I don't think you didn't get copied on the full one I can show it to you but we've we've got a couple okay sorry I got like a I got like a four hour break at 12. uh uh I don't think so hey um yeah yeah yeah yeah just just you know bodily.

Bodily uh noises may have to be to a minimum with your microphone underneath if uh you want to sit in the chair and then he'll he'll check the no no it's just it's just if if she's gonna be in camera angle there then what's up oh no it's more it's more issue in your shot of the of the kitchen.

Yeah I'm not worried about her making noise over the court mark ers yeah okay that's fine I mean yeah okay okay well it's better than it's better than.

Ron standing there so yeah that's right I got Sarah Arizona they have one I don't know uh yes I stuck my foot in my mouth a couple of times in Mesa because we can see the the replays right and I'm like oh yeah.

That's definitely out and then come over and turn it and the referee's overall and it's in I'm like I'm not calling anything I'm like not saying anything at all but I but I think it's yeah it's it's tough because the like it's balls here then balls here right it's not enough to go through.

There uh just walk her walk around the bottom side there and then come up I just want to say something here exciting because you're doing the first match for our guy PESA are you guys announcing this yes yeah I'm gonna document like okay pays it.

This is an honor to have this dream team announcing it's the first ever MLP match that pays attention playing in so uh let's go let's go Ranger today hopefully get to that she'll she'll be nice she'll be nice all right well no there's the guy's like.

This guy Noah Lerner is making a documentary he's from New York his dad won an Academy Award oh wow making documentaries he can't be out here but he was he did a bunch of stuff over at Brad's house and track out a bunch of Hall of Famers a couple weeks ago so he's trying to do it more like not he's not so much about like.

Foreign Major League pickleball stop number two for the 2023 season here at pictona Holly Hill I'm Chad Edwards joining me in the booth this morning pickleball Superstar Lee Waters that's very kind thank you jumping in the commentary Booth after.

Well during the recovery how's the how's the knee going yeah so I'm having surgery April 5th so I put it off as long as possible and at least taking the month of April off so it's a good time to go under the knife and have a have a solid month to recover there we go well best of luck with that one thank you so here on grandstand Court we have the.

Arizona Drive taking on the Dallas pickleball Club and there's been a few changes for both teams in this one we'll start with the Arizona Drive yeah Sarah annsbury Heather nobla a new pickup with the shuffle drop Sarah Beau getting dropped and Heather picking up yeah and Heather is actually from our.

Area she lives I think in Boca Raton um so she's in our Practice Group a lot and and she's really made a lot of improvements I think she's an ex-college tennis player coming from I believe Oklahoma I think I think yeah I think she was a standout college tennis player so obviously has a lot of talent um and been working hard you know for.

This upcoming MLP season and then on the for the men's side Wesley Burrows back and we're seeing a substitution here with this one with Pace attorney Andre silstrom out with a little bit of a back injury so yo we're definitely going to see with the challenges series here a lot of changes in that shuffle draft obviously with the.

Premiere series we're set for three right exactly it's a lot different here in the Challenger and I'm excited to see pessa because I know I'm pretty sure that Wes and Andreas went undefeated um so it'll be interesting to see if PESA can you know step up and and you know hold those wins Tessa literally has.

Some big shoes to fill with Andre silstrom being up I think he's like size 16 or something ridiculous like that but on the Dallas pickleball Club side a couple of changes here as well most notably Jillian Braverman joining the club with a trade with Megan fudge going over to Columbus uh Krista gachiva is back yep and then.

On the men's side Brandon French is back and then Daniel de la Rosa is a pickup for Chuck Taylor wow Daniel being number one racquetball player that guy is fast athletic he hits a hard that was a good pickup for them I think yeah and Delarosa has experience with major league pickleball so we're gonna get started here with.

Women's doubles just as a reminder major league pickable is Rally scoring once a team gets to 20 it's a freeze and then the other team will continue with rally scoring until they get to 18 and then we're a double freeze and then it's regular side out scoring from then on it's pretty amazing how many matches end up in that double freeze too I know it.

Makes it so exciting in MLP the atmosphere is is definitely hard to match here with MLP so we got head referee Ron Ponder just making sure everybody's set here this early morning Court's going to be a little tricky with with the shade we got half the cord in the shade half the.

Court and the Sun so I'm going to put you on the spot Healy predictions for this one or what a what a we'll start with Arizona what do they have to do to to put the pressure here because women's doubles point is is so big in in MLP yeah I think right now.

You know brings a lot of experience to the court a lot of consistency Krista is a fairly new player and Jill hasn't played professionally for a year for a year so she's making her comeback yeah I think if uh Sarah and Heather can put a lot of balls in the court just put a lot of pressure from a consistency standpoint I.

Think they come away with this one all right so getting set here I have the noble this up just a little short trying to still feel things out here early on so much pressure in MLP you just feel at every point so that's going against everything of what you.

Just said right and I'm so surprised because I'm not used to we don't see Sarah do that yeah so quick pull of the trigger there from Heather Noble but not able to bring it down the back of the Court yeah and Jill's definitely going to bring a lot of fire there's going to be a lot of screaming.

Um thank you oh what a point there from the Dallas pickleball Club defense on show yeah I think Jill's gonna Thrive with this atmosphere she just she just loves the fire and and she really can bring it so they they.

They've gotten an early start here and you can just see the emotion on the side of the Court yeah quick fired up quick 5-0 run here for Dallas pickleball Club so even if it wasn't out she was in the kitchen anyway but Jill getting a little twisted up with the feet on that one uh puts Arizona on the board ansbury serving at one five.

I think this is where this is where Sarah and Heather just need to settle in like I said earlier and just make a lot of balls be consistent yeah good ball there from gachiva getting it to the feet of ansbury in the transition so do you think MLP makes some players be a little bit more aggressive because.

Every point when I think about rally scoring and I'll wait to the end of this point I think about people playing more defensively right but it seems like this atmosphere um does make some people like thrive on the emotion and become more aggressive yeah that's what I've noticed as well.

Guess what everybody wants they want to see they want to see people ripping the ball speeding up getting in those hands battles a good counter-attack there from amsbury the Achieva trying to slide it down the line yeah I think you know it's hard not to feed off of the energy of MLP.

And there we see ansberry getting fired up I mean I've never seen Sarah fired up like this mlpb it's a different Sarah annsbury than what we would see in a regular tournament right she wants it okay a couple of Errors creeping in here Arizona Drive closing the distance 5-7 oh nice hands.

Raven's gonna give it a little bit of come on back there as well trying to fire herself back up so what do you think about the new we haven't talked about it we haven't talked about a lot yet the new it's just making me think about it because you were starting to see the emotion we're starting to see the commands the stare.

Downs you know the things that MLP is known for now we have a soccer influenced card system oh whoa all right so now now we've got as we were actually talking about it right good job Lee yes I knew that was gonna happen so so now what we've got in the middle.

Of that point there uh one one thing with MLP right is a discussion of hindrance because everybody gets so fired up you get noise coming from the crowd so what Jill Braverman was calling right there is as ansberry angled that ball out toward the fence she yelled come on braveman got it back but then she called.

Hindrance in the in the middle of the point yeah that could be a momentum swing too when something like that happens Noble just trying to go a little too big with that one missing in the top of the net.

And a little love from the net and the big come on there from Sarah ansberry I feel like there's something we don't know about like in the background of this one we may have to talk about that one up here oh the ball just deep excellent job there from nobla fighting off some hot balls yeah.

And that's what I've seen a lot from from Heather you know I don't know our game really well but um I think she's very consistent she's really good at countering she's gonna make you work for the point nothing yeah no go ahead no I would say that's exactly what she did right there you know.

Um just getting a lot of balls back and countering placing the ball very well yeah I think we're seeing the strategy now as as far as Nobles the one that's being targeted a lot that ball just out so yeah Noble's been talking and she's got to do what you were just talking about of making a lot of balls but we're seeing Sarah ansbury.

Much more aggressive she's putting pressure in the middle of the Court she's moving a lot more than what we've seen before absolutely absolutely an interesting thing just happened there as well Jill was questioning the ball uh new rule MLP players can no longer ask the refs if the ball was in or out so that's got to be weird on both ends.

They're just going to ask everybody in the stands yes okay thank you very much very smart good ball from Braverman recognizing that Noble is stuck there at the Baseline just drops it in so we're gonna change the ends here with Dallas pickleball Club up 11-9.

Anything can happen at this point anything so continuation of of what you were talking about as far as the the soccer style new rule continue on with with that one I think we're like mid mid description right there yeah so you know last MLP we saw probably more emotion than ever a lot and coming from the players saying maybe some things.

That they shouldn't uh coaches you know team owners team owners yelling out uh you know some interesting banter questionable answer um and so MLP decided like hey we want the fire we want the friendly banter you know the finger Wags the chest pumping but we don't want profanity yes we don't want heckling coming from the owners we.

Don't want comments directed solely yeah at somebody exactly exactly um and so yeah so so they came up with I think there's a new like competition committee so they came up with this soccer Style blue card Orange Card I believe yep and um blue card being like the warning and then orange card being is it a point is.

It a you're kicked out no it's it's a it's it's a it's a point so good shot there from gachiva getting that down the feet of ansbury sorry if we're talking of appointments but there's so much to discuss oh you just can't even imagine nice speed up from Heather right down.

The middle low at Krista's uh left foot there perfect placement yeah so we saw the adjustment she sped up a couple and left them a little high she flattened that one out a little bit more that one's questionable yeah yeah I think she was looking to surprise Krista there but Krista was loaded up ready to go yeah it looked like that.

Ball just checked up a little bit and threw the timing off for ansberry it's even not able to pick that one up so AZ Drive 11 13. good spot there from Braverman and really for both teams those middle balls have been so effective I mean you're you're playing with somebody you're not used to playing the middles.

Always difficult in that sense and both teams are doing a pretty good job of finding the middle that Ball's just wide you know one of the things that you just mentioned there sorry ansberry just giving a little chop into the into the commentary boots right here but one of.

The things that you just pointed out is you know especially with all the the movement uh between stop one and stop two yes yo the this is two teams that they have not had a whole lot of play together never no I think you know they probably had the uh the warm-up practice day yesterday.

I know Sarah and Heather were out here most of the day trying to work out Kinks um but yeah I mean it's nothing like being in a true match some good Chiva catching the net cord Landing in yeah that's one I would have liked to have seen Heather go right back to that to that middle that left side of Krista.

Where she was so successful before instead of right to her forehand so it's been a couple of times that braverman's got caught in that transition you think she's just trying to put a little too much pressure on move up to that kitchen too quickly yeah like she I don't see any type of split step when the other player is getting.

Ready to hit the ball she sort of just crashing um and then her timing's been off I think I think that comes though from not not playing a professional match for a year oh absolutely you know your your emotions are running high you're trying to get to the net and I mean I I didn't hit a pickleball for a month and I went.

And hit some balls with Simone the other day I couldn't get a ball over that so so being at this fast pace after not after a year off There She Goes she's got a hold of that one so that's going to bring up the question with you with with all your time off it's gonna it's gonna it's gonna take.

Some while to get the uh you know the reactions back well I was gonna say the main thing that I'm worried about is you know the hands the hands yeah that's and I even thought you know when I turned 40 I was like that's the thing I noticed them I wasn't gonna bring it up yeah but you know we're both in our 40s yeah you know the the brain.

Says yes the body says I'm a little bit slow yeah exactly exactly and the game's just getting faster yeah yeah so so absolutely but Jill's hand speed seems pretty good seems like seems like she retained her hand speed she's been winning a lot of these uh banging rallies oh nice wide ball there from Gucci.

Looked like just caught the line normally not able to put that lob up and over you know one thing we didn't talk about is Krista also lives in Delray Beach so I have a feeling these two probably practice together or at least know each other's game pretty well I would think.

Oh that ball just slid through the court braveman not sure how she didn't pick that one up nice deep overhead there from ansberry and a shout back at the direction of Jill Braven yeah very good speed up there from Noble yeah that was great Point construction.

Overall coach of AZ Drive Morgan Evans over here cheering his team on he knows a thing or two about pickleball I think so going against fellow commentator Dave Fleming over there coach of Dallas pickleball Club I like to step in there maybe rushed it.

Just a little too much but yo they were back within one Dallas goes back up by two 19-17 but yeah I agree it was a right shot she just overplayed it a bit bad luck excellent ball there freaking achieving to speed up just a little unlucky catching the net cord and sailing deep so that puts the AZ drive back within.

One 18 19. oh they're beautiful beautiful man she held that so well as Lee pointed out right there gachiva just holding the paddle being able to find the hole we're going to take a time out here from Easy Drive but yeah gachiva just holding that paddle out there she had options right.

She's she's sitting and reading to see what amsbury and Noble were going to do in that hole opened up in the middle yeah and the middle was a perfect place to go like we've talked about before especially with new teams just shoot it right up the middle so they've got 20. we're at a freeze here Dallas pickleball clubs at 20 AZ.

Drive at 18. so sought out scoring here for the remainder of this one that's what we talked about how often we reach that double freeze scenario here we are in first match of MLP and uh we're at the Double freeze so one of the changes between MLP Mesa and here MLP Daytona is.

Obviously the points totals in Mesa when a team got two three zero the match was stopped they've now changed that we had a couple of issues as far as overall games being one of the factors of moving teams through and yeah if you don't finish out that match.

Somebody's losing out on a game good pressure there from ensberry gachiva leaving that ball up just a little too hot Sarah firing up the crowd it's fun to see Sarah having so much fun out here I mean she's been around for a long time she's seen this game change and all these years later to be out here at MLP.

And enjoying herself so much it's fun to watch so big pickup that annsbury was going to serve and then they realized that they were frozen public good ball from gachiva getting that one down to Nobles feet so another Match Point here another game point here for.

Dallas pickerball Club oh a little stare down a little stare down Brave him in not even looking to see if that ball went out just throw up the let's go so Dallas pickleball Club taking the women's doubles point 21-18 it's a great match though oh is it it was a fantastic match and and kind of.

Just culminates everything that we see with MLP you talked about it early on how many times we get to that 2018 freeze but it's just it's it's more so the the energy I mean we talked about ansbury coming out and that's not a typical play style right where she she's coming out she's the aggressor usually she's that.

Solid defensive player that's going to stay in points a long time but that's like kind of what you were saying how you how you find this atmosphere people are playing more aggressively and that was a perfect example let's straight into it I mean let's let's just say most of what we've been.

Saying has happened so far so uh we're going to have the men's doubles match up coming here next with West barrows and Pace attorney for the AZ drive and Daniel de la Rosa and Brandon French for Dallas pickleball club we are going to mute our mics here for just a little bit while these guys warm up and we'll be right back.

Oh please everything is awesome interesting and he's got the power and Tessa play together all the time in Arizona oh really.

Phoenix don't hit it too hard Daniel foreign what's up Brandon I am for sure what do you mean because I just realized I turned the doll the wrong way oh God.

All right sorry back here men's doubles just realized we didn't turn our mucks off between matches there so fun all right so again we're in a situation where we have uh two new teams never having played together good ball there from De la Rosa yeah I think it's going to be the common.

Trend that we're going to see with the Challenger Series and we discussed during the break there Lee with kind of all four of these guys a little flashy little aggressive yeah at times Brandon's just so tricky you you really don't know what's coming off his paddle.

He's really tough to play I've played Rec games with him before and I'm like just lost yeah good spot and good speed up there from buyers and we see the first first finger lag coming from tioni right there foreign drive on the board Tessa and Daniel both from Phoenix.

Pretty sure they practice a lot together I'm sure they both want to come away with the win here tioni flatten out on that drop feet kind of moves through it we've got Brandon French who's like I said super tricky and then you've got PESA who's Lefty that always throws a little wrench in your game plan.

A dang lefties I always wish I was a lefty grown-up ah I still have to remind people like Annalee you do realize your opponent's Lefty oh yeah and sometimes it's of course and sometimes it's like oh you literally forget you then by the 10th song you're like oh yeah left-handed that's right there are four.

Ends in the middle darn it yeah good ball there from French getting that one back behind tioni Daniel playing with the black Ace he's already known for his power and that's a pretty powerful paddle so I think it's hard to say that there's no paddles on the market that don't have power and spin nowadays yeah.

You know it used to you talk about a power paddle or a control paddle now it's kind of like the the power is going to the extremes and then it's how much spin is the paddle generating rather than a control side oh.

Crash going with the big backhand Tomahawk and just slapping Dela Rosa's forehand out of the way oh luckily his paddle didn't fly into the kitchen oh it's such a good ball from tioni there sells it with the body and then it inside out forehand.

Aggressive ball out wide yeah and west west read that so well he was over there for the Ernie uh perfect play by the Arizona Drive sorry French is pushing tellerosa turns around and smiles at us as well because he's laughing at the same thing Dela Ross has probably got.

One of the most powerful hands in the game and French is pushing him out of the way which is hysterical because rarely do you see the right side player pushing the left-sided player you just see the other way around but there he goes so the the trickiness with French is how much wrist he uses right you see three.

Three different formations of that wrist power in that that point I don't think I'm so tricky yeah you he sits with that wrist already cocked yeah so then it's like Are You Gonna Roll It are you gonna flatten it out or then he comes across with that that backhand Tomahawk there so.

It's tough it's tough because a lot of a lot of what you're doing right is you're trying to read the paddle you're trying to read those Tendencies and anticipation is so key and when somebody's like you just said three different shots with three different paddle angles and different sides it's really hard to do that.

So Dallas pickleball Club jumping out to a five-point lead here at the end change up 11-6 so it's typically something that we don't see right with the referee asking a play if they're in the position that they want to be because obviously with with MLP you yeah are stuck on one side or you're on the side that you choose.

But at end changes end timeouts you can switch sides so you don't see that many teams taking advantage of that ever I think there should kind of be more of that it'd make it more fun too I know our team uh I'm coaching the fives in the Premier League and uh James ignatowicz took the opportunity to switch times switch.

Sides a couple times a couple of times Delarosa floating that one out deep just a little too aggressive on that speed up nice angle fence got in the way I think Wes would have had that otherwise perfect angle there from French big overhead from Delarosa but straight through the court town and got it back so if you actually take a look at how.

French holds the paddle he's got the butt of the paddle in the middle of his palm so that allows him to do so much with the wrist yes absolutely pretty much his game is his wrist yep so um so yeah that's he's taking advantage of definitely the way that he holds it.

Back it's hard to read as well like it's hard to read on his forehand if he's gonna dank or speed that ball up well even his ready position I'm watching I'm watching him there at the kitchen line you know we typically what we see with most players when we're instructing or whatever it's like at least have it doesn't matter height of.

The paddle as much but at least have the paddlehead above your wrist yeah he's standing there with it basically pointing down to the ground him and JW Johnson yeah you know if I if I were Arizona right now is Daniel's not a terrific player he is but you can.

You at least understand what's going on a little bit better well there you have it tioni goes at Delarosa a couple of times right there it's also you know French is kind of he's on a roll right now he's he's feeding into everything he's the perfect MLP player that we talked about that just feeds on this atmosphere plays.

Aggressive comes out shooting Brandon French very animated right there borrow is missing that drive just a little deep so the lead's out to seven now for the Dallas pickleball Club that's good they got him moving on that point brought him out wide brought him back to the middle that's the key right there right is.

Moving plays around for a lot of the amateurs they try to just hit through people or or play catch with people yeah and there you go I I really I mean he brand is just he's hot he's on fire he's feeding on this atmosphere let's put a few more balls in De la Rosa's court and excellent job by teoni.

There with the counter attacks Brandon reaching continuing to push Daniel off the court a little ambitious there but time out oh Dallas pickleball Club is going to take a timeout here at 17 13. you're making a little run here AZ Drive getting a couple of points back closing that Gap to four.

But that ball that we just saw there from French if you're a wristy player and you're somewhat of an aggressive player those are the balls that you're going to to push the envelope with right you're you're going to take those risks and at times they're very good calculated risks and sometimes they're ambitious but the.

The deception from French I think has been the difference in this one absolutely absolutely no De la Rosa is playing consistent he's playing steady we have seen him get attacked a couple of times or or even when he started the firefight going trying to go too big and he's made a.

Couple of errors but but French uh has has I think been the The X Factor so far for the Dallas pickleball Club yeah I know I know whenever I play someone who's A little unorthodox or hard to read or you know very tricky I find myself playing to the other player even if the other players maybe you know considered the higher ranked player just.

Because I know more what's going to come off the paddle and what you know how a point is going to be constructed um yeah I wouldn't want to play Brandon French no no great speed up by Wes perfect spot there from barrows right into the chest of French wasn't able to flip that paddle over.

Fast enough and that's one of the downsides of his GameStop Tony just a little delicate with that drop I feel like in rally scoring the third is maybe like the most important shot like you just don't want to miss it give away those free points.

Yeah good counter-attack there from Tony both feet off the ground getting on top of that one if he doesn't get up on top of that that ball sails out deep so excellent job there nice deep serve AZ Drive sneaking back in within two now 16 18. I do feel like they've adjusted.

Their strategy a little bit uh well as I say that what do we get and another oh just one great defense all over the court on that one as we see that ball from borrows just going wide great drive that's kind of what Daniel's.

Known for those powerful load drives perfect example of it right there so Dallas pickleball Club closing it out 21-16 on a good finish there from Delarosa I'm gonna be interested in seeing Brandon French play mixed doubles so I got the chance to to watch him in Mesa okay in in mixed and does he play.

The right he no he plays in the left he does play the left he plays the left so it kind of takes takes out that funkiness of the backhand a little bit yeah so yeah it's definitely going to be interesting to see how how these two mixed doubles matchups are gonna go I would probably say we'll see French and.

Gachiva okay because braverman's a little bit more um of an aggressive right side player so then when you've when you've got French that's that's coming in hot right now and he was all over the court we may get some some Mix-Ups in the middle so I'll probably say dela Rosa.

And Braverman French and gachiva but I could be wrong I probably will be wrong I would like to see Brandon play the right almost in mixed just because he's so good as we just saw coming in the Middle with that backhand and then really attacking the girl yeah that is true I mean I I don't know I'd like to see it instead of the.

Traditional you know put the guy on the left I'd be interested to see Brandon on the right there but um that was one of the things again James ignato which did when he was switching sides with the fives he'd switch and mixed yeah get on the right and take his backhand in the middle right to the girl I remember asking.

James at MLP Newport last year I said which is your better side full hand or backhand he's like doesn't matter I'm just as good I'm not the one so yo that's that's James ignato is for you he's kind of like I'm good either way you can't ever tell that guy's being.

Serious or not oh well I was completely wrong there we go Dela Rose saying gachiva out on the court right now warming up we've got ansberry and tioni for the AZ Drive we're going to make sure we turn our microphones off this time and we're going to take a little break.

All right we're back here MLP Daytona Beach for our first mixed doubles matchup here between Dallas pickerball club and AZ Drive piece of tioni to serve to the AZ Drive oh Delarosa wants that one back kind of a fun setup with PESA being Lefty we've got guy in front of guy and gal in front.

Of gal pretty unusual in mixed doubles good counter-attack there from gachiva off the ansbury speed up setting up dela Rosa for the Finish oh that is a tough spot there for tioni yeah I'm wondering if we're gonna see a lot of um speed UPS amongst the ladies here being straight across from each.

Other looking to attack early usually the ladies are cross-court so it's harder to attack Cross Court but when you're right ahead that speed Up's there was another speed up so we've had Sarah speed up twice so far but Chris has been on both of them yeah and the good thing from gachiva that she's taking that step.

To the right clearing the backhand little fade I think if she if she steps left on that one ansbury's got us so good job from gachiva good pressure there from Delarosa so early run here score let's pick them all Club up five two so we actually do not have monitors in.

Front of us we do not have a view of the scoreboard so if we have delays or questions like that from Lee we're gonna quickly check over behind us no I knew they had gone on a run but like you just said I didn't know the exact score and typically we have our referees marked up.

As well but we can't even hear referee run Ponder you cheated getting stuck on the back foot there a little bit wasn't quite able to get underneath that drive so AZ drive seven at four six uh just the power from Delarosa with that backhand flick right there yep.

Yeah those racquetball players have a wicked wrist Daniel being the best at the moment good spot there from gachiva recognizing that ansberry looking for that Ernie attempt throws the lob up in over townie not over to come over and cover it's giving Dallas pickleball Club 8-4.

Lead I just feel like uh they're anticipating so well like they're actually reading the other team before the team hits the ball which in pickleball if you can do that you're a step up here Step Up yeah better job there from town he's stepping over being an aggressive yeah putting a little more pressure yeah.

I was gonna say Dela Rose has been putting the pressure on in the middle for DPC so good for tioni putting that pressure on big backhand there from gachiva Todd reach in there from dela Rosa for that pop-up 6-10 wow.

Come on really jeez yeah that's not coming back so Dallas pickleball Club up 11-6 here at the end change I have to say I've been pretty impressed with the partnership at Delarosa and gachiva and similar to what you were talking about they're they're meshing very well they're they're understanding the.

Movement gachiva's doing a good job of sliding to the right not only giving dela Rosa the room but when she is attacked it allows her to counter-attack if we're talking about AZ Drive what is something that they have to look at to try to change things up yeah it's tough they like we were just saying Dallas seems to.

Have a lot of chemistry they seem like they're a little bit uncomfortable like very new partnership they've had some middle balls where that they're both going for but I think like you said earlier like tioni needs to figure out how to put a little bit more pressure um I I would even try maybe a speed up speed up Cross Court.

Um at Krista just just try to like make them uncomfortable yeah you know he's got that forehand in the middle I feel like maybe he could take one of those balls and try to do something with it good balls there from ansberry you know I know it's it's wicked one thing that.

Um Dallas is doing really well is both of them on their returns they're hitting these slice returns they're staying really low staying low and just not giving um Arizona much you know much to work with achieve a little unlucky there catching that one off the net Court do.

You think with ansberry and tioni that yo it is kind of like a respect thing between tioni as far as wanting to give amsbury more groom potentially potentially absolutely um I know that that happens with annalize sometimes when she plays next with unfamiliar they they respect her.

And she's like don't come take my balls yeah like no don't respect me take my ball so so there could be some of that going on for sure he knows he knows that Sarah's seasoned um and a great player and giving her room but now's the time he needs to he needs to really put pressure when I play mixed doubles if the guy's.

Not moving I love it because I just I just don't feel pressure I feel like I can do whatever I want yeah okay all right it's even right there I'd like tioni to come over a little bit more ansbury was pulled all the way over left foot kind of outside of the Court pace is still left foot middle line like to when she's playing the left like.

Hit that sort of inside out forehand dink so that would allow Pacer to really move over and get in the middle and he's super quick so if they go behind him he can get there all right here we go let's see hi better better ball placement better ball positioning that from annsbury and tioni.

With the Finish 12 13. tightened it up Gotta Love rally scoring and then we've got it all squared now at 13s what a run big run here for the AZ Drive gonna take a timeout from Dallas pickleball Club there's not a little a lot of wind today.

But I don't know if there's a visibility like if if there's a side difference since we saw such a run in the beginning and now we're seeing a flip-flop I don't know yeah I was just looking at that myself we've got the sun starting the creep over behind the court we're getting rid of those Shadows you know we do sort of have a sloped Court here.

One side's kind of hitting uphill car is that what it is one size hitting downhill we noticed it during the PPA um that's sort of if you're on if you're heading downhill you do sort of have an advantage yeah you can you could like you can see it a little bit I think I don't know if it's an optical illusion.

Or if it actually is no no in fact um a local during the PPA came up to me she's like I just want to give you a heads up these courts are sloped she's like so you really got to be careful and I was like oh you're right and then Annalee and I warmed up on this very Court um for PPA and it was true yeah.

So they're they're grading is off just a little bit is what you're saying I think the second second to last ball there from ansberry she tried to be a little too aggressive with it rather than that reset and it just put her in that awkward position yeah and they were hitting all the balls to like Daniel's backhand which is so wicked.

Oh good step over there from Tony great move that was what you were talking about Sarah shifting off the court taone coming over and taking over that middle all tied up at 14s and a three point there from the missed return right get Shiva so tough to miss the returns in MLP with.

The rally scoring yeah and Arizona really needs this match to stay to stay in it they're down 2-0 so overall so they really need both of these mixed matches to get to the dream breaker so gachiva certainly the target for the AZ drive right now.

Taking dela Rosa out of the equation a little bit as I say wow that Tony gotta have a little luck gets love from the net cord looking over to the crowd and we have some some PESA large head cutouts how am I saying that too yeah oh I think Sarah just lost that one.

Good take I think that was almost questionable here as well yeah she she was she was behind the kitchen then yeah good moves there from Tony so definitely I think they listen to us easy AC Drive making that adjustment of teony.

Coming over taking more metal putting a lot of pressure on coach Morgan Evans over there with a big smile on his face AC drive up 18-16 so big ton of events yeah that loopy return that loopy slicy return just doesn't it gives you no Pace it bounces away from it just it just.

Sits in front yep it's great return okay French French asked me if they had three timeouts oh I would have stuck with Krista's maybe left foot there yeah I think metal I think that's a ball too where it got just a little too deep yep on annsbury and then trying to push that that Cross.

Court nothing she could do but trying to lift it up just hard with De La Rose's backhand being danger zone oh no all right where are we at where are we at it's a little miscommunication that on that bowl in the middle between Tony.

And annsbury the De la Rosa Drive Dallas pickleball club now back up 1918 we got a time out here by AZ Drive good timeout Dela Ross has kind of been able to insert himself back into the middle of the Court these last couple of points yeah yeah because you know when he shifts.

Over into the middle I mean it makes you want to hit to that backhand but but he's backing is so strong it's just a little high you're dead in the water so he's almost like just baiting yeah let's drive oh yeah good spot there for mansbury.

So made the adjustment there on the previous honey where she kind of went across the court a little bit more gave Delarosa time this one going straight at the feet all square at 19s that's a very good shot there from gachiva recognizing teone he was going to come across so it takes it back behind ansberry.

Game point match clincher what a drive from dela Rosa ice in the veins so the AZ Drive we're able to put a little bit of pressure on here getting ahead but Dallas pickleball Club proving just too strong so obviously they've clinched this one at 3-0.

The change from Mesa to here is in Mesa it would have been done now we're with Daytona we're still going to see Al 's second mixed doubles match up yeah at this point would change yeah and at this point is is just as important as the other ones because you know AZ drive maybe they're they're off just.

A little bit this morning they make a run over the next two days yeah I believe they're playing rematches today which is crazy yes that's a lot yes it is it is serious too right yeah they didn't play three and I don't think they played three to three and one yeah I'm gonna pull up our schedule right now.

So yeah like you said this point is Big yeah so three three today for each of our challenges Series teams over on Championship cult right now we've got Bay Area taking on Orlando I wonder what the score of that one is Bay Area taking the title in Mesa in the Challenger League.

And then at 9 00 a.m We just started with Chicago and Utah over on court three and DC in Miami on court four so long day a lot of pickleball we'll wrap up probably around 6 p.m tonight so 10 hours worth of of pickleball.

And then obviously tomorrow a long day with the premier series starting yep and the quarters and semis of the Challenger Series so it's a kind of a a 12-hour day tomorrow from nine to nine it is so interesting to see like like you were saying how.

Like different players thrive in this atmosphere like you know maybe there's some players who you don't find overly threatening in regular tournament play but you come to MLP and you're scared to death to play them I mean no there's because because they're players every Point counts yeah yeah I mean I mean Annalee was talking.

You know we were like oh you know MLP it's so fun and she was like yeah but I'm the most nervous in MLP yeah than I am playing any tournament and it's because like you said every Point counts you're playing for a team not just yourself you know you've got three other players that you know is counting on you team owners who have drafted you it's.

Just a whole different pressure the the pressure the atmosphere the the team environment heck the prize pools the money jeez all right let's just say MLP is the most pressure pick of all that there is so getting set here for ow second mixed doubles match up yeah I'm gonna see Brandon play the left.

Here in mixed doubles I think that'll be interesting to see um seems like Jill and Brandon have good chemistry already they're joking and laughing oh nice movement coming over hitting over in the right shoulder I think we may be fighting for a lot of.

Balls in the middle here between French and braveman a good ball there from French baro's just outstretched yeah I think I think they need to put a lot of balls on Jill's forehand a lot of dinks to get Brandon to really move over there and then try to go behind him they haven't really tested out Brandon's.

Movement yet I'd like to I'd like to see it French French and braveman come back and forth a little friendly banter saying that bravenman didn't miss The Sweet Spot that was just old paddle we got a paddle change here another new rule this year all the players had to test their paddles before.

Play every paddle in the bag had to be tested so um so they got a special little sticker stamp let the refs know that paddle has been tested the tomahawk reach in that good absorption yes.

Good absorption there from braveman to get Noble running up French said this is a new puddle there's no way I was gonna miss that one yeah it's a good eye from French we're not going to be able to talk to you all because apparently we're talking to Brandon this entire map we just got to put the microphone on French.

I think that's gonna that's that's the next well first MLP we did that yeah we were all miked up yeah it was interesting and that that makes it that makes it a little tougher I would I would be terrible being mocked up yeah terrible well I think that's what they found I mean you can't help but say things you know under your breath that.

Now everyone's hearing that probably aren't the nicest things to be saying I am the worst positive talking to myself that they possibly can be I'll be entertaining but uh French asking borrows if that hit him just missed I think all squared at five oh I like that from Wes just got a.

Little out of control there standing standing up just a little too much on that one yeah didn't quite use the legs to get underneath it and similar thing there from Braverman just completely straight lag and trying to use all arms okay French is like don't bring that one yeah so that was like the converse of.

The last one that one was just way too high yeah right into the Wheelhouse of French good spot there from barrows French getting a little too big with that backswing he was able to do that on the high ball you can't have that big back swing on a lower ball.

And a good speed up there from Noble French getting caught standing up tall nice deeper turn good Movement by West Burroughs there that's the pressure he really needs to put on the steam very good step in there crazy drive up 9-7 oh he was there almost identical step in.

Yep just caught that backhand a little late oh yeah very good job there Wesley borrows with wanting so badly to call it out but clean the ATP and then the big forehand put away and that hole just popping up a little bit we've got caught still moving oh.

So the AZ Drive going into the end change up 11-9 this Point's really huge for them they they need some momentum going into their next match yeah absolutely trying to find some confidence Salvage what can be salvaged from this one.

But I think a completely different chemistry for Dallas pickleball club with this Partnership of Braverman and French they get along well they're smiling they're they're talking however yeah it's just you're right it doesn't have that same that same flow that we saw from De la Rosa and gachiva you know now.

Would have been a good time to throw Brandon on the right I honestly would have liked to have seen it I and I think I think Jill would actually prefer to play the left I'm not sure about that maybe she wouldn't excellent control and patience there from Noble and that cross-court dinking rally.

Oh oh God paddle in the kitchen did he hit her I think he hit her in the head oh geez elbow to the Head I'm just turning around and looking at the monitor I'm gonna hope it was the elbow and not the paddle I think I don't know yeah.

Those elbows the elbow in the head okay yikes and take a little little time out right here is braveman tries to regain her composure tough tough situation there with with a bolt that high popping up as kind of what we talked about before you got two players that really want to.

Take that ball Raven and still a little was so shooking up shaken up she tooken up I can't even speak anymore I just came back from Australia and I don't even know how I talk anymore you didn't get hit in the head did you I I I've had brain damage since I was very very young.

Dropped on dropped on my head way too many times oh my goodness referee Ron Pond is going to come over and have a little chat with us Okay so Ron Ponder just coming over and confirming that it was the elbow to the head braveman's gonna take medical time out here.

Come out probably try to hit a couple of balls and yeah you see that like almost happened a lot but I don't know that you actually see it happen like somebody actually gets like hit yeah going for Middle balls especially it's I'm trying to she looks like she's laughing I'm trying I'm.

Trying to figure out well it must have been when when she hit and she ducked because Jill's not a short lady no not at all oh and we see it now you've got your you've got your change.

Brave them in now I'm here for it too going on the left side French going on to the right I wanted to see this I swear they're listening all right AZ drive up 12 10 going to resume here with borrow serving I'm going to question that all day long right forever Nova I think she's got to.

Stay in front not go into that Cross Court there especially with how dangerous French is with that reach-in wrist flick oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah especially you know like we said Jill hasn't been put in this position in like a year you know so let's make let's make her hit a lot of balls.

Um yeah keep the ball away from French over there nice hands oh almost got it back good pressure there from borrows yeah I think Wes news now to talk with uh with Heather and say you know let's keep that ball in front of you put a lot of pressure on Jill right now.

Oh yeah what a ball by all means go cross-code in that situation especially when French is coming in trying to be aggressive in the middle that good Top Spin roll yeah from Heather Noble I think he left just oh my gosh this just yeah it's I always find it hard too when.

You're playing somebody who just got injured like when they come back on the court you like you feel bad by hitting yeah in reality you have to but yeah it's it's weird it's a very difficult mental situation within that one oh.

No no definitely hitting that ball in the middle of that one yeah yeah and then honestly I'm surprised Wes then continued to speed up with Brandon yeah take your time out here from AZ Drive still up 15-13 yeah that was a good timeout but definitely needed with.

The side change for French and braveman that you've wanted to see yeah yeah I want to see I want to see you know Brandon take take over the Middle with that backhand which you see how danger it is I mean Heather's used to going cross-court and mix she she has a tendency of going.

Across court and he's just been Danger Zone on the forehand and the backhand over there and that exactly changed the dynamic kind of Tomahawk reverse backhand flick as well it takes away that that left foot even which is really which is a really good ball gun in that forehand Cross Court.

Okay he's trying to listen here Sarah ansberry continuing to talk with Burrows and noblem are they switching sides this is a rarity something you don't see very often a double reverse mixed doubles here counter you.

Let's see how it goes oh Jill goodness that ball no more injuries she's just lying lying it was a graceful yeah tuck and roll there from Braverman but good reach in there from borrows bolt just died once it got past French oh I almost.

I'm good commentator down I'm good thought it was coming off of the fence yeah good backhand roll there from Noble pulling Braverman out wide she wasn't able to bring that one back around for the ATP yeah I ran into the fence so that was a really nice drop and then West got in tight and put a lot of pressure on Jill.

Need more teeth yeah go talk Jill was very smart now and got out of the way that one she took one step to the middle and said no I'm not gonna fight for this ball again good balls there from Burrows making his presence known in the middle of the Court.

AZ back up four yeah very good move there from Burrows so it brings up game point for the AZ Drive Frozen at 20. oh I like the aggression though I like it especially on their match point there.

Oh the get from French off of the borrow speed I mean that was a fantastic reach in speed up from borrows but flick from French unbelievable it's a nice spot Brandon was definitely hugging the middle on that one go behind him with smart see if they can get it done here.

2017. Jill's still holding her head oh double freeze here we are all Frozen both sides sought out scoring from here on out wow that drive just had a lot of shape on that drive there kind of got over the net and just died it just died it really did.

Oh just out go leave like the move but French was wasn't able to get enough roll on that one oh that tough spot there very difficult ball to try to make down the line yeah oh that was a great shot good roll there from Noble Braverman getting caught on the Move yeah that's.

Kind of what we talked about in the women's doubles Brave him and giving one back still locked 19. this morning and then they and then no and then they said oh you need all access yeah I just have this.

I know you forget you got a microphone on your head and then you talk to somebody that's asking you a question oh that Ball's just wide from borrows all right 2120 for Dallas pickleball club and braveman sneaks it down the line the paddle drop walk off.

Wow what a comeback wow so big adjustment there for Dallas pickleball Club able to squeak out four points AZ drive we thought they were in control here of the fourth and final mixed doubles match that's the power of power it is it is you get on that run and then.

You're a halted yep it's hard to close out and then you start to feel the pressure of the other team sneaking back in and you yeah fresh pressure pressure Major League pick ball nothing else like it we are going to take a break here and we'll be back with our.

I'm just gonna pull up our schedule we've got Brooklyn and Texas here on grandstand Court in about 18 minutes or so so we'll be right back for our second match of the day here on grandstand at pictoner in Holly Hill for MLP Daytona Beach foreign.

And we're back here at MLP Daytona Beach at picktona and Holly Hill for our second match here on grandstand caught between the Texas Ranges and the Brooklyn Aces I'm Chad Edwards joining me in the booth Lee Waters hello hello predictions on this one Lee I'm putting.

You on the spot off the bat gosh well well brand brand new she's from our area but I've only seen her play single so never seen her play even just a point in doubles oh what a first point.

Koreenka threading the needle through the middle okay so after that point I I picked Brooklyn if that is an example of what's to come obviously Lee Whitwell staple to Major League pickleball but here again Genie Eric erikina is.

That how you pronounce the last name I don't know much about her so definitely will be interested in learning something about both these new players on the court Eric Keena getting a little jammed up there on the forehead I don't know uh only on a big overhead so Harry Kina definitely the target.

Big forehand overhead there from whitwall uh yeah ericina definitely the target for the aces yeah I would think um also hurricane being the target well that ball was out and she did a football yeah yeah so that's a little bit of the.

Newness to pickleball showing right there as far as knowing where the court is knowing where the kitchen is three weeks pregnant yeah you know she's got a got a little bit of a issue as far as how much she can move nowadays yeah that ball just out there from Hurricane.

Yeah I was talking to Corinne yesterday she said she feels good she's playing well it's just her movement has been reduced a little bit well hurricanes are coming off being a professional tennis player so I have a feeling for movement's probably pretty good so and the fact that she's 22 years old.

Young legs that ball just deep from erikina potentially a little too ambitious on that backhand speed up oh just out nice touch there from Whitwell hurricane able to get to it but not able to do anything with it yeah I think that's what I noticed when I watched her play Italy in singles.

Um at a PPA actually was that I was at the PPA here in pixona a few weeks ago was she's super fast but she hasn't quite figured out the movement on the pickleball court being so much smaller than the tennis court so I think once she figures that out she's going to be uh lightning fast yeah good Mr Rick there from.

Ericina just holding it on the paddle going down the line past car yeah I really think this match is going to be a big battle between hurricane and irrakina um Corinne and Lee I think are not going to see very many balls no and when they do right there.

The veterans they're going to stay patient unless unless they get that opportunity to speed up yeah Corinne had that beautiful speed up the first point just a little too big of a back swing on that one from Ka catching it late flattening out on a so it ranches up 7-6.

Good eye good leave that bowl sailing deep ly showing us she needed just a little bit more spin on that ball just out good drive from Hurricane there though going right hip on airquina good reach in there from Whitwell yeah I think Lee's really gonna have to look for that interject herself somehow kind.

Of move over you know if I were Lee actually I would just go ahead and shift a little bit over towards the middle make them go behind me if they're overly successful then you know shift back but let's try to put a little bit of pressure on them all right that's not a bad ball to speed up uh.

It's just a little rushed yeah a little flat you know that comes with being new you know MLP you know the most pressure filled oh yeah exactly what we were talking about even the seasoned veterans feel the pressure then you step in throw them in the fire I got one tournament under my belt let's.

Go to MLP do you actually know who Corinne's partner was previously I'm trying to wrap my brains so Texas up 11-9 at the end change um yeah I've drawn I've been trying to to go through we've had so many changes between Mesa and here at Daytona Beach in the Challenger Series obviously the.

Premiere series kind of locked in for those three but challenges are able to shuffle draft and and drop and add yeah I believe premiere drops you drop um and I don't even know if anybody actually ended up trading it no nobody has some stuff going on in the background but I don't know if anything.

Nobody ended up ended up trading and there was also um yo you could drop and bring in a player that was not drafted at all okay okay but with how many teams we have that's uh yeah it's a tough tough decision and tough task oh so ericina I like the aggression there but.

It got a little squally it seems like the swings were getting bigger yes instead of more compact but I agree I like the I like the initial attack oh she almost touched it God trying to go back behind erikina there but missing what good ball there from cop.

So that's what Whitwell has to be careful around as that point was progressing I knew she was going to get one ball but when you're not getting a whole lot of balls and you get that one ball you try to do too much so true and even really if she was going to speed that up I'd rather see us her speed it up a hurricane.

Then Becca Corrine who's such a good counter puncher they go right on right on cue look at look at you just calling it but yeah definitely a better spot there even though it's going crossbody if she goes crossbody she can still slide back and that Ball's more likely to come back at her.

Oh good spot there from Hurricane but it's interesting because we saw in the first match up with ansbury that typically she's more defensive she's not as aggressive she came out as the aggressor here we're telling well to be aggressive and she's usually like the the the blocker and the the counter puncher yes.

It's a good ball yeah there we go good defense oh whoa constructed point there from the ranches absolutely yup Lee getting aggressive right ahead of her hurricane and good erikina getting it right at corin's feet as she was moving in.

Good ball there from Hurricane ties the score back up at 14s that ball just left a little too high with any racket sport background you're probably going to put a punishment on that ball that's up above the net yeah but it's interesting because I think is she hitting all one-handed backhands or haven't she hasn't been taking has she.

Been taking twos okay well I think well now the few things there after that ball into the net just tried to drop it over I was almost going to question that speed up there from ericina but hurricane didn't slide into the middle after pushing her out wide there so it.

Gave her that opening and it was kind of erikina almost catching that one off the net cord it's like a flick back so Ace is now up 16 15. oh well trying to go for the angle out wide which was the smart play but catching the net cord so a couple of Errors creeping in here.

Oh still got it so relaxed it was like still got it I think she planned it I really do I think they think that was dicks are in there was like no Panic whatsoever oh whiffed it ah perfect ink perfect drop oh yeah she just said I've been playing that all week now I think.

Different ball different uh different pressure and freak out right that ball was just High yeah much better ball movement there from the ranches you saw both car and hurricane kind of off balance there they took the ball away from the middle went sideline to sideline yeah so all square at 17th.

Yeah even when you're oh well doesn't need to come over for that one oh even if she makes that she's so out of position but yeah even when you're targeting one player you know hitting most of the balls you definitely need to swing that ball back over just to get get some movement between the two players and and.

Open up some Court oh great shot so one thing I was watching right there was it was Hurricane's footwork and then and you had mentioned it as far as transitioning over from tennis to footwork's completely different she's trying to do that cross step but she's getting caught not being able to come.

Back to the middle yep so excellent job from ericino on that setup before Whitwell being the aggressor on this one and you know when she's doing that crossover gosh every time she does it I think like oh gosh is she foot faulting is she in the kitchen which she did get called for a football earlier on um but it does it looks a little.

Unnatural that crossover step yeah she'll figure it out and and and those of you at home don't get me wrong we can cross over on the pickleball court right we need that crossover step but it's when you get stuck hitting the ball in that crossover that kind of puts you off balance and doesn't get you into that position so I.

Think yeah that's potentially something that Hurricane's going to figure out as far as yeah I'll cross over real quick but Square those hips back up it's hard to try to figure that out during MLP I mean come on it's hard to even know where you are on the court what we don't even know what the score is and where when and where we're watching it so.

All right Ranch is back up 1918. back and forth battle here between the ranches and the aces oh great counters resets oh good touch and good placement there from Hurricane 1919 beautiful Drop.

I don't know Corinne looked like she's moving pretty well there the Straight Ahead movement I think she's pretty good on the test is that lateral movement but excellent drop and I kind of question Whitwell trying to come over on that one up putting in a tough position.

There's the crossover you were talking about there we go oh geez oh and the aces seal it 21-19 great match overall though yeah off the paddle of Korean car right there so ranchers got up early Aces came back went up.

Ranch has brought it back so definitely the back and forth battle that we were kind of anticipating and like I put you on the spot early as far as predictions I guessed right it's it's it's tough you know especially in this challenges series with all of the new players coming in and and.

The movements between teams we spoke about it in in match number one yeah but as far as you know the consistency with a partner or or just having that that flow and you're in rally scoring where everything's moving so much faster and and the points every Point matters definitely tough situation I had no.

Doubt and we have an did he replace Steve Deacon yes he did okay and then remain the same remain the same yep so the aces made a pretty good run of it in.

Mesa okay ended up coming down to a match between themselves in the Utah black diamonds a little bit of controversy in that one so they are looking for some Redemption here Daytona Beach okay so good start for them going up 1-0 hey and I mean Rob nunnery he's he's an.

MLP winner right he is he is season one by the blqk so I mean you know that's that's big for a team to have somebody who's been there done that yeah this is his what are we on six yeah six sixth time with MLP so definitely some experience in this situation there for the Brooklyn Aces with Rob nonrey of course Ben Johns I.

Believe was his partner season one you know they had a good team you know it was it was uh Ben John's Rob nunnery uh uh Irina tarashenko and Andrea Coop so for sure for sure I think there's there's a little bit of uh veteran pickleball on that team yo that was of course also where Lee.

Whitwell kind of like name for herself she was annalize partner yeah and they made it to the finals against blqk and Lee was just on on fire ripping balls down the line against every ball against deckle and the dream breaker yep all of these memories for MLP so if you're new to MLP go back and watch some.

Of the older ones because they are just as exciting Arena tarashenko I just said this is the sixth one she's won five out of the six it's amazing all four I'll say four four four out of the five previous ly she's one of those players that we were talking about that just Thrive she thrives in this in this situation so.

So Dale and honoree for Brooklyn Aces taking on Donna and Smith I don't know much about doubt I'm pretty sure he went to my alma mater University South Carolina I think that's the only thing I know about him um so I'm excited to watch him play oh big big guy big body has some good aggression can reach in.

Speed those balls up Pat Smith Scott Donner on the other side Pat somewhat of a streaky player hot he's hot he's got a great Drive oh Scott who's seen a lot of the balls right now it was a great college tennis player.

A good finish that from Smith well this is quite literally having money balls doing it just hit right there that's how many balls I've seen him hit yep so I'm sure he made it to like NCAA finals or something played like Isner in the finals or something like that foreign.

Just getting a little too big that I'm liking what I'm seeing already from Donna though he's not afraid to get in those hands battles speed those balls up Smith trying to reset that one and that's that's the nunnery special right there that that backhand mixer flick.

And it's I'd probably test Dao a little bit especially right here in the beginning yeah try to get on top make him hit a lot of balls like we said Rob's Rob's been here he's won MLP and that's so nunnery takes this swing like it's going to be a ripped backhand but it's just it's medium paced heavy.

Spin throws the timing off expects you that you let a ball go thinking it's going to go out and it lands a foot in yeah oh my what are you kidding me hold on and put it in slow motion no I'm just kidding that was amazing we're trying to get this this replay.

Queued up right here but oh my gosh ball pulls him out wide I thought it was passed and just a crushed around the post six inches inside the side it looked like he had the room no it didn't look like it was going I didn't think he was going to catch up to it a little ahead of that one yeah yeah that's also I can see what would make.

Him so dangerous he's meeting that so far out front you're seeing that so so much yeah it just it jumps on you before you get the to react oh just one good hands from dawn of there but good speed up from nunnery so Ace is up 6'4 yeah good reach in from Donna he's.

Recognizing the Dow sliding to the right for that backhand counter punch and he's taking it more into that right hip yeah he really does slide down what to get oh wow yeah he let that go he thought it was going long and it just kid yeah.

It lands in I'm telling you the majority of the time nunnery hits that backhand roll it lands in the court by at least a foot it's so deceptive oh got him and again I want to have changed the direction speeds up.

Attacks in front then attacks cross and goes at the body of both it's tough with rally scoring to give away the free points oh timeout here from the ranchers aces up nine five yeah they're playing really solid and like you said nunnery is really picking his spots well attacking well and.

And It's tricky because he can take that backhand down the line like you said or we've seen him take it middle and he holds it pretty much holds it pretty much same spot and you know it's similar to similar to what we saw with French right we were talking about how he's so risky and he's deceptive he can can change spots.

Nanari does the same thing on on that backhand side where the paddlehead just drops down and it's either like you said down the line or that quick flick across and right now for for Smith and Donna there I it's coming down to that meshing issue as as far as a partnership and we're going to see a change putting.

Smith on the left and donor on the right I think that's a good switch let's switch it up and see you can always switch back at the cross yeah you're you're two points away from it from an end change really so you know put it in here you grab a couple of points fantastic doesn't you don't then.

We'll switch back yeah all right well just a little out not only not able to get on the top of that one but I feel like after the change they already just look more confident yes yeah they're they're already they're they're comfortable they're confident they were a little bit more aggressive.

On that one nice Point yeah nunnery also has that forehand speed up it's a little bit easier to read he kind of holds it at the bottom but he still hits it well so it can still get you you know sort of off balance foreign there from Donna so the ace is gonna go.

Up 11-6 here at the end change good job from the aces so far it's kind of been all nunnery Dallas had that incredible around the post and he's and he stayed consistent but it's nunnery that was the best shot I've seen all day that was like.

Not always creating the opportunities here with with his speed UPS I mean easier said than done I feel like Rob's seeing way too many balls right now 100 you really haven't seen dolls made some good go to TP other than the ATP yo don't wanna got him a couple of times where he.

Was slide down was sliding to the right Donna went in the right hip and jammed up down but then they kind of went away from that yeah I just I I think I think we need to see um a little bit more to Dow and really try to make Rob kind of come over and over commit get him out of it and then and then go back go back behind him exactly.

Force him to to try to speed a ball up where he's a little bit more off balance yes also I'd like to see donor and Smith potentially take some risks as far as speeding the ball up sooner and that bowl landed in as well that's that backhand roll just heavy heavy Top Spin you know a lot of times when you see.

Guys who have that flick or that backhand it's not a very controlled shot whereas robs is he's very in control he's not trying to do too much that I think that was that's the key right there he doesn't try to do too much with us again it's not hard because most times when it's a speed up.

Or or that ball taken out of there inflict it's like max power exactly to him but still here we see like every ball still going to rob nonner is also taken the opportunity to speed the balls up first right you're right so I typically what I'd like to see is is if somebody's speeding all those balls up.

Typically we see it with Julian Arnold right very aggressive play speeds a ton of balls up there we go yeah they initiated the fire fight so if if you're getting beat by these players that are speeding all these balls up you have to get into that firefight first typically those that speed a lot of.

Balls up don't like ball sped up at them exactly yeah balls just wide so a couple of points scratched back here from the ranches dal's way and got nothing to lose at this point no oh the wind has picked up I will say since.

The first match we're getting a little and it's kind of swirly it's not really One Direction it's like in my face and then going away from me a couple loose errors from nunnery feeling the pressure just a little bit a little bit of a momentum change here for the ranches.

Currently playing downhill that that's what it is it's all about the downhill so if you weren't listening previously Lee let us in on a little bit of information as far as apparently this court is sloped slightly downhill slightly downhill With the Wind behind.

You good good position right there still four-point deficit for the ranches to make up yep that's exactly what you said first to speed up seems to be the Victor here well and and Dow did an excellent job there of pulling Smith to the line then going out wide to Donna kind of creating that dead.

Dink where he was off balance just put it back into the kitchen Dale had so much time to do something with good counter-attack there from Dell tough spot there from Donna to try to speed that one up cross-court off balance yeah yeah and Dao is such a big guy I mean he.

Is intimidating and he does stand there like you were saying like Pat he's got his paddle out it's up it's pretty intimidating actually like almost daring you to hit it to him oh good get there from nanary Smith things kind of expecting to have that winner on the paddle that's the thing he.

Wasn't expecting it to come back a good reach in there from Smith a little little German I believe trying to fire himself up the ranch is finding themselves down six again oh that ball was out but Dow says so what I'm gonna put it away anyway more fun right.

Hey he came to play oh that's ambitious good ball from naanery it kind of floated thought Smith thought he had that Ernie opportunity yeah just never never moved enough so it brings up game point here for the aces I like it good drive there now tried to really put the pressure on but good hands from Smith.

The ranches aren't done yet the aces uh Frozen at 20. a good spot from donnery so I was more moving forward game point here again for the aces oh good spot from Smith just held that forehand going right into the armpit of naanery catching him on the elbow as he tried to.

Get out of the way the ranchers really have to make a right there so score some points part of MLP the aces are frozen but the ranch is will continue rally scoring until they get to 18 and freeze so flood game point here for the aces thank you.

Nice reaching they've really move the dink around at that point you know it wasn't just like too nunnery where he could just do whatever he wanted the the dead dinks in in this format especially really come back to hurt you yeah that's you see when Rob can just stand there for multiple balls in a row.

That's that's when it's trouble oh it gives it gives him so much time to set himself up for whatever he wants to do exactly exactly where whereas the point before they really moved to Middle went behind him then they were able to work the point but yeah uh nice read.

Little scorpion action got one of these little scorpion action there from Donna say and he didn't even know that he could do it the ball kind of brought itself to him okay so was that a pancake or a scorpion you know what that's I was I was halfway between the balls okay but with with the with it.

Coming over a little bit more it's almost more scorpion tail-like action the pancake is kind of like this one where it's just in front yeah more Riley Newman yes yeah yeah good yo Deco scorpion Newman pancake yeah that's just a great oh good that's just really good and the spot is on point.

Right there for Rob nunnery so the aces taking this one and putting themselves up 2-0 second match in a row out here where we've seen a team go up 2-0 in the gender yeah we had plenty of matches though um in Mesa where somebody wins both gender and then the.

Other team wins both both mixed and then we end up in the dream break everybody wants to see the dream breaker so at the break when we finished our first match um I walked over to Stadium court and they were in a dream breaker really yeah I don't know I don't know who came away the winner I believe it was the Bay Area Breakers they were they were up but I.

Was like yep MLP dream breaker let's start the day off right dream breaker all the way yeah the fans love the dream breaker talk about pressure but but that's that's the beautiful thing about the dream breaker right it can be Guy versus girl go of this girl half the team play singles half the team.

Never play singles and it it's I it's come down more so now because we're seeing so many dream Breakers that when you go into this draft process right you really need to think about those those singles players no singles x x done no it's funny and just talking to so many pro players that don't play that.

Don't play singles they're like yeah but now I'm practicing we're practicing something I've put that into my practice practice routine yeah which you know non-singles players we're not playing singles you know no it's during practice we're like oh I'm never going to want to play singles again where yo even even Simoni so you know.

Singles was her favorite event big time everything had some injuries got a little bit older and it's like I don't enjoy singles anymore yeah now she's back and she trains more singles then she is doubles but it's also a crossover as well because she's finding that the aggressive passing shots that she's using in singles is helping with.

Doubles because she can be more aggressive with the inside outs you know with the drops yep um you know we've always said like a lot of the best doubles players are also the best singles players so yeah totally um I think that's very true I think some of annely's best best double shots are.

From Singles as well so I I think Simone's totally right about that well we're gonna take a quick break here from microphones cameras will still stay on but we'll be back here with mixed doubles at stop number two for MLP 2023 here at pictona in Holly Hill.

Sorry so Al mixed doubles lineups are set we've got Smith and Whitwell for the ranches taking on Carr and nunnery for the aces Ace is looking to close it out here up 2-0 ranches needing this one and the next one to push it to that.

Elusive dream breakup well I guess not elusive anymore happens so often get fired up there Lee Whitwell fired up fairly fired up good speed up from naanery but good counter attack both Smith and Whitwell the.

Oh again so Smith making a bit of adjustment off to men's doubles anticipating that nunnery is going to speed up a lot of balls oh too good Lee Whitwell there's that singles passing shot Pat's are really fun I've played quite a.

Few tournaments with pot and mixed doubles and it's easy to have good chemistry with him and I think he and I think he and Lee will be a a good pair notary hits a little bit of an unorthodox forehand drive there he goes heavy heavy spin but.

He's already got it hooked and he kind of just got a straight roll it's not a tennis player yeah it's not a layback yeah it's if it was that or if it was a little bit more yeah I don't just players just bring their forehand over for the drive yeah whether.

It's pretty clay I would say he wasn't a tennis player yeah that is that is very yeah that's very true he's his Strokes are more unorthodox as as far as a tennis standpoint yeah with a crossover to pick a ball what I did not know me dirty I've never seen her hit her never seen her and I I've seen Lee play so many.

Times I have not seen the two-hand backhand roll from Lee Whitwell oh I'm impressed so the ranch is coming out being aggressive that you can you feel the energy change I was gonna say that holy had it he had it he said it's it was set up so well.

Just runs off of his paddle a little too much he goes for a little bit too wide almost yeah and Pat and Lee are showing a lot of energy and and and when you're the team that's down and the other team is yeah and Pat's yelling German like starts to like get to you you know they need to I think they need to keep.

The fire for sure yeah yeah I remember saying to Pat I don't know what you're saying but I like it yeah just yell German just keep yelling German it's amazing yeah good balls there from Smith so Pat has made a paddle change since uh so he had just switched chipona to the Yola but not that one.

That is the best that's the new that's the new puppy but I call it everything but what it actually is called do you know the name of it it's like I'm like persimian no no Perseus that's I had to I had to think myself oh good hands from nunnery I like the attack from Whitwell but she just left it too high yeah right in the nunnery's.

Wheelhouse there yeah but I like it too oh six eight here with the aces solving I'm actually surprised um we were talking off air um I've played against multiple pregnant women not Corrine but in mixed doubles where my partner literally would like drop shot and it's terrible yeah I mean.

But you're competing it's such a fine line it's such a hot a hot thing yeah but we haven't seen let's make Rob come over and take that ball we just haven't seen it maybe it's because she's moving so well she she is she is still moving really well but I do think that kind of the issues that the aces are.

Having right now being down full is that nanary is trying to overcompensate with the movement and pulling himself too far out of position which is what we were talking about in the men's that they should have been doing more of yeah um well the ranchers need this point so.

Ranch is up 11-6 here on the end change it's been good intensity good pressure yeah yeah from the ranches and like we talked about you you felt the change going into mixed doubles they were kind of flat in women's doubles though flat in men's doubles now with Whitwell and Smith on the court you know we've kind of got the intensity.

Is has picked up and now for the aces they're kind of a little bit flatter yeah let's see if they can respond you know they've been in the driver's seat throughout this entire match so far now they find themselves behind let's see what they got two-hand backhand roll once you add the backhand roll.

S we just said I've seen you play a thousand times Lee Whitwell saying she's she pulled out the two-handed backhand rolled just for us so we Lee and I have a running joke that Lee Lee telling us that she's just.

Trying to keep us on our toes but we've got a running joke that I have never met her partner um but you know every every tournament every MLP good hands from Smith we reintroduce ourselves so the uh the two-and backhand roll came from her as far as telling Lee that she.

Needed to add it to a game ball just a little deep and that's what you were talking about trying to do too much there just have Korean that's a great dinker you could hit a couple of balls set set him up yeah exactly he's gonna get the ball if you wait till he'll get it or something closer at.

Least yeah that's just well Talon Smith to dive if that one happened to go over the net so the ranch is extending the lead to eight yeah good spot from caught I want somebody I want a clothing company to come along sponsor Pat and make a.

Yep I just think that'd be so I uh when I was playing baseball I wanted a long sleeve on my throwing arm to keep it warm but then I would cut the sleeve off on the other one because you know it was just too hot to have have both sleeves on so I'm you get him I get him.

He just he likes the the the the flow the unrestrictedness of of that however I feel like tucking it in would like restrict me moment I also oh Pat was there he was getting ready came across with the chicken wing yep yeah you saw Smith take a full forehand swing behind Whitwell that ball is just a little too high from.

Smith yeah yeah 10 17. yeah that returned just a little too short there from Whitwell good deep serve from Carr pushed it back oh good call I was just gonna say you know you have a big lead but they've.

Made a little run might be a good time for just a time out yeah a little bit of a great minds think alike you've you've been spot on all morningly we talk about something the team does it well this is my this is my first time on ML make me look good at approximately 1102.

All right so putting you on the spot yep again yep Aces they've crept back in a little bit here yo it's now six point lead for the ranchers what do the aces need to continue to do to to get back into this I think one thing's like you said let Rob I mean you've got a one of the best right-sided mix.

Players she's so steady she can dink forever she can counter you know let her have a few more of those balls and work yourself in when it's a little bit more appropriate than giving away the free points getting so out of position um but then conversely I would try to do the same thing with Pat yeah get him to move over and then get behind him make.

The guy move and try to attack him during his movement just wide it's hard to attack a big guy big powerful great hands guy when he's stagnant just standing still yeah when you can get these guys moving and attack them during their movement that's when you can get the errors you have to have to get them off balance if if they're.

They're set allows them to to stay balanced and reach in there it was yeah got her in trouble a little bit that time but I still like it I still like it foreign just a little too much room going on that forehand side yeah good ball from nunnery and good job.

From Carr there I mean with a couple of backhands she's like I just can't imagine I was definitely not that graceful when I was pregnant ah good spot again from car 14-19 oh staying at longer Lee yeah I mean if if anything you've set.

Yourself up for that go big inside out pull Corinne back off or this is terrible but throw up a big lob over the head of Corinne I mean that's you know again it's one of those things that's like do you play into that but you are playing for a lot of money so it's like it's like sometimes you just have to do it yeah yeah so ranches.

Are now Frozen at 20 brings up game point yeah yeah there it is good pressure there from Smith Cod just missing that one into the net so they take the mix the first mix doubles point really good rebound 21-15 certainly the point that they needed.

Being down 2-0 and definitely getting Breakers right around the corner yeah so that's that was a really key key point for them I think for fit Donna and ericina they've got to feed off of the energy that Smith and and Whitwell just created and try to bring their own yeah try to stay on top of Brooklyn here.

Well for the ranches it will be donor and arrow keyna taking on hurricane Taylor black and Greg Dow for the aces we're going to take a short break from the microphones here while these teams warm up and we'll be right back at MLP Daytona Beach.

Foreign like the speed up there from ericina so here's my question so it's probably the same that I'm gonna ask but go ahead so is he just is Greg a right right side player only because he's so big he could do so much on the left I've I've seen him play on the left he's a good player on the left he's a.

Better player on the right I don't know if it comes down to it could be also that her hurricane is more comfortable on the left could be could be because she'd played the left in uh women's and women's well you know and also to the majority of speed ups that are going to be coming at her are going to be coming from ericina.

Or it'll be Donna reaching in middle and kind of attacking that forehand side yeah but this is definitely this is the well there he was looking the first match for both of these teams correct yes oh she's got it I've never seen uh Dorner play mixed doubles either so.

Um it's new all-round it's new all around new Partnerships new views we're all learning about each other right now hey that should that should make they don't make this match interesting we'll have a lot to talk good deep return there from Hurricane oh what hands.

Good move there from Dow but ericina just getting a paddle on it that's that's one thing with that poach kind of do or die thing if you don't finish the point um all around oh just short and she ended up in the water cooler over the bench.

Yeah just short of coming back inside the court so 5'4 but I'm not sure what the uh it was just making sure that the the call was correct nice move oh if I wasn't ready for it to come back so that's something where the the.

More you get used to that that Ernie because it was a great move but then she's trying to get back into the court yeah you know once you've hit that just stay there and try to get the next one because you're not gonna be able to get back in and stay out of the kitchen and and run around exactly oh hurricane serving prior to.

Oh and the rule is so if you make contact with the ball prior to the ref finishing saying the score you lose the point but you are allowed to start your motion yes but interestingly if you serve before they even this is what I was just about.

To say she could have started she before the referee even called score and then she would have gone it back right correct but because she had already started calling the score and made contact then it was lost a point I don't really like that rule I'm just thinking you wonder why amateur players have so many questions about the rules.

And there's so many different interpret interpretations just in that one rule there's like three iterations like no just do it over if she serves before this will just do it over good spot there ericina not able to pick it up from a feet as she was moving forward and the wind has certainly picked up a.

Lot more now and the PPA here a few weeks ago I noticed that Anna Lee which she always would start her serve before but she would time it but time it yeah but I saw I started serve because she had she had for it and then I think she missed more serves than ever and I was.

Like Annalee you have to bounce the ball three times you're not allowed to start your serve oh we almost had it again Dagen pulled off the court wad by ericina he had the crazy around the post in men's doubles volley there the touch.

From Hurricane 710 with hurricane to surf I think that was going out I think it was going out too and then erikina took the big backswing catching that ball back behind her yeah yeah there's that crossover that can really she's so so close to stepping on that lawn.

So the ranch is going into the end change up 11-8 and if you didn't know it was the ranchers one look at owner Tim klitsch you'd know Tim klitch the quintessential Cowboy got his Spurs on they call it a 10 10 gallon is it a 10 gallon hat what do they call it ah it's something like that something like that.

It's that's a big hat let's put it that way I like it but yes he uh that was my uh that's the team I was on for the first MLP with the ranchers special place in my heart for you Ranchers we want to see a dream breaker guys well that's we want to see it we want to.

See the passing shots the college tennis brought back to life who did you play for again Pepperdine oh that's yeah yeah oh yes are you coaching him now Scott donut giving us some some little little nuggets of information I like yeah so played college tennis at.

Pepperon and then I wonder what his age if he and Jill would have been there that's that's what I was just thinking as well but uh coach Sam query for a while pretty sure he played number one at Pepperdine I think he was really a good player it's probably the same time so I know Simone when she.

Was at Fresno when we were at Fresno State uh coached against Jill oh really good hands a little air drop shot nope you can't that's because she's more delicate than.

You are don't want to turn around saying it takes a girl to do it sometimes it's not all about power sometimes it's about finesse oh good hands yeah with those big guys if you can get it down low it's it's really tough for them and that's exactly what they did finally got that ball down.

Low that's a nine for the ranches oh just didn't get anything on that on that attack Cross Court I would have liked to have seen her just hold it a little bit longer and take it right back at Hurricane but it's kind of like off Pace maybe against the wind right in Dallas wheelhouse that.

Paper's gonna blow away yeah the wind's getting pretty swirly here Dawn is feeding off the energy right now big fist pumps to Whitwell and Smith over on the sidelines yeah I haven't looked at the wind forecast for today but yesterday afternoon yesterday was crazy I mean it.

Was like 25 miles an hour into the night it was so that's it was surprising to wake up this morning and not be any wind yeah oh like the aggression like the move he's really looking to be aggressive oh he's good that was planned.

So Dawn is just switching paddles did his paddle break when he fell I don't know if it when he fell or when he hit it did your pedal break well you didn't you didn't have much power on the overhead it was it was yeah yeah okay it was the change up gotcha Riley literally.

Right into the kitchen so a little referee discussion right now not too sure what that one was about well the other rule person who can communicate with the referee on anything any calls challenges whatever is the team captain yep so that's why you saw nunnery who got down there Donna got done right.

Foot with the step in let's take a look no we didn't didn't see it in that replay Mitch just screwing things up back here on you take it too hard I think it was called on ericina was it was it on ericina yeah but they're confused as to when that.

Happened Scott can get some air man I'm gonna say the ranches are gonna challenge the ranches are going to challenge this one but it was it was wide yeah it was it definitely looked wide from our angle one thing I have learned is.

You can you can yeah yeah yeah we have the camera still the cameras are set up for challenging yeah I think that's also new all four the challenge system I made comments in Mesa about what I thought and then it got overturned by the referee so I'm not even going to.

You're not even going to go there not even going to we definitely saw it out but I could be wrong yeah I can't see the uh the playback screen from from here it'll it'll come up on the play back soon Mitch just trying to find it really did look wide from our angle.

But of course we may not have had the best angles uh it's got to go sideline there on that one there we go oh geez oh oh that's why I said I'm never I'm never calling balls again.

No player should after seeing this no player should ever make a call ever again oh my gosh it kind of well anyway I'm not gonna voice my opinion live on air I don't think I should no no I'm staying partial I have absolutely no idea whether it is.

In or out after watching that replay yeah I'm gonna leave that to the referee that's tough man I don't get absolutely we want to bring the same kind of energy that we want to match your energy you know you got some air man.

Oh you're still young it all goes downhill it's like I felt so good 40. boom so the coal was overturned gold coal was over time Ranch is up 16-13 oh good ball from erikina Dow trying to come over and put the pressure on but just leaving a little too much space.

But again we both thought that bowl was out and that's why I am done questioning any cold with that one being over time but you know I hope at some point players just aren't making their their own calls because you're you're trying to hit and hit the ball you don't have great angles.

Yeah it's so hard it's tough I can't wait till they just take that away from all of us much easier said than done oh he's got it again owns it he owns it it's the it's the fade away around the post it's so good fully outstretched and just shapes it back in gets outside.

That ball good balls from Donna hurricane trying to lift that one a little too much didn't get the forward push oh he got himself crossed up a little bit so 16 18. this is a big point where the aces serving oh yeah and good drop there ericina.

Trying to take it out of the air take away time his drops are deceptive because they hang up it looks like you can attack them but they're really not attackable what to get oh excellent backhand from Hurricane but again on that forehand she's just trying to lift it a.

Little too much and doesn't get not heading forward yeah it's sort of just straight up and down yeah 1917 ranches two points away from forcing this oh oh geez make that one point away from forcing this to our first Dream breaker I want to see it out here on grandstand Court good pressure from Hurricane.

She didn't try to do too much with it just taking the ball out of the air adding some spin keeping her back so both teams Frozen now 18 20. what a good move ericina did not even give Dao a look on that one she was locked in and trying to keep hurricane back and DOW just had the move.

We've seen so many guys now with Brandon and Dao Brandon French who looked to poach from that right side with their backhands good ball from erikina all right they need this point right here oh oh no nothing on that one from ericina.

But we are in that double freeze so still at 19 for the aces here almost just wide got a timeout here from the ranches just trying to get themselves compose they don't want to give the aces another opportunity to score obviously but they want to close this one out go.

To the dream breaker and I would I wonder if they're going to run a set play here what are what himself hyped up I think I I think Whitwell is just just bringing them in getting them hyped up refocused after a couple of back and forth here.

A little banter from the crowd AKA Jeff Warnick Oh What a Beautiful shot I like this step over from Donna I don't like that speed up though it just left him too vulnerable hurricane not even having to do anything but put a paddle on it oh what a get from Dell that ball was.

Behind him Donna rolls that one back down the line down literally hit it from behind his hip thank you so we're all squared at 20s yeah good move there from Donna I really like how he's trying to take that ball off of his partner over and over again it helps her and it also puts.

A lot of pressure on on the other team well it's giving her time to get up as well absolutely nice drop yeah it's too good I I know it's tempting to attack that ball but Dow is just sitting on that basketball he's because she's shifting.

And he's just getting real big in the middle I'm nervous I I still don't know I don't know how she doesn't step in the kitchen each time when she comes over that way it's just but you know when Dow comes way over I was just thinking that when irakina whipped him over like he's baiting you.

To give him that ATP that's so good at it yeah gosh oh oh yeah good move from Donna I mean Lee's here biting your nails on the edge of the sea holding a breath I'm nervous and not even playing I got no skin in this game and I'm.

Nervous and you're nervous but that I mean that brings up the question right so anytime that I was competing doing anything else like that I was never nervous right right my mom would be in the stands and she's like I'm wet my pants would be in the stands and she's like.

I'm I can't watch same for you when Anna Lee's playing it's way harder watching than playing absolutely way harder I mean of course like when you're playing you get those like initial nerves when the game's just yeah yeah but they just once you step on it disappears yeah exactly exactly whereas on the bench you're just out of.

Control you know everything's out of your hands and it's like it's the worst I'm Dylan ericita was looking down at her feet for so long right there I felt like everyone was like the Reps were like oh of course you know if your momentum brings you in she was like on a.

Balance beam there for a second all right so the ranches clinch it 22-20 it's gonna take us two our first Dream breaker out here if you're new to Major League pickleball the dream breaker is going down to singles each player on each team will play Four Points and it can be.

Male versus male female versus female or male vs female and we don't know who won the toss so somebody has to show their lineup and then the other team is to respond so the the away team will oh actually the home team will will show their lineup who's showing the lineup first do you know.

You can't even ask somebody that's in it Corrine would know Corinne's gotta know so you responded so the ranches ranches are gonna set their line up first and then the aces will have the opportunity which sometimes it's like a double-edged sword it's tough like you want it's tough you think that you want to be able to respond and match up how you want and.

Then sometimes it just doesn't go how you play I mean we've we've seen it we've seen a ton of times right especially throwing out a female against like a really good male singles player yeah you're like you know we're gonna sacrifice these four and we're just going to scrape one or two points out of it.

And then yo but we're gonna be stronger down and it just doesn't work it doesn't go to plan I know and then we've seen we've seen it the other way too where it's like you know we're gonna throw out the sacrificial lamb and then they come out and just rip off three points no I know and and go through so well that was us like we got to the dream the fives.

Got to the dream breaker against the hustlers and the quarters yeah we were responding this is like this is exactly where we wanted them and we do exactly what we had planned and it didn't work yeah it totally didn't work out yeah so it's like you said like sometimes I would almost just rather like just give me the match up and then let.

Us just attack and then and go with it yeah it's it's tough It's yo do you just go with a stand and match up do you try to play psychological games do you come in and so much and go back and forth another little Nuance of MLP yeah so as we wait for these teams to set their lineups again each member of each team will go one two.

Three four as far as the lineup goes they'll play Four Points continue with the rally scoring yeah and this is kind of what major league pickleball is all about everybody waits for the Dream Maker everybody looks forward to the dream breaker the only people that don't look forward to the dream breaker the place are the players.

Especially if you're not a single player and then you're sort of like a fish out of water and very concerned for yourself um yeah this is the style play singles no he does he does but not a whole lot okay okay yo it's the we've talked about pressure pickleball for for MLP.

Hey yo there's pressure pickleball with double but this is pressure pickleball with with signals it's top at its height there's nothing more nerve-wracking in all of pickleball than a dream breaker anyone involved like a coach a player an owner the fans it just that's why everybody loves it so.

Much yeah there's just so much emotion yeah and it's funny because pickleball obviously the emphasis is put more on doubles it's more of a double sport but then here we are where it's all put on single it's all put on Singles and Hulk everything comes down to singles oh geez in poor Karen we didn't think about.

Corinne talked about the movement it's a tough one and and you know as we're looking into it and and the ranch is again close to the dream breaker I'm like you know what I I have to give the upper hand to the ranches I do too uh interestingly enough here we go back season one um we're playing I forget who we're.

Playing AJ Kohler's team whatever team that was Lindsey Newman's pregnant she's on my team yeah we get to the dream breaker AJ lobbed Lindsay every point and he was like you know I felt bad lobbying the pregnant lady but you got to do it you got it you gotta do it you're in the dream breaker no so.

Yeah so it'll be interesting to see if Kern even tries to come in yo she may I think I think it's more so important with her as far as really getting that good deep ball to be able to give her a little bit of added time to come forward I think she's going to play it smart as far as your Baseline.

Game yeah yeah and and come forward if she needs to but yeah like Lindy kept coming in yeah but she kept getting locked yeah and I think that's the hardest thing to recover from if you're pregnant is going is going backwards and and plus the plus the thought of goes for the inside out there so we've.

Got Donna for the ranchers nunnery for the aces Dorner does play singles in tournaments I can't I don't know about Rob yeah he does he does well he used to yo so nunnery had meniscus surgery last year mid MLP okay he's back to full strength and fitness now.

Wow oh we missed the sitter he missed the sit-up and that's the pressure that we're talking about you've got a completely open court good get by nunnery but hold on oh it's right isn't it right that's wrong hold on Donna's like still thinking I should.

Have I should have made that one how did I not make that one oh he's rolled it in but that's that forehand again it's not I know we'll see it here on the replay it's just a hold and brush up the back he does lay it back a little bit but not fully it's a lay back and then just thumb rest roll.

So Dow against Smith aces up 3-1 make that 4-1 oh painted the line that was sick because he was all the way in this corner he was he was so out of position just painted the line Smith thought he was going to go inside.

Out and he went inside in and I just wide good on Pat to kind of recover from that last point 2-5 here for the ranchers oh sorry two five with the ranchers serving it's a better ball from Smith there a lot of Top Spin A lot of shape yeah his forehand's pretty.

Smooth all right we got the ladies trying to find the ball so we have a true uh true gender on gender uh match up here yep straight up singles action right here nice little dropper oh good shot by ericina there going out wide to hurricane.

Free point on the return so women's singles so different from Men's all squared at fives now nice yeah good ball from Hurricane some energy too that's the first come on we've seen isolated ericino in the middle of the Court.

That Ball's wide so split points split points from this point out that's kind of all that the aces need oh that I think the wind had something to do with that one as well it kind of pushed that ball down good serve from car yeah yeah I think that's what car's.

Gonna rely on Corinne did used to play a lot of singles yeah back in the day definitely did I kind of feel like this is a situation where it's in Lee's head that that Karen's pregnant like she's afraid to like I don't know there it is there's a drop.

Yeah and I mean you hate to play that but you've got you've got to do that you've got to do it yeah I have seen Lee in quite a few dream Breakers and she is going to stay at the Baseline there and kind of move it around and get that opportunity to come forward but oh she missed the city so that's a wonderful.

Wonder a wind thing I I think I think it's a win thing potentially where it's just pushing it down right before it gets to the paddle yeah so the facial expression from Donna he's like I have no idea what that was but I'll take it okay you gotta get a little Lucky in.

These things so second time through the rotation now oh good ball from Donna which that brings up another piece of strategy when you're doing your lineup is that number one player is whoever you pick for number one is gonna probably play more points three times or so yeah they're usually going to get 12 chances at it.

You know who do you want playing 12 singles points uh Ball's just out so going in the end change here Ace is up 11 8. yeah I think you and I both you know we're kind of giving the ranchers the up because we were thinking Corrine may not be winning any singles points but she.

Ended up taking three of the four and then you have a couple of those missed putaways right you got the Mist the missed put aways from from Whitwell and Donna yeah I well he was standing right there I didn't want to say it but you know Pat also had I mean I don't know that it was a put away but it was a high backhand that Pat missed yeah.

Decide oh none are you just missing that one what so big adjustment there from Donna second rotation I'm just throwing it out there it's hard to place singles uphill gets get three gets three back Ranch is back within two right.

Is it because you're downhill I'm serious and you have to hit that up almost I don't know if it is or or if it is just that that wind is is pushing it and changing the contact point right we need a post oh that's Smith get out of town highlight reel no look backhand drop.

Cross coil um well think about when think about why you miss a lot of the balls in the net right it's because you catch it late and then you're jammed up so you hit down on it yup nice oh did he miss it oh he has long served ball was just just out oh tried to do a little too much with.

That one for Smith really likes those low forehands he's able to really whip them man a lot of the balls that he hits that that paddlehead is just straight down pointing to the to the ground oh briefly breathe it's funny I'm like looking around there's so many Premiere.

Players like creeping over now because they want to see the dream breaker too okay what to get into the sun into the sun no not into the sun oh geez oh gosh is she okay bounced off the fence all right ericina was pushing the envelope there as far as depth.

That's too good that's that's your tennis volley right there that's your cup volley perfectly placed going off the court no chance Americana trying to lift that one spraying on a so they got back within one but the ace is now Up 3 15 12. smart to go behind such a good playing.

Singles to go behind the player thank you oh my god oh no oh Karen Kong with the angle my goodness Nice Shot there from Corinne throwing the hands up in the air I mean she gets there and then hits the.

Perfect Blackboard like the most perfect one ever gives her time to get back in position yeah I better ball that from Whitwell oh too good and the wind pushing it down excellent backhand roll there from car we see her raising her hands in the air after each time she hits a passing shot oh that one's just a little deep but.

Still getting two over four points two two split both times big holds yeah so this is the third time around yeah Duo 1814 for the aces oh he missed it short good roll there from nunnery to pull Donna out wide off the court it should be 19. yeah.

Okay we had it right on our side 1815. our bug was wrong oh too good from nunnery it's almost like Donna's got to put a little bit more pressure on him he's not it's going to be very difficult for him to beat nunnery in that cat and mouse game with how good of wrist play none really has exactly.

That's too good takes that one nice and early angles Cross Court what the heck not rob nunnery that was too good it's too good thrown in the mixer all right so we're on the freeze so Pat needs to Pat's got some work to do here got a hold and go in a run.

That was a great shot good absorption there and good angle Dow trying to come back middle of the Court so we're at 17 20. oh nice ball there we talked about it before Pat's just so smooth on that forehand doesn't rush it no he's handling the pressure really.

Well all right double freeze now at 18 20. sought out scoring and again yeah oh he missed it deep all right we got a challenge I think the the wind kind of pushed that one deep but you know what I was wrong on the one before.

Yeah I'm not even gonna Venture I guess not even gonna Venture I guess so challenging that Baseline call Smith set it up perfectly went behind Dow twice oh it's massive call right here just depends on if Smith overcooked it and it just floated deep with the addition of downhill downwind.

I think that's I think I think I think that one's line yeah I said long you said line I said line it's a stupid accent I agree I think that was a stupid accent I don't know what you're saying but I like it we think it was in we think it was in but we also thought the other the last.

One was out yes yes Lee I'm I'm not I'm not commenting on it looked like it dropped right on the line from our vantage point from our vantage point of the screen but yeah correct yeah yeah correct and I'm sure from his angle it looked out he's on the he's on the bad side yeah.

All right 1920. I think that was the right call there Pat's making a heck of a run here he's so playing so calm and collected so really smart here's one thing for you as well right because with the with the new rules okay so oh the aces are now out of challenges because when you get oh big.

Inside in for Pat Smith we're all tied up at 20s