This is nice ml play is an Innovative gameplay format that is completely unique to Major League pickleball it doubles down on the team aspect of MLP competitions ammo play format starts with women's doubles followed by men's doubles and ending with two mixed doubles games.

This unique dynamic means that teamwork is just as important as speed or technique on the court and within the community of the league bringing all players regardless of their background or gender here to MLP Columbus Ohio is the setting for MLP Columbus we are all set semifinals here for ML.

no matter the type of player you are Junior for now a recap of what has happened so far we're down to four teams the semifinals are set what a weekend it's been Chad let's take a quick look and see how we got here with a bracket of how the quarterfinals went yesterday as we have on the call for those ones.

Too maybe we had some great incredible matches in the quarterfinals both of our quarterfinals Chad went to a dream breaker so the teams that had the buys blqk and the ranchers were sitting pretty waiting on the final with the quarterfinals yesterday talk a little bit about both of those dream Breakers.

Yesterday Chad yeah so I think you know if we're talking dream break is the the two strong teams came out of that with clean and hot eights you know I wasn't picking hot eights to win the dream breaker yesterday but they switched things up Leach going up against JW Johnson and it worked out in the end I think today well.

This morning if we go to dream Breakers it's going to be a completely different story if you say the top two singles teams of MLP is probably going to be blqk in the ranches so clean and pot eights need to avoid the dream Breakers today if they can yeah absolutely Chad and you're right but we had some incredible dream.

Breakers yesterday came down to it like we talked about Sierra gate and Leach was a sacrificial lamb she went up against JW Johnson she went 1-11 but that one point came in the third round and it was super important and propelled them to a victory all right so we got something special for you guys yesterday if you weren't watching mad drops.

Pickleball Mary brasha one of the most incredible shots that you will ever see in pickleball I don't I still we can I'm trying to trying to figure it out my arms can't get up you can't I can do it one-handed two-handed forget about it all right well let's take a look at what we're talking about oh what what the world.

oh I don't know how she hit that I mean they lost the point but Mary Brasher wrapped the paddle around the back of her head the world ow I don't know how she hit that.

I mean they lost the point but Mary Brasher wrapped the paddle around the back of her head all right so there it is look at that shot Chad I don't while she's hitting it she's smiling because she doesn't even realize how she hit that shot and and between you and I we were I was talking.

Last night with some of the players who were here they were sitting behind a bench they were kind of looking in our Direction and they're like Dominic yesterday when that happened you shot up out of your chair when it happened they're like we noticed you and Chad were like what just happened because it was absolutely incredible what a shot.

From Mary Brusha Unfortunately they did lose that match you said that she posted a photo that she's done that she's done that in tennis before as well right unbelievable like that's just that's ridiculous the reaction that someone can have from that kind of shot absolutely incredible well now let's check out the head to heads for the match-up that we.

Have for you today right now this morning your 10 30 matchup we have blqk taking on team clean the head-to-head here in women's doubles going to on paper 71 29 to Todd and tarashenko Chad why don't you break that down a little more yeah I think Todd and Tara shenko are our two strongest females as far as partnership right so they're always been.

Tough in this format they're tough in any situation so it's definitely an uphill battle for romantic and Goldberg to come through this now how are they going to stick with it we saw romanzi and and Goldberg come out extremely flat yesterday and they talked about it after their match that you know Team Clean is kind of a group of introverts right they.

Need to come out of their shell they need to pick up the energy and they need to weather some of the storm tarashenko is going to be consistent with that slice of whether it's forehand or backhand and then Todd is able to speed up a ball from anywhere so remember manzi and Goldberg need to be ready for that Goldberg extremely good at.

Resetting she has to be on point with that one romanzi has to take her chances when she gets him we saw her yesterday where she does an excellent job with a kind of half pace speed up it looks like that Ball's going out and it's going to drop in so I'll be looking for her to try to utilize that but they've got to play.

Completely clean in this one to have a chance against against Todd and taroshenko pun intended I'm looking at no pun intended right there but you know you talked about that a little bit with Team Clean with Goldberg and romenzi and talk about that slow start they started off down 7-1 in their women's doubles matchup yesterday.

In the quarterfinals and then went on a 20-8 run to end it and win after that timeout they came back out they said hey we're just gonna play our game they did that they came out on top that was a big win for for them in a big momentum booster as we've talked about all weekend how important women's doubles is and why is that Chad yeah I mean we've.

Spoken about that stat of you know obviously it's changed now but coming in it was it was 32 out of out of 45 of women's doubles points one have gone on to win the overall match so it's just getting off on that that right foot you know it takes some of the pressure off into those next three knowing that hey we've just got to win one of these three.

And we're going to a dream breaker or if we win two we're sitting we're sitting pretty so it's it's always that that initial first point if you can get it under your belt it just takes some of that pressure off going through the next three matches yeah absolutely and it looks like our ladies are just about set to get going here what a matchup we got.

For you Vicky Ryan your lead referee for this one husband Jim Ryan is your second referee and looks like Marcia freszo is your video review referee for this one and I gotta say it right away hats off to our referee crew this weekend a six-person crew they have been here from early in the morning to late at night doing an absolutely incredible job thank.

You to them they've been absolutely phenomenal oh for sure I and we are ready to go here women's doubles semifinal blqk First Team Clean foreign looking to speed that ball up right there good patience from Team Clean go bug almost moved into that one actually she actually did I think it clipped her.

Ponytail as it went by taroshenko called the two right off the bat no argument from Goldberg foreign she's fired up right away Chad yeah and that's that's the pressure that that Team Clean have to put on they can't allow Tara shanko and taught to get up to that.

Kitchen line aggressive Paris Todd here with that big two-handed backhand for the put away Goldberg and that's not a bad shot I don't think for Goldberg she needs to be able to play with a little bit of pace no I I like that that attack Jesus needs to stay a little shorter with it.

Exciting so romanti questioning Vicky Ryan if she saw that ball for men or not romenzi seems pretty positive about it but I don't think they want to lose their challenge I think it's early yeah too uh too early to use the challenge attack speed up from Todd I was talking.

About she holds that so well romanzi if she slides over with that Todd's going to rip that back through the middle so it's just a matter of having a better ball before that there's some power again this is the exact start that bo2k wanted fast-paced power just missed it.

Looked like she was a little a little early on it I like that hands battle from Goldberg the detriment to it was going cross-court and Todd teeing off on and.

no not yet just remency going over getting a little advice from deckle bar see navratul and Hewitt waiting for this shot up next Franco finds the sideline there might have been a little closer than she wanted.

To me that's such a good job by Sarah schenko she just moves her feet so well it almost never seems to be out of position yeah and she sets up her body there that she can either go middle or push that ball out why to romancy but right now they're definitely going at Goldberg just long from Goldberg and I'd like to.

See ramension Goldberg change this up they need to go a little more to Paris Todd here an interesting thing in that one so we saw Tara shenko's bowls kind of staying up a little bit to to Goldberg she didn't hit a different Ball when she went cross court to Romania it's just the bowl travels a little farther.

oh nice dig from Goldberg but romansi can't finish right there and it's an 11-2 lead here for blqk on the end change and as always we have Cameron Blackwood Courtside Cameron good morning what do you got down there for us on the sideline there's a lot of fire there from blqk they're ready to win this they.

Have a strict game plan it is going to be go hard be aggressive every point on the flip side Goldberg and romenzi need to slow this down I agree with you Dom they're going to Irena too much let's go over to Todd see if we can't get them to spread out create some space in the middle because right now Goldberg is not hanging with tarashenko let's go.

Cross-court to Todd see if we can't work a point and get some points on the board hey I'm not gonna lie it's a good morning for me when Cameron's agreeing with me so I am off to a good start this morning that's because you didn't call it Cameron Owen to stop where's that but yes I do I do think that they need.

To involve Paris Todd a little more here uh Irena tarashenko is dialed in I'm not sure how many you know let's look at the stats here and errors that's a big fat zero next to Irina tarashenko's name right now and so you need to try and force something I mean you're looking at a six to zero kill to era ratio yeah for BLK for blqk so.

Got to try and force something different here oh first there there but that was that was a better ball from Goldberg she took a little bit off of it falls taroshenko to try to move up and attack that on the Run clean still it's it's tough for them to find a rhythm right now.

Foreign and she's got a good speed up yeah that's a nice spot right there for remembering a better Point construction there from Team cleaner well that's exactly what Cameron said so they went out to Todd Todd goes down the line and then gives romanti the opportunity to.

Pull tarashenko out wide foreign yeah that's got to give her some confidence right there I think tarashenko went one too many speed up she needed to kind of push back out.

Behind romanzi on that one once you once gold bug got into the sense and she's going to get attacked she was sitting there waiting ready foreign I don't mind it right there she just didn't get on top enough but that ball is there for her Chad as she came out a.

Little too flat and had too much of a backswing but I can't blame her for that she gets that opportunity the only thing is is you can't make up those nine points with one swing 35 that's it right there and again I think.

It's got to involve a little more Paris Todd right here Force the action yeah and Goldberg actually did a good job of of staying in that point and not trying to force it over to Todd the balls tarashenko were giving her we're forcing her to go back down the line but once she was able to take that ball out of the air she could change direction.

Foreign she gained some ground and comes in just gets underneath that doesn't get over the top yeah just a little bit of trying to press too much she needs to to slow the feet down on that one.

Foreign she did a great job of going to the the Todd forehand and then coming back to the backhand I think if romantic goes down the line straight down the line again we see you get Todd getting handcuffed on that backhand we call that the X where you just you go across the.

Body if you go in the same spot twice typically they're sitting there waiting and he trying to make something happen there kind of an in-between ball that we call like that yellow area great reset from Franco Goldberg and that reset saved that whole point there.

And that's Goldberg's strength she's excellent at resetting she can pull the trigger when she needs to or we got a camera flying over the booth right now I'm sparked I like that I like that attack again romantic both of romanti and Goldberg on some of their attacks their.

Feet are still moving so it rushes through that swing oh wow miscommunication there in the middle for menzi looking at Goldberg going my bad thank you that'll drop timeout here from Team Clean as they are visibly upset with how this.

Is going and obviously Chad there you know down by a bunch here in this women's doubles match a 10-point deficit we've seen big comebacks Chad is this something possible that Team Clean can figure out here during this timeout I think it's possible for them to make it closer I think Todd and Tara shenko are just playing.

Too well at this point to give up a 10-point lead but like you say anything anything's possible and we've seen it happen with the rally scoring unfortunately that miscommunication that just happened between romanti and.

Goldberg not the time for it you know it's you're trying to claw back and you've I said at the beginning they've got to play clean pickleball too many mistakes when we see it every time going down the the tail stretches as one team is getting there closer and you stop making those errors can't have it.

Let me come back from that timeout 18-8 lead here for glqk what's going on oh my gosh the ball skipped off the line for Sarah schenko she could just laugh at it it was so much and we see stack screwed and Bob getting a little fight up there.

But that ball had so much spin on it tarashenko couldn't do anything with it wow oh and Franco little has it Goldberg for a little hesitant right there in the middle of that one.

Had a two-point run there but halted by blqk foreign does not work blqk Frozen now on 20. they're back to side out scoring for blqk Team Clean still in rally scoring.

For blqk that's gonna go a little wide and blqk Chad with the statement here in women's doubles with a 21-10 victory I mean not exactly how we thought it was going to play out we knew blqk was going to come out strong but that's a statement in game one yeah and like we said at the beginning it was going to be an uphill.

Battle for Romanian Goldberg and they had to play their best pickleball to stick with Todd and tarashenko and we saw a definitely a slow start from from Team Clean Todd and tarashenko came out hot against a team like that you can't give them that early lead in that Lodge of accountability no you can't give him any.

Daylight but Cameron Blackwood is Courtside with Paris Todd and Irina terchenko Harris you guys were locked in dominating aggressive from the very first point what was your and irina's preparation before stepping out on the court this morning we're just hungry we want to win and you know last MLP we didn't get the chance to all show up so.

Now we're here so we're ready to win and it's not over we're hungry you're really pressuring Goldberg with your aggressive slice up at the kitchen line what were you trying to create there uh just trying to create opportunities for me to get into the kitchen and then maybe from there looking to run around and use some.

Flakes off my forehand side there you have it on demands doubles back to you guys are they convincing win for blqk on the women's side we're going to men's doubles here team clean and blqk in the first semifinal matchup here at MLP Columbus thank you.

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Back here on Championship Court MLP Columbus men's doubles here on the way first a semi-final matchup Team Clean versus blqk Federico Stacks rude and Deco bar for Team Clean taking on Zane navratil and Rafa Hewitt for blqk as you can check out that head to head that's one of the closest head-to-head Chad that we've seen this weekend.

Yeah this I mean this one's going to be a a close match but we have seen some vulnerability from navratul and Hewitt uh over the last couple of days statured and Bob playing extremely well together but I think I and I said this before going into it that Barr is going to be the X Factor 14 clean in this one we saw him step up big in the dream.

Breaker yesterday to put them through so I'd be looking for bar to get big up at the kitchen line step in take those chances Stack Street is being consistent going in in those cross-court danks and with the speed up down the line so navratulin and Hewitt funnily enough they win more points when they're away.

From the kitchen than what they do when they get up to the kitchen line with with only a 40 percent win ratio of once they get to the kitchen so I think navratso and and Hewitt have to be aggressive you know we'll see Hewitt Drive a lot of balls and and really step in and and be aggressive but where navratul and he would have had the issue.

Is when their opponents are aggressive at them and speed it up into the body before navratil and Hewitt have had their chance to be the aggressors as we get ready to start here Team Clean Federico Stacks rude ready to serve and there is the navratil fan base Dennis dimple and Jenny the navratil family all watching intently here.

looking to see if the LQK can go up 2-0 but again Chad you talked about it blqk men's side convulnerable now there's a start they need they need a fired up Rafa Hewitt yeah and that's the pace that they've got to play at bah is going to going to drive a lot of his third shots so they've got to look at.

Punching those back down that's great volley from Barr yeah nice deep ball again using the pace coming at him rather than trying to generate too much a little long there from Barr but good hands there from statured the cowbells are out early for blqk Chad yeah and Bob's is standing A Little Too Tall on.

That one we talked about his his 6-3 but he plays like he's 6-11 got to use those legs and stay down it was a speed up from stature that I was talking about going down the line behind navratil good adjustment from him but that's something he's got to look for as this.

Match progresses looking for some Pace here the 1-2 combo right at stature we take a look at it again quick flick anticipating that ball to come back that's the key to those speed UPS you have to treat it as the one too I don't like it beautiful.

yeah so we'll go back to what I said in the middle of that point I don't like it never till brought stature back up to the kitchen line and it made it a 50-50 point they could have kept him back he was being a little too cute right there trying to cut that ball yeah and they got away with that one the stat I was.

Talking about before of 40 That's when all four teams are up there so that's something that blqk doesn't want to do is bring their opponents up to the kitchen yeah and they ended up on top of that point but it's not a decision I would make.

Often wow nice hands battle by all 40s gentlemen but never still coming out on top now virtual is doing a great job of of keeping the swing in front he has a tendency at times of getting too big and trying to do too much right now we're seeing him stay nice and short and.

Compact really taking advantage of those quick hands oh never tell with a little stare down up at the kitchen line well fired up early on as they never tell on Far like you said Chad earlier stood straight up.

no baby all right wow didn't Mavericks will get that ball in the corner are you kidding me right now.

Absolutely phenomenal play oh we got some chimpiness stacked fruit and Hewitt Jackson not happy with Rafa Hewitt right here he thinks that that ball hit his arm on the reset that ball hit his hand he's saying he's got a mark for it to.

Show as he shows Vicki Ryan and the time out here from Team Clean Chad this is getting intense look at this showing Stacks through look at look at where this is saying that's the ball oh wow right there Stacks are going going out at it he's taking a picture of it take a picture of it Rafa show.

Everybody we're talking about it at dinner last night Rafa Hewitt is the nicest and calmest guy off off the court when you talk to him together oh this is going to be a tough one to challenge the challenging where the ball hit on Rafa Hewitt.

Might take a little little bit of time for the video challenge crew to find this one in such a long point but back to it we're talking about Rafa Hewitt being one of the nicest guys off the court and super quiet and once you get him in that competitive mode he gets fired up look at him right here I mean.

He's walking around he's showing everybody in the stands where it hit and so we're gonna find this Replay for you see what happens here but it's a little bit of a lengthy time out here is blqk had a ton of momentum throughout this point as navratil got a ball I mean that ball was almost over the barrier.

But yep right there off his hand right on the knuckles yep what a great job and good find by boxcar Productions wow that's great work right there there it is right there off of you and even more fired up right now.

so it's a 9-3 lead here I'm gonna say right now that's it's dangerous to get Hewitt that fired up however you can push him past it nope right there and that's what Hewitt needs to find now he needs to come back down just a little bit he's at like 15 out of.

One to ten he needs to get down to like nine big ball there from deckle bar but they need to get a couple more here and get this a little closer before the end change time and Hewitt just trying to go change a pace right there but decobar waiting on it yeah and I was waiting for body to.

Step in on one of those ones in the middle you know I thought potentially could go on that one but ba reading the change of direction from Hewitt that's unnecessary change of Direction he's controlling that point stocks are stature is not pushing it pushing him away from the lawn.

Backhand from Hewitt right there as it is it's an 11-5 lead for BL Kim K Cameron Blackwood is Courtside cam what are you hearing down there I know Rafi Hewitt was dreaming right in front of you yeah they are fired up Mike peristot said they're locked in ready to win this at all costs starting off very.

Aggressive on the flip side stacksrude is newer to pickleball and newer to doubles dominating the singles but newer to doubles it's gonna we're gonna see if his hands can stay in this men's battle with how much power is coming from the other side so I'd like him to go ahead and work the point with Hewitt just a little bit more he can miss those easy.

Dinks and see if they can't open up the middle just a little bit and get some points on the board yeah as you're seeing a replay of that incredible point everything great job there from navratul and Hewitt that was a huge momentum shift in that first half but it's an 11-5 victory victory 11-5 lead for blqk.

Here on the end change we come back in never till to serve that's a good good change of pace from Stacks rune better job with that speed up compared to the one that we saw earlier a good ball down the line right there.

Good start on the after the end change four team Queen oh Jackal bar ready for that speed up and even Deco Barr with a little finger wag you don't see that much out of Deco bar I was almost gonna quote you earlier they're only down by six points that's only six Subs all over me.

Oh off the body right there Michael bars former doubles partner Adam Stone is loving it in the bleachers over here so the change that we've seen now is the team clean is speeding speeding the balls up soon we see decobar with the finger wag Team Clean is is taking the incentive of being the aggressor here on this one and.

This is where we've seen some vulnerability from navratul and and Hewitt right one too many times right there but you've seen a lot of times teams that attack don't like being attacked right they like to be the initiator and so you're seeing a little bit of that from.

Clean but right there you're just going to the well too many times on that line oh just poked at it wasn't even Hey where's Julian Arnold I mean this is all all Julian Arnold right here finger wagon not the right time right there I'm okay.

With the time but wrong spot right if if you're going to he he went down the line he had such a success down the line then never till read it you're gonna speed up just go right shoulder of an average will not try to go through the middle of the Court a nice spot way to take over by bar in the middle.

Within five here great job by Hewitt expecting the poach and then handcuffing Stacks here at his left foot go back okay wrong spot you don't mind your.

Decision but just that wrong spot yeah it's just you're feeding into Hewitt's forehand right there Cross Court giving him more reaction time go that go there but bring it over closer to navratul he's going to be sitting more backhand protecting that law and looking for the spot that you beat him on.

Go back right here it's going to be hard for him to come across and and get that one but now okay you've hit a couple two in the middle now go back down yeah all right so the timeout from clean down by seven it's tough right especially with Rafa human fired up right there in Africa.

Loving every bit of it what are you talking to team cleaning up Franco and sorry Goldberg and romanti in Deco bars here what are they explaining to him about what they need to do here looks like that you know talking about a little bit more ball movement and and also with statute going in that cross court with Hewitt.

Ba has to put some more pressure on it just just from movement wise if he starts moving and putting the pressure on Hewitt that he has to keep the ball down now you're changing that mindset you're going to get that unnecessary change of direction from Hewitt but right now Bart isn't moving like I would like him to like I would like to see him.

Do a little deep right there from Hewitt watching intently in the stand Samone Steve Kuhn founder of MLP pushed a little bit asked his point that he needs to sit right he's I don't think he's out of 15 but he's definitely above the nine but.

He needs to yeah that he needs to be at that's a nice attack and here comes Team Clean Johnny Goldberg known to give a little bit of stick while he's watching that's good answer there from navratil on the forehand volley.

nope hey job from bar I wasn't trying to do do a ton they took those balls early cutting down the reaction time for navratul all right and that's the not the issue but it is and rally scoring when you go for that.

Serve if you miss that's a free point that's all what goes around the back but off his hip first a good job by Statue not sure why body and step in and take that forehand earlier on.

Yeah now he's not going down the line he's not going through the he's going right at navratul so it's hard for him to choose hey you've hit a couple down the line you've hit a couple through the middle which way do I sit right so good job from Stacks Road as we keep they just can't get the.

Momentum going you got to string a few points together here great point then miss the next one in the next yeah miss the third an easy third what a kick from never till on the sideline that's incredible.

Yeah again it's similar to that point that we saw earlier with the the Hewitt and debate Mavericks are going out wide getting a ball where you think it's a winner there's Match Point here side out scoring for blqk from here on out.

What oh my gosh person point someone needed a camera on Paris Todd throughout this whole point of the corner she's ready to crash the court she was ready to come down the court right there what a great job my team cleanest thing in that point fight off the first match.

Point foreign that's not it right there yeah you got the sub back you got the serve back but.

You need to stay focused yeah that's why you're you're too high right there yeah you need to focus and all that paddle toss and everything that's a side out that's all that was you didn't win it you win it toss your pedal fine but you need to calm down and focus back up he got overzealous and right there that hurts him right.

There now both teams Frozen yep both teams Frozen we're at side out scoring again they get some momentum and then give it right back but that's I mean that's just rushing from from bar right there he's he's trying to get up there so quickly ran through that third.

it's a good serve wow that's a big ball from staxford right there Chad yeah good hold makes it look like he's going back cross quarter through the middle and average will just Frozen you see Irina taroshenko foreign.

avertail right here with the 1-2 Finish I don't know I mean it's not a ball that you can really let go of there but I don't know if an average will rolled that one enough to keep it in the court yeah it'll be Match Point number three here for bl2k.

Just a little short on that third Team Clean fighting this off ah what hands there from Jackal Barr and clean within one Hewitt definitely playing an out ball right there but Deco bar able to handcuff navratil getting it right into that right armpit.

Foreign catching it late huge backswing Match Point number four for blqk wow stacked through Chad is stepping up right now yeah good change of pace change of.

Direction from Stack's room who wants this mall because right now we're going back and forth absolutely incredible I'm standing next to MLP commissioner Burke Wiley and Brooks is like leaning in with every point back here.

Right now I can't it's just incredible you're sitting here we're all leaning back on is that going over yes it's over Match Point number five halfway through that one and stacks saxron isn't the most powerful guy out there right as far as the ball going up he knows that if he.

Tries to swing big that doesn't work you gotta go softer with it he adds the spin I'm not even drinking right now babe he's he's dancing and jumping around 19 20. oh we are all tied up here at 20. Deco bar calm cool and collected as he walks over grabs the ball we're all square here.

Yeah Buzz gotta do more with that second ball that second speed up yeah he's got to finish that second one but again that is great hands from Zane navratil keep them in that point 20 20. no more Match Point here for blqk and I think you had thought navato was going to take that ball for a Split.

Second and we've seen Hewitt now he was way over now he's kind of come back down but he's dropped even lower he's got to find that that happy medium that happening intensity spot for him wow what a move and hands from Rafa Hewitt there catching deckle bar after.

The attempt at Ernie now he seemed just pushed back through that you have always put away do it looking up at Navarro hey was that ball out please please tell me it was out because I couldn't tell today it's so hard that was a couple of feet inside but I don't think that ball even bounced yo we.

Talked about pickleballs not compressing he compressed that one oh that ball might be broken Thanksgiving turkey 20 20. signed out scoring the rest of the way back into our pattern Hewitt and stacks rude.

Yeah it was slow it was slow around the post hold the string line bar trying to go left-handed with it that's a big ATP there from Hewitt see the replay definitely coming back inside the court oh catching it up the net just long right here calling it out so we'll see.

Here we may see a challenge on this one Johnny Goldberg over there going way out how about way out but it was close I was way out technically yeah in regards to to a challenge that was way up did that touch oh did that touch Bob.

That is Rafa Hewitt corner pocket check out these stats really quick no qk yeah look at never till stats 10 kills one error 22 kills eight errors Team Clean 19 kills seven errors I mean talking about aggressive pickleball.

A big put away I mean check we I mean we got the championship scheduled at 7 30 tonight these guys are taking forever this match going on all morning so far how does Hewitt come back and get that great read wow and see how quick I mean that's all hand movement right if he.

Moves with elbow or shoulder he gets jammed and he gets handcuffed on that but he moved with the hand still kept the elbow in front of the body foreign.

trying to keep that ball down and just above the net and it will give blqk Match Point number seven foreign.

That was gritty by navratul and Hewitt they came out played an aggressive game style you take a look at the last Point good speed up by Stack shroud Barr caught back on his heels a little bit just dumping that one into the net but navratul and Hewitt weathered the storm of statured and Bach coming back but we'll see that if.

opponents are being the aggressors navratul and Hewitt really struggle when they're getting attacked before they get that opportunity to be aggressive themselves what a job by Rafa Hewitt and saying that until Cameron Blackwood is Courtside with Rafa Hewitt and Zane Hamilton you guys had a huge lead.

Multiple match points they get back in you're fired up how are you able to stay so composed and fired up at the same time and win this match it's just pickleball can't keep on telling you guys it's just pickleball but haven't seen in my corner having our whole team having the whole crowd out here love you guys this is what keeps us.

Up Keeps Us fired it definitely helps it definitely helps and how much of an advantage is it to have two forehands in the middle the only Advantage we have is we're here in Columbus and we got the home crowd that's all we need help there you have it vl2k goes up 2-0 on to mix back to you guys all right well what a finish there in.

Men's doubles Chad blqk goes up 2-0 heading into some mixed doubles we got that first mixed doubles match up for you here next at MLP Columbus thank you.

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Them we built them well it's gonna be really tough that men's doubles match up here Chad what an incredible finish great run by team Queen in the end I thought Rapha got a little excited on the one point on the side out because two errors after that team Queen allowed to get back in but dlq play.

Answers they finish it off they take it 22-20 now going in the mix still looking to see what those lineups are the four gentlemen are all on the sideline taking a break right now that was a taxic match for them Chad oh I mean they put everything into that one blqk in the commanding position up.

2-0 it's now dual Die full team clean if I was a betting man uh-oh which typically I am but I bet I would say hey this is my swin right now you've got to go with your strongest strongest mixed doubles team which is Barr and Franco.

Yeah because because again unlike unlike Friday and Saturday on like Friday and Saturday if blqk wins this match it's done it's over now we don't play that quarterback please cannot save anybody right it's like it's like going I'm gonna save my number one starter for tomorrow and I'm hoping that we get there and then guess.

What your number one is saved until next year oh yeah so it looks like it is going to be Barr and Goldberg taking on average Hill and Todd predictions chat whoa predictions uh on paper we kick we're we're seeing the win probability again super super close 53-47 in favor of navratul and Todd.

Again my X Factor on this one is going to be decobar he has to leave it all out there right now yo if you get through the final you've got some you've got some some of a break but you've got to get it you've got to push into this dream break of thought so he's got to go full out he's got to get big and he has to be.

Aggressive we see truth girlfriend Selena coming over give him a kiss on The Jig don't worry you're gonna get your opportunity here right after deckle bar and Regina Goldberg take care of business he's hoping he gets to that but.

First and foremost bar Goldberg have to win must win Goldberg deserve to start dropping on the Baseline Todd said no when navratil looked around he knew that ball was going to drop in as soon as it got past him he's like oh that's gonna land and it lands in by a couple inches.

Foreign good coverage on the first ball there from Paris Todd yeah good uh good setup well good read I should say by Goldberg on the navratul Ani attempts Todd slides over like she should but it just leaves her two exposed Goldberg able to go down the line.

Foreign off the net from Paris Todd Tackle Box completely flat-footed yeah Todd fired up here all square at two nice job by Goldberg good change of pace from but good hands yeah smoothie was but he's he's smooth.

On his toes right not standing straight up good athletic position that allowed him to stay in that point foreign that one a little too long oh no talk about that ball checking up too watch it hit the net.

Drop go back into the net yeah that's good intensity from from Bach we didn't see that in in men's doubles uh not like that that was a great job again good athletic position moving his feet should get up on that toe big serve yeah.

Good spot yeah right on cue both of us good spot that's a perfect spot going right in between Goldberg and Farr just out of the reach of Goldberg plqk within one yeah James Zane's got to do something more with with that one decent ball to come forward on but but.

Again what we're seeing from the mistakes on both sides is is when they're Standing Tall there's no athletic position no use of the legs what oh far he was waiting he almost wanted to go two three shots earlier but waited for the right moment yeah and it was a good job by by Goldberg.

To stay in that one she stayed back was able to get that ball down and bar already being up that good rate coming across for the Finish Oh I thought that one was going out Landing just on the line just disgruntled right there I was gonna say disheveled but disgruntled's a good word wise move let me talk about wait until.

The last second that Ball's up in the air everybody pushes off from the center line it's not fair it's not hot not fair being that big not athletic that quick foreign that Team Clean needs right here.

I think she's never still sitting forehand right there he's thinking that bar is going to go middle till guesses there and bar goes backside well it's even more difficult from Barr is that he's hitting the short Court man so it has to it's a speed up from below.

The net yeah okay that right there that's a heat check from deckle bar he's coming and going all right I mean he's on Franco's side and good ball there from navitos you just go short and sweet not too hard.

Till now making his presence felt that was a good reach in and good attack at Goldberg flat pancake right there from navitsil Hewitt giving up round them up we're ready to go.

Potatoes too big and too late from Goldberg yeah yeah oh straight up yeah we've seen the change now navratul and Todd being the aggressors well I slowed down a little bit as far.

As his movement off the tape winner for an average Hill and BLK regains the lead and they're up 11-9 on the end change Cameron Blackwood is sidelined what are you seeing down there cam the occupate just did exactly what they needed to do they stayed composed they didn't take the time out they communicated well saying hey we're.

Going a little bit too much to Goldberg right there summer popping up high and basically ducklebar was just playing singles on the double sport let's keep them honest let's hit some drop thirds to him let's keep him guessing on where we're gonna go and that's how they were able to crawl back in this I think on the other side Goldberg just needs to.

Stay consistent keep working at Cross Court to Todd and seeing if she can't get deckled back in this and fire it up thanks Cam and it is back fired up Reach Out absolutely and.

The the hard part with Bach is he's not somebody like Julian Anna that can just run around for two hours straight and and have the energy for it he's got to do it in spot so we've seen him slow down a little bit again but what happens with that is he starts standing up so he's got to get back into using the legs and then when he feels good he's.

Got to get back into the being the aggressor however he can't let this get too far away without stepping in and taking over again on average till now is the active one foreign.

Foreign just toss it up four point lead here for plqk looking to end this in three good ball right there and that's again going right at the body of navrata.

Yeah we saw him come across and so we see Johnny Goldberg Milly Rayne Selena Sharif and Mia yeah good spot for mavericko the average Hill looking at Paris Chicago and look at all that space I had you see that you believe he left that open for me.

thank you such a heavy ball there from duckle bar but again now they cannot continue to trade points here they need to get on the board get a couple in a row and get back in there oh my gosh oh wow can't believe Bear's.

Top missed that one I think it was it floated too much for her yeah the back spin off of baz paddle just kept that ball sitting up there again that we talk about an overhead but it's hit out in front that ball got back behind Todd wow oh Mia's all about that one right there that's the that's a move from decoupage.

Explosive driving and coming through for that fifth straight up and down if Barr is more in an athletic position I think right there he's giving himself a better chance be standing straight up just going clean right back in it now they give up two points and bl2k back up three.

a great Rob from bar oh bar fired up right there yeah good good time for the love from ba thing yeah Paris Paris had her body turned because she was had been going in the cross court with Goldberg great ball and a yeah baby from Deco.

Bars he comes in and follows this drive back within one good disguise from navratil Goldberg doing a good job of fighting the way back up but neverton made it look like he was going to go Max effort this goes a little 50 60 percent roll down to the feet yeah timeout here from Team Clean.

Within two but just can't get pull Chad and then blkk comes back what does clean need to do to get back in this after we look at this last point right here good not a bad mom right there Franco Goldberg just not able to get back up and she needs to push more to get back up after that Ball's dropped in but what.

Is clean need to do here Chad yeah again it comes down to deckle bar and how active he is up at the net when we when we see the run we're taking a look at navratil's family right there when we've seen the run from uh from team played it's Barr has taken over he's beaten the aggressor where they get into trouble is when he starts slowing.

Down we've talked about it multiple times he stands up he's back on the heels it's almost like when that ball pops up he's like I'm just going to try to pull on it somehow but I'm not putting much effort into to going with it we're at the point now where you just got to leave it all on the court yep if he's.

Spent he's spent there is no tomorrow and there is no fourth game can't win in the unforced air from zackle bar not ideal out of the timeout yeah you knew Zane was speeding that up right away he saw an opportunity that's a good ball and a four point lead.

For blqk nice hands there from Deco Barr that ball is going out but Bob's like ow just put a hole in your chest with it oh it is side out scoring the rest of the way for blqk and it is game and match point and a spot in the finals on the line foreign.

other ideas at the moment as they creep within three on the big forehand from bar you you great work Todd and long on the backhand from.

Again just getting too tall on that one and when he hits through it it stays up the movement was there we just had to stain the legs a little longer Point number two foreign great job by team Queen great battle.

Here's that last point for you guys at home Paris Todd doing such a good job all afternoon long going cross-core with Franco good hands by Franco but Paris Todd there with the exclamation point and she is fired up on.

Their way to the final shed yeah we predicted before this one that we're going to see another blqk ranchers final blq putting the stamp on it came out and they'd shown some vulnerability in the last two days as far as in men's doubles.

But never telling Hewitt able to hold on today going through 3-0 carrying a lot of momentum into the final tonight all right Cameron Blackwood is sidelined with the entire blqk team Pierce a little bit of a slower start for you and Zane we saw that you started to change some strategy talk us through that yeah you know they came out really hot and.

Both of them were playing absolutely amazing and Declan Regina are a very tough team in general so me and Zayn really had to change our strategy and you know when we got down big so it's just like I said Zane's a brainstown operation so he's keeping the glue the glue together of the team and Deco takes most of the core he's a.

Very big guy but how are you able to neutralize him and then move the ball in your favor well they play an interesting style because Regina likes to hang out in the mid court and she's really good at those resets so there's there's these shots that are you think are attackable but uh then decal says otherwise and we made an.

Adjustment try to keep him honest a little bit so he couldn't poach and that's what was the uh the difference I think collected sitting there on the bench but what's the game plan now preparing for Championship night once again for blqk uh we're definitely going to watch the semis uh we're gonna eat we're gonna.

Relax we're gonna give ourselves a little bit mental break and then just lock in come out strong and yeah big shout out to Team Clean they competed really well and then thank you for all the fans coming out and supporting us let's go black there you have it blqk in the finals once again tonight now we're on to the.

Next semis back to you guys all right Chad blqk punching their ticket to the finals our next semifinal ranchers and hard eights that match is coming for you at 12 30 p.m eastern time half hour from now that's gonna be a very heated battle we'll take a quick commercial break then we'll come back and we'll have that match for you in a.

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The double bounce rule what that means is the ball must bounce on the serve and the return and then it's game on the format starts with women's doubles followed by men's doubles and ends with two mixed doubles at the end of that if the teams are tied two to two we go to a dream breaker but don't worry we'll cover that later.

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Getting our duper tattoos oh cool hey Cameron how's it going almost done perfect can't wait to see your number number duper because ratings shouldn't be a surprise download the app and claim your free profile today I haven't even started yet oh it's the joy of the sport and the joy.

That we try to create a majorly pickleball that is drawing such amazing people to come and join us it helps bring the message that pickleball is an amazingly joyful thing it brings that message to tens of millions hundreds of millions maybe billions more people not only in America but all over the planet when we announced Drew Brees I think 100.

Million people saw that story even if half a percent of them tried pickleball on the back of that news that's 500 000 new people playing that's amazing when we announced uh these are major new owners more people who just give this game a try and they're going to find out that this is something that's going to bring them Joy it's going to make them.

Happier they're going to meet new people and it's not too late to jump on the pickleball train as much growth as this sport has seen I think that's only just beginning and gosh do we need that we're here in the iconic New York Stock Exchange boardroom we're ringing the bell downstairs at I think about 9 30.

We have this company called pickle roll that brought in this amazing temporary pickleball court it can be installed on any flat surface these guys started loading in last night at 10 30 worked all night finished about 30 minutes ago and we're going to do a pretty cool pickleball exhibition here in this amazing room.

Foreign hi this is Anna bright we are about to play at a super fun exhibition match is the iconic New York Stock Exchange boardroom I'm so excited to be here really a once in a lifetime experience so it's so cool that they were able to get a court in here I didn't know that uh to do it it feels great I think it'll.

Be a lot of fun and it's just such a such a cool place to play in welcome to the boardroom of the New York Stock Exchange and Major League pickleball I'm in demand you know I'm in demand I'm the leader a crowd.

Pleaser so sought after jumping out the meter you're looking at me it's epic I mean we're playing pickle bomb in New York Stock Exchange boardroom so does it get any better than this MLP is super unique and exciting because it's a team format which doesn't otherwise exist in pickleball MLP is.

Probably the best format it's a team-based event it's got the best men and best women you have people playing together from an event perspective there's nothing else like it we're here uh this weekend to have our draft reveal show Saturday Night Live from the Billie Jean King national tennis center we had a we had a draft in private uh about 30.

Days ago and we're doing a kind of a NCAA style reveal show this weekend yeah I'm gonna be heading to the draft on Saturday hopefully I get drafted it's gonna be pretty cool over at the Billie Jean King national tennis center um yeah just awesome stuff for for Major League pickleball and I'm hopefully happy to be a part of it.

On Saturday night I'll be at the draft reveal party um can't wait to see who's on my team it'll be a lot of fun all the stars are going to come out we'll be dressed a little nicer than usual it'll be super super fun and exciting it's the draft reveal show on Saturday for Major League pickleball uh I'm assuming we're both.

Hoping to get drafted so we'll see how that shakes out but um played last year and it was a lot of fun it was my favorite favorite event of the year and I'm looking forward to it this year my heart hey guys this is Chuck Taylor with the Lions and I'm here with a pickleball Pro.

Tip today I want to share with you how I hit the drop shot this isn't from the Baseline I'm doing this from the kitchen and the two things I want to look for is I want my opponents to be on their heels they're moving back they're ready for you to pound the ball because they're in a reset mode and that's when you go for it they're not expecting it and here's.

How you know if you're going to be successful goal number one is you want to hit that job site really soft make a bounce in the kitchen that's decent if you can make about twice in the kitchen that's good and that's when you know you got it down all right my opponent's going to be back at the Baseline she's going to be trying to hit into the.

Kitchen and I want to keep attacking until I surprise her with a drop and nice test drop two basses in the kitchen let's go all right guys and that was the drop shot make sure to take that back to your home course and catch your opponents by surprise.

Thank you foreign foreign Catalano alongside me Chad Edwards semifinal number two about to go down.

Ranchers taking on the hard eights Chad we had a good first semifinal with blqk and Team Clean blqk coming out on top and heading to the finals this evening on CBS Sports as you see right there your bracket and blqk advancing in three games didn't even need that fourth mixed doubles matchup so they moved on it was a battle even.

Though they win in three team clean gave them anything and everything they could handle Chad yeah I mean that's it's a good win for blqk gives them confidence going into the final for this one I had blqk and ranches going back to the final again with be up UK.

Getting a second chance after losing to the ranches in Newport but yesterday we saw a little bit of uh issues vulnerability vulnerability um on the ranches on the ranch's side and we started a little bit.

Going uh on a strong team we have that that issue of if Bryant and calamoto aren't on point and they're playing a little bit black and that's where that vulnerability comes into and for the hot age Johnson and gate Leach have been.

Pretty solid throughout all right let's as you're talking about that Chad you can finish up your thought let's take a look at the head-to-head matchup here between these these four ladies yeah so on paper you know we've seen it all throughout this this MLP with with the wind probabilities.

They're they look good on paper but anything can happen on the on the cross and what I was talking about you know we saw Bry come out flat she wasn't hitting the ball like she normally does and we saw her in kalamoto take a loss yesterday for Johnson and oh we got some of the hot crew going right here we know it all.

Too well during that you know that that changeover in between the first semi-final and second semifinal the heartaches owners were all over this place handing out hard Eight's gear so if you see yellow and black all over the place that's why yeah they've suddenly set out the most merchandise across across the crowd to this one one.

Thing we know for sure with the hot AIDS women that if you get a ball to sierrogate leech's forehand forget about it coming back yeah it's just not it's a huge forehand as you see Gayton Leach right there and it is just lethal and we've seen it all weekend catch up what I'd be looking for is.

Johnson to stay aggressive she's done a good job with her speed ups with her roles but it's going to come down to the Cross Court between kawamoto and gate and Leach if Gayton Leach allows kawamoto to dictate Toms put some good aggressive balls on her.

That's going to give the opportunity for bryt to step in speed that ball up if Johnson and Bryant go across the cross cross to each other you can roll she can change direction at any time with that so I'd be looking for the eights not to get into that.

Cross court backhanding so kalamoto engagement gonna have a lot of a lot of work and you're going to see a steady stream of balls for this one and I'm going to look for Anna bright to try and start off quick hot and loud and if she is playing loud and aggressive with a lot of commands and a lot of energy that's when you know.

Johnson getting Leach have some work to do and they may be in trouble because that is the last thing they want for man of right yeah the the intensity is what bright feeds off of and like you said the commands the screams but also we've established the speed that she Walks from the kitchen back to the Baseline shows just how much she's feeling if.

She's walking like a normal person here we go again with the normal person walking then you know she's a little bit flat but if if she's if she's coming coming through you know I'm gonna take I'm gonna take AJ cola's description of Julian Arnold yesterday of a mongoose on amphetamines that's kind of how Anna bright is right.

There when she's when she's pacing and she's she's power walking through she's feeling it all right so we're gonna go real quick to the pro XR performance shot of the match comes from our first semi-final of the day between team Queen and blqk got that shot coming up for you and.

Shortly as our ladies finish up their warm-up here on the championship Court I I tell you what Caitlyn's done a pretty good job of keeping the the into it and making some noise there are times where we're having to shout over the noise of the crowd in here just so we can we can hear ourselves I'm kind of happy we have headphones on it's loud up.

In here and it has been all weekend long foreign running around she's not very noticeable in those orange pants.

See Andre diasko of the hot eights had a bright for the ranches getting ready for this there is that wound up Rowdy hard Eight's crowd over there we're getting high fives over here from Caitlyn Kerr our rock star MC all weekend long she's sipping on that t.

Right now making sure her voice is still here for this evening are about to get underway here for Moto to serve Ron Ponder your lead referee Byron freso your second referee Bob Swiss Helm your video review ref Marsha freso is your.

Tracking referee ball sailing just a little long from kawamoto Georgia Johnson she does such a good job just short and sweet here Chad and that's what we're going to be looking for a steady stream of bulbs coming from calamoto and gate and leech the change of Direction by Cal Moto.

Giving Georgia the opportunity to speed it up yeah oh she was kind of out front of that really didn't wasn't able to hit that as hard as she usually does well I was talking about the first one yeah I think that's where I'd like to see the Ranchers go is to the middle I'd like to see them try and think to the.

Middle put some pressure in that spot for the hard AIDS game leads seems like she's just a little tentative right now playing a little different than what we've seen her the last few days there we go there's a little Pace from Kate and Leach foreign.

Chad no I see rushed through that got the ball that she wanted but just came a little too flat at contact that paddlehead has to stay underneath and brush up and over that ball nice finish there from Georgia Johnson.

A little confusion in the middle but then finished from Gate Bridge good work from gate leads to get out of transitionary but it was just an onslaught from Brighton kalamoto I think Brian Cowell Moto still a little low on on typical energy while.

When I say Brighton Cowell mostly bright cow model kind of plays at a steady pace finally Georgia Johnson able to put that ball away I mean good job by the ranchers to stay in that but two big four hands from Gayton Leach and from Georgia Johnson to finish it foreign.

It hasn't so much been that the ranches are are winning points it's more so that the hot eights are making errors right now so the holiday is already up to five eras oh wow Jaden Leach taking that ball up off the not in the chin missed the hand oh right back to the chin clean very good.

Oh no I don't want to make her mad forehand's already bad mean enough that's a good spot right there after taking the ball off a chin right there yeah I took a right hook from Anna bright I still feel like the ranches are a little too flat right now ball was initially called out from gate.

And Leach and overruled oh Rebels out okay there's the Ryan here's Anna bright right a little more Pace to her step here yeah I think that's what we're looking for Chad.

Nine six nice job by Dayton week 15 under control and handling and right yeah that's what we want to see from Anna Bryant but like you said gate Leach just getting paddle on it changing directions a great job by the hard eights to get out of trouble yeah work their way back.

Into the into the kitchen and then Georgia Johnson stepping in one hand backhand flick through the Middle with the miscommunication by again like we saw this morning we're not getting on runs yo you're you're either making up different differences you're trying to.

Pull away and it's kind of one one point one point one point one point with the exception of a little long or wide on the lob right there there's the Jade kalamoto and the kamodo family watching intently.

Ball fall short and it'll be an 11-9 lead on the end change here we're going to take a look at the pro XR performance shot of the match from our first semifinal right now men's doubles coming at you here foreign.

What a drop right there and then Mavericks are able to put that away what a point we are back here and a bright to serve on the end change Ranchers have a two-point lead trying to get that ever so important first point in women's doubles.

Good spot from bright as a little Community miscommunication in the middle there from the hard Eights on that drive for Amanda bright yeah we've seen that happen quite often this week but again you're playing with with teams and playing with partners that you're not normally playing with throughout the regular pro circuit so coming into this.

Week you haven't played together so that's where that communication breakdown is foreign calling that ball out but kalamoto has other ideas and says I'd like to hit a forehand here and put this away and the ranchers starting to pull away.

Yeah that's the end of bright and there is Tim klitsch standing up on the bench the side of the ranchers he's feeling it and a time out here from the hard eights trying to slow the momentum down up the ranches what are the hard eights need to do here Chad during this timeout well the rent the the holidays need to get back into that.

Cross-caught dig between kalamoto and gate and Leach and give Johnson the ability to to step in and choose a ball to speed up if they keep giving those easy balls back to bride she's going to step into it and speed it up just like we saw we see Tim klitch and DJ young having a little discussion throwing ranches what was interesting in.

That hard eights huddle Julie Johnson keeps sprinting from upstairs down to the sideline and she had the ear of all four part eight players they were all listening very intently to what Julie Johnson had to say in that huddle so let's see if Julie's knowledge comes to play here after the timeout.

Oh you see some knock-around sunglasses on the sponsors of Major League pick wall going out to the crowd and nice job nice talk there for man of bright communication with calamoto let that ball go and there's that big forehand from Dayton meets uh generates so much power from being out in front just going to.

Show that you don't need that backs that pig backswing to to add to the power it's just a low of the um Enterprise saying hey I have a pretty big forehand too here yeah and that was set up by kalamoto pulling gate and Leach out wide not able to catch up with it and popping that ball up.

Like you said bright with the big forehand to finish that both sat up a little more for calamoto off of the paddle again and leaves them what she thought had a job from Bright really putting the pressure on gate and leech we've been impressed.

With Gayton Leach so far this week as as far as stepping in and filling that role for the hot Eights but playoff time is completely different animals starting to feel some of the pressure playoffs are totally different Chad just ask the Dodgers you could be the best team in the National League all year.

Long and not make the NLCS they are gone I saw that last night and that's the difference right you make the playoffs and you're talking about MLP right now you make the playoffs all your records are gone it's start over all right start over everyone with a clean slate here.

Thank you go go go Jackie you're yelling at her and she gets a greater on the post but good coverage from Georgia Johnson right just throwing her hands up in disgust up does she miss that last ball good job good adjustment right and just when you make a big mistake like that and pickleball's so quick to turn around.

Point wise it's easy to make another makes mistake bye yeah the big forehand from gate and leech hot Eights it was saving off game point.

So Ranch is looking to close this one out up 2014. taking the all-important first point I I don't mind that decision though ain't it bright trying to put some pressure on the hard eights if she gets that up and over that's trouble but now the ranchers are on side out scoring can only score on their serve.

D but right we're laughing at Anna bright but this is the Anna bright that needs to come to play this is how loud you know she's into it when she's talking like this and when she's she's moving quickly it's a match point number two for the Ranchers.

Good job by the heartaches with patience waiting for the right opportunity and a good ball hard Eights on rally scoring still until they can get to 18 and then they'll be on side out scoring as well foreign Johnson yeah she came above that one.

Just broke it straight down hitting on top of it pushing it into the net gotta get underneath that ball three for the Ranchers and we've seen this before Chad where teams just keep missing opportunities to put the match away and with rally scoring allows that other team to just.

Creep back in and that's what the hard eights are doing okay A little pressure and uh the oddest the hottest point to get in in both teams sought out scoring is this this last one throw in rally scoring that each mistake you make your opponents keep coming back into it now it makes that final Point even hotter yeah I mean.

You're exactly right yeah you know we talk about you know when we're talking to new players and talking about you know just in general the hardest points Inside Out scoring to get I always say are 10 and 11. double digit points right you get to nine you're feeling comfortable it's hard to get those last two points those double digit points now.

With this rally scoring and another team is Frozen on side outscoring and now that other team you just feel that pressure it's like oh we got a 2015 leave well now it's 2016. now the 2017. you know now it's 2018 and you're like oh oh here they come now we're both Frozen both teams side out scoring can only score on their.

Serve here good timeout from the ranchers DJ young was the one who called that time out he stepped right up to the side line said hey let's regroup let's figure this out but the hard Eight's still on serve here brought.

She was anticipating that ball was going to go back through the middle but Gayton leech taking it across the body foreign go instead of going right foot she went left foot of Gayton Leach and and kind.

Of handcuffs are right there Match Point number five here for the Ranchers foreign wants that one back missing that ball up shoulder hot foreign but again Chad you cannot continue to.

Miss opportunities here Match Point number six for the ranchers they were up 2015. pressing God who just get that ball over the net uh we're not looking for a perfect drop in this one you're just walking to get yourself into the point.

Foreign she had earlier and didn't put away she didn't make that mistake twice I wasn't wasn't the cleanest of speed UPS from gate and leech so bright like you said making the adjustment taking that ball further out hitting through the ball instead of.

Hitting down on it s Point number seven and that will do it number seven lucky seven for the ranchers as they will take this first match the ever so important women's doubles match by a score of 21-19 I mean Chad that's that's a close call there for the ranchers after they had a.

2015 lead no I'm just looking at some of the stats here we'll look at the last point good job by calamoto giving yourself some space to get that ball into the kitchen and then Johnson looking to speed it up but not quite getting underneath that enough but yeah good fight from hot.

Eights the ranches kind of got back on their heroes in the middle of that one well so at the end of that one I should say Lynn hot H back into it throw it down to Cameron Blackwood with Anna Pride Jay calamoto looked like you guys had a pretty strict game plan going into this targeting.

Sierra what were you looking to create there we just wanted to create space so move the ball around and hopefully get an opening that we can shoot through the middle you guys had an aggressive lead but then they started to creep back in you called a timeout what was said in that timeout to finish this oh we just wanted to stay.

Loose trust yourself keep being patient waiting for the right ball that's the you know that's the great thing about MLP when you're watching it and it makes you extremely tight as a player is with the rally scoring comebacks are always possible you can never let up and thankfully we had that cushion which helped us helped us get it done.

They did just that we're moving on to men's doubles back to you all right the ever so important women's doubles going to the ranchers they're taking that 1-0 lead let's take a look at the knock around KO of the game here for women's doubles you can see on your screen right there and a bright winner here.

Watch her step into this look at that hole created by the Cross Court Ding and then she goes backside on gate and Leach for the winner the ranchers with a 1-0 lead we're going to take a quick commercial break here from Columbus Ohio men's doubles here semifinal number two coming at you next.

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Men's doubles here on Championship court and semi-final number two heartaches and the ranchers ranchers coming out on top in women's doubles by a score of 21-19 Anna bright and Jackie kalamoto finishing off Georgia Johnson and Sierra Gayton Leach now it's up to the men's hard eights team to try and even this up Kyle Yates.

And Andre they ask you taking on DJ young and James ignatowich let's take a look at that head-to-head matchup Chad this is as close as we've had all weekend yeah we see a very similar wind probability for for this men's doubles match up like we did with Q uh blqk and the clean this one even closer going slightly to diasko.

And Yates ignatowich and Young definitely have the ability to win the fire fights however we always talk about this with the ranches guys is it's controlled aggression if they start going for too much they start swinging too big specifically DJ young things can go awry.

Yates and I ask you very consistent we saw a little bit from yet from yesterday with Yates as far as spraying some balls he's another guy that can't do too much and we see Tim klychin out of bright over there the side of the ranches foreign.

first point and Yates just getting it a little too big and this is where he doesn't have as much power as the other three guys on the court he can't try to hit it as hard as them used his ability to create angles and spin foreign.

that's exactly what they're going to try and do don't know if you've noticed but we're getting a different look from the ranches right here with ignado it's being on the left just a little long right there and they see something that they like in the match-up.

It's either ignato which face on straight up with Yates or Cross Court with teascu is using his length so well to reach in and take this ball it's just a quick snap of the wrist paddlehead goes underneath and accelerates forward through that ball.

It's just going up coming back going up come back he's using DJ young shot and he's reading that shot to see what he can do a little little premature pull right there yeah the ranch he's kind of tried to do too much they do a good job of speeding those balls up but again.

Choose that right ball foreign DJ calling challenge as soon as that call is made I guess there's no challenge yes challenge no challenge no challenge so no challenge would have been a useful one.

Oh and then that ball Sails Long off the tape there for ignatowich big turn of events here Chad wow I mean after that call right there that's three quick points for the hard eights and Elite and I'm surprised I didn't challenge that that was so adamant that that bowl was in for sure.

I think the hesitation on that call is because it's early yeah right and you know the thought is you may need that challenge later on oh young trying to do too much with I mean they're both sitting up just go hard down at the feet of daesco don't try to spin it back behind him six five go easy.

Yeah young catching catching the net paired it up hey hey he even looks he's like why didn't I not do that last one because that's all he needed to do yeah we see from the Franklin kitchen cam young taking that ball out in front of his body I'm just hitting through it all right so Kyle Yates is reading.

Ignatowicz a little better right now he had a little feeling out process right there and now he's reading that speed up yeah and ignato which is hit that same spot multiple times and we saw this with with plain with Stacks through it hitting the same spot if ignatowicz is going to speed it up at Yates again he has to change gold to the forehand side.

And then you can come back to the backhand side again okay he's got to go left hip right hip and kind of change up the spot from they ask you I think Young thought ignatowicz was going to take that yeah tough ball for for young to try to get extended on wow that's a big forehead right there.

Whipping through and all tied up again no one can pull away here early on in this match yeah both teams right now kind of even with kills and errors.

Wow no as I pull that out of my rib cage watch this ball hit you freaking I'm just just dotting them in a rib cage like you said he's gonna leave a mark yeah heating acknowledge have a good laugh at it acknowledge not trying to do anything bad but that's a good spot.

But again it's give a point take a point give a point take a point oh yeah back on eggnogowitz right there all right so uh 11-9 a lead for the hard Eights on the end change we've had six ties already at 11-9 we'll throw it down sideline Cameron Blackwood what do you got for us Camp there's a lot of.

Throwing punches here I think it's gonna be who's just gonna stay consistent whose hands are going to be ready quicker there's going to be a lot of speed UPS they everyone wants to play Fast here everyone's firing everyone's aggressive what I would like to see is when that happens though for both teams to take a.

Moment get back in a group maybe hit some more deep spread the chord a little bit then go ahead and hit your speed UPS don't pull the trigger too fast that's going to be key and think Kyle Yates being The X Factor here Chad is that you said it he's not hitting he doesn't hit as hard as these three guys out here right not saying.

That Cal hates doesn't hit it hard hell yeast does not hit a hard ball but of the three other gentlemen out here you're talking three very big guys a lot of power I think the difference makers Yates changing the pace up right and then letting they ask who come in and letting Yates create an opportunity even for himself to put a ball away.

Foreign he can move and get big on that middle ball excellent job going back behind DJ Young thank you little uncharacteristic Miss from Yates on a third shot drop.

What was that from DJ young what was that I don't know a long weekend of pickleball that was a I'm fired up but I'm not quite fired up to let full aggression out right now yes ball just called out yeah it looked like it's just wide yeah so Point here for the Ranchers.

As we are even up here at 12. I don't mind the move there from DJ young yeah I like the move but can't come in above that hole they ask you're doing a good job of keeping it below the net again the heat that's where he needs to be right there and it's it's just a roll.

He's not trying to overheat it he's growling he's starting to growl a little bit he's DJ Young just wide right there from Kyle Yates on the cross court dink he's visibly upset with himself is he founds that ball out of bounds.

Gotta regroup really quick here and ranchers take a one-point lead again trying to do a little too much that's what Young gets in trouble when that elbow Gets behind the body and then the paddle follows.

This ball and again diesku is so good when he's moving into that ball great reception I want you to stay in that place by the go soft Cross Court or roll that down to ignitoch's feet but don't try to beat him down the line he's too quick.

With that backhand and too powerful ATP there from Kyle Yates yeah way inside Wich and Young looking to challenge it I mean you don't challenge a ball of your own that lands it and then this is a foot inside oh.

If it hits a post that's that's gonna be that's gonna be today yeah there's no deviation you're not seeing any deviation coming off of that that ball and if it does hit the post there's no way that he gets it that far inside the court no and you can't tell from this.

Angle if it does either way so and upright is very adamant that the ball hit the post and again their Courtside right there and she is adamant that it did hit the post she's still saying right now that it hit the post there's no way to tell.

they must have heard it you know they're down there right next to it foreign right there and a two-point lead here for the hard eights in a not a must win but pretty close to it for the hard.

Eights do not want to go down too old trying to rush that drive not fully getting set up gotta try to stay as clean as they possibly can minimize errors coming down this stretch that's just it's not the pull that we want to see from Kyle Yates right there no you're you're going toward the body.

Of DJ young we established it yesterday that anything into the body is dangerous for young he's the guy that you need to get extended wants to get extended Young he he wants that ball into the body let's just pull from Andre to ask you right here right at the body of.

Ignatowich and they ask who hurts him you can't have that kind of miscommunication this late in the match 18 19. oh DJ young the one two combo he gets a little tricky down the line here with inside out and sets up the winner.

Yeah I'm surprised that diasko struggled with that one as much as he did he's done a good job of reading DJ Young you can't miss that third right there young knows it says my bad James my bad I'll call everybody ranchers or alcohol Sorry by the hard Eights.

In real time looked out we'll see here hey that is close put it I'm not gonna call that no I'm not calling it either looks that's as close as it's gonna get well it is a match point here.

For the hard eights 2019 side out scoring the rest of the way for both teams oh wow no no no no no ranchers were in Big Time trouble Todd AIDS gave that point away hey notowicz those hands Chad those hands and miscommunication between on both.

Sides right now at the end wow 21-19 victory for the Hard Eight Yates and they ask who answer and we are all tied at one apiece going into mixed doubles Chad what was the Difference.

Maker there for Yates and they ask him no I mean ignatowicz and and young Honda just stepped off the gas a little bit at the wrong time Heartaches Had opportunities they squandered a couple of them but they were able to keep pushing forward diyscu getting big in the middle at the right time.

big win from hot H right there Cameron Blackwood is Courtside with our Victors Kyle Yates and Andre dasku kind of looked like the game plan was for you guys to pull the trigger first against them why was that well they were trying to voice recorder first and you know we were having some fun with it too so we.

Figured I mean if it looks there we're gonna take it but you know they're going to challenge everything whether I hit a good shot or not so we're just gonna ignore what they're doing and play our game towards the end there seemed to be miscommunication on both sides of the net how were able to hone this in and.

Take this match well that happens you know they're a very good team and they put a ball into some really tough spots so it's a pretty good speed on it and uh yeah that just happens to everybody uh Kyle and I play a lot together but that still happens once in a while we're able to just go past it and focus on the next goal and.

Then luckily Kyle came up with a great drive and we got the we got a game there you have it heartaches tied up one to one onto mixed doubles back together all right we are on the mixed doubles Chad so we have some good matchups coming we're gonna do that before we take a quick commercial break let's do the aura.

Athlete of the day which is Andre descu here for the hard eights let's take a look at Andre here as again that aura athlete of the day and he got big right at the right time we see that speed up into the body not a witch coming up in mixed doubles.

I'm looking forward to it it's gonna be good we're guaranteed two mixed doubles matches because we all are all square at one a piece here in semifinal number two we'll be back here in Columbus Ohio with the remainder of those matches to see who's gonna face blqk in the finals don't go anywhere the proxar pickleball paddle answers the.

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Happy hour the knock around Custom Shop you designed them we built them I'm gonna say she's a solid three five nah she's definitely a 2.5 guys look at that forehand she's clearly a 3.0 guys come on I'm at least the foro yeah.

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First match up here in mixed doubles ranchers heartaches right young for the ranchers Kate and Leach and Kyle Yates for the heartaches Chad what are you looking at in this matchup I mean this is this is a big spread here in this win probability States and gate and leech have to play their best pickleball right here and.

Hope that they can keep young and bright Yet full of energy and stop feeding off of each other they're an extremely dangerous team the big thing for Yates and gate Leach right here is Yates can't try to do too much or match the power of DJ young he needs to move the ball around choose the right spots to speed.

It up gate and Leach is going to have a bit of a battle staying in this Cross Court with Anna bright however the forehand is not the strong point four and a bright right here so it's going to be interesting as far as Which lady can set their guy up the best I'm definitely giving the edge to the ranches on this one.

But in respect to this we saw you know sacrificial lamb yesterday for a gate and leech going against JW Johnson this is almost the situation here is that you're hoping to pull out a win and then put your stronger team against the second team for right ranches all right so a nice drop shot there from Yates to start off and our dates on the.

Board first worst case scenario you split again you go to another dream worst case scenario if you put your best team out they lose now you're now now you're in trouble you're in trouble yeah I'm just going a little wide there read that nicely Yates trying to bring that back across.

His body that's a tough shot right there yeah that's where you I mean uh Yates has to stay within himself you can't try to get too fancy with it can't try to do too much with the angles oh Sierra gate and leads right there Anna bright Pops that one up that's the gate and leech forehand Chad yeah and that the the forehand side for.

Anna bright with the Cross Court dink is not her favorite side you see her get a little bit not as comfortable a little tentative uh going with that so if gate and Leach can continue that same progression and go through with the forehand it'll be an interesting matchup forehand again there from Dayton Leach.

Young almost able to reset that but no luck can't rush that from gate and Leach she does have a good forehand drive but we see her get up on top of that ball too soon and really try to rip across her body.

What work from Gayton leads uh she's all the way extended on that one getting that ball on PJ Young super quick you think Kaden leech is feeling it she tried to call Kyle Yates off his forehand she goes in me yeah let me hit my backhand she's like forget about your phone but I don't mind that though right.

Because it gets Yates up to the kitchen lawn if Gayton Leach is hitting the back end in that situation but it's good that she's starting to get some confidence better ball for bright right there going back behind Yates all right little miscommunication there.

But gate and Leash is getting really confident right now she wants everything and I like that but they just need to kind of focus in a little bit as they're miscommunicating just a little bit no that's pressure there from college TJ young sees him coming hard and wants to speed up at him.

it's not by Yates Sierra put a little and we see Tim klitz right there for the ranches looking a little concerned at this point but Yates didn't try to do too much on that finish wow oh.

Gayton leads to the step of uh playing out of her mind right now step all the quick flick Beyond can't do anything but get out of the way of it replay of the Ring of the ranches and the madrops right there uh Yates blew a tire right there trying to get up there as he slips in the first.

Step big point there for the ranchers they need to chip away before the end change here a little bit of the same thing back from Yates saying Hey DJ you can do it I can do it too and it's an 11-6 lead for the hard Eights on the end change down by five.

Are the ranchers Cameron Blackwood is Courtside what do you got cam Sierra is a completely different player than her women's doubles match she changed her mind says she's being more aggressive we're seeing her forehand be so effective right now and Kyle just cap lays on capitalizing on it on the other side they need to slow it down they need.

To just get in these long deep rallies with Sierra and then pick their moments to speed up because right now they are all over it yeah Jayden leech and Yates playing really well right now on the Rancher side though Chad what are you talking to them about in this timeout about what they need to fix I think Young needs to be a little bit more.

Active whether it's just movement to put some pressure on getting late when she's staying in the cross court or whether he needs to speak eat up some balls into her body when she does change that direction I would have liked to see early on where he spent that first one up to stay in.

That but bright did an excellent job of getting back in that pool staying in that point in a very difficult situation not gonna lie though that took a lot of effort for the ranchers to get a point there yeah DJ young gives jelly legged in the middle here oh no move to Kate and leech read that like a book.

Yeah she didn't try to do too much with it all it is is a change of hand positioning instead of being outside the ball just drop it inside foreign our dates extend that lead.

To six that big forehand there from DJ young but they need to put a few together here Chad yeah I like the aggression in this point but they are struggling on the service side of getting into it and getting up to the.

Kitchen missing that two-hander Cross Court again it's trying to make something happen here but don't force the issue oh wow ball just didn't come up it seemed like Brandon bright right there oh and they're going to take a timeout.

Enterprise not having any of it and it is a seven point lead here for the hard eights and it just seems like the ranchers are out of sorts here and a bright DJ Young play with a lot of emotion you're not seeing any of it right now Chad uh they're super flat and the hot eights have done a great job of keeping them that way yo like you said.

In an earlier point that was a whole lot of work for the ranches just to get one point the hot Eight's doing a fantastic job even when they're losing a point of really making it difficult making them hit a lot of balls and that's what's keeping the ranches at Bay and keeping their their intensity level down.

Yeah it's just they're looking for answers right now we'll see if they found any during that timeout see the head-to-head game Legion needs with a 20 27 chance to win this match yep and they're cruising so far well I think you just cost him right now nobody's losing nobody cruises oh they're cruising they're 15.

Cruising all right he eats the serve as we come back with a seven point lead all right and a foot Fault by DJ young can't buy a bell with the heel DJ young saying no chance yes there was there's definitely a chance because from the naked eye it looked like the heel.

Was possibly on the line Byron freso and Ron Ponder conferring so we're gonna have a video challenge here from DJ young and Anna bright I believe right there with the hill foreign good call there from Ron Ponder as he.

Was staring right down at it as a heartaches double up the Ranchers 16-8 I needed that love right there off the tape needed something to go their way right now yeah now the ranches need to just stay composed don't try to press the issue don't go for too much set this point up well.

Stay relaxed with it no he's got to stay in that two things two issues with DJ Young on that one the first speed up again he doesn't step over and take it again he just lets it flow past him and for bright to do it and then that one you've got him back on the ropes and you're trying to just drop.

It over the net keep being aggressive with that one don't ease up off the edge guard kalamoto trying to give some words of advice right there she steps almost on the court yeah we see that replay again yeah Yates playing much bigger than he.

Is stepping in at the right time thank you ranchers on the board down by eight need to put a few together here in a row try and get back in this foreign.

I mean an absolute beautiful tweener from Kyle Yates to drop that back in and this one too unbelievable and you know what a good time out here from the hearties yeah even though they were the Highlight Reel of that point watch this cleaner from calyes wow that's absolutely perfect.

And he gets right back in this scramble effort oh can't do anything about it right there gateways but again a good time out here from the heartaches does that momentum seems to be shifting to their Rancher sideline Chad yeah last.

Last two points after the ranch has made a switch putting Young on the right right on the left so you gotta cop put put together a couple of really good points Caitlyn's still going out she's still good she's got the energy of my eight-year-old son.

Stop looking here what is she doing insane gotta love it the energy it's just it's it's um it's unmatchable DJ young serve as we come back from this time out down by six are the Ranchers as you guys saw DJ young and Anna bright did switch sides and so DJ young now face up on Kyle Yates he has been for.

The last three points just making sure that's why I said make sure everybody sees that they have been switched foreign for sure calling that out right away I do like.

Brought in front of Gayton Leach bride's comfortable playing on the left side so Ranchers with the alcohol hard Eight's challenging this call everybody's staring uh ball is out so good call there from Anna bright as that ball out by about an inch she was standing right over the top of.

It ranchers now creeping back in within four and they've had this success after they switch sides did Anna Brighton DJ Young foreign looking over at that sideline going I.

Don't know if I played an out ball or not nonetheless he does play it DJ young with the winner I don't know I don't know if he really did but this switch is now Yates got used to attacking brot now it's tougher to go head to head oh.

Way to get up there from Yates I like the spot of that law but just not quite getting enough height of it or on it four point lead for the hard Eights the game point here for the hard Eights way too far behind slowed the paddle down oh Yates trying to make something happen.

On game point right there hey he wanted to finish on the Highlight Reel yeah doesn't need to do it he's already played extremely well on throughout this whole whole game and just missing that sideline I almost ran into it on the way back into the court so the hard eights are on side out scoring right now at 20. ranchers will.

Get to sign out scoring once they reach 18. one more point for them to get to that please tough but he tried to hit a flat a little bit gotta go back corner for that around the post Match Point number two here for the hard.

Eights Gayton leads to serve 2017. foreign wow 21-17 victory for the hard eights and now it is a Do or Die for the Ranchers we're talking about your defending.

Champions up against the ropes here Chad and I mean again a good decision from the hot eggs stepping up coming out being aggressive but playing within himself Sarah gate and Leach showing some confidence I mean I'm looking over there I don't know why Cameron Blackwood is down with.

Kyle Yates and sergeyton leads first Camp asked Kyle what he was just doing what's that dance movie just came up with they'd like to know the dance moves they just came out with I think I know it's the McGregor right which one oh yeah well I saw Mary Bradshaw dancing yesterday so I was just having a little fun.

Sarah tough loss in women's doubles but you came out completely different player in this mixed doubles what did you have to talk with yourself before you came out we have nothing to lose um I just wanted to fight hard and go for my shots but be smart and it went our way yeah duper has a 27 chance of winning.

That come on now you were able to silence them and their movement so quickly early EJ and Anna in all seriousness are extremely dangerous amazing players so we really just try to keep the ball down unattacked we'll try to grind him out as much as possible because if they hit a couple nice shots and get hot they very.

Easily could have just ran through us so we tried to stay as steady as possible make them create on some bad looks and try to grind them out and we were able to come up with some big stops at right times and uh hey we pulled it off there you have it hard Eight's up two to one heading into the next mix back to you all right well Chad you heard Cali Yates.

Not happy about the duper percentage giving them 27 chance to win but they do come out on top and it's hard eights in control going into our last mixed doubles matchup here next at MLP Columbus Major League pickleball and we went away from it.

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Andre de-escu slight Advantage here head to head for de-escu and Johnson 55-45 as we saw the last match up throw those numbers out probability doesn't mean anything for MLP but what do you got on your side though Chad prediction-wise for this match no I I did call it that guyesco and Johnson throwing out their best team here.

It's going to be a tough one with ignotowitz and calamoto James ignotowicz being playing extremely well the last couple of days in mix doubles getting big on that left side and really putting some pressure on it's going to come down to the guys in this one gotta seek diascu use his size get into.

The middle he plays his best when he's putting that pressure on eggnogowicz if he starts feeling it he starts getting loud the stare Downs to come on this might be in trouble there's her head to head right there they asked you Johnson that slight Edge but you're right ignato which has got to.

Play fast he's got to play fired up and it's a must win if the ranchers want a chance to repeat a spot in the finals this evening on CBS Sports on the line hard eights one game away Johnson able to get on top of that yeah that ball from calamoto just floating.

Johnson doing a good job of getting on top of both of those balls fear frustration right there the fact that the heartaches are getting all those balls back yeah and ignado it's standing A Little Too Tall on that last one branches coming out flat.

Is not how they needed to start not at all oh wow Georgia Johnson almost lost a head there thank goodness that ask who's that much taller head to armpit right there.

Kalamoto Moto return to surveyors this is a quick 5-0 lead for the hard Eights this is a very fast timeout for the ranchers Chad what's the what's the issue here I mean Todd hates are.

Feeling it they're full of Life full of energy off to the win by Yates and gate and Leach I I feel like the ranches are one they're a little bit flat but they they kind of sense like they need to do more here rather than just just playing it playing the game or playing it how they can.

I'm kind of stunned I'm stunned at the start right now I did not see a 6-0 lead here for anybody now that's that last point right there off the edge Guard from ignatowicz and instantly calling that time out foreign no energy or life here from the Ranchers.

hey they got a point I mean Anna bright right now she's the the biggest cheerleader in this venue trying to get her team some life and some energy I mean the balls of diyska is hitting right there he's cutting across them so they they're being hit with some side.

Spin as they're going through throwing off the timing of cow Moto and again he's trying to rush it that's the second one where he's jumped out at it hit it off the edge gone and it's just sailed to the right oh I mean this is just it's shocking right now I almost don't have words I'm.

Like in awe of this is did not see a 10-1 lead for the hard Eights foreign trussing his hands not trying to do too much and jump out of it too quickly.

Georgia Johnson all over that and this is a big lead here for the hard eights going into the end change Cameron Blackwood is a sideline cam I don't know if you expected this either I didn't know like you said it lost for words here but they're just playing smart controlled pickleball Georgia and.

Andre are doing more than they have to right now they're just making shots and everything is hauling their way on the other side Jackie and ignatowicz are just gonna have to weather the storm I think they can play this good all the way to 21 they might be able to but weather the storm see if they can't get some misses out of Georgia and Andre.

Start working the point and get points on the board but right now don't panic like that's the biggest thing do not panic right now you're fine yeah Sam you make a great point right there it's like you just hope that okay they can't keep this up the whole time can they right so whether that storm go okay we're down by nine yes it's a big deficit but again.

Rally scoring helps us all right so know that know that we can come back nine points is not not a it's not impossible and the fact that the hard eights played nearly perfect okay one error throughout all that okay from Georgia Johnson that's it now you've got to just stay positive go okay we weathered that storm we got an end change let's change things.

Up let's get back in here but the other thing too is right now they're playing in the Johnson strength right they're they're they're playing the game that she wants they've got to change up her timing they're going to make her work a little bit more.

And magnotto it's not even trying to hit a winner there he's just trying to punch that back to the back or forehand side of Johnson and here's the issue too for the ranchers as if the heartaches are going to start playing fast with Pace because of this lead they've built yeah so now.

You got to handle the pressure again right playing into the strength of the hot eights so Georgia wants it wants something that she can get extended on she wants something that she can hit through foreign just missing that one he'll take that all day long though right now with an 11.

Point lead on characteristic Miss from diascu and those are balls at this point he's got to get every ball over in there force them to do something with it you can't have mistakes like that yes but can I just say one thing Georgia Johnson probably one of the best short.

Hop dinkers right she takes that ball for short hop and controls that she makes it look easy that is not it's not easy at all at all I would like to see cow mode to go similar Ball but go left foot challenge the backhand in that Cross Court.

Foreign off the tape and I think kalamoto can go left foot on Johnson after she resets today ascu and opens up that middle right but she can't go there too much if you're sitting in the middle no no if if he's creeping over he's gonna get the ball that he wants she can do it after that reset.

Yeah foreign nice little run from the Ranchers but again it's a huge hill to climb I'm by nine foreign.

Back to a 10-point lead for the hard Eights wow Georgia Johnson knocking too high right now just feeling good playing confident got some bounce in her step and she's getting the balls that she wants the those drives those such hot drives are causing steps for the ranches and popping it up.

And Johnson just stepping in on each one of the one of them driving it into the body technology no answer for Johnson and they ask you right now I mean cow Moto didn't even come forward on the return on that one nope wow and a price just flat out telling you know which what he needs to.

Do some coaching in the middle there between points Johnson's going to go down the line on you I mean flat out you're you're trying to hands battle with two plays that want that ball fast Chad this is match point this is to get into the finals.

Wow hey I did give hot ages my number three team within this one I just didn't think they were gonna run through the ranches like this are you I'm like I'm speechless right now the heartaches are going to the finals 21-6 that is handling your business right.

There Chad wow yeah I mean there's not much else to say right there except they the ranch is played exactly into diasko and Johnson's game plan diyska was getting big in the middle when he needed to but it was Georgia Johnson that they were feeding every ball to her that she wanted the third.

Shot Drive was going into it she was stepping forward