This is nice Columbus Ohio is the home for the third and final stop of the 2022 Major League pickleball season we're here at pickle and chill a new indoor pickleball facility adjacent to the campus of the Ohio State University the players this weekend are playing for.

The largest prize money in pickleball history where the winning team will take home a whopping 100 thousand dollars Major League pickleball truly is special with the top pickleball players drafted into 12 teams by world-renowned owners by the likes of Drew Brees brene Brown Gary vaynerchuk in the recently announced new ownership group of LeBron.

James Draymond Green Kevin Love Tom Brady and Kim klysters welcome to the grandstand Court coverage here where we will have action all weekend long this is John Davidson on the call with you today so with that said let's get right into it all matches will use a modified rally scoring format playing to 21 where the.

Score freezes for the team that gets the 21st where they can only win on their serve all of the matches will play four games first the women will face off then the men then we will have mixed doubles if there is a tie two to two we will move on to a dream breaker singles match which is one of the most exciting aspects of Major League pickleball.

Our first match of the day on grandstand Court will be the lions taking on the Florida smash these teams are grouped with the two-time Champs blqk and the jackrabbits so up first here for the for the women on the team of Florida smash they are in the gray you have Michelle Esquivel the 11th pick in the 2022 draft at 36 years.

Old currently resided in Naples Florida but by way of SoCal this is her fourth MLP appearance and she'll be playing with Lacey schneeman an undrafted player but just got recently picked up from the smash after an impressive fill-in spot in Newport we're getting underway in an early start here on the near side.

You have Etta Wright on the bottom right and a quick 2-0 start there off the paddle of Michelle Esquivel and on the bottom left you have Olivia McMillan 23rd pick in the draft 30 years old foreign.

Also 30 years old out of American Fork Utah this is her second MLP appearance she was undrafted but picked up by the Lions and uh Newport Beach Lions get on the board 1-3 all right and that ball just long one thing that's interesting to point out on the side here the Lions is MacMillan is a lefty.

But she's gonna like to play on the left side so the backhand's in the middle that's typically not what you see when you have a lefty on the team usually they'll be on the right side of the Court but they feel that that works best for how they play together her and right foreign.

Pushes that one wide Michelle Esquivel in the top left of true veteran of the game that one just in the net Michelle will bring a lot of experience to the side of the Florida smash especially on the women's side they seem more of a a recent Comer up and comer big overhead from schneeman.

6-3 good start here for the smash in an unforced error on the missed return from right and a great ball there from McMillan between the legs of Esquivel and Lacey sneeman finds the middle through the back cans of McMillan and.

Wright eight four Neiman coming with a lot of Firepower earlier in that point but McMillan did a good job slowing her down as well as right and I think that's the pattern we're gonna see here is McMillan trying to get in those Cross Court Dinks.

The schnee's backhand foreign setup initially started by McMillan speeding up to the middle McMillan and Wright will need to uh lock down the middle here and another missed return from the side of the Lions.

And Michelle Esquivel doing a great job pulling Etta Wright off the court and finding the middle where they've had a lot of success getting through so so far it's a very strong start for Florida smash getting up getting to 11. first.

Remember we're playing to 21 here so we're going to switch sides at 11. as was Michelle Esquivel is walking over here to the near side of the Court Michelle Esquivel was the 11th pick in the draft but was traded to the Florida smash and she originally got drafted by team.

Clean foreign ERS on the Court Lacey schneeman and at a right who both got their debut in Newport Beach Olivia McMillan was first drafted by mad drops and was traded to the lines we're back underway and that's the pattern that McMillan.

Wants to get into so far so far Esquivel and Seaman have done a great job of speeding the ball up moving the Lions around the Lions would have slowed this ball down and try to get in those cross-court dinking patterns here a big speed up.

For meta Wright foreign a big speed up again from McMillan it seems the momentum's starting to shift towards the Lions on the far Court they were down 11-5 now it is 8-11. been a good put away from schnee men and she gets the ball back it's now 12-8.

First point for the smash since they've switched sides and they're around the post from schneeman getting a little bit of help from the net pulling that ball wide and that ball just out seems like the points are just not going in the way for the Lions so far this.

Match fourteen eight and scheming with a nice dink into the feet of McMillan causing her to back up foreign the big put away set up from Lacey schneeman moving the Lions all around the court earns a setup for her partner Esquivel.

And some netcord love Miss times the volley of right and we get a time out here at 17-8 so a very strong start from the Florida smash there's been a few unforced errors on the side of the Lions if that's a missed returns and some.

Missed putaways um but a great job from the smash they have been very solid all game long not a lot of unforced Errors from this side Michelle Esquivel with zero unforced errors so far laser schneeman with five but she has.

Seven kills so she's going for a little bit more remember Michelle Esquivel only has three kills to zero errors had a right with one kill and two errors and McMillan with two kills and five errors.

Seventeen eight foreign finds the middle again she holds that ball very late on the forehand finds her Target threads the needle did a great job Michelle asked about.

Forcing a very short return from Etta Wright laces sneeman steps in puts pressure on the ball McMillan and Wright having a little chat in the corner 19-8.

and another net court and a sorry from escovelle as they now have game point and remember their score is frozen right here so they have to win on their serve and they get it done 21-8 very strong performance here from the ladies of Florida smash where the very error-free.

First game here for the smash off to a strong start thank you appreciated all right welcome back everybody Gonna Go Radio style here for a second.

Is we have some technical difficulties switching back to the cameras here the men's are put the men doubles are playing right now you have Chuck Taylor and Thomas Wilson on the team Lions facing off the number one drafted player and uh considered one of the best players in.

The world top five for sure G.W Johnson and player owner Travis rettenmeier they have just gotten underway I'll get you the score update here in a second it is 3-2 right now and we are back off of that commercial break and uh thank you for rejoining us there.

For smash Travis rettenmeier serving 4-2 so Travis rettenmeier and JW Johnson on the far side the great recognition there from Chuck or excuse me from Thomas Wilson JW held that forehand pretty late but Thomas was all over it in that block off the paddle Chuck Taylor Just Sails Long.

getting our scoreboard correct 5-3 they're good a good put away there from Thomas Wilson finding the feet of JW Travis's Drive was just a little too high Gonna Miss third this is Rally scoring so missing thirds.

Is very unfortunate because you actually lose the point and in this time of the volley there from Wilson as he looks to go inside out with the forehand doesn't make clean contact with the ball Johnson is smiling on the far chord and that's never a good sign if you're.

Playing JW Johnson and he is smiling another strong start here from Florida smash in a foot fault on the player owner Travis rettenmeier drafted himself in the as the 24th pick but has proven uh to be a very high level doubles player alongside the number one JW Johnson.

Just too much once the hands start going Wilson's looking to be creative on the left side but it doesn't work out for the lines on that point that shirt was sneaky there from Thomas Wilson I think he's getting JW Johnson a little too involved he's had better success going straight.

Up with Rhett Meyer across from him that ball just long as Chuck Taylor tries too hit that drive through the middle that's a couple third shot errors from Chuck again Thomas getting JW involved quite a bit if I'm on the corner of the Lions right.

Now I am trying to get Travis a little more involved as J.W Johnson has three kills to just one error so far Travis redmeyer you can see on your screen right now a former high-level pro tennis player has transitioned into pickleball pretty pretty seamlessly.

Out of the Bradenton Florida Tampa Florida area inside of the Lions Thomas Wilson was the fifth pick in the draft this year at 31 years old as his fourth MLP appearance he's at a New Braunfels Texas Chuck Taylor was the 20th pick in the draft at 38 years old.

His third MLP appearance by way of Lehigh Utah the Lion's off to a slow start here they dropped the first game in the women's match now facing an uphill battle against Johnson and Rhett Meyer a good backhand speed up from Johnson as Thomas Wilson's dink was just a little.

Too high again I'm surprised that they're not targeting rettonmeyer as often Florida smash has doubled the score of the Lions so far in the men's doubles game that ball might have gone out but Wilson takes care of it anyways we'll see if they can do a better job maybe getting Rhett Meyer more involved.

They're playing a lot to arguably one of the top three players in the world JW Johnson Travis rettenmeier looked for the Ernie came back clean it up anyways thirteen seven and the backhand put away there from Chuck Taylor.

Chuck is a guy that plays with a lot of emotion so him getting fired up is a good thing Rhett and Meyer all over it sitting on the backhand Wilson puts it right to the backhand of Rhett Meyer with an easy put away I do like how Wilson's pulling the trigger more on Rhett Myers he had.

Success early on with it the second foot fault call on Travis as he's looking at his toe maybe go down to shoe size there Travis that ball just out Chuck Taylor shows some frustration there's a good speed up at rettonmeyer.

They got the ball to pop up just couldn't put the ball away and another hands battle one on the side of the floor to smash just like the story of the women's doubles game smash off to a commanding lead.

Thomas earns an error out of J dubs JW the forehand in the middle speeding the ball up jamming Thomas Wilson in the chicken wing area the right shoulder JW taking over with a big smile.

from the Lions you got to keep this ball away from JW 1810. and a third foot fault from Travis redmar then I missed the third shot from Chuck is before smash extend their lead by eight.

Points it looks like we had a timeout on the side of the Lions it also looks like they're gonna maybe put Chuck on the left to give the smash different look sometimes that helps give a different look maybe some confidence Factor as well as the lions are in a.

Puddle there you can see McMillan trying to fire up her team JW Johnson you can see just smiling usually when he is smiling he is very comfortable and that is never a good sign Thomas Wilson.

Threads it through the middle hurricane can the Lions mount a comeback if anything's possible here in Raleigh scoring and a great setup from retinmeyer just a off-speed poke to the middle causing a pop-up for JW to put it away.

We have game point here 2012. and the fourth foot fall from retinmeyer as team manager Graham in the stands telling him to get off the line yeah and since they are at 20 they have to score on their serve so for the Lions.

You've got to hold on to the hope that you can come back you can hold this serve and uh unforced there there gives the win to Florida smash commanding 21-13 they're up 2-0 but don't go anywhere we got mixed doubles action coming right up.

welcome back smash up 2-0 they can win it all right here in this mixed doubles matchup on the near side for the Lions we have Thomas Wilson Olivia McMillan taking on schneemann and Johnson and that ball just going wide the Lions.

This game is a must win situation as they are down 2-0 Johnson finds to put away that time hey Wilson and McMillan have played together before this is a first time partnership for schneeman and Johnson JW getting big in the middle.

We'll see both men on the court Wilson and Johnson taking up quite a bit of real estate in the middle Johnson inserting himself again with that forehand is they get a 3-1 start for the smash and McMillan earns the point.

Thomas Wilson with the come on and the stare down into the face of J.W Johnson as he passes him from J dubs finally put away through the middle they understand electing to go for the third shot drive just catches the tape.

Tie ball game here 4-4 and a nice ball from schneemann Thomas Wilson's getting a lot more involved which is what he's going to need to do to match the pressure of Johnson on the other side and Wilson catching schneeman through the transition zone a much closer start in this game than.

We've seen so far in this matchup the desperation lobs foreign Johnson holds tough but great defense from the Lions wielding off about seven or eight overheads from J dubs oh that ball was kept very low over the.

Net and the drive of Johnson I don't think McMillan knew that ball was coming over foreign another good spot from Wilson catching Schemin in the transition zone looks like they're returning to Johnson to keep him back in the court and then finding schneeman coming up through the.

Middle and Thomas Wilson getting big great setup from McMillan to get schneeman to pop that ball up just a little high 7-7 yeah and again Wilson catching schneeman in that transition.

Zone that's where most the errors have come from shaman one of the most difficult areas on the court to be in good pickups here net cord roller what a display of effort from McMillan earned their way back up to the kitchen.

Line unfortunately for them Nick cord winner from Johnson oh hit another net Court just bounces inside the sideline McMillan going for the ATP sales just long nine eight that ball Just Landing inside Wilson thought that ball was going to carry.

Along it looked like he had the right trajectory to go long but Johnson did a good job taking the pace off Johnson Keeping the pressure on McMillan earns a point and we're going to change ends here 11-8 it's been a much more competitive game so far in this matches.

Florida smash has been in commanding lead for the men's and the women's doubles but McMillan and Wilson for putting up an even fight here in this first mixed doubles matchup this is a must win for the Lions or they will take a loss in the match where the best they could finish is 3-1.

Johnson and schneeman now on the near side I'd like to see McMillan and Taylor try to get schneeman to push back off the line as they found the success which is in the middle of the Court did a great job from steaming going behind Wilson keeping him honest Wilson having to pop that ball up.

Sets up Johnson for the put away yes in a missed drive two in a row now Johnson with one and McMillan with the other Johnson's got nine kills to two errors that serve was pretty close that ball just catches the tape sits up higher than McMillan was.

Anticipating and a stretch of a lead starting to form here from the smash and again Wilson obviously showing frustration as there's been a couple net cord points involved here from schneeman and Johnson.

In a misreturn 16-9 a lead starting to open up nice touch from JW that went just wide McMillan able to get there put a paddle on it just couldn't get back on the court but great defense as the crowd applauds the effort.

From the Lions fighting to stay alive here in this match they were down 8-11 at the switch and the smash have turned it up now leading 17-9 Johnson and schnemann have uh gotten rid of their errors that they made in the.

First half of the game they've been in a more offensive control in the later stages of this game but it has never over then pickleball anything can happen especially if the smash gets a 21st they will be Frozen at that score and can only win on their serve.

Can the Lions mount a comeback 17-9 not the point you want after you take a timeout and Wilson earns the point they're finally off nine 10 18. great job from Wilson covering his sideline a good setup for McMillan.

Netcore not go in the way of the Lions many of 1911 here for the smash great spot for McMillan with the Inside Out forehand gets Schemin on the stretch that's where they found a lot of their success.

Thomas Wilson with the speed up Shaman had the battle there she read it well foreign that ball just Sails Long more impressive defense from the Lions just one too many but now we have a game point here and really a match point for the smash.

And there it is the Florida smash J.W Johnson and schneeman taking the first mix doubles game 21-13 we have another mixed doubles match to go but the smash have locked in the victory here in this match don't go anywhere we'll be back with game four here don't go anywhere.

Foreign welcome back Major League pickleball Columbus Michelle Esquivel kicking us off here in the fourth game of this matchup but the smash have already sealed the deal in terms of uh winning the match they're up 3-0 but tie Breakers come down to games and.

Points scored so we will play this all the way through so on the near side for the Lions you have Etta Wright in Chuck Taylor versus Travis rettenmeier and Michelle Esquivel on the side of the smash Esquivel with a good speed up into the right shoulder of Chuck Taylor.

Chuck not able to create some space and hit down with a forehand chuck with the backhand put away good start from the Lions they're up 3-1 and they earn another free point.

That ball just not rolling over for Taylor Chuck Taylor finding the put away and a great setup from right on the dink as you see Michelle had a really reach to get that ball nice setup from right.

Big put away from Taylor starting to stretch a lead here Lions will want to win this game still so they can have one of the bag because it will come down to net.

Differential in terms of games for the first tie break in red Meyer the nice hold on the forehand catches the lines in the middle and uh good ding from Esquivel causes a air.

Six six in Rhett Meyer just too tough in the hands battle so he's able to get hit the ball down while Wright was in the transition zone Fred Meyer getting big in the middle is the case where maybe if you're the lines you return to Travis keep him back didn't work out for the smash on that.

Point but you can see that they want Michelle taking that return allowing Rhett Meyer to crash to the kitchen line put pressure on the lines good defense from right and a big point from header right wielding off several big overheads.

That's one of those points for Michelle just letting Travis take over and then the ball comes to you you have to mentally re-engage and uh rentmeyer calls that ball out as uh Chuck is asking the ref if he saw it there they have a challenge they can use so it looks like we are going to have a.

Challenge from the Lions on this sideline crawl it's a crucial Point as well being tied up here the lines obviously wanting to at least get one game win out of this matchup as you never know how the rest of the.

Pool will work out so it looks like Byron freszo and Bob Swiss Helm are going to come over here to the booth and check and see if the ball was in or out as Byron I'll give you a live update here.

Byron with a quick decision it looks like the ball was in fact out Byron Fresno with a quick call there the ball was indeed out here you see on the replay yep it did look just out missed timed volley there from Chuck and a big.

Let's go from Esquivel what a point from all four players but at a right getting the setup for Chuck Taylor big point now 10-10 we will change sides after this point that one Just Landing inside so the Florida smash will get to 11.

First as they have all four games here in this matchup it's been a tight game here but Esquivel and rettenmeier maintaining a small lead Wright and Chuck need to.

Keep moving that ball around in dink getting unpredictable staying solid as at a right has caused some pop-ups for Chuck to put away better right with the backhand winner down the line she gave herself more time by taking a couple steps back off the kitchen line reading esquivel's attack well.

That one she also saw it but just this time to have a good speed up from Rhett Meyer come on 12 11. then a neck cord winner from Esquivel chuck with the Ernie.

Set himself up Travis tried to help his partner out and left the whole court open Chuck find in the open court on the far side of the Ernie Wright gets some netcord love herself catches the Esquivel off guard ball completely changed directions went into the body.

Of Esquivel 13s a good setup from Taylor just push wide as you can see them uh Shadow swing through that stroke again I like the play Michelle escobel telling herself to.

Drive the ball foreign ER holding strong Chuck had a good ball to put away and just catches the tape another Ernie.

Taking it cross-court is Taylor loves going for those Ernies and then he uses his backhand to push it back to the open side of the Court then Rhett Meyer catching right in the transition zone better right again seems to be a pattern she likes well she's trying to almost bait Michelle to go to the middle you.

Can see her she's sent standing a few feet back off the kitchen line as well might want to redirect that attack right in front of her to Chuck Long Point here in the hands battles go Travis pulled it first I thought the point was gonna go.

Either way there for a second Lions take the lead back 17-16 nice job by Travis to take the pace off keep it low so right can't hit down on the ball good Court awareness there from Rhett Meyer get a big show of enthusiasm from.

Esquivel she changes that attack up goes down the line most of her attacks were going cross-court into the backhand of right and she mixes it up and works out that's grovel knows she had it looking to go back down the line again past Taylor that one does not work out as well as.

The two prior to it we're seeing a sense of a pattern change here from escovelle as now we know she wants to start the attack first but now she's going down the line to the backhand of Chuck instead of attacking middle good spot there deep into the court was.

Taylor's put away now what you need crucial point is now the score is Frozen for both sides as the lion or the lions are above 18. now we're going to traditional side out scoring in the Florida smash take this 21-19 and the Final Mix doubles match they're up 4-0.

The perfect sweep for the smash here in the first matchup so the Lions will have to claw their way out for the rest of the pool play as the Florida smash put themselves in the driver's seat well anything can happen the rest of the day we have more action coming up at 11 A.M eastern time it is 1008 now.

So in just about 50 minutes the bus will take on Mad drops pickleball Club so stay tuned if you'd like to check out the coverage on Championship court go back over there to that stream and come back and join us here at 11 A.M Eastern welcome back MLP Columbus we're here at the pickle in chill just outside of the campus of the Ohio.

State University got another matchup coming for you here in our second game of the day on grandstand mad drops versus the bus they are in a pool with the ranchers the defending champs of Newport Beach in the chimeras so on the bus.

For the women's side we'll start with the women's doubles we have Lauren stratman 28 years old out of Knoxville Tennessee this is our fourth MLP appearance and she was the third woman's pick in this year's draft she's next to her first time MLP partner Susanna Barr.

Susanna Barr's 44 years old out of Boise Idaho this is her fourth MLP as well but she was the 18th pick She was recently on the hard Eights and was traded to the bus and uh for the Mad drops we have Mary bracia 22 years old at a Mission Viejo California this is her third MLP appearance and she.

Was the 15th pick of the 2022 draft and she'll be alongside pickleball veteran Lee Whitwell that 47 years old out of the Villages Florida originally from Gibraltar this is her fourth MLP and she's made it to the finals of Major League pickleball.

Twice once for in the very first iteration and then another time if Florida smash earlier this year she's the 13th pick of this draft on the men's side West Burroughs for the bus 35 years old out of Thousand Oaks California second.

MLP and he is undrafted this year but was picked up by the bus in replacement for Ed and Lika after Austin and Eric Lang 41 years old from Portland Oregon is about 6'5 big strong guy third MLP appearance 16th pick.

In this year's draft the men's double shot on the Mad drops is going to be an interesting one two very athletic gentlemen Julian Arnold and AJ Kohler Julian 31 years old at Austin Texas he played tennis for a couple years at UCLA.

This is his third Major League pickleball you have AJ Kohler former hockey player now Pro pickleball player 33 years old got a Dripping Springs Texas fourth MLP the owners of the Mad drops Drew Brees Zubin made up Zubin Meadow and Ryan Sirhan.

The owners of the bus David Cass and Doug Ullman we're about ready to get underway here Lee Whitwell and Mary bracia on the near side serving to Lauren stratman and Susanna Barr and brassia with a nice drop shot good defense here from the drops foreign.

over Susanna Barr you can see pushes her back into the transition zone area creating an offensive opportunity for the drops Susanna Barr got lobbed that time but she usually is the one that pulls the trigger on the lob and she catches the ball out of the air.

Most times in the dinking first grade punch volley from well not able to keep the ball in on the second one and you know just some uh so maybe some nerves there from bar as we start their first match of the.

Day three one Barry brasia saying sorry and laughingly well is uh I think she knows it probably wasn't the best decision Ball's a little low oh good pickup.

Great defense for brasia but Lawrence dratman earns the point with a netcord winner Lee Whitwell with the put away look for Lauren stravin to pull that trigger looks like we have a question here if the ball was in or out it could have been close there on the.

Overhead but they didn't see it so they'll give it back to the drops who are now up 4-3 bar had a ball through the middle it definitely looked like that shot was there but unfortunately it could not clear the top of the net.

Lauren looking for the offense sometimes it takes her a few points to to start to find that offense early in the game but once it gets going which is really tough to stop Whitwell with the lob and the drop shot fans appreciate that.

Impressive play from Whitwell the South Park and now in just long it looks yeah the bus switched there's stack they're on that point maybe get a little more confidence as you can see now they're going to stick with it put Susanna Barr on the left side of the court so now on your right side of the screen.

A nice job taking the ball out of the air well took the time away you could see a little bit of a misstep from both ladies on the bus great start here for Mad drops nice move but great job for the ladies of the bus getting out of the way that ball just long.

Or just wide excuse me ball set nice and high I think stradman want to do reach in with that forehand some good display of Team chemistry here the side of mad drops pickleball Club Whitwell definitely looking to get that forehand in the middle.

That ball just inside the line and we have a quick start at the change of ends 11-5 Whitwell and bracia firing on all cylinders here so far it looks like stratman and bar just haven't found the Rhythm yet Dave they haven't come out on top of a.

Lot of the hands battles it's they haven't just found their offense yet seems to be that they're more responding to what madrops is doing instead of creating offense themselves forward stratman telling herself fire up impressive start from Whitwell and bracia very few errors from that side.

As Lee Whitwell has four kills to only two errors another Lop well that was well read but just pushed long you don't want to give Lauren stratman the confidence with that forehand attack because once that starts when she starts finding her Target with.

It becomes very dangerous as you can see now she fired herself up they've got two points here after the switch that ball just lands in probably the longest point of the game so far foreign good pressure from Whitwell.

Lawrence draman almost able to get that reset up and over the net but a good run from the bus that's exactly what they needed on the stretch they got three points to one after the switch foreign just long you could see stratman starting to find her targets with the.

Forehand look what was all over it but just pushed the block long a great job from Barr with the LOB she'll use it quite a bit to get the opponents to move back into the back side of the Court she's able to.

Find a nice opening that one bar just didn't seem like she stayed low through the point through that stroke and was on her back foot mad drops 13-10 on a missed I think from Whitwell I like the strategy brought to you trying to set up Whitwell.

For the fifth shot putting pressure at the kitchen line ATP Lauren stratman saying something but maybe she hit the pole that looks like we're she indeed maybe did hit the post.

About 12 13. in that lob just long but now Susanna bar is starting to find her confidence again there's a little bit of a slow start from the bus they've brought it within two excellent hands from all four ladies that one just out of the reach from.

Whitwell Suzanne did a great job really taking the pace off but getting Whitwell on the stretch now we have a timeout as the bus are within one they had a sizable Hill to climb but they've stratman and Barr have found their confidence there you see stratman's really found.

Her offense and Barr has found the confidence at the kitchen line is she's worked in a lot of those lobs and missed directions she catches the ball out of the air and a lot of dinks and it takes a lot of time away from the opponents.

She does a good job changing the direction while reaching in so the bus we're the good comeback we're getting ready back to go getting ready back here 13-14 going to 21. good LOB.

And that one just wide but a great setup from Mary nice lob created himself an opportunity just didn't capitalize what a ball from Lee Whitwell recognizing that Lawrence draman was looking to poach with a nice soft touch behind her Barr answers in a big way.

It is 15 15. tie game and bracia holds strong doesn't allow bar and Lauren stravin to regain control and get up to the kitchen line.

And that one just pushed wide looks like they're yeah the replay it definitely seemed to be wide Barn Sherman not sure at first and MADD drops extend their lead to two points she goes for the soft touch and Barr and stratman stay alive with some big overheads from winwell.

It's a little too cute there from Whitwell Lawrence draman and Barr finding the offense and Barr with a big put away but set up for the offense of Lauren stravin pulling the trigger first and an unforced error on the side of mad.

Drops and the bus take their first lead of the game and they earn another point and get the lead to 19. Susanna Barr with four kills and eight errors versus Lee Whitwell with six kills and ten errors it's really been the story.

And they get to 20 first so the bus will be frozen here on their score they can only win on their serve but if the Mad drops can win this rally they will go to 18. and they stay alive Whitwell popped it up but was able to clean up the mess.

Now 18 20 both teams Frozen now to regular side out scoring you can only score on your serve foreign so now errors from Susanna Barr up to nine and Lee whitwell's at 10. Mary bracia with four errors so Lawrence stratman's only two.

Yeah that one just not high enough to get over stratman they have another chance here to close out this first game great drop and that ball just doesn't trickle over it thought for a second and the bus with stand.

They were down big in the beginning and they come back and win 21-19 don't go anywhere we got men's doubles coming right up welcome back men's doubles coming right up for the bus versus The Mad drops we just saw the bus have a slow start on the women's double side and Lauren stravin and Suzanna Barr.

Found their momentum was able to hold off and then come back and take the w over Lee Whitwell and Mary bracia but onto the men's double side for Mad drops Julian Arnold and AJ Kohler this is a lot of offense on one side of the court so it'll be interesting to see.

Which player is setting up the other if they're both creating a lot of offensive opportunities for each other but very offensive from those two they'll be facing off against Eric Lang and Wes Burrows two guys who don't play a lot of tournaments not really a full schedule.

But exceptional players Westboro is probably one of the most athletic players I've seen play Pickleball and Eric Lang at probably six five dessert a silver medal and uh Nationals before in men's doubles so that'll be a very strong team as well Eric Lang was just traded to the bus.

From the heart eights I believe oh we have a ball on the court to start the match sorry airplane was on the fives and he was dropped before the bus picked him up here we go underway Eric Lang on your top right West Burrows.

In the top left I like the Inside Out play there from Arnold it just went a little long he'll find his Target as the game progresses but a nice misdirection 's a little too tall us tall players we got to really focus on using our legs and staying down.

Through the stroke and you saw there the standing pretty much straight up a nice put away from Burrows Kohler trying to find his uh his Target on the third shot Kohler I thought I was gonna have a paddle on that but a great job from laying getting the.

Body out of the way or the big guy like that Kohler threw it right into the chest sometimes it's hard to for the big man to get out of the way but you create some space for himself and then finds the backhand winner through the middle the bus off to a strong start here at 5-1.

All right Kohler haven't really found the Rhythm just yet in a Mystique there from Kohler put a great ball down the middle and a big Andiamo from Julian Arnold as he gets fired up here nice patient play finds the ball he wants.

Sneaks it through yeah Arnold thought that one was probably going to go out yeah he realized after he hit it 7-2 bus and an unforced error from Kohler did a great job from Arnold move and.

Then dink around wrong footing Burrows just a little bit gross late to the ball but a good put away from Burroughs that ball almost went over off the shanked overhead of Lang that would have been tough to deal with.

If it went over yeah a good look from Arnold the line was definitely there unfortunately just didn't clean out the second ball and a really nice ball from Kohler Inside Out forehand gets Lang to really reach down there well Burrows and this is that put away.

As mad drops are starting to feel a little bit of confidence on this near side now Kohler's finding his offense looking very focused now 7 10. Eric Lang not letting that ball happen again is now the bus lead going into the side.

Change at 11-7 Arnold's showing some frustration there the bus really good start they were up 6-1 at one point had a four-point point streak their longest lead was six points the bus short for Columbus and that's.

Where we are right now Columbus Ohio here at the pickle and chill for the third and final stop of the 2022 Major League pickleball season these players are playing for 100 000 dollars the largest prize pool in pickleball West Burrows working it.

Flat in the forehand through the middle great job from Burrows there 12-7 Ernie from Kohler bad drops get fired up they got their cheering section in the crowd making some noise what a point from all four gentlemen.

And a good poke from Kohler Kohler does such a good job reaching into the kitchen he holds it very late and a nice flick of the wrist right to the body of Lang good setup from Lang with the Inside Out forehand dink creating an opportunity for West Burrows.

To reach in and put the ball away Arnold getting fired up attacks that ball through the middle and then closes down the line and that ball just misses mad drops closing in the score.

Good sportsmanship from Arnold just checking with Burroughs make sure that ball was in fact out had to put away from Kohler Arnold doing a good job with that forehand rolling dink making Wes really have to work hard to hit a good ball back.

It's creating opportunities for Kohler and Arnold to be able to hit down on the ball and the bus now on the receiving end of a comeback because now the Mad drops are within one the Mad drops team duper scores at 24.05 coming into this match then the bus at 23.28 so statistically.

Map drops should win this matchup but as of right now the bus are up 1-0 and have just given up a sizable chunk of their lead to the Mad drops Arnold serving been a good timeout from the bus as they earn a point back and the ball Kohler.

Gets nice and low with his base you can see here on the replay does a great job reaching in with the backhand picking his spots and Arnold pull the trigger a little too early as Eric Lang steps in the big forehand in the middle.

great hands from Lang withstanding the pressure here from Kohler is the pattern that we're seeing is Arnold and West Burroughs trying to get in these Cross Court dinks and see which guy pulls the trigger first.

Is that attack sail just long but the bus quickly earned the ball back and now have regained sizable lead at three mad drops might have got away with that one as it sat up nice and high for Burroughs.

With a swing and a miss some frustration from Arnold as he's had a couple misses in the transition zone and a frustrating attack into the body of Burroughs but pays off Burrows not able to get out of the way that was for sure almost probably gonna.

End up in the booth Julian Arnold going behind Eric Lang as a good good change of Target as Arnold has been attacking more to the middle and Lang has been reading it so good job going behind Lang and Arnold.

Lets that ball go and they tie this game back up here at 18 a piece that one just wide a good leave from Julian Arnold West Burrows all over it just pushes wide 19-18 they take their first lead of the game in the late stages what a touch.

The ball just catches the line foreign the defense for a mad drops kept him alive Eric Lang 6'5 just hammering balls down huge point for the bus right there.

The score will be froze on the very next Point who will get to 21st it's going to be the bus what a huge point now because now that has set up a game point and the bus are Frozen as well as they've already hit 18. so they don't get a point there but they've held off one game point now.

And Matt drops earned the ball back for their second opportunity here to close out the game the fans are on the edge of their seats and they held him off one more time as Lane gets the forehand in the middle Eric Lang needs to stay big in the.

Middle as most of the balls are coming across Court to Wes and Julian With A wise choice to go behind Lane keep him honest but just misses the Dink and now we have a tie ball game here 2020.

Win by two both teams still frozen there's a really good return from Burrows setting that up deep into the court making it tough for the madrops to get up to the kitchen Line Eric Lang finds the put away.

Thank you it is back and forth here folks which team will break 20 first that one just wide so same score and again another side out here we are locked at 20s Julian Arnold.

With a clutch point there finds the middle again see now it looks like Eric Lang thought that Julian Arnold was going to go down the line Arnold holds it holds it late gets the opening and mad drops completes the comeback both teams now have a comeback win as mad drops men's doubles wins.

22-20 don't go anywhere we're going to have mixed doubles coming right up welcome back Major League pickleball Columbus the third and final stop of the season right now we're looking at one win a piece here between the Mad drops and the bus.

Two comeback stories in both games we just saw Julian Arnold and AJ Kohler find their Rhythm Midway through the game they were at one point down six points came back and won 22-20 so we're gonna have our first match-up of mixed doubles for the Mad drops you can see warming up.

Here Mary bracia in Julian Arnold taking on Eric Lang and Susanna Barr look for Julian Arnold to take up a lot of the Court is going to create a lot try to create a lot of pressure mix doubles is all about pressure and Julian Arnold.

Knows how to apply it but Mary bracia has a lot of mixed doubles success in her own right they'll be taking on Susanna Barr and Eric Lang Eric Lang also a very big human on the court will look to apply himself in the middle.

And Susanna Barr will also create some offense with those lobs she'll reach in try to misdirect wrong foot Julian it should be a pretty tight matchup as we're just about to get underway here for the first mixed doubles match looks like Mary Mary bracia is he going to kick us off.

We're underway and already right away Susanna Barr with the LOB just catching the edge guard is Arnold Julian taking some of the pace off that attack I don't think Barb was ready for the ball to be that's slow look for Julian to drive a lot of these.

Thirds and apply some pressure following it in there you can see right there Mary brassier with a nice drop shot right into the middle and Julian crashing the tee right away oh God oh looks like we have.

Some controversy on the call early on here in the game is Arnold went for the two-handed backhand attack through the middle looks like we might have a challenge here already at 3-1 so Lang and Barr called that ball out but the Mad drops take a challenge we.

Got Bob Swiss Helm over here coming into the booth we're going to put that on the screen right now so we can all see it's a little tough to see exactly where that ball bounced there's a little bit of a gap in between the frames you could see yeah.

That's close but it's Bob Switzerland the referee upheld the call from the bus then a big put away from Lang then the fist bump there from Barr with the stare down he'd love to see it put that ball just long and Arnold with an unforced air.

Ball goes back 4-4 foreign hanging tough with the offense started by Lang ball just wide good call but around the post there from bracia she played it.

Nonetheless the ball was out before she played it so 6'4 great step in from Arnold but can't get the ball over the net Susanna Barr kept that just Out Of Reach thank you two errors now from Julian he's got four kills to three errors so.

Far in this game bracia with zero errors but Arnold's going for a lot more that law would just was not high enough Brazier will hit down on the ball allowed Julian to clean it up.

Julian Arnold taking up the whole Court finds the put away in the middle gives Eric Lang a clap and nice pressure from Barr keeping bracia in the middle of the Court got a nice drop shot from Lang kept it low.

Arnold a little bit of a premature speed up as Lang did not give him a lot to work with Arnold with the Ernie in the backhand put away good setup from brasia fun in the right foot of Susanna Barr that ball just Sails Long.

So 10-9 the busts are one point away from the side change so far in this matchup whoever team has made it to the side change first has ended up losing the game 10 10. Arnold goes for the Ernie again but Susanna Bart is a good job taking.

All the pace off and just lifting it over the net not allowing Arnold to make really good contact on the ball and there you have it the bus get to 11 first will history repeat itself and will madrops be able to come back and take the game away we'll see the score is closer here at.

The switch to the two prior games it's been a lot more evenly contested so far Julian Arnold has tried to create a lot of offense he's got seven kills to eight errors with three of those coming on his forehand volley where Eric Lang has one kill to two errors so Julian.

Getting a little bit more involved offensively on the court than the other three Susanna Barr successful with the lob again she disguises it well because she takes a lot of dinks out of the air so her.

Her lob looks just like the dink Arnold with the Ernie and Mary brassia covering the whole Court until he gets back finds it right into the body of Lang in big put aways from Eric Lang fought off a few of them were the drops but the bus now have a two-point lead.

And that dink just carries wide as the bus with a three to one run here then Eric Lang finds bracia off guard goes behind her and a big run here from Julian Arnold is he takes a timeout or sorry from the bus.

As Julian Arnold takes the timeout the bus up 15-11. I believe that's the largest lead we've had yep the largest lead is four from the bus and madrop's largest lead is two they each tie each other in Long longest points streak which is at three so this game is very back and forth.

Again Julian Arnold right now eight kills to nine errors Eric Lang four kills the two errors where Susanna Barr and Mary brassier one and one so this really is a story here can Arnold tune in his offense and his targets to be able to close this Gap.

Barry brasia with a great setup great setup wide gets almost through the middle Julian Arnold cleans up and that return just long free point for the drops so you got two in a row now but the bus regain their three-point lead.

And Eric Lange doing a good job moving Arnold around foreign from Julian Arnold because they're in the ball back here still down three points now the bus three points away from Victory here in the first mixed.

Doubles lineup Gracia was taking it to Lang there Arnold found the left hip above bar but they find themselves in a hole here four down.

they'll take it Bros here maybe saving an out ball there but still earns the point Eric Lang with the big backhand right now we have game point here in our first mixed doubles.

Lineup you know still rally scoring on the side of the Mad drops they have it for another point great close of the middle from Arnold as I thought surely that ball from Lang was going to sneak through and now the scores are frozen in terms of rally scoring.

So you can only score on your serve both teams we have our second game point and there it is the bus hold off the bus take the first mixed doubles game and take the lead in the series so far two to one don't go anywhere we got the second mix doubles match coming right up foreign.

We're about to get back underway here for the fourth game of this matchup the Mad drops versus the bus the Mad drops looking to push it to a dream breaker which we haven't had on grandstand court yet sure the fans here in the Arena here we'll love to see a dream breaker.

This is John Davison in the booth here for the third stop of Major League pickleball 2022 season so coming up on this game next we have Lauren stradman in West Burroughs they have played together before they lived in the same area of California for a little while so very.

Familiar with each other's games then we have AJ Kohler and Lee Whitwell who played with each other on the chimeras in the very first Major League pickleball event in 2021 where alongside Kyle Yates and Italy Waters they were able to make it all the way to the finals.

So far this year I was talking to AJ Kohler yesterday he has not made it out of pool play so far this year and that was on a new team and he's feeling confident and he really just wants to make it out of pool play this this go around she looks like Lee Whitwell and AJ Kohler on the near side here will kick.

Us off Lee Whitwell the Lefty against Wes Burrows and Lauren stravin on the far side series is that two to one in favor of the bus we're underway Matt drops in a must win game here to push to a dream breaker.

Lee Whitwell tells AJ Kohler not hitting overhead finds the off-court angle Kohler with the defense and the Ernie backhand inside out from Lee Whitwell just catches inside the line and yes folks she was not in the kitchen.

So what a play from a fan favorite here Lee Whitwell be well frustrated with uh after an insane play put on forced air ATP Lee Whitwell pulling out all the tricks so far here early in the game.

Westboro is able to get a paddle on it but not able to angle it back onto the court and a nice swing from Lee Willow into the data team here in the booth well done from Kohler going behind Burroughs they're going to see more points like this throughout this match.

Kohler moves so well laterally and so does Burrows to the more athletic guys on tour a nice start here for the drops is the mat drop sir up by four here early that went just wide the lane was open.

And she took it 7-2 big put away from Burroughs Kohler looking to go for the tweener goes up into the rafters patient play here from the ladies been a good lead from Burroughs in the put away from Whitwell.

the boss having a hard time getting up to the kitchen line when they have the ball now the bus starting to minimize the lead that the Mad drops had the largest lead of Five Points.

And now it's down to three and a good ball there from Burroughs recognizes Kohler popped one up a little high and Burrows into the body of Kohler Lauren looking to go down the line she likes to speed up with the forehand doesn't clear the tape though.

and a nice trigger pull from Burrows holds it very late as you can see right there decides to go back into the body of Kohler in the bus call that ball out bus within one.

Big points here in the middle of the stretch I think Kohler finds the angle this dirty attempt in the lob stays in what a point from the bus obviously Kohler's frustrated after all that work it's always the easy one the bus within one.

The caller Returns the favor and catches the body of Wes Burrows and now we have an end change here 11-9 all the Mad drops favor coming up next on grandstand court at 1 pm Eastern that's in 40 minutes.

Is the ATX ATX pickleballers versus the fives so that should be a good one but right now you know we haven't seen a lot of offense started from Lauren stravan's been staying disciplined in those cross-court dings with Lee Whitwell and setting up Burrows.

As West Burrows has three kills to one unforced error Lauren with zero kills at the moment but she's playing more of a setup role as Lee Whitwell getting the crowd involved Kohler will kick us back off could pick up that ball caught the tape and just got.

The line Burrows able to throw it into the body of Kohler I think Burroughs is three to one on Kohler in the body shots Kohler with a nice touch bringing Lauren up to the kitchen line got there just unable to clear the net.

Good recovery from Burrows to track down the lob and hit the overhead winner the bus back within one Lauren all over that two-headed backhand just catches the tape oh goller tried to blow the ball over you can see here in a replay.

You got to use the chest collar and a silky smooth Inside Out forehand with a clean dink winner great heads up play from AJ what a setup from Whitwell with a nice poke through the middle gets the ball to pop up for Kohler to put the ball away they've extended their.

Lead now again to three that ball does not trickle over and we get a Timeout on the side of the bus we're getting pretty close to possibly having a dream breaker here folks and I think the people in the stands want to see that as well now we have a timeout the law the longest Sorry the largest uh.

Lead here for the Mad drops 16-12. excuse me they had a five-point lead earlier in the match so if the bus can come back and win this game they can win it three to one but if the Mad drops.

Hold tough and get to 21 first we will see the coveted dream breaker singles tie break which I think just about everybody but the bus would like to see here the bus is the hometown team and that lob just long I like the idea.

But a tough point to lose right after calling a timeout is now AJ Kohler serving 17-12 looking to push this to the dream breaker Kohler really getting more involved but maybe a little too much as Burroughs exposes him what is.

Burrows putting the ball away exposing Kohler again for maybe taking up a little too much real estate 14-7 it's been a while since the bus have scored here on their serve that ball just catches inside.

As the lead is back to a four-point lead it's getting tense on the sidelines here as people definitely want to see that dream breaker Kohler finds the flick and after the previous two didn't work out for him gets it done that time.

Up and into the body of West Burroughs oh the dive great ball from Burroughs going behind coal or Kohler getting down on his knees 15-19 oh absolutely incredible point.

And the place is going wild here all four players with Incredible clutch shots but Lee Whitwell finds the put away and now we have game point to tie the series two to two they have some room to work with because the bus is down at 15 points.

That one just wide and the Mad drops pickleball Club tie it up two to two guess what folks we're going to a dream breaker so don't go anywhere we'll be right back we're back folks dream breaker coming right up.

It looks like we're gonna have Mary start us off Mary bracia against Wes Burrows we play Four Points and change the lineup in West Burroughs with a soft touch Mary almost getting to that ball but a good long rally here as West pushes Mary into the corner and.

Finds the Open Court that ball just lands inside as brazia that was going to go long one-handed backhand winner from Wes now these two will play one more point Mary just pushes it wide so the 4-0 start here from the bus is now we're going to see Eric Lang.

Go up against Julian Arnold Julian Arnold plays a lot of singles Eric Lang not so much but still an accomplished singles player and Julian the first to strike on the board for Mad drops it's 1-4 can he help his team close the score Gap here.

Julian with a big fist bump into the owners section there on the side and he earns a freebie is Eric Lang it's that return just short into the net Julian Arnold now three for three Kitty tied up.

Eric Lang tracking down the lob hits the overhead with an off-court angle 5-3 now Lauren stratman up against AJ Kohler Kohler elect him to stay back and a missed overhead from Lauren NJ shaking his head I think he gotta think he knows he got away with that one.

But now I have a one point game again 4-5 and a missed touch from Kohler Lauren earns the point just missed that volley yeah that one just wide Lauren thought she had it it was definitely close but from my angle I thought that was.

Wide as well caller moving Lauren off the court gets the friendly touch 6-6 they've tied it up and now we're going to see Lee Whitwell the Southpaw up against Susanna Barr here that one just long and mad drops take.

The first lead of the dream breaker here and a free point off the serve of Whitwell 8-6 they were down 4-0 oh man that one just catches the edge guard and just shy of the net both ladies electing to stay back at the Baseline.

Lee Whitwell comes in Susanna can't get there in time what a touch from Lee Whitwell great job pushing Susanna almost into the backboard Mary bracia pumping herself up she was down 0-4 in the first time that they played Mary bracia with the pass.

The place Goes Wild 10-7 oh almost clears it and we got a side change here so Mary bracia holding onto the ball I think there.

Might have been a foot fault but there might have been a foot fault there on West Burroughs so that's 2-0 for Mary so far in this second time they've matched up a lovely touch from Burroughs been an excellent job from Mary able to get two points off of West Burrows that.

Go around and Julian Arnold was three three for three and one against Eric Lang the beginning of this matchup Julian Arnold with the stair down the crowd has grown around this court uh fault on Eric Lang it didn't matter.

Julian Arnold had the pass anyways but it looked like the paddle touched inside the kitchen from Eric Lang Julian Arnold definitely seems to have Lang's number here in this matchup 13-9 and Julian Arnold again Eric Lang wants to find.

A point here for the bus good return and a foot fault on Eric Lang yep you can see right there great call the right toe just catches the line so Julian Arnold scored four on laying in that go around and now we have Kohler and stratman.

Again 15-9 the lead has stretched Kohler earns the first one call her with the two-hander down the line.

He held it very late made Lauren guess here we go 17-9 big forehands and Kohler goes back behind Lauren three points away from victory foreign.

ER got the friendly roll and now Lee Whitwell can close this match out but Susanna Barr will look to keep her team alive just two points away is all the Mad drops need here to pull out the win.

That one just long bar doing everything she can to keep the bus alive that one just wide it was a good look from Barr but now we have Match Point here in the dream breaker Lee Whitwell focusing.

Herself and that is just too good from Susanna Barr is now they can start tallying off some points Lee Whitwell with the touch and the ball goes back to the side of the Mad drops and now Mary bracia looking to Win It.

in West Burroughs looking to keep his team alive and the bus reminder they're still rally scoring until they get to 18. it's there it's still it's still not over yet West comes in.

Earns another point and Wes earning another point for his Squad with a nice fall down the line catches Mary in the split step can you make it 15. yes he can Mary going for it but now you have the.

Match up here between Julian Arnold and Eric Lang and Arnold has had the better success that is just too good from Eric Lang with a nice cross-court angle looks like they might have caught a timeout the Mad drops I thought they were questioning a call.

At first but they call it timeout the bus have made quite a run it was 2011. now it is 2016. the bus just two points away from getting their score Frozen and going to side out scoring Lang looking to find his Groove and earn some points.

Against Julian Arnold too good from Lang going behind Arnold the second time and Arnold gets the friendly net roll and another chance here for the Mad drops to close out the game 2017. and Matt drops gets it done in the dream breaker.

21-17 Julian Arnold finds the pass down the line they split the gender doubles split the mixed doubles and take it in the dream breaker that's it for this match but we have another one coming up at 1 p.m eastern time so don't go anywhere we'll be right back welcome back.

To Columbus Ohio at the pickle and chill home to the third and final stop of the 2022 Major League pickleball season we have another exciting one coming right up the fives will take on ATX pickleballers the ladies will start first ATX pickleballers.

Feature Sarah annsbury 38 years old at Hilton Head South Carolina her fourth Major League pickleball appearance and she was drafted 16th this year alongside Jade kawamoto sister to Twin Jackie the ninth pick 26 years old out of Canby Indiana and her third Major League pickleball across the court from them will be.

Arguably the goat on the women's side Simone jargine where she was the fourth pick in the draft born in Brazil but now resides in Naples Florida 43 years old her fourth Major League pickleball appearance next to Lena perigamette 29 out of Austin Texas her third appearance.

I believe she went undefeated in all of her games in Austin the first the first stop of the year she was the 21st pick so it should be an exciting one you have two very experienced players both ansbury and Simone Georgine who have been playing at the highest.

Level for a very long time and you have more of a of newcomers with Linda predicamente and Jade kawamoto they've been in the game for a little while but certainly not to the extent of ansbury and jajim so both teams will have some Youth and both teams will have some.

Experience the other half of this pool that they are in they're the heartaches and team clean cause on the men's side of ATX pickleballers you have Pablo Deyes he was undrafted but was picked up well originally he was a sub for Rob.

Dunnery on this team that he's playing the fives but with Rob nunnery's return he was picked up by ATX alongside the very talented Dylan Frazier and then on the fives on the male side you have Rob nunnery who's the ninth.

Pick alongside a new pickup been an undrafted player Ben Newell Ben Newell is a he's a lefty pretty fiery he was a sub for Adam Stone last minute of the 2022 Austin tournament where he filled in for Adam Stone on the.

Mad drops he was able to help take his team out of the pool play looks like we're just about to get started here thanks for sticking around that last match going to the dream breaker was pretty exciting and the place was going nuts.

This is John Davidson on the call here at the pickle and chill in Columbus Ohio right next to the Ohio State University on the near Court you're gonna have Simone's regime serving on the right with Lena perigamere on the left.

Then across the top right of the screen will be Sarah annsbury and Jade kalamoto in the top left that ball just pushed wide Lena and Simone are pretty tall team able to reach in and hit down on the ball makes them very dangerous to play and Sarah reaching in with the backhand.

Starting the offense and able to get one that Simone could not return foreign able to hit down on the ball using her height too.

That Lop just sails along tight scores here early uh some confusion there low in the middle nice drop shot by Andrew in the middle Let them fight over it Sarah Hansberry getting the offense going but a nice.

A nice Cut there from Simone Georgine recognizing Jade's on her back foot at the Baseline good hustle from Jade but Simone just too much regime a lot of these drop volleys.

And a change of Direction with the dink maybe too low of a ball to change the direction as Simone finds the tape and Lena able to hit down again at the feet of calamoto and another example of zarjim in padiga Maite looking to push ansbury and kalamoto off the line and find the.

Feet tight scores here early changes of leads great creativity there from jargime reaching in and picking her targets that one might have just caught the tape going into the body of annsbury taking over a lot of the Middle with the two-handed backhand.

Set up from pedigamate Simone looks to go around the post not able to hit a clean strike on the ball as calamoto found the off-court angle a great job from pittigamate to reach in and hit that dink on the volley I'm gonna go inside out to find ansbury's foot didn't have as much time.

Because you took that out of the air she goes for the around the post again the the angle was there just didn't get enough around the outside of the ball to bring it back in predicamentally just caught the tape and then helped throw off kalamoto enough.

And jargime getting big in the middle speeding the ball up at Jade fix the scoreboard for you real quick is we have the fives and ATX pickleball player on the scoreboard backwards this is now 11-8 in term or in favor of the fives it's regime and pedigamate.

I was thrown off there by the score and the change ends and I saw the other team with the uh the lead but jarjim and pediga Maite able to get to 11 first so it's 11-8 he's done a good job of well one Simone zarjim is getting very involved in the.

Middle picking her targets well if she gets a ball just High Enough and she's speeding up a lot with the backhand so many jargime six kills to three errors so far halfway through this game her most common kill is.

That backhand volley with two and that volley just pushes long as we need to bring in that margin of Tad 9 12. and a missed forehand volley from pedigamate.

Now we're at 10 12. Jade count Moto serving Sarah ansbury closing down the middle that was not the worst ball to take I mean had that ball high enough able to hit down but ansbury all over it 11 12.

Catching them transitioning back up to the kitchen line they just missed that forehand volley into the net so now we have a tie ball game here 12 12. I'll keep you updated as we fix our scoreboard.

And Simone's able to find the feet of ansbury and Braden stayed low with that reset put it in the net 13-12 the fives and padiga Maite finds the middle with the backhand so 14-12 foreign.

Just sails long as the fives are in the ball back and keep their two-point lead great hands from calamoto that ball just landed in great offense there from the south paw okay and a nice drop volley again from jajim.

She likes that pattern when she notices that annsbury and Cal motor are on their back foot at the Baseline she's electing to choose that drop volley foreign with the big forehand in the middle and predicamente catches count Moto in transition.

Pulls it to the outside of the body oh stays in eye formation there from jargime stay up still alive oh what a point that point had just about everything calamono almost able to get that overhead back over.

In a wise timeout here from ATX pickleball they just fought hard for that point it didn't go their way so annsbury and calmoto trailing three there was a lot of chain lead changes in the beginning but now it seems that the fives have found their stride.

This game's been going for 15 minutes now the most shots per Point 36 15 seconds we're ready to get back underway here we'll see kalamoto's had some success attacking pedigamate we'll see if she can get back into a pattern where she could pull the trigger first.

As Jade Colorado has the best kill to error ratio at four to one and a net Court role there from ansbury and just the look of defeat as you see on the replay of Simone Georgine Jay just a little late to that volley.

Pushes it wide two points away from closing out the women's doubles match here the hands are flying and padiga Maite comes out on top game point 2016. Simone jargime servant and that ball just long.

Foreign able to hit the ball down finds the feet another game point opportunity Simone Georgine reaches Zen and the first win of this series goes in the way of the five someones arjim and Lena padigamite take down antsbury and kalamoto don't go anywhere we back for.

Men's doubles welcome back to Columbus here at the pickle and chill we have the men's doubles matchup coming up in this series as we just saw the fives win the women's doubles match up 21-18 so on the fives we have an undrafted player Ben Newell.

Age 33 years old Hometown Kansas City Missouri this is his second Major League pickleball appearance as he filled in for Adam Stone of the Mad drops in the Austin tournament earlier this year he is alongside a former champion.

Of Major League pickleball he won the first iteration with uh Team blqk Rob nunnery aged 37. currently living in Hawaii so living a good life his fourth MLP appearance on the side of ATX pickleballers he was undrafted 27 years old out of Bonita Springs Florida.

The second MLP he was uh picked up for the Newport Beach tournament where he actually originally filled in for Rob nunnery in the the first or sorry excuse me the Austin Texas tournament earlier this year so it's his third appearance.

And it'll be alongside Dylan Frazier or Baby Dill as they call him 20 year old college student out of Missouri fourth MLP and fourth men's pick we have two lefties on the court you see Ben new on the bottom right of your screen alongside Rob under in the left and then your top left the other South Paul Pablo Tellez.

Rob notary with the Matrix move gets out of the way look for him to speed up quite a bit as well as his partner Newell it was one of the most athletic players I've ever seen play Pickleball Frazier didn't find the attack there that he wanted.

Rob with a nice speed up he does a great job at flicking that forehand as you see he holds the ball late dips the tip of the battle you know he's going to attack you just don't know where just yet but Dylan Frazier holds the backhand.

Shows he's going down the line and throws it down the middle that ball just landed inside the drive of Tellez and then tell you this call that ball out there's another ass head ref rebound freso.

If that ball was in fact out and it indeed was two lead changes already but we're tied up before Rob nunnery with the backhand getting around the outside of the ball looking to go behind tell yes gets it done in a football call on the side of ATX.

Duel keeps it alive that ball just misses wide Frazier tries to go for the off-court angle they're going to see a lot of shake and bake action here on the near side because I think they're an elect to drive a lot of thirds.

Newell just got in the left shoulder by Frasier Rob go with the flick again just misses wide he holds that ball so late it really freezes the opponent but but Telly is why is he lets it go looks like nunnery is looking to speed up to the backhand okay yes he's had.

Some success there so it'll come from the attack from both Rob's forehand and backhand but Frazier finds the feet does notary crashes foreign is looking to do a little shake and bake themselves and Frazier.

This is the put away again so now we have 11-7 fives leading at the side change the fives owned by Gary vaynerchuk or Gary Vee as they call him managed by Ryan Harwood who is sitting on the bench and then the ATX pickleballers owned by.

Brene Brown and Charles Kiley so some iconic owners on both sides we'll see here if Fraser and Tejas can find some rhythm right now notary and Newell's offense has been spectacular Frazier finds the put away that time getting Ben Newell crossed up.

Notary with the pancake the frying pan we were looking to go down the line with a one-handed backhand just misses Frazier see if he can get some offense going and a nice back a lot of backspin on.

That dink could tell yes that was not really able to get underneath the ball well to get the ball back right away after missed third great coverage in the middle from Newell as you see right there and goes for the Ernie but misses by about a foot.

Pablo Tellez pulling the trigger down the line runs around the backhand you can see here holds it last second you can see Rob start to lean towards the middle tell you as finds it down the line tie ball game here 13s but Rob finds the Inside Out backhand.

Just catches inside the line 1350 and a quick side out locked to 14's here great hands and Frazier threads it through.

Yeah that ball lifted just a little too high off the paddle of nunnery thank you exceptional hands on the side of ATX this nunnery had a few good attacks but Frazier able to volleyed away from Newell thank you jtp.

Gets it done helped a little bit with the net that ball goes just wide enough for benue to find an ATP on the backhand side things this week that ball is going to go just wide the ceiling is pretty high here so throwing up some desperation lobs gives yourself a lot of time.

To get into a better position but that one just goes wide what a close from Fraser but just pushes long nice backhand roll from nunnery we're tied up here 17s and ATX earns another side out.

Side out after side out here is the story over the last few points both teams struggling to score when they have the ball 18s and that ball tips the net and lands just in will the fives get to 20. right here.

It's freeze the score of both sides so a massive Point here Rob notary with the backhands just too much and now the score is Frozen for both sides we're at 2018 game point right here for the fives and a timeout call from Fraser and tell yes.

Great offense the way to keep going there for nunnery as Frazier was wielding off everything that he was throwing at him so it's a tight game here late in the men's doubles match up the fives took the women's win.

21-18 well the same thing happen here we have a 21-18 win for the fives again or can the the men of ATX pickleballers finish strong you get a comeback victory game point right here not yet says teles Frazier getting big in the middle but a good setup dink to push Ben all.

The way off the court Rob having to cover essentially the entire court but a big hands battle when as the two lefties go at it I formation there and another opportunity here to seal the deal.

Foreign looked like nunnery thought that Frasier's overhead was going to go off Court Newell went to cover the middle unfortunately a Miss reset in the transition zone allows a third opportunity.

For the fives but they will elect to take an offensive timeout here at 2019. so the fives have had a trouble scoring here on on Match Point so they're going to take a timeout and reassess real quick there's a little bit of momentum went in favor of ATX because.

They were able to stop him a couple times already on the paddle of Ben Newell can him and donnery get it done or will Frazier and talia's hold strong they're holding strong so far that ball just Sails Long.

Nunnery with the flick into the body of Tellez at first misses the second another opportunity to tie it up just trickles over in a big hold that's New Hall with no fear standing strong at the kitchen line another opportunity.

The fifth one still not yet as that drop shot was a little high and now they've tied it up 20 20. Frazier into the body of nunnery and a missed volley from Newell I think he thought that was might have probably been going out.

And it likely would have but that sliver of Doubt Miss times the volley now we have game point the other direction ATX holds tough fins off five game points able to come back and win it 22-20 so we're tied in the series folks don't go anywhere we got mixed doubles coming up next.

Welcome back Columbus Ohio here the third and final stop of 2022 Major League pickleball it's been an exciting event so far and we have nothing but excitement still to come we are tied up one a piece in this series before we go into our first mixed.

Doubles match so the women's of the fives took the women's doubles match and then the men's doubles went to the side of ATX pickleballers palotez and Frazier held on so our first match up here is going to be Simone Georgine.

Alongside partner Rob nunnery here on the near side against Dylan Frazier and Jade kalamoto we're underway in an early mistake but I know she was just sitting the ladies have been sitting for a minute so sometimes it takes a few points to find the touch.

Simone going eye formation closing up shop in the middle then a nice Inside Out attack into the body of Frasier unexpected foreign ER able to catch nunnery off guard that one just long good reach from.

Jargime with a really good dink from calamoto putting Simone on the stretch Simone here 4-2 foot fault called on Frazier Frasier arguing it's pretty rare to see uh.

Crazier question anything really let's take a look he's clear there huh I don't know if he's caught him on the push off.

They're still discussing it I wonder if he felt that the momentum carried in or when he came back across the kitchen line he thought that when he stepped back I'm not too sure there because then on the second ball it bounced.

So it looks like they're still discussing at this point do you call a challenge we are early on into this game at this point do you know do you call that challenge and get another look at it because I felt as though because he stepped back in to play the next Ball but he had.

Already re-established outside of the kitchen here we go again but see I think he's re-established I don't think it's momentum I think he's trying to get back onto the court but it doesn't Byron is going to show exactly what he sees.

Simone coming up to the booth asking me what it is I said well I can't really say that so there's no video challenge so Marcia freszo is coming back here to look at the film so he's going to re-establish and then he's going to come back and what happens is he re-establishes on.

The on the outside he re-establishes on the outside and then comes back into the court but I don't think it was a momentum issue Marsha's taken a few looks at this still having another look he clearly re-establishes but then when he comes back in.

His toe catches the line and then the ball bounces on the next one foreign he's good he establishes clean and then he comes back and then Dinks I don't believe that Fraser should be.

Called in the kitchen here but that's why we have video review so Byron and Marsha freszo are discussing looks like we have an answer so it looks like now that they're discussing the score over again so it looks like they're replaying the point.

As Simoni laughs over here in the booth for the confusion but it looks like it'd be three point the point four two so I believe the right call was made after the review we're all square now all players happy 4-2 one of the longer points we've had here.

And we've had two straight points after that extended break Ing and nunnery talking some strategy Rob nunnery with the big close coming in big through the transition zone nice forehand or backhand roll.

And Frazier shuts the door as Simone says my bad two-point lead regained by the fives foreign ATP in a big round of applause applause from the fans.

Jojim was unable to convert off of kalamoto's dinks in the women's doubles match but she did convert on that one and Frazier sneaks it in the middle Rob just a little late calamona holding strong with nunnery until Frazier just catches the edge of the paddle.

On a high ball here we go lead is stretching now for the fives 10-6 loopy surf and Simone getting nice and low speeding that ball below to high seat again catching Frazier just off guard right into the right shoulder which is a great.

Spot to hit it too if on the forehand side does he get chicken winged so now we have a side end change here the fives almost have doubled the score of ATX kalamoto and Frazier.

Need to find a way to get into their strengths Frazier looking to speed up balls and getting those hands battles calamoto and women's doubles did a really good job of moving Simone around with her dinking she gets a lot of Top Spin on those Dinks especially when she goes inside out.

Forehand see if they can pull some money off the court and open up some space great job from kalamoto going behind notary foreign excellent hands I think Kyle motor thought that was going to go just wide.

And it caught the line you can see here she kind of hesitated a tad and it just landed on the line loopy surf and Simone just a little bit too far back good attack by Frazier a 12.

That one just doesn't get the friendly roll calamoto was hoping for that's the pattern Frazier wants to get into even if he didn't win that battle he wants to get in those hands battles and get really involved this is some of the fastest hands in the game.

Simone going to I formation Rob just not able to get there in time I love to see it's so untraditional of mixed doubles with the female player taking up a lot of The Middle but it's worked out for them battery is so sneaky with those low to.

High attacks off both the back end and the forehand they come from either side good defense from kawamoto foreign ATP defended but pushed wide great job staying patient from calamoto letting that ball.

Come out wide give yourself an angle to work with thank you it's been a big put away from calamo a good setup for Frasier look at him pull Rob all the way almost off the court.

Allowing the Lefty cow Moto to clean up the mess but ATX is having a hard time scoring when they have the ball so a lot of their points are coming from when nunnery ninja serving which is making it difficult for them to close this Gap.

see if they can get one here Rob notary with the big overhead on the lob defense left foot was a little close to that kitchen line on the push-off tough to tell from that angle.

a nice drop shot from Georgine and a Timeout on the near side from ATX pickleball the fives in complete control here in this first mixed doubles match so after this game no matter the result we'll see Ben.

Newell and Lena perigame take on Pablo Tellez then Sarah annsbury so no matter how this one goes it's still not over yet in this match as we're tied up 1-1 just about to get back underway as noneery's toweling off that one just wide.

Would have had an ATP opportunity if it did land in can ATX close the gap ATP defense and it was just out but not by much Rob Donner getting big because now they have game point and some points to spare and they get it done.

Off one try 21-15 the fives take the first mixed doubles match up but it's not over yet we got another mixed matchup coming up next don't go anywhere foreign welcome back pickle and chill in Columbus Ohio that's where we're at where we are at and it is a beautiful facility.

Just outside of the Ohio State University's campus we have our second mix doubles match coming right up here in this in this matchup ATX pickleball we'll have Sarah ansberry and Pablo Tellez versus the fives lineup.

Of Lina peregamite and Ben Newell so two lefties again on the court at the same time between Pablo and Ben expect to see both of them take up quite a bit of court see if Pablo Tellez and Sarah annsbury can push this into a dream breaker the fans loved the last match went in a.

Dream breaker can we get it again if you're a fan of the fives you certainly do not as if the fives win this game they will take the match three to one put themselves in the driver's seat to make it out of pool play but we're underway Ben Newell serving ATP.

And Lena with the speed up so it's an interesting lineup because you have two Lefty males so usually you have the men play on the left in mixed doubles but it's backwards for both teams manual closes it up with the backhand.

Sbury try to find the right shoulder but Ben quick to get the paddle it will hit down on the ball get a big put away from Pablo Pablo looking to crash with the backhand excuse me with the forehand but pedigamente went to the backhand.

Side tail is a little late to the ball Helena just pushes that one long nice spot from perigamente I'm gonna push ansbury to the side of the court open up the middle ansbury was able to get a paddle on it but just a tad late 4-5 close game to start.

That ball just long off the Ernie attempt yeah just a little bit of a reach not able to get on top of the ball and then the fives Take the Lead back here 7-6 so the fives able to get a side out right away maintain their one point lead and that attack just goes long I like.

The look from Newell nice spot from benigamate catching Pablo transitioning up to the kitchen there's like a football call possibly so 10-8 two-point lead now for the fives newwell slipping and sliding out there.

Seems to be comfortable with it and now we have a change of ends at 11 8 for the fives in control our most shots per points 25 average at 9.95 so some of these points are going pretty short story here palatez has two kills to.

Seven errors which add up to just over the deficit where Ben Newell is zero kills to one error and Lena is two kills to four unforced errors Sarah is one and two when Sarah annsbury takes the third shots they win 50 of the points when Pablo takes it they only win 25 percent.

So interesting stat there Sarah annsbury holding strong with a nice poke at Ben Newell big overhead from Pablo finds the angle and Sarah annsbury threads the needle.

With a reach in on the backhand did you see she didn't move back closer to the T eddon Statewide and it gave us over opportunity and a nice attack from ansbury up high to Newell the hands battles fly and.

And Benny comes out on top tie ball game 12-12 and that return just goes long the fives regain the lead Benny Ben Newell getting big in the middle starts it off with the backhand flick cleans up with the forehand Atlanta.

forces the error on ansbury they had just lost the lead but now they're back up three points well done a great setup initially from Lena as she gets a lot of Top Spin with that left hand on the paddle annsbury bailing and going into the body.

Of Newell and well you saw the rest so now we get a timeout another from the side of ATX pickleball they had to lead at one point and now that has slowly dwindled away as they're down 16-12 and a must win situation Ben and pedigamente have found their.

Offense we're ansbury and Tellez have not come out on top with the attacks in the hands battles over the last few points this is the largest lead of the game so far it's been a close one as the ball rolls onto the court from.

Some other players warming up that's some confusion in the middle as both players go for it and a successful timeout call as they get the ball back now within three a nice look from Tellez the ball popped up.

Nice for him to put away but just sailed it long didn't get enough on top of the ball Ben with the neck cord Pablo Tellez putting that one away as Sarah Asbury starts the attack and sets up her partner a little shoe tie here.

14 18. they need a run here there's one everything just too much from the fives as they found the feet of ansbury big put away from Tellez 16-19 they need to make a comeback here.

If they want to move on to the dream breaker dansbury doing it herself in a Timeout on the receiving team the fives so now a two-point game the fives there's a big point is the next point to five's win they'll.

Move up to 20 and be frozen ATX can at least get to 19 here they'd be in a good position so Tellez and ansbury have found some offense here late can they keep it going Sarah annsbury will kick us back off here and a missed volley.

From Newell so you wanted to hold on to the ball for a second give himself some more time 18 19. oh Pablo had the setup perfect but now there's a game point going the other way.

2018. oh almost went for the tweener and they get it done the fives take this one 21-18 and win the series 3-1 so that'll do it for this matchup we have more action to come and Brandon and SEC pong is coming in to give me.

Some relief here in a minute but we have another match coming up at 3 P.M so don't go anywhere we'll be back foreign all right we are back this is Brandon insect pong here we're on the grandstand Court we've got a great matchup between the jackrabbits and Florida smash here um first up we're gonna have the women's.

Doubles we'll have uh Mary brasha and Vivian David against Michelle Esquivel and Lacey schneeman um notoriously in these matchups I think the number is 36 out of 40 or 42. when the women win they go on to win the entire match you can hear in the background the crowd.

Is firing up Adam Stone as he gets out there and tries to get his team energy as high as possible I'm looking for an exciting match up here we are in beautiful Columbus this is the third event for MLP third and final event before the new season we'll kick off at the start of the year.

Every player here trying to heighten their chance for a 25 000 payout on Sunday winning in the championship so on day one we've seen some exciting matchups and wins so far the uh jackrabbits did end up losing their first match while Florida smash did end up winning so we'll see what.

Happens here jack rabbits do need to get this match up and Florida smash looking to continue the momentum they've had from early on and get another w foreign foreign Maggie Brusha and Vivian David just going over a little bit of strategy before we kick.

This one off referees are getting ready as well be interesting to see what strategy each of these teams come up with um and honestly how quickly they pivot from that strategy if it's not going well I think that's one of the hidden things here at MLP you're going to come in with a strategy on a team and if it's.

Not working you've got to reset and pivot and find another way another Avenue towards the wind here we go wow great first point nice defense Michelle Esquivel rips the forehand at the end and just makes sure she stays out of the kitchen.

But you can already see for Florida smash they're looking to come out and no pun intended smash the ball as many times as possible can shorten these rallies great placement there by Vivian David she does a really good job of getting low and making balls that don't look.

Attackable attackable great patience here by all ladies Michelle Esquivel goes for it it gets off the tape Vivian David is there but Lacey schneeman is ready to close that one out with a great forehand put away schneeman to serve 3-1 floor to smash great ball by Maggie I think you know jackrabbits are going to need to make.

Sure they put pressure on Florida Smash and don't let them dictate at the kitchen line what a speed up there from sneeman take a look at this she comes over speeds it up to Maggie's off shoulder and it just bounces in even Maggie was impressed with that shot.

Speed up by Esquivel brasha handled it really well and then it falls in the lap of Vivian David to that two-hand backhand depth track what I would call foreign with another really good speed up jams brasha and that ball just sails out 5-3 Florida smash.

Wow great setup by the jackrabbits that's the style of played I think can help them win this game be patient move the ball around and then pick their spots wow great defense to offense there Vivian David with the nice reset and brasha comes in and clips the net but Kudos there for putting Top Spin on that.

Ball and it just lands in come on sneeman just won a little more cut on that ball than she needed just catches the top of the tape right where schneeman wants it couldn't have put it in a better spot just misses that overhead return a little bit long.

What an in and out there by schneeman Wow Let's Take a look at this ball comes up from the third she holds it and just flips it to the outside of brasha return Just Clips the net for Vivian David you see Adam Stone coming in he's got some inside information on strategy foreign.

We talk about game plan for both sides that is the strategy for Florida smash Michelle Esquivel my opinion has the most power of all of these ladies here on the court right now and she's going to have to show that another in and out there by Lacey schneeman because she comes in and really defers.

To that forehand great dig by Esquivel wow what a get by Esquivel again sneeman rips it through the middle just barely misses I think that's a ball you know she'd like to have back feels like she can make you know nine times out of ten foreign.

love the in and out decision there by David schneeman just all over it with sort of a scorpion finish oh yeah nine nine Russia speeds it up ends up winning that.

Exchange now see that speed up not a fan of from Russia there she sped it up wasn't ready for the next ball to come back it ended up being high and Esquivel puts it away Florida smash executing beautifully on their strategy right now all right they looks like jackrabbits get the side switch.

On a missed third by schneeman remember we are in rally scoring so in this setup every single third missed every return missed it matters right so it puts a lot of pressure on the players to continue their momentum when they're up and also when they're down to not let the bleeding get to to be too much foreign.

Excited to have zero zero two stats on board to bring us the latest and live stats to these matches one of the cool ones that I love looking at is the kill to error ratio of the ladies on the court we've got Vivian David with four kills and zero errors or k to e ratio which would be kill to Arrow ratio is 4.0 you may see Florida smash going more.

To brasha because of that and you look there right on cue Lacey schneeman looking to go at browser Just Clips the net a little too low got to monitor your risk reward on shots like that in this format great Top Spin on that ball makes it a tough uh reset for brasha brasha just a little long on that return.

Thank you wow great defense nice lob by Esquivel another LOB a third worked their way back to the kitchen what a point great finish by Esquivel and schneeman as she speeds up through.

The middle and schneeman hits a little Scorpio to finish that but awesome defense prior to that to set them up and put them in position uh another Great Rally it's Neiman and esquel doing a really good job of hanging out in that.

Transition zone and attacking from that position so that they're ready for the rebuttal and then as they see an opportunity they slowly move forward and finish the point a little miscommunication there in the middle that is a time where the transition zone actually hurt them Rasha just rolls it.

Nice and soft foreign by brasha steaming there just a little aggressive I think you know again she's going to have to consider what is the risk reward of those speed UPS right now they're ahead they're tied it's been working for them.

yeah Esquivel would look like second guess what she wanted to do with that ball that hung up a little bit and brasha just closed in I'd like to see a time out if the Florida smash end up losing this point here they do not they get it right back.

15-15 unforced error there from Vivi and David very unusual sure she will shake that one off 1615 for this match great defense all right what a play Michelle Esquivel is fired up after that watch this Lacey schneeman gets her hand in there flips it through.

The middle nice forehand roll ER smash 17-15 great defense foreign ball there from Russia looks as if she's going to dink it back and just flips that ball right to the middle on the off shoulder.

Of Esquivel and catches her 16 17. the law by David countered with the law by Esquivel the put away by David nice power there straight through the tee that slight hesitation of who's going to cover middle.

Ended up in a point for Florida or for jack rabbits great ball by Schneiderman I think that's one area that they may want to stay away from is floating balls to schneeman's forehand she can just do so much with that ball great reset back to the kitchen foreign.

Thought she was all over it and just missed it again rally scoring everything matters here um that third Miss by brasha it's tough wow great save there by Vivian David after Russia had one just a little bit.

Higher than she wanted Michelle cracked it but Viv was able to handle it foreign just a hair earlier causes that ball to pop up Michelle strategically places it down the line and gets an unforced air hit his 2019 Florida smash is now Frozen at 20 and must win on their serve.

Played right into their hands there Michelle speeds it up they get the firefight Lacey sneeman closes it out just behind Vivian David quarter smash start this match out with a 1-0 lead next up we'll have the men's match we'll have Adam Stone and Hunter Johnson against Travis redmayer and J.W Johnson.

All right we are back with the second game in this matchup again we've got Florida smash against the jackrabbits we just saw Vivian David and Maggie brasha um were not able to come up with the win against Michelle Esquivel and Lacey sneeman so it's 1-0 Florida smash now we've got Travis redmayer J.W Johnson against Adam Stone and Hunter Johnson.

I'm Brandon insect pong we are here in Columbus Ohio for the third event with MLP Major League pickleball is heavy on the rise we've seen a ton of news we've seen LeBron James take over a team we've seen Tom Brady there are more to come the most exciting format in pickleball can't wait to see what's in store for this matchup let's get going zero zero.

Two we are in rally scoring right off the bat Hunter Johnson very patient most of the point and then flips this two and back in across Travis redmeyer's shoulder great shot great speed up by Red Meyer Stone was able to handle the first couple couldn't get the third one over.

Johnson tries to speed up again with the two hands this time red Meyer is ready for it punches it down for a winner foreign Johnson getting enough on that ball wow great play there by Hunter Johnson you can see.

J.W Johnson floats one a little bit High hunter comes in and rolls that forehand between the legs of red Meyer all four players pretty patient here now JW Johnson sees an opportunity flips it Hunter Johnson just forced that ball a little bit too too hard a little bit out there three three.

Florida smash and there's one of the things that you don't want to happen here in this format JW Johnson just misses that third short foreign by Hunter Johnson that ball just dips right over the net under J.W Johnson's paddle.

J.W Johnson a little long on that speed up with his backhand thank you that Ball's out on the counter from Hunter Johnson great eye by Travis redmeyer there one of the toughest things to do in pickleball let out balls go.

a great fire fight little confusion in the middle at the end I think for Hunter Johnson and Adam Stone they're going to have to play more of an aggressive game they can't allow Florida smash to dictate and wait for the right opportunities yeah they're gonna have to go after it.

You see a little bit of it there force the issue Hunter Johnson gets Adam Stone out the way so he can finish with an overhead and right there is what I'm talking about you see where there's a bunch of neutral balls J.W Johnson is going to pick his spots and find it and then end up flipping balls that start firefights.

In their favor Hunter Johnson and Adam Stone do not want that scenario so they're going to need to create on their own before that happens all right another great speed up there by J.W Johnson on a neutral ball a great counter by Red Meyer.

You can see for J.W Johnson he's starting to get some confidence in that flip now in this game and it's setting up a lot for them great lob by Adam Stone Hunter Johnson tries to put it away great defense by Red Meyer.

We are back at the kitchen line yeah I'll say a little premature there by Red Meyer feeling pretty good that they got back into the point saw an opportunity but I think for them and their strategy they can hold off and wait till they see something that they completely like and then take their chances.

Great dig by Hunter Johnson Kyle just misses the bunny there after some incredible resets sometimes it is tough to reset your entire body after you've blocked a few tough shots but mentally you've got to stay in it yeah J.W Johnson I mean it sounds like a broken record.

Flips another neutral ball there I think again for Hunter Johnson Adam Stone they're gonna have to do a little more creating here they can't just allow things to happen to them at the kitchen line great pressure dink by Hunter Johnson there yeah Adam just left one a little bit too.

High was bracing for a harder a tough shot right at him from redmeyer Brett Meyer just rolls the angle Stone not able to get out there and complete the ATP I think for Florida smash right now J.W Johnson and Travis redmayer they are playing a comfortable game a game that they like and feel like they can win.

Which is we're going to wait for the right opportunities we're going to counter when we see fit if we need to create we will and then for the jackrabbits Hunter Johnson and Adam Stone playing from behind is tough but again they're going to need to create and dictate one of the last things you want.

To do against a great team like this is Play Passive and so they're going to need to get as aggressive as they can rely on their hand speed and kind of you know muck the game up a little bit right they can't have a clean game for them is going to result in more than likely a win for Florida smash all right after the end change let's see.

If there's a strategy change here just out there good smash there by Adam Stone Adam trying to get aggressive there on that right side J.W Johnson ready for it sets up his forehand and puts it away come on the lob by Adam Stone.

J.W Johnson seeing it in the last game is ready for it and puts it away yeah I like that speed up there by Hunter Johnson right at Travis redmeyer Adam Stone would love to have that back and put it put it away with his backhand as he's so familiar with but I think that's a good strategy for them as opposed to waiting longer in the rally.

Thank you another flip there by J.W Johnson wow great Ernie there by Hunter Johnson Adam Stone just misses the overhead time out there by the jackrabbits Florida smash looking as if they're rolling right now everything is working on their end let's go back to zero zero two stats.

Some of the things that stick out to me average shots per point right now is just over 13. I think for the jackrabbits they're gonna have to get that somewhere in the 10 9 10 range which means they're shorter rallies they're speeding them up taking their chances and seeing what can happen for Florida smash the longer that the.

Rallies go you know with the talent that they have on their side JW Johnson argue arguably you know one of the top three four players in the entire game you're just giving them more opportunities to create everybody okay we're back 16-9 Florida smash on.

Top Rhett Meyer serving great Drive and that's the challenge there right it's it's easy to say here from the booth that you know they should speed up as many times as they can but in reality there's a lot of pressure being put on them right now by Johnson and red Meyer.

Wow what a dig too straight dig Again by Rhett Meyer forces the the unforced error by Adam Stone you know that may be a force pres a forced air just from the pressure that he put on from all of those digs and moving closer to the net.

Florida smash filling it here at 18-9 another error and although this game looks like it is getting out of hand at 19.9 jackrabbits have to stay focused because the match is not over Fred Meyer feeling pretty good tries to flip one off his shoelaces not able to get it over.

They had a great ball there Hunter Johnson looking to drive that towards redmeyer J.W Johnson slides over and puts it away scores 20 to 10. foreign yeah I like that play there by Hunter Johnson speeds up the forehand at about 70 80.

Percent waits for the reload and notices that ball is going out wow great defense I read Meyer and JW Johnson after Hunter Johnson fires a few backhands straight at them still able to come on top oh that's just out almost a really great dig there by.

J.W Johnson Adam Stone seeing it just a few inches out there lots of patients here by both sides and again that type of patience results in you know one of the best players in the game finding ways to pick you apart as J.W Johnson just flips it to Adam Stone's shoulder and puts away the next ball.

Great play there by Hunter Johnson you know he's got really great hands and also exceptional power think if he's able to do that and of course that red Myers way to create some opportunities good attempt just barely missed it um probably needed a little more Top Spin on that ball hit it a little bit.

Flat 2013 Florida smash looking to close this one out and that'll do it probably the I don't know 9th 10th flip backhand by J.W Johnson that results in them winning the point um and keep in mind a lot of those flips.

That he's done were off of neutral balls so Florida smash gets the win it's 2-0 we've got another matchup coming up we'll be right back all right we're back with the third game in this match Florida smash against the jackrabbits I'm Brandon in sakpong here at Columbia Columbus Ohio for Major League.

Pickleball's third event this year third and final event before we turn over to the new season um early next year some exciting stuff happening all around the pickleball world but especially with major league pickleball Florida smash is up 2-0 in this matchup they took the women's game close 21-19.

They took the men's game by about five or six points there now they're they looks like they've put their best mix team up first which is JW Johnson and Lacey schneeman against Vivian David and Hunter Johnson which I would deem as the number one mix team for the jackrabbits let's see what happens Florida smash.

Looking to close it out Jack rabbit's looking to stay alive off the back great drive there from Hunter Johnson straight at Lacey schneeman pretty clear that Florida smash was not expecting Hunter.

Johnson to come out on fire like this driving multiple balls jackrabbits executing a great strategy so far maybe some Jitters here from schneeman a couple errors they're now down 0-3 as the jackrabbits live to another so missed return there by J.W Johnson quick 4-0 lead by the jackrabbits that ball just out.

look pretty close they've got a better view over there called it just out 1-4 strategy is pretty clear here for the jackrabbits Hunter Johnson is going to speed up as many times as he can in the schneeman vicinity and gets another one.

Just off the tape look to see JW Johnson get a little more aggressive here Vivian David may be hitting an out ball or sending a message we'll never know jack rabbits on top here seven to two great put away by schneeman.

Jackrabbit stayed in that point as long as they could just a little bit too high lots of power there she been able to finish the point nice Patience by both teams here probing and a really good speed up there by schneeman at the end one of the things she did was take a lot of pace off that.

Ball was about 50 60 percent Hunter Johnson expecting something a little bit faster and caused him to put that ball in the net those are the speed UPS that'll be tough for Hunter Johnson as he moves over to that right side he's going to have to keep it away from J.W Johnson's forehand Johnson moving over.

And Hunter Johnson with a backhand flip of his own watch this as he reaches out flips it through creates the opportunity and then finishes with a two-hand backhand overhand it's great power by J.W Johnson did a really good job of keeping that ball in the middle and causing confusion there for Vivian David and Hunter.

Johnson little miscommunication there from Florida smash J.W Johnson wanting to come over all the way and dictate that schnie not ready for it results in a loss of point wow I mean look at this skill he flips with one hand and then reloads and flips a.

Two-hand backhand to jam up Hunter Johnson it's a great ball there great combo by J.W Johnson wow nice reset by Johnson and just a little confusion slight hesitation from the jackrabbits and they push that ball a little bit long.

Vivian David apologizing saying that's my fault but honestly that's just good effort on both sides Hunter Johnson got caught as he's sliding out of there thinking that schneeman possibly would go down the line she's done a good job of setting that up from previous attacks.

Great ball by Vivian David jams up JW Johnson that's a combo that David would want back she sets those things up all day baits it into her two-hand backhand she just wasn't able to complete that great job Floyd or smash not one that schneeman wanted there.

As we switch ends the jackrabbits are up 11 10. really good job of Florida smash getting back into this game the jackrabbits were up by as many as five but the Florida's match have not LED yet there's been two ties I think this is a game that if you're the jackrabbits Vivian David and Hunter Johnson you feel that you should be able.

To win based on how you're playing and based on this matchup for Florida Smash schneeman and Johnson you know they're realizing hey we've got one of the best players in the game we always have a chance we should be imposing our will so I'd be interested to see if they pivot their strategy at all I do like seeing schneeman attack Hunter Johnson down the.

Line and mix it up with heavy balls light balls but I would like to see J.W Johnson get more involved here if they're going to get a w ow quick Point 12 10. it's Neiman looking for that down the line Vivian David able to put some really good Top Spin on that cross-court.

Ball force that ball wide I think that's what Neiman's gonna have to do more up there is let some of those drives from Hunter Johnson go out so that he'll rethink how many he does great speed up flip here by Hunter Johnson look as he moves to the spot.

Before the ball even gets there great defense by David another great reset uh just Clips the tape unfortunate but great Play All Around a point that I believe Florida smash needed to get back into a Groove just long on the ATP Hunter Johnson is cheating just a little.

Bit to the right before schneeman even hits the ball I'm curious to see if she recognizes that and starts to go down the line a little bit and J.W Johnson puts a little bit too much on that overhead sales just wide.

Another ball returned long by schneeman footer smash needing to stop the bleeding here if they want to get back in this game great defense yeah David feeling really comfortable about her shots wanted to slide in and hit him in and out to J.W Johnson it's.

Just a little bit low she missed it she laughs it off she knows that's a ball that she took a chance on forced air there by schneeman 18-13 jackrabbits on top wow what a get by J.W Johnson another one I mean two incredible kids by J.W Johnson but not much he can do when Vivian David is cracking balls like.

That feeding things into her two-hand backhand death trap and then finishing with an overhead and that's the ball that she missed earlier but she was disappointed watch her get even lower on this one and flip it just over JW Johnson's shoulder that ball is a foot and a half in what a play.

By David a ball that Seaman lets go curls in what a game there by Vivian David and Hunter Johnson to come on top against Lacey sneeman and J.W Johnson it is now 2-1 Florida smash will be back with the next game mixed doubles all right we're back with the fourth.

Game in this match Florida smash is up 2-1 Adam Stone and Maggie brasha against Travis redmeyer and Michelle Esquivel Adam Stone with the unforced error there coming off the bench we'll be taking a while to get warmed up 1-0 Florida smash foreign drive by Red Meyer.

Straight through the middle nice cracked backhand I'm hanging browser and watch her step over and just finish this ball foreign I think that's a big rally there a big point to win for the jackrabbits they.

Know red Meyer and Esquivel going to put a lot of energy into that ball and they've got to absorb it another great point there by the jackrabbits they're up 3-2 I like their strategy so far.

Just missed it not sure red Meyer needed to put that much heat on that ball he could have just flipped it through the middle maybe 50 60 percent jackrabbit's looking to take this to a dream breaker which would be a singles tiebreaker if we end up 2-2 yeah that being just a little bit High.

There by Esquivel as you see here brasha leans in and flips it in and out to Red Meyer put a backhand counter by Adam Stone right now Esquivel not finding any holes on the stone side Fred Meyer looking to get more active yeah not sure that's the best area you see Michelle Esquivel takes the ball.

Here off the bounce flips it right to Maggie brusha's backhand that she again cracks through the middle what a ball yeah a little bit better strategy there Michelle rips the ball more so to Maggie brush's forehand which causes the pop-up and red Meyer comes up and takes out the trash there Stone just a little bit out of position.

Not able to get that dink over I think there was also some slight communication he thought Russia may have been coming over nonetheless it's 4-7 Florida Smash down three Maggie brasha knows that those Selkirk paddles have a lot of pop and so she's.

Putting a lot there on red Meyer he's not able to slow that down and that ball just landed a little long I like the change of pace by Red Meyer throws the lob Adam Stone tries to get it ends up stepping in the kitchen while he's going for the ball and hits it which is a foot fault five eight.

Great defense by Esquivel trying to find a ball to make their way to the kitchen they found one but Adam Stone does a great job taking Pace off and this is a beautiful this is an experience play loads up for the forehand takes the pace off and drops it thank you.

I'd like to see Florida smash make a significant change here and possibly switch sides to just change pace it's right now the jackrabbits are on fire 11-5 going to the end change watch as Brusha comes in and cracks a backhand from the transition zone.

With a lot of pace and just dips right over the net again it is 2-1 Florida smash the jackrabbit's looking to even this up and move to a dream breaker which would be a singles format tiebreaker um both teams against each other it is such an exciting thing to see of course Florida smash is hoping that we don't.

Get to see it at all they would love to close this match out right here but to do so I think they're going to have to make significant changes to their strategy right now most of the things that they're trying are not working one I'd like to see them switch sides just to test it out which they can do in this format they can call switch as long as.

They get back to their normal side or just um