All right what's up guys happy holidays we are closing in on the end of the year for the podcast we'll probably have one more episode this year before we go into the new year which will be exciting we've got we've already got a trip lined up will for next year oh yeah we do uh I mean we haven't booked it yet but I would say it's like at least a 90 chance.

We're already going yes so come say hello to us in Arizona yeah well hey we'll be there for MLP and then the desert ridge open PPA tournament yes please come and tell Chris he is three five at Best in person it would just make my day to witness that like you guys won't do it you won't do it I bet you will.

They won't say it to my face are you kidding me I admit they will people in my local area do it to me all the time and I sometimes I never know when they're joking or being serious and then it's really awkward because I try and get serious and I go no no I'm not actually a three five and they're like dude I know I'm just messing with you.

Then it feels like really weird because I'm like defending myself it just it gets offered yeah yeah okay yeah okay well today there was some I mean not today but this week's weekend there's been some decent amount of news so we had the exhibition match with the Tennis Pros we had Sam query uh Jack sock John Isner Johnson and then Donald Young yep.

Yep and then we also had the MLP draft so we're gonna talk about the exhibition match because there was some fun stuff that happened in there and then we'll get into some of our thoughts on the MLP draft especially since will and I will be at the first one it'll be kind of fun to chat about that yeah but okay there's a few main things I wanted to talk about.

With the exhibition match so it was essentially just an event for the Tennis Pros to play Pickleball with the top Pros the format hardly made sense to me honestly I couldn't even tell you exactly how it worked there were so many games being played the rally scoring format was different than MLP even the pros were confused I was confused I was.

Told by someone there that the format changed two or three times in a day and even the refs were having a hard time keeping up and then shooting the players yeah the players were confused and then sometimes when it was a tight game and it was going to a win by one the pros would tell the ref no we're playing win by two so it was like the pros got to.

Just dictate what they wanted exactly I thought that was funny and it happened it was our first time streaming too and I thought that was cool so shout out to all you guys out there that I guess tuned into our our first little live stream with us together that was actually pretty fun interacting with you guys.

Yeah I thought it was great interacting with everyone it was a good time maybe we'll do some more uh next year but yeah the whole thing I don't know I would say it felt very put together last minute people didn't really know what was going on it was fun to see some of the matches but the way they scored everything I don't even know what the format was.

But basically what I saw was the final mixed matches that got played were worth as many games as if you won like the last three games in a row so essentially the only thing that really mattered was the mixed game at the end everything else was kind of just filler interesting all right the only thing that I don't even know really who who won the whole.

Entire Aquarius team it was query's team okay well it was just funny because I saw a post from uh Jay de villier like it was a fun time but we lost and then somebody responded was like dang all of France is taking L's today and it's because it was in relation to the World Cup finals because France lost and I comment this oh man too soon don't do.

It Jay responded back and was like nah it's true though it's true though that's funny Jay's such a good sport yeah no he is a good sport but speaking of Jay real quick uh he's also a Savage do you hear about that tweet little little tweet thing that happened okay that's a nice dub or whatever her name is Renee stuff.

Sorry for for those of you who don't know if you didn't see it so Renee Stubbs is a former pro tennis player and also a commentator and do you remember the Tweet said she says something along the lines list for anybody who's wondering I will not be investing in a pickleball team or watch pickleball pickleball in general yeah she was like.

I'll never watch this like she's basically just hating on pickleball basically yeah and she said I'd rather watch paint dry and then Jay responded back with like the savagery he was like I'm sorry I'm a huge fan of tennis but I literally had to Google to see who you are and find out that you are somewhat relevant and then he was just like you.

Can't you know be hating on one of the fastest growing sports in America just please keep an open mind and I was like dang she got clapped and then after that Nick hears came into the chat and was like I think LeBron James and Kevin Durant know a little bit more about what to invest in and dim Nick hears came in with the Encore and I was like oh.

Somebody called an ambulance if you read that whole thread first of all it's hilarious because all of her other tweets hardly get any engagement like 10 comments or so and then this one 100 to 200 comments and people some people were agreeing obviously there were some tennis people in there but think of just all these other people.

Blasting her and she would respond to every single one and you could just tell she was so bitter and salty yeah oh well yeah well I mean if she got some publicity it worked there you go I mean clearly she probably got the attention she wanted but I don't know one of those tweets where you're like this is classic tennis.

Player mindset on behalf of all the pickleball Community you're welcome for helping you stay more relevant yeah yeah it wasn't even tennis that kept you relevant it was pickleball okay okay moving on moving on yes moving on okay so the exhibition match the whole team format whatever we're just gonna kind of gloss over that there was.

Really two main matches that were the highlight of this whole event that was Annalee Waters and Jesse Irvin versus Jack sock and John Isner yeah and then we also had a men's match that was Ben Johns and Matt Wright versus Jack sock and John Isner no no Jack stock and Sam query oh was it Sam oh you're right it was Sam.

It wasn't okay yeah yeah yeah you're right you're right you're right yep okay yep let's talk about the men's match first okay so you uh you clipped it you did a highlight on it and then I watched your highlight because I didn't get to watch it live yep did you watch it live no I I couldn't I went to go watch.

Uh Avatar way of water yeah that was already that was already set in stone by my girlfriend so I had to skip it but uh I did uh come back and I re-watched the stream well really just that match and it went just about the way I thought it would go to be quite honest with you they wanted two two sets two two game stream.

Um let's see I actually don't quite remember the final score I think the first it was 12 10 11 4. okay yeah I remember the first one being close and then 10-4 and um yeah I thought it went just as well as uh it could have gone for uh for salmon and sock and granted that um you know Aquarian sock uh like sock.

Plays obviously sock plays pickleball avidly like I know he's played with Jay devilier quite a few times even with my buddy Alvaro a few times and everybody tells me he's good and of course he'd be good he's like one of the best doubles players tennis doubles players in the world and the first game was close maybe just because I don't know they were.

Warming up or Matt and Ben had to kind of figure out you know what to do and get in a rhythm but then the same game you know 11 four I think that's a pretty easy win on on the second go around I will say I was extremely impressed with Jack saw because I haven't seen any clips of him playing pickleball before maybe I've heard it talked about briefly.

But he I think if he play I mean he's probably a top 20 men's player right now yeah I yeah at least at least for sure for sure I would say I would give it to him I was I was extremely impressed with them just watching him play it felt like he had been playing pickleball for quite a while he felt like a natural knew what.

He was doing I mean obviously an amazing athlete his dude was covering so much Court it was ridiculous man could Ernie really well Extinction yeah yeah I mean he had it all like like I said I mean he just looked like a pickleball player yeah no he's just a great player in general and I think he's been playing pickleball like off and on.

Or at least recreationally for I think at least a year now to be quite honest with you uh what'd you think about uh Sam Sam Duff okay so I had gotten a text from my brother yeah the first day this was happening and he said dude Sam is so bad what yeah he is he's terrible he's like he looks like a 5-0 right now he's just missing easy volleys and when I.

Tuned in Sam actually did look like he was having a pretty rough time but all of the pros John Isner included because he wasn't looking so hot as the weekend progressed they seemed to to get more and more comfortable and kind of set in so you know maybe there was a little bit of adjusting and whatnot but I after watching my initial thought was his top.

10 comment in three months no shot zero shot you're talking no way I have to note like did he say top 10 in in doubles or singles or he just did it just mean in general oh and doubles okay hmm uh I think there is no way I mean first of all he's probably already at the three month mark from when he made that.

Comment he might have been saying three months for when the next year starts but at that point you had all this time to practice so however you want to look at it he's not there now and I don't think he'll be there in three months from now oh really wow yeah I I think he'll be maybe I'll give him like another.

Six months but honestly if he if he made it like let's say he made it to like top 24 like Jack sock levels in the next three months I I wouldn't be surprised this is my opinion yeah I mean I think I think he has the potential to be good but certain things just looked unnatural still like some of his.

Movements are the way he did certain shots just felt awkward were when I was watching Jack sock I just felt that he knew exactly what he was doing he felt like he had all the the shots that have picked the shots and the experience what not I think that's really just what it is it's just the the lack of experience from you know query.

Probably Donald Young and Isner as well where's Jack yeah you're right Jack just looked like he headed down he he had the positioning down he understood the strengths and reasons why he would stack I remember I don't know if you remember seeing but on the stream when he's playing he was like you know you should stand here or maybe I should stand or he.

Was conversing with you know his fellow teammates like what we should do to be optimal you know yeah put him on the left side Etc but um I think there was one instance maybe it was with I can't remember it was with Sam or with Isner but they were like no let's not snack it's too confusing and.

Jack was like okay all right yeah I don't know it was it was very fun to watch but I don't think I don't in my opinion Sam is never going to be number one I don't know if he ever said that or anywhere but that's just kind of the vibe you got and I just don't think that's gonna happen Okay okay I think he'll be good though I.

Think he'll be good what about it I think I think he's got the potential to be good okay his armies were really good he's so tall yes his earnings are really tall he had some really nice poaches as well he got this one yeah sweet poach and hit it down the line like yes Ben John's that was pretty sweet I was like that was that was a really sweet shot it.

Was like two steps like one one lunge in a step and he's zipped by that was pretty that was good stuff so the men's match was interesting I mean the first one being as close as it was I was a little surprised it's always kind of hard to tell in an exhibition match like this was it you know the first game they weren't playing is hard did they turn up.

The second game was I don't know there's just a lot of enough not to say that answered yeah it's just it's hard to know I mean they were obviously gonna play well but I am a little surprised the first game was so close and I'd love to know if they played 10 times what the scores would look like in 10 games I think.

Somewhere Matt Matt Wright said in an interview or to someone he said he was playing around 75 to 80 percent Ben John's agreed I mean obviously you can take that for for what you will but also it's an exhibition match money's not on the line I bet you if money's on the line right they are they're isoing Jack saw like they're like Jack sock is not.

Touching a ball like you know yeah and they're attacking Sam and I think I I feel like they would have picked them apart a little bit more um I agree also did that I don't know if you saw that well I mean you had to have seen I don't know if you'll remember but uh Ben hit this really sick Ernie he went he when he jumped from the left box.

He looked like he was going to hit a backhand Cross Court Ernie yeah and as the ball was mid-fight he switched to a forehand and headed down the line yeah I saw that one that was really good that was sick no it was sick yeah he he made that quick adjustment while in midair and he snapped it down yeah I don't think they.

Got it did they get a paddle on it it was against Sam right no I think I think it was just a clean winner clean winner that was good so yeah the men's match was I don't know it was interesting obviously 2-0 so nothing too crazy but you know maybe a little closer than we thought the one I thought now was the most interesting was the women versus.

Men match because I had several thoughts going into this so prior to the match Isner just really hadn't been playing that well you could tell he wasn't very comfortable dinking his resets didn't seem that great it was really just the until the kitchen third until the third game though in the third no I just mean throughout the whole day okay gotcha I.

Do think in the match you know it still didn't seem amazing in the early games but I was most curious about this one because everyone's been talking about where would Anna Lee Rank and you know all the Facebook Warriors are saying she'd be top 10 or people are even saying she's better than Ben she would she would beat Ben if they played a.

Bunch of times singles or doubles doesn't matter we've been seeing all of that and without it happening we don't really know we've obviously seen things there was an interview when JW and Annalee partnered and they asked in the interview have you guys ever played singles together and who wins and.

Annalee said yeah he wins like every time we play and that's just JW let alone Ben or many of the other top guys so going into this I thought this is perfect Jack sock is quite good of the game uh John yeah he's a little dice here and then you've got two top females this will almost be perfect yes first game first game the women pickle them it.

Was crazy I was pretty awesome I knew they were thought they were gonna get beat but I didn't expect a pickle I was like okay wow that's crazy second game back and forth I don't remember the exact score but it was a super good game very entertaining a lot of amazing points 12 10. uh what's that that was the score 12 10. I'm pretty.

Sure 10 in that one yeah okay uh yeah actually I think you are right yes and then just a lot of amazing shots in there but I thought it says I'm on everyone's part the overheads from the guys were crazy and isner's reach is just so high yeah no it was insane even I mean even Jack socks for each there was one he like jumped up hit this.

Smashing overhead that actually Italy actually blocked back um uh that one was pretty wild as well they were just going at it dude watching them jump and hit some of these overheads it was just one of those things where I thought I've never seen someone in pickleball hidden overhead like this it.

Didn't look bad it was just I don't know something about how they jumped just looked very funny to me but I mean amazing shots it just appeared funny for whatever reason but but then the third game I was like okay we are in three games and that last one was tight I and my initial thought was okay maybe the women turned it down a little bit to.

Make it more entertaining because I think Annalee tried to hit a tweener in the second game no sorry the tweener was in those third game was it I could have sworn it was in the second game you could be right because you went back and clipped it but the women were up 6-0 in the third game and I just went okay we're about to see another pickle that's.

About what I expected I guess and then the guys just grind back yeah no one they won that was crazy this is the fact they came back and they won I think I don't know uh people were saying in my video that I when I edited the highlights together it's like it was was annaly pissed she'd look upset and I was like I don't know.

If I was up 6-0 you know in the third game and I they came back and beat me I'd I'd kind of be pissed too but you know she seemed all right about it yeah I mean I didn't when I was watching no one really seemed I mean maybe at the end she got off the court kind of quick or something you know I was probably a little.

Annoying to lose especially to people who don't necessarily play pickleball full time but man that was some of the most entertaining pickleball I've watched I was watching it with my wife she thought it was entertaining too you know just guys versus uh women and just I'm in tennis versus pickleball I mean no it was a good tennis versus yeah.

You got it all you got it all in one yeah exactly yeah go ahead did you going into that match I know you didn't get to watch it live but if you had been betting beforehand how do you think that would have gone what would your prediction have been okay well if I was betting and money was on the line I would have went with Annalee.

Waters and Jesse Irvin same yeah I thought for I and I still think you know this is where again exhibition match it's hard to know I think if you just went to Isner a lot and just dinked a ton you'd probably win just move around dink a lot don't speed the ball up because.

That you know that favors them or is a strong suit of theirs so I don't know a lot of questions there but regardless I did not see that coming yeah I didn't really well I I thought they Jesse and uh Ellie definitely would have won yeah because they were up 6-0 and so I I was surprised I mean I was surprised but also at the same time when I take a step.

Back and look at it I'm also not as surprised just because obviously you know John Isner Jack stock they've played doubles tennis together too so it's not to say that they don't have Synergy together right yeah but their world-class athletes from tennis like it's it's no surprise that that they won to me.

Um honestly maybe maybe a little bit more you know just because um you know like you were like you were saying it's an exhibition match so we won't really know if money's on the line things would have been a little different than playing would have been a little bit different I would be curious.

To see you know a rematch and then if you think about it too even John Isner said in the post interview I think in total they scored across those three games they scored a total of seven points seven or eight points less than total amount of that uh Jesse and annalize scored across the three right so it's just the way that the points.

Were distributed across those three games that they got a little lucky and they won does that kind of make sense you know because that one was rally scoring right uh couldn't tell you don't don't even ask me because I was just watching like just the points like I was like I don't know what's going on with these the.

Points people are changing you know win by two win by one as as the whole entire game was going along oh and people are also saying Annalee if you didn't um change to win by two you would have won because I think yes they were at a game point they won and I mean what was that game two yeah it had to have been I think yeah game two and now now that I.

Remember I'm looking I have it up on the screen right now they in game two it was eleven nine isn't there in sock but you know all the players agreed to it so everybody's on equal playing you know and wait was it 11-9 in that one what was the third game then that was the one where the third game was 13-11 two okay yeah for people who didn't see what.

Happened was it 10 10 it was supposed to be win by one and Anna Lee said no let's win by two change it to win by two yeah and and it was her serve she was it was on her serve yes and and she won that point yep yep but so they would have won if she didn't change it okay true like all evidence points to that but also at the same time.

You don't know that if it was win by one maybe that would have put some pressure and yeah sock and Isner might have uh you know played a little differently you we won't know but yes theoretically yes they would have won but you know don't don't cheapen I like all these people out here if they're like hating on the comments.

Or whatever like don't don't be cheaping in the Victory and the comeback that is near and sock you know put on you know what I'm saying even though it was an exhibition you know yeah yeah I don't know I thought I thought it was super interesting to watch and after seeing that I cannot imagine that Anna Lee.

If you put her and another top 10 guy together like let's say uh let's say it's Riley and Annalee versus Ben and Colin I think Ben and Colin are winning those games oh really I think so you think so in in for doubles oh okay yeah I guess I don't know I would like to see that match up I.

Don't know if they'd win I would love to say that match up too yeah I mean I think Annalee can hang with I think she I think she can I think she can hang with guys but I think I don't know people make it sound if you just had neutral rankings that she would be in top 10 all players and I don't know if I agree with that.

After seeing her lose to two tennis players who might have 6-0 dupers if they had doopers Jack sock probably would for sure I don't know if well isn't it would okay so doubles is a very hard thing you know to kind of quantify and debate because we won't know until they actually play but in the end uh interview of that match uh Hannah Johns.

Asked Anthony Waters like hey we saw you playing some singles with Jack sock before this match who was winning who's coming out on top of that and I think she said that the score would they didn't get to finish but their score was 5-3 and Jack sock was up 5-3 yeah yeah so I don't I I don't know I think she could.

Beat some of the guys but like I don't think she like if people were saying she'd be like top 10 in the guys I for singles I don't think there's a chance I don't think so yeah for double just based on talking to some other talking to some other women about it and just knowing their experience playing some of the guys yeah I I just can't.

Imagine it but no regardless here's another thing that whenever this debate comes up yeah that annoys me a little bit is people think if you say she doesn't hang with the top 10 guys that suddenly she's not an accomplished player or something I'm like dude she is still by far the best.

Female player look at her yes eight Triple Crowns last year no one I don't think any no other female had a Triple Crown last year nope it's like she's killing it she's in her own island in the women's division it's not even close right exactly and she would do well against you know the other guys out there if she played with another guy.

Against like two other guys uh in uh in a regular match I think she would do really well and probably win some of those as well but to dominate you know that that'd be tough to kind of say yeah you know I don't know if I'd agree with that but now if you if you were if it was regular scoring these games yeah and Jack and Isner played those two we'll.

Say let's say Annalee and Catherine because it seems like they're gonna play more next year maybe okay that matchup they play 10 game games what do you think the split is the split the split of games who wins if they played 10 games and money was on the line they're playing for real I think the split would be maybe 70 30.

In Annalee Waters and Catherine's uh that's the exact number I was thinking too yeah that's that's what I would say now give it get give I don't know give visitor like three to six months it'd probably be uh I think it'd be closer to probably 50 50 or maybe like even 64.84 Jack for Jack stock and Isner that's that's the.

Way I see it you know sure well I hope we get to see more of this at some point it would certainly be uh certainly be fun to see but who knows we'll have to wait for another exhibition or something yeah no the exhibition is great so I mean also I just I'm glad that it's out there but you know people are just over social.

Media and whatnot and the internet are just arguing about it a little bit Yeah of you know tennis players would come in and dominate etc etc and although I agree that you know they would come in and do very well to come in and completely dominate is I think not the case there is going to be some adjustment period you know they do have.

To train just a little bit I don't know for how long but I think as pickleball progresses and more Talent comes into the space it's going to take longer for you to come in and break through just the talent is getting so deep and people I feel like they discount experience in pickleball like like I was telling you before like let's say.

In some Universe Chris right where you decided to play tennis instead of pickleball okay and in that Universe you were also at the levels of Roger Federer okay are we talking about the current Universe if you Roger better with the same skill level and you were both top the top in tennis at the in your primes right and.

You and and you were 50 50 like you played 100 games and you you split at 50 50 wins 50 50 losses you both play Pickleball it'd be the same 50 50 wins 50 50 losses now if you went to pickleball first and you played pickleball for at least like two three years and you still have the same skill level as Roger Federer obviously you.

Would have an advantage because you have more experience in pickleball and so that experience counts for something and then also let's say you weren't as good as Roger Federer let's say you were maybe top 20 like I don't know let's say Okay Nishikori in in his prime right who's had some wins on Roger but has losing Head to Head uh so not as good as.

Him in tennis but then you went over to pickleball and you played pickleball for like three years longer or four or five years or however many and both you and Roger played again right I would still probably to give it to you because you don't even think you would need that many years one to two years probably right exactly so I think that accounts.

For something you know that like you have experience in pickleball and pickleball is nuanced but you know people argue like oh just give these top tennis players like you know a month maybe three months and I think that's too generous uh you think it's too generous I mean I think for people to say only a month and suddenly they will.

Be better than the top people in the game yeah most of them not slouches and Tennis obviously they're not you know these top 100 guys or something but The Experience matters pickleball has nuances to it yeah no totally agree totally agree and I think it's it's at least three months to six months probably.

Longer now that the game is just you know changing in different ways and the new pal Technologies and the formats Etc and then you know people will have uh the the talent right the depth is just expanding so yeah I think I want to know how long pickleball has to be around before people stop saying oh wait for the.

Tennis players to come in or wait for the the real athletes because at some point we're going to reach athletes who started in pickleball only yeah kind of like in tennis Born and Raised on this Sport and they're just Legends you're not gonna go oh yeah well this guy just came in from Tennessee just be better if you've been training on a pickleball.

Court your entire life and you're they've been taking it as serious as tennis training yeah they have all the experience in the world over that tennis player right exactly so yeah I mean I can't wait to see I I thought this exhibition match was great to showcase the skills of some of these tennis players but also.

Showcase the skill of you know this hot pickleball players in the community right now yeah no it was it was a fun event obviously things that could have been better but I found it entertaining for some of those good exhibition matches so good stuff overall and I don't know hopefully we'll see some more of that in.

The future but all right well let's get into the goods here oh gosh let's go talk about the MLP draft so much in ml we are not gonna name everyone who got drafted we've got a couple topics that we want to chat about let me scroll up on my notes Here Yeah there's just a lot of a lot of teams a lot of names I don't want to read them all and just bore.

People with names if you want to see it go to Major League pickleball's Instagram and they have all of the teams and all the people on them you can check that out there okay what I want to start with first will yeah is who were your top three top three top and top three bottom teams after seeing the draft gosh that was so.

That's so hard okay okay so I'll go with my top three all right in no particular order I don't know I want an order you want it in order okay okay I won't make you give an order okay okay well if you if all right I I kind of have them in order all right uh so oh man okay so my first order is.

The fives the fives which is Annalee Waters James ignato which Leah Jansen Hayden Patrick Quinn and then Seattle Pioneers after that Ben John's Tyler Loon at a right Megan Dijon mustard and then New York Hustlers Anna bright Rafa Hewitt Tyson McGuffin Lacey schneeman that's which is going to be.

The loudest team in all of MLP by far you just took three of the loudest people in the game and put them on the team I mean look look remember when we were tagging along with Zane at Columbus Ohio and we were just talking to him he said dude in one of the interviews or what he said dude MLP is not about pickleball it's about energy and if it's.

Really about energy like and why Hustler who's gonna prove it yeah that team is stacked if it's all about energy but I had to pick you know the fives in Seattle Pioneers I mean first of all you have the top two picks Emily Waters like arguably the most dominant player like out there right just everything right mixed women's singles you know you you.

And then she picked Jane and we know and maybe we're biased because we know James and we know how good he is like you know but he's getting better and he's also a former champion of MLP and then uh obviously Leah Jansen is also doing great and uh I think you know yeah she has good energy I think Hayden is probably the weakest of that Squad but.

Also if they go to a dream breaker like aside from Singles is stack you have Emily Waters James acknowledge and Leah Jansen like yo you like I think you're stacked um so that's why they're my number one pick and then obviously Seattle Pioneer is kind of same thing Ben John's right you can't discount him.

Um uh interesting to see uh Tyler loong in this space I think they'd be a strong doubles team you got two really strong Four Hands in the middle Tyler Ernie's everything um Eder writes coming up you know in the space and has I think more power than a lot of the other women out there and she's had a pretty good end of this year.

Um Megan Dijon kind of like the same thing got reached so I have high hopes for Seattle pioneers and like I said with she kind of feels like the Hayden Patrick Quinn of that team that team okay well I and I don't I have not followed her results very closely so I could be totally wrong I don't remember her having any notable wins or podiums.

Last year again yeah I would there was a good portion of the year that I did not follow the pro scene that closely so I could be totally wrong yeah that's just my initial gut I mean same with me we're working with like imperfect information it's not like we went through and we tallied all the the accolades that they've yeah just for everyone to know I.

Literally just told will just go pick your top three top and bottom and he was like I'm doing all this calculus in my head I was like no no dude just pick based on your gut I'm not looking for duper math here yep yep yep so those are my top three all right bottom three a little bit tough actually you know let me do my top yes sir you do your top.

Three I want to hear your top three let's go okay so we lined up on the fives and Seattle pioneers and then NY Hustlers they were really I it was them or one other one but I ended up picking heartaches okay Riley Newman AJ Kohler Lindsey Newman and Mary brasha okay they were also in the mix so my third was between yeah and why Hustlers and then.

The hard eights with Riley AJ Kohler bracia Newman um and then it was also Florida smash with Jesse Irvin Georgia Johnson Travis Rhett Meyer and Colin chance the reason why I took in uh NY Hustlers was because I was like if they go to a dream breaker singles is stacked for New Year houses and a bright Rafa Hewitt Tyson McGuffin when Lacey.

Schneeman like that's that's how I feel not to say that the hard eights couldn't play singles but Riley Newman I'm sure can play some singles but really doesn't nor does AJ Kohler Mary brasia and Lindsay I have no idea exactly so that was the question mark so that that is a good point that I had I didn't really factor in the the dream breaker there so.

I could see where NY Hustlers might be better overall yeah I was just they're safer if they go to a dream breaker right I was literally looking at the matchup so I'm like okay like if you had doubles first like how many wins would you likely get and I mean that's why Ben Jones and Anthony Waters I was like yo their Devil's just so strong and then if.

They go to a dream breaker like that's that's how my thought process went yeah yeah that's smart all right I'm gonna start with my bottom three all right let's go I I'm really curious to see this this one's hilarious after what you just told me because you said Florida smash was potentially in your top three I put them in my bottom three what are.

You gonna put Florida Smash in your bottom three tell me who it was is it Travis and Colin as the men yeah Travis and Colin is the men and then who are the women the women's Jesse Irvine and Georgia Johnson okay it's not it's not that it's a bad team but you have two good singles players and then.

Two single or two people who are question marks well dude Colin John's I know Colin Johns is a good singles player he just doesn't but he has to be going you go out with big I'm sure he's not bad you play tennis like there's no way he he's he's good he has to be like pretty amazing and Travis Redmire definitely plays singles I mean.

Obviously yeah put 100K on the line to challenge like two four fives or five O's like you you best be good at Singles Georgia Johnson obviously great singles player Jesse Irvin don't know I'm sure she doesn't play singles because of like cartilage issues yes exactly but yeah I I think they're solid also wait quick quick little story give a shout out to.

Travis Rhett Meyer because I was looking at the draft when it came out and then I saw you know obviously Travis Redd Meyer is one of the co-owners for Florida Smash and obviously he drafts himself but I I asked him on a post he said I said uh Travis what would happen hypothetically if.

Another team decided to draft you and you couldn't draft yourself onto your own team you know what and his response his because right because I don't know if anybody's ever thought that's hilarious right and uh his response was dude I'd play myself for that team no matter what even if it's against my own team yeah.

Like that's the bottom line and I was like who who which would the interest be higher and would it be in that other team or would it be in Florida smash that's tough exactly no but no Travis is Travis is a competitor and I totally believe him that he would have played his his heart out for whatever team drafted him so shout out to Travis.

Travis for that you know he's a he's a real one salute solutions to you Travis it's loose to you no he seems great and I have him to thank for uh he didn't teach me but I guess inspiring me to learn that paddle spinning trick because I do it constantly even if I'm waiting for a serve I'm spinning my paddle yeah and they're they're calling the score.

And I'm like oh okay you got that thing you got that thing down good he's also done a few I guess like tips with uh in conjunction in collaboration with selker TV and I think his tips are some of the best like quick tips you find on social media you might have to check them out yeah in my personal opinion he also has a do you know this video has a podcast.

With the Graham is called is is a ton of socks yeah it's called tennis sucks it's actually pretty good I need to go listen to that it's actually pretty good they have good quality and I think Travis just like says it like it is and I appreciate that and you know show shout outs to tennis sucks you know but anyways all right moving along all right.

What was the recipe blqk black bears okay which was Federico straxford and Maggie brasia yes I think it I think the two question marks there are Federico and Maggie they're both good players but I think I don't know I'd be curious to see in men's for Federico and then mixed I don't know what the pairing.

Is going to be obviously Dylan and Andrea are very accomplished players but looking at the whole list I don't recall seeing one that I felt was weaker I don't know it's just they felt very up in the air and then my last one was Cabo vamos vamos is that that's with uh Jay de.

Villier um let me see Simone uh yeah Alice Jones and Eric Lang yeah yeah Elise Jones not at least yeah Elise Jones sorry at least um yes I was about to pick them but uh I couldn't just because Jay is my guy so I'm I'm biased so such a such a simp for Jay Jay's my guy.

All right who are who are yours okay um let me see should I should I try to put this in order just hit him okay okay blqk Bears black bears yep okay ATX pickleballers oh who's on that team J.W Johnson and you're probably like what the f the.

Kalamoto sisters and Gabriel tardio okay I see I wondered about them too I really wasn't sure where to put them and that one's tough Gabriel's the weakest one in there but the cow motos are no slouches and I think they do pretty well in women's they're they're solid I mean they're this was hard they're they're super solid and.

I mean I I honestly haven't seen them play together that much but I just know they're they're solid there's they're solid as a rock my own my only the only reason I I chose them to be quite honest with you was going back to how I uh rank the others if if MLP is about energy and not about pickleball I just don't see the.

Energy coming from them that's it that's the only reason not to say that they couldn't get loud you know or get passionate yeah you mean to tell me the reason you didn't put them in the bottom is because jws used that Franklin paddle is that why you put him I'm surprised you didn't put him in the bottom because he was using that paddle no no no no I'm.

Not that Savage but that that had to be part of your reasoning all right hit me hit me with this last one oh my gosh first of all I hope Julie Johnson doesn't hear that part of the clip she's gonna be she's gonna be hating on this next time she sees us oh no wait we like Julie okay okay all right my last.

Um uh Las Vegas night owls oh who was on that team uh this is Vivian David Deco bar Laura stratman Kyle Yates really yeah you put that team below vamos I mean obviously I'm not gonna like think about because Jay is my guy but yes I put them and like it was more or.

Less just I had to choose somebody you know and I guess my reasoning uh behind it is I just feel I don't know Kyle Yates and Laura stratman can kind of be a little inconsistent at some of the MLP events right I don't know I just feel like Laura Simon has like semi-finals this is true this is true.

But I don't know I just picked them and also like I think I remember parts of last year I think maybe there they wouldn't be uh mixed Partners but I think uh decal and baby and David like they were partner they were mixed partners for yeah a while and I don't remember them performing that well or podium.

Podium and that was that was also kind of part of my reasoning that's really just what it is basically what I'm seeing or hearing is that you would have put Jay's team last but because you're so biased to Jay you had to just pick some other team this is this is partly true see it Jay I don't know I haven't met.

Jay Jay does seem awesome but I'm not sure about your team we'll see okay okay yeah we'll see we'll see we'll we'll see after the first event how okay my heart AIDS prediction is gonna be kind of weird because Riley's not going to be at the first one so if we're going by the first one I would put in my hustlers in there okay you know what we should do.

Every time a new event is coming up after each MLP we should try and re-guess okay to see who wins or okay actually let's let's put our prediction right now who comes last who comes first at the first MLP what okay who comes last and who comes first okay so let's let's go with the easy way first who comes first.

I think I think the fives are coming in first you think fives I think I'm giving to the fives I'm oh man I'm really torn between pioneers and hustlers I'm uh well we'll see if if how's that correct Zane is I'll say Ny Hustlers okay energy okay all right all right all.

Right that's the bottom what's the bottom the bottom last I'm gonna go with blqk bears all right all right you already know mine is Jay's team oh yeah okay so we'll see well we will revisit this maybe Jay will make me eat my words I.

Mean last is kind of a toss-up to be completely honest yeah that could be so many people but that's that's my guess for now well I just hope you know they come like what if Jay or whoever on our teams like on our bottom they come up to us and have a word with us when we see them at MLP it'll be so funny Jay's gonna come up that would be really funny.

Just a confrontation out of nowhere yeah Jay's gonna be coming at the end and is like how dare you after he wins the whole thing that would be even funnier without I you know that I wouldn't even be mad I wouldn't I'd be happy for the guy okay okay okay good well one of the last things I want to talk about here is.

Who okay the worst or most surprising non-drafted picks I had three yeah I didn't tell you to think about this beforehand so I don't know if you have but the in my opinion the three most notable and surprising were Rob nunnery okay Susanna Barr okay and Paris Todd now Paris it sounds like she.

Just wasn't even in the draft and no one really knows the reason I've heard a lot of different rumors I'm not going to go into those here just I don't want to spread any bad information but I don't know she is not in MLP at all it appears so Rob and Susanna were in the draft and just didn't get picked I am.

Surprised that Susanna didn't get picked I feel that she she has a very unorthodox playing style but consistently I feel that she does pretty well over the year in women's events yeah I think so too I mean didn't she recently just uh Podium she Podium recently right with the uh right bronze right yeah bronze was that with Etta.

Wright I don't remember who it was with I just know that she Podium so like at a PPA that's legit yeah that is legit yeah heck yeah so I mean I don't you know I didn't get to look at the all the list of women and who maybe she would have been a better replacement for but I am surprised she didn't make it in okay yeah.

Um I would probably agree with that one I just feel like I don't know she's such a consistent presence like MLP I mean it could just be her quirky style or whatnot and just the way the way that she she hits it it just comes off so fast and you're just not expecting oh you know and I think it definitely throws some people off guard for sure.

Totally totally well the biggest one in my opinion I mean everyone's been talking about it on social media yeah how on Earth did Rob nunnery not get drafted I mean that's crazy to me there are several guys I probably would have put him above okay do you have a list of the several guys I mean my first guess let's see the last guy that was picked.

In the draft was hated right Hayden Patrick no offense to Hayden yo he's he's like a young kid he's actually very good good I just feel like he has so much upside but I don't know I just wouldn't pick him over some of the other yeah some of the other guys like rob you know yeah I'm I'm really surprised especially.

After looking at all the rear uh real clear stats if you look them up on Instagram they did a lot of stats on the last MLP and Rob came out on top or top three in a lot of different stats in there and now there has been debate I did ask one pro what you know his opinion on the stats I didn't care do that he he said the pros or a lot of.

Them think it's a joke I have no ideas which ones that is I didn't ask but he didn't seem to be a fan of the stats at all he thought they were essentially meaningless for the most part you need the stats eventually right it's gonna it's gonna matter right no I think stats are important but I think as we've seen with stats so far it's hard to know what.

You should be valuing the most in pickleball I think you could come up with a player's overall impact rating differently depending on how you wanted to wait yeah certain aspects of the game and I don't know if we know which stats are the most important yet or if we're even we have a good algorithm of the most exactly okay I see what you're.

Saying I think that needs a little bit of work but I mean what do you think of the current stats um no I think it's cool I think I think it's I think it's actually really dope to see um these numbers it just brings some uh I guess way to quantify performance.

And and help with some of these debates on who's better than who and who should win what uh for team owners and teams to select Partners etc etc I think that's just gonna be so important I mean if what the future pickleball looks like where teams are moving towards you know predominantly left side players or right side players or certain you.

Know unions and Partnerships like these stats are going to matter right because you need this data to um as a kind of a reference point to see to compare with your performance right and make better decisions moving forward so I think it's super important and also like all the the talks of sports betting et cetera you need these these stats.

Because what else are you good how else are you gonna develop the spread right for betting if you don't have the stats I definitely think the stats are going to come into pretty big play but I also think in the current state and how soon this draft came with a lot of the stats that were coming out I just wonder maybe when it gets to a couple of The Last.

Picks that is when the stats start to really matter but your first round and maybe even second round picks I think those are probably just obvious based on how the last year went in terms of podiums yeah and maybe just what you know about players so I I wonder if the stats at least for this current MLP and the stats we had.

If those were really that important I personally don't think it would really matter that much until you're not maybe third or fourth round pick yeah probably not and I think you need a whole year of consistent solid stats in order for these stats to hold more weight in your decision making right yes and so I guess speaking of decision making you know.

With with Rob not being selected for the premiere uh League I I think it's it's probably pretty safe to say like so I think you and I both know and I think everybody knows that Rob and Ben don't get along right I mean on his podcast right he he references Ben John's as Colin's brother so clearly they don't get along for reasons that we.

Won't go into and we won't speculate on but you can you know do your own search and come to your own conclusions but the fact is they obviously don't get along so clear so obviously if Ben's getting picked for a team he's going to have some input into seem he's not going to pick Rob right yeah like there there's no way because they.

Don't get along so there's that and if I'm going to I'm going to speculate a little bit more right so let's think about this so then you have Anna Lee Waters right she obviously is part of us have been they've had a lot of success maybe that relationship that she hasn't been maybe that has some sway into why maybe she didn't pick her her.

Team didn't pick Rob as well or and you know picked Hadrian over Rob but also maybe she just wanted somebody her own age to be on the team who knows I have no idea you gotta balance it out with the oldies like this right exactly so there's definitely there's probably some politics definitely going on that we can either confirm or not obviously you know.

We don't have perfect information we don't know you know how some of the other players are feeling but I still feel that he got snubbed a little bit but also at the same time you mentioned this too and if you're a team owner and and Rob was on your list like yes he's good I think he's he's good and the stats show that even though they don't.

Carry much weight but he was also very injury prone last year he was I don't know how many tournaments he did last year but he did not play very many right exactly so that could have also you know came into effect in you selecting the play I think it's going to be a combination of things it's it's probably.

Partly because of his injuries um and maybe there's some politics involved but you know I could definitely see it being a combination of a lot of things because what I was telling you is if I am a team owner yeah and I did not get to see someone perform very much for the year I don't know if Rob had any.

Podiums I haven't I haven't looked anything up so maybe he did maybe didn't but I don't remember any big notable ones his knee was obviously messed up he had some other surgeries that were keeping him out and health was a pretty big uh thing I I don't know if he said on one of his previous podcasts that he's moving back to the states he might.

Have said that but obviously okay so he is I don't know if when all that became news to everyone but if you're an owner and you know he lives in Hawaii and then practicing hey you know there's just a lot of different things and I wonder how much that was weighted I would think if I was picking that the injuries would be a huge Factor because you unless you.

Just know Rob closely you wouldn't know what the status of those injuries are and maybe you just assume yeah well if that's a problem next year and we have to have a sub every time that sucks right exactly so that's probably why the owners also leverage some of the players to help with the picks.

You know right because I maybe there's a lot of chemistry stuff that goes into that right exactly and I mean that's part of the reason why so back to me like me speculating like you know obviously Emily maybe she didn't pick that I think let's see who else oh obviously um Colin John's if he was picked on a.

Team he'd probably have something yeah if you know if he's you know for his brother or whatnot maybe don't pick Rob probably but like at the same time you know can either confirm nor deny anything this is me purely speculating like on you know imperfect information really just rumors for the most part but I I still think that he is definitely.

Skill wise like Premier level Premiere level for sure yeah I I think for sure couple people that could have been replaced by you know in in just terms of raw talent I think he's probably better than some of the people that that got picked so it's definitely a bummer to not see him in there I mean he's you know he's been doing great with the.

Podcast I can't tell you one thing he's going to be working his his butt off in the Challenger oh yeah when he he has to be drafted I feel like he has to be drafted in the Challenger the challenge oh I mean if he's not one of the first picks I'm shocked yeah me too actually I I don't even do you have a list you don't have a list of you have.

Like I don't have the list up on me right now but there was a list that was posted posted of like I guess whoever else was left in the draft Yeah for the challengers okay okay well we'll have to touch base back on that once I guess the challengers get drafted do you know when that is gonna be I think it might be in the next few days.

There might be the possibility that it's getting posted tomorrow Tuesday we're recording this on a Monday uh so if it's posted maybe we'll record like a small little update or something but I don't know that there was the information was shaky about when it was going to get posted who we knew was on whose team and what the team names were.

There was you know a lot of confusing stuff hmm I did see though one of our Minnesota players on the uh potential draft they were was it 20 or top 15 for the females uh Jennifer Tavernier oh yeah yeah the minion ninja yes and onyx I think he was the last pick for the men but he was in the list.

Heck yeah all right Jennifer and annik all right I'll be looking out for them on again for are very good obviously I've played with both of them so I'll probably biased but yeah yeah get him on the team Minnesota team that'd be pretty sick dude that would be really sick yeah I think Grant my buddy Grant Bond he's also.

Um on the draft probably I think I saw that yeah yeah Challenger I can't remember who else I saw it like just a list but not a full list but yeah I'd be interested to see I feel like the Challenger might be um a little more I mean interesting uh once it starts airing just to see new.

Faces right and yeah I'm curious to see it you know just see what the what the level of competition looks like what the Team Dynamics are I think it'll be kind of fun to see okay cool now so I think that's pretty much most of the episode I've got a couple just real quick things I wanted to let the audience know about first I am going to be doing a lot more.

With my website the in 2023 I think what's gonna happen is I have so many paddles that get sent to me and I can't possibly keep up with them so a few things one written reviews are probably going to go up on the website before the video review comes out if a video review is going to happen for that paddle so by the time you guys see this.

Podcast I think my black Ace review is already going to be out but I just want people to be aware that if you want to keep up with a lot of paddle information I'm going to be putting some work in on the website to make that more of a readable place keep up with paddles maybe more First Impressions on some stuff that I get to hit pretty safely.

And then I totally had one other update that I'm forgetting oh no I remember I I was just going to talk about the black Ace really briefly the the tides have turned dude I after hitting this for about a week now every single time I use it I like it more and more and I get better at using it every single time no way you do I could have.

Sworn I was like there's no way he likes this because you like you like a plush soft paddle I mean you play with a zero zero three before that you played with the Yola Hyperion 16 millimeter so it it is definitely the opposite of what I look for in a paddle that's for sure I'm actually shocked but I think what I've ended up really.

Enjoying about it because I know this about myself when I've used softer paddles specifically the zero zero three I understand that I lack put away power both mechanically and with the paddle choice that I have and then usually if I'm playing competitively I leave it up to my brother or whoever else I'm playing with you know when I played with.

Shea usually they're the left side player and they're the one putting away so I haven't cared too much about it but there are a couple things about the black case I've really enjoyed the swing weight is really low so it is about a hundred out of the box and for reference the lightest pedal I have tested was the pro kenix pro flight and that was 90.

And that thing it's just so light in the hand same thing with gearboxes they're all in the 90s so if you've used those you kind of have a reference of how uh easy it is to maneuver so you're going to wait in that case can you wait it up yes and I waited mine up from about seven eight ish to about eight six and I think even after that weight the weight.

Of the Swing weight only went up to about 105 which is still less than most elongated paddles I'm considering weighing it up to nine five or more what we'll probably bring it in line with what I'm used to swinging okay okay with my zero zero three weighting it to nine five yeah when I think that the paddle would.

Feel really solid 9.5 ounces yeah wow like that the the side the edges of the paddle is so thin how are you gonna get that much weight did you just layer you just I so I need to get oh I need to see this per inch lead tape but I used six strips on each side oh my gosh so to get it so to get it to nine five I'm probably gonna need another six on each.

Side oh my gosh that okay all right yeah so it's kind of crazy but I I think the paddle gives you a lot of customizability I even with all that weight swing weights still gonna be low you know the resets and thirds that's still the biggest question mark for me but it keeps getting better and every time I have to put the paddle down to.

Work on another paddle review I'm like dang I really want to pick up the black Ace again so we'll see I don't know that I'm gonna switch I'm not 100 convinced yet someone has my zero zero three and they're gonna have it until beginning-ish of January so I'm not even gonna get to hit it for a while so maybe he'll come back and I'll pick it up and.

Go wow I was absolutely crazy we're thinking I'd switch to a black Ace but I don't know right now I'm really digging it all right well shoot that that is definitely surprising to me not gonna lie all right good luck with that yes I'm I am excited to use it more and more uh especially because that was the other point at the net your hands are so.

Fast and you just have to do so little to make that ball fly that when I go to other paddles it just feels so much more work to maneuver the thing and then putting the ball away even if it's a decent dish power paddle just feels harder like I don't feel like you have to swing at all you just kind of bump it and the ball just explodes explodes off.

Would you say it has more power than Power air zero zero two or what what are the other higher for me personally I'm gonna say yes I believe that it is the most powerful legal paddle on the market okay funny you said legal well I had to say it because I didn't say it in an Instagram reel I made and all these people were going well what about the.

Vice you you said the vice was one of the most powerful things and I did and I just thought I didn't think I had to specify legal paddles when I talked about this stuff it if I go grab a tennis racket it would be more powerful than everything but we obviously know I'm not talking about that that's true I don't know I get it you know the vice.

Obviously resembles a pickleball paddle more than a ton of Chicago I don't I just thought it was funny that people were making me clarify legal or not legal yeah yeah all right so yeah crazy stuff but yeah I don't know if you've got anything else well uh no I'm still on my paddle search I'm glad you are you know gearing towards the paddles that.

You like I'm still on my my never ending paddle search I think I have the grass is always greener on the other side syndrome and I kind of think you do have that a little bit how long do you think we should let the viewers decide how long do you think before will lands on the paddle let us know in the comments I don't think it's gonna happen because.

New paddles just keep coming out and apparently Chris you got me uh you got prokenics to send me a black case I don't know when that's gonna come but now I'm curious to give it more of a chance so we'll see um but be curious to see if it goes from your one of your least favorite paddles to top or not top or not I mean I am.

Looking for a more powerful paddle that I can still kind of Dan can play the short game with um right now though uh if I did have to go to a tournament like today and be competitive I would probably pick the 14 millimeter Hyperion probably or the Solaire okay or it would be some sort of 14 millimeter all right total that speed.

Not the the power air for you huh um yeah I think like the power is just I mean obviously it's not as powerful but what I gained back in the short game and the dinking the resets is just way more beneficial than that little bit of increased extra pop and power for me um funny enough though I did go play back with the the power air a little bit.

And uh the dinkings and stuff and the short game felt a little bit better I think my touch just got a little bit better I think just had to like step away from it for a little bit but as of right now um yeah one of the Solaris this or the YOLO Hyperion 14 millimeter and plus I I missed having the longer handle where.

The power air has a short handle and it's kind of hard for the two-handed backing which I'm using a lot more now so it's just a little more uncomfortable if they come out with a power air that has a little bit longer handle I'd be curious to try it I'm also curious to try when they come out the commercial version of the zero zero three because I.

Actually do like the zero zero three a lot as well but if it was more like just more powerful maybe I'd give it a shot but you know I might get that almost has to be what they do because the only complaint is it needs more weight that's what everyone ends up doing and when I tell people about it I say if you're not if.

You don't like using lead tape then don't buy this paddle because you will not unlock those paddles full potential unless you put lead tape on it so I would just think more weight closer somewhere in the head maybe about halfway up the paddle yeah ish you add some more weight that's kind of what I think they're going to end up.

Doing I just don't know what else they would improve I sometimes I worry that it'll be worse than what the 003 is now because I'm like it's it's already so nice it's always having tape but I taped everything so it doesn't even matter I know that's the thing I hate adding lead tape I just don't I don't know I can't be bothered with it so the closer.

Something is to stock like great out of the box like the more I gravitate towards it which is I think the reason why I like the Solaire so much also why I like the original die Dem Warrior so much because I just felt like they were just so good out of the box but yeah that's pretty much it everything needs lead tight man everything's improved.

With blood type for sure man for sure you I'm I'm working on it it's probably gonna be a little bit because I'm sure I'm gonna end up in a endless Rabbit Hole of research but I'm working on some more interesting paddle stats and some more things about lead tape to make a video about and at just hearing what you just.

Said and what I'm writing a script for okay we're in like polar opposite like I'm going full level 3 000 nerd mode and you're over here like dude I don't even want to put the lead tape on my paddle yeah I'm just out here to have fun give me a two by four I'll play with that I'm good because you're always on the grass is.

Greener you're right oh my goodness all right well I think that is a good place to wrap this episode thanks everyone for listening and we will see you guys after the holidays hope you guys have a a Merry Christmas um yeah later.

Time stamps:
0:00 – PPA Tennis Pro Event
30:18 – Our top 3 and bottom 3 teams for MLP
45:29 – The most surprising players to not get drafted
57:50 – updates for the website and Black Ace


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