Foreign it's the hottest new sports league in town featuring an elite roster of iconic team owners and featuring the world's best pickleball Talent this is Major League pickleball a sixth event series for 2023 the first stop right here in Mesa Arizona as we welcome you inside.

The rocket protein pickleball Center at Bell Bay Park and to Talking Stick Resort championship court and side of the booth I'm Michelle McMahon alongside Adam Stone's sixth year top Pro and Cameron Irwin it is time for our second semi final matchup between the top-seeded LA mat drops taking on the fourth seeded Florida smash hello.

Everyone happy to have you with us for the second semifinal matchup only one spot remains for the championship taking place this evening the top seated La madrops have yet to lose a game so far in the tournament the Florida smash looking to pull a huge upset here on Championship Court here's how it works if you're new with.

Us the match format is we will have four games consisting in the match too we'll have we will begin with women's doubles then we'll move to men's doubles mixed doubles and then of course guys we saw the dream breaker take place in semi-final number one what do you think this one comes down to Adam for the for me it's all about the boys here both.

Fellas were drafted in the third and the fourth spots on the respective teams the ladies were the top two draft spots when you can get value from your third and your fourth draft pick that's what takes you over the top as the top picks are more of the known Commodities so I'm looking for the boys who's gonna step up big.

with her there in this regard but I'm also on the other side two very well-known quantities okay that's good though wait what was that what can you repeat that one more time what's coming before the.

The match point of the dream breaker coming foreign featuring an elite roster of iconic team over owners and featuring the world's top tier Talent of pickleball this is Major League pickleball a six event.

Series for 2023 the first tour right here in Mesa Arizona as we welcome you inside the Rock and pro team pickleball Center at Bell Bank Park and to Talking Stick Resort championship this is the semi-final round of the three-day tournament series only one spot Remains the winner but this one will advance so the championship round.

To get a piece of the five million dollar purse at the end of this tournament series I'm Michelle McMahon alongside Cameron Irwin and sixth year top row Adam Stone in the booth Cameron Blackwood has us covered from the sideline in case you're wondering the first semi-final turnout could not have been.

Any more exciting than the one that we witnessed this morning at 9 A.M Mountain Time Lacey schneeman was the hero for the hustlers the fourth round pick for their team seals the deal and got her team the W and their shafts at a championship what was your biggest takeaway from this one Adam well obviously the Hustler is playing off.

That roll of energy in a big dream breaker from them as the underdogs in that match in this current matchup I am looking for the fellas on the Florida's match in the Florida Smash and the LA madrops to step up they were the third and fourth uh picks on each of their teams as both teams decided to go with ladies on their first and second round I.

I'm excited to see which male steps up and plays bigger than their dress love and here's how it works for the match breakdown it is women's Devils men's doubles and mixed doubles Cameron Irwin what are you looking out for in this format well as much as Adam's looking at the fellas I'm looking to the ladies so impressed with Jesse Irvin and Georgia.

Johnson last night problem solving to a perfect solution figuring out putting Georgia Johnson on the left side I'm going to be curious to see if that's where they start facing off against Catherine Pareto and Irina Taylor time now to check in with the fourth member of our crew top throw in her own right Cameron Blackwood with more on this.

Matchup Cameron Cameron I completely agree with you Georgia has to start on the left side her quick hands are going to set up Urban perfectly they didn't come out on top when they played the Mad drops earlier but I'm looking for them to make those minor adjustments make sure that they can get in this match quick and get.

The fire started right away back up to you Michelle and the Mad drops their first game loss of the tournament can they do it we'll have that answer after this short break first serve is next for women's doubles foreign it's the hottest new sports league in.

Town featuring an elite roster of iconic team owners and featuring the world's top a pickleball change your league pickleball a sixth event series 2023 the first stop is Mesa Arizona as we welcome you inside the rocket Pro approaches the semi.

Of the three-day MLP tournament only one spot Remains the winner of this one Bishop round to get the streets the top seated La MADD drops taking on Florida smash for our second five flush right here on tennis channels alongside alongside Pro.

Cameron Irwin and Cameron Irwin will join us in just a moment I'm Michelle McMahon and Guy thrilling in terms of the finish the sixth seeded New York Hustlers took down the two-seeded Seattle Pioneers Lacey schneemann fourth round picks Adam you were there for this one how.

Were the hustlers able to take down the best pickleball player in the world and Ben Johns and the Seattle Pioneers well the hustlers they rode the wave of energy of MLP to a big dream breaker Victory you love to see the energy on Court and for this particular matchup my points of emphasis are the fellas for both teams the LA madrops and the.

Florida smash both selected females with their first two picks so the third and fourth picks were these male players Travis rettmeyer Colin Johns Julian Arnold and Thomas Wilson who is going to step up of those four and outperform their draft slot well and as you're looking at the fellas I'm looking to the ladies Georgia Johnson and Jesse Irvin.

Were out ending last night they problem solved to a t they put Georgia Johnson on the left and it was just incredible to see how they came together late last night they're gonna have a big task in front of them though facing off against catheraprinto and Irina tarashenko Cameron Blackwood has eyes and ears from the sideline of this one Cameron.

There Cameron I agree with you there Cameron Georgia Johnson is going to be the Difference Maker in this match I really hope they keep her on the left because she has that aggressive forehand flake that sets of Jesse Irvin perfectly they didn't come out on top when they played the Mad drops last time but look for them to make those miners.

Adjustments and make it a match back to you Michelle Cameron thanks so much it's certainly shaping out to be an interesting second semi-final matchup we have women's doubles on display first in this four game match series we'll have first serve coming your way right after this this coverage of Major League pickleball.

Is brought to you in part by Michelob Ultra it's only worth it if you enjoy it and buy Skechers experience Comfort on the course with Skechers pickleball in Mesa Arizona our semi-final matchup number two is underway and her partner Catherine parental on the side of the LA drops take Georgia Johnson and Jesse Irvin of.

The Florida smash by the way the LA man drops have yet to lose a game in this tournament series they are the clear front-runner in this one leads us off gotcha no I was just going to say nice deception by Jesse Urban going with the Inside Out forehand really controlling.

The paddle freezing parento and they already put Johnson onto the left side that's where they're going to start so that's a big acknowledgment to the comfortability of Johnson over there lucky balance for the Florida smash then take it now Arena upset with something possibly the camera on the net made a comment to the referee that was.

Interesting does the urban back to serve she was the first round selection for the Florida smash literally same as the uh previous semifinal net playing a big role in that match as well nice job by Catherine berenzo right.

There being ready off that Cross Court ball Georgia Johnson just shy that at that time for Georgia Johnson yeah tough day Georgia couldn't come up with it but definitely consider Georgia Johnson floor higher ceiling player on the court with three solid veterans and Irvin.

Parento and tarashinko Johnson by the way is 16 years old playing a professional sport at her level pretty impressive still in high school energy professional pickleball career she's back to serve now parental so quick with those hands especially on that back hand foot camera.

Yeah and right now it's gonna be fun to watch Jesse Irvin she was able to create from the transition zone last night with big swings and big Power right now you'll see her take a couple steps off the kitchen when they're in trouble we have great eye and to touch on Cameron's Point as she mentioned Jesse.

Irvin steps off the line with big swings her timing needs to be perfect when it is those counters are electric Georgia Johnson coming to Lake that was a key switch we saw last night can't remember for those of us who were not watching why is Georgia Johnson best suited on this left side I think it's a matter of experience right how much time.

She spent over there she's got a great backhand where she actually has a little bit of a unique contact and it's fun to watch she keeps her elbows tighter when she's going with this two-hand backhand a role she adds a ton of pace to it and a ton of spin a very nice job from Georgia and I would say while all four players Titans of the.

Game Georgia Johnson's hand speed I believe her natural hand speed is the quickest onboard helps that her brother JW Johnson trains with her in that category one of the best players in the world always like to tell Georgia Johnson she's the best Johnson I'm sure she appreciates that Nick James ignato has.

Said the same thing mom Julie is also a pro come from pickleball royalty yes and you know what I love right there copper printo has twice sped up with a little bit of a backhand poke to the middle trying to challenge Georgia Johnson covering Middle Georgia did a nice job sliding and making sure they.

Were covered just long for Johnson missed opportunity there on the forehand she knows it slightly too big of a swing from Georgia uh you know that happens at times sailing that ball about a foot long tough break tarashenko is dominant one of the key Veterans of the sport on display in that.

One yeah Irina Tara Shaco brings not only so much experience but a beautiful backhand slice she's notorious for it and that rally just had two in it here shanko the three-time major league pickleball champion one of the goats of the sport and there's another good look at it so with that slice that's gonna put.

Backspin on the ball so it takes a little bit of a different bounce so you have to be prepared to counteract that Jesse Urban a very great lever of the ball and what I mean by that is knowing when the ball is going to go out pulling that paddle down or getting her body out.

Of the way very elite skill in this game of pickleball in that moment I love seeing that movement from Jesse Irvin she actually backed off the line and was quick to get back to the kitchen to have that inside out dinks where she was very active in a dinking role.

Jesse Irvin a couple feet off of the kitchen line a little late with that one-handed backhand counter good aggression from parento early smash the first team to 11 which means we will take a quick timeout as perform here with This Woman's devil 's double check.

S foreign pickleball tour is in the desert Mesa Arizona has been a lovely home for the first tournament event here for 2023. this is the second semi-final round of the tournament the winner of this one.

Will square off against the Cinderella story the New York Hustlers LeBron James's team owns the Mad drops part owner for several others Jesse Irvin with a clean winner down the middle yes great deception from Jesse Urban I just want to mention on that break the LA madrops had Athena truyo.

The partner of Catherine parento and also Lauren stratman the special friend of Julian Arnold giving them tips on the break a big factor to have those Minds helping out the drops absolutely right and I think it was just not quite a full committal definitely a.

Ball that I would like to see sped up from Georgia Johnson but you gotta commit well played by Georgia Johnson yeah just a beautiful combination right there still catching Irina tarashenko in the body as she's still sliding to the line great location from Johnson Johnson the second round pick for the smash.

Ed yeah really nice athleticism and footwork from parento to jump the corner of the kitchen nice forehand Ernie from her well played twice yes an Irina tarashenko giving the double my bad to Catherine parento on that speed up uh not what she was looking to do Georgia Johnson already.

With the double counter Jesse Irvin commanded that point from the beginning yeah she did and what I loved about it is that that's a cross court speed up but it's also cross-bodied so she's challenging that forehand side of Irina tarasheko so often as with the right side or you're sitting a little bit more backhanded so.

That's a great cross-up okay speed up by Georgia Johnson and the patience of Jesse Urban balancing out the aggression of Georgia Johnson quite nicely yes and I wanted to mention also while there is some pitfalls but playing too far off the kitchen line you can definitely let the ball go out.

Easier when you're in that position at the kitchen foreign days in Arizona the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Open is February 1st through the 5th and carvana Arizona Grand Slam is February 16th and 19th you can get more information on that just visit. for tickets and registration and our action continues here on Championship Morton Jesse Irvin kicking back the serve for the Florida smash now upholding a four-point lead again drives this would be a huge win for the Florida smash that drops have not lost a.

Game yet foreign defeat of Georgia Johnson's Michelle McMahon Adam Stone Cameron Irwin in the booth our top female Pro Cameron Cameron hood on the sideline oh just shy of the top of the tape.

Section of the Florida it's so funny you know so often we take an overhead as one of the simpler moves in pickleball right it's a gimme shot but in reality when you're getting four or five or six of them you begin to get a little bit tight and they begin to get a little scary tougher to put these balls away than you.

Would think yes and I've talked about a loose arm whipping overhead several times during this tournament but Jesse Irvin creates an insane amount of power and she almost exclusively uses her shoulder and a straight arm unbelievable the pace she generates with that shot.

Foreign to starting to sneak further and further past that Center Line to try and get involved did a really nice job there so the quick air there from Catherine torrento but as you mentioned Cameron two points to go that was Catherine.

Parento at her finest she can do everything with the ball inside out inside and forehand backhand all the spins incredible Variety in her game well and you're exactly right the hook of Georgia Johnson did set that up that is a beautiful contact from Georgia that's one of her most deceptive abilities is being able to bring some.

Side spin around that ball too so that ball once it bounces is really gonna run away from Catherine parento obviously causing some problems foreign.

With a big two-handed backhand counter very nice fly out just shy that time the Florida smash with game point they're frozen on 20 which means they must win this game on their serve just long for Johnson so the Mad jobs have a chance to come back in this one.

We've seen the freeze affect almost every team in these situations not easy to close these matches off when you have to win them on your serve along that time again for Johnson here come the man drops I just wanted to point out you're exactly right Michelle serving huge advantage in tennis the returner had the advantage in pickleball.

Very interesting to note Lorenzo doing everything she could to finish that point but the smash hang in for another chance to steal the victory game point on the Battle of Jesse Irvin 2017. here before she's not letting her team go away anytime soon yeah just experience play right there from Irena.

Tarashenko I love that she went to the same shot twice realized the ball's coming back then she went another direction to Georgia Johnson's other side and then finally the put away full Cross Court oh the offense of Catherine parento yes very nice play from Catherine parento and you're right Cameron Irina.

Tara Shinko with that little half Ernie even though she's creeping up on 40 years of age one of the better movers and users of her length at 5 10 out here on tour and a timeout called on the four the Florida smash had the edge in terms of the score but the serve on the side of the Mad drops we're in a freeze.

Situation so the advice on the side of the Florida smash is what Cameron I think you gotta stay steady and true to what your game plan is give yourself just a second to reset here understanding we just need a ball back do like what I'm seeing in terms of Jesse Irvin trying to be a little bit aggressive but they're having some.

Problems once they're once they're backing off the kitchen life there's been a few times where they've missed some of those counters into the top of the net uh several just within the last few rallies so look for them maybe to creep back up to that kitchen line make sure they hold that so that that counter can be that much more effective where.

Have the backdrop's been able to create the edge well you're exactly right the court four to smash more in the mid Court more hanging back on their heels and the Mad drops coming forward right to the kitchen line that's what happens when you get to 20 sometimes you play a little tentative.

Parento played tennis at the University of Michigan State University Georgia Johnson sneaks in the angle after bringing both parents and tarashenko to the center yeah but again there's that core positioning Georgia Johnson getting all the way up to that kitchen 2019.

Closing the door once again on a game point for the smash parento will take back the serve looking to tie it up Georgia Johnson surrenders tie it up the freeze comes back to bite the Florida smash tie game on Championship Court Irina tarashenko with the third to Irving.

Just long for Georgia Johnson yes exactly right and I think Georgia missed an opportunity earlier in that point and then forced the attack on the ball that she missed a tough break but not the proper decisions in order from Georgia Johnson on that point thank you.

their first little not yet just outstanding play right there for both Terrace shenko and parento one of my favorite though within that rally was the lob and crash by Catherine parento.

And said hey Georgia Johnson I'm coming right to you she crashed the net and got them back to the kitchen line beautifully done and you can and you can see when they get to 20 things change one team plays loose one team play a little bit tighter and I think that's exactly what we saw right there we'll hear from the winners right after the.

Short break gets men's doubles coming up next foreign I mean that came down to the very end right there with not sure if you meant to hit that one as a winner but turned out in your favorite talk to us about how much it changes going from rally.

Scoring back to traditional pickleball scoring I don't know I don't even care this is perfect for example of what major league pickleball is all about exciting points close games I mean we're very lucky to finish like this we're apologize but it was an amazing atmosphere way to bring it Spectators let's go.

what's close if you guys are able to make those adjustments when you have such Firepower on the other side how are you able to neutralize that come out with the win I feel I found out to make them move a little bit more at one point we were down 2014 and they were just kind of controlling.

Everything the whole game so we I thought that Tina Arena I said let's let's just move the ball around and be a little bit more aggressive they're aggressive first and we just kept fighting and fighting and I'm just super happy to be next to the MLP goat Arena Michelle back to you.

Kevin thanks so much Irina tarashenko has won three titles here with major league pickleball up next though it's all men's doubles the Florida smash looking to hand the LA Madrid matchups for serve is right after this foreign well there's a reason that pickleball is.

The fastest growing sport in America and you've likely heard about it if you had it before this point because of the ownership Circle that major league pickleball has brought to the surface check out the list pictures we have here the hustlers who are the championship round LeBron James Draymond Green Kevin Love some NBA.

Superstar Talent there then you have the LA madrops on display stupid meta and Drew Brees taking their crack at a championship here and how about Tom Brady and Kim kleister's getting involved in the mix James Blake marks lazari Travis rettmeyer who is playing in this men's doubles matchup nearly broke the internet with the.

Announcement of some of these team owners in terms of Major League pickable I know I had to pick my jaw up off the floor what was the owner that stole the attention for you Cam well it was the one that you just didn't mention right there garyvee I mean they came out defense were everywhere here last night I mean I'm very impressed by the fan.

Base they came in hot with their fans Mesa Arizona has been showing up all tournament long though a packed house as we get first serve underway Thomas Wilson starting us off speeds it up right at Travis Rhett Meyer so Julian Arnold will take back to serve the Mad drops have yet to lose a match and you had a chance to talk to Colin.

John before this one for the Florida smash we'll get that Insight in just a moment second Colin John with a foot away what did he tell you Cameron heading into this one well yeah you've got Colin John's playing on the right side which he typically does alongside Ben Johns on.

The PPA tour Travis redmeyer playing on the left and I asked him you know obviously Travis coming over from tennis recently Julian Arnold dominant but he stopped playing back in 2012 but he's gone full-time pickleball and it's really been about how aggressive he's going to be in the conversation between these two.

Colin's saying that Travis is very receptive to having the conversation about decision making which is going to become critical in this matchup Brett Meyer a couple of Misses off the bat he's clearly frustrated the LA madrops exposing him what a pickup from Paul and John's turn that one back and that is a great.

Example of something else Colin mentioned he said that last time these two teams faced off he felt like the madrops were taking some shots some high risk shots low probability but they were falling that was a great example this would be a huge win for the Florida.

Smash to even things out here and just a light nope from Julian Arnold in a slight stare down to Colin John's a little jawing early in the match so that column with a chest bump and that won't be the first Andiamo we hear from him the beat him with energy Master Julian Arnold given Rhett Meyer a nice.

Little tattoo on his chest surprise the hustlers didn't draft Julian Arnold with all that energy found the sideline you know and as much as you see the eye formation there from Julian Arnold sometimes it's just best to let your partner go to keep going for those balls because they're in such a.

Rhythm and they feel that they could control that kitchen line foreign ER attacking the body of Julian Arnold yeah yeah admire barking back a little bit definitely known for uh some of his we'll call it crap talk down on the.

Court so I have no doubt that he's saying it just loud enough so his opponents can hear Rhett Meyer drafted himself in the third round to the smash what a finish for Travis rentmeyer the player owner combination bloody side you talk about him drafting himself and Colin was a pick he was thrilled to have because he was excited that he got to.

Play alongside him they felt as if this would be a good combination in terms of Colin being one of the best right-siders very defensive minded Travis was thrilled that he was going to get to play the left oh Julian Arnold's testing the hands of Travis rettenmeier the bad drops take the one point lead and I think it's.

Important to note that Travis just needs to play a strong left within himself he doesn't have to be Ben John's out there great point that one skids off the net the smash will take it tie game I think Travis Rhett Meyer and Julian Arnold are two of those players that actually play better when there's a.

Little tension on the court I don't think this jawing or barking or talking between the fellas is going to affect anything down there makes it all the more fun for the competitive spirits on the court a Miss there for the smash back drops take over the serve and the point seven six.

once again what do you think this one comes down to Adam what's the X Factor X Factor for me is the reason why I say that ladies is exactly what Cameron was talking about earlier with the Mad drops he is a high risk High reward player so often it's.

Going to come down to him in these situations if he's going to pull the trigger at the right or the wrong time Arnold the third round selection for the Mad drops 29th pick overall an Arnold kind of mimicking or mocking retinmeyer on that backhand volley this is fun that was a great example of what I love.

About Colin Jones's game just so stoic in his approach simplified in his motions and especially even just that block of volley right there on his right side beautifully done not that time denied by the net matchups pulling away by two the only way you can rabble Colin Johnson the pickleball floor because if he gets hit in the head.

With the ball I'll see several times only way to Rattle them it's got the ultimate strategist on his side Ben Johns in his Corner every game and the man drops the first team to 11 so we will change ends as the Florida smash look to counter they will regroup and so will we we will step aside for just a.

Moment the rest of this vegetables matchup coming your way after this foreign foreign.

The Florida smash trailing to the backdrops looking to even things out here in this match series Professor four Matt drops so far with the three-point advantage Arnold Michelle McMahon Cameron Irwin Adam Stone in the booth with you 12 Karen Blackwood joins us from the.

Sideline we'll bring you your pickleball coverage all day long Championship taking place tonight at 6 PM Eastern right here on Tennis Channel oh come on we'll just see him uh I saw about three over four speed UPS going to the backhand side of Travis rettenmeier and.

I will say the madrops have been getting the better fair share of those falling back their Direction he had a great setup Travis redmeyer just made one more better play and again there's that speed up they are 100 directing that pace to the backhand side big two-hander from Thomas Wilson one of the more Electric forehands in.

The game the two-handed backhand has really improved these last three or four months for him Arnold with the search that's just Julian Arnold right there it's gonna happen occasionally but as of right now with the three-point lead making more good decisions than bad the rally scoring games the 21 win by two.

They don't switch side on the service oh Julian Arnold closing not closing slamming the door on that point Colin johns with the easy put away and a stoic response yeah and I actually like he took a little bit of pace off that just to make sure the placement was absolutely perfect.

11 14. see you on that time for Colin Johns what are you laughing I'm just laughing because Julian goes That's So out as he just pulls his paddle back I heard it down on the court just allowed enough so Colin Johns could hear it mind you Julian Arnold is spicy player in case you haven't noticed.

Oh the Wilson goes for the lab what'd you think of that I was gonna say that was the speed up not so much he got his feet tied up lost his balance in his base yes so uh definitely a speed up in my opinion and not the best one we've seen from Thomas Wilson and again as much as you think that love and hitting that overhead is gonna be.

Easy it's not especially in some windy conditions as well and that's been the case the last few days here at Mesa so as that ball the longer it stays in the air the more action and the more wind will start to affect it as it starts to fall foreign.

ER yeah and exactly right to your to your point Cameron especially with the paddlehead speed these guys are generating if your timing is off a little bit on these overheads they're gonna sail the hustle of Arnold.

No Way Arnold was losing that point what a play I mean Julian Arnold has shown this time and time again he had one of the most epic saves on the entire weekend here at Mesa and I will also say what's important what set that up to have the beautiful middle shot is because they were attacking the backhand side of Rhett Meyer so many times so now.

They've got him thinking hey start sitting backhand start sitting backhand so covering that middle is a tough thing how did he get to that chance timeout gold on the floor the Florida smash looking to gather themselves we're gonna take a timeout as well we'll be right back.

Foreign eyeing the closure of this matchup here in this men's doubles game and Cameron Blackwood on the sideline pointed out a key switch on the side of the floor to smash right there on display Colin Jones now playing the left side Travis on the right side so how does that change the.

Dynamic well it 100 changes the dynamic in terms of who's Alpha and who's beta typically that left side player becomes the alpha you've got the forehand up the middle foreign trailing by two what a spot finding the empty Corner was.

Julian Arnold and maybe he doesn't necessarily have as much to do even with the smash it has a big factor but at the same time on the other side you have to think about your game plan do you stick with the same patterns how does that change and adjust your scouting often it's not necessarily what you get out of the switch it's that your.

Opponents are so hot and then they have to change their patterns and their attacks so the switch can help in a lot of different ways and I think it was a reasonable time to try it for the smash ER the Florida smash within one yeah actually pretty interesting Travis brettonmeyer took a little bit of pace off that I think Julian Arnold expected.

That to come much quicker so he loosened his grip a little too much switches to the right side and gets the ATP UT him in the chest and hey Collins used to defending on the right side that slippery tricky shot for Julian Arnold completely catching John's.

Off guard install s the freeze they can now only win by two traditional scoring returns to their side I've never Frozen on 18. so they can only get points on their serve as well.

Frozen both sides back to the traditional scoring accordingly so getting called for football does Julian Arnold off the push off so that's what the football is gonna be so you can take a look at it a lot of times when you go right there to go hit an overhead your front foot starts to slip forward.

As you try and Propel your body backwards and so a lot of times this football violation is rather normal and Julian Arnold right now is trying to make the argument that he turned his toe so that his toes were not overlined I don't know if that's true Julian he was on it but he's gonna use the challenge anyways and why not this late in the.

Game when both teams are on the freeze 2019 huge momentum swinging point I think it's pretty clear that he was on the line but yes and really often this happens with players with high level tennis backgrounds they step forward to explode backward for the overhead and I myself have been called for this several several times and it's a very very.

Common call in the pickleball world and he's arguing that he's spun off before his foot has to touch the line in order for it to be a fault s to reverse it as we review The Challenge and remember if the man drops are successful and this.

Call is overturned they will keep their Challenge on their side if they the call stands they lose their challenge head referee Big Mike down there always doing a great job one of the best in the business and it's uh it's definitely been a situation where we have said Thomas.

Wilson's name the least of the of the four players on board and it's interesting for this match to continue to uh kind of Target and challenge Julian Arnold incredible offensive shots throughout this match but hey the smash have a game plan in their state switch seems to be panning out nicely on.

The side of the floor to smash Colin Johns despite being a right side player settling in on the left side but a huge point for Florida smash with the opportunity to tie it on the serve of Colin Johns very certain Julian Arnold was the only.

Person in the stadium that thought he did not have a footfall ready ready and again there's still happens of conversation Colin Johns is now getting in on the action putting his hands up into the air but yeah you're exactly right Julian art of wood for the snipe.

Shot he took that forehead flicked it up as quickly as possible so please to have gotten that one he will take back the serve tie game on Championship Court goodness Julian Arnold he's everywhere and he's screaming at Travis rettenmeier from across the net let's see how this.

New rivalry unfolds I want to know what was he bouncing oh it doesn't matter this is amazing I love to see the different styles some more calm collected players out there and then the emotional players the diversity of everyone is just amazing I love this atmosphere Rhett Meyer seems to be fueled by controversy so he is engaged.

Colin John's a man on a mission yeah and just again a beautiful combination from Colin showing his experience right there finding and picking his spot perfectly challenging both sides of will Julian looking over to the sideline I'm not sure if it was the camera guy or Jesse Irvin coming out on the court to coach her team irritated by something.

Though um he was stepping into the court return was a little bit lower um so I'm not sure uh he quite got underneath the ball to lift it up but not a terrible decision from Colin John's Julian Arnold.

Jackson and that's where you get to a little bit of trouble calling John's just finding his footing there on the left side as he slides more middle 21-20 serve returns to their side with a chance to tie it oh I think the Wilson.

Eyes on that one they got themselves back to neutral he just couldn't help himself with the serve oh yeah and he sold that so well because that ball barely bounced above the height of the net that's really the only option he had to that point but he took.

A huge backswing to make that look like he was gonna Crush so Arnold with a chance to close in on game number two remain undefeated Arnold Thomas Wilson could not be stopped what would you say yeah it's just so good Julian Arnold a man on a mission one of the shorter players on.

Tour but his court coverage his footwork his ability to get in the mix is a oh my goodness there's a reason the Mad drops haven't dropped a game yet in this tournament a big reason why is this Duo so that that's the table for a very interesting mixed doubles format a must-win situation for the Florida smash.

We will return with matchups for the mixed doubles setup right after this foreign Julian I got to start with you just how much energy and fire did that women's fight and they were able to come back and get the win bring you into this match yeah I really ignited the fire for us we're a high energy team.

Um I'm a high energy player so that was awesome to see I love to see other teammates fighting as hard as they can um really uh instilled some past myself and I came out there and I just kept bringing it so uh so proud of this team we've been competing so hard and then um we're just gonna keep at it one match at a time.

Thomas on that last timeout they switched sides how did that change your strategy I don't know that it did we didn't take time to think about it we just kept playing playing our game like Julian said high energy is what we do so if we do that we're okay so let's go drops there you have it drops are up two to zero back up to you Michelle.

Cameron thanks so much the madrops are the away team which means they will have to play their hand first and display their mixed doubles team we will dive into the matchup right after this short break stay with us this coverage of Major League pickleball is brought to you in part by Circle your water your way and by Margaritaville.

Escape to your personal Paradise stay play live and dine in Margaritaville back in Mesa Arizona as the New York Hustlers await the winner of this second semi-final matchup between the LA madrops and the Florida smash so far it looks like the Mad drops looks a runaway with this one up two to nothing their second mixed doubles team.

By the way has yet to see action in this entire tournament Irina tarashenko and Thomas Wilson have not played a mixed doubles match-up for their team the New York Hustlers by the way the lowest team still left in the tournament obviously owned by LeBron James Kevin Love and Draymond Green they won a dramatic semi-final game matchup this morning.

Michelle McMahon Adam Stone Cameron Irwin in the booth top female Pro Cameron Blackwood joins us from the sideline and we will begin with our first mixed doubles matchup it's Catherine parento and Julian Arnold who have yet to lose a game together against Colin Johns and Jesse Irvin first serve is underway.

Arnold gets handcuffed early by Jax and you have to imagine that's a little payback from Ben's doubles because Julian Arnold got him one cross courts you can guarantee now the Colin was saying uh-uh not this time what a finish for Julian Arnold's side game strategy wise to Florida smash got to pick their team against this matchup.

For the Mad drops they went with Colin Johns and Jesse Irvin obviously that's the team they feel the most confident in winning this safe to say definitely you gotta win there's no other option at this point with the 2-0 deficit this is something I've never seen before she just walked up to the den gave a.

Little bit of a roar she's known to be one of the most steady the queen of consistency in her game but when she starts getting fired up oh you better watch out because her game does as well let's say for the floor to smash is a solid 1a1b situation for their mixed doubles teams you have Georgia Johnson.

And Travis rettmeyer ready to go before there's needed our bad drops just need one game to close this out and punch their tickets to the championship round Johns we're gonna hold them off is just long for Benja or excuse me Colin Jones yeah he's right there from Catherine parenzo.

You've got Jesse Irvin knifing those Cross Court uh dinks her Direction and Captain prento reaching in three straight balls and then that flick LOB out of the air awkward when you're deeper in the court uh to let those balls go Catherine lifting up her leg thinking it would.

Sail long but able to keep it in was Colin Johnson I shot by him Jesse Irvin will serve to parento and he says where are you at right after he hit it he said where are you at Julian Arnold's lateral movement at the kitchen line only being five nine is just incredible the amount of court that he takes up.

it's been interesting too that it looks like at times John's and Irvin have gone with a bit of a soft stuff Julian Arnold really feeding off the pace that has brought his direction we just saw to men's doubles and right now it looks like they're challenging him to find some contacts off this off.

Julian Arnold is a weapon it's the kitchen light yeah and it was one of the best atpers on the female side Jesse Urban I think that was going to hit the back fence but Julian just couldn't help himself able to win the point a couple shots later though fortunate oh what a rip down the line Julian Arnold.

Against Jesse Irvin perplexed on how he got past her on that one and it's really tough because if you want to hit that return to Julian Arnold to keep him back at the Baseline you have to understand too that drive is going to be Wicked coming at you toughness Colin Johns yeah and you saw you saw Catherine fermento almost.

Hanging out on the sideline there looking for a backhand count counter-attack knowing Julian Arnold was gonna plug the middle so nice lineup from them if John's was able to make that shot I'm not sure it would have worked out in his favor foreign.

the part just playing a little Rick game a no big deal on the biggest stage in pickleball no shortage of chirping here on the championship Court Julian Arnold is everywhere I see Irvin pushes back parento.

And that drops are poised relaxed and they look like they're having fun a little bit tighter on the side of John's and Irvin oh just a tough bounce for Irvin almost ran it down yeah tough break and Catherine parento hasn't had too many opportunities early on but when Julian Arnold is this hot and playing this well.

In this stage she just needs to be a steady Rock for him and not do anything too special all right oh the angle Jesse Irvin and to your point two out of them I think that was the same exact equation in terms of Julian Arnold alongside Thomas Wilson Thomas Wilson phenomenal player in his own right but he just let Julian.

Arnold go yeah it's important in those situations to not really have an ego you kind of want to get in the mix have a piece of the pie but you got to let your your partner do his thing or her thing when they're that hot uh no reason to let the ego get involved just shy that time it's a two-point game.

Rally scoring games to 21 we will switch ends at 11. Matt drops one point away would not give up on that point Jesse Irvin just outstanding defense and even better than that her willpower displayed in that point just unbelievable she refused to lose this rally against Julian Arnold she went head to head and got the better.

Of him I haven't seen a reaction from Jesse Irvin like that in quite some time getting the crowd on their feet the floor to smash right back in oh my goodness what is happening what is happening a two-year Point Michelle I have seen Jesse Irvin play probably a hundred pickleball matches nothing even close to.

A reaction like that she is in the zone Arnold's giving it up for Jesse Irvin Cameron Irwin you were dancing on that point all right this is incredible to watch Jesse go to work again just grinding and groveling over these rallies wait for me please because Eric no it's not a point here we go.

Here we go 10 10. unbelievable this is so good you do not want to go anywhere we have the rest of this intense matchup coming your way on.

Championship court is Jesse Irvin gonna tag again stay tuned to the roof 15 seconds the plot pickings on Championship court and oh how the tables have turned the Florida smash taking over the momentum the first team to 11. Colin Johns to.

Serve to Julian Arnold the point actually the first speed up from Captain printer in this match and obviously catching Colin John's off guard she knew exactly what she wanted to do with it just misses and that's the court presence of Julian.

Arnold making her adjust her shot at the last minute I believe just wide for Julian Arnold chassis Irvin so assertive in her nature on the court and she has to be already tagged Julian Arnold once I bet she's gunning for a second.

Oh Julian Arnold finding the backside of Jesse Irvin well played yeah very nice shot nice hold from Julian Arnold whipping through the ball with some nice paddlehead speed creating pace and spin a little late on the stab from Jesse Colin Jones behind the finishing moment really nice counter by Colin Johns right there he.

Had been attacked a couple times up the line on his backhand side from parento she tries to find a different shot there but a nice read from John's what are some of these gifts from the Florida smash right now I don't know what's are they closing their eyes I mean my goodness it's not just Jesse.

It's Colin I mean some of the pickups at their feet are just completely high-end amazing stuff from these athletes Julian Arnold with the speed up to tie it up yeah and a nice change up there from Julie and he had gone right up the middle this time he finds the left shoulder of Colin John's serving to Urban.

How about that Finishing Touch of Julian Arnold the parento took care of business to start that point that's right but Julian Arnold I'll tell you what there's just nothing to read there's no real big paddle preparation he just kind of holds it there and whips through you have to react to a shot you cannot anticipate it foreign.

Arnold that is not nice not nice but perfectly executed at the same time the defense tonight 16 14. it's one of the first kisses we've seen from Julian Arnold here in a while yeah.

It just popped out of that one had a nice low base but right at the point of contact came up a little too straight didn't get underneath the ball enough oh the crowd erupting for the defense of Jesse Irvin finished by Colin Johns and it was the exact same look anytime.

Julian's getting that ball bouncing up into the middle he's taking the shot or onto the outside of Colin Johns that time Collins preparation was Flawless Florida smash fighting for their Championship lines everything on the line in this game just sneakily wide for Julian Arnold both teams agreeing that Pat Paul was by.

An inch Colin Johns to serve since Arnold 16. parento with a sneak attack on the backside so slippery you said it Michelle exactly right and just a quick note guys we are getting a slight breeze picking up around championships we'll continue to.

Monitor that and how it affects the play Jesse Irvin single-handedly putting her team on her back and there's the extension power again from Jesse Irvin her elbows locked out she uses that shoulder and that wrist to flatten out that attack well done speed up attempt for Jesse Irvin top of the tape yeah and I think that was a.

Little too low Jesse a very linear player meaning she doesn't have a lot of shape and spin on her ball so when it gets low like that she's got to be careful foreign just so impressive to see the physicality of Catherine parento right.

There using every ounce of her body her shoulder turned her hip turned to just find that extra bit madrops chasing down game point oh not so fast that ball hung out there didn't it didn't it I thought it was going to trickle over couldn't get it so tight unbelievable 19 apiece 19.

Oh my goodness College us it took blowing up Julian Arnold to get the point just outstanding Point construction right there from John's as well as Irvin to set up the Wi-Fi in the middle just well done great complimentary pickleball moving and zinc completely covering each other's backs beautifully smash Frozen.

On 20 points they must win on their serve Julian Arnolds this game is nothing short of miraculous on both sides it's just such an explosive athlete Julian Arnold completely off balance moving backward aggressively and enough whip with that.

Right arm to put that ball away so good Julian we're Frozen on both sides madrops looking to earn a point on their search that's the pressure in the speed of Julian there's a lot of ways to be aggressive and create airs it doesn't have to be with an amazing shot it could be with forward pressure you saw that.

From Julian there this system rally scoring to traditional both teams can only score from here on out when they serve oh my goodness that point that was a near impossible get Cameron get that trainer a raise unbelievable movement and scrappiness from Catherine parento she's been.

Working on her game off court and it shows at that point right there Connor Dickerson that's what you're looking for how did she do it incredible pickleball on Championship Court world class Talent right here in Mesa Arizona.

And just oh close this was to being in favor of the Florida Smash and just like that the LA mat drops have still yet to lose a game here in Major League pickleball still the championship slate is set for our Championship Sunday evening coverage we will have more information on that after we chat with the winners but don't.

Go anywhere we need some insight on how these guys got it done we will have reaction and much more coming your way from Championship court right after this foreign check please thank you Catherine you and Julian haven't lost.

All weekend what is so special about you two that just is so tough to beat I mean is energy is just addicting I mean I'm just standing next to the guy and I'm just hyped uh so yeah I think Julian is just amazing he's all over the place he's been playing great the whole team's been playing great we just have great chemistry and yeah we hope to to get it.

All this afternoon June this is your first MLP final how much fight do the Mad drops have uh it's a great organization I've been a part of the team since I've entered MLP and I don't think I can imagine myself being on any other team our ownership is amazing Management's amazing and the.

Players that we continue to drop are draft on this team are really good so it's been a blast and I'm just so proud of this group um let's just do one more here we go team lastly I have to go to this is going to be your fifth MLP final what are you gonna be telling your team before you.

Head in tonight you know we have to treat it like any other match everybody's gonna come out we have to work hard the other team is hungry you never know what's going to happen so we just have to kind of erase the excitement do our job prepare and fight our hearts out there you have it madrops into the finals later tonight back up to.

You Michelle Cameron thanks so much Julian Arnold's energy is addicting I'll agree with that one the LA madrops advancing of the championship round taking place on Tennis Channel later on we'll dive deeper into a potential Cinderella Story right after this foreign.

Foreign Major League pickleball rolls on from Mesa Arizona we started with 12 teams in the Premier League we are now down to two each team buying for the cup this season the championship bracket is set it will be the top seeded LA madrops taking on the New York Hustlers the clear Underdog in this one.

Some key ownership groups as well we will dive into that later on this evening here's the rest of the Slate Ford Tennis Channel on T2 we will have the MLP Mesa Challenger final taking place at 4 pm Eastern it is the Utah black diamonds taking on the Bay Area Breakers and then it's Tennis Channel live at 5 PM Eastern with on-site.

Coverage from the Australian Open Novak dopamic made his Grand return and winning his record setting 22 grand slams and then you'll keep it right here with us from the MLP Mesa Premiere final coming to you live from Arizona for Adam Stone Kevin Irwin Cameron Blackwood I'm Michelle McMahon and our entire Tennis.

Channel crew thanks so much for joining us we'll see you in a bit
MLP 2023 Mesa I Los Angeles Mad Drops vs. Florida Smash I Premier Semi-Final 1 I Sunday I Day 4 I Championship Court

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Los Angeles Mad Drops
Players: Catherine Parenteau, Irina Tereschenko, Julian Arnold, and Thomas Wilson
Owners: Drew Brees, Zubin Mehta, Kevin Kroeger, Greg Fleishman, and Sam Casperson

0:00 – Warmups & Commentary
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