uh and AV does too so uh that was the game plan and it worked out for us and we see the wind is starting to pick.

Up is it having any is there anything that's going on on the court that is affecting play right now with it nah you know shooter shoot Hustler's Hospitality no thing you know maybe when you're with the wind you try to keep it in when you're against it you know to let balls go but I'm pretty bad at letting Bulls go so it doesn't matter too much we're.

Just out here to play out here to swing let's go there you go Hustler's up one to zero back up to you Michelle at least she's honest Cameron we are gonna take a time out here on Championship Court it is going to be an incredible match up here for men's doubles you don't want to miss it especially in this Championship round.

Stay with us welcome back to the major league pickleball Championship earlier in December the top 48 players were drafted to the premiere level of 12 teams the 16 year old sensation Anna Lee Waters going number one overall the best pickleball player in the world Ben John's taken second JW Johnson right behind him that.

Draft taking place in Las Vegas the sport of pickleball continues to take the World by storm here's a look at the first round of the draft picks for the 2023 Major League pickleball season and it is been a wild ride for us so far here in the booth Adam stone Michelle McMahon Cameron Irwin with you Cameron Blackwood joining you from the sideline.

As we continue our Championship coverage here from Mesa Arizona we're moving right along to the men's doubles finals it's Julian Arnold and Thomas Wilson on the side of the Mad Rocks taking on Rafa Hewitt Jason McGuffin Adam you have some pretty big news on McGuffin as far as him not being full strength yeah I've been.

Watching him warm up for the last 20 or 30 minutes before the match and right now uh before this men's doubles he is definitely walking slightly gingerly on that left foot I mentioned some plantar fasciitis earlier in the uh the broadcast in the semifinals and we're just gonna have to monitor that moving forward.

So far in this tournament Cameron in your mind what makes them such a powerful combination well for the last two games it's really been all about Julian Arnold he plays the left side and he has been heavy into the center line he's been lights out from the Baseline to the kitchen he's aggressive he's been consistent the question is can he.

Maintain it he also has a good partner at his hand because Thomas Wilson oh boy if you need him he's going to be there right next to you Robert Hewitt the two-time MLP Champion we'll start us off with the serve to Thomas Wilson Thomas Wilson just drops it in and finds the Baseline yeah that was delicate from a low position with topspin six inches.

Inside the Baseline incredible touch from Thomas Wilson to keep that ball in the court a rare Miss from Julian Arnolds Robert Hewitt Tyson McGuffin tied things up Rafa Hewitt with the big Lefty in the middle that changes the dynamic on their side oh my what a backhand start to that.

Point by Hewitt in a nasty forehand map from a government yeah a wonderful finish right there from McGuffin but really this is all we're off of Hewitt right here going from the forehand to the backhand I mean this guy is just wicked fast in those hands battles Rafa Hewitt was built for this type of tournament and team format.

Just misses there on the backhand so the man drops keeping things close yes and before we get too deep into this men's match how about that shoot or shoot Hustlers hustle let's go no pun intended I love it we've been talking about staying hungry.

Too and heading to the buffet just saying these hustlers Papa Hewitt goes for the poach just misses long he is convinced that was in and that was almost an identical play to a highlight he had yesterday we called it and it was pretty impressive him flying in with that Lefty just long again for McGuffin so the man.

Drops Take the Lead yeah just a little late exploding to the middle I'm okay with the decision in the shot selection he just didn't quite get his body where he needed to be for that forehand roll attempt just shy there for Julian Arnold who's been so good all tournament long.

Four Arnold loves to get the people going on the court talking back and forth so it begins here in this men's doubles matchup McGuffin the returner side out point S Thomas Wilson hitting to the into the.

Wind right now so he feels like he's got a little something there just a little bit too low on the miss what a shot Julian Arnold staring down Rafa Hewitt on the finish and then Julian Arnold looks over at Rafi who and says stay on your side on your side oh you love it you love to see it.

Arnold perhaps a little too energetic on that point yeah and I saw Thomas Wilson's face after that he didn't react too much but he would he kind of gave the what are you doing man I kind of look to Julian Andiamo Arnold there.

And to your point I think that we've seen Julian Arnold hit shot after shot and he's been hot throughout this tournament but again we talked about the beginning of this broadcast Thomas Wilson can step in if need be gotta fill the fire first before you start letting loose tough bounce.

For the hustlers Thomas Wilson back to serve with a two-point lead a near-miscommunication down the middle for the hustlers creating a three-point gap for the MADD drops what's causing momentum shift well Rafa Hewitt just a little bit too early there uh on that.

Counter attack nice speed up from uh Julian Arnold so uh I expect more of the same to continue with the aggression just wide for McGuffin Arnold and I want to mention something here wind at the backs of the hustlers you have noticed they have been early on their last two counter-attacked attack attempts uh sometimes that's overlooked.

When we're talking about the wind conditions yeah tough to see the wind on television but it is strong here in Mesa Arizona how about that Finishing Touch from Thomas Wilson the Mad drops the first team to 11. not to mention a five-point lead trying to even out the series in this one we will be back with the.

Remainder of this men's doubles finals after this short break don't go anywhere the mag drops running away with gain number two in this men's doubles matchup Julian Arnold with the serve to Tyson McGuffin we just had an unchange it's clear that the side of Arnold and Wilson is not the ideal side.

To be on we'll see what the hustlers can do with that advantage in this rotation all right gentlemen time in eleven six the voice of our lead referee for MLP Courtney Johnson Rafa Hewitt punishing Julian Arnold with the Ernie I love it a new threat has presented.

Itself with Rafa Hewitt hopping that corner a different approach and Julia Arnold is better watch out 7-11 the ninja like defensive Hewitt is so fun to watch on the Ernie let's be clear he moves well for a big man but I think he's taking a few too many rips from the middle of the Court I'd like to see him drop a little bit more frequently.

Getting his team in a couple bad situations yeah Julian Arnold jamming up for off of you at that time and the Mad drops carrying all the momentum in game number two Tit for Tat right there from Julian Arnold anything you can do I can do better.

Tyson McGuffin backing up Thomas Wilson effortlessly yeah great Spin and Power on that forehand from Tyson McGuffin stepping to his left and letting it fly oh that ball is well in Julian Arnold picking his spots wisely unbelievable to keep that ball and freeze his opponents with the wind at.

His back unbelievable degree of difficulty from Julian Arnold on that backhand flick when conditions don't seem to be bothering the man drops Julian Arnold is an absolute animal at the kitchen and I talked about wait till you start feeling the fire to let loose and right now Julian Arnold has got a.

Couple points his Direction with Big Time plays he's feeling the fire you better watch out the fiery Julian Arnold will take back the serve closing in on game number two a little too excited that time yeah just fully lost his balance you can see with his setup by the time he was making contact he had lost his uh his athletic.

Base and when you lose your balance errors creep in 9 15. oh Tyson McGuffin just catches the hand of Thomas Wilson he'll take it he hasn't had many opportunities to be able to create from the kitchen line they're kind of our isolating rabbit Hewitt and especially on that backhand side Tyson McGuffin really hasn't seen much that.

Direction foreign my goodness that forehand is wicked all the topspin he puts on those volleys paying off there 11 15. not miss chance for Robert Hewitt yeah and a nice ball nice deep ball from Julian Arnold I like the decision of.

Rafa not trying to slap that ball hard uh going with a backhand roll drop he just couldn't convert this chance there on the forehand is caught High and the Mad drops yes three points away and rafaq occasionally gets handcuffed on that uh Lefty forehand side almost making contact with that ball completely behind his body that is.

Not a recipe for success Rafa Hewitt was loaded up on the backhand and the forehand dropping you a nice job finishing that that paddle all the way to this guy adding a little extra topspin to that ball 12 17. uh Hustler's trying to close a five-point Gap here.

And that is an incredible play by Julian Arnold yes and it really works that Julian loves to hold that backhand and flip it to the middle of the court and fortunately for him that is that the left shoulder of the left-handed player uh so it's a really good pattern for Julian oh Julian Arnold full Superman to get.

That ball unsuccessfully so we're gonna see more blood on the court we saw that in the Challenger Championship Rob Cassidy going down on his knee and causing a little bit of a delay that's but in tears an equipment malfunction on the side.

for the miss yeah nice job by Rafa Hewitt sticking with it not the easiest shot on that second ball he stayed with the offense and he was rewarded oh oh my goodness Rafa Hewitt oh just long but that was an Incredible Gift the big man moves well oh absolutely true.

Dalton looks are deceiving he is thick he is strong but he moves around the court like a gazelle 1914. just too lofty there for Tyson McGuffin I like the motion there from Tyson McGuffin though trying to move the dinks around a little bit more they saw they found a little bit of space on that.

Backhand side as he started to get more aggressive covering more of that middle tonight it's a nice play on the side of the madrops that drops the first teams and 20 points so we are on the freeze on their side which means they can only win this game on their serve we will see if they can pay it off right after this short break stick around.

all right you're watching the Major League Football Championships here in Mesa.

Arizona Tom Wilson Julian Arnold on the brink of taking game number two against the New York Hustlers Wilson 20 with a chance to close it here on a surf just outstanding play from Rafa Hewitt right there he got targeted again on that left shoulder twice in a row and he still was able to fight it off nice drop.

As well Cross Court so the man drops Frozen on 20. they can only win on their serve still rally scoring for the hustlers Tyson McGuffin adding to that point Colin yeah nice uh shake and bake combination there driving coach from Rafa Hewitt With The Big two-hander Easy put away from Tyson McGuffin.

The hustlers will stay on rally scoring until they reach 18 on their freeze Julian Arnold says not so fast yeah right into the Caboose of Rafa Hewitt off the bounce nice Loops arm put away from Julian Arnold should close in on game two.

a championship Court the drops coming in clutch when they needed it's a title score up one apiece you just gotta love the motion and movement of Julian Arnold alongside Thomas Wilson they were unrelenting through the entirety of this game.

They remain undefeated here in this tournament format but Wick we will have our first mixed doubles matchup coming your way after this we'll dive in the matchups next Thomas tough less there by your women's but how are you able to regroup get the momentum and momentum back and take the win I mean following Julian's lead here.

He's Mr Andiamo brings the fire and I'm just trying to hang with him honestly so we're having a blast out there you guys were ahead for most of the match they started to creep in how we were able to close it out just uh keep that one point at a time mentality I got a great partner with me I'm having a blast playing with Thomas.

I'm so excited to be playing with him in MLP and a decent amount this year so it's it's it's a lot of fun doing it with a good friend and such a great competitor so um we're just taking it one match at a time we've nodded things up and um yeah we're going in the mix with a lot of a lot of uh momentum so here we go Matt drops there you have it.

Matt UPS tied up one to one back up to you Michelle Cameron thanks so much from the words of Mr Andiamo himself we will return with our first of two mixed doubles matchup right here on Championship Court don't go anywhere we're only just beginning we have our first mixed doubles match up.

Underway and the New York Hustlers were the away team which means they had to display their mixed doubles team first so they put out Lacey schneeman and Rafa Hewitt the backdrops responded with the combination of Irena tarashenko and Thomas Wilson It's a combination we have yet to witness in this tournament because they haven't had to use them.

They won clean 3-0 in every single game absolutely ridiculous 12-0 in game so if you win 3-0 you don't play that fourth game so Thomas and Wilson and Irene and tarashenko this is their first time to take the court together in this tournament absolutely incredible that might be a stat that we don't don't see change or or don't see beaten in the.

Next decade Hewitt kicks us off with the serve what a shot from Wilson paying it off with the forehand Thomas Wilson so good in that series Cameron so good and it's also so fun because you get to see Wilson now on the left side so you get to see what he's capable of in terms of creating also tarashenko and Rafa Hewitt.

Very familiar with one another played all last season together in mixed doubles winning two championships together with the LQK Hewitt forcing the issue against his former partner Irina tarashenko and I do feel like on both sides of the court right now you're seeing slight.

Hesitations from both teams on some of those middle attacks we saw a couple that were attackable that they let bounce and Dink back to be safe one one Lacey schneeman back to serve it's long for her and so Tara shenko will take it and try to run with it and as you mentioned earlier cam I think.

It's a testament to the to just the demeanor and the team uh vibe that they had that Thomas Wilson takes a back seat when Andiamo Arnold is hot and now he's done that left side roll I can't wait to see what he can display and show off his electric skill set I was really impressed with him at the last PPA event at the Masters event.

Playing alongside Vivian David he was phenomenal just lying for tarashenko this is about as good as it gets her mixed doubles and the talent level we've seen all weekend long with major league pickleball with the snake down the middle yeah and that is just so so mean from Lacey schneeman because she's able to work.

Around to that forehand side she loves dropping that wrist and paddle face down great Inside Out attack amazing shot from Lacey tarashenko was so smart in that point bringing Rob Hawaii and then burning him down the middle yeah she's a veteran she keeps it calm and collected didn't do anything special didn't try to hit it.

Too hard just put it in the perfect place knowing Rafa Hewitt was out of position New York Hustlers stay alive Matt with seamless positioning though between tarashenko and Wilson four five.

Things she can do about that no not necessarily and Lacey schneeman has shown even in that last women's doubles matchup how she likes to crash to the net she had a lot of success doing that that time Irina tarashenko says not too fast just wide for Hewitt.

Yeah stepping around to the left schneemann uh it does make it a little more difficult so leaving that ball high kind of hanging Hewitt out to dry nothing he can do there that that is one of the pitfalls with uh being an explosive mover and really favoring to step around your backhand and hit a forehand.

four point lead it's a dangerous thing on their side she's two for two on that exact same speed up right now so you can expect she's gonna have to find a different place to go she's put them on notice you can imagine either irina's gonna slide.

And protect or you have Thomas Wilson with that forehand yeah and if I would have to yeah so we've seen a couple of those from schneeman but I would actually like in that previous situation for Irina to slide over to her right more and Trust Thomas Wilson to fill that Gap Lacey schneeman gets caught for that right.

Foot on the line of the kitchen the no volume Zone point six the hustlers sticking around trailing by three it's nine Terrace.

Twisting up Rafa Hewitt right there he thought she was going to the outside of the Court started his Sprint that direction and couldn't quite cover middle yeah she knew it was a Miss hit she had a big smile on her face and she will absolutely take it see conference Hewitt with a monstrous.

Finishing for him reasonable UPS too I'll have to say we've really seen some athleticism on display I still I still can't believe that John Christian Alshon had earlier in Rafa Hewitt maybe not that high but pretty good ups for the big man I thought he was just trying to hit some home run balls over the Jumbotron The Hustler is looking to.

Close the gap narrow that down and see points first team to 11. will cause an end change drop of Hewitt back to sir foreign ERS fan base loud and proud here in Mesa Arizona.

and her margin for Aaron right there is very very slim as Irina tarashenko like you mentioned Adam sliding to the outside that space for Lacey schneeman to hit gets that much smaller goes for it once more not successfully that time I'll have to say I do think.

That the New York Hustler fans travel travel well they have a they have a pretty good group they got some songs they got some cowbells the hustlers are doing their thing when LeBron James is involved Anything is Possible from New York to Arizona yeah just just a pop fake she could see.

Rafa Hewitt crowding her and I'm not saying that was a poor decision by Rafa Hill who talked about it multiple times in mixed doubles when you're putting pressure with your court positioning these situations arise I don't hate it she missed it by a couple inches she had some nice.

Extension into the kitchen so reasonable decision uh in the long run I think that's gonna favor caught Thomas Wilson still moving feet not necessarily said that's one of the most critical pieces to playing defense you gotta have those feet set so you can soften those things hey you guys saw the sign when he came.

Back from break all gas no breaks that's the New York hustles Hustler Mantra and it worked great in that point out not that time for Lacey schneeman maybe lots of gas some breaks maybe that's a little bit better uh 15-11 foreign.

Movement between Hewitt and schneeman she got the first just off the corner and made sure to get just one step further to let her partner close out on his forehead oh my goodness he athleticism throwing everything as the man drops yeah I'll take I'll take a nice little.

Clap for that one full extension tarashinko great kick great scramble nice point and fantastic sustained pressure from the hustlers at the kitchen line back to his bark mode just watch Rafa Hewitt every time he makes contact with the ball his preparation before that ball comes back to him is phenomenal.

He's huffing he's puffing he's getting reset mentally and emotionally gotta love it from Rafa Hewitt that's exactly I mean Tyson said it he's a dog in his happy place when he's barking out there full owl mode at this point 15 a piece Hewitt lives for Major League pickleball.

This is why game put him forth I mean it's I mean you're like man what is he doing he's really going over there and taking up too much court but it's worked so well for him in some previous points it's hard to chastise the man too.

Much when he's getting a lot of benefit for that risk and the pickleball Gods will give him a break on that one and apparently he's Catholic so Hewitt ties it up once more Oh no just one thanks Wilson sign with relief and as much pressure as Rafa Hewitt is bringing you.

Gotta again look to Irina tereshenko she is hustling out there for some of these dudes 17-16 Wilson looks to build on a one-point lead on lacey schneeman as she's going to take a volley she's taking a step forward that's all tennis right there and she's got a lot of experience in.

That regard having a look at the football called Lacey schneeman with that left foot such a tough balance to strike when you want to be toes up to the kitchen momentum shifting drastically again on the favor of the mat drops the New York customers trailing by three.

What is the answer for the hustlers yeah so the the issue is um yeah we'll re-revisit this after break sorry guys stick around we'll be right back after this short break soon.

Everybody welcome back to the MLP championships mixed doubles game number three what is the answer Adam for the New York Hustlers who passed the momentum tied things up and are letting this one get.

Away from them keep the foot on the gas in my opinion some people might say back off but they have had the madrop scrambling several times draw from this to high forehand these are the situations that arise they're getting themselves in good positions they just can't quite finish not the answer there the Mad drops with.

Game point on their side electric power off the Thomas Wilson paddle incredible forehand from Thomas rough I can't handle it foreign and that's the way this one will end the LA mag drops take the match lead 2-1 over the hustlers bad analysis by me they went for it and they're in the.

Match is over so maybe they should have pulled back a little bit either way I'm just joking I think it was the right play too good from the uh Matt drops well played which leaves a sensational fourth game matchup between and her partner Tyson mcguffman King on the lethal Julian Arnold and Catherine parento could there be another.

Dream breaker on Championship Court we will find out after this short break and we'll chat with the winners right after this stick around Thomas this is the first time we've seen you and Arena on the score because the madrop's gone 3-0 all weekend long why did you decide to choose this team first I think we just like the match-up I'm.

Comfortable hitting the ball inside out so the girls over there it's more natural for me personally but I think we just like the vibe we wanted to get out there and show our stuff so let's go good job Arena and you're playing against Rafa who last year you won two MLPs with on the blkk did that play any effect in this match I think that's why.

Thomas tonight wanted to play them so I wanted to play the goat there yeah Matt jobs are going up two to one we're going to mixed doubles can't back up to you let's go in that drops Cameron thanks so much our second and final mixed doubles matchup is underway here in Championship Court it all comes down to this we could have a drink breaker on our hands.

52 for this one you don't want to miss the electricity that's about to unfold and right now in Mesa Arizona it is time for our second mixed doubles matchup and a bright Tyson McGuffin looking to Dethrone the unbeaten Catherine parento and Julian Arnolds McGuffin goes early to parento and finds.

The back yeah what would you say earlier sun's out point one nothing's rule apparently here in Mesa Arizona Sun is out still so bright looking around to see if that ball was staying in yeah that's exactly right and it gets harder when you take.

That one step off the kitchen line start to recognize how high that ball is whether it's gonna be on your shoulder will that be out or not depends on the pace as well so definitely the assessment period for Anna bright Julian Arnold back to serve to McGuffin the madrops could win it all with this.

Game that's the shy for McGuffin that's a great defense right there from Catherine parento it was cross her body on the forehand side she did a nice job resetting that shallow in to the kitchen McGuffin thought he had Arnold beat and the Andiamo finger whack shows itself for the first time in this mixed doubles.

Match-up yeah great punch right here from Catherine ferento look at that and then she goes for the high five she's like partner where are you at he's like I'm busy I'm finger wagging leave me alone just try the net there for parental yeah nice roll from Tyson obviously one of the best in the games with that.

Forehand role he caught Catherine parento off balance stepping to her right McGuffin I am not opening he found it the second time around Anna bright all over this counting report she watched the men's doubles match up and she was well prepared with that backhand up the middle for that flick from Julian Arnold.

I believe that's his favorite shot yeah I've seen it so many times throughout the weekend shy there great Point by you Cameron and the New York hustlers take the lead in game number four if the hustlers win this one we will go to a fifth tiebreaker game a dream breaker format of singles.

top of the tape for Tyson it's a great shot from Julian Arnold uh that even though it landed in the kitchen that ball from Anna bright sitting up too high I'm glad Julian decided to be aggressive with it and he was rewarded with the point.

the Mad drops capitalizing on that opportunity Arnold with the serve to McGuffin that's wide for Anna gray three misses in a row for the hustlers yeah she had her spot picked a nicely but just a little bit too much power from Julian Arnold and a bright catching that.

Two-handed backhand slightly later than she wanted to oh it's Tyson McGuffin catches the sideline such Precision with that angle really nice reach right there from Tyson McGuffin in an even better angle another questioning the call the only thing I saw right when the ball landed is Kyle.

Yates put his hand and made the the in call from the stands okay we have controversy on the court the down referee is saying he saw that ball out from Tyson McGuffin Courtney.

Johnson the head referee so Julian Arnold's appealed to Courtney Johnson Courtney Johnson appealed to his to her second referee Jim Ryan over there tough call From The Far Side of the court but yeah obviously saw it clean to make that call and the hustlers aren't questioning it.

Or challenging it rather they'll take the break though and you and you renew the call from the New York Hustler's fan base where's Leia Jansen Jason McGuffin looking to close the gap here they won't do it with that error a little ironic that she got real pumped up about that Julian.

Arnold Drive in the net and she she doubles down and does the exact same thing on the next point Julian Arnold just shy on that point yeah great control of the kitchen line from McGuffin and bright Matt drops just trying everything they could just couldn't get forward oh and a bright speeds it up parento.

We've seen that line shot a couple of times here in this matchup yeah really nice decision there by Catherine parento she thought she may have a look at an ATP and had a beautiful dink instead Cross Court gave herself an opportunity to actually find a winner later on in the rally six.

And a break with a powerful finish yeah great Point very nice shot from Anna bright and to touch on what you said earlier Michelle the misdirect forehand of Catherine printer is one of the best in the game the first time I played her she probably got me six or seven times clean up my line you're not supposed to admit that.

Adam it's okay I'm retired fine and how about that sneaky forehand of Julian Arnold finding the same backside yeah same thing fending that ball off recognizing mcguffin's positioning instead of going with an aggressive shot or putting some speed on that ball he just finds the Open Court the Mad drops just kicking in a bright.

While she's down Julian Arnold and Catherine parento lethal at the kitchen they're the first team to 11 and so that means we will change ends and come right back after this short break everything on the line right now for the hustlers they need to win this game to force a dream breaker for the Mad drops they win and they are the champions.

Just wide that time for Arnold yeah I'm okay with that decision uh playing aggressive staying aggressive not holding back uh completely fine you can't make them all uh keep it up Julian keep stepping forward oh my gosh what did we just see absolute sorcery from Julian Arnold he.

Pulled this thing out of the house the hands of this man Julian Arnold absolutely incredible Julian Arnold continues to be a force at the kitchen all the pressure right now on the New York hustlers.

McGuffin and the return nonetheless the ball was out of bounds but he still had a really nice high for his third timeout called on the floor this is the biggest lead the LA madrops have had all match long 14-8 and we will return with the remainder of this championship game.

Right after this back a championship Court the LA Madras looking to capitalize on a hefty lead here in this mixed doubles game number four Catherine parento on the serve and we have an interesting switch on the New York Hustler side Anna bright taking the left side Tyson McGuffin on the right.

spots the hole immediately says the change doesn't matter I will still find a way yeah just trying to find a different pattern with this switch and a bright very comfortable with her backhand so putting her on the left but the same time that's not gonna phase.

Catherine parento one of the most experienced Julian Arnold in the Eagles he has been able to come up with tonight it's unbelievable I I just I honestly don't know what to say but this is an unbelievable five minutes from the Mad drops they can do no wrong at this point Catherine parento.

Is dominant the Andiamo is contagious The Unbelievable hands of Catherine parenzo and Anna bright in that fire fight just unleashing ball after ball then a reset then another I mean it was just outstanding parento says the energy of Julian Arnold is addicting it's translating to her game right now.

Mcduffin and bright will not go down without a fight we know this is true 9 17. The Hustler is clinging on to any bit of momentum they can grasp for 17. with the Mad drops four points away from a match victory.

With their backs against the wall Julian Arnold punishes them further like I said earlier mixed doubles at its finest Catherine parento setting up Julian Arnold and he is taking out the trash and cleaning everything up foreign.

There is nowhere they have to have a different level from the mat drops this is just getting ridiculous at this point this man cannot be stopped as he holds the serve two points away from a match victory for the LA mag drops yeah One Step Closer.

For the Mad drops saying right now we don't want to we don't need to we don't need three let's end this thing right now let's see if they can do it match point for Catherine parento they are frozen on 20. they must win on their surf just wide for Parental.

McGuffin and bright will continue to try and push this as far as they can rally scoring continuing on their side until they reach their freeze at 18. if they make it that far Julian Arnold Arnold earns back the serve with another chance to win this match and Major League.

Pickable Championship Casey McGuffin ever so powerful not going anywhere yeah I'm Catherine printer just a little frustrated with herself she felt that right off the paddle just left that a little high you give something like that Tyson mcguffin's gonna take it a mile.

Both called on Tyson McGuffin that one hurts 2012. yeah Julian Arnold and Catherine parento get it done the LA madrops are your 2023 mfp basic Champions the first for Julian Arnold Thomas Wilson and Catherine parento Irena tarashaco taking home her.

Force Major League pickleball title what a performance from The Undefeated la madrops I mean said five minutes ago I have no words you haven't heard a peep out of me I've just been watching the action as a true fan up here in the booth congratulations.

To the madrops well played deserved it only lost one game the entire tournament La man drops your 2023 first event winners congratulations again so Drew Brees has a Super Bowl title to his name and he can also say his team is the 2023 Major League pickleball Champions as well we will chat with the winners in just a moment what a weekend.

It has been here in Mesa Arizona have another look at the celebration for the LA madrops let's give it up one more time for these two incredible teams we want to thank the audience thank you guys like we said it's been chilly but you guys have been absolutely amazing cheering for your teams we really.

Appreciate you guys staying all weekend long with us we'd like to thank our sponsors our title sponsor Margaritaville Michelob Ultra circles Skechers or organic HSS knock around sunglasses Pro XR performance vermouth pickleball pickleball United and gorillos pickles.

And none of this would be possible without these amazing people next to me MLP founder Steve MLP interim CEO Brian Levine MLP strategic advisor and board member Anne Wooster an MLP commissioner Brooks Wiley and the CMO of Margaritaville our title sponsor tomorrow baldinza Decker.

We're gonna go to Steve Kuhn for some words well uh wow what an amazing four days uh thank you I have so many thank yous first of all let's start with bell Bank Park our hosts what a great what a great venue what amazing staff they've been awesome uh what an amazing atmosphere and the.

Talking Stick Championship Court yeah we had 1100 people strong it was always packed always full always loud thank you to the amazing atmosphere and thank you to you fans you killed it you loved it it was awesome thank you that was best ever got to thank the MLP team and the duper teams for putting this on uh the last.

Few months have been pretty crazy for us we had a lot of teams added a lot of new ideas and trust me they've been working very hard so uh the deepest thank you to that to that team uh I'm gonna go I'm gonna go deep on the next one I'm gonna go I'm gonna go to the OG of ogs uh Joel Pritchard thank you for inventing this amazing sport.

That we all love uh this is a sport that changes people's lives we used to talk about 40 by 30 40 million players by 2030 and at the time when we talked about that start talking about that people thought that was ambitious or maybe even a little bit crazy now I think it wasn't ambitious enough I think we're gonna have more.

Than 40 million players if this isn't the most played sport in America already it soon will be and you know go grab a friend get on a court let's bring this joy to more people in America and across the world thank you and now we'd like to introduce our runner-ups the New York hustlers.

And you guys came in the sixth seed upsetted a lot of teams you weren't even supposed to be here in the finals on paper just how special was this team and this weekend this team is so special you know we caught a lot of magic we we just scraped our way into the playoff rounds and uh so happy to be here so proud of this team of course everybody wants to.

Win but we had a great run I want to say thank you to all the MLP staff everybody who's cheered for us all the fans all weekend and I want to congratulate the madrops they they played amazingly today and I hope to to see him again in another final just in just a couple months thank you Anna thank you New York Hustlers everyone.

And now your winners the MLP championships the LA madrops I don't think many people know this but you only dropped one game the entire weekend what did you guys do to prepare how much fight did this La madrops team have.

We got a lot of fight um you know I think maybe some people out there were sleeping on us just because uh I don't know maybe we're not we're not the conventional team but uh what this team does have is a lot of fight and a lot of passion and a lot of heart and we really gave it our all so uh we just took it one match at a time I.

Think we stepped on the court confident and knowing that yes everyone out here um is an amazing competitor and an amazing pickleball player but we're right there with them and if we do the things that we know we can do we can we can win a match so um I'm just so proud of this squad we competed so hard all weekend and uh I.

Just couldn't be more excited I want to give it up to the New York Hustlers too they competed amazingly and it was a it was an extremely competitive match and very well fought and uh hopefully very entertaining so Irina tereschenko because this is her fifth Major League pickleball title special is MLP how much do you love this.

Atmosphere I mean I think this is an amazing event I'm so glad we came up Steve you guys came up with a concept um I'm just uh happy that I'm healthy I'm here with my teammates you guys are here my friends from Mexico came I met some new friends so I think it comes together to team.

Chemistry and being able to be flexible adjust around your partners pump them up at the right time and of course I want to thank our ownership group they've showed tremendous support to us so very proud of my teammates and I think big thank you to Captain adiamo and Kat because they took us pretty much through this tournament single-handedly you know.

Thomas and I were just hiding in the back somewhere so good job teammates let's go let's go thank you let's get the trophy in their hands everyone and we do want to say the MVP for this tournament right now and he he played out of his mind Andiamo Julian Arnold.

We want to say thank you guys so much thanks to our amazing sponsors all of our teams here the audience back up to you Michelle Cameron thanks so much the LA madrops are crowned your 2023 Major League pickleball champions from Mesa Arizona the reaction pretty much says it all the spice of Julian Arnold the Precision of.

Catherine parento the magic of Irena tarashenko and the steadiness of Thomas Wilson all coming together to win it all and we're only just beginning here on Major League pickleball this is the first of six events on the Slate first one D 23. Drew Brees and even meta had one thing in mind when they drafted this team back in December to bring home a.

Championship and their team did just that here tonight
Final match of a thrilling MLP weekend.

Los Angeles Mad Drops
Players: Catherine Parenteau, Irina Tereschenko, Julian Arnold, and Thomas Wilson

NY Hustlers
Players: Anna Bright, Tyson McGuffin, Rafa Hewett, and Lacy Schneemann

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