Pickleball so tell me what's a what's a tip as a newbie that i should be expecting coming into the league you gotta draft well number one graph pick is catherine perrinto hi y'all i'm brene brown with the austin.

Pickleballers and we pick pat smith it's all about the firefight with women and men competing against each other in singles the dream breaker has changed the game of pickleball forever.

Number one female number one oh yeah uh try and take it from me all right we are back in dripping springs texas for day two of major league pickleball and i am pumped thomas.

After that intro video our first match of the day atx pickleballers and blqk the two teams at the top of the standings currently we are in for a firecracker of a match a firecracker tyson yeah you know it you heard it let's take a look at those standings you were talking about two of the teams here in pool a that.

We're about to see play in front of us are both two and o so as you said i do believe this might be a firecracker in pool b we have this florida smash topping the leaderboard with a record of two and oh the chimeras are one and one mad drops pickleball club also one and one the fives are two and oh part eights are one and one lions are one and one.

And the ranchers are oh and two i believe there were four to five teams who uh faced elimination yesterday and did not overcome it these two teams on the other hand that's not the case for them no they're both 2-0 and one of them is walking away with a loss at the end of this thing that's usually what happens in a pickleball match.

I mean sometimes you gotta state the obvious atx pickleballers the team that uh i believe you would consider the underdog coming into yesterday but the way they've been playing they look like the number one team out here they might be my pick for this one and what do you.

Think has been their success here i think they all have chemistry so they had trained together previously on the other hand blqk though you look at the individual players you think okay a lot of firepower across the board they hadn't quite played together much but now they've gelled they've built up that chemistry so i don't know that chemistry.

Is going to be an advantage for the atx pickleballers in this one i think it's really just going to come down to strategy how do they structure themselves against each other but let's go down to the court to cameron blackwood she has some thoughts for us yes guys i've been waiting for this match since yesterday it's gonna be.

Really interesting to see how this plays out irina and paris have really complimentary pickleball with irena's heavy rolls and paris's drives they're gonna have to capitalize on that on the other side sarah and jade really impressed me yesterday with how aggressive they were especially jade she picked her moments to really stick it to.

Him and it paid off in the end we're gonna now go down to brooks and we're gonna do the coin flip all right we're back with the coin toss we've actually already done the coin toss atx pickleballers won it atx pickleballers choose this end and they will be the home team so they will choose.

Second when it comes to mixed doubles blqk will receive we'll have a short warm-up and then balls in the air good luck everybody and there you have it we have marsha freso down there we have martha freso down there with the doing the officiating with bob swiss.

Helm and ron ponder that is our team for today and i said i i think the coin toss is one of the most exciting things about this i don't think so there is definitely some strategy though there is and here's the thing so atx they chose side that means they get to.

Choose second when it comes to mixed ups yes and what's interesting about that is they have two lefties so they're kind of they're kind of unorthodox in the way they're going to be structured regardless of how they choose the teams but now they get to rebuttal based on what they see blqk do and i think that can be a significant.

Advantage yeah definitely and they're hoping that it doesn't go down to a dream breaker where then they will be putting their singles players up first i think it's pretty obvious who's going to take this one into dreambreaker what do you think tyson who do you think i'm thinking about uh you're thinking about.

Blqk this is stacked with singles players and they have so much experience a lot of recent success on the single side from all four of those players and uh on the other hand i'm thinking atx pickleball is the way they've sort of uh they've beat expectations.

Throughout this weekend so far they might be able to pull it off so i think anything goes here another interesting matchup you'll see is that altoff merchant and zayn navratil have played a lot together they also trained.

Together they trained together all the time will they be able to capitalize it on each other's knowledge of each other's game oh like it's all tough looking at zayn knowing his weaknesses and zane doing the same with all top and who can do that better yeah right i mean they know each other's games inside and out and uh.

It's almost like it it equalizes right i mean maybe i mean but maybe uh somebody has a little more knowledge so maybe somebody's a little more observant the other element of that is it makes it much more competitive between those two so you're going to see a lot of energy out here i mean you're already going to.

See a lot of energy from merchant generally yes but i think this adds just another layer to it so it'll be interesting but here we've got women's devils kicking off jade kawamoto the lefty of the kawamoto sisters to serve and we're on their way irena tereshenko setting the tone.

Right off the bat takes advantage of that lift from ansbury and ansbury already needs to tighten your shoe do you think this is a strategic shoe tie tyson she's icing irina she thinks tyson's too she thinks uh irina's too hot right now she's gonna do that she's gonna do that every single.

Time man that's genius oh atp from paris forehand over there a little net love lends to the atp opportunity paris todd capitalizes look how wide her stance was there when she took that shot from that leg.

Again and that one drops there she goes irena charges the ball hits it right into hansbury's body yeah i mean you're going to see that a lot out of terrorism she's an aggressive player and that works for her it'll be interesting to see who elpk.

Wants to go to particularly when they're at the most those dink rallies are they going to go after caldwell do they want to go after hansberry are they thinking about it yet are they still trying to figure it out will it sort of come naturally i mean they're off to a hot lead i think they just don't fix it if it ain't broken yeah i.

Think they keep playing aggressive right now it's going their way just long thomas what are some of the differences here with the major league pickleball format versus standard pickleball uh well i mean the obvious one is the rally scoring and they are on a run at what point is.

Atx pickleballers going to take a timeout let's watch that one again nice little quick exchange here so todd answers blqk.

Beating them in the soft game and the power game right now atx has to come up with an answer one into the net there we'll give a point back to atx pickleballers hansbury to serve good defense there from atx but uh blqk was relentless bringing the power oh man they bring the power again so.

Right now blqk they feel like they're in control they keep initiating the they're relentless with the attack and right now atx pickleball is just playing a lot of defense they need to figure out how to change this dynamic takes it out of the air there i want to see cal calmoda get aggressive.

Here show off that lefty forehand there we go another point for atx a little momentum here maybe oh there's more of it for mansbury here we go do these players.

Let's watch this real quick hansberry just taken over there tracking the ball perfectly nice little fist bump okay momentum shifting and because they didn't call that timeout earlier tyson they still got that if they need it yeah and they close.

The gap you see anne's very taking those out of the air she continues to do that she tries to find that spot on todd todd overcomes those ones all she needs to do really is is reset those but ansberg is picking an interesting spot on her body which is a little bit tough and it's kind of handcuffing todd but as.

Long as todd can get a good paddle on it and reset those she can stay alive let's go down to cameron blackwood courtside cameron what does atx need to do to turn this thing around for him i definitely think that jay needs to get a little bit more aggressive she was talking yesterday and she said she wanted to be unpredictable in those.

Attacks i i think she needs to start doing that and just okay excuse me getting a little bit more involved with that i think sarah's doing a great job getting a little bit bigger in the middle that's definitely helping along with what you guys were talking about in.

The format when i spoke to lee whitwell and jw johnson yesterday he said the format does changes things because you have to get aggressive fast because you can get down in a hole just like jade and sarah did early on i'm glad they didn't take the time out that way they can still have it in the end and they really just tried to figure out.

And fought back again i think jade needs to match sarah's energy right now okay thank you and with that types of switch sides thomas well i couldn't agree more i mean i think i was saying the same thing i want to see cal mo to get aggressive.

Here i want to see your show with a little bit of emotion and um you know be unpredictable and aggressive hands very dictating this point she likes that uh that speed up to todd right now she's really comfortable with right now she's.

Dictating the way these these rallies are going she's putting the ball where she wants it to set up her next shot she's playing like a veteran and she is a veteran she knows what she's doing out there known for her instructional videos.

Always teaching clinics based out of hilton head south carolina exchanging some words hey let's avoid annsbury maybe both teams still have two timeouts and with that we are tied at 11's.

best rally in the match right here you hate to lose those ones you can see asbury a little frustrated it's just you put so much time and energy into that specific point that you want to win it gives a thumbs up there to irena fun little battle atx almost took the lead there they had.

A couple opportunities coming back from 7-1 blqk holds on they extend their lead 13 to 11. so i said that todd and tarashenko were exchanging some words there what were they saying well turns out for being too passive we need to get.

More aggressive ansbury is dictating the match they flip that good aggression there by irena just barely missing taking over again the crowd getting into that one yes.

I like the energy out here let's take another look at that one this is just good fundamentals for mansbury oh she almost played that one perfectly she worked her way all the way to the net gotten out of that tough spot irena was keeping her at the baseline she hit a.

Lob she had a mid-court third she hit a baseline third and she came in for a poach she's putting on a clinic out there but that one goes in the net oh phenomenal finish there i don't know was there confusion about yeah there was confusion about that call there as it bounced off the net.

Whether it was outer head let's take another look at that eagle eye view that looked like it bounced into me todd should uh say hey you know what that was in i want my atp highlight the officials are going to talk about it teams are going to take this moment to have a chat maybe talk a little bit of.

Strategy 1414 here this is atx though i mean they have a ton of fight it's 14 14 atx came back from a six-point deficit to start the game they are last year's chimeras the team that.

Nobody really had picked but they're showing a ton of fight a ton of chemistry ansbury and merchant leading as the veterans on the team i really like what i'm seeing here let's take another look oh man that is tough you can't tell from that angle and that's the thing it needs to be.

Definitive the officials are going to look at it they're going to look at it from every angle they have and then they they have a clear if it's definitive they can overturn yes if they have a clear sighting of what actually happened here with these camera angles then they can overturn it or make it stand if not the call stands the call.

Stands correct what do you think if you had to based on what you're seeing here man i mean can we zoom and enhance we could zoom in in hands i've seen it on so many movies yeah zoom enhancements zoom in hands all the way down from.

Satellite and space all the way to a single room in the world if we could do that then i think we could get some ice on we don't have access is it's hard to see on the overhead when the ball actually takes a bounce that to me looks like it broke my plane of sight for me personally it looks in right on this thing of the line and look at that.

Right and it tells me that ball was in that looks into me right there but it's funny it's it's uh yeah that's the angle right there that's angle the officials are gonna end up using most likely if i'm an official.

I think i can say that was that was in but who knows we'll see what they have to say looks like the officials are now coming up to the second set of cameras to get a better angle all three look in there tyson can you hear what they're saying i can't but i.

Think i know someone who can cameron what are you gathering from these teams it's all tied up is anybody changing anything they're doing you're right there by atx i don't know if they're changing anything right now they're kind of focused on the call um sarah says yes it's close she thinks it.

Caught the line jade said well irene is one that called it which wasn't close to it it wasn't paris so they think so um i don't think they're really i don't think they're gonna change much um i did hear a little bit of blqk talking about kind of pushing jade a little bit back and once they can push.

Her back kind of taking a little bit more control of this side of the court so i think that's what we're going to kind of focus on to keep the points moving for them okay interesting thank you so let's look to see if they keep pushing jay kawamoto keeping her back which opens up a little bit more of the court to take advantage of.

Uh thank you cameron well i think they well let's see what the the call is here the call is overturned and the ball is in.

Which is what we thought but irena called it out what irena called the ball out right here on this side then hit atp so atx gets that point yes even though paris did hit a winner with so because the call was challenged and overturned the lqk loses the point even though.

They would have actually won the point so until the refs get involved the players they're calling their own lines it's only on those very close calls that the opposing team will challenge anything and that drops that drops but i gotta say there was a.

Missed kitchen violation there was there can we go back and see it but uh you know answer is putting a ton of pressure there she continues to take balls out of the air that's why going back to what cameron said you know they're hoping paris.

Or they're hoping that if they can push jade kawamoto offline it'll be a little bit of like a release valve for them because there's so much pressure that atx is is putting on the kitchen line right now nope oh blqk getting all the way back in the.

Kitchen line after a long defensive battle those are the ones you hate to lose right there atx with their biggest lead of the game 17-15 and they're taking another one of those out of the air.

Keeping that pressure on we have a timeout cameron can blqk get back on track here and what do they need to do oh absolutely i mean it's irena and paris i think they can come back from anything i think they just need to start playing their game i think they're feeding a little bit too much into this.

I think that they're focusing on sarah's movement a little too much rather than focusing on what they need to do i would like to see them slow it down a little bit let irene and paris get back into a nice rhythm on the dink and then pick their moments they don't need to rush this and i think they're kind of moving a little.

Bit too quick and letting atx kind of take off with some points okay i think tarashenko and todd are two alpha players right i mean they like to be aggressive they like to initiate the attack so they're kind of trying to force it and i agree cameron i think they need to.

Just kind of play their game play methodically well they were off to an early lead and probably at that point thought okay we'll just keep doing this and then atx adjusted won all those points back and now they're trying to figure out how to get back in it alcohol there from atx.

1915 there look at that footwork from todd hansberry again trying to keep them back stay aggressive oh she couldn't quite keep herself out of there the momentum just.

Brought her toe into the kitchen you gotta stay out of that no volley zone is that view there it is that right foot just slipped over crosses over she knows it fist pumps are awesome.

and now they're one point away they need to win the final point on their serve see if they can close it out right here and that'll do it atx with a big win there in game one big win and we're watching the highest level pickleball in the.

World you can see merchant there giving hugs to his uh teammates definitely brings the energy and sets the tone let's watch that final point again there and with that let's go down to cameron blackwood courtside with jade kawamoto.

Yes we are missing one sarah will be right back i just want to talk about there's a lot of momentum shifts in this game you guys didn't start off strong they were locked in from the beginning but you were able to gain momentum back what was the shift in your game plan to do that yeah i think they started out really hot.

Um and we had to keep our focus know that we can get back in it just keep our balls in play take advantage of being offensive when we can and let them make mistakes and so you ended up getting really big really active how did you change what was your strategy behind that you know i think we came into it with like a little.

Bit of a plan and our plan wasn't working quite like i think what we thought and i think um i just literally told myself wake up sarah and i figure if she's next to me i can rely on her consistency to get that back so you know football's not great like on that so i was like oh no but but i just that's how you got to play and so it's.

When you got someone next to you setting it up and making it consistent i trust that if i don't make a great attack sometimes she's still going to get it back so that's so important and how important is this first win for you guys moving forward playing blqk i think it's really big we came into it we really wanted to win it and so far we've.

Been doing good with our women's doubles and you know we want that we want to we want to come out clean and we want to make sure that we're set up nicely for the semifinals well congratulations guys interesting from asbury they're saying yeah you know there were a couple of foot faults but that's the price of playing aggressive which ultimately.

Worked but we are going to take a break and come back with men's doubles major league pickleball 2022 is sponsored by duper skechers aura organic.

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We're watching atx pickleballers versus blqk after that we will have florida smash versus mad drops pickleball club where again thomas and i will be walking you through all of the action after that hard eights versus the lions at 1 30 and then we go to the.

Quarterfinals with quarterfinals number one starting at 5pm and quarterfinals number two starting at 7pm a full day of pickleball action-packed from the best pickleballers in the world and coming up we have the men's at doubles between atx pickleballers and blqk.

Thomas what do you want to see what are you expecting to see what are your hopes and dreams for what's going on down there i want to see uh i want to see some celebrations from altaf i want to see him get loud and i can almost guarantee that he will because he is a very animated player so.

For anybody who hasn't seen him play before uh get ready you're in for an entertaining match here or a game if you will but i also think that rafa hewitt he's going to bring the noise on the other side down to you cameron just like.

This last match momentum momentum momentum it can shift so quickly and really be a game changer here yesterday rafa was on fire and that's what changed everything for that team i think that dylan really just needs to stay steady and all tucker needs to pick his moments and his fire really brings his team up and really brings the crowd up and pumps.

Him up and he plays even better so it's going to be really interesting to see if they can calm him down but also keep rafa calm so i'm really interested to see how this match is going to play out and this is also the first time that all top has worn a crewneck shirt to play pickleball and he's famous for his collared shirts.

Always likes to look professional on and off the court well tyson it's also untucked who is that guy i don't recognize him that he will serve wow and that is setting the tone that early.

That is the way to start a pickleball game let's watch that one again watch this exchange incredible again here's what i'm seeing though fraser is saying hey i'm gonna get aggressive over and.

Over and over again if you leave that ball even a little bit too high and he's so good at those resets there were a couple times there they hit it right at the body of fraser got his paddle in and it dropped it right over the net you can't leave that ball hanging in the middle greg's gonna reach over snap that.

Wrist and then he brings his paddle back gets ready for the next one she's like setting himself up it's a good spot you are getting loud there.

Navertical coming over to pump him up oh and atx is calling this one out we're going to see the replay here if nothing else this is going to make this a more entertaining match cause it's gonna make it's gonna make blqk pretty pretty frustrated.

I don't know i that looked into me they're going to the refs let's see from replays what we can see can't see it from that angle immediately maybe look to the crowd this is the thing they say about pickleballs though unlike a tennis ball.

The pickleball stays solid for the most part so it doesn't compress and flatten on the line it looks like it's hitting the ground right there so while it looks like it breaks our plane of sight with the line it could just be the ball over hanging right because again the ball does not compress and flatten out the line like a tennis.

Ball would right so it can sometimes be deceiving it's like an illusion but we'll see what the uh officials have to say about that they're gonna look at it they're gonna look at the replays if they can see something clearly they may overturn it or keep it and if not the call stands.

Is that where it's hitting the ground right there if it is it looks like there's a little gap there it does yeah but it all depends on maybe right there yeah it's so close this is why i'm not an official tyson but this is the angle that the officials are going to use right there.

Yeah if they can if they isolate that as the moment the ball bounces but it could be just before that right here i think i see blue right there i think i see blue the whole time blue between the line and the ball that is let's go down to cameron courtside.

Cameron did you see that really quick before we get the call someone just handed a phone over here to dylan and replayed it on his phone and dylan goes yep knew it was out so we'll see but he he saw firsthand so we'll see if it gets overturned or not interesting wow.

The call stands and that means blqk has lost their challenge for the game they don't get to challenge any more but more importantly it means hewitt has a chip on his shoulder and he's loud enough already he was already into this match okay.

That's what we love to hear ah fraser looking for any opportunity to speed that ball up he really is i mean he's playing so aggressive right now if you give him even a little bit of daylight he's going to capitalize on it.

Makes him so dangerous wow he is so good had some digs had some slow downs had some blocks can this man do it all i think he came out there's a lot of similarities to uh jw johnson in this.

Game they're so imposing at the non-volley zone i think it really makes hewitt and navito have to think and be really conscientious of where they're placing it and they're just going to keep going back to all top down it's like that's just safer over there.

Meanwhile merchant i mean he's he's a foot back from the line he's got all day to dink those back so he's comfortable over there too look at how they're staggered right now again frasier is up on the line all the top is back it's like yeah meanwhile fraser's like i'm gonna i'm gonna attack this thing.

And he does again there on paper is this how this was going to turn out with the six point lead for atx i think anything could still happen tyson no i agree but.

They're off to an early lead they're having a hard time figuring out how to navigate dylan again with a good eye on ducks yeah i like that speed up for navajo though because they need to start being the ones they need to start being the aggressors here.

the points have all gone similar they've ended with frasier hitting the ball yeah it's a good strategy for atx and that one's out and another questionable one fraser is um.

So are they calling this one out here uh ajax is trying to call that ball out reps are saying they couldn't see it they can't overrule it i think we might end up going to let's see here we go they're saying that one's out before the atp so blqk is saying that ball is out they made the call.

and they got it okay a little bit of momentum now here for blqk i think that's exactly what they needed now getting aggressive hewitt says i like that out of you now.

Do more of that i think he's going to put some sauce on that sir oh and blqk is now coming back gaining some momentum getting some confidence and we are at the halfway point where we.

Will have a side switch on the court so each team gets a fair shot if there are any discrepancies in the court uh cameron let's go courtside what do hewitt and navratil need to do to get back in this thing well.

As silly as this may sound i actually think they need to keep going i need to go at dylan and stop going over to all top i know dylan's not missing much right now but i think that if they move him around they can get him flustered because they're winning points off of dylan so if they can start getting him.

Hitting behind him moving him a little bit too much to where he's not as comfortable or not as confident that's how they're going to start winning some more of these points okay and we've got the change events happening right now and we will continue on that's why they pay you the big bucks camera and that is.

A good point i'd love to see it let's see if they can do that the tricky part is they're playing so tentative right now it's like keep it away from frasier at all costs because it's just dominating so the thought of the mental switch of let's go to.

Dylan it's tough it's tough to have that thought mid-match and sort of in the heat of the moment but i agree i think that's what they need to do i think especially on the third shots their blqk needs to always go to frasier.

Keep him back on the baseline as long as they can on the returns i think navigate that one out over there oh couldn't quite get that one that was tough for all top it took a.

Little will look to get a little bit of momentum back in their corner was going to close the gap there.

Game look out oh see so what did merchant do there look at his footwork to dink prior to that shot he was i don't know four feet and then he closes the gap and then gets an opportunity.

i'm still here he was sending it over to frasier keep him on his side a little bit but look look at what creature's doing look how far in the middle here every once in a while hey frazier you're still awake.

I think it was the right play because frasier let that one hang and i do think navratil had the opportunity to go for it but he just didn't quite roll over the ball the way he wanted to paddle was too flat he sends it along it goes off the net cannot get a break right now.

Atx likes that one sometimes just about staying alive outlast your opponent fraser closing the gap getting aggressive again they need to change something up they're losing every time he's i mean he's just moving across the court so quickly.

And he's able to get his paddle on everything no matter where they put the ball around his body is there time out and with that let's go to cameron blackwood courtside cameron thought so far again they need to go with dylan i think.

Rafa tried to do it but he did it with a dink you can't do that with a dick you either got to speed up at a shoulder or you got to drive it out or punch it down the line you're not going to get much out of him with the dink he can recover easily for that so again i still like the strategy of shaking dylan up he's too comfortable.

He's too confident right now granted he can't miss but let's make him try and miss so that would still be my game plan going into this maybe slowing it down just a little bit they really gotta just start playing their game rafa needs to get into it a little bit more and point by point slowly slowly start getting point.

By point yeah i think hewitt's playing a little bit tentative as well he's had a couple on forced errors and you know when he's playing confidently playing aggressive that's what he's playing his best and right now he seems like he's playing not to make mistakes yeah that's a hard way to play.

That's a good point i mean it's i've been in that position many many times look at this point oh blqk atx knows it pickleballers two points away we're taking a two to zero game lead in this match.

so how do you beat these guys if you're doing that yeah like that i mean the way they keep these points alive though they just don't go away both sides.

I think we're starting to understand why atx are undefeated have the best game differential at plus five there we go that's what we like to see we've got a lot of work to do but that's a good start that blq k gets the ball back they need those side outs they got to keep the ball away from atx service.

This is where cameron saying you gotta switch it up do something a little bit different oh hewitt i like that and frasier coming the second he hit the ball there's nothing to be done his hands kind of just went down to his side he's like dang it there we go.

The lqk has the momentum was interesting how now inverts frazier knew that he couldn't keep creeping middle as much as he had been right because they're keeping him honest.

With those short side ding correct there that results in an open middle an open alley at the middle we've got a four fourth game here we go another point there in the way of the lqk navertill letting out a come on and there's a timeout from atx.

Pickleballers to talk it over and say hey how can we hold these guys off and we'll go courtside with cameron cameron are they doing exactly what you want him to do here yes rafa is getting way more involved he's getting more confident him going to ernie even if it's a fake ernie is.

Keeping dylan on his toes and i think it's shaking him up a little bit again to not stay over so far to all top side but staying his port side so i think that that's definitely been the momentum shift that's definitely helped them get more points um what they're going to have to do though is is dylan's going to have to get a little bit more aggressive.

To close this match out yeah i agree and we'll have to see if he can step it back up to his aggression early on in the game here getting ernie does not feel good thomas and it does kind of destroy your confidence a little bit because i wouldn't know i've never been earned i have ernie deal that's not.

That's not true that's factual we have any fact checkers we saw the confidence levels of him drop way down bold going down the middle there because uh that's merchants for him saints also getting more aggressive with his serves have you noticed that.

he's standing sideways and putting a lot of spin on it and stepping hx pickleballers something tells me they need to close it out right here.

And that'll do it and merchants celebration there the signature all top merchant celebration he goes up to the blqk team owners and thompson a little bit wow atx pickleballs will go up two games.

To zero that's a big lead that puts them at a plus seven game differential dylan was able to uh reassert his dominance on those last two rallies there and that ultimately made the difference but that was kind of the theme throughout the match blqk was able to change it for a moment but uh you know atx pickleballers they.

Call a timeout they adjust and then they buried them yeah i mean blqk did get in uh to frazier's head there for a little bit let's go courtside right now with cameron blackwood and all top merchant and dylan fraser cameron well congratulations guys way to close that out dylan you could not miss in this match what was your mindset going into.

This uh just knew that zayn and ralph are both really good players and they're going to come out fiery and when to play in aggressive they're gonna be tough to beat so i just knew that we were gonna have to come out and match it and we did we had a strong start and uh it's never over we're up 18-10 and that's a team that can definitely come back on you so.

We knew that we had to keep scoring and they did come back but we held on so it was a good match and when that momentum did shift and they started getting up how are you able to close the match out you know i mean in this game rally scoring no lead is safe and i kind of backed up a few dates because i thought.

I won every dink battle with rafa initially and then i got tentative at like 19 i'm trying to think about mixed doubles and i'm trying to back up and back up and i told dylan at the time i said i'm not letting another ball bounce in the air i'm going to take that there so you know but i love this format because you had one decent return and.

You're 20 now and it was like wow you know so but they battled i mean if you play them in a regular tournament it's going to be two hours a lot of intensity well congratulations guys i'll let you go get mix done back up to you guys can we um i i i love listening to all top merchant talk i want them on our podcast but for right now let's go to break.

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hold up and we are back with the atx pickleballers versus blqk atx leading two to zero as we go into the two mixed doubles games and.

Those will be kawamoto and frasier for atx versus tarashenko and hewitt on blqk as our first matchup second matchup will be ansbury and merchant versus todd and navratil let's go down to the court with cameron blackwood yes well this is a must win for blqk and.

They know it i think irina's got to stick with her game plan get some heavy rolls and rafa's got to get big he's got to get fired up right off the bat because as we just saw with dylan he's already fired up he's not missing he knows his role he knows he's got to get big i'm hoping jade matches that energy and it's going to be a battle.

All right this is the most fun match we've watched so far can we say that are we allowed to say that we're allowed to say that and i've been and i've been uh since last night when i saw the schedule i was really looking forward to this i'm surprised i got any sleep last night.

Because i knew this was going to be good has it uh hasn't met expectations has it met expectation i'd say almost exceeded every single firefight just keeps going yeah that last match was uh was a ton of fun there was a lot of there was some matches it's just about you know who brings the most power or who's the.

Best athletes that one was all about you know changing dynamics playing different types of strategies and then ultimately dylan frazier type who we're gonna watch right here just take over and i think he's gonna have to try and take over even more here although jade does send that first one down the line for point number one.

we've got uh four hands in the middle here for atx pickleballers jade kawamoto lefty playing the right side and the lqk also has a lefty over there hewitt they do and one thing about irena tereshanko is she's one of the best left side women's players.

So i actually really like the way these two match up together in hewitt and tarashenko see if any sort of patterns emerge here but i imagine uh hewitt still has frasier in the back of his mind how could you not there you go he would steps up there.

Gets aggressive that's the type of play we need to see from him i think so and i also think there's some strategy into him aiming the kill towards frasier and if he's signaling i'm not afraid here's the ball there's certainly some mental warfare going on there oh irena with the well time speed up.

That's what i do to my brothers you know it's like i'll dink to my dad or somebody's safe and then as soon as it pops up slam it at my little brother and then staring down exactly yeah you're a good son and a bad brother and blqk.

Has to win this one if they want to win the match they have to win this game fighting to stay alive here regardless they will go to game four and play the second mixed doubles even if atx goes up 3-0.

Razer had a couple going to the net here his hands go to his knees there he says come on good spot there it was a good spot push it pushed it past rafa a little bit there he had to overreach for that ball i thought there i'm not sure what he was.

Saying if you had to predict he's probably saying the announcers are really handsome he's already said that multiple times six six tie ball game again continues to put these balls away.

All in front of your speed you have to raise your direction so after that yeah i mean almost looks like a high-risk shot there the oqk getting a point lead again let's.

See if they can extend it both teams just kind of looking for some momentum here atx pickleballers will tie it up at nine nine seems to be pretty even at this point you were getting aggressive there anticipating the shot from kawamoto a little victory dance using that.

Left hand to his advantage and we're going to take a look at the knock around instant replay take another look at those hewitt overheads which are a little bit scary i'm gonna have nightmares about these.

There we go and hewitt coming in lots of defense by frazier and kawamoto but it wasn't enough eventually he splits him apart and goes right down the middle because that what does it solve tyson the middle solves the riddle that's right yeah anytime somebody does that to me on the court that's exactly what they.

Say and then you say hey get some new material yeah i've heard everybody says that everybody says that to me specifically i've heard it so many times stop saying it to me tarashenko to serve we have an end change here.

Two point lead beautiful think dink t-shirt right behind them just some good product placement and hewitt again imposing his will sliding over using that lefty forehand to put the ball away so similar to how uh blqk just wanted to keep it away from frasier last game yes.

Pickleballers are saying let's keep it away from hewitt he's just having his weight with ball right he's on fire right now just turn there we'll give another one to atx two-point.

razor there fast hands and some confusion with his partner there with irena i think they knocked paddles.

Yeah well foreign and merchant comes off the bench to say hey good good shot hewitt i mean hewitt credit where credit is due the ball got ahead of hewitt he chased it down came back around it.

There's another great get from him and he recovers on oh and like that atx has tied things up it just keeps going blow for blow here between atx and blqk atx wants to just close it out and.

Ensure their victory and blqk is fighting for their lives laughing making jokes to the to the sidelines as she tends to do you said earlier irena likes to make jumps to the sign live one thing that is very important to irena is that the game.

Stays fun for her and she makes sure that she does that enjoying yourself out there they're in a bit of a pickle now come on the lqk.

Down two no real patterns emerging momentum has shifted back and forth this entire game worked no team really getting a stranglehold on it just tough for her to get a paddle on.

The ball if she's fast enough to victory here this would close it out the timeout and let's go down to cameron blackwood courtside cameron your thoughts so far this match has been very interesting i think there's been a lot of misses that.

We don't usually see from any of these players so that's why there's been a hard time trying to find a rhythm on either side a pattern i do see that has kind of formed and does work is when jade and dylan are both pushing towards rapha and irena's backhands it's pushing them so deep that the other one is able.

To capitalize on that so i think they're gonna have to do that jade needs to stay aggressive and finish out this match okay thank you cameron and the players are making their way back to the court and it is atx's atx pickleballers serve for the game and the match do you think.

They can do it i mean yeah they can will they to close it out frazier extending them a second life see if the oqk can take advantage of it taking a look jay.

Crowd likes that one yeah so does kalamoto and that is game and atx has won the game they've won the match they are playing unbelievable tyson it is i would not have guessed that they come in and they win three straight games to.

Close out this match this is unbelievable three straight games against so blqk which is the favorite team on paper plus eight game differential they are by far the i would say if we're gonna adjust the rankings on the fly the number one ranked team now i mean.

They're playing lights out definitely they are they have a ton of chemistry too and i i think that's really ultimately going to be an x factor not that they even need the next factor at this point and now they have momentum they're probably being able to taste that prize money a little bit let's go down to cameron right now courtside with.

The winners cameron well congratulations three and oh for you guys i know it took you a little bit to kind of get into this match there's a lot of rare misses on both sides but how are you able to settle in uh i think i think once once i just started making third shots and and working it up to the kitchen line once.

We got there i felt pretty good thanks and i noticed at the end you were starting kind of to develop a pattern where you were pushing rafa really deep on his back and so was dylan with irena was that the game plan yeah i wanted to keep him a little honest since he was coming over on her side a lot and i just wanted to keep him.

On his side so i could mix it up a little bit unpredictable with where i'm going well congratulations that was a great one for you guys back up to you okay and with that let's go to the franklin kitchen cam see this shot by jade kawamoto really she just needs to put that ball.

In the open court that hewitt leaves out there as he comes over aggressively and you can see jade's body language as she kind of holds her breath willing that ball to stay in yeah when you poach like that you got to make sure you put the ball away and we'll be back with the finals mixed doubles matchup of.

This match major league pickleball 2022 is sponsored by pro xr richards rainwater knock around sunglasses and franklin.

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Free rating today congratulations you are all smarter than you look are we ready to get this started we're gonna take on the world welcome to pickleball night in america live we're coming to you from dripping springs texas we have received two backhand winners.

Back to back thomas wilson is so fast oh dj with the behind the back.

Here are the scores on the match so far this morning versus atx pickleballers and blqk we have asbury kawamoto defeating tarashenko and todd 2117 then the men's doubles was frasier and merchant defeating hewitt and navratil 21-18 and finally the atx tickle ballers in the first mixed doubles match.

Kawamoto and frazier closed it out over tereshenko and hewitt and now we move to the fourth and definitely final game of this match-up ansbury and merchant for atx pickleballers versus paris todd and zane navratil from blqk when we go down court side we can see ansbury selecting a game ball.

They're all the same but they're all different no this decision is big tyson this determines the outcome of the match looking for her lucky ball uh cameron thought so far what's blk eq's uh uh blqk's uh mindset right now.

They need points they need points big time um yes they came in today two and oh but every point and match matters from here on out so yes they're down 0-3 but to take this win would be huge for them because you never know how it's going to stack up later in the day but i'll talk just to just look at me.

And he goes cam all day all day and blqk came in at plus four net today on games if they lose this they will be back at even not great and atx way up they're at plus eight right now they win this they're plus nine oh my gosh this.

Is ridiculous oh and todd will want that one back she had it that point sets the tone for the game i think we are in for a great match up here anything so i think so too his finger not today not on my watch the merchant.

Pulling the mutombo with the finger wag you're two points into this thing and he's pulling out finger wags he's got so much confidence now merchant takes a moment to stand at the kitchen line and deliver a message doesn't really matter what he said he's so entertaining.

But they're having fun right now having a ton of fun i'll tell you what's that one anytime i'm winning i'm having more fun than when i'm losing i would agree with that and uh most people are that way tyson believe it or not yeah not unique to you no.

the other thing here is the top two teams in the standings at the end get a buy into the semi-finals right so they get to bypass the hence buy the uh quarter finals and go right to tomorrow the quarterfinals are tonight.

Atx definitely wants that buy gives them a little more time to rest up time to focus and to guarantee to make it one step further hansbury dancing around the kitchen there for uh.

Yeah what do you call that thing i call it a half ernie half ernie sounds better oh merchant getting aggressive she looks at antsberry and says i'm sorry she makes a little face at him she says i want a new partner i don't think she said that the lqk has a lead here well then.

Getting aggressive with the servant sends it long and that's why in rally scoring higher risk to be more aggressive serve for example just give the other team a point tie ball game yeah sometimes we don't.

A lot of times it's on clothing choices oh look at him there this time it's successful high-fiving the audience high-fiving his team yeah so when merchant wins a point he goes fist pump taunt crowd high fives and then he goes back to the baseline for the next serve.

He's playing out of his mind yeah navratil not wanting to make eye contact with him after the point he knows what altoff trying to do atx has a two-point lead now oh man a big backhand and a big forehand from todd and then navratil they're sending a message there they're saying we're still.

Here this one's not over you can sense the frustration of being down three games in this match especially as the favorite team coming into this do you think there's a little overconfidence your favorite team no i.

Think on paper they were the favorite team they had the highest paper cumulative duper score i will say that very few have picked atx pickleballs and no matter whose paper or analysis they were certainly not the favorites now everybody's wondering i actually have water over there i have.

An envelope here that i sealed up before we got started uh before i even flew out to austin here and uh let's open it up and see who my secret prediction was look it's atx right there on the paper what do you think about that thomas you didn't see that coming rope's not a match here tyson.

look at those resets i like the aggression from navajo and that'll give them a one-point lead paris todd is fired up certainly pride on the line here too i mean no team wants to get swept in games.

Great pickup by zane get that first pick up you can see hewitt looking over at merchant he is not entertained by merchants antics some players aren't i think when you're on the losing side of it you definitely aren't that's for sure todd continues to to find that spot on.

On antsberry and asbury's been able to reset a couple but on that one handcuffed todd likes that one and like that we have a change of ends and let's take a look at our aura athlete of the day it is dylan frazier.

And for good reason this kid is on fire right now he is scary imposing his will at the line he's had some of the fastest hands in major league pickleball and honestly people are saying why are the atx pickleballs how are they.

All of a sudden the favorite well any team with a player of this caliber playing at this level they're gonna be a favorite and with this confidence definitely he knows it everyone knows it so congratulations dylan frazier our aura athlete of the day.

Both teams talking it over seeing what they need to do it is a close game anyone's game and we'll see who closes it out here i think we're going to see blqk continue to play aggressive.

And match the energy of merchant and ansbury particularly merchant tell you one thing they certainly don't want to play timid right now no definitely not nice clothes there from navitel putting in a tough spot a little bit of pace on it.

extra here right now one point game in favor of the lgk eyeball game.

Just trying to find a way to distance themselves so we have maybe but what i like there was todd was kind of dictating where she was sending those things she wasn't just going back cross.

Court she was going middle cross court she was testing merchants i do also like what paris is doing there as she moves to the net before zayn she kind of plugs up the middle there making the opponents make a decision on which side to go to navratil thought a timeout was called not the case.

Play continues blqk three point lead here they want to get this one game was that keep him at a plus one was that zayn signaling to him that he thinks they should potentially but i don't think so and now they have a.

Four-point lead here i want to continue to create some distance but asbury and merchant look like they have now called a timeout let's go have a quick discussion let's go down to cameron courtside cameron i really like what paris is doing before a little bit before they switched sides she started holding her line a little.

Bit more before that she was getting pushed back into no man's land and they were forcing that that's how they were able to get a lot of points but as she starts to move up and hold this line that's how they were able to get back into this she really changed that up a little bit so again if atx wants to get back in.

This is to push her back get her off her line get zayn moving go behind him but i think her holding her line up here she has good enough hands for resets or for hand battles so her holding that line has been all the difference in this match thank you yeah i agree let's take a look at what is coming up later in the day.

Thomas what do we have we have the florida smash who are 2-0 versus mad drops pickleball club at 11 30 a.m part eights first alliance at 1 30 p.m and then two quarter finals at 5 and 7 p.m and we will very likely be seeing the atx pickleballers or no they'll probably end up by getting that five but we'll like see blqk in one.

Of those quarter finals it's not over yet they still will have a chance at the money zane frustrated with himself just pushed that one out of bounds a little too far because of.

The games the matches won blqk will still be in the quarterfinals and have a shot at winning the whole thing here stock fired up putting that one away two points away from closing this one.

Out oh and that's that famous insane navratil he knows they're up he's willing to take a little risk on the serve put a little extra sauce on ball goes back to atx.

Again putting that one away they'll serve for the win here this will leave them with a game differential of plus two and they will they'll lock that in but altoff is going to uh.

Challenge that one why not he says why not it's the last point and ansbury what's asbury doing right now she said don't worry about it she might be and auto doubles down says i want a challenge okay.

Having a talk with the officials see what's happening not sure cameron you have eyes on what's happening down there yeah i just asked dylan he said he thinks it was out and he also thinks a couple of them think it was out as well so um i think it was one.

Of those you hit it and kind of want to be done so you say come on and go to the net to shake that and just shake hands but um we'll see if it gets overturned or not that looks like it looks like it's in by a few inches here wonderful yeah we're seeing it here on the roof great shot todd looking up to us.

To see if it was in yeah i mean you can check the ball on that one there's definitely some white and blue paint on it the lighter blue brooks wiley down there saying that the call the ball is in and.

Blqk while they won that game and right now we're going to have the updated pool standings here so as we said atx pickleballers they lock in a game differential plus eight.

And a record of 3-0 they'll likely be getting one of those buys and moving on to tomorrow uh blqk they are two and one the plus one game differential team clean and jackrabbits are both oh and two they're at the bottom of the board there and i'm not sure whether either of them can claw their way back into this.

Join us back here at the uh bottom of the hour for the florida smash first mad drops pickleball club major league pickleball is back for three events in 2022 after a highly successful launch at dreamland dripping springs in 2021 this year there are more teams more.

Players and more action for the fastest growing sport in america 168 of the highest ranked pickleballers made the cut but only 48 were drafted by the 12 mlp teams utilizing a unique draft format each team will be made up of two women and two men at each mlp event those teams will be.

Randomly assigned in pool place to designate seating in the single elimination winner take all bracket each match will have four games total men's doubles women's doubles and two mixed doubles games the teams with the highest cumulative points across the four games wins the match.

In the event of a tie the teams will play one game of singles where each player will have to play four rallies each team chooses the order their players will go in creating an exciting and unconventional approach to who faces the team that survives the event single elimination bracket will be declared the champion.

The first 2022 major league pickleball event will take place between june 3rd and june 5th at dreamland dripping springs all three days of matches will be live stream and the finals will be televised nationally mlp then moves on to newport beach in august and to columbus ohio in october our mission is to elevate the fastest.

Growing sport in america powered by passion we're bringing pickleball to the world in a whole new way this is major league pickleball love to leave live the sport major league pickleball 2022 is sponsored by duper skechers.

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Happy you designed them we built them hold up when you see someone go for that ernie.

If you can leave it just out of their reach it becomes a big problem for the other team 13-14-2 oh nother he tied him up that time okay and it is biggest moment in his pickleball life.

Right here this is a win by one so if they win this point they win the championship if not fourteen fourteen two opportunity here for a side out there it is team b.o.q.k rob nunnery arena terraco ben johns and andrea coop.

The first ever major league pickleball championship here's that final point as kohler reached and just couldn't quite finish it and then bedlam on the courtroom not a perfect guy good job what a moment.

Here on stadium court hugs so much emotion and a post-game show coming up next on cbs sports network what an incredible scene here as major league pickleball comes to a close time now for the trophy presentation hannah johns standing by with the winners hannah take it away thanks drew i'm on.

Court now with team black they're ecstatic i'm here with jenny kitsch she will be presenting the trophy i'm going to toss it over to you jenny good evening what a wonderful four days of pickleball as the commissioner of major league pickleball i say thank you to all the fans who showed up here at dreamland and.

Watched online on cbs sports i'd also like to thank those who made major league pickleball a reality including our creator steve kuhn our president here mellie price our director of operations brooks and all of the fans that came out here today i'd also like to thank the owners.

We had eight visionary owners who invested in franchises with an idea of what pickleball might be and they saw here tonight what it really could be and then i'd like to thank our sponsors who've been with us from day one and have believed in us and supported this event and all of the players so.

Before we move on to the trophy presentation i would like to introduce nellie price our president of major league pickleball who has a very special award thank you jenny and congratulations team black we have a special award tonight we had an online voting for the mvp of the.

League this individual embodies the spirit of major league pickleball and our tagline which is love the league live the sport i think you saw it on the court there is no one that lives the sport like lee whitwell.

Lee please come on out we want to give you a special word we are so mvp mvp mvp mvp lee embodies the sport she was drafted.

At the bottom played at the top and carried the spirit of competitiveness collaboration and joy that major league pickleball is about thank you so much for all you do for the sport and congratulations today all right back to you jenny.

Thank you lee all right now for our finalists our runner runners up tonight team kai maris who is represented here by annalee waters aj kohler lee whitwell and kyle yates and we also have owners charles atall who's in the house and charlie walker you came one match short but you.

Inspired us with your play you inspired the audience and we really hope you'll be back with us for season two all right now for our for our trophy presentation the winning team will be asked to hoist the pritchard cup which is in front of me and also each team member will get major.

League pickleball championship rings so i would like to announce the first ever major league pickleball champions team b lqk and their members irina tarashenko ben johns andrea coop and rob nunnery with owner richie twason and justin watson who's not here tonight please hoist the cup.

ben you're out here holding this cup above your head did you think you were going to be here and what would you like to say to everyone out there after this historical event has concluded yeah well you know you go into it uh wanting and uh expecting to win of course a little.

Bit but uh you know it's a little bit surreal i'm just so glad this event is happening i can't wait to see what uh the next few seasons have in store but i'm just really grateful for everybody that helped to put this all together and of course my team and my owners and all the competitors just a fantastic event can't thank everybody enough huge.

Congratulations again to all of team black what a fabulous fabulous event this has been drew back over to you all right guys thank you so much congratulations team blqk major league pickleball 2022 is sponsored by pro xr richards rainwater.

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Begins now you how much does it cost to have a rating it's free decal how many different types of ratings are there two one for singles one for doubles camera who can have a rating anyone and world peace duper bringing world peace to pickleball.

Ratings download the app and claim your free rating today congratulations you are all smarter than you look are we ready to get this started we're gonna take on the world welcome to pickleball night in america live we're coming to you from dripping springs texas.

thomas wilson is so fast oh dj with the behind the back pickleball.

I'm coming so so tell me what's a what's a tip as a newbie that i should be expecting coming into the league you gotta draft well number one draft pick is catherine perrinto hi y'all i'm brene brown with the austin pickleballers and we pick pat smith.

it's all about the firefight with women and men competing against each other in singles the dream breaker has changed the game of pickleball forever.

Number one female number oh yeah is we're back in the home of barbecue just outside of austin texas in dripping.

Springs at dreamland we've got the mad drops pickleball club versus the florida smash florida smash right now currently sit at two-and-oh with the plus three game differential they're top of the leaderboard and they're gonna go up against the mad drops pickleball club.

Featuring none other than the fiery julian arnold and what are you expecting to see here thomas today between these two teams well i think mad drops desperately needs a win here uh florida smash surprising two-and-oh i don't know that anybody really had them picked as a front-runner but what i'm really excited.

For is that lee whitwell energy we know so well and of course watching jw johnson dominate at the line and honestly probably in like every aspect of the game the kid is unbelievable to watch and uh he's just a ton of fun yeah i think going into it you definitely had hopes for this team you.

Have the men's number one pick jw johnson you have lee wedwell last year's mvp and uh i think it's gonna be a fiery team it has been so far uh looking at mad drops pickleball club what do you like there i like uh i like this julian arnold and ben newell match up as a men's doubles.

Team uh i like neue he's very flashy he moves around on the court and he was kind of like a second backup if you will after adam stone had to take a seat for the weekend but let's go to uh cameron blackwood down on the court what's very interesting about this.

Women's doubles match is how olivia and viv set up they set up with their forehands on the outside versus putting the forehands on the inside so that's gonna be interesting but look for lee who's also lefty to go straight up with olivia the other lefty look for her to get big and look for maggie to counter big time so i'm excited to see how this.

Match is gonna play out now we're gonna go to brooks for the coin toss for the coin flip between mad drops pickleball club and florida smash julian pick a number between one and two two is the number you got the you won the coin flip do you want to choose to serve or decide.

Matt jobs chooses to start on this side would you like to serve or receive florida smash chooses to receive do you want to be the home or away team you're gonna matt drops is gonna pick the home team so they will choose the mixed doubles team second they will choose singles if it goes to the singles dream breaker tiebreaker.

Ready to go okay brooks is getting pretty good at that uh coin flip process down there huh yeah definitely i think there would be uh i was thinking there was going to be more strategy into who chose to be home and away based on.

What order they get to pick i would say if you're going to predict it coming to a dream breaker you would want to actually be the away team but i think everyone's chose home and uh i guess we'll continue to stay that way all right i am uh i'm excited to see how this remints whitwell partnership works.

Here i've never seen him play together i've seen maggie reminds play only uh uh raminzi i should say play only a handful of times i've seen lee whitwell a ton i'd like to see if they've developed some chemistry over the past you know day and a half or so and uh we'll have a tough matchup with.

Vivian david and olivia mcmillan who we stand down on the other side of the net yeah we saw them yesterday and they do like cameron said they play with their forehands to the outside both backhands down the middle a little unorthodox something different and sometimes different is good.

Sometimes will it be good here tyson um i mean only time will tell i'm surprised though i mean typically if you get uh the opportunity to go four hands down the middle that's what you do and uh they've chosen to do the exact opposite so uh you know maybe they're baiting people to go in the middle and.

Then you gotta go to uh some powerful backhands the officials look at us that's ron ponder down there on the court uh lead ref and then we have courtney johnson and bob swisshall shout out to all three for all their hard work they'll be with us all weekend.

Here at major league pickleball and we are about to get underway with the first game of this matchup the women's doubles a little bit of warming up for these ladies as they get going lee whitwell over there fist bumping the audience.

She's always getting involved with the crowd she's an entertainer she is an entertainer and look for her to get very animated here shout out quickly to lee's mother i know she's tuning in and lee wanted me to give her a special shout out so there you go hi mrs whitwell i miss you.

Do you know her no okay well you made it sound like you did i fell for it this guy uh so mcmillan and david they'll have their back hands in the middle and i think the way they're thinking about it's like hey come down the middle at.

Your own risk we got vivian david's backhand right here sitting waiting for you as they call her olivia mcmillan oh good spot there by mcmillan catching wit well right in the shoulder it's exactly where.

You want to go i mean that's textbook mcmillan laughing i don't like it i want to see animosity out of here well it's early i'm just joking did you just make sure to notify me every time you're joking yes okay thank you good put away there right at the feet of.

Whitwell mad drafts with an early one point lead they will serve i think we're going to see a lot of back and forth between mcmillan and rominsi reminds he does go down the middle there to their backhands gets the better of them on that.

Rally reminds me the sister of number one overall pick andrea coop who famously prefers sparkling water over regular water thomas what do you think about that what a fun fact that is i like the aggression from mcmillan there pulling trigger initiating the.

Speed up i think when we watched her yesterday it was you know her first uh her first game of the weekend she might have been a little more timid with jitters but she looks comfortable here and she's taking big swings great pickups.

oh incredible vivian david keeping it alive bad drops are paul get out even whitwell giving him a little point like yeah oh that get right there a little back and forth with whitwell and david oh my god.

Lindsay was waiting for that one but uh that just goes long she wants that one back not gonna give it to you and it's in after a net those are hard to adjust to macmillan doing so well to get up to the.

Kitchen line as florida smash whitwell and raminzi both attacking her trying to keep her back that just pushes that one out a little high from rominsi there gets away with one great resets there from whitwell.

that drops off to a let me start here so defense offense to defense to offense kept going jimmy and david again.

With mcmillan right down the middle let's watch this one again just a little backhand roll there a little bit of momentum here pumping each other up it seems like they're trying to avoid going to vivian david.

But mcmillan is holding her own against her but she's also playing as the aggressor right now so she's not allowing them to get comfortable like they want to correct oh and like that we go to an end change as mad drops go up 11 to 5.

Cameron what does florida smash need to do here to get back in this thing quite a bit um i i like that they're going to olivia because you know she's the reason they are winning some of the points is because she does pop a couple up that's the reason they have gotten five points um off of the one let court as well but.

I think that they need to go a little bit more towards the middle i know that maggie's pushing olivia wider but i'd like to see some dinks in the middle really kind of confuse them not make him so comfortable get a little unpredictable um and lee's really squeezing that so you know if she wants to come over and take a few out of the.

Air that might be a good thing but also i liked how they won the point when maggie got aggressive with that backhand roll she really needs to start getting more involved well they got exactly what they wanted there with mcmillan popping one up and raminzi goes for it the problem is they have vivian david there who hits a.

Forehand and a backhand it's like what can you even do they got exactly what they wanted tyson that's something they've got to solve is the riddle of vivian david oh.

just fall short there by mcmillan okay okay a few unforced errors in a row here and another one and i mean with the rally scoring it doesn't matter whose serve it is.

These unforced errors are just handing the other team a point yeah so and we got word from cameron their court side that lee whitwell said to lindsay to break olivia mcmillan down keep going to her put her in those.

Tight spots and see how she reacts i mean they were already going to macmillan but i think they're looking at each other and saying well let's just turn it up a notch yeah exclusively to macmillan and see if she can hang right now she is.

Matt drops her up lindsay needs to reach in there all those are well sees one but mcmillan knows it's coming yeah that's a problem so even if she both david and mcmillan are waiting on these right even if macmillan does pop it up they're like okay.

We're ready for it again mcmillan again another fist pump looked like an inside out down the line no one is pumped when you know you're the player being targeted and you're just not letting them.

Get their way it's a good feeling oh pickleball right now david david with the rare one-handed backhand probably because she was trying not to.

Hit her partner she's too nice she is too nice how to shoved mcmillan out of the way would you uh no but if it were my little brother tyson yeah oh we've already gone over that he would have hit the deck you're a good son but a bad brother i resent that comment.

That one goes just a little bit long well minzy looking at each other and you're an okay friend i'll take it points to close this one out for now drops well with the tough reset oh my gosh mcmillan is agile.

So we know that mcmillan recently had knee surgery so when she goes down everybody kind of gives her an extra glance to make sure she's doing all right she shook that one off she said i'm okay she did hit the deck though and these are outdoor surfaces so they are a bit gritty take some skin off.

Leave a little bit of yourself on the court right thomas leave it all out there literally and figuratively david finds a nice low spot right fatigue between ramenzi and whitwell and they're both frustrated they keep letting that happen.

Oh i have a question tyson yeah hopefully i can answer mcmillan david whitwell and raminsi to initiate the speed up i don't know if it's on purpose i was thinking that same thing because they are generally the ones that do pop the ball up and then they're waiting and.

Ready for the speed up every time like even that one is a little it's almost like she's deliberately doing that and then she sits on it she just waits and both of their paddles are right there ready i don't imagine it's on purpose but i know that they're ready for it.

It's long with the good eye there and the timeout we're gonna have a conversation see if there's anything we can change let's go to our high paid expert analyst cameron blackwood on the sideline.

Making money um what i would like to see is lee try some lobs let's see if we just switching up the pace i mean we're kind of getting into this battle i was thinking the exact same thing with olivia and maggie like is is she baiting her a little bit because it's going right to bib's.

Backhand and they're winning the points so let's change it up a little bit i think lee getting involved throwing in a lob here and there see if it changes something because right now there's not much that they can do to stop these two yeah it is it will be interesting they do need to do something different and.

Take control get in the driver's seat and probably i mean there's part of them that does feel like they're in the driver's seat they're just missing because they almost always initiate the speed up it's just that mcmillan and david are ready for it and they always have an answer cameron can you tell what well saying.

That raminzi right there no sorry probably top secret probably let's be aggressive and get some points because they're down 12 19 and they just got to turn it around i know lee has another gear and i know maggie does too i saw it yesterday they need to do that right now.

Okay you gotta work on your eavesdropping camera on it so oh macmillan coming out on top again whitwell rarely is she this quiet you can tell there's some frustration.

Over on the side of the floor to smash seems like nothing's going their way they really just they cannot crack this coat these resets by the way from mad drops these guts the defense it's been amazing as well it's not just been the offensive with that they're gonna close this one out.

I think that's the largest point differential we've seen this weekend thomas you and i specifically specifically we don't know overall obviously we're not everywhere all at once but yeah that is a pretty convincing win right there and with that we get the men on the court to warm up and uh we'll go down.

Quarkside to cameron in just a second here as soon as these players collect themselves mad drops got to be feeling good they got to be feeling real good one games to zero against undefeated florida smash let's go down to uh cameron and see what they have to say well great win oh thank you.

21-12 incredible win i'm gonna we love viv but she has lost her voice so just lots of smiles in this interview i'm gonna go to you you were being so aggressive even throwing yourself on the floor was that the game plan going in um slipping and hurting myself was not the game plan but we ended up winning the point and that was even more.

Incredible um really we just wanted to be solid you know stay on the line really dink low and then attack win on the right ball so well what some of us wanted to know which was interesting is when you got in the dink rally with with maggie ramenzi were you almost baiting her maybe.

Hitting a little bit of higher one so then viv came in with her backhand or you came in we just wanted to know if you were baiting or if that was part of the game plan um a little bit i mean we love vivian's game so you know just trying some things out and we executed well so well great job it looked awesome guys yes good luck.

Thanks perfect thank you cameron she'll never admit her strategy yeah so a little koi answer there by mcmillan and she didn't want to give away too much i was going to say koi as well well we both have a great uh vocabulary and let's go to the knock around game point.

Of this matchup some resets drop staying alive and then minzy and well just push a little too wide there that is again the knock around instant replay from a different angle i mean from this angle it's like how are they getting these.

Oh my god they've said that that one's out sorry guys they lock it in now we're going to see the men's devils match up when we come back major league pickleball 2022 is sponsored by.

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Welcome back beautiful day here in dripping springs texas at a dreamland we can see the courts outside a little bit busy as people are enjoying the game of pickleball it's for everybody and we are here indoors at under the tent in dripping springs watching the florida smash and mad drops pickleball club the first one the.

Women's doubles went to the mad drops as we get the men's doubles underway i am tyson apostle together with thomas shields and cameron blackwood and we thank everyone for tuning in let's get to the action i thought you might forget my name there for a second i try to that's good.

Thank you for validating my joke thomas you know what means the world to me but he knows you deliver one funny joke a month one a month and that was yours good stuff hey let's just take a look at uh this guy jw johnson here.

Number one debatably number one player in the world in both singles and doubles heck of a talent so young such a how young long career ahead of him 19 year old just getting started everybody already knows his name ben newell here to serve.

Yeah we're going to see a lot of newer tourette meyer a little short on that atp there it looks like a lot short trying to avoid the post pushed it way outside i think there are two clearly dominant players on this sport right now which would be julian.

Arnold and jw johnson and two players who i think are going to be challenged here julian arnold a high level tennis player a standout at ucla well travis written meyer a.

Top ranked top 100 in doubles tennis men's tennis i think atp under 60 52nd and played at all the slams he's also part owner of the florida smash pulling a michael jordan wizards type thing and we're pulling triggered there thought i saw an opportunity.

A little too low just long as florida smash evens it out 4-4-4 see joel's got a flashy style that one what was it called there that was out drops call that one out hit the top of.

The tape there that was the right call still with the officiating team of ron ponder courtney johnson and bob swiss helmet sure the match runs smoothly great little flick there by jw makes it look so easy it's so simple so effective it's just a quick.

Click of the wrist pick the moment find the right spot on new world there and not what newell can do those guests are unbelievable those hands are unbelievable great pullback by travis rettenmeier i mean the hands we watch these guts.

Does like a full 360 on that game look at this paddle doesn't make any sense how do you get hands that fast uh you remember bop it remember that game bop it you know a lot about it for the uh what's the uh.

One at the arcades with the ground squirrels whack-a-mole i mean what arcades are you going to whack-a-mole you wouldn't get it thomas you're too young here's what i like about johnson's game here at the net his footwork is so good but it's.

Simplified it doesn't look like he's moving his feet too much but it's these little small steps and he's so anticipatory i like how arnold's not afraid to go to jw it's almost challenging well i think they need to send a message hey we're.

Not afraid of jade up and as you see travis go to jump the kitchen for the ernie you see jjw filling for him it's important as a doubles team to move in unison and kind of cover for each other well i think in this in this instance rat meier's like hey jb take as much of the court as you want.

I mean he is i guarantee if you ask me he'd say yeah i want jw coming over yeah no that's what i'm saying to jw if i'm playing with him that's what i'm saying too imagine that bad drops to serve three-point game jw takes over again steps into the.

Middle again travis says be my guest jw never really shows a lot of emotion he's very stoic i agree he's like uh he's like the terminator julian arnold trying to get his team pumped up allowed come on you can do his partner newell saying.

Let's go they call him andiamo i think he just screams they also call him that because of that it's fitting his mother's full italian travels back and forth to and from italy very very often trying to bring the energy here.

popping from his neck is he yelling on diamond as well i don't believe i think uh the copyright infringement i think it's patent pending actually andrea coop standing around here.

Somewhere that's true and we go to an end change let's go down to cameron blackwood this is a close one cameron what are you seeing i think has settled in and that has been huge for them i think he was trying to do too much thinking you know i have to.

Have my dicks perfect versus let's just get it over let's create the point and then finish and now you've seen them come all the way back to 10 11. something interesting i do want people to look at going into this after this change when you look at everyone at the kitchen line i asked jw this i was staying with them for a month and.

Most ex-tennis players hold their paddle above their waist when they're at the dinking line or at the kitchen line he does not he holds us very low almost by his knees and i asked him i said is that so you can just flick your wrist you know because he has such a great flick and he goes yeah i don't feel like i really need to hold it above my waist.

I like having that lower angle and really using my wrist to get the ball up because he he typically is like it's like a low to high though uh a minor load of high but that flick of the wrist motion is this low to high motion so it's actually to his advantage to have that paddle a little bit lower.

Get going here with the second half of this men's doubles match up would have expected to see more of this alright meyer see newell saw the opportunity there because rhett meyer popped it up a little bit but he maybe he was just going for placement.

There but there wasn't a lot of power on it knowing that even if he makes a slight mistake jw can correct that he's there to clean up the mess they call him the janitor that's what j stands for in his name janitor.

Uh i don't know come up with a w win oh body bag by travis a body bag in one of those apologies that is actually meaningless it's a formality so.

and closes on that one again a little off-camera action here i'm watching thomas shields eat a whole family bag full of candy what are you carb loading for thomas i thought you were uh i thought you signed an nda.

I didn't say which candy but strong work bro thanks man candy for breakfast they get the better jw there high ball game oh arnold steps in takes over jadab pulls his ground it's not enough.

wow arnold bringing a lot of energy now he is all over the court with the footwork scooting along that kitchen line i think they're both standing in the same spot on each other's shoes watch arnold trying to continue to pump himself up and.

Arnold hits the deck and i think that was it it was it was matt drops on a bit of a run here loves to get a little bit of a little bit of momentum get super vocal that's exactly what the smash needed to do there.

Stop them in their tracks surf back oh athletic play from new wall just misses and ben newell is a last-minute replacement here on that drips drops he's fitting in.

Quite well thomas uh julian arno the aggression paying off again how many times have we seen him slide to the middle like that just completely.

Take over so many times once he's tracking the ball and is in control it's hard to get him off of it looking a lot like jw johnson over there who's jw looking like also jw johnson.

Quick hands of arnold there he kind of offers somewhat of an apology there because it was more just to get his paddle up and hope it goes oh no with a little tweener but uh that's right to the paddle of travis rett mine he puts that one away.

and rally scoring has stopped from mad drops because they are on game point gives them another opportunity to close this one should be a big win for mad drops go up two games to zero.

Worst case scenario of course a dream breaker they cannot pull it off there though 2020 first team to uh create a two-point lead will win this one and it is essentially a must win for mad drops today four and oh.

Based on the game differential for them to really have a shot performance one of the top two spots guys in florida smash to the top of the leaderboard right now we're all tied up at twenties too rally scoring has ended so you can only score points.

On the great server there whitwell up off the bench pumping up her team brett and i are saying something arnold initiates follows up and capitalizes.

Again taking over and now they'll be serving for game point gotta go over closes oh they call it out arnold looks over at ron ponder arnold's not happy that he wasted that.

On diamond our lead official give him that andiamo back you might end up going to a challenge here all right give me these replays see what happened here it looked like it could have been wide it was tough to see from our angle it.

Was on the far side of the court relative to where we're sitting okay it looks close right there it looks in here yeah is that the bounce right there yeah definitely in if that is the bounce.

Yeah just catches the back corner right there right on the line at the intersection which again is crucial for them to finish in the top two of their four in advance.

Correct and we will go down to the sidelines shortly with cameron blackwood julian arnold ecstatic same with uh ben newell cameron to you great we're getting the camera situated i did want to talk to you guys great win.

Way to finish that out when you're locked at 2020 what is the game plan to finish it out um i think just with the nature of only getting one chance as opposed to having two with a side out uh really important to just get a point started um but at the same time not shy away from what got us to that position in the first place.

You know ben and i love to play aggressive we love to shake and bake we love to drive the ball and i'm really glad that ben decided on 2020 to rip that forehand because it's money um so guys it's a quick easy one and then we just played a tough point uh to close it out luckily enough this thing happened to clip the line a little bit so i'm.

Glad we have replays yes yes and way to go ben you played incredible i noticed you guys really kept jw out of a rhythm was that the game plan yeah you know i played jw a couple of times and i don't want him to be comfortable sitting in the middle so we do have to dink him a couple times but our strategy was working so we're just looking at travis.

And then letting julie do his thing with his hands you know he was on fire so like just take over the middle man you got it well great win guys we'll get you ready for mix back to you guys okay here's the game point again and this is crucial now for mad drops to.

Win 4-0 you see the ball does bounce in there and i just want to reiterate that mad drops need to win this 4-0 to guarantee their shot in the quarterfinals going to break right now we'll be back.

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so pickleball as we move into the mixed doubles rounds and let's take a look at what has happened so far in this matchup between florida smash and mad drops mad drops take the first one women's doubles.

21-12 a large point differential there and then matt drops again with arnold and newell over johnson and rittenmeier now we have the first mixed doubles match of the game vivian david and julian arnold versus lee whitwell and jw johnson of the florida smash followed by mcmillan and newell of mad drops versus ramenzi and rittenmeier.

Let's go down to cameron courtside cameron well this is exactly the lineup i would have chosen you want to put jw and lee together they have a lot of success off the court they're very familiar with each other they know how to win so definitely taking the experience over that so the cool thing with julian and viv.

Though is viv can set him up and he's feeling it after that men's doubles match so it'll be interesting to see how this one goes yeah and i think like we said earlier mad drops have to close this out 4-0 to guarantee their shot in the quarterfinals to just have a shot honestly i'm i'm.

Getting word that mad drops have to win 4-0 to just have a shot at getting into the quarterfinals not necessarily a guarantee not a guarantee that is a lot of pressure yeah but i i think sometimes when you're playing you're.

Coming from behind uh you know it's sort of like we got nothing to lose only upside let's go out there let's play aggressive swing for the fences let's try and make this happen we want to be the cinderella story keep going you got more that's it yeah.

Okay with that we get the first mixed doubles game underway these are clearly the a squads for either team here all four early picks in the draft and lee witwell with the miss there she.

Was the breakout star last year's mlp and the mvp so many highlights from lee last year arnold bringing the power right off the bat i like this arnold david match-up i do i like them as a team i do think they have uh a tough opponent on the other side here.

With whitwell and johnson who have a ton of chemistry together play on the abp tour together all the time and metal we understand each other's games nice atp with so much money on the line not only at this event but the future mlp events are we gonna see these teammates match.

Up on the other stops on the other tours that's a really interesting question if i'm them i i just have to make sure that's the case i think so too you've got to build as much chemistry as possible especially on some of these smaller top stops where it's like you know the payouts pretty nominal relative to uh.

Something like 25 grand in a single weekend right correct winning team here gets 100 grand to split between all of them and there's two other stops oh and whitwell gets it gets the ernie.

Well no stranger to the earning so go for those uh pretty consistently she takes a little double hop there and then explodes over to the corner oh a little misdirect going to the offside of uh jw johnson he thinks it's going the other way.

From david there and david goes right into the center of the body of johnson that's two in a row on johnson where she just kind of catches him off guard and matt drops walk away with a point i do like that the mad drops are continuing to go to jw side.

They're not intimidated like you said it's catching them a little off guard to get to a ball it looks so easy the ernie there.

What does that do when she goes for an earning it forces arnold and david to go to the opposite side of the court or make some sort of adjustment to keep it away from her what they do there they went right to the jaws of jw johnson david taking most of these out of the air.

And you increase the pressure on wet well so when you take a ball out of the air in a dink you give your opponent less time to react johnson closing aggressively and quickly again.

You see how explosive he is with that lateral step but his lower body is it's so quiet at the same time it's such an aggressive movement it's like a river dancer that's exactly what i was thinking i'll put it in words for you i know your long history of river.

Dancing tyson i'm just a fan just a fan that drops with the slight edge eight to seven taking moments said let's go for end point eight.

Paul does a little net dance on top drops too close to the net for david to scoop it oh from that time it falls back said that yesterday i still stand by it three rallies in a row where the net has.

Been the deciding factor do you think that's a little mvp egotistical it's all about me maybe and that's not getting enough attention what's happening down there um i don't think it was telemundo playing or just a movie i'm not sure.

Everyone's looking at the scene lee was looking she's like i'm watching a movie so uh they're just trying to get the the tv so we just turned it off so we will just be hearing the score from the refs okay and from us yes the old somebody sat on the remote yeah.

Well when i was a kid all the hotel remotes worked on every tv yeah so you'd go to the room next door change their channel for them and move to the next room without them knowing who you're doing from the outside little fun prank i think the statue of limitations is.

Long past david check and see if oh and like that we have an end change florida smash with the slight edge over mad drops 11 10. let's make that last point on franklin kitchen camp point of the day.

With the mvp the net there we go second third knot david says let the net again stop the ball they get aggressive and that break like kitchen cam player.

Of the day is the net thomas wonder where i was going with there yeah i was a little bit confused a lot confused i'd say so let's go down to cameron blackwood real quick cameron i love i love this gameplay that julian and viv are doing right now going at jw i wasn't expecting it so i don't think.

They were expecting it i thought it was going to be a lot of cross-court dinking with lee viv has really changed it up keeping jada bonus going at his body going behind him even if it's baiting him a little bit and then going back with her backhand so i think she sticks with the game plan until he makes them change what they're doing um and then.

From the other side i think that jada just has to see that coming and he has the quickest hands on tour finish those points the quickest hands on tour heard it here first from cameron blackwood she's nodding down there i mean we saw some quick hands earlier this morning.

From frasier from frasier but cameron shaking her head she's saying jw johnson has faster hands than dylan frazier shots fired cameron blackwood a clear bias i still love dylan you're just saying he has slow hands no i just i'll take jw any day okay.

Speaking of jay duck he'll be the one serving but i think maybe that movie came back on no they're just adjusting and we can see the screen now florida smash 11 mad drops 10 and that small number there matt drops up by two in the game count that guy down there just wanted to watch.

A little breaking bad sorry thomas you were saying it's too late now not gonna give it to us wow he's able to stay out of the kitchen there is that the rally of this matchup so far.

Who's up there johnson smart play david wants that one back how important are those long rallies to go your way thomas well it definitely can create some momentum and some ernie confidence from arnold.

I thought that was on diamond worthy but we didn't get one there sometimes the paddle speaks for him certainly did there we go up the middle creates a little bit of confusion there both johnson and we're well going for that one.

Oh that looked like it might have been good big forehand there from david jw calls it out we see somebody over there in the stands saying it's good but it's just a fan and now it's going to go to the officials close one.

It's a close one cameron did you get eyes on that one it was over by you but it was close it was close either way um i challenge for sure i mean this is the closest match we have and they definitely need the win so challenge if they win the challenge they still have a challenge.

Left in the game if not they lose all challenge opportunities about to see from the camera angles what we have i'm calling it good i'm calling it good too yeah that's good you and i are rarely wrong together thomas people next to me are saying it's out.

But i think it's it that's what i think too they overturned the call and it's in again thomas great eye thank you thank you thomas getting compliments from everybody people coming up him telling.

Him how unbelievable his eyes are i was a uh first class marksman at day camp that was a young lad colbury there very good at archery as well how many marksman archers uh one and i just found out today.

Jade up there waiting for that one honestly dave has come out on top of those exchanges so far this this game you'd expect the opposite you would expect more of what we just saw arnold acting as if he was almost in the kitchen home but yep quite a bit of room there.

Better safe than sorry not much smash can do there when it goes off the net like that it pushes it so far outside that arnold can pretty much do with what he wants.

Jw taking control there and that's what he needs to do i i want to see um i want to see jw johnson get aggressive take matters into his own hands arnold goes well i saw that coming from a mile away beautiful shot there jadob says i think that one's going to be out i think he.

Catches the line there another big win for the mad drops miss smash and lee whitwell trying to take a bite out of her paddle she knows that was her opportunity oh.

Errors in a row from whitwell leads to a game point here for bad drops david to serve for the win and an ernie well second one of the game create a little bit of momentum smiling a bit keep it alive.

Couple have four-point game oh johnson's there side out and game point here for the mat drops oh david wanted to go up the middle on that one put a little top spin on it was just.

A little bit too low it didn't bounce quite as high as she wanted to well going to that ernie it doesn't matter necessarily if she gets it it just puts that extra pressure on them makes mad drops have to adjust think oh another opportunity for mad drops.

Mad drops looking to close this one out and again go up two games to zero this would be huge they need to win all four just to have a shot at moving on good spot there from johnson and they are inching their way closer to.

That drops two-point game well again i mean she's been surprisingly quiet usually pretty vocal now we're gonna have to hold on another game point for the mad drops in arnold stand right here this is the one this is their third.

Third i think it is their third game point here smash bends them off once more and gains another point they're still in rally scoring the florida smash within one now johnson's hand so fast to be able to get to that one.

Oh and that is the point of the game wow maybe of the match given the implications it is 20 20. whitwell putting the finishing touches on that rally is that the third ernie fourth earning third by my count.

Oh we all know about your county elementary at best i'll be the first to admit uh-oh arnold comes up limping here looks like he rolled his ankle a little bit so he feels he's gonna walk it off for a second here let's see what he did i hate watching people roll her oh it was just.

A small tweak when he planted good thing is he didn't come down on it smash to serve still 20 20. see if they can create some distance they need to win by two here oh and johnson's waiting for that one he's seen it from david multiple times.

This game that time he's waiting for it and he pounces and with david and arnold call timeout cameron yes what do you got going on down there so jw is ready for that from uh vivian he's not having any more of that which.

They needed i mean for them to inch back point by point slowly but steady now they've gotten themselves back in it i did never count them out they know how to win and they'll do it their way and i think they just really needed to slow it down take julian out of this a little bit shake up viv she was very very calm and confident going head-to-head with.

J-dub he's done with that they're ready to take this yeah david honestly playing a really good game yeah playing confidently not afraid to go at jw as you said cameron and uh that time though i think jw was he was waiting for that one.

And now he'll serve and this is to close out the game another speed up and that one goes long and that'll do it a little paddle talk from julian arnold i love a good paddle talk yeah so do i thomas at this point med drops now cannot advance that's right moving.

Forward they're still going to play the final doubles matchup what do they have to play for at this point it's just pride uh you know they've now been eliminated from contention arnold visibly unhappy justifiably so we're receiving some intel scenario now if the bus.

Upsets the chimeras and they managed to win the match then mad drops pickleball could still have an opportunity to make something happen here and get back into contention so somebody should go tell julian arnold who just stormed off the bench let's go down to cameron on the court a must win for you guys them sitting at.

20 how are we able to inch away back just point by point staying steady and take it to the end you know i'd like to say that we strategized and talked about it but honestly it was a matter of like like hey let's make our shots let's be patient and my job is to let him get insert himself in the point and.

And just wait for the right opportunity that the jw insert himself which he did tremendously and you know he set me up for a couple of earnings that were clutch so hey legal earnings yes for the records but uh but no always a pleasure every time i share the court with jw and and he was rock solid and uh you know we.

Came out with a w for just winning johnson and viv did have the better view some points early on but you had enough of it at the end were you just ready to get this over with and take the win uh yeah pretty much i got married about five thousand times so finally one time i got it and uh i was happy with that one you.

Never let me burn you a thousand times well i don't know experience i guess i don't know well great when i'll let you guys go back to the team back to you guys all right so the intel we have here is that is if florida smash wins this final mixed doubles game.

They could very well have a buy into the semifinals and if mad drops win this game they then need the bus to upset the chimeras on the other court and with that we go to break major league pickleball 2022 is sponsored by.

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And world peace duper bringing world peace to pickleball ratings download the app and claim your free rating today congratulations you are all smarter than you look are we ready to get this started we gonna take on the world welcome to.

Pickleball night in america live we're coming to you from dripping springs texas we have received two backhand winners back to back thomas wilson is so fast oh dj with the behind the back.

and we're back i couldn't tell welcome back we've got another mixed doubles match up here and uh just a little update on some of that intel as far as the standings go.

So the florida smash are in with the buy for the next round and then tell me tyson i believe that the bus still needs to upset the chimeras in order for mad drops to have a shot here and remain in contention yes.

And so that is happening on the other court uh and it could very well happen it's tied 1-1 with the bus up 13-9 in the first mixed doubles match up over there so we'll keep you informed.

And see if the mad drops can pull it off yeah i'm sure they're in one sense happy that they still have a shot but in another sense they wish that uh fate was in their own hands and it was not up to what's happening on another court uh but again they do need to win this.

One to even have that shot so correct and i think that you hit the nail on the head there you never want to hope for a team to lose so that you advance unless it's the team you're battling you want to yeah i want to listen i want to go out there and i want to be able to win my way in yes i don't want it up to be up to a.

Match i have no control over i did go over to julian and say hey by the way i'm still in contention i just want you to know he said