Is there anything foreign thank you ml play is an Innovative gameplay format that is completely unique to Major League pickleball it doubles down on the team aspect of MLP competitions ammo play format starts with women's doubles followed by men's doubles and ending.

With two mixed doubles games this unique dynamic means that teamwork is just as important as speed or technique on the court and within the community of the league bringing all players regardless of their background or gender here to MLP MLP in Columbus Ohio is brought to you by Pro XR.

Aura Franklin and knock around sunglasses Columbus Ohio the third and final stop of Major League pickleball 2022 season the largest prize pool in pickleball history this is John Davidson of the call with fellow Pro and Friends Brandon insect pong how we doing Brandon man.

Glad to be here on day two um day one was filled with a ton of excitement I think we're gonna see nothing less today as well I'm super excited this is awesome pickleball yeah it sure is it's a great atmosphere the best atmosphere in pickleball Bar None and we have an excellent match up here to start the day a rematch of the finals.

At the Austin 2022 uh MLP blqk and Florida smash what what should we expect in this match I mean look we're gonna see a ton of high-powered offense we're gonna see crazy resets um this is going to be an awesome one let's take a look at the schedule coming up for today.

Um which and see which teams are playing we've got blqk and Florida Smash Up first following that the ranchers and MADD drops at 11 A.M and then we've got heartaches and the fives that's going to prove to be a really good match up there at one and then of course the semifinals will begin at 4 15 today um.

We gotta stick around all day for this John this is going to be exciting right no and the fans are already filling the seats up it's been uh it's been a good morning and we'll look at the standings real quick right now group a blqk and Florida smash undefeated against the Lions and the jack rabbits both 0-2 there ranchers.

Undefeated and clean cause undefeated everyone else has some losses what are your what are your thoughts on this Brandon yep we're going to see some teams uh try to come back here in the standings today grab a couple wins and get as many points as they can but yeah those leaders there man they're going to look to grab a stronghold on what.

They've executed on in day one yeah exactly you know in the so we're going to look at group A standings real quick two of these teams are on the court right now Florida Smash in the first spot blqk both undefeated so both advancing uh but they're going to be playing for a buy so there's a lot riding on this isn't there yeah there's.

A ton everyone wants that that buy so that way they can just get straight to the semifinals they're going to be putting everything on the line in this particular match uh to see if they can achieve that yeah all right and so now up on the up on the court we have the Florida smash versus.

Blqk we'll look at the lineup real quick at the top Zane navratil and Rafa Hewitt will be the man and Paris Todd and Irina tarashenko a well-rounded team what are your thoughts well this what makes this matchup so exciting you can see the team duper 24.48 for blqk and pretty close for footer smash as well so can look like anyone's game but if you see.

They're also at the bottom Florida smash has the number one duper ranked player right in the world so they're gonna look to use all the skill sets that JW Johnson has and see if they can come out on top in this match yeah I would say Florida smash really needs JW Johnson to step up and uh take control of the Court as he does best if they want to come out.

On top of a pretty well-rounded team of blqk yeah the women are going to set the tone here I mean that's this is the first matchup coming up um you'll have Lacey schneeman and Michelle Esquivel from Florida smash they'll be taking on pairs Todd and Irina tarashinko um notoriously the stats say that when.

The women win the first game their team usually goes on to win the match both of these teams know that and they're going to come out see if they can set the tone early yeah of course it puts your your team in the driver's seat when you're up 1-0 and pretty much guaranteed that you know you're you're probably going to advance right and uh it sets the tone.

Like you said so then it gives the men the the layup to try to keep that momentum going yeah this is unique right it's MLP there's a lot on the line there's a lot of money there's a lot of Pride there's a lot of branding at stake that these players want to continue to build their careers so you're going to see them again play with their entire.

Heart they're going to switch strategies pivot they're going to be open to whatever it takes to come out on top of these matches in boqk definitely brings a lot of intensity and Fire to the court and I think on the women's side here with Michelle Esquivel for Florida smash she's going to try to match that.

Intensity as we know when she gets fired up she really plays well she does I think energy is is so important here in this MLP style format and Michelle Esquivel is one that brings that to the table let's see if blqk can match that and make sure that they put their best performance in hand we're getting ready.

To start Michelle Esquivel serving quick trigger pull already from tarashenko Catching Esquivel in the transition area yeah it's early but I think both teams like that sequence Michelle Esquivel wants that ball back and probably a little bit of a tight.

Dink uh so far to start you got the nerves going Brandon you know you've played a lot of tournaments the first first few points are pretty pretty tough mentally yeah absolutely still getting loose they'll settle in here a nice reaction from Esquivel perichenko does a good job with that forehand attack she holds it really late and.

Picks her Target but Michelle was all over it this is a unique matchup because all four of these ladies actually like to pull the trigger um faster than most and so you're going to see a lot of speed UPS look for the team that can counter effectively to probably come out on top here.

That's a good point Brandon great Drive Michelle got the ball she wanted to they would hit down but it seems like her weight was backwards when she hit that volley yeah some of that's the pressure she knows that Ball's coming back if she doesn't put a bunch on it it just went for a little more than she wanted.

Foreign gives blqk pretty solid lead to start the game 5-1 but rally scoring anything can happen two great resets by Paris the third one is high and Lacey Steven makes her pay for it yeah she made a good adjustment not trying to kill the ball but just find.

The feet of Todd foreign great pressure by Paris Todd there hard for Michelle Esquivel to get all the way back up we're seeing a lot of high thirds I would say here early to start the match a lot of the players on the fourth shot.

Able to hit down on the ball both teams are probably gonna have to make an adjustment yeah we see settling both teams settling in the difference is for Florida smash it's 3-6 um so they're going to have to get things going great drop by schneeman just as we say that a good adjustment by.

Stephen yeah she took her time um she got there made sure she really focused on the shot ended up hitting two really good balls foreign just wide it's also interesting Lacey schneeman helped blqk Advanced through the tournament in Newport Beach filling in for Paris Todd do you think she has.

An advantage playing this team and I think both teams know each other pretty well um I'm really sure there's there's a mental Advantage either way these are all great players you see there another counter missed by Esquivel she's kicking herself that's three.

Counters now that she feels like she's had I look for her to rein it in here more in great defense from Irena tarashenko yeah really high level strategy just making sure that that ball is over as opposed to being a great shot and ended up getting the unforced error and that one just pushes long Michelle.

Esquel going for the Ernie I like to play yeah she's there you know I'd almost like to see a timeout here by Florida Smash in the next point or so just to settle down foreign getting a winner a couple good forehands you can see Michelle took a little bit off those were about 60 percent as.

Opposed to the 80 she hit earlier and she's there for the counter unfortunately just a tad late we already have a change of ends here at 11 5. I agree with you Brandon I think they're getting the balls they want before to smash but they're not executing on the Finish yeah let's take a look at a head-to-head.

Duper winning percentage uh from these two teams you see there Paris Todd and Irina tarashinko win probability of 72 percent uh with the 11.5 team duper is it and at 11-5 already in the game I would say that prediction's holding true so far so the Florida smash for smash will look to clean up the finish I would say I.

Think they're in all the points just not able to successfully finish the ball well this is interesting I think you know again whichever team counters better I think can win this game but I feel like blqk is realizing that Michelle Esquivel is not able to counter effectively and they're continuing to speed balls up at her.

Foreign way out of the reach of tiroshenko yeah and and we for the first time get to see some energy from Florida smash let's see if that carries into this next point and a missed dink there from tarashenko I think we're going to see that pattern a lot from schneeman try to get in those.

Cross-court dink battles to tarasheko's backhand thank you that's two yeah I mean again it would sound like a broken record but energy is so important in MLP you know steaming with that overhead she's yelling now they've got the team going three straight points here.

Fist pumps from the floor to smash of schneeman gets the winner down the middle I like how she's taking the middle and putting a lot of pressure on Todd and tarashenko yeah that's what teammates have to do she's like I'm here I'll pick you up Michelle let's go Lacey Seaman again.

Hauled for the football well so football call uh but still a lot of momentum starting to shift in the way of the Florida smash yeah let's take a look you see there that left foot just steps on the line but Lacey sneeman folks is on fire taking matters into her own hands.

Pulling the trigger first this time you can see there they went back to their pattern they want to speed up to Michelle they feel like they can win in that counter situation and they got another unforced really a forced error right can attract us into the Nets you can definitely see the energy picking up.

From Esquivel and schneeman and knowing Esquivel pretty well that's where she thrives yeah she'll bounce back really well here some miscommunication in the middle of the smash Birds a relatively easy point for bl2k yeah Irina tarashenko known for that backhand slice date most players.

Typically don't take her on sneeman is not phased she likes that setup foreign taking over the court by formation takes out the do it myself watch this as she comes over starts to play a little mixed doubles here she is ready to help her team win this game.

Tarashenko with the put away with an off-court angle of her own right here 15 11. Brandon there it is again attacking Esquivel and winning in the hands battles yeah they know she's going to get the first one it'll come back and then.

They're ready they just don't feel like she can win two or three of those rallies and that one Irina gives a little bit of a floater kind of a bait ball she even takes it but the Tad out of the reach of the forward smash yeah and that's gonna happen look Steven has come over a few.

Different times she has won multiple points using that strategy so I think even though she missed that ball we would want you know as Florida Smasher won her to stay aggressive in that scenario absolutely that's what's helped them get back into this game is her aggressiveness so I think we'll see more of that.

And maybe Esquivel try to set up schniemann to get that ball in the middle yeah and for a full game plan I like what blqk is doing they're staying calm they're sticking with their strategy of speeding up the Esquivel for Florida smash I do like the fact that schneeman has been on fire but I think that we're they're going to need the.

True Michelle Esquivel to come out and play her game for them to come out on top of this they can't expect Neiman to come and take all the balls and end up winning this game getting back underway here after a timeout from the floor smash tereschenko serving 17-11. and Tara shanko.

With the backhand counter it looks like her corner you know esquivel's Corner told her hey let's try to speed up ourselves that one did not work we'll see if they pivot from that foreign excellent ball from escobel with that forehand roll I was just going to bring that up Brandon they haven't involved.

Paris Todd very much and they're down 18-12 right do you think they should start involving Paris Todd a little bit more yeah I think um I feel like Paris is okay with them being up by six right now and a fist pump from Esquivel and a stare down it's the match within the match Esquivel here is looking.

Straight ahead at cherishinko saying I'm ready for whatever you've got now um let's see if it continues great defense by Florida smash Crowd Goes Wild a little confusion over that overhead from tarashinko and Todd I think both of them wanted it in the end Florida smash ended up grabbing the point 14-18.

That one just wide good leave from Todd and a nice drop into the middle schneeman looking to stay aggressive again but now it's set up a game point for blqk yeah maybe over a little bit much I think Michelle feels more comfortable now and wants to take that ball.

That one just wide and blqk is Frozen on their score they can only they can only score again on their serve 15 20. deep serve they get a freebie steaming just a little bit long there's Richie the owner of blqk standing with the men's team love to see the ownership group.

Supporting their team and Irina tarashenko gets it done with the backhand through the legs of Michelle Esquivel blq take this first game pretty convincingly what are your thoughts Brandon well we talked about it early the strategy of hitting to Michelle Esquivel and expecting her to counter you can see on that final Point.

She was unable to come up with the point of the rally there and tarashinko and Todd stuck with their strategy it worked yeah when Irina teresheko could pull the trigger first it seemed that the points would more likely go their way and also she was countering well as well in front that heads up front battle uh with Michelle Esquivel.

So a commanding start from blqk and and we have Cameron Blackwood with the ladies at blqk Cameron take it away you guys started off with an aggressive lead after the timeout started to miss some key shots but how are you able to regroup in these key moments and win this match well I think just because you miss a few.

Shots that's not the end of the the world and we expected the team to get a little bit hotter and play more aggressive and they responded just like that so then it was kind of the ball was on our court to get our staff together get back to the strategy bring the effort and the focus in when it matters just like she said they start to get a.

Little bit hot how were you able to neutralize Lacey when she was being so aggressive yeah you know I mean I think our plan was you know mostly drop to Michelle and then try and get up to the kitchen and just for us just to get up to the kitchen to be in control of the point because when we're both up in the kitchen we're both so deadly so you were.

Just that thanks guys back to you all right thank you Cameron well we have the men's doubles coming up here soon but we have a quick commercial break so we'll be right back don't go anywhere all right foreign it's hard to find supplements that work.

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we are back in Columbus here at MLP Columbus we just watched an exciting first game the ladies of blqk took it 21-15 and now the men are up what can we expect here Brandon blqk got what they wanted they want to start out with a 1-0 lead with their women now Rafa Hewitt Zane navratil against J.W Johnson and.

Travis redmayer we're going to see some fireworks in this game the player owner to kick us off Travis rentmeyer a Jackie Moon of sorts yeah right off the bat red Meyer with a drive straight to Hewitt's backhand JW just uh starting to wake up here as the women took a little bit to get.

Settled in men are doing the same here and Zane navratil with the big reach he takes a lot of balls out of the air at the kitchen line takes time away from his opponents yeah he's really good at sneaking in there and flipping a forehand but Travis rettenmeier says not today on that drive from Rafa Hewitt.

The drives in this game have to be so good to cause an error that when they're a little high from Hewitt that ball just out a nice low drive from Johnson on the third and it seems that Florida smash is electing to drive most of the thirds as maybe the timing and we look there Zane navratil's fiance in the stands.

Former Miss Wisconsin great defense wow what a get by Red Meyer that one just in the net I love how high the ceilings are here at the pickle and chill they were able to throw up some really high lobs to stay alive yeah awesome defense by Florida smash great communication by blqk.

Foreign just into the body of retinmeyer great defense from blqk that is a clinic from going from the Baseline up to the kitchen by blqk awesome defense what a block by Hewitt yeah in the in the left hip Hewitt likes to go for that kind of chicken wing backhand instead of.

The forehand and that's a dangerous spot to put a neutral Ball by Zane navratil he can do so much with that backhand off the bounce JW reading that one like a book yeah that's a ball that uh JW's like I saw that well you saw that and so Hewitt's got to try to place that a little bit better.

Foreign actually did speed it up such great Patience by Rhett Meyer on that point there were a few times where he could have pulled the trigger stayed calm reset the ball and then picked his spot foreign with a player like JW Johnson number one.

Duper ranked player you feel like you have to be more solid you know I think it gives you a chance to make a few mistakes as you see navratil misses the backhand but you also feel the pressure of not wanting to uh lose the game knowing that your partner is one of if not the best in the world exactly Zane navratil with a.

Sneaky ball through the middle as Florida smash was caught out of position that's that backhand area again he loves to get a neutral ball in that spot what a drive by Hewitt great block and uh very slow point there Rafa Hewitt with the unfortunate error gives for smash a 9-6 lead two points away before.

The switch events with the tomahawk from navratil you talked about his backhand well how about that he's switched it over to the forehand yeah he's got videos on YouTube of how to do a tomahawk so if you're curious he is a master at that shot the average Hill with the the late hold on the backhand making Travis guess.

Where that ball is going to go catches them yeah Florida smash is gonna have to move away from that strategy to his backhand as I say that yeah right you know he likes to speed it up when he puts two hands on the paddle um he really doesn't want to get there and Dink that ball one point away from the switch events.

In the ATP attempt not inside the line from Rhett Meyer impressive he was able to get around the outside of the ball it was he would Hewitt put a lot of junk on that ball to push it out wide red Meyer just couldn't get there oh exceptional reset from Hewitt we have a tie ball game here Brandon.

Yeah the Hewitt energy meter is starting to rise cfboqk can capitalize on that but the Florida smash will be the first to 11. with the JW put away so Brandon what kind of uh if you're on team blqk how do you make some adjustments here to.

Take the win I think part of their adjustments not speeding up um to J.W Johnson's forehand uh unless it's a ball you can very much put away I think uh what zaynavertail is able to do with his two-hand backhand on Travis redmeyer's side he's got to continue to use that as a weapon as much as possible and then on top of all of that they've.

Got to stay solid they can't have Miss dinks they can't have missed thirds at this point right this team Florida smash isn't going to give you anything yeah and I agree with your analysis earlier that you might want to stay away from navital's backhands because that's where a lot of the successes come from.

So JW Johnson may be getting the Travis rettmeyer getting Rapha Hewitt a little more involved in those dinking rallies back in Action here J.W Johnson to serve and there it is again Brandon yeah watch that thing comes out here pops up a little bit High navratel has six or seven options he can do with that ball.

Robert Hewitt the southbaugh cover in the middle yeah I think red Myers just trying to figure out what spot is the best to attack and I think Cross Court middle into Hewitt's forehand is one he'll mark off his list and a nice poach from navratil you see that a lot with these two one will take.

The third and the other will crash the T right away thank you well they got away with it that time definitely did Hewitt's there for the counter wasn't able to get enough on it 1-1 redmeyer on that sequence see if he does it again.

A lot of backspin on that return from Hewitt yeah watch the amount of cut he put on this and that ball actually moved to JW Johnson's left side thank you Rafa Hewitt with the ATP defense I think the LQK got away with that one as JW Johnson had a nice ball to hit down on yeah he was there but when we.

Talk about the Hewitt energy meter for plqk it is getting ready to pop here yep yep ATP again from Hewitt watch this ball goes out wide Hewitt stays patient flips it to the corner and navertail takes out the trash.

Yeah blqk was down remember at the switch 10-11 Now They're Up 16-12 shaken Bay from Rafa Hewitt insane navratil what a drive by Hewitt descent we talked about the energy meter right it is extremely high I'd look for Florida smash to call a timeout to cool things off I'm.

Surprised one hasn't come already it's long you could see Paris Todd the court cheering on her team this team atmosphere that energy it really matters in this type of environment 100 this is the Hewitt that Florida smash did not want to see foreign.

JW Johnson answering in a big way yeah watch this stays focused counters the first one and then puts the other one away you know that's what number one players in the world do I have to take some notes of that Brandon a couple points now on the side of the.

Smash yeah the speed up by navratil the counter ended up jamming Hewitt wasn't able to get enough on it what you need especially in rally scoring and this third is it's pretty it matters yeah it really matters.

Duaner you love the style points from Rafa Hewitt the tweener mixed in with the reset yeah this guy we talk about on fire I think he's on another level right now yeah now we have game point here for the men of blqk and there it is what a comeback Victory.

Here late in the game down 10-11 win it 21-14 in dramatic fashion this game turned when Rapha Hewitt upped his energy to another level it permeated to Zay navratel and from that moment they never looked back the crowd was loving it everyone was engaged this is exciting pickleball right yes absolutely I think you nailed it that.

Once Rafa Hewitt gets going his whole team elevates so I think he's kind of the secret factor of this team's energy so an impressive finish by the men here and we're gonna go to Cameron Blackwood on the court take it away a little bit of a slower start but you guys came back right after the time out pretty hard you had a lot of 60 speed.

UPS on that backhand what are you looking for to hold it a little bit longer to go back behind Travis definitely I'm just spreading the ball out going Travis's line going Travis's uh backhand and then keeping a couple over at jdub as well to keep them honest so um I like that I like that play and Roth.

Was there to clean up for me Rafa cleaned up quite a bit you had tweeners you had atps on those atps how are you able to wait on it so long and then bend the ball back over well Zane's setting it up really good pushing them out wide and then they try to go to me and so it's really Zane that sent in that ATP up so I'm just thankful I got.

Zane as a partner and thankful for blqk and all the fans out here that are out here rooting for us appreciate all you guys that makes it fun here love it thanks now we're going to go to mixed doubles back to you guys you love the energy we talked about the energy from Rafa Hewitt now he's getting.

The crowd involved you'd love to see it thank you Cameron we're going to take a quick commercial break and we'll be right back with a first mixed doubles matchup foreign pickleball paddle answers the angel.

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Brandon in sick pong we got our first mixed doubles match up coming up in a must-win situation for the Florida smash J.W Johnson and Lacey schneemann will take on Irina tereschenko and Rafa Hewitt who Brandon you said had a lot of energy I'm sure that will carry over won't it yeah I think it will and he's playing with a partner in tarashinko.

That has a lot of energy as well so they can feed off of each other on the other side J.W Johnson and Lacey spieman I got a chance to watch them play together yesterday and they weren't able to come up with the win saw some highs there but also some lows so I wonder if they're going to figure out on the communication standpoint how much real estate JW.

Johnson is going to take what are Lacy Stevens high points that they can capitalize on let's see if they can put it together here in a must-win situation for them down 2-0 Lacey schnee to kick us off and we talked about the communication there Brandon uh not a good start yeah.

Right off the bat you can see kind of what I saw yesterday as well we'll see if they clean that up here but Lacey schneeman able to hit down on the ball gets the ball back quickly foreign on the back foot maybe you know been.

Sitting for a little while yeah really good drop by schneeman that one just long when JW Johnson gets big in the middle he applies so much pressure it really is tough when you have the core it's so small foreign yeah John you're right and I think that is the strategy JW Johnson is going to.

Need to take as many balls as he wants be aggressive and have Lacey scheming fill in on whatever's there and it looks like there was some coaching there by Paris Todd in between those points and right away we saw Rafi Hewitt and Irina tereschenko attacking schneeman in the body with every ball yeah it looks like they're trying to.

Give the blueprint on what can work Stephen was ready for that one she picked it up quickly I can tell you that's not it you know a highball at this Neiman's forehand which is probably her favorite shot to hit JW Johnson the big reach nice setup from Seaman she's got those Drop shots down he's got a lot of Top Spin right in the.

Middle yeah it was a great ball great flick there by Johnson and Rafa Hewitt the southpaw puts it away yeah there was a lot of spin on that ball it kicked up off of J.W Johnson's battle causing harafa Hewitt to have a easy put away.

What a drop by tarashinko great defense from tarashenko but that's the pattern that Johnson wants to get into he wants to get in that cross court and initiate the attack with that backhand flick absolutely for the smash finding the put away that time great defense by blqk quarter smash stay.

Calm JW Johnson able to put the ball away 7-4 good start for the smash three hands from Rafa Hewitt again I think that's the pattern Johnson wants he's just not executing yeah but we do talk about that Hewitt meter it's starting to rise a little bit here.

The energy is starting to pick up right now for blqk yes now they've brought this deficit to one and that ball just long they've tied the game up Johnson trying to get that ball all the way to the corner and set up a play just out.

Florida smashes four-point lead has quickly gone away is now they're down a point in owner Travis rettenmeier comes out and calls a timeout what would you say if you're Travis redmeyer talking to Johnson and schneeming right now what are you saying yeah listen I think one word I'm saying that's going to be repeated through all of Major League.

Pickleball is Energy Florida smash is low on energy at this moment J.W Johnson is arguably the best player here he's able to move around on the court they need him to be who he is at this very moment and I think that's what red Meyer is telling them right now go out there be dominant be you don't don't don't take this play lightly at.

All and for schneeman she's out there and she's got to fill in in her role and play really confidently despite whatever ball she sees on the court yeah I think Travis Fred Meyer is out there trying to get him loosened up laugh a little bit you can see him smiling after Travis gave him a hug usually when you have a smiling JW.

That's a bad sign for the other team yeah but also pivotal point for blqk they need to stay on the gas here Rafa Hewitt getting big in the middle yeah great slide over into his Lefty forehand puts it away again with the pressure you see him getting fired up.

A good put away from Seaman I think Johnson saved the third from Hewitt but it worked out in the end yeah I hit an out ball um maybe trying to send a message and schneeman ends up cleaning it up in the end foreign what a rally.

Yes and now we have a change of ends with blqk in the lead they were down four points and now they lead 11-8 to the switch that energy and the pressure that Rafa Hewitt is bringing is really helping out that side of blqk yeah I like how they came out after that last time out they had gotten a few points they were up.

They forced the timeout from Florida Smash and then once they came back they were able to still keep the pressure on I think that's so important and key to not give J.W Johnson and Lacey steedman any life to get back into this game I agree with you completely and I think JW Johnson is doing the right things but it seems like the way the point's ending.

Sometimes maybe just catching the tape right so just some execution on the Finish Irena tarashenko kicking us back off here 11-8 JW Johnson getting the point that they needed after the change yeah that reset just a little too high.

From tarashinko Johnson able to get it at Hewitt's feet schneeman with attack Irina thought the point was over I thought it was at first two but Irina turned around watch her turn around think of the points over and then come back and reset this ball.

Laughing with the crowd at the moment that ball just not rolling over and now but Smash and answered in a big way they've tied this game back up a great way to weather the storm that one just long and that is a good response to a fiery team you know you kind of have to ride the.

Wave at times sometimes there's going to be some Peaks and you just have to get through it in a foot fault call on schneemann schneeman just got up to the line oh her momentum carried her in yeah just got there unfortunate for her blqk.

On top by two and another deeper turn there as Steve Kuhn founder owner MLP great finish there by Johnson but they're going to need to do more than when uh every other point here they're gonna have to get here and put a run together.

And that one just trickles over the net those are the kind of shots that help some momentum going your way when you get some of those lucky rolls yeah sorry not sorry shot we all love those and a nice poke from schneemann she does a good job reaching into the kitchen a lot of the dinks too so you.

Don't know if it's going to be a dink or an attack and that time she disguised it well a really good shot Johnson getting big in the middle great flip by Johnson you know tarashinko does put a lot of backspin on that ball so it actually is conducive to a nice backhand flip Johnson is arguably one of the best.

Backhand one-handed backhand speed UPS in the game you can go any Direction with it we have a tie ball game here 15s that one just long tarajenko holds tough in the fire fight with with schneeman yeah Great lead by.

Tarashinko you and that one just long again she had she had tearsenko wrong footed yeah it almost seems like tarashenko is baiting her with a semi semi-high dink um just to either counter or Force the air nice return by Johnson.

Tarashinko not able to get that one over reset wow too straight by tarashinko the nice job from streaming pushing kershenko on her back foot good all-around point Florida smash to stay calm within a point like that is huge they've tied this game back up and remember they're in a must-win situation to smash.

and that dink double hits off the paddle of Johnson and carries out yeah he tried to get a lot of cut on that it looked like the ball just curled back into the paddle foreign.

Speed up there by schneeman I think you know with all of the dinks coming her way she felt like she wanted to create something possibly a little bit too early there that Ball's not coming back Johnson taking care of business and Hewitt broke strategy there he got in he ended up speeding the ball up.

Fairly early to seaman that's not their game plan it's dink as much as possible straight up and down to sneeman and wait for their opportunities okay great patience and that ball just long yeah everyone held off I think Irena saw a ball that was high enough to do.

Something with but she ended up putting a little more on that than she wanted I agree I think the shot was there and sneeman into the left shoulder tags Rafi Hewitt yeah Rafa Hewitt slides right into this forehand by Lacy schneeman game Point Florida smash what a.

Turnaround that ball just long but remember boqk is frozen right here so they can only score as well on their serve 1920 J.W Johnson wanted that ball a little bit too much on that I think that ball was a little too low oh that one just catches the tape copper tape plus the Top Spin that Tara.

Schenko put on it that's a tough ball the crowd is on their edge of the seats right now foreign with the backhand counter yeah Tarasenko thought she had one here sneeman with the great slide to her right side and finishes with the two and backhand awesome play.

And Johnson with a missed third this game is close to finish here 2020. every ball matters JW wants that one back can't have it right now and Steven again coming up big when needed sneeman is playing very solid right now yeah not over hitting finding her.

Targets well cute and with the with the pool they break 21st yeah that was a just awesome Point all around Florida smash so solid on that blqk wants to talk things over they'll take a.

Timeout here the crowd is standing up giving a round of applause for just the excitement going on on Championship court right now as we have a 21-20 game smash needs to win this if they want to win the whole the heads up the match the whole match if they want to push us to a dream breaker they got to win both mixed.

Doubles matches yeah and I think you just saw Zane navratel there talking to tarashinko I think he's telling her hey stay focused stay in it uh I think there was a little miscommunication on who takes what ball or when they're speeding up let's see if they can settle it back in can stop the bleeding so they can get.

The ball back and try to win this game massive Point here for the Florida smash 21-20 J.W Johnson serving that's great pressure by Hewitt possibly hit an out ball on that overhead didn't matter to him he is.

Wanting to finish this game on his paddle one way or the other clutch point from Rafa Hewitt Johnson closing up the middle and that gives them another opportunity here see Esquivel standing up cheering her team on they need this to stay alive in this match and that ball just catches inside the.

Line you know I think Steven made a great decision to let that ball go I think so too it just curled in and hit the Baseline great shot by tarashinko you nice ball Sarah with the great overhead down the line I.

Think Tarasenko disappointed she leaned over to the other side should have stayed home so now another opportunity the fourth game point hey you know amazing pressure from Rafa Hewitt so.

Much pressure by Rafa Hewitt you can tell that he is okay again with this game going out on his paddle he wants to make sure he hits his shots so he can complete this let's see if they can get a point here got it great defense.

Exceptional point the smash make it difficult for BLK to get up to the kitchen line some great pressure there by Florida smash fifth opportunity here to close out the game they call it out.

And Hewitt I don't know if they're going to challenge this so Hewitt hits it just a little bit long the referee confirms that the ball was out now Rafi Hewitt is saying he wants to challenge so they're going to go to a video Challenge on this to confirm if that ball was in or out you might have you have it you might as well use it you have to use it here.

Let's check this out oh that is close yeah you know what I think that ball is just out yeah it looks like the frame right there on the screen it looks like that's where it bounced it's just out yep I enjoy you know in the commentator Booth or being a player not enjoy being a ref because those calls can be tough at times especially in real time and.

They put it up on the big screen there behind the court so everybody could see so it looks like the call stands so the Florida smash will take the win so they're still alive here in this matchup so exciting way to finish it it took him five tries to get that game one what was the Difference Maker Brandon I think it.

Was the mental fortitude of Florida smash they were down a lot in that game they could have mailed it in and said all right we may not get the number one seed here but they reigned it in I mean their team came together rallied behind them and they were able to come up with the w yep and J.W Johnson scheming were able.

To hold tough there and did not give up the game points in on court now is Cameron Blackwood with the winners what do you got Cameron such a tight match they had a lot of momentum a lot of energy what's said in the timeouts between you two and the changeovers oh Lacey couldn't say more.

Than I can so I'll let her again all right Lacy you were on fire you were reading irina's balls so well in order to slide what were you seeing in her paddle in order to do that I she likes to hold it right before she speeds it up so that's what I was looking for and you know it's different from a dink so I just was trying to make sure I slid at.

The right time and was ready for that counter and this was a must win how much momentum does this give you heading into the next mix yeah I think pulling that one out in a tight one was huge for us and you know I'm looking forward to seeing how our mixed team does in this next one all right we have it the next mixed.

Match coming up after this back to you guys thank you Cameron so with that they stay alive the Florida smash if they win this next mixed doubles matchup we're going to the coveted dream breaker Brandon so exciting things that come don't come don't go anywhere we'll be right back.

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we are back here in Columbus look there on the left Steve Kuhn the owner and founder of this amazing uh organization Major League pickleball so he it really is exciting to watch just how much he gets into the sport you know you always see a smile on his face and just looks like he's having fun here.

At these events yeah one of if not the most influential man in pickleball right there um great to see what he's put together we've got a great matchup here blqk is up 2-1 uh Florida smash need this game here to stay alive so Michelle Esquivel and player owner Travis rettmeyer will kick us off for.

The smash Zane navratil with the big put away yeah great overhead there great job Paris out allowing him to get some room to complete that and Travis with a nice backhand role catches Paris Todd off guard a great defense by Michelle Esquivel on that drive by navratil.

Y way to withstand the pressure plqk yeah Todd ended up pushing a forehand to uh Rhett Meyer's backhand setting up the entire firefight they came out on top and Travis rentmeyer all over it the backhand put away down the middle and he's saying look now I'm not.

Straight ahead you know up and down with you uh Zane navratel I'm cross-court and so I see those backhand speed UPS a little bit clearer now foreign looked like it was going to go out but landed maybe six inches inside the Baseline yeah it was a great drive by redmeyer I think because of the height.

Of the drive Todd thought it was going to sail along I didn't have enough pace shoot bear stud went for the backhand Ernie just maybe catches the edge of the paddle pushes wide yeah I just barely missed that one navratil with some encouragement tell her to go for it one thing I like about this smash lineup.

Here in this game is both players they get intense they get Fiery and I think both will feed into each other's strength there yeah they're gonna need to keep the energy High in this game that ball Falls just short yeah fortunate to come out on top of.

That one it looked like they almost collided on the overhead but we're able to finish off the point thank you such great defense by Porter smash you hear Esquibel yell come on to Redmire.

He's not able to catch up to that Naruto put a lot of spin on that drop shot that was a that was a nice touch from navratil and then on forced error from Esquivel ties it up 5-5 yeah they'll want to stay away from that and they need to stay as clean as possible here make sure they give.

Themselves the best chance to win this game what a reset block by navratil finds the Open Court yeah and what that is too that's playing the angles he knows that if Rhett Meyer goes all the way to the right more than likely he's going to hit it back to his right and so he jumped that anticipated and was able to finish.

Foreign foreign that was a very high level point right there and the stare down from Paris Todd after two neck chords back to back all around great play by both teams some awesome resets in that I like the pressure that navratel is.

Putting on right now foreign running from the back corner to try to poach that ball yeah he saw it redmeyer just didn't have enough on it and navratel was not there to actually push that ball through that one just did that's the second time they've let one of his drives go and he.

Generates a lot of topspin yeah that one closer to the Baseline than the previous one but still I think the height of his drives it's really confusing pairs Todd and navratil right now on if it's out or in and this third there now the ball back in the hands of blqk I like the strategy for Florida smash to.

Let red Meyer Drive all thirds if possible a nice penetrating Drive from navratil catches Esquivel in the transition zone that one just lost just long there so quick few points yeah a little bit of a little bit of a danger zone there sorry John for a.

Florida smash right now they don't want to go down by too many points here Michelle through the middle she's been hitting that shot for a long time she watched her hold it forced insane navratil to cover the line and then just sweeps it through the middle.

Great shot by Esquivel what a great setup from escobel against Travis rettonmeyer the easy put away yeah navratil came back and tried to reset that date it's hard to do on the run I think he should have let Todd finish that and actually put it back over in a neutral position foreign.

that was cheeky but just long yeah I think now virtue is pressing him a little bit he wants to continue to stay aggressive he thought he saw an opening but I think that's a little premature now we have a tie game here 10 10. next point we'll change ends.

And that ball just long so Florida smash will take the lead on the end change up 11-10 yeah it's starting to look somewhat identical to the previous mix match where Florida smash is down but mentally they're get they put it together I like what red Meyer and Esquivel are doing at.

This moment they need to continue on their game but for boqk they do not need to press they have enough by just playing foundational pickleball I like what navato is doing being able to move around I think they can use Paris Todd's strengths a little bit more and insert her in this game so that they're more balanced on their side yeah that's a.

Good point and you can see floor smash already ready to go they're feeling it they're focused they're already on the court while blqk still strategizing so that's a good sign if you're in the corner of the smash how ready they are right after that short break and we talk about how the game is you know 80 mental and seeing your opponents.

Out there jumping up and down ready before you are not even taking their full time out can possibly give a mental Edge absolutely so it looks like Zayn and Paris are gonna switch sides as.

Well you know like to stack so Zayn could serve towards Michelle yeah good point John it looks like they have it's a great strategy let's see how it works out foreign is feeling it at the moment.

She's playing well and when she's playing like that she's tough to beat the tomahawk unsuccessful catches the tape and pushes wide yeah he goes for the tomahawk um Paris Todd looks over and says hey come on we got to make that let's go love how blqk holds each other.

Accountable and that return just wide a few easy points going the way of Florida Smash and we get a timeout from the side of boqk obviously a frustrating run for them as they were up 10-8 I believe and now they're facing 11-14 uh deficit they are.

I like this timeout by blqk let's not let this get out of hand anymore let's stop it we're not playing well you know they came out of the break and ended up losing a couple points here but I really think from a strategy perspective they need to insert pairs Todd more in this game to take some of the pressure off say navratil and then once that pressure.

Is off he's able to create and do more of his two-hand backhands flip shots right right now I think he's pressing a little too much you think they want to extend the point some yeah absolutely um esquibel's in a group as well so that can help you know for Florida smash the side and red Meyer is always ready to light up the drive.

Back in Action here for smash 14-11. and a good timeout we're going to see now Jose navato lining up switching sides to line up his serve against Michelle Esquivel to hopefully use his big serve as an advantage we'll see if that pays off yeah I think that's the play and also they're looking to get a short return from Michelle Esquivel so.

That Jose navratil can go in and drive that next ball foreign just wide a nice shot from Paris Todd but Zane navratil following it in applying the pressure forced Travis pushing wide and just like that they've come back to tie it.

Yeah great counter by Red Meyer but navratil was there to finish the play don't look now but blqk is rolling maybe a timeout coming from Smash soon with the shake and bake watch this look at this move here by.

Navratil the squad in the kitchen synchronized the energy has picked up by blqk um they well they've done two key things one is as you mentioned they switched their strategy on the serve they wanted to get an avatar to serve to Esquivel to get that short return but the other one is they picked up their overall energy.

We've said that every single game here once the team does that they're able to execute at a high level and right now you see on the court somewhat of a different scenario where Michelle Esquivel was pumped up after the last time out now she's getting some cross-court drip cross court date set.

Yeah I think she's I think they're trying to decide if they want to switch as well her and red fire they're going to talk to the ref about what they can do here there is some confusion going on or some communication between the ref Bob Swiss Hill and team blqk.

It looks like if I read his mouth correctly Travis redmi said they're not switching yeah it looks like they're gonna hold their line in this scenario if they are switching the ref they're obligated to tell the Raptor then the rep has to make sure they let the other team know right as.

Where what's going on all right so we're back in Action 16 14. and that thing just falls short she was practicing that during the timeout yeah she was practicing cross court on that when she tried to go down the line thank you foreign.

of the match so far at 40 shots great Play All Around I think for blqk they're executing on the strategy of being more balanced at the kitchen line you can see navratel calling himself off of certain balls there foreign that ball just long got to correct.

Myself that last point is 68 shots in the rally and you you can feel I think Esquivel can feel the pressure there from navratel and Todd as you see that ball just wide there 19-14 two points away from sealing it oh yeah.

Great counter by Michelle Esquivel and she lets navratel and Paris Todd know about it look at that replay she's getting fired up so four point game 15-19 yeah red Meyer made up his mind early that once Esquivel drove he was going to go grab that and navratil just put a.

Nice excuse me Todd just put a nice block on that ball here we go game point match point they just call that ball out and it looks like the rest yeah the ref said it was in fact out so we'll see in the replay here yeah so yeah Florida smash calls that.

Ball in uh well actually BLK called that ball out Florida smash says that ball's in they're going to use their video challenge um yeah Bob Swiss Elm actually said he confirmed that it was out right what we're seeing I think that ball's in John yeah and the crowd you know they got that up on the big screen.

And The Crowd Goes Wild because they get to see more acts in here Michelle Esquivel pumping up the stands feeling Goosebumps right here Brandon yeah Florida smash Michelle Esquivel is really bringing the energy right now you love to see it you love to see this entire environment here in pickleball there's nothing else like it.

so now challenge successful Esquivel serving 16-20 a nice setup from Esquivel rent Myers didn't get a clean strike on the Finish yeah she was ready for the counter as well yeah Fred Meyer came over that's a tough one because Esquivel.

Would have won at that herself game point opportunity number two big serve and an even better return Esquivel letting him know you have to do better than that we love to see it the fire from Esquibel right now.

stupid yeah Crusade oh it's tough wow what a point as you see Paris Todd with her own yell to Lord of Smash this time as if to say we're not backing down we're here yes and third opportunity on the Battle of Zane navratil.

Oh deep surf and there you have it blqk takes the series three to one both teams moving out of the pool play but BLK secures a Buy in the first round of the playoffs they move on to tomorrow yeah that was an exciting game there I think that's a defining match overall.

For blqk to really stake their claim and saying we're here we've been in the last two finals we've got one MLP Championship we are coming for another one um I'm really impressed with their performance here yeah they held tough when it mattered and came out on top brought that intensity and the energy as you can see both teams showing some.

Sportsmanship after a fiery last last game there so many momentum swings in that game there absolutely and on the court we have Cameron Blackwood with the winners such a great team win for you guys Zane you said it best back in Newport you said.

you said that MLP was not about pickleball it's about chemistry and energy just tell us how special this team is any of the four of us can win a match which is which is huge uh all four of these teams are very very equally balanced so you know when uh if I lose.

If me and Rafa lose these guys pick us up the mixed is good they'll have energy at best energy on the changeover you guys not only had a change on the corporate change in mindset you came out a completely different team what was said in that you know I think Zayn is just really really smart and he's just the team brains.

Overall and for him to just make small changes like he always does and just he knows what to do and we're just you know we're thankful for Zayn so he's the brains behind the operation we're just the looks Rob I need some final words for trouble we're in trouble if that's the case I need some final words for this team heading board thanks for.

Playing thanks guys back to you a three to one win here thank you Cameron what an exciting match we just had blqk moving on getting the buy into the semifinals Brandon that was a good matchup but we have more to come coming up on Championship court so don't go anywhere.

We'll be we'll be back with more action MLP in Columbus Ohio is brought to you by Pro XR aura Franklin and knock around sunglasses no matter the type of player you are Junior for now no matter where you're.

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Looking for pro XR is the most revolutionary technology in pickleball foreign getting our duber tattoos oh cool hey Cameron how's it going almost done perfect can't wait to see your number number.

Duper because ratings shouldn't be a surprise download the app and claim your free profile today I haven't even started yet oh it's the joy of the sport and the joy that we try to create a visually pickleball that is drawing such amazing people to come and join us it helps bring the message that pickleball is an.

Amazingly joyful thing it brings that message to tens of millions hundreds of millions maybe billions more people not only in America but all over the planet when we know as you breathe I think 100 million people saw that story even if half a percent of them tried pickleball on the back of that news that's 500 000 new people playing that's amazing when.

We announce uh these are major new owners more people who just give this game a try and they're going to find out that this is something that's going to bring them Joy it's going to make them happier they're going to meet new people it's not too late to jump on the pickleball train as much growth as this sport has seen I think that's only just.

Beginning and gosh do we need that we're here in the iconic New York Stock Exchange boardroom we're ringing the bell downstairs at I think about 9 30. we had this company called pickle roll that brought in this amazing temporary pickleball court it can be installed on any flat surface these guys started.

Loading in last night at 10 30 worked all night finished about 30 minutes ago and we're gonna do a pretty cool pickleball exhibition here in this amazing room foreign hi this is Anna bright we are about to play at a super fun exhibition match at the iconic New York Stock Exchange.

Boardroom I'm so excited to be here really a once in a lifetime experience so it's so cool that they were able to get a court in here I didn't know that uh to do it it feels great I think it'll be a lot of fun and it's just such a such a cool place to play in welcome to the boardroom of the New York Stock Exchange and Major League pickleball.

I'm in demand I'm the leader a crowd pleaser so sought after jumping out the meat you're looking at me it's epic I mean we're playing pickleball in New York Stock Exchange boardroom so does it get any better than.

This MLP is super unique and exciting because it's a team format which doesn't otherwise exist in pickleball MLP is probably the best format it's a team-based event it's got the best men and best women you have people playing together from an event perspective there's nothing else like it we're here uh this weekend to have our draft reveal.

Show Saturday Night Live from the Billie Jean King national tennis center we had a we had a draft in private uh about 30 days ago and we're doing a kind of a NCAA style reveal show this weekend yeah I'm gonna be heading to the draft on Saturday hopefully I get drafted it's gonna be pretty cool over at the Billie Jean King national tennis center.

Um yeah just awesome stuff for for Major League pickleball and I'm hopefully happy to be a part of it on Saturday night I'll be at the draft reveal party um can't wait to see who's on my team it'll be a lot of fun all the stars are going to come out we'll be dressed a little nicer than usual it'll be super super fun and exciting it's the draft.

Reveal show on Saturday for Major League pickleball uh I'm assuming we're both hoping to get drafted so we'll see how that shakes out but um played last year and it was a lot of fun it was my favorite favorite event of the year and I'm looking forward to it this year my heart.

Hey guys this is Chuck Taylor with the Lions I'm here with a pickleball Pro tip today I want to share with you how I hit the drop shot this isn't from the Baseline I'm doing this from the kitchen and the two things I want to look for is I want my opponents to be on their heels they're moving back they're ready for you to pound the ball because they're in.

A reset mode and that's when you go for it they're not expecting it and here's how you know if you're going to be successful goal number one is you want to hit that job site really soft make a bounce in the kitchen that's decent if you can make about twice in the kitchen that's good and that's when you know you got it down all right my opponent's.

Gonna be back at the Baseline she's going to be trying to hit into the kitchen and I want to try to keep attacking until I surprise it with a drop and nice test drop two basses in the kitchen let's go all right guys and that was the drop shot make sure to take that back to your.

Home course and catch your opponents by surprise foreign foreign foreign.

Thank you foreign thank you thank you thank you headphones are on.

Back here on Championship Court in Columbus Ohio we are at MLP Columbus Dominic Catalano alongside me Chad Edwards and Chad we're we're going back and forth we've been for the last five minutes trying to figure out all of the scenarios for Group B I don't think we have everything figured out.

Um but we have a pretty decent idea the easiest one here's the easiest one that that we were told is that if the ranchers win and the bus win then it's the ranchers and the Bucks that's the simplest of scenarios as that we were explaining then we got in there everything else oh there's there's there's always the the what-ifs and and.

You know if if mad drops win four zero there's a possible there's a possibility the ranchers don't get in because then it because what would happen is if here and here we take a look that doesn't explain anything we're talking a lot but but in in essence it does right so chimeras are playing the.

Bus so chimera's win Barrett 2-1 if madrops win 4-0 then they're at 2-1 ranches are at 2-1 and then it goes goes to games net right now the ranches are six games ahead as far as their games their games net but losing full zero that drops him down to a positive one and then mad drops would go up to a positive two chimera's win they go up to.

A positive so then we go up back to that that games net situation so there's so many what ifs to this this whole this whole scenario but yeah like you said okay so branches when they go through Chimera when they go through correct the boss can throw a wrench into chimeras and Madras can throw a ranch into into ranches yeah I mean there's just so many.

Scenarios that'll play out we'll keep you guys posted on what's going on on the other court on the grandstand Court once that one gets started gets started a half hour after this one but it's all very interesting scenarios and a lot that can happen here today in MLP Columbus again Dominic Catalano alongside me Chad Edwards will be with.

You for the rest of today we have two more Group Play matches going on today with Group B and Group C group a finish right before us vlqk came out on top over the floor to smash so they go 3-0 sitting pretty going into the quarterfinals this evening they're looking to get a buy but here's the scenario if the ranchers win they go 3-0.

And then clean cause if they win that's three teams that are 3-0 going to come down to a tie break for those top two seeds and those coveted top two seeds because what that means is they get a buy into tomorrow yeah and and we've seen uh in the previous two ml MLPs the the top seeds not having to play that extra match has been able to be you know.

It's definitely a benefit not having to play that that extra match and then you you play the early one then you play the next Semi then you go to the then you go to the finals it's it it all comes down to so many situations in this yes it's huge on day one to go 2-0 but these matches today really mean.

A whole lot there's a ton at stairs yeah all right let's take a look at the match-up we have here going on between the Mad drops pickleball club and the ranchers a good match that we're expecting today this is the first head to head high wind probability for Anna bright and Jackie kalamoto against we have Maggie our Mary brasha excuse me.

Playing with Lee Whitwell Chad thoughts on this head-to-head I mean the the head-to-head on paper again you know bright and kalamoto big big favorites but we saw with that win probability yesterday thrown out that Anything Can Happen you'll bright and kalamoto came out really flat against the boss in the afternoon.

Losing that women's doubles young and and ignitoowicz lost in men's doubles and then they had to fight for their life in in mixed so we'll be looking for for bright and kalamoto to come out really high energy can hear the crowd is going crazy right now so they need to feed off of this Anna bright wasn't hitting the best.

Bowls in the afternoon yesterday so hopefully she's she's figured out some of some of that she definitely feeds off of intensity you know Whitwell and brasha they're going to look to to slow things down Whitwell probably one of the the best reset is it's what she does is she's like bring it I'm just going to drop it back into the into the kitchen.

And then with with Mary Brasher she's she's outstanding on on defense as well so for the Mad drops they've just got to keep the timing and keep the momentum off pace for for the ranches and we're off and started and underway here yeah big put away there from kalamoto early almost in between right there.

Whether to lob that or no those are the ones that I call slobs yesterday the the slob it's it's not the greatest love is that the right right time to do it yes but just got to commit to it a little bit more foreign there from Mary brasha and a 2-0 lead early for the Ranchers.

Foreign Russia has to do a little bit more than stay in that cross-court backhand dink with with Anna bright her two-handed role dink she's able to to create sharp angles when she gets that ball to drop so quickly she can sit in that all day long nice job by Enterprise putting the.

Pressure of the Ernie on that forces Whitwell to have to try and lob this ball up and over yeah at times it's it's just the movement like you said it's creating pressure forcing them to do something that potentially they've already set in their mind and now you're you're trying to change things on the Fly.

mad drops on the board here one four early game number one women's doubles job there Anna Frank getting that ball at brush's feet yeah and that was all set up by Cal Moto right there she excellent ball going behind Russia putting hook back away from the kitchen now she's now she's trying to struggle.

To get back and then bright they're able to get it down at the feet well they're talking about her resetting Chad but talk about her power on the forehand side too yeah she's got the power right there and that's kind of wrong spot for cowimoto driving Cross Court giving Whitwell a little bit too much time and with bright crashing for.

That I mean it's it's just going to come back down I'd like to see cow model drive it Brasher for that one if right is is going to come forward for the shake of the day stop I like that prasha got out of the Cross.

Court with Anna bright if she stays in that cross court with Enterprise it's going to be trouble for her yeah and that takes away I mean between the two with Whitwell and and Russia whitwell's got more power right so if Prussia keeps staying in that Cross Court it kind of takes Whitwell out of it uh a little bit more so the the change of Direction in.

The Cal Moto forces that pop-up yeah good cover in the middle from Whitwell yeah and again that's all set up by by Bradshaw I'm a big fan of that that middle ball especially when you're playing against somebody that's got such a a good Cross Court dink as as Anna bright crash again feeding off of it now.

I love it pumped up there's there's a few players on on tour that always have a smile on their face Mary Brusha being one of them Karen car we always we always see I mean they just enjoy being out here and and don't let the smile fool you though she is a fierce competitor nice Cross Court there from kalamoto and.

Talk about those Fierce competitors Chad you know this one all too well a little bit a little bit Yeah the fives are fighting for for playoff contention recognizing hey if I'm off the court and that Ball's going over my head it's probably going to be out good hands from Whitwell I popped up just a little too much there.

From Russia cow Moto able to finish yeah both of those balls that popped up from her the the ball just got too close to the body you get crammed you get jammed and when you try to push forward now the arms and shoulders take that ball up instead of the extension out in front foreign.

Up and over Whitwell not having any of it that's the that's the the old reverse Jam right there we'll just take the ball from back behind and flicking it down but that was a there was a portion in there where brush's coverage going behind well kept them in that point getting a Whitwell mistake there on the.

Backhand a rarity yeah that's the the second one from Whitwell trying to really open the face of the paddle and put a ton of spin on it to keep that ball down but then you start flooding with that neck cord oh nice ball there from calamoto Cross Court and with that Cross Court winner.

On the Dank we're gonna switch ends here with the ranchers in command up 11-7 anything you would change on the side of madrop's pickleball Club here Chad to get them a little closer a little even up here so I I like what they've been doing as far as pushing ball middle and then going out wide but I've been watching kalamoto as this as this game.

Is progressing and the angles that she's creating off of these balls she's take she's really reaching in taking the ball out of the air and she's able to take away the timing or the anticipation for for the Mad drop so if they are going to go to kawamoto there they've got to go with a ball that's a little bit lower or make her extend so I like bringing it.

Into the middle they're staying away from that two-hand roll of Anna bright but if they are going to go to Cal model they're potentially that's the one to go wide on get that ball behind her a little bit don't try to go into the body because she's doing a fantastic job of creating angles and creating spin just by using her wrist.

Yeah I agree I like the adjustment that madrops made and stopped going cross-court to Anna bright constantly from brasha she realized earlier that's going to get her in trouble she was resetting going to the middle changing it up going to kawamoto good adjustments but need to continue here to build try and get closer here as they're down by.

Four as we regain restart the match here on the end change nice ball there from Anna bright as she finishes behind Whitwell here clean winner and that ball just sitting up a little too high bride knows exactly what to do with that one foreign.

S like that UF ball drops like a lead balloon back there brasha fired up here yeah the fact that she caught that late save the right it did but she didn't get everything off oh great shot there by Anna bright again staying away from the Whitwell forehand right there she doesn't want to eat that.

Again well she recognized that that whitwell's gonna step into the middle there to try to counter that middle ball excellent job of sliding all the foot movement and paddle positioning allowed her to change direction and go behind Whitwell a little wide there from Kyle Moto I like the speed up there from Anna bright.

Right at Whitwell right so we're well known as one of the best resetters in the game if you can go to her backhand I really don't think she's going to hurt you she's going to reset that no so if you do a couple times maybe she pops one up so I like that Anna bright changed it up a little bit and sped up at Whitwell.

Foreign backhand two-hand roll Mary barasha the cut one hand right and so you're countering with a topspin roll with a cut backhand there's the roll a little there's the cut oh nice touch there for man up right in.

The middle Chad yeah so with with brushes open open face dig I like it because it cuts out some of some of the the spin with it because she's she's changing well adding adding directional but she's got to do more yo she's just putting a paddle on it and it's going back to this this easy dick that's sitting up that allowed.

Bryant to speed that one off changer actually come back through the middle but that's also the danger of a bride's two-man backhand roll right is there's no difference between HUD dick and when she when she speeds up right when you go with open face cut it's good to keep it down but Russia's not going to be able to change for a speed up there without.

Great without the ranches recognizing it so we're seeing a lot more of the Roll dink coming into it especially on those those plays that like to speed up like bright from that same positioning yep so that's that's part of the game that we're seeing um you know Advance over the last couple of years it used to just be either a.

Flat pancake dink or it'd be open face yeah and I I love I love how you point that out because there's a couple women in the game that I love being on that left side it's Anna bright right now because of that but it's also like Michelle Esquivel on the left side because she does the same thing with the two-hander.

She's got options she can two-hand flip down the line yeah you can Cross Court roll that or she can go down the middle AJ Kohler and Julian Arnold and MADD drops pickleball Club eagerly anticipating their matchup coming up next they'll have ignatowicz and Young.

Well ducking out the way of that one yeah okay well casually walking up to the kitchen and then powerful put away I like that point that madrops got a little bit more aggressive you know an aggressive.

Speed ups and everything isn't really Mary brash's style but she changed Pace on it and then Whitwell coming in balls on that forehand and she has the ability to speed up and to be aggressive with thank you big angle there from Whitlow on the forehand able to control it so well put it exactly where she wants it but she.

Hit both sides of the Court there as well you know she goes it she goes up right then she goes to calamoto Bright slides over because Cal motor gets pulled out why and then she goes back behind bright oh well getting a little overly aggressive there and this isn't the time to make mistakes when they're at 17 now.

18. and three points away from a win I like the idea of the speed up the execution was was just lacking with that one yeah beautiful angle from Whitwell the little smirk okay what allows her to do that is she's.

Hitting them overhead from out in front rather than trying to go too big right we see the guys where they're like I'm gonna hit the absolute snot out of this ball and they get big and they hit it straight down into the court because they're trying to go so hard Whitwell has the power but she's able to create the angles because she's not going as.

Far back in front of you yeah where you can see it it's not gonna go overhead more so because it's you know something coming above your head the second it gets over your head you're in trouble because now you can't see it.

Things again if you guys can only see Chad and I in the booth over here explaining this to you as we're hands everywhere and we're actually showing you what you should be doing but you can't see us and it helps and it it helps to uh to talk through the explanation when you're doing the movement at the same time.

18-14 lead oh no the unforced error from went well can't believe it and it'll be a game point here before you see with that one where she took that paddle way back behind the head the ball gets too deep and she's forced to bring it down oh what a ball from kalamoto and did that at least or five times throughout.

It'll be a 21-14 victory for the ranchers Chad that's a good start for Anna bright and Jackie kalamoto in the ranchers that was much better play this morning compared to what we saw from them yesterday afternoon they came out and set the tone they stayed with that they didn't back off excellent ball movement they kept changing things.

Against Whitwell and brasha yesterday they just couldn't find the the Rhythm and I really like the look of that going into the playoffs from here all right well with that being said Cameron Blackwood is a Courtside with Jackie kalamoto and Anna bright Cameron what do you got and it looked like you.

Guys had a clear game pound right there rolling heavy balls outside out wide to pull them what was the strategy behind that um they're two really great players and we felt like Lee especially was pretty hot with her hands so we thought we'd play a little bit more of grindy pickleball also Mary usually plays the.

Right so we wanted to kind of pick on that open up the court and then Jackie's got such a good role and that was our game plan and we we stopped doing it and it got it done for us and after the switch over they start to get a little hot and they started to get some really good putaways with nice angles how were you able to neutralize.

Her and then win this match we just had to take control back of the kitchen line I think we got pushed back a little Lee's got some awesome overheads that was able to push us all the way back so yeah just be getting good drops in and working our way back into the kitchen line awesome now we're headed to men's doubles back to you guys.

All right thank you Cameron we are headed to men's doubles next Chad I've had this one ear marked all weekend this is going to be a great matchup DJ young James ignotowicz taking on Julian Arnold and AJ Kohler we got that one for you next here from MLP Columbus don't go anywhere foreign.

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Get a pair for every you 8am I need a coffee you clocking a few miles you game day happy camper you fun in the sun you on the slopes you dog days you the knock around Custom Shop you design them we built them Columbus Ohio here for MLP day number two last round of group play this is Group B ranchers out to a 1-0.

Lead after Anna Brighton Jackie kalamoto took care of business winning 21-14 over brasha and Whitwell this is a good match up here Chad as you see the head to head this is this is the closest win probability that we've seen in the last two days and we were just talking in the in the break here you know these teams are so evenly matched.

We're we're going to get with with Cola and Arnold you know Kohler on the left on it on the right we would we're kind of having a little discussion of hey I'd like to see you know Arnold being on the left he plays well when he's moving around Cola with the fast hands and the reach I think the the key to this from Mad.

Drops is again that I don't want to see him try to go hands battles with with young and ignitoch but I want him to take some chances I mean seriously I mean I wish Kohler had an earpiece here because he would have listened to you say I don't want to see my hands I want him to take chances but but a shot.

Like that where Cole is trying to speed up in the Young's body he's so short and so quick that it's got to be something where you're getting them extended you know and right there what we saw that's why you and I during the break we're talking and why we would prefer again but this is why we may be in the booth that we like Arnold on the left and.

Kohler on the right along there off the paddle of DJ young and MADD drops on the board all right too big of a swing from ignito which is really good when he's short and quick out in front and a team like this kind of makes you want to do more.

Yeah we saved that from Young it makes you want to do more because you know that they they move well in the floor you know that they've got fast hands thank goodness young missed that he took a swing at it yeah and cola looked up right before he hit that saw that he had the hole but then tried to rush it through and that.

Forced that Ball Deep nice job by DJ young and again and it's him and ignata which can play controlled wait for their opportunities I think they will be in control of this map foreign.

thank you again ignottowitz we've got mad drops on a Zubin Mehta there on the sidelines cheering on his team Jake's here and he won rally scoring.

that's where Arnold is really really good he's got a strong two-hand backhand that ball sits up and he just rips that through yo Arnold is one of those guys that feeds off of off of the crowd feeds off of energy we may see the Andiamo stock coming out here a little bit any minute.

there was right there on cue and again so now it's about Arnold harnessing there right so he can't get too high so you get too aggressive he's got to stay in that that yellow and orange and not get to the wreck yeah if he can do that this is exactly where he'll be and he'll continue to hit shots.

Like this and get them with it they already got a 9-4 lead here yeah and and I mean that that jumped up quick right so young and and ignato which a couple of enforceros or even even pressured areas there but then Donald and cola feeding off of that sensing off of them and just like you said Arnold plays his.

Best pickleball when he's moving when he's active and he's staying in that yellow yellow orange Zone yo young young and ignotowage have to try to find him a way to to slow him back down and potentially that's hey you know that ball is coming to it we're going to take off a step back or look to counter this the counter with an angle don't look to.

Just punch it back into the clock because he's going to move so quickly and step up line again I like the idea of possibly taking a step off the kitchen line dealing with it if he drops it both young and daughter which are athletic enough to recover as you see Anna Brighton Jackie kalamoto watching intently here as their guys are down by.

Five here in men's doubles foreign yeah one thing that's interesting with coal is anytime he goes to speed up you actually say look up first to try to find that hole Arnold a little chippy here as he's.

Talking to ignatowicz where are you going that ball hopped up almost looked like he was going to come over all right the the speed cola has coming off of it there's no backswing on that that's all wrist and Firearm strength former hockey player he's used to slapping a ball.

Yeah all right again Kohler's hit that tape three times now on attempt to speed up he's just gonna he's going a little too flat with it so the paddle's really coming back to try to crank it but the paddle's flattening out he's not getting underneath and rolling it as much as he is slapping that like a like a slap shot so we will change ends here with the Mad.

Drops up 11-7 here and what the madrops have done too is they've really silenced both young and ignadoes who play and feed off of energy as well I haven't heard ignatowicz once I really haven't heard DJ young either so you're talking about very emotional players three of the four Kohler being the fourth who's more a little even Keel.

But we've heard a lot of Arnold here Chad Henley yeah and like you said eggnogowicz and and young they're the they're they're just like Arnold right they're they're gonna get fired up they're gonna get pumped up but what the Mad jobs have done really well and and we we see this with other teams as well blqk with their men's doubles when.

You're an aggressive player you're always looking to speed that up so how do you how do you counter an aggressive player is that you pull the trigger first and right now madrops are taking taking the risk so the calculated risks as far as speeding falls off and not allowing young and ignotowitz to to control the tempo Kohler and and Arnold.

Are controlling this one by taking those those chances first come back in play here 11-7 lead for the Mad drops and nice ball in the middle that's a good start after the end change for the Ranchers.

and that's what the ranchers want you talked about it real early Chad is it the first point of the match that madrops needs to be careful of when they attack I I like the attack I like taking that that chance first but that's just that's wrong spot and and potentially we call them missing a couple of those.

Those speed UPS earlier into the net he tried to go a little too high with it Arnold I mean after the overhead talking about that's how you hit an overhead you may have been talking about it okay Kohler I think he's talking to himself.

A nice drive is he there he's making extended on it you know it's not going in the body where Young's so so strong oh ignatowicz now last thing that Arnold and Kohler need is a fired up James ignatovich what oh ignato which got it.

DJ young swinging and missing at the Ernie yeah that's I mean that's a tough spot that's that's very ambitious to try to take that one as an Ernie yo we'll see that a couple of feet inside the the sideline there that's a nice portal control pull right.

There yeah we just saw that replay of of the uh of the Ernie Temple I would say that's that's a look that was at least four to five feet from the sideline there that that DJ young was trying to reach in for he's big but he's not that big foreign wow oh no here we go DJ young fired up.

After this two-hand roll just out of the reach of AJ Kohler and that's similar to what we were talking about with bright with her two-hand backhand young holds that and Arnold and and cola both took a step to the right expecting him to speed that up and he just rolls it across.

Good finish there by Kohler good set up by Arnold yeah great Hands by DJ young and they're not listening to you chances that's into the body right he's gonna be strong on on that one with the body Yang is is one of those guys you know their their son plays where you say hey don't allow them to get extended on it.

Go into the body young is the opposite he cannot go into the body you've got to make him try to get extended because he loses some of that power once he's armed get get out there dig another big overhead they're from Julian Arnold so let's be honest Arnold's a smaller guy got got a little less mass than Cola.

Does but he's hitting it heavy here all the head because he loads his body so much more than Cola does Cola tries to go all on good spot good job by mad drops moving that ball in and out they regained their four-point lead here well just long there off the paddle of AJ Kohler.

Possible challenge Byron freso your second ref on the opposite side of wife Marsha Fresco who is your lead referee Byron said he saw it out as well that ball is sitting on the line fall is All Over The Line.

your video review referee Miss Courtney Johnson so a good challenge from madrop's pickleball I don't say that's weighing it's not even close you can see there on.

The video board behind DJ Young far end of the Court I mean was everybody in the house here and that ball was in it's a five-point lead it's it's easy for us to to call it from here you've got you've got to speed up into the body of young and and ignotowitz are both looking forward that ball flies past you you see what.

Potentially you think is is a ball out I I don't wrong them for calling that ball out at all it's close is that is you know both traveling so fast you having to see that these players are not trying to to make bad calls on purpose they're calling in how they see it that's why we have the video review great job.

foreign over at the ranchers bench Anna brightwoods she wanted to jump on the court so bad she was she she was getting she was getting low as guys were getting low she was moving with that just lied from Kohler.

And the ranchers inching back in here now within two yeah we see we see Adam bright right there she's she's fired up she's she's into this one yeah oh my God which missing that pull on the forehand side.

Yeah that's a tough eye I mean that's the right ball to go on polar backside gives mad drops a game point here 2014. I mean the change of direction from Kohler right there is is what got it for.

Him ignatowicz and young again with the fast hands but him able to to go behind young at that pace or just long there and now mad drops Frozen on 20. can't score unless they serve just missing the body and that will be a second game point.

Here for madrops yeah Arnold even saying he's like yeah that got me I mean there's there's if if a guy Arnold size can't get out of the way of that one you know it's coming quick right I mean if Paula gets hit yeah okay he's the way his stance is and being a bigger guy but that ball was.

Coming coming off of Beyond's paddle both teams Frozen now there's a little traditional scoring from here on out DJ young pulls the ranchers within one here Arnold just got a little too big yeah right you can see you caught that late meaning where'd he catch that behind his left hip right there and so which leads.

That ball to dip down and go into the net and a timeout here from madrops trying to slow the roll here the ranchers as they got a little momentum here Chad yeah and it's it's dangerous that we talked about it before when I conowicz and Young coming out of them.

Kohler and and Caitlyn's getting fired up there uh Kohler and Arnold have kind of gotten back on their heels the last few points all right so they've got to try to feed back onto it to break up that intensity again and get back onto anticipating and taking the those balls early.

Disrupting the the timing and the the run that the ranches are on it's a huge Point Chad here for the ranchers to try and even this up foreign off the tape and it'll be Match Point here number three for the Mad drops of 2019. oh DJ I'm almost jumped into it he.

Almost jumped up into it but avoids it off his shoulder yeah I really like that ball from Arnold but he hit up on it instead of his usual roll trying to do a little too much oh right there Match Point number four here for madrops ranchers cannot keep allowing madrops.

Opportunities here excuse me and Arnold with the winner down the middle I really like that shot we've seen it and that's the ballot over the last few months but he holds that paddlehead down quick snap heavy topspin taking that ball back to the middle he.

Sets up like he's gonna hit down the line and then whips it back across the body we saw DJ young slide over like he's gonna he's sitting on that backhand and then Arnold able to read it gone back crossbody so hard to make that adjustment if you're DJ young Danny holds it on the paddle so well so long great shot by Julian Arnold big time win.

There Cameron Blackwood is Courtside with AJ Kohler and Julian Arnold take it away cam close one there but you guys were able to pull out the win what were you seeing on the other side of the court that you were so confident hit those speed UPS um I just told myself yesterday that I needed to come out here and just play my.

Game and uh you know the right side is definitely a new role for me but uh just trying to embrace it with my own style I suppose and you were putting a lot of pressure on DJ young what were you trying to create there I'm not sure I just like Cross Court but um man I don't know where Julian gets.

His energy from I feel like I'm playing next to a mongoose on amphetamines um I don't know that was funny there you have it guys we're now gonna go to mix doubles back to you um you can't make that stuff up right here well we're gonna take a quick commercial.

Break when we come back the first match up here in mixed doubles with the ranchers and Madras pickleball here on Championship court at MLP Columbus we'll be right back foreign.

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Coffee you clocking a few miles you game day happy camper you fun in the sun you on the slopes you dog days you the knock around Custom Shop you design them we built them welcome back to Championship Court here Dominic Catalano alongside me Chad Edwards Chad that was a good match good.

Comeback there for the Ranchers but it was just too much Julian Arnold in that men's doubles match great job by him and AJ Kohler to get mad drops on the board here now it's all about mixed doubles we got the ranchers throwing out Anna bright and DJ young looks like they will be playing against Mary brasha and Julian Arnold thoughts ideas strategies.

Going into this matchup yeah like we heard Arnold say in the in the post match post-game interview right there with with Karen that he made the conscious effort today that he's going to come out and and play high intensity and play his game the pots that we saw or them yesterday they're over on the other the other court.

He was a little flat and and he feeds off like we said he feeds off that intensity taking Taking Chances so look for for Arnold to be really active in this brasha plays a really good role as far as defense and set up so Arnold you know is is going to be going for broke and this is the time to do it you've got playoff playoff contentions on the line.

I think on the other side for for the ranches DJ young has to try to find some some composure come back make the adjustments he's got a fantastic women's partner with with Anna bright they've been playing a few tournaments together so they've got that uh They Know Each Other's game really well.

So I think it's gonna it's gonna come down to uh some fire fights with with the guys but I think the X Factor here is is bright is how well she can set up young Arnold's going to try to create the the opportunities himself and and Brasher there as a supportive role a little bit but uh yeah I think it'll be.

Up to Anna bright to be able to set up young to to give him some more chances yeah it'll be it's that you know it's in mixed up we've seen so much it's that women cross-court battle and see who whether Arnold or young is able to step in and kind of take advantage right away it's DJ young stepping in and taking advantage with that high ball.

From Brash and I think going back and forth between brasha and Anna bright I think DJ young is going to get a little more opportunity there with that Cross Court thing from Brockton I think that's a different thinker too is that when Arnold's able to speed up the Anna bright it's going to come back at him harder exactly I mean Arnold.

Arnold set that up he he already had that playset he knew exactly where the ball was going but it came back faster driving on top of it excellent Reach In by Arnold there so strong with the risk and add that heavy heavy spin that ball just drops before it even gets too bright come on.

Hey hey no no oh my goodness Julian Arnold putting on a clinic at the Baseline of how to handle pace unbelievable some of these balls he got back and then Russia it's a perfect drop shot.

lucky I think at this point right here Arnold needs to compose himself a little bit yes he's feeding off high intensity but he's hit a couple of balls into the net trying to trying to do too much oh.

That's tough ball right right one or two she kind of self twisted up she cop screwed herself into into it should have went weiner it was honestly the only shot that was the other shot with how she'd lined up no more Hannah Bright really quick to make sure.

That Marshall Fresco has the score right and then it's their lead I got it oh he got it but oh he puts it in the back line foreign she's trying to to stay deep enough and give Arnold the the the movement and if he's moving and then just decides.

Not to go it's so hard for her to adjust but the the whole setup for for the ranches there was phenomenal oh she gets DJ young off side of the head two-point lead here for the Ranchers switch ends at 11.

Arnold knows he needs to make that ball all right you call the chat early before this match even started the X Factor being Anna bright and she has stepped up she's handled everything Julian Arnold for the most part is thrown at her and she's holding her ground on her side foreign.

I like it but he call it Edge God yeah you heard it you could you could hear it when he when he went to roll through now I like the shot it's a hard shot to execute you know your body's going that direction you're trying to roll and flip back across your body oh wow that's all trucks because it's so.

Lame um but that all started with a beautiful cross-core forehand drop from DJ young yeah he he pulled Arnold off the court and now Arnold's scrambling the whole way through yes he got a little bit of help from the the net there and that's with how heavy a spin DJ young put on the ball but they're setting up these.

Points well thank you a little long on that lot from Enterprise it was all she had at that moment had a sliver of daylight down that line Arnold covered but it was just too much.

But she chose the right opportunity to to go down the line there now Arnold was moving really really well but just the the fact that he's pulled out coming back and she's taking those balls early so difficult for him to stay in that put away that from Arnold the weighted ball he kept right.

Further and further back really nothing she could do at that point foreign drop it in the back well looks like it's gone three feet out then it just drops down.

Great recovery from Arnold foreign but once he did great is that she added the spin all the other three players are fighting for their live trying to battle off these fast-paced balls and then you know we always talk about the change up you're expecting something to come on.

And you just hit something with a ton of spin that soft and drops down and you want yeah you watch Barry just pull the trick or pull the string on that there's there's nothing for if she hits that ball on hard young catches up to it young and Matt drops within two an end change here ranchers looking to.

Continue to pull away here nice little stop there for the ranchers to get the end change on their terms Chad but rash on Arnold a lot of energy a lot of momentum at the end first half of that game yeah and and talked about it earlier where you know brasha got caught trying to guess where the honors was going to go.

For a ball or not I saw them talk off to that one and she's kind of like hey just go like go for it I'll be there yo I'm gonna try to anticipate it but young and bright again it's it's come down to Bright is doing a little bit more with the balls that she's been giving compared to what brush is doing brush is.

Kind of yeah she's getting the balls back but but there's not a whole lot on it every ball that Bright's hitting it's got some spin it's got some angle so that's that's giving the opportunities for for young and she's fighting off Arnold when he is being aggressive so yeah and I think you're right it's it's.

The difference of Anna bright is able to pull that trigger and hit that ball a little harder than Ross and put a little more pressure on her opponent garasha more of a resetter not known for a ton of power uh but great defense keeps that ball in play but she's got to turn it up a little bit here.

foreign good finish by Arnold that was that's that role right when where he focuses on on ripping that left hand through instead of trying to over hit it just wide right there off the pedal across the Cross Court Arnold right there supporting her going I like it.

It's a good spot yeah she actually just said hey I probably should go down the line with that one foreign by Mary Brasher right there didn't try to do too much with it but she used Young's Young's power to get it back on.

Him quickly foreign trying to figure out our headsets right right here that's a great job though and a good scramble by all four of these.

Players out here Julian Arnold ending up on his back as that ball Clips the tape so that that previous Point Barry Brash is now starting to do more with the with the balls that she's getting she's putting a little bit more Pace on it adding a little bit more spin.

Okay yeah a little slap Ernie right there from DJ young one of his favorite shots right there we see Tim Tim klitsch getting fired up as well jumping up off the the ranch's bench otherwise known as text glitch is what.

He said earlier to me but he's always on that Rancher's bench firing him up foreign it actually was foreign.

and actually a counter-attack from Mary brusher again Young's providing all of the Power for her she doesn't have to do a lot to get it back she just has to say short compact send the ball back through the line that it's coming from again brush is doing more with the ball she's getting she put heavy Top Spin on.

That ball to the left foot of brought forced that ball up Arnold moves over perfect execution on the on the poach hey hey missed opportunity for DJ young in the middle of that point there was a cross 14 that bronza hit a high and he hesitated and then it ends up with.

Arnold the foot away and a one-point lead here for the bad drops what's changed for Madras here Ted managing I mean the energy crashes crashes jumping around she's got the huge smile on the face Arnold is is moving all over the place and we talked about it in men's doubles he plays his best when he's moving.

Can he keep up the intensity I think yes he's one of the guys that can stay at that house the whole time yo young and bright they're playing a little bit like we saw yesterday afternoon where they've become flat yo they're they're they're not Taking Chances right now brasha is winning these Cross Court battles with with Brian has to get back into it where.

She's moving the ball around a little bit more setting it up better but young needs to pick up the intensity as well he's got to get into this he's got to get fired up you talked about that he missed that opportunity in a ball in the middle 100 that's something where he's got to pick up that fantasticity to now step across and goal like he was at the.

Beginning of this yeah he started off uh stepping into those balls in the middle was very active now all of a sudden he's almost gotten he's gotten put in a box over there where he can't step in because they're doing such a good job of eliminating those balls he had an opportunity at last Point Let's see if he can step out.

Of this here and get aggressive in the middle again nice handsome DJ young yeah and he didn't try to hit that last one too hot he added more spin to it Arnold coming through expecting him to hit that ball flata got it down at the feet good answer out of the timeout for the.

Rangers but Julian Arnold's still looking good here and I like the move from young man he's trying to pick up the intensities he's moving more just can't get too big with that swing Arnold.

All Tied here at 16. this one's going to go down to the wire here Chad that's Anna bright that X Factor for you Chad yeah Deepa ball getting that to want the feet of brush she wasn't able to lift it up that's her putting a little bit more on it but we saw the switch with brasha trying to add more to.

Her her digs hey the power he puts on that is is impressive he gets full body into it right I mean he's texting him with his overhead it's it's like you would teach him.

up foreign ow I don't know how she hit that I mean they lost the point but Mary Brasher wrapped the paddle around the back of her head.

you have to be kidding me that's the best shot I've ever seen I don't care you hit around the back whatever you want she hit that around her head and she wrap it around oh that is not the time for that Chad especially I mean Arnold's ball has so much spin on it it's literally dropping.

Off the end of the table and you're trying to go soft with and add to that spin it's just gonna slide off of your paddle which is exactly what happened with young he's got to take that ball and go boom yeah and I think that's what DJ young needs to do he doesn't need to step in and take those as dinks no just the.

Movement every dink yeah and then you just step in when you have to for a put away yeah let Anna go to work let bright go to work on that side we're gonna work here backside.

1919. the Ernie they're from Arnold and the backside finish from Russia just Out Of Reach of DJ Young one right now let's go I don't say it yeah I dare you to.

Challenge it right here Arnold Colin that one deep bright as soon as the work came out of his mouth he was calling for the challenge.

Thank you Julian Arnold fired up there he knew it was out he called it he was standing above it he dared them to challenge it they challenged it he is Right game point and try again for Matt drops.

time classic gets a little too excited there but we are all Frozen at 2019 traditional scoring from here on out can only score on your serve hey big Point here for the ranchers trying to tie this up wow nice and again it's like you talked.

About Chad it's you don't speed up at the body of DJ young he's so quick and just punches that ball right back down yeah Arnold able to keep that in right there that's not the spot you want to love up and over to the forehand side of Julian Arnold I think you know again.

Decent spot but yeah a little too low A Little Too Short Arnold with how fast he moves able to get back there I like the timing of it but yeah again wrong wrong spot wrong execution I think Arnold changed his mind maybe he wanted to go cross-court and then last second decide he wanted to go flat back.

To Anna bright goes off the team thank you very brush his face right there when she's walking back she's having a good time 2020 still and then I'll leaning back so hard because I think again young just a little hesitant as a ball that brasha.

Popped up doesn't step over and take I think he's a little worried about getting burnt backside again thank you we will have a team Point here for the Ranchers 21-20.

Both ladies trying to get their their guys fired up wow I mean of how of how that match went and then Tech handed off a tape and a little Chip Shot Down the Line it's not how we wanted to see it in but what a match Jack now I mean fantastic match.

Old credit to to Mad drops there no putting in the pressure had that lead but the ranch is just able to hold off getting that back definitely a match of of back and forth right there ranchers jumped out to the early lead right mad drops came firing back and it looked like the ranches didn't have an.

Answer for Arnold and brasha it looks like Cameron Blackwood is Courtside with our Victors Anna bright and DJ young take it away cam still fired up here anna you went toe-to-toe with Julian Arnold how comfortable and confident were you in that matchup yeah you know I wasn't scared of it all he.

Was getting loud and I was trying not to get loud at the beginning didn't want to fire him up but everybody knows I've got ice in my veins and you know at the end we were we were more solid in the big points than that we came in with the win going off of that you were so composed Juliana was everywhere getting every ball back Mary had an around the back.

Head shot there but you stayed composed how were you able to do that yeah I mean just uh having him next to me it's very um he's always a very nice so she keeps me in check all the time you know she'll tell me if I hit a bad shot but she also give him checks it's all good just happy to come out with a win and I'm looking forward to watching James and Jackie uh.

Beat up on the magic ranchers up 2-1 now we're going into the next mix final here we go all right so one more mixed doubles match here for you if the ranchers win they will take this and take it by a score of 3-1 before we do that though we're gonna take a look at the pro XR performance shot of the match chat I mean what other.

Shot would it be only around the head very Broad assistant the around the back where she's flicking it here but she's literally going from this wrap the paddle all the way back around the head and did it with such composure too it wasn't like yo she didn't she didn't duck her head out of.

The way whatever it's here to thi