Good morning everyone we are back here at day two at MLP Daytona Beach we're at uh Picton at Holly Hill it is a beautiful day we had a great day yesterday as well as we started off the Challenger portion of MLP now today we're going to be starting out the premier level we've got a match up here between the Seattle pioneers and.

Milwaukee Masters I'm joined in the booth by professional pickleball player let's say former I like that podcaster content creator uh father Adam Stone here in the booth thanks for joining me oh very excited to be here Mr Mr insect pong uh we got a doozy of a matchup to start off the day as you mentioned the Seattle pioneers and the Milwaukee.

Mashers as we have a train coming by both teams Advanced through pool play at our MLP Mesa so um lots of Talent on the court all these competitors very comfortable with each other and I would say for me the pick to click is Megan Dizon that's that's my pick to click she has some Peaks and valleys in her game the Peaks.

Are very very good but occasionally some inconsistencies creep in if she can play solid with her three other very quality teammates Tyler loon Etta Wright and Ben Johns uh watch out for the pioneers yeah and as you mentioned Seattle Pioneers they made it to the semi-final of MLP Mesa ended up losing to the New York Hustlers and yeah from.

Inconsistency standpoint I think Megan design there's some opportunity there that they've taken from the previous event and you know what she's executed in the past few weeks she just ended up making it to the finals on PPA tour and in Austin I think she's on hopefully an incredible run and they're going to need that if they want to do any damage this.

Weekend yeah definitely and I I certainly didn't mean what I said as a knock at all uh I I'm I I'm just a regular player I don't have Peaks so so there's a lot there's a lot of different ways to get to your talent so that's all I was saying she has just so much power and so much shot making ability that you know when you have those options uh.

Sometimes some some inconsistencies creep in as we see uh kind of the meeting of the minds here with Dave Fleming the GM of the pioneers and of course Ben John's uh who you basically draft the best player in the world a coach and a GM all in one uh the the Wonder kid can do it all so uh very excited to see what the Pioneers have.

For us at a very very tall veteran team in the Milwaukee Mashers they're going to be more than a formidable opponent for the Pioneers yeah with the Milwaukee Masters we've got Lucy kovalova we've got Cali Smith also Andre dieesku and DJ young I think that entire team averages over 6-2 in height six three so Adam I apologize but.

You may not be able to make the cut for them um they're you know from from a physical standpoint they're uh imposing team right there can be some intimidation there they're going to need to feed off of that if they want to make a run here this weekend do you think we might see some energy from the Mashers in this in this women's matchup possibly.

With Lucy kovalova and Cali Smith here we go no question Lucy kovilova Cali Smith against Etta Wright and Megan Dijon to start off oh yes absolutely you'll take that right off the bat we've got a fifth player the net involved early always the best player on the court.

Brandon nice pressure from Etta Wright coming forward pretty reasonable slide to her right with the two-hander from Lucy maybe maybe a couple uh feet off the kitchen line cost her that one great ball by at a right just a little bit high and kovalova finishes that with a little net tick herself as you see.

Here on the replay Adam both these teams gonna look to be aggressive early I would expect that for sure still in the filling out process here early this morning and that ball just off the top of the paddle there for Etta right yeah I would expect to see Cali Smith uh.

Pretty solid with that two-handed counter-attack doesn't love to speed up with two hands so when she's looking to be aggressive I would expect her to continue to look for that one-handed backhand out of the air first oh it's a great counter there by Cali Smith as she takes the attack there by.

Dijon and just slides to her left and finishes down the middle she almost has it's not a Riley Newman pancake but it's almost a a semi pancake she's one of the better ladies that kind of covering her right shoulder and you saw it right there at the Zone with the counter of her own on the two-hand backhand side we talk.

About that kovalova and Jones sporting the two-hand backhand while you've got Etta Wright and Cali Smith using more of a one-hand backhand approach yeah it's been it's been cool to see some of the progressions and the the techniques and the grips and the you know using two hands when I first started five or six years ago Brandon.

There wasn't a lot of two-handed backhands especially on the men's side and now you have a variety of players using a variety of different shots love to see the progression a couple over getting skinny there after the big drive from Dizon that ball just long there is to John is sporting that black Ace paddle there from Pro Connects.

It has a lot of pop on it lots of pop can she Reign it in is the question but man that ball flies off the paddle really nice Grind from all four ladies and for you lower level players back at home the footwork is just so efficient watch the footwork in the controlled lunge they sometimes they don't even take a.

Step they have that wide athletic bass they use the lunge and they keep that contact point and center of gravity so locked in oh great speed up there by Cali Smith as she kind of just uh jammed up Dijon there with that two-hand backhand I'm in perfect spot absolutely perfect uh don't even really think Dizon was late uh just.

Just too good of a shot from Cali tip your cap on that one and that ball goes just wide earlier we had to write winning a dink rally cross-court with Cali Smith I think from a confidence standpoint that's huge going against a team with as many accolades as kovalova and Smith yes and Etta Wright I wouldn't say new on the.

Same will say relatively new on the scene but really uh you know whatever playing the game the right way is she certainly does it lots of Soft Stuff early in her career very impressive great defense by the Masters stop it ladies unbelievable the Pioneers keep the pressure going as Etter riding DeJean crack each ball that.

They can see and just a little bit too much there for kovalovan Smith I mean they met him made him play 10 balls but my goodness great pressure from the pioneers had to write pulling off that forehand a little bit we could we had a bird's eye view of that sometimes you get down locked and loaded.

With that that nice athletic bass but sometimes you pop up too early I think that's what happened there to Etta a great ball there by Smith that ball just a little high from Dijon and she cracks it Cross Court directly at right here yeah it looks like we're uh Pioneer is definitely targeting Cali Smith at the kitchen line early on mixed results.

Oh good get by right defense on the first one by kovalova but just to too much to get out of as Dijon finishes that yeah that's right you you don't want to hit the ball shoulder or above against the Pioneers either one of these ladies lots of power when that ball goes up high that great ball by Wright I'm impressed.

With the pace that Etta Wright plays with as they make the change over here at 11-8 but just great Pace great Poise uh and so early on in the in her career here in professional pickleball yeah no I talked about it a couple minutes ago minutes ago I think you're exactly right Brandon you see you see the talent the grip it and rip it the hands often when.

These players kind of burst on the scene but to be so controlled as you mentioned in the mid Court in the back of the court and up at the kitchen line with the Soft Stuff a very impressive uh from Etta Wright uh as you mentioned earlier in her career probably only on the tournament scene for around a year maybe a little bit less Brandon yeah and from.

A strategy standpoint you talk about the Mashers right now are trying to isolate Dijon right and see if they can get some opportunities there and on the flip side you've got Etta Wright DeJean that seem to be targeting Cali Smith what are they seeing as an opportunity on that side you mentioned there's mixed results right well we saw calories Smith with.

Some phenomenal speed UPS a couple times there but I think what it is is just how much of a veteran Rock right side kovalova is she's so good with the backhand counters and the forehand dinks at the kitchen it's kind of a pick your poison situation so they're starting off with Cali there you go just like you said Brandon.

Maybe uh uh not that Megan Dizon is a big Target up there at the kitchen line but same thing with kovalova if Etta Wright is so consistent and solid maybe you just switch it over put the ball on the other other player and see what happens yeah we talked about just maybe the occasional inconsistency from from The.

Zone and I think for the Masters that they're trying to see if they can get uh some leverage from that that's right and when you have Cali Smith with the heavy counter-attack hands it's a lot of pressure for Dizon great ATP by kovalova a little too hot to handle there by right as we see here on the replay this ball just goes a.

Little too wide by Dijon and kovalova finishes nice spot from Etta Wright yeah nice Pace again yeah right exactly right it's not you know not just you shouldn't patty cake it and and invite kovaleva forward and she didn't hit it as hard she got a nice mid paste right at the right spot that's all it takes.

Sometimes that first drive probably a little too much Pace yeah oh that looked like vintage Lucy kovalova stringing Dijon out on that right side yeah a man when she when she gets her feet a little further than shoulder width apart she's so good at.

Reaching into the kitchen when using her her height to her Advantage one of the best in the game at it really the drive-by coval over handled by Dijon there and a little too much angle for Smith yeah she was coming in hot and I think that's reasonable giving her partner driving but the spot of the drive from.

Kovalova right to the backhand of Dizon Pioneers Clinging On to a two-point lead here make it three as that ball goes a little wide there from kovalova big Drive By Design and she finishes it off with a little three ball combo yeah that was right each one was about two feet closer to the kitchen and I mean.

You can see it I mean you got two of the better defensive players around who are pretzled up swinging on different sides and that's just a testament to the power of Megan Dizon we have a timeout here by the Milwaukee Masters as they're down for a nice four point run by the Seattle Pioneers we keep talking about pace.

Adam why is pace so important especially at the pro level well uh I think personally a variety of Paces are nice sometimes at the lower levels you just hit it hard and it works but against these quality of opponents if you don't have a little a little soft a little medium and then that full release when you really want to go for it these.

Players are just too good so uh you have to put a wrinkle in what you're doing you have to change it up a little bit I don't care how good your shot is if you go to the same spot or the same Pace every time you're going to be in trouble just way too much talent on the court these days awesome analysis for everyone out there.

Watching and listening as well we're back we've got a 16-12 lead here by the Seattle Pioneers this is the first game in this matchup Cali Smith eyes lit up right there she saw that high ball and really just cranked that two end backhand a little too much oh we've all been there see an opportunity maybe hesitate for a.

Second and then it just it just goes away real quick oh great counter there by the Jonas she's starting to play with some great Pace there she just pushes that ball right through the middle oh she didn't she was not waiting for Edda she was already lurking in the middle before Etta struck that third shot awesome job.

By Megan Dizon great defense by the pioneers I mean I'm not sure there's a situation more demoralizing and pickleball when you're in the full fledged offensive position at the kitchen line your opponents are scrambling and then they get back to neutral it's just so tough Brandon great job by the pioneers.

Girl and the Masters finally break that hot streak there by the Pioneers they've got some work to do here down 6 13-19 Smith trying the speed up there to make some things happen can't falter at this point in the game trying to really get aggressive uh but the margins are small here at.

2013 we've got a game point and just in case you guys are new to the broadcast so what happens when a team gets to 20 their score is frozen and they must win on their serve the other team can continue to accumulate points while the other team is stuck on 20. yes called the freeze and right now as Dijon puts that ball way through the.

Middle they're frozen at 20 13 and now we have a game point I mean what a shot wasn't even a poor dink yeah I like that spot by dejon but Cali Smith just really read it and uh slid to her left she's an explosive mover Brandon I mean that was she got a late break on it and she was right where she needed to be.

Tries to make something happen there maybe too low on that first attack kovaleva wasn't able to clean it up and Smith definitely a little questionable with some of the offense on the left side maybe one of the only real knocks when she is over there as as I mentioned her athleticism and her physical presence is one of the best on tour yeah.

We take a look at like the last three rallies and she's made a play missed to play made to play Miss to play Let's see if they can get two-point run here oh gets a ball that she likes just not able to put it down no you're exactly right they're gonna take that you know seven eight nine times out of ten she was sitting right there with the.

Forehand and Dizon was a couple feet off the kitchen line so Mashers like that spot didn't work out that time another game point attempt here for the pioneers and bounces off the tape the Zone with the sorry as kovalova still kind of had a chance to get that ball no no uh yeah nothing from kovalova she kind of just.

Took it in Tapped paddles but that was an interesting situation uh as I don't think Dizon understood how long Lucy was and she almost got that ball I thought we might hear a possible hindrance in that look we talk about players being somewhat inconsistent at this level and you know usually that means they're getting 10 balls but not the 11th yeah.

Right yes yeah for sure for sure I think the Zone played a great game there it's a good start for the Seattle Pioneers now coming up we've got Ben Johns and Tyler Long against DJ young and Andre dasku this is going to be a crazy matchup oh yeah no I'm I'm very excited for this one uh but yeah yeah to your point you.

Were just saying Brandon you you got in this game a couple years too late because it used to only take one or two good shots to win a point back in 2018 or 2017 when I first started so uh the level of the game is crazy I mean you see these combinations you you don't there's not there's not a even a two or a three shot combination often some of.

These match-ups when you get the defensive prowess on court you almost have to get to double digit quality shots to win a point that's what it takes absolutely right we are going to let these players warm up and we will be back here in a few minutes for the men's matchup right now Seattle Pioneers are.

Up 1-0 on the Milwaukee Masters all right we are back here at MLP Daytona Beach picktona at Holly Hill and we've got a great matchup for you right now between Ben John's Tyler Long of the Seattle Pioneers against DJ young and Andre dasku from the Milwaukee Masters big drive to start by DJ yeah he's just so like smooth and it flows and it's.

Just that easy power with the loose arm I'm jealous yeah that's that's the power right there but I I would actually save this matchup right here is similar to the women where DJ young is Megan Dizon the other players may be a little more tight in their uh peaks in their valleys but DJ can play amazing and then occasionally.

Have some errors and matches as well so uh where Dizon played great that last match let's see what DJ young can come up uh here with his partner Andre de-escue 1-1 tie game as that fifth shot from DJ a little too high may not work in this matchup some great Baseline defense from Tyler.

Long as he's Incorporated a two-hand backhand in recent years yeah and Tyler Loom you don't know what he's going to do from the back of the Court he might drop his third he might rip his seventh you you really have he goes hard and low or he goes with that nice drop into the kitchen uh keeps his opponents off.

Balance from the back of the Court to be perfectly honest with you I wouldn't necessarily teach certain players or coach certain players to do that but he has a crazy athletic skill set and when he can scramble and move like him you can get away with a few things other people can't boy this one is.

Getting away from the Milwaukee Masters in a hurry here at a five-point lead 6-1 here for the Pioneers I'd like to see a timeout if they don't come on top of this rally it's a nice shot but real but really not a lot of extended points are just very very quick points and boom boom boom as you mentioned uh.

Things happen quickly it can get away from you before you know it oh great defense by young as he thought the point was over he hit that ball actually made it yeah and anytime you've got the best player in the game Ben John's on the other side last thing you want to do is give easy points away.

Easier said than done a great ball there by dsq as he jams up Ben Johns yeah good decision by day esku is kind of you saw Ben John's lurking there to try to pick something off so a few balls to lung that was back and then Ben was sort of a Sitting Duck if that's possible for him to be up at the kitchen line nice shot from Andre.

Another missed fifth there by Young he's gonna have to dial it in here pretty quick it's a 8-3 lead by the pioneers heavy I mean my goodness it's just I mean a ton of power listen all these paddles were checked by MLP before we got here they may check that one again with the pace that was on great ball by Young.

Nice job by Ben John stepping over to his left he's always in the middle being a presence and honestly a pretty quality ball from DJ young but to to get over there with the two-handed backhand and pop that counter attack well played by Ben great ball by long yeah let's I want to talk about there.

Might have been a couple opportunities there for Tyler Loom to attack but he's playing with Ben Johns and they have a game plan and he is sticking to that game plan he that ball needs to really be there for him to attack that ball otherwise they're just gonna work the point uh as Ben John's the best player in the world especially when they're.

Structured points at the kitchen line Brandon great defense by chance and Loom gets the two-hand counter to go in as they take an 11-5 Lead watch this crazy defense here as they ask you in the middle fires benjon gets it back and then loong completes the play there I mean it's just it's so annoying it's so.

Annoying when you get in those positions like how does Ben dig himself out of that he can't be in a more defensive position and then three shots later his partner's ripping a two-handed backhand up the middle uh very good stuff from the pioneers and there is not going to be anything changing over on that far end of the Court let's see if we get a.

Couple adjustments here from the Mashers yeah and Ben Johns as you mentioned the number one player in the world on the men's side and it seems as if he's playing in slow motion at times like is the game moving at half speed for him correct correct that's exactly right that ball just long there as.

Johns looks over to his bench to see if they want to challenge that they confirm it's a little long yeah nice eye from DJ yeah I understand the Pioneers are mostly targeting DJ young but we we certainly have not said Andre de-esque's name very much and him being over on the left side they have to find a way to get in some patterns to force the ball to.

Andre the Ernie by loon and Ben Johns finishes it off that was a a lot of moving Parts yeah that rally there that's right so when you have Tyler loong always available for the earnings uh sometimes you get some weird formations out there.

Yeah great combo by lung you mentioned he's taking his chances sparingly when he sees an opportunity and that was one clearly for him yeah that's yeah I mean I I played I don't know 100 tournaments with deckle bar and when the big man's hot I'm not attacking anything you know if he's struggling a little bit maybe I'll pick.

My spots and go for it but if he's playing hot and playing well I'm just playing Super consistent and letting him do his thing I'm a great get by Young as long and Johns went for a put away in the middle they ask you with great defense I mean that was ridiculous get.

From Andre right here uh what an angle what an effortless angle there by Ben Johns yeah that's uh you could put that word effortless probably before every everything he does on the court kind of rare missed third opportunity there I think for Milwaukee Masters they've got to take this and use it as.

Some momentum because it's a 915 deficit I just I I mean I feel like I'm pretty solid at analyzing the game of pickleball Brandon and I'm just not exactly sure where they should go right now deficit down to five and those are the ones they can't miss on this type of match-up which puts a.

Lot of pressure when even when you play a great point it's tough and then now you've got to make every single ball nice lean in from DJ using his length but yeah it's I mean it is you're exactly right it's a lot of pressure you know when your margin for air is so slim uh you know not with your shots but just with the quality of your opponents it's.

It's a it's totally uh mental Warfare out there and you if you think that these guys aren't thinking a little bit about that then you're you're wrong Ben Johns gets the dribbler over the net as if you needed another opportunity that spirals into a misreturn by descu and we are quickly at an 18-11 lead for the pioneers.

Great job keeping Tyler Long back is wasn't able to convert I do think one area of opportunity for the Milwaukee Masters is maybe continuing on that backside of John's with some low to mid-pace balls yeah I think that's reasonable Brandon and the thing is though he's he's got a lefty over there with.

Him so he's probably taking just a little less Court than normal having that Lefty forehand so it's like I said it's a tough proposition a very reasonable thought but I just don't know very slim margins oh great counter by lung and young saw that the entire way was a great flip by Ben Johnson yeah hey what.

Are they what are they putting the in the water down in Dreamland everybody's doing scorpions down there deckle bar Vivian David they love that shot there's a scorpion drink ask the bartender what I get by Young a little overcooked there by dayascu on the on the counter you mentioned the Unseen pressure the.

Mental Warfare that kind of happens as you see the Seattle Pioneers win this matchup 21-13 and that last ball is a great example of it DJ young goes cross-court He attempts to go down the line but there's so much heavy pressure knowing that in front of you there's this guy named Ben John yes that kind of knows what he's doing out there yes and.

It's a tough break I would have just like to see a couple more extended points and a little more Rhythm to see what it just never quite got into the match almost uh the entire time I believe they were down 6-1 so almost a five point plus deficit throughout so never never really put a thought in the Pioneer's mind that maybe they're going.

To come storming back so a tough break from the Mashers and they're really going to have to step it up and mix doubles with this O2 deficit yeah and there's there's you know people out there that would say hey well if you're in a situation like that just fire away just cause as much chaos as possible um Adam is that a strategy that can work.

Well I would probably put that pretty far down the list but I mean if the situation is dire enough you got to do something uh I always always say you know uh Ben is one of the better bullies meaning when you do get into those structured points he really moves his dinks around and puts pressure you know on on his opponents being that bully and.

You know sometimes sometimes you run away from the bully sometimes you got to hit him in the mouth too Brandon so uh maybe taking a few more attacks at that backside like you were talking about high to that backhand uh could have been a better option but uh most of the options were very limited against that that quality of opposition yeah and we.

Talk about discipline uh Tyler loong and Ben Johns came in with the strategy you saw lung adhering to that strategy for most if not the entire game it'll be interesting to see in these mixed double matchups who is going to play the most disciplined pickleball right well I would and I would put it at the Pioneers I talked about Ben being uh you know.

He's a he's a kid but he's a smart kid he knows the game very well and that's what he does he likes to come in with a not a crazy specific game plan but just a solid game plan and then his mind's pretty blank other than that maybe maybe a a very small in-game adjustment or two but you come in with that kind of default strategy that you can you can.

Fall back on and then you just you just go out there and play and you know obviously Ben John's one of the best at that so uh yeah it's it's it's step up time for sure here with DJ and Cali uh looks like they're gonna come out first for mixed doubles and yeah it's go time yeah Tyler Long and Megan desjon from the Seattle Pioneers are going to be.

Facing Cali Smith and DJ Young looking forward to this matchup we are now playing all four games in the series all right MLP Mesa they were just playing best of four or best of three right right and then so so now they mixed in uh to where the the actual game wins will be above that point differential percentage so.

Um I I like the rule switch I think it's solid but we will be playing all four and yeah just in case you're just joining us we had the women's doubles the men's doubles then we have two mixed doubles obviously if a team wins three of those four or four of four the uh the match will be over but if we go 2-2 Brandon we're gonna go to a dream.

Breaker which means each team will set a lineup play Four Points at a time men can play women men can play men it's it's a really interesting uh awesome part of MLP and the Masters are going to need to step up if we're going to get to one of those dream Breakers I think most if not all fans out here would love to see a dream breaker.

Especially between these two teams with so many uh singles Specialists here and one of the best as well so we'll see quite a tall task right now for the Milwaukee Masters we're going to take a just a quick 30 second break and we'll be right back all right we're back at the start of this mixed doubles matchup DJ young Cali.

Smith against Tyler loong and Megan DeJean and it's clear the Milwaukee Masters are coming out with some fire yeah and I've uh uh uh a handful of tournaments last year uh my wife Karen Carr played with DJ young and I was on the sidelines for a lot of those and DJ can play big.

Certainly an active mover especially on the mixed double scene yeah and this is a little surprising I know Kelly Smith comfortable she played left with women's doubles but this is surprising to see DJ Young on the right we'll see if they switch that up stick with it uh I guess some of the fact that they both played those respective sides.

And their gender matches comes into play but uh I was expecting to see DJ Young on the left yeah I think maybe trying to counter the lung and design match up over here uh but yeah yes right I totally agree I think having them on the the proper the other sides may be the best fit but we'll see yes.

Nice little Miss hit on the first one but she was in the right spot and a nice clean two-handed backhand on the last ball I mean I I don't I'm not sure I've seen Tyler loong make an unforced air yet a forced one a couple points ago but he's playing a very clean game right now design a little bit too long on that.

Forehand yeah great ball by young as he just continued to Probe on the back side of design there until he got one high enough to put away that's right and I would expect the Pioneers to keep the ball away from out wide DJ young forehand that's the spot where he has a lot of.

Options and I think if they get too out wide to his forehand that's going to put Dizon in a tough spot foreign format for men's on mixed doubles right dominating from the right side right right side strong side yeah come on and Tyler Long dreams about those type of opportunities yeah I mean he has the.

Athleticism to do it but I'll tell you right now that was anticipation I mean he was moving before DJ young struck the ball great job from Tyler that's the one right there not quite a traditional role it's kind of a little role in a little poke and sometimes it gets her in trouble with that one-handed speed up.

A great ball on the backside there from Young and and you're right that that one-handed speed up if it's too much push it's not going to get the rotations topspin to go over the net and if it's too little push then it's obviously going to not clear yes no definitely and and I I would say that um you know Etta Wright has a pretty.

Good one it's a little more traditional and it flows a little nicer so um you know you can't have it all all of these players continually working on their game outside of just plain you've got an 8-6 lead here from Dizon and long.

We'll let we'll let uh Megan Dizon do the analysis for us she goes stop going to DJ yeah at least to that right side on the right hand yes where there's extended options as you mentioned I mean if yeah you got to play the Cali or middle I mean I will you know if he hits a couple good two-handed backhands off the bounce you know that's great DJ.

That's awesome but I'd keep it away from that forehand yeah and one of the advantages that they'll have is since he is on that strong right side as he moves over to his left he doesn't have that extended reach correct as if he was on the left side with his forehand.

Dizon attempts a one-hand backhand herself and tells the bench I don't have that you may have it she may have it next week big serve from Smith she had that one though didn't she.

Redemption almost a crazy recovery there by young but Dizon with just enough pressure pretty good stuff that's I mean I mean Tyler loong I mean it's it's it's that situation of course I'm the player that is going to notice a consistent Rock and how valuable they are out there uh he hasn't done anything special a couple.

Ernie's couple nice shots of course but he is playing a very smart very consistent game and Brandon that's exactly with this team construction what he needs to do so very impressed uh with Tyler loong out there the veteran of the game and he's showing it right now great game plan so far by the Seattle Pioneers for the Milwaukee masters with DJ Young.

On the right side and Cali Smith on the left side what do they need to do to get back into this matchup only down two here right so I I would look for for DJ to continue to do his thing he's kind of crab walking meaning that lateral movement on the kitchen line nicely and I would really look for Cali to be consistent and solid and wait for a.

Really good opportunity I think there might have been a couple shots that she forced in terms of speed UPS it's okay to stay in that grind pattern with Megan Dizon Cross Court don't have to pull the trigger too early great Ernie there by Tyler long as he shows one with the forehand now he shows one with the backhand Cross Court truly.

The Ernie King out there it's something come on Pioneers Clinging On to a three-point lead here everyone's got a different name I like Tomahawk though it's good we saw that from your boy Brandon French the other day uh yesterday in fact and it's a.

Tough shot a couple guys doing it see Zane navratil as well oh it's a great ball by Dizon there as she's going to trying to go behind DJ young there as he Fades to his left to cover as much Court well timed nice hands I mean I want to say at least 80 percent of the winners that young has.

Had today in these last two games have been on that right side and probably about a one to two foot margin on the sideline big loopy served by Young I mean you see that shot and it's I mean he takes it mid shin and I might have landed in the kitchen with a two-handed backhand drive so good from DJ.

And that ball just a little bit too high there from Smith even there Tyler Long puts the proper Pace on the ball yeah he has a really really nice deceptive Inside Out forehand he rarely hooks it uh kind of at the person right in front of him but he can play the middle ball and the inside out ball very well.

Oh what a poach by Dizon and lung could not get there to get this ball off of the net it was a great block by Young yeah well done everyone love the poach love the hands from DJ good stuff there he is yeah one of the players that.

Can definitely definitely get fired up quickly and go on a hot run let's see if he can do it here as they tie this game up 15-15 and pick up an easy one hey I like earning points but I like gifts too Brandon what a kid by Smith foreign.

On the backhand Side by b-zone and I thought Cali handled it well to go around the post just a little bit short oh she had the angle but as you mentioned just too much slice and too much ball took off when it hit the court make that two tomahawks in the bank now for DJ Young.

Dizon threw up uh what we will call a bait ball yeah I think that was maybe we'll call it a Hail Mary on that one it worked out though yeah even young was surprised by uh how high that ball was a teacher it's a it's just a carbon copy I think there's three points that have.

Been the exact same the tomahawk Bank says there are three available now for DJ Young that's a great counter by Tyler Long there as he almost got jammed up and kind of in that chicken wing section between the forehand and the backhand but was able to extend out enough yeah I don't hate the spot from DJ uh I.

Mentioned the The Tipping the cap earlier sometimes it's just too good like the offense and the defense was just a little better all these points count the same and 18-18 with that Miss makes it 1918 here for Milwaukee Masters some great hands at the kitchen line and loong is attempting to hit everything.

With his forehand here as he just continues to slide big moment here for both teams and Smith with the outball that puts the Seattle Pioneers at game point here it's a great low pickup with the two and backhand by Young.

Tyler he doesn't want to be over there on that left side he's like put me back where I want to be we've got the Pioneers Frozen at 20. which means they're going to have to win on their serve and they've got another chance and attempt here the big put away by Smith as long takes an extra long look at that to make sure.

It was in yeah it might have been a little closer than Cali wanted but it definitely definitely inside the line from my vantage point there's that inside outer it's so it's just so slippery Brandon like you could see there's not a ton of pace that's like a 60 60 70 Pace but just nothing DJ young can do.

Nothing to read oh it was a great spot by Cali Smith she just hit it too long it was like perfectly she was literally hitting the ball as Tyler loon was breaking to the middle uh love the decision and the timing of it but just a little too much like you said Brandon tough break and Seattle Pioneers have officially.

Clinched this match even though we will absolutely be playing this second mixed okay we talk about sticking to the game plan they definitely did that to come out on top we will let the Final Mix teams warm-up web Entre diascu and Lucy kovalova against Big John's and Etta Wright we'll see you soon foreign.

all right we are back with game number four in this matchup right now the Seattle Pioneers are up three to zero they have already clinched this match but we will play out the fourth game we've got Ben John's etteright against Lucy kovalova and Andre de Esco yeah yeah well I was just going to say.

Brandon everything matters uh the Milwaukee Masters at MLP Mesa went one and two and through Point differential percentage were able to get through so these games and points are huge nice speed up from Andre de-escue just just a hair late on the slide from uh at a right I like the idea and what she did just half a second too slow yeah they.

Ask who's gonna need to be aggressive here if they want to come out on top of allows him to take the third there whatever I mean that's Honor by I mean that's not right I mean a total total miss it I mean I'm sure he was aiming to that spot but it got there a little tricky I mean Andre death you definitely has.

The length to be a presence up there big man at 6'5 I call him Romanian Tower one Ed and Lika Romanian Tower two so those guys know how to play been around for a while Andre appropriate names yeah the Ernie by Ben Johns the second Ernie there great defense by the Milwaukee Masters.

Until with one just a little bit High yeah no I mean I like the move I mean she ripped a two-hander as well as she can and Mr John's handled it so uh the point point was fine just too good and that's two times now that de-esque has been able to come on top of that speed up at a right not fully sliding to.

Her right great defense by right yeah that's that's pickleball right there best to get of of any of the matches and gets hit in the shoulder on the next ball but uh I wanted to mention also I've played one tournament with Ben locked with deckle both very dominant players.

It's very easy to play with them Brandon but it does there is a few things that are tough I'll talk about that after this point wow too good from Lucy Coppola just an awesome shot right there as she sees a little bit of an opening down on that right side and I mean she has to hit an.

Incredible ball to even make this absolutely so what I was going to mention earlier is that you have to give those dominant players a lot of room to operate so I think Edward Wright is hitting some of those counter attacks a couple feet further back than she's used to and that might have been an issue with those.

Initial two counters that she missed yeah I mean I wouldn't want to play with anyone else uh than those two guys but there is a couple things that that is difficult when you're playing with such a a talented uh partner so just wanted to make that clear to some of the viewers at home it's not all roses even though it's a.

Lot of roses when you play with those guys yeah and time on court matters this is the second event for Wright and John's and with the grueling schedule and John's normally playing with Anna Lee Waters may not get as much time to practice yeah and I think that's uh it's an.

Interesting point because because she missed a few of those slides early I think she's a somewhat off-centered on what ball is going to be wide and what's not and you see it there and there's a great Reach In by Wright to flip that ball there and uh cause the error thank you.

Tovlova wanted to attack that I think she was kind of in the middle of it and the net didn't help by popping it up to Ben Johnson that's certainly true but I I'm not sure that was a forced offense but it wasn't an obvious attack so we'll see if Lucy wants to stay in that pattern with Etta or if she's gonna maybe pull some.

Triggers like we saw on that previous point I don't think Ed is going to stop I think she's gonna once they get in that pattern she's just gonna stay so let's see what uh see what Lucy counter acts that with good ball there by dazquez he had options on where to put that one away and a nice in and out ball yes and I.

Mentioned that with Tyler Long earlier Andre did ask you also a big fan of hitting his forehand inside out desk who comes in hot saw an opportunity after a good fifth seventh drop and just a little too much Pace on that ball yeah I don't hate it a couple over trying to make things happen there again with that forehand.

Only a one point lead here for the pioneers you know it right when you hit it tried to give it the fairy hop couldn't couldn't get it over you see a lot of players doing that the extra momentum yeah thank you yeah I was going to say I think that's a.

Crucial point there for the Masters to get to the changeover on their terms up one um we talked about this matchup and Ben John's being a easy player to play with in some respects can be difficult in some respects when it comes to understanding how to play with with their game what in your eyes what makes.

Colin so good at being able to play on that right side of Ben John's well being yeah being being related is good but they're they're very analytical guys and they have they have their patterns and their situations they practice with the purpose um they they I mean Colin basically got into pickleball because of Ben so from.

Day one he has been catering his game to play with Ben you mentioned Court time earlier Brandon with some of these teams so uh uh maybe it's a combination of skill set of Colin and his whole career has been molded to play with his brother so there you go that certainly makes things easier when you're tailoring to play with uh one.

Player we've got uh now a tie ball game it's 11 11 here John's benefits from the tape I mean it's just not right Brandon I mean that's just not right I'd like to see honestly some fire here from the Milwaukee pressures right you're down it's 3-0.

Let's at least get some momentum carried for the next match yeah I think you're I think you're absolutely right I know sometimes you're down 8-1 in a regular tournament but don't lose 11-2 you may make a little run and that can that can leak over and that can carry over to a subsequent game so I think that's a good comment.

Especially with these particular players Cali and Lucy two of the more fiery ladies on tour and DJ young can throw out a pretty big yell as well so we haven't seen much of that I know they're not winning this match but I would like to see some more fire as you mentioned to uh you know spring I mean 3-1 and 4-0 is a big difference and as you mentioned.

Another match today and another match tomorrow morning uh let's keep that energy up yeah and and you know there aren't a ton of things that we've seen been able to Rattle Ben John's but one of the few things minute things is energy oh the Ernie The Bert by Ben Johns wow great point to win by the Masters.

I'll tell you what there's not a lot of birds that are successful and that team doesn't win the point so uh awesome hands from the Mashers but yes we have our first Bert of the afternoon or morning nice athleticism that's just great probing there by John's as he faked being able to give.

Day escue an Ernie opportunity and then kind of works his way through the point yeah nice soft hands from Andre early in that point but regrouped from the pioneers and too much pressure and there's the fire we talked about a great Point nice fire fight from descu at the kitchen line with Ben Johnson.

Let's see if they can turn that into some momentum here I mean it's a tie ball game easy put away there by John's it's a great gift by John's oh and then awesome put away Adam one to ten how high level was that point yeah I tell you what the I mean I I love these points at the kitchen line it sounds.

Like an NBA game I don't know if we have the microphone to where the fans can hear but the footwork and the screeching screeching of the shoes man these guys are athletic and gals and so often after we see a high energy Point like that uh mentally tough to recoup and Pioneers take a three-point.

Lead here we talk about the margins being so small in this matchup and overall we look at it it's 3-0 Seattle Pioneers but Adam within every game it's been a few Point difference that the Pioneers have been able to come on top of right and it's it's been relatively comfortable sure there's been some tight spots but the Pioneers seem.

To always step up and and have a nice little run when they need it but it's been a comfortable win in these previous three matches and I think the point differential for all three matches probably around 10 or 12 points so uh when you're talking about a comfortable win and it's only 10 point differential man uh any lapses of focus uh uh you.

Know mentally or or a couple couple uh a handful of loose errors on the physical side of things man it can change very quickly and that's all it takes when you're playing with this these quality players a little bit of danger zone in this game now for the Milwaukee Masters as they're down three big fire fight by Johnson I thought they.

Asked you missed an opportunity for a forehand there earlier elected to allow kovalova to reset that back in the kitchen nice length from Andre couple solid hands up at the kitchen line from Andre de-escue yeah and that's the ball I want to see.

Him take look we're late in this game right right now towards the end but I think that is an opportunity for diasku with his Long Reach yeah you gotta you got to use what you got Brandon so you know I'm five eight so I probably I probably dig balls at my feet better than a lot of these guys but.

Andre's a big man and a lot of these tall players use your length if you're not taking advantage of your wingspan you are not utilizing all the tools that you have play big I was wondering why you're so good at defense Seattle Pioneers take this one 21-17 did you see that ball just a.

Little bit long from day ask you and they complete the sweep here a 4-0 win the Milwaukee Masters to start their MLP uh Daytona Beach Journey here I think it was a great match and a great win overall for them definitely a really solid way to start um and you know the Masters Advanced and MLP Mesa so you know this isn't what.

What one of the you know bottom dwelling teams or or one of the weaker teams in the field so to have that comfortable win at 4-0 really match never fully endowed at any moment uh great job by the pioneers and some very solid momentum moving forward in this tournament we've got more Pro pickleball coming up for you later stay with us we.

Will be back I think Adam will be heading to Championship Court later on today that's right so I have two I have two matches there and I think I have one more back here so wait we got a little Merry-Go-Round going today so you're going to get a if if you don't like us you got somebody else coming in uh pleasure to be here with you and we will.

Be back see you all soon
MLP 2023 Daytona Beach I Seattle Pioneers vs. Milwaukee Mashers I Premier Group Play I Friday I Day 2 I Grandstand Court

Seattle Pioneers
Players: Ben Johns, Etta Wright, Meghan Dizon, and Tyler Loong

Milwaukee Mashers
Players: Callie Smith, Lucia Kovalova, Andrei Daescu, and DJ Young
Owners: Marc Lasry, James Blake


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