Game one all right everybody welcome back to Championship quarter coverage of MLP season two begins and concludes here from Atlanta for day one this is Group C we’ll introduce the matchups in just a moment 1-0.

Here’s a look at the matchup according to the win probability the hard eights with a 51 percent advantage that is Eva radzikowska she is a two-time MVP of Major League pickleball as we dive into the women’s doubles matchup her partner Yana Newell in the white yeah I got a chance to one call the hot.

Eights match earlier this morning out on grandstand Newell and Red’s Castle playing extremely well a well Jana new some extreme power from a slight frame thank you finds the opening down the middle yeah it’s a good point construction they’re moving the ball around both MacMillan and Buckner getting.

Pulled out wide opening that court that hole in the middle we should also introduce ourselves Michelle McMahon Chad Edwards here bringing you the action our final match here on Championship Court the SoCal heartaches come into this one 2-0 records this is Group C Group Play that’s a tough ball there for Buckner to.

Pick up obviously you’re watching at home you’re noticing that buckna is pregnant so it does cut down on hook movement just a little bit eight months pregnant by the way former Michigan Wolverine standout University tennis program set out Point get used to the reach in there from Neil.

Five three yo shot from Newell down the middle excellent patience there from Newell singing that Cross Court dink McMillan leaving this one just a little too hot 6-3 again Neil with the reach in and splitting the middle.

Ratzikowska having a little bit of issues with the backhand earlier today as well leaving a few balls hot thank you that’s fine that’s a good job for you there she recognized that her ball was going to sit up and immediately got ready for the attack and went on the.

Counter can there must have heard you a little little bit of a little bit of miscommunication that like to see McMillan step over take that middle as Buckner’s coming up after the return nice shot from the backhand side of Olivia McMillan the Lefty I am I am locking we’re back from the court a.

Little bit more here on Championship court and grandstand I started the day and they were yelling I had a lot of Rhythm on the side of the LA madrops right now look credit to the heartaches Gabe tadio was sneaking in the background there giving some advice to his teammates.

I think that’s how he needs to get back over here well you’re right there you get get him the face with a bug okay sets herself up a good spot mule setting up on the a little bit shaving that forehand side.

Anticipating Buckner to speed it up down the line she goes crossbody six and the hot eights go up 11-6 at the end change a little bit slower Pace play here in this one compared to what I saw this morning now what’s going on on the side of the Mad drops well I I think.

If the Mad drops are going to get back into this they need to take some chances they need to speed a few balls up similar to what Buckner did there against Newell and got the pop-up the hot eights are just are controlling these points moving McMillan and Buckner around the court opening up some gaps in the middle.

Hannah Newell and Eva rev zakowska particularly strong female duo in the Challenger level Jana of course playing in Premiere level last season it’s the hard eights that are coming out aggressive good speed up there from rajkowska good step in 12-6.

Chance for McMillan that’s a better ball from bucknut going out wide to the backhand of register kaska creates that pop-up McMillan reaching in with the full hand point there for Brook Buckner a little comeback brewing for the mat drops yeah that’s good defense there she was pulled out wide.

Didn’t try to hit herself out of trouble just reset it you know caught stepping back from the kitchen how What a fine Brooke Buckner down the line I like the speed up from Buckner there in the middle of the point got the Mad drops on the offense and you’re saying I probably should have.

Let that one go is probably going to go out maybe a McMillan coming to life down the line and just like that chat a one-point game and that’s a good ball from McMillan There She Goes crossbody on rajakowska rajkowska sitting on that backhand goes right to the right hip can’t catch up to it.

telling herself that she should have dropped that one it was a ball that she could drive she just spun off it 13-11 just getting a little too far behind that you know obviously I’ve never been pregnant but I do I do have a wife that has has been pregnant a couple of times.

Was out on the court can I tell you what broke button is back has to be hurting after a long day like this and she’s still moving covering a lot of court incredibly inspiring any moms out there and a nice run look at the heartaches up.

Five zakowska just overrunning that one a little bit the Count’s going forward national tennis champion 16 Division Newell steps in perhaps the Baseline and Nick off the tape they’ll take it off.

Also they didn’t make a call so but then wouldn’t it be challenging challengeable they made if they didn’t make the call I thought that’s when it was challenging hmm I don’t know that’s that’s the first time I’ve heard that one because I didn’t make a call so the ball was.

Technically in but then they can’t challenge it because they didn’t make a call verification on that but they did call it they could have changed 13 17. 18.

-13 so I just asked Vicky Ryan about that challenge course is going to go and get a clarification for us because obviously there there’s a couple of different rule variations between PPA MLP.

And how does that combine here with this one nonetheless points away from taking game one that’s trouble there mule needs to try to finish that one when she comes over left at the Baseline wasn’t able to catch up to it.

Foreign just back three points down are the LA mad drops reading the rules here and it’s it’s not even a clarification in the rules regarding that one.

We’ll have an answer at some point in time game point for the hard Eights would you like oh it was a good setup play throughout this one from rajkowskin Newell they moved the ball around when sideline the sideline obviously Buckner was the target for the majority of that.

One and a good finish there again pulling Buckner out wide and splitting the middle so I’m quite impressed with rajkowska and Newell from what I’ve seen today yeah good partnership there one of the strongest in the Challenger level of female.

Partnerships and we’re moments away from chatting with them as the men now take the front and center stage CJ Klinger and Todd folt will play together for the heartaches taking on Kenny and Gabe tardio as we check in now with the third member of our crew Rob Cassidy standing by with.

The winners all right stepping in for Cameron Blackwood we’re here with the heart AIDS ladies from the heartaches Eva you guys had some nice team chemistry out there from what we could see and uh constructing those points very well what goes into such a good team chemistry out there I mean if you’re playing with Jana.

You know and you know she’s got your back you have the freedom of just going after your shots and you know even if you mess it up she will clean it up so life is good very nice very nice and Jana you’re an MLP veteran you’ve been around a couple times and you know what’s going on uh how’s it feel to be strapped with such a good partner what.

Are your eyes set on this weekend I to do whatever I want she has an amazing backhand role she can stay there all day and it feels really nice I love it I love it well we hope to see more of it congratulations ladies I’m winning game one we’ll be right back with more MLP action with the boys.

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Back in Atlanta for season two kickoff here and Major League pickleball rolls on so far so good for the hard day it’s a perfect 2-0 on the day looking to go 3-0 and punch their ticket through to The Knockout rounds and Todd vote and CJ Klinger will take the stage against Gabe tardio.

And Jordan Kinney tarnio and Kenny have sorted through a couple of different alignments tarnia we’ll start on the left that seemed to make the most sense to us but earlier this morning gay tarnio started on the right with Kenny to let him feel a little bit more comfortable.

We thought and then switch back that left a couple of balls in the failing out process right there pulling the net from Kenny pulling the net from the third shot drive a folk s that’s on the line that’s an excellent.

Spot right into the left armpit of CJ Klingon tour he is just 17 years old he’s beating around pickleball for a while the uh what we’ve come to learn with these younger players is it doesn’t necessarily mean that they haven’t been experienced in pickleball yeah just get any waters for that one tardio also 17.

Years old on the other side foreign I like that reach in there from Kenny Lodge frame doesn’t overhit which is very easy to do it I were talking earlier I mean yo in baseball if that guy’s standing in the Box I’m not giving him anything to get.

Extended on all right Collegiate swimmer you can see the size of the shoulders on him you yeah for CJ Klinger set up by Todd Folk yeah tadio thinking Klingon was going to go back Cross Court this takes one step to the left opens up.

That middle I’m not able to pick that one up on the backhand side again starting out a little bit slower from what I saw them this morning foreign just a bit long cling is so good with.

That reaching as well it’s a quick flick with the wrist oh man it took everything to put down CJ Klinger what a defensive performance tardio putting it away have another look at this one stepping in there putting some pressure on that last ball from tadio getting.

Down to the toes a lot of length in the kitchen from CJ and vote with a good ball there on the backhand side quick roll heavy Top Spin five six foreign so we did get a clarification of the previous challenge it was no call.

Therefore they can’t challenge the call or technically they can’t challenge their own call so they would have been better off just calling it out then making no good and making no calls that’s a distinction between MLP and PPA on the PPA you can let it go and just not make a call.

Then you can challenge it but here in Major League pickleball you have to make a call and stick with it every team gets three challenges per match free challenges after that points are on the line a wise looking Adam Stone with the hood on his head I don’t know if you know if Adam Stone.

Has ever been cold wise look just look at him it’s like Mother Teresa over there with me navy blue robe talking strategy with his players the general manager of the heart AIDS Adam is a very knowledgeable pickleball play and coach and commentator good decision on the challenge Mark Thomas our head referee.

And then Michelle baumgarner our second referee out there all conferencing over the call after video review the call is overturned the ball was in video challenge two challenges remain for the heartaches not a good challenge by the LA madrops of course if you are.

Incorrect on the ball or the challenge of this the point and the challenge along with it thank you oh the wind blew that ball around playing a late with the decision on where he’s going to go with it good step in an aggression there from tadio vote just a little late on that.

Second backhand okay so that ball actually hit Klinger that just like that the Mad drops up by five sneaky little run game time says Nope not gonna get that one past me so short so compact here.

Like the reflexes and the ability to get your paddle on them 17 years old again good eyes good hands and Gabe ternio former tennis player out of Bolivia dominant so far in this game too men’s doubles match what else is working for the mat drops yeah I mean they’re taking their opportunities to to be aggressive they’ve.

Won a couple of the hands battles but I’d like to see more aggression coming out we take a look at his brother his you did you see his brother earlier Twins when they were in the Julie Johnson of course when they were in the uh dream breaker against uh St Louis shock earlier he looked like he was going to.

Have a conniption up in The Stance he was ex he was going crazy for what it’s a dream breaker who doesn’t get excited for a dream breaker didn’t know if there’s a circumstance no no no no no he was just behind it he was he was he was loud he was trying to get the team going loud is not the word I would use to.

Describe the situation he’s he’s been known to choke a little bit back in back across the net but yes usually very quiet I like that move there but it’s a very good ball from Kenny doesn’t try to overheat on that counter puts that ball down Kling is having to speed up from.

The tolls yeah nice meet up from Target there yeah good job just staying balanced he was reaching in gonna try to take that ball out of the air quick step back and a flick right in the body of folk s off a crafty drop from Antonio inside.

Out that’s just too high tries to roll it doesn’t get enough grab foreign having a little discussion there Kenny just getting a little too big trying to do too much on that backhand step back from the kitchen a little bit as well.

heart eights pulled in four make that three climbing back in slowly but surely a bit of a feeling like the Coliseum here in Atlanta down in the sunken Center Court good hands there from Kenny.

Testing Klingon the heartache on a little bit of a run coming out taking their chances vote frustrated with himself that’s a very.

Tough ball to try to speed up from solo below the net flicks up a little too much at both sails thank you there’s some heavy topspin from Todd folk Fulton took a little bit of pace off this one fully extended on that reach.

Claudio’s throwing out in Oni of his own can he step to the middle to cover it’s got a little outstretched hands battle between the teenagers won by CJ Klinger I mean just that ball there if it’s audio to get back he’s out of position that ball goes back.

Behind him it moved from clean up we got a little grin on his face right there too again how fast the hands are so short so compact paddle never goes back behind the body.

It’s a couple of times Kenny backs away from the kitchen line he’s caught with the weight back on the heels 16 17. 18 another good ball down low that 1860. tough to attack from down up man drops two points away for moving out.

The series 1960 s just rushed that one stood up through the motion all flattened out on it gets a hold of Jordan and Kinney it wasn’t a friendly net chord right there I think it was.

Easy it was up in the chest flicked his head back foreign and the heartaches bring game point on their side never having a full grip on this game.

And when it matters most here they are CJ Klinger will look to end it here 21-19 all right the Mad drops were in control of this one the whole way but it’s the late errors back into it yes it’s a tough one for the Mad drops what a comeback how were they able to pull it together CJ Klinger and Tom folk well.

They just I mean they stayed calm throughout that whole one they want taking unnecessary risks lost a couple of arrows and then tadio and Kenny tario tried to speed up a couple of balls that weren’t quite there went into the net forehand broke down a couple of times for Kenny and again the difference in rally.

Scoring coming toward the end is is how clean you can play unnecessary errors are gonna cost you some hard eights fans in the house and Rob Cassidy standing by with Todd folt and CJ Klinger Rob all right I’m here with the men from the hard eights let’s hear it boys way to pull it out CJ Klinger one of our younger players but no newbie to.

The game what’s CJ what’s contributed to your improvement in the game in just this recent time here uh just working hard uh at the Pearl level putting in the time and work uh and my partner Cara has cared me all day from the great left deep going out there staying.

Stay outside uh you know the score is getting closer and closer you guys Claude back in how do you keep the discipline out there uh yeah I had to put the drive away hit a couple drops uh keep it slow and we had some great points at the end there we’re lucky to come out on top fantastic great match well-rounded team we’ll see.

Them moving on coming up next we got uh mixed our first mix match here on Center Court we’ll see you in just a few nice job guys thank you Innovation is our specialty winning is his Zayn navratil has won more than 40 Pro gold medals in back-to-back Major.

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amazing step into it welcome back to Atlanta this is game three between the LA madrops and hard Eights heartaches with a two-nothing edge over La who is 0-2 so far in the day this is the grand finale of group.

Play here on Championship Court Group C and the hard Eight’s looking to put themselves in pretty position for The Knockout rounds which start tomorrow they could close it out here with a win in mixed doubles they put out Yana Newell and tanfote Gabe tardio and Brooke Buckner on the opposing side for the Mad.

Drops it’s an ambitious Ernie from Todd vote two zero Wow have yourself a moment just going elevated into the body on.

Both buckna and tadio just slowed down there on that one didn’t fully commit to the drop so it’s safe to say don’t get a ball elevated keep green oh get out hot oh no way that was filthy from Tom Brookner questioning whether or.

Not that was good it happened so fast I was just about to say vote over committing to the middle there pulling himself out of I think it was again but wow that’s a good setup all that going behind Folk pulled out of position again had it there for the taking.

A little little giggle there at tadio was well off would say yeah I had you right there a couple of fake earnings in there to try to throw off tadio as well grab from Buckner how did she get that I mean she fully twisted around.

Yeah just a little too late on that loss on that last backhand oh Brooke Buckner with a roll steel Cross Court no chance for Neil to catch up to this one steps back heavy roll what a hook six more of a shot I should clarify yeah and then Todd folk does that he’s.

Been dominant in mixed doubles yeah the times that I’ve seen folk play extremely well I watched him in San Clemente as well watching this morning when he is aggressive and he’s feeling that forehand very tough to beat a little Matrix move there from Folk Buckner going for the body.

Six six good reach in there from tario I actually met Todd folt’s parents in San Clemente when I was at the Golden Spoon getting some some ice cream with the kids afterwards extremely nice family Vancouver Canada votes.

Eight six foreign flick from tadio give her anything extended there she can execute that role.

Buckner just pinned back at the Baseline eight nine foreign flying across the court right there don’t count the mat drops out just yet backhand on the forehand finish that’s a nice shot from Todd folt the.

Fourth round draft pick by the way for the hard eights 39. it’s a steal right there and so was Jana Newell dropped down to the second round 16th pick for the ladies in the second round it’s audio getting a little too big on the forehand side oh.

Man drops first team to 11 we will change ends and a brief time out what’s jumping out to you so far on this one yeah the madrops are doing a good job applying the pressure here however they have faulted a couple of times with tadio trying to do too much the heartaches on the other hand if if.

They’ve gotten it to the forehand side of of fault he’s done some damage but Newell has to kind of stay in that point a little bit longer she can’t test the hands of tardy or too many times you’re getting a little bit of information from Adam Stone over there so we take a look at yame Martinez Vic.

They New York Hustlers are through to the playoffs yeah playing well in Kyle Yates haven’t lost yeah a perfect 3-0 for them in men’s doubles dropped a match to the New Jersey fives prior to this one and it appears that the the hot guys huh I said who the the hype guys up.

There who are they it is the hype the hype guys they’re blue checkered shirts remember they gave us the business card in San Clemente look how far they’ve come dear networking kids vote just getting a little too flat on that flick really lays that wrist back.

getting out of the way of that drive from Buckner plenty Pace behind it oh that one who caught the peak of a cap right there foreign makes sense whichever one you want to call it.

Finds the opening it’s audio so relaxed in this hands battle right here just trust the hands 13 12. point could have an easy ball missed that from folk tried to change Direction with it there’s a little too much rest the Antonio wanted the Ernie just back.

On the Baseline heart eights pull within one I’m sorry I’ll recall 13 14. giving an easy one back right there too I had to roll that a little bit with the one hand good deep return pushing yield back off.

The Baseline yeah steps in steals the show set up there from the drive from Fort he was pulled out wide off the court so Newell steps in six gets big in the middle two good dad from tadio.

Using that reach at full extension quick flick of the wrist gets that ball elevated what a shot from Todd 2017. test the back side have another look 17. just a good roll there it’s audio trying to get into the middle goes back behind him there’s Michelle McMahon tries to mimic.

That I’m going to pull that shot out in the face trying my best tomorrow’s new day as always tomorrow toddfo was there for the finish at Battle of Yana Newell two-point lead on the side of the Hard Eight yeah that’s a good setup there for Newell kept pulling Buckner out wada.

Opening that hole in the midi in the middle so tadio had to get to full extension pulling him out of position and this one just coming over dropping that one into the net 1960.

dangerous from Todd Folk I think the Difference Maker in all three of these so far for the hot eights is how well they’re playing down the stretch.

proving her worth here and what a performance for the Harding to take the match in three games we will still play a fourth just for the sake of the standings and they are through to the quarters they are and again your heartaches were down at the end change.

Don’t be by one but the Mad drops seem to have the momentum going into the second half of this one but it was all Adam Stone that made the difference right there as Adam walks away I’m not going to give him that much credit proud ownership group Rick Chan and Tim Parks looking on big supporters of their.

Teams and we welcome back Rob Cassidy for more with Todd vote and Jana Newell all right we’re here with the winners of the mix match here with the heartaches securing the match not too shabby finishing that match in uh Premiere form we’ll say Todd what’s.

Going into the fire that you guys were able to keep out there ah we just I can’t start good I keep starting way down like every single game but we finished strong all day it’s been it’s been a lot of fun I’m tired though absolutely and that last point is the whole highlight reel you definitely.

Finished strong Yani you guys are smooth out there you keep your composure uh what’s it like living here at the MLP this is many of your experiences but how’s day one of MLP going for you it’s going great I think I have the best team uh our owners are amazing they support us all the time and you know I could not score about a mixed partner.

Todd’s awesome I just got to keep telling him that Todd gotta do toddy things that’s right very good Todd you hope you’ll be doing those toddy things out there great path in the future for this weekend for this team the heartache’s moving on we’ll be back with our last match here stay tuned.

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Circle your water your way and Margaritaville escape to your personal Paradise stay play live and dine in Margaritaville back on Championship Court the heartaches already took this match in three games we are playing a fourth with Jordan Kinney and Olivia McMillan playing for pride on the side of the LA.

Madrops 54 win percentage on the side of Eva Brad zakowska and CJ Klinger as they look for a clean sweep on LA set out point one just deep thought it might have dropped in there at the end but not enough Top Spin there from Klinger.

Foreign all over the court right there Kenny with great Court coverage just slaps that last one into the net Court all right just a little late on that.

Backhand sign out point two we haven’t seen too many friendly net chords in this one all right just back no grab the Baseline for McMillan quarterfinals start tomorrow at noon for.

The Challenger League Premiere level starts at 10 A.M Eastern Time oh radzikowska with the heavy roll Kenny no chance to catch up to that one three three questioning why I didn’t hit that one lands in right on the lawn four three.

four four back and forth battle here between the match ups and the hot Eights go all right four five for CJ Klinger down the line holds that ball on the paddle waits for Kenny just to.

Lean toward the center foreign dominates the kitchen following that play at the CJ Klinger Kling is dangerous when he gets big in the middle that three excellent full hands to finish that one yeah.

A couple of nice speed UPS there from McMillan first one into the body of radishkowska she did have some difficulties this morning with those speed UPS into the body all right let’s go no difficulty there when she can get extended.

Eight five nights friendly for La anyway McMillan will take back the surf to Klinger oh razzakowska steps in and Snipes the Cross Court angle yeah yeah just not much that the Mad drops can do right there two good balls from Kenny the.

Speed up down the line from McMillan rajakowska just rolls back behind him yeah Paul dismissed deep but not by much seven nine I think if Kenny can get out of the way of this one it’s out but not much chance.

There when it’s up at your chin it’s so impressive you can get a paddle on it I mean that’s that’s protection mode right there foreign all right can they finish he tries to choose which direction to go.

Such a tough Ball but unlikely getting big in the middle I’m blocking rajkowska feeding into that as well time now Chad for our knock around sunglass KO of the day it is on the side of the LA man drops and Gabe charnio just a dominant player many thought he could have been at the premiere level.

And here’s why yeah I mean 100 his his hands are so fast and when he gets extended there in the middle of the Court difficult to beat we see there with that quick flick up in the mule in the big forehand finish oh splitting the difference was rad zakowska she’s found a couple of holes.

In this one yeah again it’s the speed up from CJ Klinger elevated on Kinney gets him back on his heels and then he’s almost Frozen in his position that’s an excellent spot there from McMillan right into the body of regzkowska 8 12. from CJ Klinger.

Heavy Top Spin again getting that one elevated on Kenny gets a paddle on it but cannot keep it down 48 . good morning my goodness there’s some pop behind that.

One there from Kenny ate his Wheaties today 9 14. come on WOW my excellent job there from Kenny I thought Klinger had the upper hand goes right into the body running that right hip of rajkowska set out point 15.

I have to say pretty impressive from Kenny started playing pickleball in 2019. was introduced to it by his dad who’s recovering from an injury doesn’t have a tennis background swimming background football I believe in his history yeah basketball sometimes it helps to not have those.

Tennis habits in this sport good balls down at McMillan there all right Andrew rajakowska rolling that one down the line I think Saran Klinger made a move like he was going to take that ball in the.

Middle and didn’t Call It rajkowska by surprise well executed by CJ Klinger forces the error on Kenny there’s just so much power coming behind this one a little flick of the wrist there from Kenny hard eights two points away from a clean.

Sweep 1912. CJ Klinger polishes off that point and game point for the hard eights ball movement just too good there from the hot Eights foreign was it out is there a call being made.

What’s going on that bull just missed oh now Kenny you must win on your serve though so now game point returns to the hard Eights 2013. yeah razakowska speeds it up first CJ Klinger finishes and the hard eights finish a perfect 4-0.

On the day what do you like about this yeah I mean they they’re going to be one of the top contenders going through here just ultimately all four of these plays play so well together they’re aggressive they know when to speed the ball up they know when to step over when to change direction move that ball around very impressive display from them today.

And just how well they’re playing together as a team the matchups never really I mean they had flashes in this one and getting into it but even with rajkowski and Klinger right there just dominant as far as the ball movement and opening up those holes in the middle is the elevated speed UPS.

From Klingon gave Kenny Fitz he was not able to get on top of any of those well keep an eye on the hard Eights part of the ownership group Tim parks and Rick Chan a happy looking ownership team the heartaches did not finish the way they wanted to at the premiere level looking to do that and answer at the.

Challenger level as we check in now with Rob Cassidy who’s standing by with the winning team the hard Eights all right we’re here with the heartaches with the dominant performance here to my left the left-handed Riley Newman of pickleball CJ Klinger congratulations yeah yeah it’s a lot of fun playing my teammates They Carried me all day play.

Playing so well I would like to give a shout out to my friends at the shack pickle Shack on Delaware Ohio yeah they’re they’ve been supporting me all day absolutely and playing out there CJ with Eva in that last match there you know how much of it is you and your confidence in your game and playing with.

Such a great player like Eva where you feel comfortable taking over the way you did yeah um she’s such a good player just uh sets me up a lot and uh heck yeah and you are the man CJ well done let’s go all right Eva another great start on another MLP event.

You’ve seen the finals before your team is on a path how do you feel about it I’m so ready to go you know those MLP events that’s the best thing for pickleball you know the atmosphere the chemistry playing on the team and playing in Atlanta my hometown almost kind of uh right now so it’s been it’s been amazing and I think we are all.

Excited to keep on going absolutely and great execution and great composure from all four players congratulations to the heartaches as they move on and we’re gonna send it back up to Michelle on our way out thank you guys for tuning in giraffe what a day it’s been here on Championship quarter full slate of.

Action at the Challenger level and a big progressed to the heartaches moving on to the quarter final round those starts at 12 in the end tomorrow take place later on in the day at 4 pm and we are so thrilled to bring you the action starting at 10 A.M a championship court if you needed a reason to tune in chat Miami against Brooklyn there’s some.

Drama there there is a little bit of drama the drama continues between those two so yeah the premiere level starts and we will wrap our coverage for the evening thank you so much for joining us all day long we will see you safe please same time tomorrow 10 a.m sharp you don’t want to miss it.

Thank you
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Fromuth Pickleball
Sunday Swagger