foreign there is truly nothing else like it Major League pickleball makes it second stop of the Season here in Daytona Beach at the pictona at Holly Hill facilities and we are moments away from first serve between the second seeded Seattle.

Pioneers and the defending champs from MLP Mesa Drew Brees's team and Zubin meta's team the LA madrops as we welcome you inside the booth I'm Michelle McMahon alongside my counterparts today pickleball expert Cameron Irwin and former top men's Pro Adam Stone as we await our first semi-final match here on Championship court it's Seattle against.

The defending champs Adams starting with you what's your insight into the matchup we're about to see well ladies why are we even playing this match the madrops have Irina tereshinko who is one five-time champ five-time Champion we should just all go home how can she lose uh all jokes aside though this is a very tantalizing matchup we have a.

Replacement player in Hunter Johnson and I want to talk a little bit about Megan Dizon who certainly didn't get overwhelmed by the moment in MLP Mesa but maybe didn't play her best game she's been playing very well lately in the past few PPA events and I saw her earlier yesterday playing very well as well if she steps it up for the Pioneers.

Watch out because her other three teammates are very well-known Commodities and have a very high level of play the Pioneers if they count on Megan Dizon and get a little boost from her oh my and Cameron you've had a chance to catch up with both sides what did you learn well I think first and foremost when talking to Dave Fleming.

Who's coaching the Seattle Pioneers he said they are feeling very steady he loves their mixed lineups he also has Ben Johns who is by the way the number one player in the world and I also caught up with him I said how are you feeling right now he goes I cannot wait to get this one underway he said the conditions are a little bit tough the.

Humidity has gone through the roof because of course we are underneath the roof here but definitely it's going to affect a little bit of the play but Ben Johns if there's anyone that's going to be able to respond onto the conditions and humidity the heat it's going to be that guy it's 9 A.M this morning and the humidity is kicking in early to your.

Point Cameron and what that means is the ball gets soft and it slows play down as we discuss the bracket an interesting Nuance for the Seattle Pioneers they did not win their group they came out of group a of course the BLK black bears did win their group but the Seattle Pioneers punched their ticket to the buy to the semi-final round by The Game net.

Differential they had plus seven and that's a new change for MLP Daytona Beach and it was more of a grind to get to this point for the LA madrops the defending chance with a different looking team but let's talk about that that change for the pioneers and why it was fortuitous in just a moment we will first get to the coin toss here the.

Captains meet at Center Court Julian Arnold and Ben Johns oh wait their fate and this is important because the coin toss determines who's the home team and whoever decides to be the home team gets to react first when it comes to the mixed doubles rounds here on Championship Court Dave Fleming said there's pretty much no circumstance.

In which they would defer to be the weight team so let's listen in here on the coin talks right now okay falling hits a roller is chaos.

Castle underneath serves radio L.A LIVE drops all right first serve is moments away that is Steve the Visionary behind Major League pickleball and it's been an incredible Event Event number one of 2023 was incredible and Daytona Beach has done one better.

It just continues to grow and to improve as we get to the first matchup here on Championship Court it will be women's doubles so let's dive in to this series the Seattle Pioneers putting out Mega design and Etta Wright a couple of great players out of the Utah area and then of course the Mad drops lethal pairing of Catherine parento and Irina tarashenko.

The win probability on the side of parento and tarashenko Dave Fleming saying Catherine parento is most likely the player they want to avoid on their side the Seattle Pioneers squaring off against the defending champs karashenko will take us back to sir.

All right okay back to Sir to design goes to the bad drops nice shot by tarashenko getting to the kitchen on the first ball our first.

Point and unable to do so on point number two beforehand and you're already seeing it Megan design using that Ace of Spades pedal gonna be looking for a lot of power off that paddle and that's just a nice move right there from Etta Wright she opens up her.

Forehand by sliding just enough to her left great shot yeah and we saw tarashenko yesterday really use her two-handed backhand up the middle and inside out at the other right side player opponent and she sails that one wide but I expect her to continue with that shot.

Tough break there for the Pioneers clanking paddles in the middle of the court and having a short discussion afterwards I'm sure they'll get this cleaned up moving forward shanko finds the the Mad drops as solid as we would.

Expect this Duo to be a big reason why the madrops took home the championship in Mesa nice job from Eder Wright not allowing tarashinko to get forward and I think the tarashinko forehand drop in dink is going to be a huge shot for the Mad drops in this match taking care of business the player they.

Want to avoid so if you're the Seattle Pioneers see how this strategy and patterning continues to unfold at a right executing flawlessly that Tech and I understand the avoidance but at certain times too you do have to find her there are moments where you have to get her a little bit more engaged to open up other opportunities on the court.

And that was a great example of one yeah and it's it's also interesting because they're avoiding Catherine to go to Irena who has had a lot of success in this format it's definitely a pick your poison situation for the pioneers so now last handful of points we've seen.

Two backhand errors from tarashinko and now a forehand in the net she walks all the way back to The Back Fence some positive self-talk and getting herself ready a little bit of a hands battle there anytime that ball is going to get overhead of Megan design solid job by.

Her finishing off big overhead Cross Court right at the feet of the LA madrops at a Right comes to life just not enough to close out that point but boy is she a special player in the making for Seattle foreign.

Goes into the net what a point on Championship Court nice job by utter Wright stepping in in the hands battle there tough ball through the middle caused a little bit of miscommunication that was just off the toe of the paddle of Megan design ten seven tarashenko tries to respond but so far.

The Pioneers the first team to 11. how are you seeing things playing out on their side right now strategy wise Cameron yeah I'd really impressed just with that last rally alone I think they're doing a nice job kind of moving tarashenko around just enough to create some seams you saw the seam just in the middle and now this.

Is a very dangerous area you talked about avoidance of Catherine parento that's where you have to be careful through the middle so that middle speed up has to be just Out Of Reach of Catherine and still find the backhand side of Irena tarashenko so nice job from the Seattle pioneers and pinpointing some of their locations.

Extended a dig from the Pioneers pushing or out wide to her forehand side that's The Catcher And often those uh counter attacks go down into the net when she's with you overextended on the two-handed Batman thank you so we'll have an end change.

As the Pioneers off to a healthy lead Megan design and Etta Wright two players based out of Utah on a strong pickleball there right back to serve originally from New Zealand okay and a right so powerful on the forehand.

And again it's that same exact location and I love this from the Seattle Pioneers you go with it until it stops working then make an adjustment great speed up again thank you just long that time for design and the mat drops staying alive but not a lot of time left Adam that's right and.

Tarashenko just a little taste of their own medicine there with a nice speed up up the middle and it's slightly low on that speed up attempt Michelle from Etta Wright but I still like it I still think that that forehand in the middle needs to be a presence for her so an occasional error when that when she does step to the.

Middle is okay in my opinion she has an unforced air yet in this match if it and if she does it's only one or two so playing a very clean game and her team is rewarded with a nice six point lead forced into an error that time design and the Mad jobs climb within four nice job by tarashenko.

Changing up her pace and forcing Megan Dizon to be out in front of her counter-attack Catherine The Enforcer at the kitchen for that point yeah nice job by Catherine we haven't set her name too frequently in this match let's see if she can get more involved like that last point.

Tough when you're the player they're avoiding design s at that point and that's uh not an issue in her game when the ball goes shoulder level or above we have some nice put away power from the Seattle pioneers eye drops have to get that ball to.

Bounce at a right both former tennis players strong tennis backgrounds played in college parental pulls right wide and gets the finishing shot she earned missed opportunity for design and here come the Mad drops that's right and a.

Nice drive by Catherine parento and Megan Dizon was in a pretty good spot to handle that but just catching the tape nice pressure from parento going out of bounds yeah tough break and Catherine parento tried to tried to call her off but I think she yelled a little too late you could see tarashenko definitely trying to pull the pull the.

Paddle back as she knew it was sailing long big point for the Pioneers after a nice comeback from the drops slaps that one home beautiful setup from parento a little high on the dink from Dizon and parashenko knows what to do with it as a.

Veteran that drops tie it up Lauren stratman on the sideline behind the bench of the madrops the pro on the circuit the break that time how did she create that space to finish oh well the the.

First one she hit just as hard as that last one and a nice dig from tarashinko but like I said with Etta Wright showing a lot of offense and very much taking charge in this match oh yeah at a right once again that forehand is jumped to defend against tarashenko looking for answers yes and.

It's interesting because Tara right you just basically that makes sense yes relatively new on the scene and often what what happens with that is they start off aggressive and then learn the soft game she's almost opposite she came right out of the gate calm collected and controlled with her dinking and her dropping playing the game quote unquote.

The right way and now to see her kind of Step Up her offense step to the middle of the court and make her presence felt I'm sure that was definitely the strategy of the Pioneers with Ben Johns and Dave Fleming uh you know in her ear and I like to see that aggression from her in this women's match and right now I think it is the difference in why the.

Seattle Pioneers have a two-point lead and for the Mad drops they have a committee behind their bench lots of female Pros supporting them so what's the strategy for tarashenko and parento to answer what right and design are doing right now to create Chaos on their side so what I would say is I don't think I mentioned it Dizon is playing.

Quite well and so what I would do it's it's a pick your poison with tarashenko and parental it's the same thing on the other side of the net Michelle I would put the ball more on Megan Dizon at a right playing so good right now that I would rather play that ball to the right side and take take their chances with Megan Dizon.

It might bite them in the butt but Something's Gotta something's got to give at this point oh tarashenko pulls the trigger right time to do that I think it was a little low and it's it's interesting because she hasn't had Megan Dizon in front of her this whole match so maybe she was thinking she could catch her uh with one.

Of her tricky attacks but Megan Dizon up to the task letting that ball sail along the side of the Seattle Pioneers there's some really really nice and length out there from eddo right Megan Dizon and Irina parashinko and Megan Dizon she crashed back to the middle beautifully on that last point what a finish for Etta Wright and Megan.

Design the Seattle pioneers on top one nothing how were they able to Dethrone the former Champs here in game one of tarashenko and parento and her writes so explosive stepping to her left and loading with the forehand there was multiple times that she was very much anticipating where the ball was go and.

Then there was a couple times where she was just reacting to what was happened but she moved so quickly to clear her body out of the way and smoke a couple Four Hands and that was the difference at the end of the match three or four Big cross-court Four Hands from Etta right to seal the deal now to welcome in the 4 the four member.

Of our crew current top 50 female Pro Camera Blackwood standing by with design and Wright at a dominant performance you kept the lead the entire match what was the game plan heading in honestly we knew that they were going to be a tough team so we had a game plan executed the shots and it was just about putting balls back in.

The court and looking for the opportunity to attack and you had a nice aggressive forehand dink there to Irina what were you trying to create yeah I was trying to pull her out wide and then open up the middle um we really were just looking to be aggressive and focus from the start because they're a tough team so it.

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Championship the women's doubles game went in favor of the Seattle Pioneers as we move on to the men's doubles matchup it's going to be Ben Johns and his partner Tyler Loom on the near side of your screens for the Seattle Pioneers squaring off against the Mad drops in the navy blue Julian Arnold and Hunter Johnson who is in for the injured Thomas.

Wilson Tim klitsch one of the owners of the Challenger teams in the house amongst many others majorly pickleball broke the internet a couple of times with the ownership group announcements for several of these Premier level teams and Challenger level teams the Mad drops.

One of those teams Drew Brees entering the ownership circuit last season so we welcome you back inside the booth Michelle McMahon alongside Cameron Irwin and Adam Stone bringing you coverage for today's first semi-final matchup between the Mad drops the defending champs and the Seattle Pioneers who got bumped out of the tournament in Mesa a little.

Earlier than some had expected as they have Ben Johns the best player in the world we begin with Johnson serve Tulum oh Tyler Loom right away finding the open Corner yeah and a big match up here Hunter Johnson has handled himself nicely on the right side but a little bit different attacks coming.

From binge on so we'll see how that heads-up matchup unfolds with Ben on the left and Hunter on the right all right another unforced air for the Mad drops and you have interesting Insight in the giraffe process dive into that in just a moment for the pioneers.

Adam one of the GMS of one of the Premier level teams so dive into Ben John's strategy for the Pioneers right so Dave Fleming uh the GM but 1a1b when you have Ben Johns on your team so actually Colin John's brother was available in the fourth round and they chose to go with Tyler loon so I think the reason for that is if it's just a.

Men's doubles tournament only I believe that Ben would have drafted his brother but the fact that we have mixed doubles and singles in play I think it might have been the right to play to draft Tyler Loom with their last pick foreign foreign Johnson tested by Ben Johns yeah I'll.

Tell you what those those openings close quickly as there was a sliver of court open and it wasn't open for very long oh tagged by Julian Arnold answering back and the madrops needs some momentum on their side nice to see Julian Arnold too he loves that speed up with his forehand off the bounce fantastic job by him especially.

Changing with loom in front of him ball is called out of bounds and we have a one point game here early in men's doubles Adam a GM of the heartaches plenty of good insight there we're getting our first challenge of the morning Seattle Pioneers challenging the.

Out call of the LA madrops and new rules for this tournament if you're just joining in here in The Knockout Championship rounds so we have another look at them all right that's close but it does remember oh man it is the bottom center of the ball I think it's out I think it's out too.

However it's close and we talk about it often no compression like there would be of a tennis ball and the center surface of the bottom of the ball has to be touching a part of the line in order for that to be in seems obvious but some of these calls look harder than they may seem and and also a.

New rule or I'm not sure if you mentioned this but the 10 second countdown 2 challenge so you had you had Ben John's a little unsure he had his uh his GM and Coach Dave Fleming on the sideline they had a brief discussion of whether to challenge and decided to pull the trigger so it's tough you know you don't get to waffle and ask everyone.

Pull the crowd anything like that you have to make your decision pretty quickly if you want to challenge so a interesting new aspect of the game and I like it to be honest they can no longer defer to the referee whether they saw the ball in or out they just have to say within that 10 second time period if they challenge both teams get two free.

Challenges per game that call was confirmed correct so the Seattle Pioneers lose one of their free challenges they have one left to use as a freebie Hunter Johnson speeds it up to Lou and it works well and that's where you do have to be just a little bit weary with lung being a left-handed player that.

Middle is going to be a little bit of a dangerous position to speed up to Julian Arnold goes right back to the middle of the court that time against Ben Johnson yeah we'll have to monitor because that's one of Julian Arnold's favorite shots and I saw a previous match yesterday where it worked very well and then one against Eric Lang.

Where it did not work so well so uh as you mentioned the two uh Four Hands in the middle he might want to avoid that spot or go there a little more infrequently thank you where it is for Ben Johns and the man drops getting their biggest lead so far of the game.

And it's also hard too because as much as you want to try and maybe avoid metal it's also a great location in terms of dinking because Loom is so athletic off the corner he's looking to constantly earning when that falls going line alone foreign then he finds the corner Julian Arnold bumping his chest that was a huge shot.

My goodness so he's yeah he's he's man he is really I'm not sure if he's just living dangerously or or or or he just is so confident in his abilities because he's going to that well he doesn't give a darn Living Dangerously Julian Arnold Mr Andiamo I will say too though two paddles have touched how many times on.

That ball so it's not so much that it's the two forehands there's also that Middle School amount of communication and who's taking that in terms of the counter just missing there I think one of the other elements too is wear that speed up it's not just about the locational middle it's where it's.

Coming from middle to Middle the shortest distance it makes the responsibilities a little bit more unknown if he's taking that speed up from the far left side that's going to become way more Ben John's ball covered in the middle yeah and that's a very good point uh uh kind of using your inside stroke when you're on the left of.

Your outside stroke way different in the uh amount of time you take away from your opponent foreign counted them out too soon they almost got it so I think that yeah I think what they need to do is let Ben take that middle uh there's three no-go zones in men's pickleball it's the Ben John's.

Forehand on the left the JW and the Riley Newman so just let Ben do his thing loon can worry about those backhand counters not forehands game the Pioneers just like that tied up yes the Cardinal set of pickleball changing your mind uh Julian Arnold right there had two hands on the paddle dropped one off you wanted to be.

Aggressive he ended up going with a soft shot and paid the price with an error Julian he's just giving him one back friendly game Arnold back to serve to Ben jacks foreign but he's not listening yeah but that's.

More about the shape of the ball coming his Direction just a really well struck ball dipping down and bend just about a half step late that's a wicked forehand from Julian Arnold playing out of his mind as he usually does the MVP of 2023 MLP Mesa I mean I'm I'm borderline shocked with some of some of the frequencies of how.

Yeah I mean going to the middle occasionally great sure you got to mix it up but that is literally the Target right now for this team I'm also going to say too I'm also shocked that the adjustment hasn't come yet from the Seattle Pioneers Ben Johns knows exactly what's happening the number one ranked duper in the.

Tournament and showing why he's one of the best in the world Julian Arnold has something to say about that here's a look at Julian Arnold again just 32 years of age out of UCLA he dealt with a lot of injuries in his time at UCLA I spoke to him about it and he's so grateful to have found the game of pickleball which is the Journey of so.

Many of these pro tennis players or tennis players coming over to the game of pickleball but now I have a feeling it's not just going to be about injuries and then walking on over there are a lot of opportunities in the game of pickleball right now Julian Arnold finding plenty of them definitely and you saw Thomas Wilson coming over.

Delivering some information that great crew of pickleball mines back behind the bench Thomas Wilson is the man that delivers that information to the players Johnson finds an opening there no doubt no disrespect to Hunter Johnson but it is a different looking team for the Mad drops without Thomas Wilson but Johnson has.

Has been holding his own so far miss that time Thomas Wilson I mean I don't know if he was just being nice to his good friend Hunter but he described it as seamless as that correct cam is the transition the exact word he said yeah he's even rocking my own Jersey not even sure you can tell he's any different.

Said the same thing that they're very pleased with the way Hunter Johnson a former tennis player out of SMU has been settling into their lineup Tyler loon wasn't going to let that chance pass him by now this ball well popped up over the top of the south paw and just punishing the ball.

Okay just long for Johnson and that's where Ben Johns gets dangerous yeah it's just it's classic binge on stuff here his opponents come out hot they're ripping balls they're making great shots and he's just going about his business and we're all tied up Arnold wants that one back in Seattle.

Taking another lead here now since the side switchers what's up 13 12. there's definitely been an adjustment by the Seattle Pioneers that they've been looking to Hunter Johnson a bit more just in terms of the dink you can see most of the falls going his Direction except for a handful of.

Shots going to Julian Arnold and I think it's going to be all about kind of isolating Hunter Johnson at this point you got to slow down the fiery play of Julian Arnold really no no just long for Ben Jacks yes and he he.

Had Hunter Johnson in an awkward spot but at the same time uh that ball was relatively low so a high degree of difficulty for that shot for Ben and he just couldn't come up with it and then that goes Arnold Pioneers tied up Loom to serve to Johnson foreign I think this is definitely part of the.

Strategy because I have not seen Tyler loon hit a two-handed backhand counter yet which is one of his best shots so surprising in the middle because Ben is there but maybe they're targeting the loom forehand more than we expected and that's just great discipline right there from the Seattle Pioneers they have several opportunities I think in.

The middle of that rally to speed up but it wasn't the look that they wanted they waited till the speed up came their Direction counter and then finish Oh What a fine Julian Arnold sees Ben John's inching over and pickpockets him on the back side all throughout the sexy time for that one that was nice Ben.

John's making the move and as he's hitting the ball and Ben Johns is moving the manipulation of the wrist from Julian Arnold beautifully placed nope then John's taking control earning that one back it's pretty wild the amount of time in the middle of the Court.

Astonishing yes this is a rally scoring game to 21 and I believe it's happened five or six times in this match I'm definitely shocked by that foreign so good at that shot right there he's been become known for it that rolling backhand volley attack fantastic.

Location in times they've popped up going cross-court his Direction and he's attacked under Johnson down the line timeout is called on the floor as the mag drops Trail by three and a game to the Pioneers they have a committee on their side for the madrops what are they discussing no discussion for Pioneers they are clearly sticking to their game.

Plan it's working what do the MADD drops need to do to adjust yeah that's it's classic Ben John's come up with the game plan he talks about how when he's out there his mind is relatively blanks I mean he said it that's a direct quote so he comes up with that game plan and then sticks to it so we haven't seen as many of the speed UPS from the madrops I'm.

Not exactly sure if that's because some of the locations of the dinks or they're just holding back a little bit but they got to stick with that aggression that's what got them the lead and and some of these uh structured controlled points from the Pioneers are the reason why they've been able to get back in this one yeah but think about the second half.

Of this game you haven't seen as many opportunities for Julian Arnold with the forehand flick through the middle obviously on the fourth that doesn't count so that one absolutely does not those bed jobs come up with plan a plan B what if plan a isn't working then is the blank turning into.

Some sort of system it's already set up okay oh boy trouble Brewing on the side of the Mad drop Saloon taking care of that Hunter Johnson yeah I think you're exactly right pops it up it's it's plan a plan B plan C and he'll just usually only needs plan a I was gonna say the same thing.

oh what a finish for Tyler loon Ben Johns on the ATP and the Mad drops seem to have control of game number two and then once Ben Johns and Tyler loon got an inch of momentum they took it all the way through Seattle now with a prolific lead two nothing on the Mad.

Drops what impressed you the most about Ben Johns and Tyler loong and the way they were able to pick apart Arnold's and John uh Johnson it's just so tough I I've you know I've played binge on so many times and I've felt really good in the early parts of the match I'm catching them here and there and I lose so uh so this is what he does he lulls.

You to sleep he weathers the storm of your offense barrage and he sticks with his game plan and his consistency and he just wears you down that's exactly what happened to the madrops so we move on now to the mixed doubles round oh is there are they challenging Justice they are yeah they're video challenging the the last call yeah ball ball was way in.

But hey why not uh totally totally get it given the format and the new rules uh to might as well take a crack at it but that ball clearly inside the line they being the match yes yes challenge this one the call was that the ball sorry excuse me yeah they called it they called the fall out so originally okay it looked like.

Originally they called it in and then they said no no we called it out they big the LA mad drops and so the Pioneers challenging the call that that ball was clearly in and what's likely going to happen is the ball is going to be confirmed in but we will continue to chat otherwise yeah so I think the same thing happened with Lucy kovalova.

Yesterday where she was playing she didn't call them yes and and she knew it was in but it was the last point of the match so uh yeah taking taking a crack at it makes sense but yeah I think this is pretty much a no-hope situation what's the point of doing it then if you know you're gonna lose the point in the game anyways that's a great question.

Michelle I'm not I'm not exactly sure I guess just take a break regroup yeah just trying to have more time before mixed doubles sure that could be it uh just trying to take advantage of the rules as we expected the ball was in call overturned and game over so the Seattle Pioneers on top two nothing Ben Johns.

And Tyler loong dominating their performance over Arnold and Johnson they check in now with the fourth member of our crew Cameron Blackwood Matt drops had a large lead there in the beginning but what changes and adjustments did you make at the end change to take this game uh you know I.

Think it was just settling in we made a few too many uh loose errors and uh the visuals were a little different in here than uh than we had in the past two days so I think it was just me and Tyler adjusting to a couple things and uh still playing the same game just adjustments they are speeding up quite a bit there.

In the beginning at what times are you using to reset or counter back that ball oh it's a mystery I don't even know half the time um just kind of whatever feels good uh Ben's doing such a good job with controlling his dinks and so I'm kind of anticipating on if they have a good shot or not and so it's kind of a little bit.

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It was magical everything is so alive because I got my life back welcome back to Championship Court it is time for the mixed doubles matchup between the Seattle pioneers and the defending champs from Mesa the LA madrops this is the madrop's only chance to extend their chance to get into the.

Championship round which will be taking place later this afternoon at 3 P.M and so the Mad drops were the home team they won the coin toss their Captain Julian Arnold so they get to select the mixed doubles match up they prefer based on who Seattle puts out first so Seattle puts out Megan design and Tyler loon who have been playing together all.

Tournament long and last tournament two both based out of Utah very familiar with each other's game and so the Mad drops countered with Irina tarashenko and Hunter Johnson what do you think of that matchup to put them out first yeah it's two it's two B teams in my opinion and you got to win both you have to win both if you're the Mad drop so line it.

Up even uh and see what happens well and I want to go back to the women's match for the Seattle Pioneers that win by Megan design and Etta Wright was huge we cannot understate that because I think the expectation was that they would win the men's point the women's point was a little bit more up for grab so now they've solidified.

Themselves in a very pressured situation in terms of applying it to the other side Tyler Loom punching an easy ball home that's a great setup shot by Megan design right here to get her partner into the mix that's all about the dink location and the amount of Spin and placement from that ball.

Design into the net Johnson responding and a two-point lead on the side of the Mad drops yeah I'm interested to see how often they play behind Tyler loong not a lot of offense on the backhand side but a very consistent thinker loon catching the outer edge of the panel of tarashenko.

Two three he's on going big on the backhand yeah and that's top she's working with the two-hand backhand on that shot maybe that's a little bit more if she actually wants to speed that up a one-hand reach in just because with two hands on the paddle that's going to reduce the amount.

Of reach by several inches ball is long Loom looking to the sideline on whether or not he's a challenge and no reaction memes no challenge so Hunter Johnson takes back the serve to design Tyler Loom had control of that entire point yeah nice job or one of the more.

Underrated aspects of the game is controlling the kitchen line on your fourth Sixth and uh subsequent shots so nice job by him not letting the Mad drops get up to the non-volley zone he was Irina tarashenko a five-time champ and to your point those fourth shots are very underrated in terms of.

The amount of difficulty at this level oh Hunter Johnson with a passing shot you liked it Adam still oh no it's very good and and to Cam's Point there's a little more Spin and some more dip on some of the thirds so absolutely right uh fourth shot very underrated big yell and I like it bring the energy.

Let's go yes long what a Dodge for Hunter Johnson well and I think it's so fun to watch the nuances of the game of pickleball because all of a sudden the rules have changed for Tyler Long from the men's doubles now he's the Ben Johns in this situation playing more the middle and also having Megan design try and work.

The quarter was lined up on the backhand yeah you're exactly right cam because often when you're the dominant left side player as a male the transition from Men's and mixed is seamless but when you have to switch roles like that very difficult I've had some issues with that in my career as well as a supporting right.

Side player the mentality shift and a drastic one at that foreign holding her own on her side of the court I think what most people have been so impressed with from Megan in the last few weeks yes it's her power but her dinking ability she's making Hunter Johnson very uncomfortable plenty of.

Pace and then still able to drop down and find the counter too yeah exactly it always had more of that high risk reward on the dinks not necessarily a lot of margin but she has dropped her errors significantly and is still creating some offense for not only her but her uh partner as well thank you.

Bloom getting big in the middle and him taking over with that big Lefty is huge as you both have been talking about on their side yeah that's his favorite combination is the Inside Out forehand to set up the Cross Court forehand putaway one of the loosest arms and most powered on overheads in the game I think ignatowicz is up there now too.

Watching him play yesterday I was yeah I mean I haven't said this yes on the broadcast in these four days but man I picked a good time to retire I'll tell you what yeah you did semi on top right yeah no let's go let's go with that let's go upstairs just before all the incredible athletes.

Enter onto the scene I'm just kidding uh we have an end change here on Championship court tarashenko and Johnson with the first team to 11. I mean you might be kidding but it's true so I'm not kidding kidding but serious yeah I'm joking not joking joking not joking so on the side of tarashenko and Johnson what is Johnson's role we.

Haven't really talked about this change in Partnership Tara shenko played Mesa with Thomas Wilson the former tennis player out of Purdue Johnson steps into a new role and in mixed doubles you need to be the alpha what's what do you see his role mentality on his side well it's slightly different when your head's up with the mail so it's it's a slightly.

Different situation you still want to get big you still want to put pressure but you don't have to go with that full-on barrage that you often do with the female in front of you great spot for Megan design there I thought she was going to pull that trigger to the middle of the court and so did Irina tarashinko caught her on.

That backside right hip and perfectly placed tennis player BYU not ball actually just a little bit too far behind her body she didn't take it out in front of her which is why you're seeing that elongated stroke and ball sent long.

Yeah there's that two-handed counter from Tyler loong that we didn't see I'm not sure we saw one in the men's match but you can see why they possibly avoided it there as he got that ball down at the feet well that's a tough ball right there as Megan designs looking to be aggressive.

Poach a little bit more and Irina tereschenko finding the backside of her through the middle shot uh didn't hit that return as cleanly as she would have liked Irina thinking maybe it would go wide it caught the line and threw off for rhythm creating the air foreign.

he couldn't have set it up better tough break we all know that feeling in the booth back home it hurts a little bit design testing the hands of Johnson and the Seattle Pioneers closing the Gap but again Megan design showing what she can.

Do in that Cross Court you saw the backhand slice then she works to the forehand as well incredible job by her two dinks and a speed up what a shot from Johnson on the counter that time catching Loom yeah if loon can't get there nobody can both loong and design former tennis players at a BYU.

Whoa lucky uh break there for the Mad drops tarashenko pop that one up a little higher than I think she'd like I've seen it in both days uh obviously a lot of great dinks mixed in but when she leaves it high she bails herself out with the hands of gold oh Megan design buries that one down the line yeah just a couple High thirds in.

Terms of the drives and at this level those cannot be shoulder Heights that fourth ball in the volley going to be coming back heavily your direction I was just gonna say it must be a lefty thing because Rafa Hewitt's the same way he likes to he likes to drive those fifths and seventh shots you never know what Tyler Loom is going to do either.

Oh nearly every ball to Hunter Johnson and he handled it yeah and that's a big play for Hunter Johnson right there Megan design took her best shot multiple times before she misses that dink with some big speed UPS Cross Court questions oh Tyler Loom didn't take any time to capitalize on this chance yeah and it's.

The perfect spot talk about it all the time in the transition zone when scrambling Target the non-dominant foot of your opponent so hard to get the paddle down there in time oh Johnson just wide and long on the backhand on those counters got to be so important when you have to drop like that Tyler.

Loon doing a nice job ending up a little bit more that pancake look dropping down to his knee good counter oh Tara shenko lines up Megan design who was handcuffed yeah what a spot at the right shoulder I mean you could you could hear design yell out let out a Yelp as she was not expecting that ball.

To go to the right shoulder perfectly placed from the MLP player Irena tarashinko Irena tarashenko the five-time major league pickleball champion yeah and I want to give a quick shout out to Hunter Johnson yes I'm not gonna lie six or eight months ago I kind of thought he was gonna be another one of.

These tennis players that was solid but wasn't going to make it and I think he's really stepped up his game uh both him and his brother I know they're training a lot I know they're playing a lot and he's made some really nice Leaps and Bounds over the last six months and I expect him to continue to improve what an opportunity for Hunter Johnson who's.

Receiving some advice on the sideline from Thomas Wilson now now you have every owner in the Premier level and Challenger level looking at you as a potential candidate to step in next time you get the chance and a high profile team to do it no doubt he was the target for the Seattle Pioneers coming into this matchup.

Well and I think it's critical experience too it's not just about the skill set but also being in these high pressure situations in these Premier level matches especially in the city now oh that is some great defense on the side of the Mad drops the Pioneers forcing the issue maybe maybe I gave him that shout out too quickly.

We just jinxed him oh boy that's two and Tyler Loom coming to life a dangerous team to give any momentum to but a smart Timeout on the side of the Pioneers I'm sure Ben Johns had some wisdom to share with his team one of the great strategists of the game oh Megan design with that backhand loaded up twice yeah and it's.

Interesting too because Tara shenko had just had success on that right shoulder going into the timeout I'm surprised she didn't go back to the well there because Megan designs two-hand backhand counter as you can see as she doubles down on it in that last rally that is something that has created a lot of problems for teams and she didn't double down in the.

Same spot either no she rips one uh up the line and then rips one Cross Court and putting Hunter Johnson in a very awkward position he almost scooped it out but couldn't do it credit to Megan design too one of the the newer Pro pickleball players joined the PPA tour in 2022 as a full-time Pro.

In that department and it's not as easy as you would think to transition from tennis to pickleball in terms of taking your game to the professional pickleball level yes it's a Venn diagram there's some there's some similarities and there's some uh commonality between.

The two but they are two different sports I like that foreign just barely missed for the Mad drops how about the Pioneers chatting things up late at a crucial time well one great communication from Tyler long but also an interesting speed up Choice by arena tarashenko in that transition zone.

Oh Hunter Johnson what a huge point for him yes and I thank Cameron you're right conditions are different MLP Mesa when the ball's hard you can get away with driving some of those mid-court balls better but here with the soft ball it seems like a lot of risk for not a lot of reward that was our Knockaround KO of the game.

And again that cutting dink from Megan design the slice right at the feet it's so difficult because that ball is hitting the kitchen line either you got to steal that one away out of the air you're going to be having to find some significant footwork patterns tie game 1919 all the pressure on the Mad drops right now.

Oh that ball is long and just like that match point on the side of Seattle huge poach from Megan design Tyler Loom very happy with her decision to come crashing to the middle they can win it all right here the Mad drops need this game to stay alive Irina tarashenko as steady as they come and how about Hunter Johnson holding on.

For the biggest pressure point of the major league pickleball tournament and perhaps one of them in his pickleball career just unreal defense and steadiness from tarashenko and Johnson right there oh boy this just got real we're Frozen on both sides if we're wondering why they didn't get the point because it's now traditional.

Scoring on both sides oh design with a net dribbler gets the serve back tough break for the Mad drop the crowd who's in Oz on the let courts they love the let courts oh my goodness the Seattle Pioneers punching their ticket to the Championships and this game was a wild one trading momentum back and forth.

Ultimately Tyler loong and Megan Design coming back and finishing the deal and their second mixed doubles team they don't even have to play a game here before the championship round what did you like the most on the side of design and loon well several of these matches started off hot for the Mad drops so it was some great composure and comeback.

Ability from the Seattle Pioneers uh so it's it's just yeah it's just it's just sticking with it knowing that you're playing a team with some solid offense they're gonna make some shots they're gonna light you up a little bit but if you stick with with your game plan and play your game uh you have the ability to come back and we saw it right there.

And two of the three matches well we've got some time now before the second semi-final match starting at 11 A.M what jumps out to you you Cameron well I want to go back to what we started with the conversation about Megan Dizon right that's how we started the very top of this show how is she gonna play she was incredible in Austin she made a final.

Alongside Vivian David and all of a sudden back now with Etta right they pick up the first point and the Seattle Pioneer she set them up perfectly the Seattle Pioneers punching their first ticket to the championship here with a major league pickleball as we throw it down now to the fourth member of our crew Cameron Blackwood a dominating.

Performance a 3-0 win over the team to beat the madrops was there film watch what was the game plan with the team here before stepping on court uh yeah there was definitely some uh some strategy talk not too much film but you know we're pretty familiar with the players uh all great players they played well and they're the defending Champions.

So we knew we had to come in Play Strong uh but I was really confident my team they played so well uh really really well under pressure which is just incredible uh amazing atmosphere and couldn't be happier and Megan the Mad jobs were actually up the toughest team to beat um I think we're just here for each.

Other we're really encouraging really positive and we know that if we just stick to our game plan that we're gonna make it out so yeah really encouraging positive team and I'm loving it Seattle Pioneers are moving on to the championships today do not go anywhere we'll be right back.

thank you
MLP 2023 Daytona Beach I Los Angeles Mad Drops vs. Seattle Pioneers I Premier SF I Day 4 I Champ Court

Seattle Pioneers
Players: Ben Johns, Etta Wright, Meghan Dizon, and Tyler Loong

Los Angeles Mad Drops
Players: Catherine Parenteau, Irina Tereschenko, Julian Arnold, and Thomas Wilson
Owners: Drew Brees, Zubin Mehta, Kevin Kroeger, Greg Fleishman, and Sam Casperson


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