Foreign we are back here for some more Major League pickle ball this is the Challenger level event and we're about to get underway with the AZ drive versus the Dallas pickleball club that means Sarah Burr Sarah ansbury where's Burrows and Andrea sealstrom are going to be taking on the Christa gecheva Megan.

Fudge Chuck Taylor and Brandon French as is traditional ladies first Sarah bear and Sarah annsbury they are warming up on the right hand side of the Court they're Lefty close to us Australian maid Sarah I'm gonna wish her luck just because you know uh she's teaming up with the veteran Sarah ansbury ansbury has been around.

The game almost nine years now and uh well she's done it all really her reputation speaks for itself and I think she's got a really good team leadership role for the AZ drive Megan fudge and Krista gachaver a couple of relative newcomers to the game how do you feel about the chances.

Here Brandon yeah you're right we've got a couple of newcomers one on each team that'll be playing in this matchup and then you've got a legacy person and Sarah annsbury who has notably a ton of medals in this Pro pickleball game women usually start started off here in MLP and I think you know it's kind of a common theme all day they've got to.

Bring the energy and the momentum to really will their team to a victory in this match so I'll be interested to watch this one closely and kind of analyze What's Happening Here yeah very much so I think uh I've watched a fair amount of footage from Krista gecheva and super fast on the court great skills quality good clean.

Contact and uh you know just moves really well I think Megan fudge brings a lot to the table um I'm curious who's gonna be Keen to dink Cross Court with Sarah annsbury she's such a such a good quality consistent player she's built a career on consistency reset being able to stay patient in cross-couraging rallies.

Hasn't always counter punched as much as I think a lot of other players but I think in recent times she's kind of realized that the game has really taken on a much more aggressive complexion and her game has has followed suits so we'll be very impressed to see her really counter punching well Sarah Burr the young Australian she's.

Come over she's embraced professional pickleball loves to just grip it and rip it you know yeah and that's uh hey it's it's a good strategy when it works if there's times to dial it back I look for the experience of somebody like ansberry to really be the sounding board for this team to lead the way in what kind of.

Strategy they should have and you know one other thing to mention is ansberry's been around this game for a pro pickleball for a while a lot of these players watched her coming up right they watched her training videos they saw her winning tournaments and so you'll see some remnants of Sarah amsbury's game and how these ladies play and on top of.

That you'll see their own style in their own imprint on this as well so I'm looking forward to this matchup all around we've got a great guys match up to follow this one with Brandon French Chuck Taylor against West Burroughs and Andre sielstrom so this entire match is going to be fun both teams are I believe this is their last match uh of the day.

In group play and so they're really looking to make a statement yeah everyone's trying to get through group play uh it's still hard to tell exactly who's going to be able to make it through to the quarters and semis um Achieva you'll see her warming up the serve plenty a good Top Spin there.

Yeah she's got the uh it looks like the carbon one paddle um possibly the One X and you've got Megan fudge playing with gamma Sarah annsbury playing with gamma as well and we've got an Engaged paddle over there from Sarah Burr so Sarah 2.0 on the other side yeah and it's pretty the one thing she.

Hasn't done with her game is adopt the two-handed backhand that you see so many other players doing she has got a fantastic slice single-handed backhand uh her lean in volley dinks are legendary um but patient discipline has been the name of the game for her and I think kacheva and fudge Maya May indeed trying.

To bully their way through this match yeah one advantage for DC pickleball Club is they've got probably one of the best Minds in all of pickleball as their coach and Dave Fleming on the sideline so you know look for him to kind of shift strategies as needed guide this team hopefully to a victory on their end yeah.

That's uh Dallas pickleball Club foreign I'm looking forward to seeing Andreas sealstrom though I've watched him a couple of times six foot nine you will not miss him on the court he is an absolute presence former ATP professional tennis player uh as well as his partner where's browers.

Both former tennis professionals yeah looking forward to watching him live he had some great success uh last last couple weekends in app tournaments playing with Joey farius and a couple highlights if you've seen them on social media as well so he is not to be taken lightly I know there were a few people that were surprised when he was taken in.

In MLP because they haven't seen him or weren't familiar with his game hopefully from what you've seen in the last two weeks is yeah there's a reason why this guy is here playing and I expect him to kind of show that and continue to improve uh this weekend here yeah nice phenomenal fantastic hands um and for the size he is soft touch.

That's that's kind of amazing really I've seen him sort of gently Meander towards the kitchen line and be able to cool off balls uh similar to Matt Wright really often just diving the paddle underneath the ball caressing it and getting the job done up at the kitchen with quick hands and Maze of Amazing Power.

So run away foreign backhand by fudge yeah already serious power Sarah Burr trying her luck down the line let's see if she continues the trend yeah nice put away from ansbury yeah anything High through the middle um is going to be what Sarah annsbury is.

Looking for she'll be able to put those balls away routinely exactly and Burr using the net well a little aggression rewarded there on the on the drive we're still in the filling out process in this matchup that's an awesome return yeah beautiful chip in charge.

Chip and charge I like that chip in charge 2-2 is the score wow Rock Solid from ansbury just getting behind fudge it was a heavy backhand from gestiva so it was a good job by Burr to be able to block that and ansberry finished the deal.

She's mishit it perfectly enough it certainly came out high but uh not enough stick to actually go out so 4-2 bear in aynsbury wow it appeared to be a very low lob that was rewarded yeah ansberry got away with the high third gachaver just couldn't connect foreign.

Good leave on that one smartly by catchova right there yeah very very Hasty I think from Burr I'd love to see her set up the points a little bit possibly dink down the lines see if they can't get fudge to Dent cross-court with ansbury oh beautiful take from ansbury yeah it's a good ball she's snuck over there didn't she yeah.

She's almost playing like a mixed double setup where she's going to look for any opportunity on that side and take advantage of it great dick by ansberry wow okay so good defense from Burr kept him alive in the point and ansbury picked her moment to Precision yeah I think fudge had a chance to put that.

Ball away she elected to go a little bit conservative and it actually paid off for Arizona Drive yeah that will cost her that's the first missed Drive no the Burr has had a five seven oh wow watch this from getcheva as she sets it up that is a pro move here wow.

Had ansbury leaning to her right uh she's already noticed how much of the middle ends where he's looking to take and getcheva will keep her honest yeah yeah all it takes is one you know getting beat on the back side one time for the other player to respect it which is why it's so important to do.

oh it's a good ball yeah that is a great Bowl she's got great length with that uh well obviously her forehand I feel like we haven't seen a single match so far that didn't have a left-hander on the court yeah I agree they're starting it's amazing more prevalent yeah Pro.

Pickleball yeah I mean we saw what kind of advantage that Rafa Nadal held in tennis playing left-handed even though he was a natural right-hander Uncle Tony said we're better off you being left-handed I'm sure that was fun for childhood wow I love that setup by getcheva she.

Had a great backhand and then not only did she dink that cross court but she put side spin on him made it very awkward contact for Burr again a couple of Miss hits and gets it down for the a tricky single-handed backhand yeah it was a.

Good ball and I think that's where gets [__] could get in trouble with that side spin slice she's got to make sure she keeps that ball down so nine nine no one uh really putting a stamp on this one just yet fudge is pleased with that inside out cross-court forehand so ten nine.

To the Dallas pickleball Club and a good last second leave wasn't it yeah it was a good hey that's uh you know 30 40 of the game as letting out balls go bird did a great job there and annsbury feeling like she had a better shot at it yeah a little over leverage there um we are at 11 10 Dallas pickleball.

Club is up by one we're headed to the changeover neither team has really grabbed a hold of this game yet um I I'd like to see Megan fudge take control from the Dallas pickleball Club side I think she is trying to fill this game out playing a little conservative and while the game is tight she's going to need to take control if they want to.

Try to separate here from Arizona Drive yeah I'll be very curious if the AZ Drive team are going to try to Target her on the return of serve to keep her back one extra ball but both gecheva and fudge doing a great job of moving the ball around well and I think early on they they really made a point of making.

Sure that Sarah ansbury wasn't going to be able to crowd the middle quite as much as she wanted early on we saw ansbury reaching in taking a couple of balls and doing real damage with it and since then the Dallas football club Dallas football club Dallas pickerball Club have have fed enough the backhand side to make sure she's not going to be.

Crowding middle listen man my Dallas Cowboys are out of the playoffs so I really don't appreciate you bringing them up but hey it happens yeah no worries we're one of my favorite ice hockey teams those Dallas people very good we've got some great teams jazz I like their name more than most of the.

NFL teams Dallas Cowboys it's got a good ring to it it does wow just a little too soft from getcheva there you know I don't think there's any threat if that Ball's a little bit higher because fudge has really quick hands I mean fast hands so she's got to make sure that Ball's over.

Nice work from ansbury disconnecting a little early allowing bird to take that first one oh just missed it is quite a flat kind of slapping forehand from Burr yeah second time that she's gone wide on that forehand ball interestingly enough she actually puts a.

Fair amount of topspin on the return of serve and yet the third shot Drive seems to be quite flat typically the other way around foreign that forced the Deep return by fudge so two points the margin great entry by Burr um just missed I think there was an.

Opportunity for Burr to go down the line fudge looked like she was cheating over to the center quite early yeah I agree I don't know if she just got tentative at the end or because fudge was in the area she got a little bit nervous on it but that's those are chances to your point Morgan that she's got to take.

Yeah you kind of always have to prove to your heads-up opponent that they need to fear you and they need to stay close enough to their sideline to protect their backhand uh what is typically the backhand anyway yeah foreign calls it long.

Fudge asking the referees both said they saw that just a little bit long okay sometimes my eyes deceive me Hey listen we're on the sidelines here oh what a Serve by Burr she took the pace off of it yeah added some Spin and that ball just died I think that might be the first Ace we've seen today fudge wants a timeout to talk things.

Over another Australian just acing people out there oh that's great makes you feel pretty good doesn't it right yeah it's in the jeans somewhere I don't know I think uh we you know we talked about it on the changeover you know fudge just missed uh a volley a little bit long a few seconds ago and I think for her.

She's got to go aggressive in this matchup if you're gonna miss those balls long wide be imposing uh they're not gonna vote they're not gonna do well here if she's going to be conservative alongside for sure I mean especially that that first volley the fourth ball you know that's not a different mindset to the normal scoring what is different.

Is the amount of pace that people are trying to put on third shot drives that's a slight difference in terms of the mindset going all in on so many third shot drives you know the risk of just losing a point straight away is very real but you're right those kinds of volleys need to come with some serious stick.

Again that one right there from fudge had a little bit more Pace now getcheva really started it but hey that's the aggression they're going to need to play with here and spree oh and she's getting me excited look at that fantastic work just clean living there from Sarah ansbury thank you.

Good defense from Burr that's a great ball there by fudge just she's the product of a high ball there and uses the angle with that overhead slice and the Net's not loving them unfortunately so 1915 just two points away here they will of course freeze when they get.

To 20. and we'll have to win the point on serve and they'll get to that point now a routine return error from fudge yeah I'd like to see a time out here by Dallas pickleball Club but looks like they're not electing to take one oh fantastic pickup wow and one of the first two-handed.

Backhands I've seen from mansbury it looks like she's been in the lab I think Dallas pickleball Club got away with one by not having her time out but see if they can string together a couple here and handcuffed Krista gecheva that was a great placement there by ansbury.

So for game one Sarah Burr serving to Christa gacheva wow that ball just stayed in from Burr she's asking the official to confirm well I know actually asking a teammate where's Burrows you can do that and they can help you decide whether or not to choose to.

Challenge the call I think it's a fun rule it's a third play by gachiba she hasn't really attempted to go behind Amesbury since you know the first half of this game yeah she did it once in the first section with a really crafty dink since then hasn't happened much.

Yeah just too many high balls and the ball now on the paddle of the young Australian Sarah Burr for the win what a bomb some serious Authority on that two-handed backhand if there's a spot maybe not to hit to her it'd be right here as you see on your screen she just cracks that ball down the middle foreign.

I think that's still in what a boy fantastic Scrappy defense I'll call it that I think everybody thought that ball would be out initially and it just Curves in Burr tried to reset wasn't able to will that be the moment it all changes.

Foreign oh just overreached as she was drifting to her left yeah I think she was deciding between a backhand flick and a slice and just got caught in the middle 1820 is the score both sides frozen having to win the point on serve only placement overpower once again for.

Ansbury just Precision work and that's the strategy that Arizona Drive is looking for string them out wide get a middle ball let Amesbury finish and she has it that's a big moment well played ladies so easy Drive take game one.

And three over gacheva and fudge nice work ladies so the gentleman will take the court they will see them starting to warm up where's Burrows and Andreas sealstrom versus Chuck Taylor and Brandon French this one oh it's a real you pick him for me I've seen Taylor play some unbelievable pickleball in the last year.

Or so he's one of those players who has been a veteran uh I think I remember him coming on the tour about seven eight years ago and he was great we always knew he had real potential um he was one of those players similar to Rob Cassidy he was talking about earlier on that during covet he took his game to.

A whole new level the area he lives in up in Utah he now has had a lot of fantastic players around him and the kind of training he's got the kind of repetitions he's able to to have on a weekly basis has made such a difference no I agree um you know there's a lot of players that they say are overrated.

Right or underrated I think for Chuck Taylor he's just rated but he is as good as you think he is this guy has been steady he has really good results in Pro tournaments so I you know I expect to see him playing well here and you know his partner in crime on the other side of the net Brandon French is no stranger to playing well also he's got a gold.

Medal with Riley Newman he's got some you know pretty good exhibition games at the at the highest level and oh by the way from the mental perspective he's one of the best trash Talkers in the game and that matters well good I'll be curious to to hear some of his best work out there today if we get to see it.

The X Factor for me is going to be the big man Andreas sealstrom the Swede the professional tennis player played in the Davis Cup for Sweden uh it's six foot nine the reach for days if anyone can love this man I think they should get a check 41 years old though so he hears the Elder on the court not in pickleball.

Years though he's still new to the game picked it up in 2021 and uh in recent times he's really started to make a name for himself you'd be absolutely shocked to see the hand speed of this gentleman and he's partnered up with Wes Burrows yeah with West Burroughs and you know you mentioned it he's one of you know the.

Wave of former tennis players even current tennis players pro tennis players that are coming over to pickleball and trying to make a name for themselves you know they feel like they can be one of the best in the game yeah no look I mean if you think about just how difficult it is to make it to a level of tennis whereby you're making.

Money a lot of people don't realize the in professional tennis it's really only the top 70 75 men that are actually making a living playing the game at about 20 25 females that's not a lot given the grand scheme of things and just how many professional players there are pickleball that number is rapidly.

Expanding and they're having so much fun doing it so you know it really speaks to just how and why so many players are thinking about coming into this game and I think in five years time well it's going to have a very different complexion yeah I you know one of for me one of the comparisons that I have with professional pickleball a lot of people.

Talk about professional golf one of the things I say is is NASCAR you look at the amount of sponsorships and opportunities that you're able to get at NASCAR that's really what makes up for the financial perspective for those drivers sure they're going to drive in tournaments and try to win prize money but a lot of it is about branding.

Themselves and making money there it's similar here in Pro pickleball where there's so much piece of the pie that all these players can be successful in clinics and lessons and Brandy aside from being the top player for sure the opportunities are just growing by the day and we now have an opportunity for AZ drive to extend their lead if they.

Can take down Chuck Taylor and Brandon French so it's French serving to sealstrom followed by a forehand drive that sounds a little long thing I saw last week from Brandon French was a very sneaky attack off the bounce on the forehand.

Side so I'd like to see well I'm happy to see him on the right side and Westborough is going to have to be very careful about anything on the forehand side of French yeah French can play the angles like no other so I'm looking forward you saw one there as he went wide with the ball oh look at that dipping ball from sealstrom.

smooth hands from French players grab really good hands you see here as hillstrom decides to attack a decent spot for a Brandon French but he backs up and easily blocks it in the corner.

Great day for French oh West Burrows with a smart sidewinding ball through the middle very cool calm and collected as as he always is really it's very hard to Rattle where's Burrows you often used to play alongside the big man whom I think oh I'm drawing a blank here we saw him earlier.

There's that forehand attack foreign just tags Chuck Tyler Jeff Warner because I was still I was trying to It's a Great Wall by sealstrom right there is his speed ups and dinks have the same swing motion so it really helps for the deception.

Sealstrom he put his paddle out there Burrows had a good look at it how are the wings mate you enjoying those wings These Wings Are Awesome uh you got to get out here live to taste them wow that was great defense by French to keep them in that position but silstrom and the link that he has at the kitchen.

Line seeing it up close is insane all right come on yeah I think if you're French and Taylor You've got to be thinking about how you can just use precise dinks against sealstrom and move him around enough hope he pulls that first trigger there's a sneaky ball there from where's Burrows I haven't seen him change his.

Grip that dramatically yeah it was a great ball to your point they're gonna have to move sealstrom around if they allow him to just stand there and dictate it could be in trouble here yeah Burroughs has very precise drives foreign I think they should look to really Target sealstrom when he's in that.

Transition zone that is kind of one of the if not the last skill set that comes into a budding professional player it's a very tricky shot to play that's a great low speed up by sales from there but you're right as you see French they're not happy with the result they've got to attack sealstrom in the transition area make them take as many.

Steps as possible before he gets to the kitchen line uh that's one of the one of the rare Drive misses you're gonna see from him so five seven is the score and he's followed up that with a return error so far we've seen a quiet Brandon French be interested to see if they string.

Together a couple if he starts chirping a little bit well we had three loose errors in a row from the AZ drive and then one from French gives them the ball back so seven eight a quick change of events Burrows feeding beautifully off that from sealstrom yeah great play as you.

See he comes here to intercept that third ball great job of staying down this drives I really shouldn't have said how wonderful his drives were right yeah those matter here I think you know I don't want him to move completely away from it but he's got to give it a three or four more inches.

Yeah they are using the Franklin Bowl it doesn't travel quite as fast as the jira 40. foreign good leave good eyes good communication so 11 8 the AZ Drive take this switch yeah what do you think Dallas pickleball Club down three here what do you think is happening in their team huddle.

Well yeah I think they're going to want to slow things down uh that's obviously easier said than done I think for them their best chance of success is turning it into more deliberate dink exchanges a methodical approach I believe returning to westborough's right now sealstrom is not exactly disconnecting early and trying to get in and intercept that next.

Ball Burrows has made a handful of mistakes on his Drive so if they can deal with this drive when it goes over get enough peace on it then at least we keep him back an extra one and force them into a ding rally where you move seal stream around the court and and see if we can't pick on him in the dink Realm.

But that's just me you know this is nice but it was the wrong player yeah opposite side as a Taylor just misses that dick wide they started out with your strategy right they returned to West Burns but got into the deep rally cross court on the wrong side and look and obviously trying to get the ball to bounce in front of Andrea.

Sealstrom is not easy French standing very tall there yeah one of the best ways to block a ball is stay as still as possible but uh in this one he kind of took that one overboard right yes yes that was AJ Kohler levels of still some great resets wow.

Wow Chuck Taylor hit us some beautiful shots but burrow wow he got himself out of trouble there for 14-8 now I'd like to see some energy from the Dallas pickleball club dance right now couldn't hurt you know energy can win a match and uh a team event like this uh nothing exemplifies that very principle.

Better than MLP bro that ball just wide just wide from French not much so when you hit a lull against a team one of the ways to figure out how to beat them I think for Dallas pickleball Club is your point earlier they've got to dig the ball around unattackable over and over and slowly.

Find some openings right now I think they're rushing just a little bit and it's playing into AZ drives yeah the thing about pickleball is when you get out there you often realize you've really only got two choices you either play to your strengths or you play to your opponent's weaknesses very rarely into those two things actually uh.

Coincide with each other and the Dallas pickleball Club are trying to play to their strengths but it's not exactly playing to the weaknesses of the AZ Drive I think AZ drive this entire game has not felt any pressure so yeah now the pickleball Club can at least put a.

Little pressure here with the two three-point run I'd be interested to see how Arizona Drive reacts thank you oh that is a beautiful drive from Chuck Taylor wow that was indeed going out but Taylor once again couldn't get out of the way yeah I'd like that setup from there.

Where they switched they got Brandon French on the left side and Chuck Taylor on the right side I mean look if it's not working find a different strategy switch on this one though stupid and Morgan we mentioned this before as you see boroughs really attacked the net off of this drive that when you change.

Your strategy you've got to give some time to let it breathe yeah you can find out if it's the strategy at fault or the execution of the strategy that's a wonderful attack from French very unique really kind of flips the paddle around gives it a pancake approach so they're still alive 12 18. and that.

Helps boys yeah that's one thing you can't do if you're Arizona drive right now is give them any free points great drop by Taylor oh what a great Ernie yeah that's uh that's great work from Thailand just one dink to borrows before he redirected.

Over to sealstrom and then applied the pressure with the Ernie yeah French closing very well Barrow is unable to handle that shot that's great defense by Prince you talk about survival versus taking your opportunity.

He survived as long as he could and then was really opportunistic towards the end this is more like it what a paw by e okay well I didn't know he could do that wow I mean that ball looked like it was going a little bit wide he curves it back in playing with a carbon two paddle yeah so now just two points away.

From clinching game two and the big man gets involved isn't it funny how one great point just ignites over here and then one step to his left and he's and he's covered covered the court he was almost in the stands I was floating along but Taylor once again he's been.

His climbs in this game and that does give the game to AZ drive so they are now just one game away from clinching the victory we'll find out fairly shortly who the initial mixed doubles pairings will be so guys we will take a quick break from the microphones you are more than welcome to stick around and we'll.

Be back yeah I'd say it's a minute or two at most before with the action begins Morgan Evans here alongside Brandon insect pong we'll be back don't go away thank you foreign all right.

Maybe on the ground okay in there one minute let's go so it'll be Wes Burrows and Sarah annsbury taking the court and the first and possibly only mixed match if they do.

Win this one they're taking on Chuck Taylor and Megan fudge fudge serving first Dallas pickleball Club they've got to show up in this game right here if not they are going home on the day losing this match That's All or Nothing yeah good disciplined attacks there was one that came off ansberries that looked.

Like it may have given the opportunity for Dallas to take up position at the kitchen and it was not to be um fudge beneficiary of the net there I I like to start from both team I'm seeing some bounce some you know pep in the step for Dallas pickleball club and Arizona driver starting out on fire great dig by fudge.

Good movement sliding to the left from Burrows to open up space on the forehand side I'm intrigued with this technique change he's implemented on his backhand side I'm seeing him switch his grip over to Eastern backhand and really punch almost the same kind of pancake grip you.

See from some of the more creative players great ball by Chuck Taylor as he put a lot of pace on that amsbury tried to block him to just sailed wide oh oh he would love to get that one back you can't really ask for more out of a backhand I mean that might be one of his.

Favorite shots all time backhand Cross Court I just missed it that's going to cost you whether you're using side out scoring or or rally scoring there's uh not much we can do for that one so five two off to a good start again the AZ Drive.

I don't like that speed up there by Asbury as there was no one home in the middle yeah that's that's very ambitious right oh and a lob serve wow followed by a drive that catches the net well dreams do come true there folks great setup by Chuck Taylor if you ask.

Him he'll say that's how he drew it up perfect oh what a great Ernie by annsbury I mean it came out quite delicate in the end but I mean it was perfectly placed watch that as soon as Chuck Taylor turns his head she comes with the backhand Ernie finishes the point yeah no she I mean she really is the epitome of as.

Said it before Precision over power it's uh it's the kind of style that you would want to teach to a lot of players out there as opposed to well just fly through the air just do what Tyler Loom does it's tough to teach that foreign there by Chuck Taylor he loves jumping that left side corner and then pushing.

That backhand Cross Court as you see it here and it's just tough to get back referee's just having a quick chat yeah your point about ansberry playing a really foundational and sound game uh you know a lot of players can get carried away as they get into pickleball they want to hit the cool the flashy shots that they're seeing but really.

Starting out the way that antsbury plays which is foundational and then layering shots on top of that it's probably one of the best ways to get into Pro pickleball yeah start from the ground up once again the net is favoring the Dallas pickleball Club yeah fudge and Taylor are content with.

Staying back there and just throwing out firefights and it's working right now oh a little late to the party yeah maybe a half second late there I think it's good aggression by him but gotta choose those shots wisely nice again just 75 percent down to the feet of Megan fudge and Andrew gets the job done.

Great power from fudge looks like she's she's determined to up the ante a little more in this mixed match than she was in the women's that's what I'm seeing I'm seeing some extra power from her oh and Chuck Taylor you know I noticed this uh in one of the early tournaments of actually last year when he was playing a.

PPA event um and oh wow he has been punished by the pickleball gods for spinning the ball out of his hand uh he didn't realize he was doing it I talked to him after yeah it was early on when the PPA had deciding decided no pre-spin whatsoever and he was kind of unaware that he was doing it and I'm sure that.

Was the case there foreign that's an interesting exchange there as you see Arizona drive up 11-7 on the changeover but to see Chuck Taylor call for spin on his serve uh especially a serve that he's been using for quite some time now and then directly afterwards serve it what at least two to.

Three feet out which he hasn't done all day it's tough to say that that's not partially in his head there yeah that's a mental a mental break there and it trickled on to the next Point as well um you know for me if it if at all something has bothered you whether it be something from the sideline or a weird.

Call or some Shenanigans it doesn't matter what it is you call yourself a timeout just regather yourself and don't let one mistake be compounded by two or three others which is what's happened there and it's given the AZ drive a four-point Advantage yeah and I uh completely agree and you know there's times where your.

Teammates have to save you from yourself and that's where they can call the timeout seeing that there's a couple errors they benefited from the change over here so let's see what they talked about and if it's effective foreign got away with that one it's uh they look.

Like a ball relatively low to her forehand something I've typically just see her reset move up to the kitchen line methodically but she's playing very aggressively and I think Wes Burrows is feeding off it beautifully yeah it's a good call and how timely is that Morgan as he comes in and intercepts that ball and you're.

Right one of the things you see at the pro level is even when a bad shot works they usually know not to do that again yes yeah for sure you give yourself that feedback you don't have to lose the point to know that yeah that was risky tuck Taylor another Ernie but he's missed it yeah and if I didn't know any better I'd.

Say they're almost baiting him to hit that ball the second time he's missed one you talked about it before the kind of energy right now on the side of the Dallas pickleball Club it's just they need to believe they can win this one you know and it's uh it's so often the case they.

Will wait till this Point's finished that's a great ball by Ashbury yeah across Court he drifted around the backhand side found a way to flip the forehand through the middle and that's the first and only time we've seen him do that today therefore unpredictable.

How comfortable do you have to be to be able to hit that shot in an MLP match yeah it's like pulling yourself out of a 360 Ice Storm Slide and having a sip of coffee at the same time yeah and you mentioned energy while uh Arizona Drive are up by eight I'd like to see their team go crazy on a shot like that yeah foreign.

That is a methodical Point by Dallas pickleball Club as they make their way from the Baseline all the way up to the net and force the air let's see if that momentum Carries On that's trickled on nicely to that beautiful forehand drive from Chuck Taylor yeah I often say it the uh the script of.

The match usually follows the internal monologue of the losing team and you've got to change that monologue you've got to be the one that believes that you can just get one point here and there get close get close enough to apply some pressure and then you never know has Chuck overplayed no he's safe got himself back in position there Hansberry.

Threatened to Ernie and then Burrows took the chance he did well below the net and I think they need to stop the bleeding yeah I mean we talked about not having really a budget here in rally scoring and while they're still up five I'd like to see a timeout if they don't get this point certainly I think a change in energy.

On cue too I mean they must be listening yeah what'd you say about the internal monologue yeah they're changing it they're trying to make a happy ending great dick by fudge wow borrows uh he's missed it it was certainly there for him again that's over what is that a.

Five-point run so far by Dallas pickleball Club yes six one more there's gotta be a timeout oh Chuck Taylor almost got caught I think they need to settle down start playing some disciplined pickleball Burrows had a stretch of four or five just amazing plays beautiful shots and.

He took that momentum into shots that didn't need it they just needed to be played moved around live to fight another day and you know hopefully you saw that there at home but Burrows just waved to his bench saying we're good we don't need a timeout we talked about your teammate saving you from yourself yeah.

This is one of those moments where they've got to call time out for their squad yeah all the momentum is with was with Dallas pickleball Club still is I think but there is a point for easy Drive easy to forget that yeah 17 15 now what a great block by fudge to be there.

Yeah she's really getting some good reads on Wes Burrows understanding when he's about to swoop in and he's going to the same kind of locations timing again so one point the margin there barrows bails himself out of trouble but.

It was not pretty yeah it ends in a smile but very close we could have ended the other way would have been a friend all right 18 16. 18 16. oh great defense by ansberry overhead by fudge another overhead by Taylor and no one's home yeah they were both separating anticipating a wider.

Overhead and we could have got a Sherman tank through the middle there Dallas pickleball Club has a chance to steal this game yeah it certainly if they do it would certainly be clutching Victory from the jewels of defeat great drive by Taylor now let's see if boroughs can keep us cool well he didn't need to that's good.

I think he just threw our fudge a little bit by taking that ball when it was in the same area as ansberry yep a great reset by Burroughs and then he charged the kitchen line applying just enough pressure to Chuck Taylor and that has given them game and Match Point Let's see if they can squeak this one.

Out oh this is looking good it's a great drop by annsbury to set it up and Burrows cleans it up with a 60 70 drive he had so many ups and downs in that game he was a human roller coaster ride but I think the stability that Sarah ansbury added to the team helped really kind of.

Weather the storm there because that was a fantastic comeback from the Dallas pickleball Club but it is the AZ Drive taking this matching forward improving their chances to move on from the group stages Brandon this is it for you and me bud until tomorrow at least yeah they don't get the pleasure of hearing us the rest of the day but.

Tomorrow we will be back for some more pickleball and MLP has been killing it today what a great first day yeah wonderful facility fantastic play tomorrow morning uh Dominic Catalano and Chad Edwards I believe will be kicking off proceedings at 8am myself and the lovely Brandon in sick pong we'll pick it up at 12 we hoped to uh to hear well.

We don't hear from you but you know it's nice when we hear from you afterwards when you send nice text messages and nice emails as opposed to well you pronounced this one wrong I can't get everything right no one can even the players sometimes don't so we love you and we'll be back tomorrow guys that's it from me Morgan Evans alongside.

Brandon in sekpong take care and uh well you can always head over to Championship Court that's uh the Talking Stick Resort Championship Court I think they've still got some action going on there so check it out and we will talk to you tomorrow see you soon
MLP 2023 Mesa I Dallas Pickleball Club vs. AZ Drive I Friday I Day 2 I Grandstand Ct. I Challenger

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Dallas Pickleball Club
Players: Megan Fudge, Chuck Taylor, Brandon French, and Christa Gecheva
Owners: Mark Cuban, Dirk Nowitzki, John Isner, Robert Herjavec, Chandler Parsons, and Todd Wagner

AZ Drive
Players: Wesley Burrows, Sarah Ansboury, Andreas Siljestrom, and Sarah Burr
Owners: Larry Fitzgerald, Devin Booker, Dierks Bentley, Michael Phelps, Doug Hirsch, Sheila Gulati, John Merwin, Sam Fox, Brian Frakes, Mark Dalton, and Richard J. Schnall

0:00 – Warmups
5:07 – Women’s Doubles – Fudge/Gecheva (Dallas) vs. Ansboury/Burr (AZ)
28:00 – Men’s Doubles – French/Taylor (Dallas) vs. Burrows/Siljestrom (AZ)
44:41 – Mixed 1 – Fudge/Taylor (Dallas) vs. Ansboury/Burrows (AZ)

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