This is ml play is an Innovative gameplay format that is completely unique to Major League pickleball it doubles down on the team aspect of MLP competitions Mo play format starts with women's doubles followed by men's doubles and ending with two mixed doubles games this unique dynamic means that teamwork.

Is just as important as speed or technique on the court and within the community of the league bringing all players regardless of their background or gender here to MLP back here in Columbus Ohio for MLP Columbus Dominic Catalano alongside me Chad Edwards we are all about the quarterfinals now two quarterfinal.

Matchups for you here on Championship Court first matchup throwing at you mad drops pickleball Club taking on clean cause Chad another interesting match up here clean cause their first time in the playoffs uh so you know a little nerve-wracking bad drops as well so two new teams in the playoffs right here mad.

Drops played absolutely incredible in their last match up and beat the ranchers which helped them get into the playoffs as you have our bracket right here and as you see clean and mad drops winner that gets blqk and our other quarterfinal matchup is the Florida smash taking on the hard eights winner.

Of that will take on the ranches the ranchers so some great matchups heading for you for the first match up here about to get that coin for you guys.

all right so Chad as we get ready to get underway here women's doubles to start Mary brasha Lee Whitwell for MADD drops.

Taking on Regina Franco and Maggie ramenzi what are you looking for in this match up here two new teams coming into the playoffs yeah I mean the Mad drops in general if they play the intensity that we that we saw them a little earlier today you know gonna be a very tough team to beat for for Franco Goldberg and romanti yo.

It's kind of the X -e she can really take over the course she's got good Pace on her dick she can speed it all up Regina is is kind of that you know we talk about about support roles and setup roles Regina is going to be that role for Team Clean she does an excellent job of staying in a point and resetting it but she can.

Speed up as well but I'll be looking to romanti to be the dominant boss for for clean and then as far as mad drops go we saw Brash uh change Pace uh a little bit against the the ranches where she started to take a few more calculated risks and uh I've been looking for her to do that as well put a little bit more on her dicks.

You see Andrea Coop the sister of Maggie romanzi watching some of the action with her mom but for uh that lady right there Lee Whitwell I think she's going to be the X Factor for the Mad drops we saw she's got a ton of power on her forehand so if she can get extended on that or if they leave a ball to her forehand side she's.

Gonna be looking to put that away anything into the body she just resets that and stays in the point looks like we are about to get underway Regina Franco Goldberg to serve foreign so it's a little slower Pace to start.

Off this one I think both teams are trying to feel each other out not trying to make mistakes but unfortunately when you do that you have a tendency to make more it's almost a yeah warm-up process here for these four ladies oh and Franco Goldberg trying to go.

Around the post there very nonchalant oh she doesn't get over it enough yeah she overrun it you've got to give yourself a little bit of Separation on that so you can curl it back around when you get on top of it there the only thing you can do is hit it straight and that's what she did straight down the line.

Another free point and I have a whole lot of Rhythm to this match so far well finishing with the forehand in the middle yeah good set up by Mary Brasher pulling romanti out wide Mansi trying to go down the line while just reaching in and speeding that one up.

Thank you we got a timeout by team clean yeah quick time out here about some of the intensity in this one it's all right there's a feeling right now we went from before our little break where this place was going crazy to it's kind of the crowd's a little flat the plays are a little flat.

Got to find a way to to pick up the intensity on on the court yeah not seeing much out of anything again we're not finding almost a rhythm to the match so far not many long points not many firefights if anything right now but a 7-1 lead here for the match drops.

They'll take it lead referee it's nice there and that's the speed up from romanzi and then the Finish from Goldberg again that was better intensity there they came out moving a little better missed it does went well on the sideline yeah looks like she just yeah she just.

Pulled that one wide over hits it a little bit nicely from Goldberg right there ball Sails Long from brasha and clean answering back here 3-0 run of Their Own thank you wow I mean that ball hits the tape and just dies yeah it's spun on the net with the the backspin from Maggie romanzi.

Brasha did all she could to get up there and get that back over but such a difficult angle and winwell got in between there and she wanted to take it out of the air and then she did she didn't take it out of the air and then she didn't move her feet with it once once she'd planted so.

Yo that pole from Franco sitting up but it was the spin that brought it back down why not that ball is not coming back great angle there from Whitwell at the angling that ball bounce inside the kitchen I mean it's tough to do that's that's taking that way out in.

Front to hit that one and we talked about it earlier and overhead is not an overhead you don't hit it over your head you hit it out in front of you and that's exactly what Whitwell did there and that's twice said that they've gotten the roll off the tape and it just to drop and the only way to get that over is try.

To angle it back along the net and try to come straight up foreign forehand on that one hits her right shoulder oh and clean answering here with a 8-1 run after.

Going down 7-1 foreign Chad what do you think yeah they picked up the intensity they changed the momentum see Johnny Goldberg there cheering on team clean his wife Regina Goldberg it was a good good reach-in from romanzi didn't over hit it.

Allowed it to roll in the back of the Court ah a what oh that ball Sails Long and Team Clean we will change ends on their terms up 11-8 we're gonna shoot it down Courtside Cameron Blackwood what do you got for us.

Slower start just for both teams here with the nerves heading into the quarterfinals sometimes it's hard to get a rhythm when the ball is just we're hitting resets we're hitting some slower Jeeps but I think right now that Regina Goldberg and Megan menzi are just playing within themselves they don't have to do any more than that right now.

Getting points on the board but I would like Whitwell and Russians do right now is get a little bit more aggressive see I would test Maggie a little bit more I know they keep going to Franco Goldberg but she's resetting perfectly Let's test remedy a little bit more and see if we can't get some points on the board that's a.

One run here Chad that's a great job by clean after that time they took a timeout at 7-1 and then have gone on a 10-1 run themselves yeah and we saw with with Whit while missing that last well semi-overhead there's a little bit of community communication breakdown in the middle between Brusha and Whitwell right now.

They've got to clean that up get back get back into it find the way to switch up the Rhythm change speeds potentially but again that I mean that's not a tough ball to Whitwell she stood straight up it's it's back on the heels let that ball get close to your body you're not going to be able to bring that back up over the.

Net foreign nice dig oh romanti does all that work incredible work just staying in that she gets a ball she wants and it doesn't get the roll she almost got the net roll again but coming in and taking that one a little too flat.

Foreign Regina had the fuss reset but she just switched to that forehand side ever so small but that was enough that she couldn't get back to reset on the backhand again so good job by romanzi I mean uh brasha going into that backhand.

Hip twice I think ramenzi clipped a little bit of the tape which slowed it down a little bit the ball drops in oh yeah that's that's a little too far in for well to reach but I think she could reach that if she would have taken one more step to the left move defeat.

There was also a ball roller in that point that was just a basic thing from romanti that I think Whitwell could have sped off because it just dropped inside the kitchen and sat right up bought there from romanzi feeling good right now the the good thing that she's doing is yes she's speeding balls up but.

She's not overheating them so we saw Whitwell there anticipate that this ball is going to be coming quickly she jumps the block and that ball still hadn't even come to her yet yeah I mean great job here good adjustments from Team clean as they take a 15-10 or 15-10 lead timeout from Mad drops you're on the Mad drop side here.

Chad you know you're Julian Arnold and you know AJ Kohler over there what are they telling Whitwell and Romancing I'm trying to do some lip reading right now but I can't do it Andiamo's something now I I mean if if I'm generally an honor right there I'm telling them to do a little bit more with the balls that they're given they're not putting any.

Pressure on romancio Goldberg right now it's just their standard balls nice and easy it's kind of like he just you know we'll move it around but not a whole lot be a little bit more aggressive with the Dig meaning yeah push it a little bit more go through it spread them out bring them in move them around but not just with a with a basic dig you have to take.

Put something on it they're playing that patty cake yeah back and forth and like you said putting no pressure and there's the pressure you talked about hey let's get aggressive here and that's all bro and brasha looking over at Arnold and it had to be what Arnold told her let's let's put some pressure on Fran Goldberg and let's see if we can.

Get yeah I mean Regina's looking to reset she's not looking to counter in that instance so you're not going to get hooked by speeding a ball up at her while she's in transitionary oh what a stepping and read from ramenzie right there yeah good job of sliding over recognized that that ball was going to sit up.

It does an excellent job of just staying short with the swing taking that ball nice and early it's in clean in the new Lotto uniforms that they're sporting this weekend they're tape and out of bounds and clean just continues to add to their lead here up by six.

Foreign and they're getting what they want though right there because they're putting pressure on gold pressure on Goldberg she's popping that ball up but Russian just trying to do too much with it.

they're not pressured balls that they're missing they're missing the sittas they're trying to do too much with those ones get a little excited once they get that ball foreign.

forcing the air nice stepping from Whitwell right there Chad and a good step over I like the speed up from romance he brush it did an excellent job of trying to reset that and keeping in the point she got that ball down and went well recognizing it.

Taking that step over and cleaning up oh and Goldberg taking it to brasha instead of waiting for brasha to speed it up she takes it right at her yeah that's a good change of pace from goldbug nice angle from Whitwell yeah we've we talk about a lot of changing changing speeds changing eye.

Level that's how the games progress now you have to be able to speed it up slow it down change looks because the everybody's become so good on defense all right change the direction right there from her menzy right on cue spoken like a true pitcher Chad changing eye.

Levels we got stand in room only up the top we got the ranches checking out the play up in the VIP section above everything else here and ramenzi ends it 21-15 Team Clean on the board first Chad that's a 20-8 run to end it from romanzi and Goldberg thoughts uh yeah I mean.

After that first time out they they did a good job of picking up the intensity they weren't back on their heels and and allowing mad drops to control it they kind of took it took it to them and they never changed changed stuff great and watch this right there from ravensi to end it that'll do it and.

Puts Team Clean on the board first Cameron Blackwood is a sideline with our winners can't take it away Virginia you guys had a little bit of a harder start it was real slow getting into this you took a first time out and after that time out you guys been on a ten to one run what did you guys talk about we're gonna talk about energy at.

This point is like we'll just go out there and kill it as much as I can and be solid and that's going to give us confidence you created some incredible backhand rolls down the middle about a 60 speed there how we were able to do those that's my favorite shot everybody probably knows that so I'm just lucky I.

Got away with it so many times well you did nice job guys we're gonna head into men's doubles now back to you guys all right well the women for Team Clean get them on the board first here Chad it'll be all about the gentleman coming up next Federico Stacks route and Deco bar taking on AJ Kohler and Julian Arnold men's doubles right after this.

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More find out more at welcome back to Columbus Ohio MLP Columbus dominate Catalano alongside me Chad Edwards all about men's doubles now Federico Stacks her decal bar for Team Clean AJ Kohler Julian Arnold for bad drops we are underway oh it's oh Deco bar with the left hand.

Almost gets there to drop off the tape I thought that was gonna land in Arnold's starting early here Chad we were asking for some excitement during the timeout the commercial break we're gonna get it here for Julian Arnold he is pointing he's pointing at Johnny Goldberg in the corner there foreign.

Ready for that right there a little slip down the line from Stacks rude and that's a shot that stature is going to hit a lot of color red well but he kind of jumped out at it too soon right at the party with the slap backhand by Julian Arnold yeah Barr able to get a.

Paddle on the first one but not able to do anything with it Arnold a good one-two combination speed it up look to finish feeding off the intensity oh no Julian Arnold ready for that little pull from Barr and he's looking over at stacksford immediately going my bad.

A little finger wag from Arnold not having any of it he wanted that one too thank you no more reading that pull from Kohler but just can't get a good paddle on it yeah I think he thought Cola was gonna he read the the movement and the body positioning I think he was he was.

Planning on it going a little softer but Cola like I said when he speeds up a ball he looks up to see where you are first thank you Arnold wants that one back that's that's his shot right there but he let it get too deep too far behind the body.

That's good ball there from Kohler going right at the body of stacks rude they've regained that four-point lead foreign he's just got to take a little off that and go potty up on Kohler yeah with the the height of that ball it's really hard to keep it in that ball.

Way below the net so I had to slow it down add more spin oh yeah you're looking straight body what a drop from Kohler it's almost a half Drive half drop yeah I'm a big fan of those those aggressive drops where you're coming through it you you're trying to judge the pace and the spin those are the ones that force a lot of.

Those balls to to pop up the fall shots to pop up and finally able to get back on the board here a watch with bar and stature serving if the return goes to Bar typically it'll be a driven third and a dropped fifth.

Driven third Barr has a tendency to want to drive that third if you can handle his hard third he'll typically come in and drop that fish foreign.

It was yeah I mean you're up by six yeah save it for if the match gets closer oh bar two thirds drives and he's missed he's typically money with his Drive thirds because he's just trying to get you to block it yeah and that's.

Where he's he's gotta not go as as flat you know like you said you're using that that third shot drive to set up for an easier ball for your fifth drop himself right there can figure it out here goes drop on third oh wide too much pull across court for.

Kohler and it's an end change on the terms of mad drops up 11-6 here and Cameron Blackwood is Courtside what are you hearing down there cam I definitely think that decal and Stack Street need to work the point just a little bit longer they see they're going.

To get some mess-ups from Julian and AJ pulling the trigger just a little bit quicker they're getting some points on that but I think right now just don't do anything more than you have to start working the point a little bit more start spreading them start hitting some nice rolls out wide and see if they can't open up that middle and get some.

Points on the board all right well let's see what answers Team Clean has after this hit change here down by five clean on top one game to nothing right now that drops pickleball Club looking to even this up Johnny Goldberg husband of Regina Goldberg sideline cheering on Team Clean.

11-6 Kohler to serve to start after the end change nice deep battle win there 14 clean I I think Kohler was there Arnold hitting that ball as he's fading away from it.

Yeah slide into the line and off balance that's why you got to trust your partner let him take the middle big put away right there watch it yeah I step in from Kohler in the middle there Chad.

Anticipated it really well yeah one thing the Mad jobs have done extremely well until this point they've kind of secluded Deco bar he's not doing a whole lot within this one Arnold's staying in that Cross Court dank with Stacks Road shin behind bar.

Yeah miscommunication in the middle right there Arnold wanted it because he set it up even though it was on his backhand side go yeah good coverage right there by Julian Arnold as Kohler goes for the Ernie yeah and even better spot right to the feet.

Of Stack's route not able to pick that up get a slide right there good digs there from Arnold and Kohler which is a little too much deckle bar yeah I think if if clean wants to get back into this one Ball's got to take over more he plays well when he's active.

Some of the issues is prolonging how long he can take over for oh great spot right there and again another miscommunication in the middle team clean's got to pick up on this right now you have to recognize that Kohler and Arnold aren't comfortable with middle balls right this second oh that doesn't mean they won't fix it.

Right but yeah right now and you're also talking about two guys that are used to playing left side so they're the aggressive players looking at jumping for that ball in the middle yeah miscommunication there on clean side as well so Middle's open Middle's open right now for both sides.

Oh tackle bar nice way to take something off that there and flip that middle yeah all Top Spin paddlehead way underneath that one coming off the back of the ball rolling it in a slide right there and that drops taking a commanding five-point lead here late in this game.

To 21. tough ball to miss Cola kind of running through that one nice pressure there from Deco Barr as he's creating some havoc in the middle Johnny Goldberg still talking over there.

Little finger wag from Johnny Goldberg giving it back to Arnold a little bit Julian Arnold finally answers gets bad drop back on the board and you don't want to see Julian Arnold fired up that's when he plays his best being a little flat the last few points thank you Julian Arnold fired up here.

That's a big ball as he slips that back side on deckle bar time out Team Clean here and Chad it's all mad drops right now Julian Arnold fired up two points away from ending this thank you so right now we're going to take time during this timeout to give you the aura.

Athlete of the Day none other than E.J Kohler seven and one in his matches his Net game six great job by AJ Kohler playing really well so far this weekend only person ahead of him Paris Todd will see her tomorrow afternoon.

But right now good time out here from Team Queen they got to regroup see where we're at as they are down by four yeah I'd like to see boss step in more you know statue is doing a good job of staying in the cross court with with Arnold and yeah Arnold has that late role on the forehead but right now Team Clean not putting any pressure on.

Mad drops Arnold he has to Rattle off a couple here sir took something off it.

Yeah that's just not the ball that Arnold wants to speed up on too low Arnold trying to press and create something that's not there the time out here from Mad drops now as team Queen has gotten back within one here what's been the difference after that timeout from the green Chad well.

They played Clean Plate clean pickleball they cleaned it up they go Arnold tried to press on a couple of those balls create something out of out of nothing that that wasn't there he had to stay in that point a little bit longer you know at times when you're you're in this situation you want to get to that freeze but now what you've allowed is is for.

The clean to get back and get back into it all right so as we come back in from the timeout Team Clean will be serving down by one two three all right foreign.

did a good job of resetting getting back into that point but he kind of he telegraphed that speed up a little bit you know sliding all the paddleheads down it's in the middle of your body even if you had a dick it's not going to do much so you're just going to sit on that hard ball.

Match Point here for bad drops but madrop's answer with a score of 21-18 we're all tied up here at one what's the difference there for Mad jobs Jack yeah they had a little bit of a rough patch there where they made a few errors but.

We saw it at the at the end again going back in and kind of neutralizing Deco bar your boss stepped in for a few points changed changed the look put a little bit more pressure on yo he tried to do it in that that last point but in reality you know if you're gonna step in step in and speed it up don't step in and.

bump it back over right he almost was out of position to do that but Cameron Blackwood is Courtside she's got AJ Kohler and Julian Arnold take it away camp Julian playing a guy like ducko with so much power how were you able to neutralize him and take this match uh stay in my pattern and pick and.

Choose the right moments to attack and uh let AJ get just as big and AJ how important is it to have so much energy from Julian and from the crowd in these key patches here in the quarterfinals no I feel like the crowd is definitely on our side and uh it's it's mostly due to this guy standing on my left right here so we love him on our.

Team we love having the crowd on our side and uh we're on a mix we have it on the mixed doubles back to you well you heard it right there we are on to mixed doubles those matchups coming for you right after the break here from MLP Columbus.

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Design them we built them hi we're back here on Championship Court mixed doubles about to take place we got our matchups first matchup and Julian Arnold for madrops taking on Federico stature and Maggie ramenzi is that your first match up your second matchup will be Lee Whitwell and AJ Kohler.

We'll be taking on Regina Goldberg and Deco Barr but first matchup is first Maggie romenci to serve to start us off good good shot drive from statue but brasha handling that one easily pretty good ball back down to his feet foreign.

yeah tough one going on the high part of the net almost jumped up and over um but Arnold on a mission right there.

I want to read by Julian Arnold right there he waited for the right moment and just flattens that ball Up Down the Line Chad you asked if Mary Brasher was the cheerleader in her former life I'm not sure but sure looks like it she loves cheering on her partner.

So you're getting all excited right there Arnold watch around and comes back with oh no no no no yeah one thing we saw this morning when they played is that there was a little miscommunication between Arnold and.

Brusha definitely better communication already in this one foreign mean mugging right here is Julian Arnold just saying no no not gonna happen not on his watch.

I have a challenge here on this one oh referee overruled I don't know deciding if he wants Challenge and I think just little gamesmanship.

Oh look close close football just wide right there I think it might have been a successful challenge if Arnold did holy stacked food off the upper chest possibly here let's see where this hits yeah right in brought in the right chest Stacks through trying to come up and crash on the kitchen lawn.

Six three nothing remezy can do right there he is on fire is Julian Arnold so typically I would say Hey you know return it to the guy keep him back a little bit but in this situation Arnold is is moving in taking that ball early just putting the pressure on romanti yo this is a situation where I say hey return it.

To brasha force her to make a good ball yes Arnold's going to be up there at the kitchen line he's going to control it but the pressure that he's putting on from the drive on the third and the fifth romancy's just not able to catch up with it yeah yeah and if we can go to Brasher right.

There return to her and then just they know he's going to come in is Arnold poaching looking to kind of speed things up but if you get it to Russia you're going to eliminate that ball coming in that hard as you see Lauren stratman and West Burrows from the bus watching Courtside they we're hopeful that they could win this.

Morning which they did but they needed some help they needed the ranchers to beat madrops but madrops came out hot and MADD drops came out on top and punched their ticket into the quarter-finals he comes all the way over there tries to get rid of it quickly so he can get back.

Into the court as the ball goes out that's maybe about a foot if that stature questioning whether it hit brush's hair is she ducked to get out of the way that drops double up clean 8-4 here.

Wow what a recovery from Russia so we see on that replay or clearly not hitting across's hair on stacked suits missed drive and nice little mini hands battle one by Statue I need to put a couple together here foreign.

Shuffle steps back to give herself some time to react and that allowed her to counter rather than what she's doing before of just trying to block it almost baited Rawson and going backside on him.

He was all over it on the backhand yeah it took one one step to the middle and then and then faded back to the line ripping that two-hand backhand back of brasha oh that's all created by a great drop from uh ramenzi great drop good angle Stacks are moving over big reach.

The close to hitting the kitchen where he's paddled there good balance oh what a run here by team clean as they tied up here at nine wow good control there for Arnold not to go past the plane of the net because if he does and doesn't play the ball.

There's a fault way to be active there in the middle by Julian Arnold in the middle heck he's on Bronson side he was all over the court right there but good use of of both sides of the Court he'll Stack Street had stepped in the last couple of points Arnold keeping him out of the loop on that one.

All Tied here at 10. wow what a block there from Arnold to take something off that and we're as close as you can get here on the end change mad drops in control by one Cameron Blackwood is Courtside what do you got cam Team Clean is doing exactly what they needed to do what was.

Happening is where menzi was hitting her dicks a little too high which was allowing Julian Arnold to come over and take those out of the air so two things they started to get the dinks a lot lower to Maggie to marry Russia and they started to call Julian Arnold a little bit more going behind him it didn't even have to be hard but it was just keeping.

Him honest and out of that middle ball so they need to keep doing that keeping the dinks low and involving Julian Arnold more all right we'll see after this end change it's as close as it can get you see Jill Braverman of duper up in VIP obviously having a very in-depth.

Conversation about how duper Works what it's all about what's your dupa you don't even have one Chad no I was just that was the slogan I don't think I have clean evens it up here as Cameron Irwin would say it's french.

Fries on the scoreboard nice Oh I thought this would be a perfect drop there for her menzy you had Arnold leaning way back on the overhead I'd like to see Brusha drop that one instead of driving she's driving a cross court giving romandu some time to to Kiana back down not allowing Otto to get.

Up as far foreign it's there doesn't even move on this goes past him on the back side nice job just opening the paddle.

Switching Direction with the palm 14 13. and team Queen is going Nebraska they're letting her hit that third they'll deal with Arnold coming in on a poach ing they're gonna Force parasha to beat him on a third.

Yeah big overhead not not the right spot or the right speed up for romanti there I'd like to see stay a little bit longer in the in the cross with brasha same ball wowing at it behind behind Arnold's.

Paddle taking a full swing two-point lead for drops yeah three in a row for romantic trying to speed up Cross Court watch Arnold's face like really it's just not there you're not gonna do that it's not gonna happen and that's the thing is if for men's he's gonna attack him he's got to go backside.

Just gotta go down the line can't go to the middle yeah speed it up and go behind him yeah stacker just couldn't put it away but that's what defense does here right so stature is putting a good swing on it and that ball keeps coming back the last one where the one where he's the most extended he tries to go even bigger on.

It and that ball gets a little too far behind and he puts it in the net foreign all right Arnold's down.

Foreign I mean the the intensity and the energy is definitely a lot higher when Arnold is on the court so bad drops are frozen Arnold's got some skin on the ground yep as he's bleeding from his knee but MADD.

Drops are frozen at 20 right here have to score on their serve Queen will get Frozen once they get to 18. tries to shape that back in right there I mean it's a pretty amazing shot if he brings that in but no thank you.

okay I mean that that finger wag this has been all day long today and they'll have a match point number two that is game and match 21-16 for Julian Arnold and Mary brasha I mean.

Do I need to ask the Chad what was the Difference Maker no I mean Julie Jillian honors being the Difference Maker in both matches for the Mad drops today we take a look again at game point Arnold resetting and then just putting the pressure all over Stack's route we talked about it before that you know Arnold plays his best when it's full.

Intensity he's moving he was all over the court but kudos to Mary brasha it's tough to play with somebody that's everywhere and you're trying to figure out where you're going to be all right we're gonna send it down quartzite Camp first and foremost why don't you check Julian Arnold's knee because he's bleeding all over the court what do you.

Got so effective in this game talk to us about why you're creating so much movement the strategy behind that because I'm not very tall so uh when you're not decal size or AJ's size you got to do it with your feet and uh maybe show a little bit more space than is actually there and just try to.

Use my foot speed so um yeah I gotta do it with my movement and uh and Mary's doing a great job of uh moving with me it's not it's not easy to play with me I'm not there one minute and then all of a sudden I am so um she's doing a fantastic job and the energy has been so much fun speaking of his movement you're able to be so effective with those key.

Shots in those moments what do you see whenever they come in order to put away those shots honestly I'm just really looking to focus like Julian said he's moving around it's so effective though you know he's just going all over the place and I'm just trying to really dial in on the balls I do have kids so he did such a great job I'm so proud of us on.

Getting this win and go mad drops let's go there you have it we're on to the second mixed doubles here back to you guys but just like you said Chad he is not easy to play with and it's even self-admitting he admits it too it takes a special person to play behind him or he's playing that well it's very easy to.

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Here and move on to the semifinals tomorrow team blqk is waiting for the winner of this matchup Chad we got Lee Whitwell AJ Kohler taking on Regina Goldberg and Deco Barr what are you looking for out of this matchup I mean for for Team Clean Bond needs to be aggressive he needs to be that big.

Body in the middle he has to be active and try to take over similar to what we saw for from Julian Arnold right there from Mad jobs Franco is going to be there to reset to set up and on the other side with mad drops you know we we've seen the Cola can be that big body but he has to stay within himself when he goes to speed up he.

Can't rush it and he can't try to generate something that's not there and then Whitwell is going to be that again that reset clean wow all right here we go let's start off with a quick fire fight here for the first point yeah that's nice Step In by bar in the.

Middle yeah that's what Bob has to do use his size he doesn't have to move as much as some of the other guys that do because you know he's six foot three but his wingspan is massive which makes him look even taller than he is okay yeah good ball from Whitwell again we're seeing ba drive those thuds.

the easy one that Kohler can't drop in as Barr took something off that last one Bob Swiss Helm grabbing his head our weed referees he called the football on a ball that down didn't mean it yeah if Cola hadn't taken it out of the yes it.

Was going to be a football foreign slips that ball right down the sideline past Kohler Kohler reading that he was going to pull that back to the middle wow what a I mean what a veteran move there by deckle bar he sees Whitwell go.

For the Ernie he's got Kohler covering so he just flips it up over the top car trying to go around the post there Kohler hitting that tight angle foreign Papa oh wow what happened Franco got handcuffed on a date I think now I think it was the spin coming off of.

The ball from wit while and boss fed it up well well somehow got a paddle on it and then just created some funky spin it's about a chatter it has nothing to do with the around the post anymore it's about the ball you get after the around the post let's see ba hit that Medium.

Pace almost for for a setup for that next ball to pop up so it could step back in right he wants it well to block it almost wow Franco Goldberg got caught in the back near the Baseline not moving up.

yeah that's just a good read by Cola keeping it away from Bob Kohler trying to flip up and over Deco bar probably not last decision well you got to catch him while he's moving Kohler trying to get out of the way of that one but Team Clean doubles up mad.

Drops here 8-4 Chad why wouldn't we go to a dream breaker and between no and then he slips the backhand by and then the open face knife slice can people go years to hit those three.

Shots we see he went in 30 seconds look at it again between uh no no we play Live Replay live we got it all here's the slit no here comes the slip this one here it is slip boom and we're back it's a little ambitious there I like I.

Like to speed up but he's got to roll it more yeah that's that's that slow roll kind of semi love oh and it is all Team Clean here up by six on the end change cam are you seeing something down there I mean this is a must win for team clean and Deco Barr is playing just like it he has to stay big and cannot let AJ Kohler.

And Lee Whitwell get back into this honest but instead of slicing it so that's going lateral pulling him out wide I would like it to push him deep back off the kitchen line so I'd like them to make that adjustment because I think that's going to be the old all right thanks Tim and it's Cameron.

Blackwood is Courtside for us I think she slept that's been there for like two straight days she'll be there tomorrow we got Steve founder and CEO of MLP up in the VIP section there's of course where else would he be other than up in the VIP section well as we come back in it'll be deeply to serve up by six here Chad what is bad.

Drops need to do try and end this without going to the dream breaker I mean I they've got to try to isolate barn and keep him out of this one it's a tall order to uh try to take on rather than going Cross Court.

To Goldberg 's feeling it right now Chad yeah you've got to do something more with with that dink rather than just bumping it up and over the net he's going to speed that ball up and again he's he's that guy that that plays well when he's playing high intensity.

Not now not when you're down by six now seven okay on the flip side too so you can't make that but right there bar does not want to make that yeah you want to force them into an error don't give them anything free foreign.

Knew that ball was out as soon as it came off of Kohler's paddle that was an early scream right then I thought it might have been colder screaming but what a drop from Goldberg right there and Goldberg feeling really good right now and I think she's feeding off of the bar confidence oh she's fading off of.

Off of bar for sure you know Whitwell on the other side she's she's been flat she's got caught a couple of times back on the heel straight leg they got to try to pick up some intensity over there for mads upside and it's just all tackle bar and Regina Goldberg here up 16-7.

Thank you oh wow bars there he just needs to get on top of that yeah I'm okay with it just just control the movement a little bit more it's kind of it was a little hectic on that one lift it really quick right there.

reach helps reach helps with them is every bit of 611. he looks it right but he's only got three he does his reach looks a lot bigger plays a lot bigger than he is yeah it's just that's the pressure of bar in the middle there forcing Kohler.

Into a mistake it's a 10 point lead here 14 clean it has just everything going away A Team Clean I don't know look at I mean look at the way that you know Whitwell and Cole are both like standing straight up as they're playing they're they're.

Flat-footed they're not moving around the balls don't have anything on them but for Goldberg there as well so we saw it with Russia playing with with Arnold it's tough to play when you've got your guy jumping all over the place right but she's staying back in that transition area giving Bob the room and when she does get that boat she just resets it.

Back into the kitchen and allows you straight up right there at that point almost looking to say hey here we go we're going into you know we're going into the dream breaker here but you know Chad we were witness to one of the best comebacks we've ever seen yesterday uh between the bus and the ranger the bus were up 20 to 13. ranchers came all.

The way back to win 321 I believe it was but again a lot of work to do here for the Mad drops Chuck Taylor and Adam Stone enjoy some food up in that VIP section I don't know how I let him Stone snuck up there that's Adam Stone he sneaks in anyway all right Goldberg right there she just needs to get on top of that that's a.

Winner hey why not have some fun take a take a big swing yeah 3-0 hack right there Chad sorry nice hands there from Goldberg but off the edge guard of bar and bad drops creeping back in here they need to put a few together here you know to put some pressure on Team Clean thank you.

Okay I'm not gonna do it that way it'll be a game point here for Team Clean on the paddle of Regina Goldberg oh no oh he did he ends it right there what hand from Deco bar to finish it off right here and Chad we will go to the dream breaker but I mean.

It was all Deco bar and Regina Goldberg there yeah and that's what we had to see from from clean in order to come out with that one Bond needed to take over be the aggressive B the big body that he is up up at the kitchen line we're seeing the last Point here bar with that shovel reset and then the big overhead.

To send and clean to the dream breaker all right well we have Cameron blockwood who is Courtside with Regina Goldberg and deckle bar what do you got for us cam deckle a must win to take you guys to the dream breaker you came out big fire for the very first point what did you and Regina discuss before coming out this match uh we just wanted to be.

Aggressive bring a lot of energy I'm glad we could do it early on and get a good momentum and that was good for us for sure since he was playing stuff it doesn't change I'm just going to be there for him if he needs me and set him up as much as I can but I'm going to support him all right we'll get.

You guys going to the dream breaker head into it back to you all right well we are headed to the dream breaker Chad we wouldn't have it any other way uh so again we go to that dream breaker it's all about singles here looking at clean looking at mad drops who are you looking at to favor here in the dream breaker uh I'm going.

To go with Team Clean in the in the dream breaker here you've got statsroot who's you know arguably top five singles player right now Deco bogg used to be a big far as singles goes on the tour yo he still can play in the singles um Maggie romancy is she's a sneeze she's sneaky she doesn't play singles.

But she's very good she hits a very happy ball in singles and then Franco is I'm we're probably gonna see Franco against Whitwell and they're going to go that Baseline you know we typically see one matchup that's going to stand Baseline and just go ground stroke to ground stroke so I would say we're we're probably we're going to see Stacks root.

Against Arnold that's going to be the biggest match up right if Arnold plays like he did in the dream breaker this morning look out I mean he was ripping balls heavy spin coming through it then we'll see we'll see the two big guys of bar against Cola it's going to be how March Cola can create angles and make Bob move and kind of wear it down a.

Little bit for that one uh Mary brasha against Maggie romancy I'm more than likely if this is the match I'm going to give the edge to brasha on that one but like we said romance is going to be you know that sneaky singles player when she hits a heavy ball and all of a sudden it hits it it's gone and you can't catch up to.

It so it's going to be interesting for the dream breaker like it always is and everybody's here to see the dreamery yeah I mean it's the most exciting part of MLP when it gets to that tree breaker I know the teams when you talk to them they're always like we don't want to go to it we don't want to go none of the teams want to know because it takes.

It's all about singles but we're getting ready to get started here looks like we got Julian Arnold and Federico stature to start Chad it's time to get up here we go we're on our feet too here as we typically are during the dream breaker because it gets intense quick so so far Chad you're you're one out of.

Here we'll see if the lineup's match yeah we don't know the order but Chad's been pretty on me so far and Arnold didn't see it quickly here he played the ball off the.

Tape nicely oh and stackser just misses the sideline can control the kitchen line by Arnold now he's got to tie this up come on okay he hits that sideline.

And they split 2-2 fired up much all right you're two for two two for two two for two we'll see what goes on Kohler and Bar yeah Kohler doesn't fit a very hard drive so Barr's going to have plenty of time to cover and he's still big I think Poland.

Needs to treat it more like a like a drop of foam drop rather than trying to hit a possum shot taking control of the kitchen line right here thank you what a move right there can take a 5-2.

Lead Kohler's got to get one here Chad and Bob boss Marie so we already talked about it is so tough to get that ball passed left hand right back in it how did decobar get back in that point just making balls like he's got the.

Rates he's got the movement hitting that softer ball allows him to get back into a better position to dare I say you're going to be four for four four call this one obviously the fourth one on there from brasha this is where they got a makeup ground.

Here foreign I think that was just the pace of brush's ball it wasn't a whole lot on it foreign.

she hit some really good heavy balls heavy meaning a lot of topspin with some acceleration coming through it so it pushed romanti back we got Maggie brasha Mama brush over here on the edge of their seats right next to us.

Closely got it oh she just misses it one UC remends his face she was shocked she missed it wow so if we're gonna go Baseline to Baseline I think this is the matchup we were thinking about Chad is I'll congratulate you again.

Thank you sir no he comes Whitwell early changing it up as Lee winwell I like it she's gonna Force Regina Goldberg to make a shot and again wow she does it again.

And I just got information from Brooks Wiley look at their singles dupers one two three are we pretty close 100th of a point off that's absolutely incredible the slight Edge going to Madras well that's great information there.

Well again Ball's not coming back and Chad Willow goes three and one right there that closes the Gap a little bit more I love the approach from well just when we thought this is going to be based on a baseline Whitwell tricked the saw and came in right on the first point.

Hey hey mugging all the way around the court I mean he's taking a Victory lap right there still down one though yeah I'd like I'd.

Like to see uh Stafford return a little more middle on this one he's dead but it is short and so the shorter it is the more of an angle that Arnold can't hit we're all tied at night.

There's just nothing stopping Julian Arnold right now time we are 10 10. next point we will change ends foreign.

11-10 cam what are you seeing down there sidewalk I'm saying that deckle bar needs to get back off the singles tours that I'm seeing this is absolutely insane he is covering the court so incredibly well hitting with his left hand up back it is absolutely insane he's keeping his team in it right now.

Because the energy on the Mad drops from Julian Arnold is getting that keeping them in this match so I think right now they need to keep this energy up because I think this is going to come right down to the wire I think we're going to see it 21 22 23 win here well hey and like you said Tim talking about Jekyll bar getting back on.

The single scene the only reason he doesn't is because it wears him out for doubles absolutely I've talked with him about that he is if it was a singles only tournament deckle ball would still be he'd be in and he'd be top three he is a stud singles player still he just doesn't do it because it'll wear him out for doubles and he concentrates on.

Doubles down down here I mean that's such a heavy ball on that first ball hand from from bar Cola doing a great job just to get a paddle on it oh.

What's up what's up and Kohler that's good that's good sportsmanship by AJ Kohler on his ball that hit the tape he's calling his own ball out he knew that off the tape it went out.

So it's point to Deco bar and Team Clean come on look at that ball of coal is coming off the net was out All Tied here at 12 apiece.

For Russia foreign foreign.

14 13. it's becomes Prussia from Russia we saw that in the last time hit that Cross Court so mad jobs take a two-point lead here into the.

Last ladies match up let's see if Whitwell decides to come in again like she did put pressure on Franco Goldberg 15 13. wow and Goldberg tried to come up and winwell just says watch this chip this year force you into a corner and open up the court.

It is stairs around here got a little lazy on that backhand did Whitwell yeah again the the issues that Whitwell has with the singles o doubles is when she doesn't move her feet and just pokes at it thank you all right it's a big Point here for.

Goldberg she needs this as we turn the order over back to the top after this point oh that's too good right there great shot but here comes the action stacked through Arnold it's about to get loud in here again Chad oh yeah.

looking over there okay yeah it's good move by Stacks Road Stacks were giving it right back right now within one wow that's a beautiful shot right there beautiful I know it's going to challenge this one I thought Julian Arnold's.

Backhand role like that was through it this morning stacksroots was even better I mean that's so sharp and so much angle and he had a lot of shape on it let's see what we got here all right as clean as could be of all three it's on the inside part of the line right.

There so we're all tied here at 17. as you can see right behind Julian Arnold was in it's not overruled because the call call is confirmed call is confirmed so.

No that's all right I just lose the video challenge all right so we're all taught here 17-17 big points here for Arnold as he's down 2-0 this round.

and nice control the kitchen light by Arnold there Steve stackford can even this back up as he's got clean back in it.

Because now you got the hottest player on either team Deco bar looking to take over Kohler by the time he got to even recognize it huge forehand from declaw two points away.

foreign both teams are frozen can only score on their serve from here on out it is a game set Match Point semi-final spot on the line.

There he is moving on to the semifinals they will face TV LQK great match here wouldn't have it any other way Chad now I mean they're the match tomorrow against blqk is gonna be electric Team Clean playing extremely well the last two days and you saw decal boss.

Stepping up when needed being the aggressor in next Double sending them to the dream breaker and then just absolutely dominating right here that's absolutely incredible job there by team Queen finishing that out and punching their ticket to two.

Semifinals where they will be tblqk tomorrow but right now we're going to send it down to Cameron blockwood Cameron is with the whole team of Team Clean take it away camp you guys are into the semifinals we have Team Clean making it to tomorrow morning Deco we know you like to save yourself for singles on.

Tour sure you have an entire fan base now that would love for you to come on the single store what was that mindset out there yeah I just wanted to be aggressive in my Sarah with my forehand uh yeah it worked out I'm glad I'll try I might try a multi-key next deer in singles lost my voice sorry guys uh yeah the team picked me up huge like we had a.

Tough loss early on the team was awesome with you know bringing the energy back up and being positive who picked me up that just huge team effort and you have to play one of the fiery players with Julian Arnold how were you able to neutralize him but and also just bring your game to the singles I don't know it was just four four.

Blinds just come on fire shout I don't know do something shout louder than him you two don't play singles but you're able to hold your own just with your different movements what was your team telling you you heard some talk when you were going into the singles points it's open to get in.

Obviously I don't know how to do that so I'm like okay I just have drops let me use that and how important what is the going to be the conversation before you head into tomorrow morning honestly honestly I think it has come out with some big energy like that makes a difference for us is when we're awake we're pretty like.

Introverted group here and so we gotta like turn it on for each other well you guys definitely did this side there you go we have Team Clean heading into the semifinals tomorrow morning all right Chad that is a great match in the first quarterfinal matchup I mean it doesn't get much better than that I mean going into it we didn't expect to go to.

That dream breaker it did and it gave us everything we could ask for yeah no I mean that's a fantastic win from from Team Clean um like I said I'm looking forward to the matchup tomorrow against blqk we saw uh that they're a little vulnerable in some aspects of their their play So Clean has really stepped it up and we'll.

See how it goes all right well we're going to take a commercial break we got about a little less than 10 minutes before our next match up here on Championship Court Florida smash taking on Hard Eight with a chance to move on and play the ranchers in the semifinals we'll take a quick commercial break when we come back that matchup for you here.

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Welcome back to MLP Columbus we're here in Columbus Ohio one more quarterfinal set for you tonight this is going to be a very exciting match up here Florida smash taking on the hard AIDS two veteran teams out here Chad two teams that have both been in the playoffs been in this scenario before unlike our first quarterfinal matchup.

Women's doubles to start a team we haven't seen you and I particularly calling Florida smash we haven't seen them play yet against the Hardy the Florida Smasher put out there Lacy schnee and Michelle Esquivel taking on Sierra gate Leach and Georgia Johnson what are you looking for out of this match up here tonight Chuck.

It's on my microphone on so I mean I'm looking for one Michelle Esquivel how composed can she stay she if if she's dialed in she's very dangerous but she does have a tendency to kind of fly off the rails a little bit sometime in matches and just starts going for for too much Lacey.

Schneeman knew it to um MLP newer to the tours first time I saw his out in Newport when she stepped on I mean she just lit everything on fire very risky she's going to drive a lot of balls so I think for for both of those ladies for for Florida smash they're a little bit more aggressive they like to.

Hit that ball hot it's it's how uh we uh we always talk about controlled aggression if they can stay and within themselves but but still be aggressive I think it's it's going to be a tough matchup for for Gayton Leach and and Georgia Johnson we saw them earlier today against the fives we showed genate coming out and and.

Putting it to him one thing we know for sure keep it away from gate and leech's forehand we've we've learned that quickly because we've seen the heartaches a couple times and yes we know to keep it away from her forehand so I think you know the key for scheming and and Esquivel is kind of allow.

Johnson and gate leads to kind of press it a little bit you'll let them speed it up and you counter rather than you know trying to go for it for too much and then for for gate leech and Johnson choose the right balls I think I think it's it's going to be a good matchup um I think it's it's going to be a a.

Close one I may give the edge a little bit here to to the hot eggs again a little more maybe experience but we're gonna take a look at the bracket here and where we stand as of right now clean as you saw the last match moving on to take on blqk the Florida Smash and hard eights about to take place right now winner gets the ranchers in the.

Other semi-final tomorrow again Chad I like how you said you know you may give a little bit of an advantage to who floor to smash a little bit again experience wise playing here Lacey schneeman you know not a ton of experience got a little bit last uh oh last time out 9 41. like I.

Said a little bit of an edge a little bit of an edge here 59-41 so again that's probably our closest one we've seen all weekend so but again that's why we're gonna play Let's see you know what happens as we get set to go here on Championship Court our referees are getting set as we speak they'll do our coin toss.

But Chad looking at the playoff teams right now what are you seeing are you seeing any surprises before we came into the weekend of teams that have made it this far uh no I I kind of expected um the the teams that we have in the playoffs maybe mad drops being that that Outsider because we talked about.

Um your pool pool B being that who's who's gonna make it through it was that it was a group of death yeah all four of those teams had an opportunity to come out and the other two were the bus and chimeras yeah so I mean yesterday my top two picks were blqk and and the ranches so they went through US wanted to see my third one was hot eggs yep so so far all.

Three have made it through yeah and the the issue that you and I had you know seeing the ranchers a couple times was we looked at them and we saw some chinks in the armor right in Newport they looked unbeatable but over the last couple matches that we've seen them we saw some chinks in the armor and we said okay they're possibly beatable now they.

They get an evening off tonight they're looking at ahead they're into the semifinals they get the winner of this matchup they're going to be watching intently to see what happens here but I think that was good for them to get to buy right because it gives them a little time to think about it regroup see where they're at see what it's all about and.

Say okay this is what we need to fix going into those semifinals tomorrow yeah absolutely and on the other side of it as well we saw that qk is is vulnerable with a couple of losses immense doubles some closer ones uh in mixed you know the the really strong uh thing for it for BLK is they're the only team that is still the original team.

From the first one in Austin so they know how each other play they've got the confidence to to go through it so they're always going to be a hard team to beat yeah and you're right man that experience I think for them plays to their advantage huge advantage.

As teams are getting introduced right now overall we talked about the women's in this matchup overall what are you looking at this whole match I think what is going to come down to is women's doubles and we've already.

Established it up you know we established this yesterday 35 out of 46. whoever wins the women's doubles Point goes on to wins and wins the match 35 times the stats have already changed for this one so it takes that pressure off so is I'm giving a a slight advantage to the hot Eights on on this one for.

Women's doubles I would potentially give a slight advantage to Florida Smash and men's doubles with J.W Johnson and Travis Redmont mixed doubles is good is gifting scenario for this one you know I think for for hot it's to make it out of this they've got to take.

The fuss too onto mixed I think we there's a slight disadvantage for the for the hot eights yeah I I'd agree I'd agree with that you know with Michelle Esquivel being a veteran of the sport I do agree with that looking at them in mixed doubles so yeah so you're right it's how.

Important is it for women's doubles and men's double for the hard eights it's very important to get off to a good starting point so we'll see is I think if if you do go to the dream breaker with with this one Florida smash it has has the the singles team they have a huge Advantage going.

Into singles you know how many times I've tried that where the paper roll paddle This Time I win with the tennis rackets he's just showing off right now they're just showing up I mean you're just showing up and we're about ready to get started these ladies about to kick it off here.

Caitlyn curve our MC all weekend how much energy does Caitlyn have uh about as much as my eight-year-old yeah she's about that right she's running around like crazy all weekend just doing a great job keeping this crowd involved she's giving away more stuff I mean the whole Wardrobe full of stuff.

Just giving away we've definitely seen more giveaways and stuff being thrown out of this one compared to the previous two MLP you and I went in the back yesterday we went back it was Christmas shopping it was like Christmas shopping for you and I too we got sweatshirts got a couple more shirts no we went back there got a.

Couple new shirts and things like that but it's awesome they treat us well here MLP top-notch it's my favorite event to come to it's absolutely insane the amount of competition you know what we have here Nobody Does it Better nope Michelle Esquivel to start ladies underway I think that's the matchup we're gonna.

Have to watch is Johnson caught Cross Court right there how is Lacey schneeman gonna handle Georgia Johnson coming to her with that two-handed vacuum foreign playing a little tentative right there for us two points usually we see her come out a little a little more aggressive.

almost took something off it right there created some shape on it oh nice shot of gate leech not backing away she knew that Johnson was going to drop that in so she steps up right there puts that ball away yeah Steven kind of a little bit of a mishit.

Gate and Leach taking full advantage of it good job again from schneeman so we've seen it on both sides that off-pace ball has that tendency to really throw off the timing Steven does a good job of coming back in.

The great job of coverage on the around the post from Gayton Leach foreign doing a good job getting that ball down to Johnson's feet yeah I'd like to see him go a little.

More tanking and scheming than the Esquivel Esquivel is going to move them in and out and control that point I'm gonna test him it's all a little long right there off the paddle of Lacey schneeman and a one-point lead for the hard Eights foreign.

Yeah that's my bad wrong spot George Johnson staying nice and short and compact we've seen that a few times trying to speed up Cross Court just feeding foreign foreign.

I really like that middle ball especially that one there going to the left foot of gate Leach creating that pinch in the middle a little bit of miscommunication nice ball from basketball getting on top of that two-hander right there on a high ball a lot of players will sail that long but she dips that front shoulder.

Gets on top puts it away gets schneeman extended I'll miss a sub in this format no no no okay again some some miscommunication gate meets getting up there trying to.

Crash but Johnson feeling her come for and tries to rush beforehand yeah that's what I want to see a little more of is going to steaming there on that Cross Court instead of Esquivel rest wow nice angle right there but it's.

Unpredictable that's what it is she holds it she slays it back and then she can change Direction with it again we saw that put away from schneeman thank you we're actually ball there but again Johnson's got to hit an angle on.

Those overheads she's continuing to punish the ball flat back to the Baseline a loud schneeman and Esquivel to get back in that point nice ball in the middle from as we'll change and ends at the floor to smash has a one point lead here.

Cameron Blackwood is Courtside camera you've seen anything different down there no I think what Michelle esquel just did there is Middle is going to be key both of these teams are brand new it's brand new Partnerships for them so there's still some miscommunication between the middle so I like what they're doing is.

Seeing that splitting them out wide and seeing if they can't get that middle ball on the other side I like that George's Johnson is keeping going to Lacey schneeman's low backhand I think that they need to get Sierra getting leeches forehand though in the mix it is so deadly so I'd like to see if they can't get a pop-up with that because.

Once she gets going they get free points off her forehand yeah you're exactly right Kim and it is that big forehand from Gayton Leach that we've all been looking for and there's Julie Johnson up top watching Georgia and J.W Johnson will be coming up next with men's doubles torn household at the moment.

all right there's that forehand that Cameron blockwood Courtside was talking about as soon as you get it up to gate and Leach right there that ball is put away can't finish on that second just long it was a lot closer than ask.

About Steven wanted oh please go out yeah just uh look like a sailing sailing wall I want to see a little bit of an extension of the points here we're having a couple a couple of quick ones couple of errors that's about a constructed point from Florida smash Bo schneeman and Esquivel.

Moving that ball around sitting on that big forehand right there smashing a two-point lead here foreign tries to speed it up I like to speak up from schneeman I like the speed up.

From that but I think she's just gonna gotta anticipate and stay in that oh you can't make us up from all Chad Edwards Chad your full hashtag this weekend we're all tied here at 14 though yeah get back to your point the speed up.

From Steven is a good shot right there yeah and again there in that one as well it was just both Johnson and gate and Leach able to counter it and then reset it she's even trying to do a little too much good job.

Let's bring it back dipping that front shoulder and getting on top of that such a key right there just to get on top of that two-hander if you don't dip and get on top you're gonna hit it flat yeah especially on on the higher balls and that's the that's an area where a lot of amateur players find it difficult we say hey get on top of a ball at the.

Top you have a paddlehead underneath the ball that's down so differentiating between the two becomes tough and there it is again Georgia Johnson getting to that left foot of seaman and Steven just opening up that paddle phase two mods once it gets too flat you the bolt actually just slides on the.

Paddle yeah we saw it from Dayton leads right there as well good adjustment from sheaman with the ball off the net some time out here from the hard eights we are all tied up here at 16. doesn't get any closer than this.

And Chad what are you seeing because I mean we're close to the end you're seeing ascavelle and schneem and getting some advice here quickly yeah Brett my red mile was just saying the same thing with Steven there instead of opening the face the paddle of the face of the paddle so much on that backing look at rolling it a little bit more or.

Flattening it out that's gonna that's gonna keep that ball down still but you're not running the risk of the ball just sliding on the paddle I think you know they're in a good situation here again is you have to move the ball around on Dayton leech and Johnson if you allow them to dictate play it's very very difficult to get.

Them off balance nice little rip forehand there but again she takes something off it creates some shape drops that ball at the Baseline take a walk away thank you oh Big Sir first came in two.

Hours uh Johnson almost thinking that Ball's going to be out could have been yeah potentially but that was a good set up by Esquivel pulling gate leech out why gate leech need to go down the line there instead of trying to go back Cross Court.

Ah that's a good ball right there for Dayton leads and we talked about how important this women's doubles matchup was for the hard eights down by one here looking to tie this up right there giving them game point whole team's Frozen here and 2018.

Traditional scoring here on out that's a nice speed up there from gate Leach yeah good reach in way to take that ball early smash getting caught off guard team 20 can only score on your serve now and that ball off the tape.

A little love off the tape for the hard eights 19 20. uh Steven getting a little tied up with the feet that ball getting getting close tied at 20 here win by two oh right there that both raided her body and she picked that floor hand almost.

Entering the chest wow I mean we talk about a pancake where you're like locked in like this she's that was fully fully handcuffed thank you oh oh miscommunication can't have that right there what a job by Gayton Leach back there.

Keeping them in that point Florida smash need to answer here down by one foreign all it is is a left hand coming back forward and she can hit that hole another Match Point here for the Hard.

Eight will take game number one in women's doubles 22-20 Chad here's the prize there no I gave the I gave the slide Edge to the hot engine in this one so I mean it was it.

Was close like I thought it was going to be unfortunately Florida smashed making a couple of costly errors there at the end and we've seen it in almost every single close match it comes out the team that loses is the one that makes those errors at the end it's not that the winning team is being so aggressive and they've hit winners it's come down to.

The errors yep and those errors came back to haunt the floor to smash a little bit right there hard Eight's battle back and take it by a score of 22-20 Cameron Blackwood is Courtside with Sierra gayton-leach and Georgia Johnson Incredibly Close match for you guys went to the wire 22-20 your backhand roll was.

Working so great what were you trying to create there with Lacey schnee I was just trying to get Sierra involved so you know she really carried us through back to the back to the wind and um you know uh yeah so fresh much easier though it's you guys almost have the match point had some miscommunication but how did you.

Grow up what was going through your mind in order to come back and finish his match I just thought let's over communicate and under control so we just kept talking and we're just like it's okay we're gonna get the next one and it went our way we played great so they sure did now we're on defense.

Doubles back to you guys all right a great job there from the heartaches getting that Victory much needed Victory we always talk about the women's doubles matching so important and hard Eight's on top 1-0 we'll take a quick commercial break when we come back men doubles here in the quarterfinals at MLP Columbus.

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Columbus men's doubles quarterfinal matchup Florida smash hard eights we got J.W Johnson and Travis retinmeyer taking on Kyle Yates Andre daisk who Chad this ought to be a good one hiring some great athletes on the floor right now predictions early on this one I mean you said that heartaches need both men's.

And women's doubles yeah I think I think hot HD both of these I'm gonna give the the slot advantage to Florida smash uh I'm gonna do X Factor for the smash is going to be JW Johnson yo he plays well when he's moving when he gets in there but he has that tendency to get back on his heels a.

Little bit and kind of just give away some points as far as not being aggressive and then X Factor for for the hot eights is going to be diascu how big he can get and how much control oh there he is right there getting big right on cue Chad yeah he was he was the the big one for.

Hot AIDS against the fives earlier that's great job by Rhett Mar going wide on Yates I mean Rhett Meyer just keeps getting better month off the month you know being playing pickleball for about a year right now maybe last oh eh goes a little long right there he keeps trying that sideline we've seen.

Him try that sideline a few times today yeah he's gonna try not to press the issue go too much set that up go behind Johnson foreign lead here early for the floor smash foreign.

knowing it's out picking up a little swag from retinmar over there hanging out with him a little too much he thought his returning server was in the back he almost stopped and he's like oh I.

Gotta finish coming up here I'm a little star down at the high school telling him you know better I mean there's definitely a lot a lot of chipping going back and forth right now foreign.

a little bit like it's getting chippy and it has been Chippy the past couple matches right but I'm sorry we need more of it I'm sorry we need some some attitude some players that are just gonna bring that intensity.

down now bodies up right on there shoulder foreign here come the Hard Eight said yeah all of those balls that got bodied up they're gonna be going out.

Tough when you're 14 feet apart the ball is that hard Falls in no just wide depth wiser is amazing I like that speed up but he has to execute it better as far as getting lower he stood A Little Too Tall so that's what that's what made that ball flat.

Thank you at the backhand and Ernie right there what a good read yeah good set up by Johnson Rhett my reading that Johnson's forehand is going to push diysku back off the kitchen line and he's not going to be able to see Rhett Meyer moving the only chance he had was.

Going down the line oh good hands watch Yates just step off the line right there and take control of that with just a little too much J.W Johnson Cameron Blackwood your Courtside what are you hearing down there from the players there's a lot of confidence here on the.

Rhett Meyer Johnson size as it should be jdb Johnson just moving really well however on the other side they're getting those free points even though it might only be found when they are speeding it up right at their chest area anything lower they're getting anything higher than the layout but right now the speed that.

They're hitting it they're not able to move out of the way and that's how they've been able to get those points so I like the speed UPS like Chad said get a little bit lower so you can execute them because they are really effective right now yeah it is a commanding six-point lead here for the Florida smash looking to.

Answer back here heartaches taking women's doubles Florida smash trying to take men's doubles and force us to have to go through both mixed doubles matches because here in the playoffs if you go 3-0 that last mixed doubles matches yeah Red Knight going a little too big a little star down there for him to ask.

You here I'm gonna correct you on something I don't think we can save Five Points is commanding in rallies oh that's that's definitely nothing's demanding we eliminate that from our vocabulary yeah we'll throw that one out now if it's you know 19 to two maybe that's commanding that there's still a chance to come back.

After the 20 to 12 lead for yes yesterday foreign excellent counter attack using the pace to his advantage.

so I could do it again and I like the I like the move I like that shake and bake but I ask you doing a good job of punching that ball down Ball by Rhett Myers.

Defensive Ernie what dianesku is like he's like and yeah okay throws his hand over his eyes and then he's like red might just swatted at it yep if you just listen to that that was a pop pop with how fast and how little.

Reactions on there it's ATP to fully done take a look at this ATP from Yates come right at you into your living room right on the line there great work bye.

Boxcar Productions out there in the truck bringing you all those angles okay oh again it peeks over oh that ball was going way out Ball's gonna end up in the second row Brett Marge is Too Tall I always say it though right there.

Throat high stone them that Santa mess it's so hard to get out of the way off thank you again again don't just shot on retinmeyer nothing can do get out of the way as you see Julie Johnson up there in the VIP section she's feeling good Georgia won our first.

Match JW's lead in the second I can't root for one team I mean if she does one of our kids gonna disown her Rhett Meyer and Johnson back on the board up here by seven trying to even this up and they asked you again and it's going.

Right at the body of red bar right now seeing if he can do anything with it got him twice in the chest once block out of bounds easy Miss there for eights and a ball he's not going to miss very often now he just slowed his paddle down trying to take some Pace off of it but I'll stay through that wall you saw him.

He's getting frustrated fall break down and a good angle there from dasku and that's what those overheads are about at that angle Yates kind of shrugs his shoulders and goes I'm gonna take it if we're down six and now five.

I locked and moved from diascu but Johnson and rat Maya ready for that game point Johnson will end it right there and we will play both mixed doubles matches 21-14 Rhett Myron Johnson answer the Bell.

Make up for the scheminaskabel loss but in 22-20 fashion so a good match here we got a full replay here for you of the last point what Johnson ended right there and we're all square here at one in this quarterfinal matchup the biggest difference right there I.

Think again J.W Johnson playing with confidence Rhett Meyer playing with a ton of confidence early yeah he got matched a little bit by to ask you but in the end they come out on top 21-14 we're going to throw it to the sideline Cameron Blackwood has JW Johnson and Travis I saw a finger wag from J.W Johnson.

Earlier in this match how much do you just love doubles uh well obviously a lot especially if you know in the 40 I mean the 39 year old man I would like to step on the kitchen a lot like they did not happen this time so we're doing good they did get some body bags on you guys but you were able to make adjustments.

Quickly what were you looking for in their pedal in order to do that honestly I think I just lost Focus if I'm a drink and uh yeah you know let's have to see Jacob smiling having a good time that's good all right we're on the mix guys back to you I will Travis just happy to see JW.

Smiling right there but both of them are smiling as we are all square at one we'll take a quick commercial break when we come back we'll let you know the matchups and mixed doubles leading forward here in this quarterfinal matchup with the Florida Smash and the hard eights don't go anywhere foreign.

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matchup Florida smash putting out Michelle Esquivel and Travis rettenmeier will be taking on Sierra Gayton Leach and Kyle Yates Michelle Esquivel to serve seriously.

Let's check out the head to head here as close as it gets right here Yates and gate and Leach with a 54-46 win probability yeah I think the ladies are going to be the X Factor in in this one movement wise pal wise Brett mine Yates pretty similar Yates obviously the more experience of.

The men yeah great step in there from retinmeyer in the middle check yeah that was a better better speed up from him short and explosive but it was a good setup from Esquivel as well Gayton Leach looking to go cross-court on a firmer ball leading that up a little bit.

The whole there for the hard age yeah I like Yates being aggressive with him we always talk about you know not forcing the issue the thing is I don't want him want him to try and go toe-to-toe with rotten wire here I want him to stay within let.

Gate and leech set him up nicely and then let him be aggressive don't try and be too aggressive if his Rhett and Mars got great hands he can handle anything at Yates gonna bring at him he's got to pick his spots wisely foreign leech thinking that ball was wide Yates agreeing he changed the call and.

Agreed with Rhett Meyer and Esquivel and it's a 5-2 lead for the Florida smash oh nice ball there from Dayton meets backside on rightfire yeah let's see let's take a look at the replay there ball definitely on the line as soon as that ball went up basketball was like you yeah not gonna get it hitting that ball just enough out of the.

Reach of retinmar foreign holding that to the last second Chad yeah I mean that's a big jump right there too really close to to Kitchen violation but squeaked it out just missing that down the line as he.

Just keeps trying to go down that line a few times yeah he's I agree with it you know going behind Brett my but again don't need to over hit on that one even if you just make him hit the ball behind him you're still getting something out of it yeah and that's just a great job by Kyle.

Yates have seen the open spot right he's got retinmeyer sitting in the middle not a finger wagon going on there is cat lob can't hit through me yeah Gately just instead of trying to go back that way just drop it back across Brett Myers on the other side of the Court that's not gonna say just just put a ball nice and easy back behind and.

You're not going to be able to take that ball back Cross Court when he's already moving crossbow you just fitting in the ball that he wants thank you maybe that ball was trouble as soon as they hit esquivel's paddle she was grunting trying to will it over.

oh let's stop right there I hate saying my back 58 Leach was there Yates still trying to come over and get it Sierra ends up the ball inside and again.

Sierra ends up hitting that straight into Yates yeah see radiates going for the Ernie right there and knew the middle was open great veteran move by Esquivel and you see her hold it look make it look like she's gonna go nice and soft but speeds it up last.

Minute the whole change ends here Esquibel and Rutten are up 11-7 on the hard eights you hear anything down there Courtside there's definitely a lot of frustration here on the heartache side I think they need to go back to the previous match.

Where Sierra was Ohio let's play Simple pickleball we don't need to do anything more and I think that's where the frustration is coming up Yates is doing too much right now gate and Leach can hold her own on that side especially with that being her forehand so I'd like to see him step back let her take some of those balls on the other side they're.

Playing great I like that Michelle's seeing that middle ball it's open for her again because the frustration is on the heartache side so capitalize on it see if they can't get some more points on the board yeah Chad we had talked about that early too is like Let The Game come to Cal Yates he does not need to go and get it.

The play patient let Sierra gate leech do her thing right and then wait for the right opportunity a couple times just kind of overdid it a little bit needs to kind of find that that in between level right now calm down let gaten leech do her job look for the right opportunity yeah Sarah has proved that that she can hold.

Her own with this be able to set Yates up yeah nice ball right there behind the sideline does gate and leech Rhett Meyer let's say go ball drops in foreign.

Still a four point lead here for the floor to smash a bit of back and forth with netballs to talk about giving away free points nice leave right there good hands battle won by gate and Lee got to use that confidence right here that's his I mean she's out in front and just slapping at that ball it's where all that power is.

Coming from that ball getting on retinmeyer really really quick nice dig from Yates yeah and the best part about that was the East got back in the point right he dropped that ball to Rhett Myers backhand and got back in the point didn't try and rush anything yep yeah I was half expecting to run along.

The kitchen and then jump the jump the corner foreign play there from Franklin kitchen cam when he gets a little too excited is where where the issues creep into his game.

basketball handling every bit of what Yates had to bring in that last Point end up going cross-court to Clayton Leach can't do that right there thank you there from Rhett Meyer.

Looking to get the floor to smash up 2-1 heading into that last mixed doubles matchup good move reading the gate leech was going to go cross-caught again to eskabel that's a great move there from brettmeyer like you said Chad watch this read the drop.

Put away in the middle yeah it's just not there that speed up so Kate and Leach has found some success in previous matches doing that Brett Marsh sitting on it right now going go ahead I dare you to yeah and red Maya actually does something completely different than what we would typically see or or think about right he does sit.

On it by leaning back to give himself some more separation so it in essence he's hitting off of his back foot but he's still balanced not everybody can do that usually what happens is that ball flies on you but you see Brett Maya leans back a little bit to give himself some clearance yeah and again it's it's the the years.

And years of tennis experience just coming into play right here with rhetor everybody always talks about oh well no Brett Bard's been playing less than a year how is he so good blah blah this and that and if it's Ari but you know he's been playing tennis came out you know probably three years old four years old she got all those years he's got 30.

Years of tennis under himself so it all relates oh my goodness some absolutely disgusting dude look at schnemann and Johnson on the sideline.

Even though they don't get that Point Lacey Stevens all about it Chad I mean it gets right here we talk about it again though Yates is hitting as hard as he can but he's hitting it straight down foreign with that right there incredible point.

s thank you can't go to redmi right there in the middle Caden Leach can't figure it out right now as far as keeping it away from the Red Bar forehand yet yeah I mean Fred.

Meyer set himself up there good ball back even though I was going to the full hand of gate and leech and just caitly just got to slip that back backside Rhett Meyer's reading it so well right now he's not gonna earn you no he's got to go backside he can't.

Earn you from where he's at the Florida smash as they jump out to a 2-1 lead with a 21-13 victory over the hard eights eight weeks and Kyle Yates I mean what's a Difference Maker right there Jack no I mean Rhett.

And Maya established himself in the middle of the Court I just did a fantastic job of staying with him we saw the difference between Rhett Meyer and Yates right there is yeah they're both being aggressive but my estate compulsed Yates at times got a little too excited a little too much movement.

But Rhett Meyer was setting himself up going back behind gate Leach and then we had Esquivel doing the same thing so really forcing the issue of that middle ball all right well let's find out if Cameron Irwin can I'm sorry Cameron blockwood is down Courtside can she ask Travis ruttenmeyer if he's paying rent in the middle there.

We would like to know if you're gonna if you're paying rent in the middle of the court because of how much you would took over this match yeah I mean uh for me it's really tough to play with JW because he doesn't let me do anything he's like hey don't miss so it's fun that Michelle lets me play and have some fun and uh yeah I just was trying to.

Make myself you're really able to set him up it almost looked like you were hitting a bait ball there for Sierra for her to counter and then him to finish how are you able to create that uh you just uh tease the person I guess you just just enough where it looks attackable um I don't know really how to do it just.

Kind of do it you're just a master at it there we have it now we're going into the next mixed doubles match back to you guys all right well that is it for the first mixed doubles match Chad we got one more to go to determine if we're gonna go to that that green breaker or if it's gonna be over and Florida smash we'll move on the ranchers are waiting.

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Control and paddle speed that we're all looking for pro XR is the most revolutionary technology in pickleball foreign Ohio MLP Columbus one more matchup possibly for the rest of the evening into the semifinals mixed doubles match.

Up here now the question is where's Julie Johnson because that's where we got to know where Julie is right now because we got JW and Georgia facing off against each other in this matchup so it's going to be a tough one for her to watch and there she is right there on cue okay and she's perplexed she has no idea.

It's no idea who to root for it I think she's just something having to come I mean I'm gonna say something here though she is wearing Florida smash green I'm just gonna call a spade a spade right now but again we have Lacey steaman and J.W Johnson taking on Georgia Johnson and Andre dasku I think for for this one Steven just has to stay consistent play.

Some clean pickleball don't do a whole lot make a lot of balls allow J.W Johnson to try to kind of set the tone in this one he's going to create his own opportunities Steven's just got a weather the stove a little bit here we go scheming to serve to start JW Johnson fighting the hole in the.

Middle yeah I mean that's in reality that's what Steve has got to do she's just gotta just gotta keep in that stay within that and like I said JW's going to step in when the time is right foreign.

Lead here for the hard Eights foreign giveaways it's been great all weekend oh and they asked you trying to flip a two-hander through the middle no luck as it goes a little long Florida smash creep within one.

Good ball for him to ask you oh JW Johnson testing out Georgia Johnson right there she read it well I think she's seen it before ah a few times.

Foreign one two in the backhand both going long gone the other way schneeman's ball just going a little deep trying to do too much with it foreign.

a forehand flick a two-hand flick and then a block right there all along no no love lost there big bro going off the little sister no you're not gonna get an apology either oh good leave there from J.W Johnson ball Sails Long and Florida smash looks to be cruising a little bit here Chad.

Yeah I mean Johnson doing a fantastic job of reaching in and taking away the reaction time for dasku foreign hits he's back into that ready position righty let's not hit a backhand hang out there it's hit him back and get back into the middle of the body.

Falls in Johnson up against the wall a little giggle in the middle there trying to get back up I mean he was leaning up against the video wall in the back foreign.

Blackwood is Courtside Cameron what are you catching down there as far as Florida smash they look like they are grooving they really are and you know when you play with JW Johnson you just feel more confident so Lacey right now can't miss I think she knows that she can deep with Georgia and she can go straight up with Andre diezke so I think.

Right now they're sitting really confident on the other side Georgia Johnson knows her brother's game so incredibly well well however instead of dinking so much Lacey let's go ahead and throw some push things behind him let's move him back off that line because right now he's doing whatever he wants whenever he wants yeah I think you're.

Exactly right Kim try and keep him honest push him to the backside to his backhand he's sitting in the middle getting really big and playing with a lot of confidence right now in an 11-6 lead foreign let's see that with JW quite often he.

Kind of jumps to will the ball to get over the net we see that with a few guys actually a nice shot by Dash through a schneeman tried to go backside and slip that down the line but they have to cover nicely a heartaches crowd and owners right behind the bench there foreign.

a little momentum here after the end change for the hard Eights Stephen almost jumped out of the way of that yeah I don't know if she thought it was coming harder or what it was but but definitely caught off guard foreign.

a little unlucky from JW catching the net but Georgia doing an excellent job adjusting as that ball popped up and getting back on top of it Chad don't count them out yet and a timeout from Florida smash what's been the difference on the end change here.

For the Hardees and I think the holidays have applied a little bit more pressure without without overdoing it so we've you know we saw Steven anticipate that a ball was coming a little bit harder than it was and got out of the way a little unlucky for for JW uh catching the net but you know hot dates have are putting applying pressure in the right areas at.

The right time and now you got Julie Johnson she's standing up now she's about two steps from walking out can't watch anymore is this one is as tight as it can get pretty much 11 12 as we come back in hard eights look at me get back in foreign.

foreign waving at it almost knockingly going I know it's going out and a good good job by steam in that then a couple of times going behind guy escud is now trying to put a little bit more pressure on press.

That middle she even recognizing going back behind him that's it wow that's that's all wrists you know how hard that is to keep that inning makes it look so easy nice job being about a foot inside demon right there and Florida smash look.

Like they're starting to figure this out and a timeout quickly from dayaskou and Johnson go back to the replay of J.W Johnson and that little wrist flick he's taking that basically off the ground I mean his paddle is about two inches off the ground right there look at that how low his battle is.

And he hits that at about 40 percent he's gonna say mag 40 to 50 if he hits that any hotter it goes out but getting the paddlehead down like that and then coming up it's just gone heavy heavy Top Spin and we see schniemann now playing with with a little more confidence she's got oh a little bit of pepper to stop and you.

Know feeling it right now not worrying about making any any mistakes all right we come back in from this timeout to five point lead for floor to smash the time out there from Georgia Johnson and Andre de-esco yeah good spot from dianesku there 12 16.

Here oh off the net into sister's forearm so she got so frustrated so frustrated with that one but JW kind of baited her into it it just looked for this counter straight away a little too much of a step back to clear herself.

The ball died and pushed it flat back the other way on that one good return from Johnson I asked who had kind of stepped inside the court a little bit.

to try to keep him honest but can't go as hard when you're fully extended like that heartaches need to get a couple here get back in this I'm by four oh nice leave there from Seaman that.

Ball goes wide it is a game say it here yeah dates are gonna challenge it all right it's gonna challenge but ball is out as you guys can see at home right there it is a close call but if you're gonna do it might as well do.

It now is this will put the floor to smash with a game and match point and a Spock in the semifinals on the line foreign Paul was out it is going to be 2015 when we come back here Florida smash will be on serve here and looking to move on to the semifinals tomorrow.

Morning so on the paddle of Lacey steaman match point and just like good lead from diascu right there as Florida smash are now.

Frozen on 20. they do have to score on their serve hard Eight's have a chance to catch up here as they're still rally scoring until they get to 18. foreign off the tape right there Johnson can't make the adjustment fast enough and hard eights within three.

Another mistake from JW Johnson but we're all Frozen here at 2018. teams can only score on their serve regular scoring from here on out foreign.

foreign as she keeps that in play as J.W Johnson tries to speed up at his sister Georgia Johnson and she says not having it right now big bro.

1820 . wow I can't miss that one into the net gotta at least force them to block get right here and it'll be a match point number three here for Florida smash hands from desk you and they're gonna fight it off again and see what the hard age can do here.

foreign Georgia Johnson going backside on J.W Johnson and we are all tied at 20. look.

At again here speeding up into the body hitting right on that right hip Georgia oh my goodness Georgia Johnson just taking over right now what a change of pace here hard eights now looking to force the dream breaker foreign.

that's the only option that she has right there is to go very back corner but when you know that you overcook it a little bit.

Foreign foreign.

all the way back they were down they fought off four match points we are going to the dreambreaker here what a.

Great job Georgia Johnson just saying hey Andre jump on my back I'll hit a bunch of great thirds here you clean it all up and we're going a three play here at the last point right into the top of the net causing a 24-22 victory here to send us to the.

Dream breaker wow I mean it doesn't get any better than that Georgia Johnson is with Cameron Blackwood Courtside Andre dasku coming on over cam take it away brother JW out of the match for most of it but at the very end you decided to challenge him and going back behind him why uh he was pretty far over and um.

How'd you guys even come back in that was there any strategy talk or did you guys just get in the zone and finish this uh it was a little strategy talk for sure and we definitely got to the Zone we had a couple of Lucky breaks uh in the middle of their game and we're able to just kind of hang through and uh win it at the end so that's that's great.

We're playing tiger right now so we're looking forward to that under the dream breaker you guys here we go to you all right Chad um I was figuring it out right now don't think too hard all right but we're four.

For four okay last one no pressure for You Buck what are you looking at out of this dream breaker coming up what are your match-up predictions all right so I'm I'm gonna go uh Johnson and Yates I'm gonna give the edge to Johnson on that one you know again Yates is a good singles player but Johnson's you know again similar to Statue top.

Five yo I'm gonna give the edge to him there I'll probably go Rhett Myrick against isku yeah two big guys diascu came into it playing singles again another one of those guys the singles takes it so much out of you when you're trying to play gender doubles and mixed doubles so but diasco is certainly capable of.

Throwing a wrench into things can create some angles has good ground strokes so those for for the guys you know I might give a little bit of an edge to the Florida Florida smash within that but then we're going to be looking at uh I'd say Esquivel against Georgia Johnson yeah okay I give hard.

I give hot aids to Edge there with with Georgia Johnson however she has struggled a little bit in the dream break is that that we've seen and then obviously to round it up we've got uh gate and Leach against schneeman pod pick right there yeah probably go a little bit towards Lacey scheming in that one I think because.

You're going to get Lacey steaming or I think she's going to look to get to the gate and leap backhand and work her way to the kitchen line and use her athleticism so I'll give a little slight Edge maybe to the Florida Smash in that one yeah I think I think key key matchups here for this one are going to be.

Whoever whoever's playing against against Johnson right because you've got it you've got to try and split if you can split with Johnson it's all done that's all right so as these teams set their lineups players look like they are setting up right now getting some last minute warm-ups in our Esquivel and schneeman.

Again let's see where we're at as far as lineups go in a minute but I mean Chad I mean both quarterfinals going to a dream breaker it just doesn't get any better for you guys at home for everybody here that's what MLP is all about oh for for sure and and the dream Baker is unique to MLP.

Yeah we talked we talked to her on the play unless unless your singles got but even even the singles players don't want to play singles in this because it takes it takes so much out of you and they've got more pressure and then how much pressure is it because it's four points yeah right and it's like you have no rhythm you're not getting into a rhythm.

So these singles players are looking to get into a rhythm but you can't inform them and then you have the other players who aren't seeing those players going I don't want to play that either so they are either that or they're stepping out and they're like hey I got nothing to lose I'm just gonna slap this ball and the pressure's not on me all right.

So it's just it's nerve-wracking for all these players now as you can see we too we talk to all the players and I don't think I've ever heard one player now one go let's go I want to get into the dream breaker no absolutely not they know how much pressure's on during that train breaker so it's a big difference it's not like.

Regular singles but let's see where we're at here to start off looks like it's I think I might be wrong oh no Chad JW and I ask you is what I think it's going to be Yates bar and possibly.

So if it goes they ask you Johnson that means you're wrong at least twice here good good observation what a good observation good at math figure stuff out high high probability on that one I probably you're wrong it's almost like hey in rally scoring.

You can win Five Points on five Subs hey you get five points on five serves here oh yeah you can and rally scoring so it looks like these players just about ready to get going to see who's getting thrown out there first Byron Fresco your lead ref three second.

Referee is Ron Ponder and Courtney Johnson is your video review referee for this last quarterfinal of the day oh I'm gonna be wrong all four times all over the place this as a sacrificial lamb to just kind of streak a couple of points out against JW we have to make it up in the other other.

Areas we haven't seen this since Austin yeah in Newport we didn't see any sacrificial damage it was all matches Simone threw herself out as a sacrificial land against JW went Owen 12. all right let's see what Sierra gate and leech can do here.

Great start but she gets one it's a win oh absolutely right there from J.W Johnson could be a quick 4-0 lead Johnson plays it right JW Johnson just passes gate and Leach on the forehand side oh that was the chance that was the.

Opportunity right there so looks like it is retten Meyer and Yates round two a nice leave there from Yates he's in ground here yeah Rhett and I just catching that one in the end of the paddle great job on Kyle Yates here staying.

Under control not getting too big right there finding that sideline for the other way wow and see I don't think that they were expecting this here they're expecting a little more out of retinaire in the singles match up.

Yeah he just overcooks it a little bit foreign conventional thinking oh she's smiling she's peacocking back there wow basketball is no slouch as a single player for everybody out there.

Foreign on that one not enough room to go full inside out foreign.

After a zero four start the hard eights will take that yeah it made up ground now Georgia Johnson against Lacey schneeman Georgia Johnson is a force to be reckoned with in singles covers a lot of ground uses her length so well.

that's a big ball from Georgia Johnson right there inside out forehand on a perfect drop from football oh just I mean that's the edge of her shoes just the edge of his shoe foreign.

I guess it's not as close to the net as what it initially looked but not the easiest shot from Johnson right there she had a ball right there that was.

Almost handleable but a one point lead here for the Florida smash yeah I'd like to see it just just stay at the Baseline and go ground strokes with him giving itself open for the passing shot Cameron Blackwood is Courtside what.

Do you see down there Sam I really love this lineup I think it's really interesting I know Sierra is frustrated right now but she's doing her part as bad as that may sound she if she can go one and three with him that's great but even you know zero and four your team is picking up the rest of the points so I'm excited to see uh this.

One's gonna be a close one I can feel it foreign tied up here at 11. oh I think that Yates was thinking that ball was going to be out they asked you.

Confirming no that ball was right on the line big Point here for Kyle Yates the heartaches yeah and what coverage of the kitchen line right there from Kyle Yates and now they asked who has to do his job here he went 3-1 against Festival last time.

Got to do something similar here foreign I mean that's what the the speed and reach of diascu does her a head basketball gotta shake it right here get back in there.

I mean she had him yeah I mean that's just a what a reaction from this but Andy stays out of the kitchen hey wow wow great reaction and athleticism from to ask you.

Big that's a sweep for dasco right there 4-0 it was 12 12. now Lacey steaming She's Gotta chip away at this year it's okay now Georgia Johnson goes two and two it's okay right because she's gotta me to