Maybe an out Ball but brasha able to bring it back down in the court for a point she’s so good at being deceptive on the right side and using misdirection you see she kind of caught Allison Harris off her position there and it opened up the door for a put away if your Harris you have to figure you’re going to see the majority of balls.

Funneled Your Way Columbus wanting to keep it away from Tyler black but hair is up to the challenge yeah and you’re right and early on we don’t really see Tyra black covering too much court so she’s really allowing Allison Harris to get set in this game 3-1 a big swing from piz Nick that catches.

The tape yeah probably thinking about the defense on the other side for Miami PC Asha able to get the point off of The Edge guard something to note the Shadows coming across the kitchen how much is that impacting the balls coming out of the shadows and into the sun yeah it’s.

Difficult especially when there’s a fire fight that’s happening or if somebody drops the ball close to there you can see there it’s just a split second and all of that matters in a game like this another point for Miami it’s 5-2 in this final group stage play there’s the forehand air Keenan pisnick 42 years old.

Slovenian native making your home now in Florida our beautiful construction there for black doing it herself yeah it’s subtle because Harris missed that drive on the previous possession and then you see Tyra black now taking more courts so she’s not waiting to insert herself here black one of six players that made the.

Jump from the Challenger level to Premiere this season Point Harris on the overhead a great setup by her to finish that one off fire fight as brasha finds the feet of Harris and Harris has got to be careful with leaving anything up to the side of Maggie brasha because that misdirection makes it extremely tough.

His Nick picking the right time to pull the trigger yeah and she needed that I think she hasn’t been settled in this game yet and so that may be a shot that kind of pushes her forward five seven another good ball off the paddle of pisnick yeah the ball hit the tape from pisnick but it really started with.

Brasha in that misdirect again she caught black off-centered black stepping over that’s an easy forehand roll winner great ball from her that is a routine she probably hits that in practice thousands of times right there Miami with the two-point Advantage early on.

Another point it could be a danger zone here for Columbus sliders as Miami PC is starting to pull away a little bit my hair is not able to handle the ball of defeat that was a much needed block there from pismic because if that ball.

Goes down it becomes a four-point lead brasha finding some space in the back of the court I mean have we said Mr wreck in brasha at all today that is probably the fifth or sixth time she’s been able to do that Master at her craft in just the first 17 points too some tremendous defense but pisnick pushes it long yeah we call that an.

Emotional Miss there she had everything she wanted but she wanted to put that ball away so hard and it cost her please wow inside out but that’s what Allison Harris does that’s her specialty shot right there I mean she’s basically looking at browser saying I see your misdirection now let me show you what’s.

In my bag as well and it’s timely because she hasn’t used that shot to this point now she’s just been dinking Cross Court your normal static play so to be able to mix that in at that time really good by Allison Harris Harris 30 years old out of Nashville Tennessee played her Collegiate tennis at Central Arkansas went to a clinic with Simone.

Charging who’s on the Atlanta bouncer said hey you know what Simone I’m thinking about playing pro what do you think and Simone is like absolutely you have the skill set and somebody thought so much of her that at the tournament in New Jersey for the app last week Paris Todd had to pull out with an energy and an injury it’s still early on my.

Coffee’s kicking in she called Allison Harris and said hey come play with me they took gold in the women’s doubles I’ll tell you what somebody needs to hire Simone he’s our team as a full-time Scout because there’s this other lady that she brought today right named Catherine parento who happens to be a top three female in our game now so.

Kudos to her finding the talent Allison Harris as you mentioned just she is here for the moment and she’s she’s earned a spot to be in this place now Simone is known about Catherine parento for a long time brought her up to Michigan State from Arkansas to play for her for the tennis side so we are back underway here on.

Grandstand Court little backhand flick winner from black yeah and one thing we haven’t mentioned is how hard it is to have that one hand backhand flick and Tyra black has that early in her tenure here wow I mean did she hear us hyping her up because she’s now putting on the show.

Good speed up there from brasha yeah and and that’s what early on we can’t have any handballs that go to brow shift because that misdirect there again to Black makes it difficult for them to get on top of that rally and sales long why is that misdirect though from Russia so difficult to read yeah because she actually extends so far.

And the paddle faces open that it’s just hard to tell when she’s going to connect with the ball another point for brash you’ll hear analysts talk about holding the ball on the paddle that’s what they mean right by misdirect yeah absolutely and she just did the same thing there she could have went down the line with that ball.

Cross Court but she goes in the Middle with the same exact swing hearing you talk about same exact swing it reminds me of what people used to say about Pete sampras’s toss it was always in the same spot which is why it was so difficult to read to serve 15 10. Black’s not gonna miss that yeah and.

There’s two type of attacks there’s the attacks that are deceptive and the ones that you know are coming and that’s what Allison Harris did there to set that point up another smart step in there from black to Target the hip and physic and I think it’s time for her to do that every single point here because her.

Athleticism and speed can really help them get finish this game off uh Harris put a bunch of balls back but that one just sails past the Baseline yeah I think at this point everyone’s shocked when Harris doesn’t defend a ball in the in the court.

Oh what a lot again another point for Miami pickleball Club but those lobs from Harris are just ridiculous I mean they’re Landing an inch or two from the Baseline it’s going be a long day sir we’re already there it sounded like I’m crying just an appreciation of the love right black going to speed it up couldn’t.

Quite bring it back down in the court yeah I like the attempt I think that’s a shot she’ll dial in over time but extremely difficult to roll that two-hand between two Defenders up seven you can take a few more chances still 12-18 favor of Miami Harris Inside Out forehand winter Point.

Miami I mean she’s been watching Russia long enough that she starts doing her own misdirect shot which is nice she slid to her left and then put that ball down the line anything you can do I can do better right that’s what I saw there 1912. backhand air from brasha and it is game point Miami as they have taken a.

Stranglehold here on the women’s doubles and we just see confidence at an all-time high right now for Miami pickleball Club Columbus sliders trying to figure out how can they stifle this it’ll be a long discussion here for their with their bench well going to need to get some help as well as they are one point away from dropping this.

Women’s doubles game this is the final match of Group C play so regardless of the first three games we will play the fourth for points in seating so we will go the full distance here but again this match deciding who moves into the playoffs and who goes home so lots of implications and it’s even more important to get on the board first here.

And for Columbus sliders at this moment we mentioned Tina pistick not being scared of the moment and I don’t think we’ve seen that by any means but she has not inserted herself in this game I think the way that she would want to and they really need her to build that momentum now because they’re going to have to utilize her in mixed doubles at.

Some point a little passive for your taste right time back in game point Miami Harris went for the speed up catch this the tape yeah and to expand on it Russia is not technically a player that takes over the game she likes to play her role take the opportunities as they present themselves she really needs that partner.

To step up black needing no help to put that away it means she has such easy power it’s like a Lambo like zero to 60 or something I’m sure she’d take that oh what a rally and I was a really smart decision there by Russia and of course it ended in a.

Misdirect from Russia But the spot and the position of where she put that ball was just impeccable it’s still a six point deficit 14-20 oh the angle from Harris to get back on serve I mean the volley winner inside the kitchen she utilized the spin that came off his Nick’s paddle and just rolled it down no freeze this year you.

Still do have to win on serve so game point number three prasha with the extreme angle overhead put away yeah they’re just working the point at this moment and then brush’s finding opportunities I’ll tell you what if this gets to 17 18 things can start getting a little interesting here for Miami PC 301 for Columbus.

And Harris missed it yeah and and that it’s another attempt from black where she saw the opening but couldn’t spin the ball in at the Baseline 16 20. black finishes the points and there were multiple balls in that rally early on that were inches from the line I mean so for Miami PC to come out.

On top of that rally another easy put away for brasha she’s really working that angle yeah and physics doing a good job keeping the ball in play allowing brasser to have some opportunities here one more point for Columbus sliders and I’d like to see a timeout for Miami PC that time black gets the roll yeah.

Second time trying that shot this time she did it out of the air and she again was able to use pismic spin to drop that ball in game point number five for Miami and there will be a timeout to talk it over yeah this is a this is a good one here because for Miami PC they need to close it right now.

Um you start to see the Columbus sliders getting confidence and we see this all the time especially in rally scoring when it gets late you start missing a couple points the other team hasn’t closed it out you feel like you got a chance and that’s the last thing Miami PC wants for the Columbus sliders to have at this moment it was a bit of an.

Issue yesterday for Tyra black and Allison Harris in their Opening match against the Brooklyn Aces they had Match Point against Catherine parento and Andrea Coop but could not put it away ended up losing that game 27-25. it’s tough because mentally as as a human you feel like you’re there you see the Finish Line all you have to do is cross.

It but in this type of environment you have to say totally locked in and almost act as if it’s zero zero and we need every single point you cannot let up and let’s see how Miami PC responds after this time out that final point is always the most difficult it will be game point number six for the Miami pickleball Club oh my goodness after just some insane.

Defense from black who runs into the board comes back they make their way to the kitchen line Harris Just Clips the tape 18 20. hair is short on the forehand tense moments here on grandstand Court as Columbus sliders have erased an eight point deficit it is now 1920. that Ball’s getting heavier and heavier.

Right now and that ball called wide from brasha they’re asking the second ref Michelle bumgartner did she see it she says I didn’t see it lead roof Vicki Ryan oh this is huge here yeah so we are going to have a challenge here you were right the the mo the.

Magnitude of this challenge cannot be overstated I mean this this is big because for Harris and black they have lost some momentum and now every single ball we mentioned the ball getting a little bit heavier so what does that mean it’s getting heavier the pressure is weighing as the other team is getting closer and closer to you so let’s take a.

Look here to see how close this ball is now that’s a tough view there now right behind the MLP by Margaritaville signing you talk about a game of inches this one could come down to a fraction of an inch as that ball you’re right very tough to tell from that particular angle.

Yeah I mean both teams are hoping that it goes their way at this moment um this is a crucial game here from a confidence standpoint if you’re a Miami pickleball Club you know that you are the better team you played the better game if you somehow do not win this that could affect your men’s double team coming up next.

And on the other side for the Columbus sliders if they do win this the momentum is going to be exhuming from their team it’s not just for the men’s doubles but both sides have to come out and play mixed doubles as well and so the last thing you want if you’re Miami is to have to sit for another 20 minutes with that in the back of your mind because as.

Athletes you always say shake it off move on to the next one but we’re human that doesn’t tend to happen you know it I know it it’s going to plant a seed in the back Dorian you’re exactly right to have to go sit down on the bench and think about what you did not do and not able to come out with the win for 15 to 20 minutes and then have to come back.

Out and rectify that is tough the call will stand so the ball was wide 20 all as Columbus sliders have grabbed all the momentum they trailed 20 to 12. early on Miami pickleball Club has had seven opportunities at game point have not been able to close it out okay.

Harris gets the right Point Miami what a rally in that ball lands in for Harris a much needed point there for Miami pickleball Club a better Redemption for Allison Harris and it’s game point number eight a little tighter than they would have liked but Harris ends it as Miami pickleball Club takes it 22-20 yeah.

That’s just great and and you got a feel for Allison Harris to come back from that after a few errors to make this a tie game and she’s able to clinch it good for Miami pickleball Club to finish that one out for them but for the Columbus sliders look it’s not over that was just one that was actually a game that they were down by as many as eight.

To nine points so to make it a 22-20 deficit is good for them they’ve got to send their men’s team out to go out and get a win no such thing as a moral Victory when it comes to professional sports but there are things that Columbus can take from that performance carry it forward the men’s matchup this one is going to be fun coming up it is.

Going to be Frederico Stacks Drew Tyson McGuffin playing together going up against J.W Johnson and Colin Johns Brandon I’m putting you on the spot who has the advantage of what should we expect well listen I I have to give the advantage to Colin Johns and J.W Johnson reason being they’re both playing their standard positions that they play at.

Such a high level Colin John’s multiple gold medals J.W Johnson as well and so I like this pairing but that’s not to say that they are going to win this easily right we’ve got Tyson McGuffin over there in Federico saxrude McGuffin a player that hey you can never count this guy out we’ve seen him down as many as eight to nine points on Championship.

Court on tour and pull it out so he’s an energy guy look for him to get the crowd involved and I think look for Federico saxrude to play a sound and really he has a signature Style game that really bodes well for this place can you talk about Tyson McGuffin I thought you were going to say a player that needs no introduction because of the names that.

Are synonymous with Pro pickleball Tyson McGuffin is right up there with a Ben johns with the headliners of this sport yeah there’s certain players that their brand can live outside the sport and and pickleball Tyson McGuffin is that guy there’s people that know Tyson McGuffin that have never played pickleball they just like it maybe they just tune in and.

Watch so he is a superstar in his own right we’re thankful to have him here in Pro pickleball and the other thing is he’s a top player so he wouldn’t be in that position unless he put in the work and dedication sax dude and McGuffin went 1-1 in their men’s doubles matches yesterday took down the Brooklyn combination of Tyler Luan Hayden Patrick.

Quinn did drop their second match to the aces that was Julian Arnold deckle Barr that one not close by the score meanwhile J.W Johnson Colin Johns also went to win or one in one rather in their matchups they dropped their first to Arizona as well Arizona sitting on top of Group C they’ve already clinched their spot in the playoffs.

And Johnson and John’s coming back to take down Brooklyn 21-11 so both sides with one even match up in both sides yesterday with a lopsided matchup yeah and I talked to Colin Johns yesterday after his matches and he said look I feel like we’re playing great pickleball we could play a little bit better in spots but I feel confident that my team.

Can make it all the way so you’d expect that from a champion in himself to always feel like he has a way to make it make it you know to the final but I’ll be looking for in particular in this matchup if there’s one thing that is going to dictate this it’s the aggression and play of J.W Johnson he notoriously will come out a little bit.

Slow to fill himself into the game and then as things get tight you’ll start to see them take over a little bit more we may they may need him to do this early on in this type of match-up so that they can get somewhat of a lead and give themselves a shot to win this game worth noting for the bigger picture both of these teams had matches that went to.

Dream Breakers yesterday Miami pickleball Club went to a dream breaker powered by Toyota Prius against the Brooklyn Aces took that one fairly handily 21-11 Columbus sliders for their part their dream breaker was against the Arizona Drive the top seed in this group that went very tight 21-18 so a few points here or there this would be a.

Completely different looking group if you’re Columbus you have to feel like maybe yesterday you missed an opportunity to set yourself up well to move on to later Saturday and potentially Sunday absolutely they were in that game and probably felt that they should win it but I’ll just say I mean if we’re fortunate enough to see a dream.

Breaker with this matchup strap in you know put it on the big screen at home if you’re watching TV this will absolutely be a show but first the men have some work to do for the Columbus Fighters and they need to get this game listen we know there’s such a thing as a broadcaster Jinx is there a broadcaster speak into existence because chess from.

A purely fan standpoint that dream breaker would be so fun to watch I like the way you think Dorian we need to change the narrative on that it’s broadcasters speaking things into existence there is no Jinx I think the kids call that manifesting nowadays right the broadcaster manifests I love it coin it.

Well pickleball is known for their hashtags right we gotta we got uh the Ernie King right on the court right now yeah so we got Ernie King we had the tweener King yesterday I’m here for it here for this matchup here on grandstand Court as we continue on between the Miami pickleball club and Columbus.

Sliders and an immediate error off the paddle of Johnson listen it’s early but the third shot was an issue for JW Johnson all of yesterday so that will be a point of emphasis here my third shot issue for McGuffin yeah I was a big drive from stack shoot he’s showing that he’s ready to go here my father.

Staxford puts it away but that dink rally must have been 35 shots Doran we may be here a while and and there’s there’s a reason for that for saxrude and McGuffin they respect the hand speed on the other side so much that they want to wait for the perfect opportunity before they pull the trigger stat suit calls it wide.

Yeah the Mist there from John’s as he tried to get Stack’s route off balance McGuffin can’t make the pickup saxrude finding some space for the winner another Point Miami pickleball Club if Stack Street and McGuffin can win points before Johnson and John’s get to the kitchen line they’ll be in good shape.

And McGuffin trying to slide out of the way yeah I saw an opportunity there but it looked like he second guessed it at the last moment Point Miami they have shown that they can play the slow down dink game with Columbus but is that the style that Miami really wants in this matchup yeah.

I think they want to do whatever it takes at this moment and I love the structure of how they’re having these points so far and I get another one there is Johnson drops a forehand in the net and we’re seeing Stack Street a little more fired up and amped up than he normally is you don’t think this this game matters to him.

That’s an easy power flick there from Johnson yeah as many balls that they can get away from the forehand of Johnson especially out of the air they’ll be in a better position speeds it up into the hip of John’s and you you see him starting to open up more offense in the area of Colin Johns he’s starting to feel a little bit more.

Comfortable with this moment unfriendly role for the sliders yeah Miami PC is they’re on a roll themselves right now four point lead a Stacks rude making an error to give the serve back over to Columbus five eight foreign.

Sprays wide off the paddle of stacks rude back-to-back points for Columbus mcguffin’s been doing a really good job of putting that ball in the middle shallow that one a little too deep allowed Johnson some room yeah that’s just an insane block there and I think all four players were shocked that this ball dropped maybe all.

Three McGuffin didn’t look shocked himself I don’t think McGuffin shocked when any of his shots go in let’s be honest about it um body tagged by Stacks rude Stacks route is playing an incredible game right now he’s in the right position he’s taking the right chances and you see it there.

As that ball goes off the paddle of John’s Stacks are 27 years old out of Buenos Aires Argentina and John’s goes through the wickets yeah I talked about making all the right decisions here he tried to reset a ball on the way forward that he probably should have attacked and John’s took.

Advantage of that backhand comes up short off of the paddle of Johnson we head to the end change Miami pickleball Club up 11-7 Brandon it’s felt like they’ve pretty much been in control of this game from the start yeah they have they’ve been playing well and mentioned Stack Street making all the right decisions at this.

Moment and Tyson McGuffin hasn’t been pulling the trigger as much as he normally does he’s really keeping the ball in play moving it around and then allowing Stacks through to dictate some things at the kitchen line but for the Columbus sliders it still seems like they’re in a filling out process of this game you know they’re putting balls in.

Play to kind of see what opportunities pop up the issue is that Miami PC is not waiting at this moment and Stack Street is dictating this so I look for J.W Johnson to maybe speed up some more balls off the bounce test the hand speed of Tyson McGuffin open this game up a little bit because the way that they’re currently playing it doesn’t seem like.

They’ll be able to get the job done would you like to see Columbus be more aggressive earlier in the point or just make their spot better I think earlier in the point would be good just to just to mix it up it always helps for the sliders when you can get a service error yeah three-point helps.

8 11. McGuffin making a point coming right at John’s yeah the point technically starts once everyone gets to the kitchen line in the setup like this and so if they can’t the other team at the line’s gonna have the advantage every time yeah and there you see it there Johnson as soon as they got to the kitchen line.

Johnson takes the ball if the bounce speeds it up to McGuffin and it ends up beneficial for Columbus sliders back-to-back points coming out of the end change oh are you kidding Colin Johns the defense in anticipation from Colin John’s is otherworldly listen we’ve seen some master classes from antley Waters.

If there’s a defensive one it’ll be from Colin Johns speed up right into the hip that time John’s can’t come up with a shot yeah and he’s pointing to the back of him like that ball is way out but McGuffin took the opportunity to sped it up low and kind of caught John’s off guard there ends a 3-0 run by the sliders.

Speed up off the tape Falls in another point for Columbus and that’s one of those balls where Johnson was not speeding up before the changeover now he’s taking the chance and it’s working out well for their team this is just a different decision that he’s making or is Johnson seeing something different yeah I think just mentally he’s deciding.

To be more aggressive 116 . Ernie staxford Point Miami yeah it’s a great play from Stacks route anytime you’ve got chaos with the partner in front of you it’s a good time to have the deceptive Ernie Controlled Chaos from Federico Stacks Road in Miami.

Trying to pull away here in this men’s doubles game up 14-11. and McGuffin can’t come up with it yeah just trading points back and forth here see if the sliders can even this up foreign that was a thing of beauty yeah it was a really good ball off of the one that.

Almost caught the tape from the reset from John’s saxrude has he has a lot of tricks in his bag as well right into the body of Stack’s room goes Johnson the amount of pace on a shot like that generated just from the wrist of Johnson is just incredible and it caught Stacks.

Rudolph guard John’s trying to find the angle just sprayed it wide yeah that ball was just wide but man the insane resets between Johnson and saxrude in the middle of that foreign Falling Away on that point yeah he and.

Now he’s starting to get the crowd engaged a little bit they’re up four here Columbus calls it out yeah John’s hit in outball Stacks fruit could not get his hands down and then he hits it out I mean the get from Stack’s route in the.

Middle of it even caught Johnson off guard but for Johnson to go back and get the ball back and play was yeah we’ll have to we’ll have to replay that one a few times at home the stacks Rude the newest to pickleball out of any player on this court just turned Pro in 2021 out bald there.

yeah one of the newer players and you mentioned earlier was able to take down Ben Johnson singles a few weeks back so he’s on a high currently we also took him down in a semi-final in Arizona earlier this year Stacks Road two PPA goals as he puts away the backhand.

Yeah he feels that he can be the best this game has to offer and you just see his confidence growing each time he steps on the court Columbus able to stem the tide earn another point on the side out yeah we’ve seen some interesting things happen as it goes down the stretch here let’s see if the sliders can provide.

Some resistance John’s pushes it wide off of the backhand wing and that gives Miami pickleball Club game point Stack Street ends it with an exclamation point Miami pickleball Club up two games to none yeah interesting toys by John’s to speed that one up late in the rally late in the game there but he saw an.

Opportunity and look Miami pickleball Club played a beautiful game there to come out on top sliders have to figure out something to see if they can get a couple games here and move this to a dream breaker the slider is going to be able to set their mixed doubles team teams will take a break they’ll re-warm up we’re going to.

Take a break with them don’t go anywhere we have got the final two games between the Miami pickleball club and the Columbus sliders coming up here on grandstand Court you’re watching the MLP presented by Margaritaville foreign foreign foreign.

Foreign Court as we are moments away from the first of two mixed Devils games here between Miami pickleball club and the Columbus sliders Miami took both the men’s and women’s women’s doubles the sliders in need of getting on the board and that’ll help forehand winner from Russia yeah and we see J.W Johnson.

Smiling in this matchup which is good we didn’t see that in the men so hopefully it comes out a little more aggressive another winner off the panel of the sliders it’s going to be J.W Johnson Maggie brasha going up against Tyson McGuffin in Allison Harris in this first of two Paris went for the speed up.

Rasha and Johnson look real active early in this game and they have to be they’re down 2-0 they need this game quick 4-0 lead for Columbus on the winner once again off of the paddle of Maggie brasha she and Johnson went 2-0 in their matches yesterday McGuffin Harris Owen to that new partnership as Harris filling in for the ill Mary.

Brasha thank you foreign Johnson finding a hole through the middle backhand winner Columbus roaring out to a 5-0 start yeah and the sliders put out their number one mix team in Russia and Johnson Gotta Have It.

Yep it’s important and then you look on the other side for the sliders I’d say it’s maybe their 1B team with staxrude and Tyra black waiting hoping they don’t have to come on and win this game for them McGuffin pushes the backhand flick long on the Ernie attempt but that’s why Miami chose to react first they’re going.

Their second team against the first team hoping you can just pick it up now you don’t have to rely on that number one team flick winner J.W Johnson eight nothing sliders yeah Miami PC has to find a way to cool them down right now they are hot giving hotlanta a whole new meaning and.

Then brasha drops it in the net listen she’s like we’re up eight I can take a chance do what I want there we go sales long off the Battle of McGuffin make it 9-1 is Columbus able to get back on serve McGuffin and Harris have not been able to get their bearings or settled in this match Harris can’t make the play as that was a.

Tight roll to the net everything working right now for the sliders and watching McGuffin and Harris warm up here prior to the start of the matches it looked like there may be some communication issues in the middle still part of that getting used to one another brasha coming up with the air that will help but Miami pickleball Club some work.

To do trailing by eight early yeah and this is mixed doubles is one of the toughest things to just step into so for Allison Harris she’s got to figure it out pretty quickly here just catches the back line that sends us into the end change Columbus pickleball Club Club cruising up 11-2 and to your point.

About the mixed doubles Allison Harris had some success there partnered with Hunter Johnson also in the Atlanta bouncers came up with a silver in New Jersey but what do Harrison McGovern need to do to even have a chance here in this game yeah McGuffin is going to have to make this game between him and Maggie brasha.

Not that that’s an easy task but they cannot allow J.W Johnson to continue dictating what’s happening he’s sliding over he’s taking more balls than they would want because the JW versus Allison Harrison Allison Harris matchup favors J.W Johnson heavily so what Tyson McGuffin is going to have to do he’s going to have to skew that in their.

Favor it may be him dinking up the line a couple times to get that cross-court battle action happening and then seeing if he can move over and find an opportunity sliders out of the end change early all smiles along the Baseline why not you’re up 11-2 in a must-have game for Columbus thank you.

Into the hip of Harris another point for the sliders and Brass should not scared at all to go towards McGuffin as she takes this misdirect Adam and then Johnson finishes roll shot from McGuffin find some Court man the amount of pace and spend he got on that ball it’s pretty good from that low position.

312 still I like the start of that point look up and drove towards Johnson he got the next ball he pressured brasha just unfortunately clipped the tape and Johnson knows what to do with the high ball and puts it right into the body of Allison Harris 13-3 All Columbus here and another error off the paddle of.

McGuffin makes it 14-3 in favor of the sliders never to like to talk about having must win but in the case of Columbus it absolutely is is this match will determine who moves into the playoffs and who will go home and Columbus playing like a team that’s not ready to leave just yet yeah it’s it’s win or go home and hey they do not.

Have their bags packed at the hotel they’re expecting to stay another day long on the forehand 16-3 Columbus closing in on getting on the board here on grandstand Court right at the feet of McGuffin Johnson and bra should just applying Relentless pressure yeah they are taking it to Miami PC right now.

One of the more lopsided scores you will see in the MLP yeah and right now for Miami PC they’ve got to find a way to build some momentum you don’t want to send your next mix double team out and you’re down by 15 16 points in the game before Harris able to find a forehand winter Cross Court yeah good ball it was a good.

Gift from Johnson just left it too high see if that gets them going here for Miami pickleball Club foreign score larger margin but we did see in the women’s doubles that Columbus was able to fight back a race an eight-point deficit yeah and that’s three quick points for.

Them here 6 18 Johnson not pressed whatsoever just puts it away casually yes that’s a again when the ball gets to his forehand out of the air it’s a tough ask for the defense inside out misdirect for him the Maggie brasha special yep that is it and uh.

There will be clinics all across the country soon showing that misdirect from Russia roll shot finds the back of the court and Columbus sliders get on the board with a dominating performance in the first of two mixed doubles games 21-6 over Miami yeah I mean that’s a shocker for it to.

Be that lopsided we knew the sliders were going to put their best mixed doubles team out there to get the win but for them to win by 15 points here against a credible team and McGuffin and Harris is a bit surprising but for Miami pickleball Club they’ve got to be feeling good knowing that they’re going to send their number one team in.

Federico saxrude hurricane Tyra black to take on Colin Johns and Tina pisnick who pisnick and Johnson have played together before they’ve had some success in tournaments but not as much Firepower as black and stacks rude so I look for them to press I look for Miami pickleball Club to really press the sliders here outside of the Firepower why do stacks.

Rude and black feel like they have the advantage in this matchup well I think just from a mental in a psychological aspect black has been on a rise she’s been playing well she’s taken down the number one female player stack screwed has a similar story he’s been on the rise he’s been playing well took down number one player so for both of them.

Playing together they have this extreme confidence that they are the two best players on the court regardless of who’s there and guess what they’re pairing together so it is going to be tough in a tall task for pisnick and John’s here in fairs anyone that knows the world’s number one men’s player better than anyone it is his older brother Colin.

Johns who has won 26 tournament titles alongside his brother Ben I’m and I’m gonna just say it look like uh he’s gonna have to come up with some magic here he he has enough in his Arsenal to make this happen don’t get me wrong but he is going to be playing the left side he’s going to have to get creative he’s going to have to be crafty I mean look.

They say tricks are for kids he’s gonna have to pull them out for adults here in this particular game if they want to get a win so you’re saying he’s going to need to pull that rabbit out of the Hat it has I like that one he’s gonna have to do that absolutely John’s one of the things that he does enjoy off the court is he plays a lot of.

Chess and so that comes into the strategy in the thinking two three shots ahead and how you want to construct something moving forward throughout the point he’s one of the greatest Minds in pickleball I’m fortunate to go on trips with him at his pickleball getaways business will be in Costa Rica a week from now spent a lot of time together he.

Breaks down the game uh he has a great understanding of positioning on the court and also I think one of the most underrated things is he has an eye for what could be happening next in pickleball he’s working on shots that he thinks will work he’s the inventor of the shot we call the Scorpion that a lot of people are using now he’s perfected.

It so kudos to him and like we said he’s gonna need every inch of what he can do right here in this game John said he appreciates the uniquely unsolved nature of technique and strategy when it comes to the sport of pickleball his partner Tina Nick perhaps The X Factor in this matchup the new partnership in this particular tournament not overall pismic.

We didn’t see her be as assertive as you would expect in the women’s doubles going to need to have that here but the hands her skills at the kitchen line in terms of her hands make her Elite yeah and look this is why it’s going to be tough for them because John’s is going to have to bring some magic he’s gonna have to use everything he has but then.

For pisnick she’s going to have to play the best pickleball she’s ever played in this particular game so you’re asking for a lot for the Columbus sliders but they’re going to go out there and see all that they can do to take down this team of black and stacks fruit that’s why they say it’s never over until it’s over you never know what’s going to.

Happen and Columbus will serve first here in this second of two mixed doubles games Miami pickleball Club leading 2-1 trying to close it out and move on to the playoffs Columbus on the board first and I like this early on John’s is on the right side he’s not messing around with.

Playing this left side mixed doubles he’s like put me where I’m strong at and let’s find a way to win foreign two-nothing sliders and I think that’s set up early is causing issues for black and stacks root John’s being on the right goes back to that larger conversation about him.

Willing to strategize differently than anyone else in the game yeah he’s playing mental mind games right now and he’s and they’re winning still winning on the scoreboard but staxrude able to get Miami a point and that’s a play there for John’s that he likes he actually rotated back to reset that ball just didn’t get enough on it.

Stacked through going into the body of business yes and that’s the game for staxfruit and black he’s gonna have to really pressure pismic even taking balls that maybe don’t make sense to attack oh Tyler Black Goes feet first into the net pops up looks like she’s okay great effort but a heady play there by John’s.

Yeah I mean she gave that one all she had and she had to have slid about three or four feet just from the speed there great play from John’s foreign going right into the hip of black couldn’t handle it yeah the game within the game here is just working well for Johns and pisnick but see if they can.

Keep it going with this three-point lead Stack Street able to find an angle pisnick can’t get it back it was great defense early on but the pressure from saxrude just overwhelming there for pisnick foot fault John’s looking at his feet yeah I think as Johns went up to get that overhead.

He pushed off from the kitchen line there it was a great look by the Margaritaville kitchen cam at that left foot of Colin Johns his Nick into the net as Miami pickleball Club has battled back to tie it at five a piece here early on on grandstand Court MLP presented by Margaritaville day three of this Atlanta.

Tournament the first stop of season two of Major League pickleball Dorian craft Brendan and Dick pong happy to have you with us here Stacks rude backhand air yeah I think things that can happen for black and sax root they have to get up to the kitchen line and then for pisnick and John’s they cannot miss those dinks.

There in the kitchen from the right side black finding some space six oh black going right at John’s a few insane gifts from Stack’s route he even stumbled a little bit then black comes flying in and puts it away at the hands of John’s little early celebration from Stacks.

Would ended up being the right one yeah it kind of faded the yeah at the end but it worked out winner off the Battle of black and John’s is even shocked he didn’t think black would speed that ball up or that there was enough meat on the flick but he had that she had that one there it’s.

A great ball black has been on the rise over the last season Plus John’s getting a little bit too big at the kitchen line stack suit came all the way over to hit that forehand drive early he is starting to get very aggressive here in this matchup on YouTube another Point backhand winner Tyra black.

It is a 9-1 run for Miami pickleball club and it was essentially two on one in that rally there as John’s tried to come out on top of the hands battle but they found a sliver of Hope behind him and he wasn’t able to catch up to it Tyra black proving why she was able to make the jump from the Challenger level to the premier level this season came.

Into pickleball as an incredibly accomplished tennis player won a couple of tournaments on the ITF tour was a runner-up at the U.S open girls singles her dad even coached Sloane Stephens when you’re coming from that type of tennis pedigree struggled a little bit early on but she has put it together here over the last four or five.

Tournaments yeah I mean she has all of those intangibles that a pro pickleball player would want she’s incredibly fast athletic she has the IQ to move and anticipate where balls are coming from and then she has the mental space to really learn and create new techniques oh a lucky bounce there for Stacks root catches the edge of the line and I’m.

Impressed with Miami PC how they really fended off the attack of Columbus sliders early on figured it out now they’re up 12 they’re up six John’s stepping in for the forehand winner Point sliders Stack Street opened up his paddle just a little bit and gave a tell and then Colin John saw it slid right finished the point off you’re not.

Going to be able to get many things past John’s if he can read your paddle because Nick tried to counter Miami PC made a tactical change they started focusing on that middle section between pisnick and John’s as opposed to pulling the ball out wide why is that the right area for Miami pickleball Club to attack yeah if they keep pulling the.

Ball out wide to Colin Johns his specialty in attacks is that forehand attack and so they’re really taking that ball away from him as you see there black they’ve been focusing on that one spot and now she had an opportunity but this ball that she put Cross Court had a lot of pace on it and John’s is not able to catch up to.

It and load his attack Columbus takes a timeout trailing by eight the slider Started Hot jumped out to the early lead looked like they were in control and then about Midway through the first portion of this game the flip the switch flipped it has been all Miami pickleball clubs since then they have outscored the sliders.

I’m trying to do math here math not my strongs they’ve outscored them Mike that’s the point right we know they do yeah thank you I was like I’m looking at my notes I’m going what’s that number yeah you know what and it’s fine but the point earlier is Tyra black was going cross-court to Colin John’s he was.

Anticipating it able to set up his forehand drives forehand attacks they’ve taken that away completely and they’ve made John squeeze closer to pisnick and now they’re creating opportunities Columbus sliders going to need to find something soon and get a little bit of help as they are trying to Stave off elimination against.

Miami pickleball Club trailing by eight and we’ve got a switch here from pisnick and John’s John’s now on the left side dividends immediately yeah look big sliders came out with the strategy at work Miami pickleball Club figured it out and then their strategy worked and now this is just a Readjustment here.

From the sliders thank you John’s going back behind Stacks rude back-to-back points and no shock that he’s got two straight forehand winners because that is the shot he’s looking for in this type of matchup Stacks rude Inside Out forehand winner he does a really good job of opening.

That paddle extending his arm wide and then contacting the ball either late or early to really deceive his opponents that had some really dirty spin on it off of the serve from black sometimes that uh slice from pisnick can start flying a little bit she gets a lot of backspin on it and then Columbus gets the gift from.

Miami pickleball Club still a seven point deficit black speeds it up into the hip of pisnick another Point Miami three away from closing out this match yeah they’re playing beautiful pickleball right now John’s trying to step in for the forehand catches the net and it is danger time for the sliders yeah they.

Need to pull out all the stops here see if they can get back in this game well that’ll help beautiful combination from John’s creating for himself it’s a great slide from staxfruit but he just opened a little a little bit of an alley for Colin John’s thank you whoa pismic winter Columbus and that may.

Be the strategy for the sliders is hey pismic is saying I’ll just grind it out I’ll dink all day and then whenever I get something that looks good I’ll take advantage of it longest dink rally of the match inside out put away from Stack’s route and it is match point Miami we talk about that open paddle face when the.

Ball is high he executed that beautifully caught John’s off guard which is hard to do thank you Miami points match as Miami pickleball Club is moving on they take down the Columbus sliders pisnick decided to speed up a ball that was a little bit low but can’t falter for taking a chance.

And trying to stay aggressive late in the end this was a tale of the number one mix team for Miami pickleball Club really just taking it to the secondary mix team for Columbus sliders a role reversal of what happened in the previous mix game Miami pickleball Club will be moving on and with the exception of that first mix doubles game Miami.

Thoroughly in control of this match what can Miami take from this match against the sliders and carry with them into the playoffs well I think just carrying into using that confidence knowing that hey we could play with the best of them I do think they want to address McGuffin and Harris in that particular game and find some ways to maybe adjust their strategy.

Because for them that was out of the ordinary they played a beautiful game as you mentioned all three facets that was the one spot I think for them they can take and say hey we can play better in this spot and we’re going to have to if we want to go all the way Miami finishing up Group C play 2-1 Columbus ending their run here in Atlanta one and.

Two coming up next here on grandstand Court it is the Arizona Drive the leaders in group C already 2-0 they’ve clinched their spot in the post or in the playoffs rather it will be the last one as they face the Brooklyn Aces that match coming up in just over a half an hour don’t go anywhere we will be back with you then you’re watching MLB.

Presented by Margaritaville thank you thank you thank you foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign.

Thank you foreign foreign thank you foreign thank you foreign foreign foreign.

Foreign thank you foreign thank you foreign thank you thank you thank you thank you.

Thank you foreign thank you thank you foreign welcome back to grandstand Court we are moments away from the match between the Brooklyn Aces and the leader in group C coming in today the AZ drive 2-0 after.

Yesterday Brooklyn they are out of contention Owen two this will be their final match in group play Arizona though still something to play for yes they’ve Advanced but seating buys all still on the table for the AZ Drive big matchup for the AC drive here because uh the Brooklyn Aces want to play spoiler to their potential number.

One seed right and for the AZ Drive they’ve got with decobar Vivi and David they have already played together in previous MLPs this is the furthest that they have been this is the best showing that they’ve had and so they really want to grab that number one seed and do all that they can do to put themselves in position for Sunday comprehensive look.

Around the tournament so far Orlando squeeze took down the Bay Area Breakers so the squeeze moving on they are 3-0 in the tournament look to have potentially the top seed locked up the other undefeated team moving into today was the DC side they’re going to have to play the Chicago slice that’s not a given win by any means going up against.

Ben Johns the slice one and one perhaps a surprise that group B group of death coming to fruition late on Friday here in group C it was the drive to 2-0 they did go to a dream breaker though against Columbus so could have gone a bunch of different ways the drive end up coming out 2-0 Brandon what is going to be the key for the drive in this match against.

The Brooklyn Aces well the key for the drive each time out is the energy of Julian Arnold we talk about Mr MLP and Rafa Hewitt that name goes to Julian Arnold as well because he is somebody that has shined he has an MLP Championship under his belt let’s get underway with this women’s matchup he’s Brandon enzik pong I’m Dorian Kraft here.

On grandstand Court you’re watching the MLP presented by Margaritaville we are underway in this women’s doubles match and it’s the drive who get the first point love to see the confidence of Vivian Glassman just growing time after time when she steps on the court Glassman just 23 years old played collegiately at the University of.

Virginia takes a big rip at the backhand there yeah and and the other thing is she’s really getting mentored by Vivian David one of the students in the game has a lot of medals under her belt so she’s in a great situation here glossman David’s squaring off against Catherine parento and Andrea coop.

Glossman trying to counter couldn’t quite clear the body enough Andrea Coop one of the sharpest individuals on the tour she’s got a lot of experience at a high level look for her to really impose her will in this game David again forehand really trying to Target this side of the Court here on the last couple of points are the drive.

But 3-1 Brooklyn oh heavy hitting around grandstand Court what a point I mean the oohs and oz of the crowd at every single reset there these ladies are putting on a show and Dorian we’re only five points in crowd filling in here on grandstand you can.

Hear him bringing the energy for the players back up the middle another point for the aces that Coop does a really good job finding the spot there on Glassman and then in sets up a overhead for to finish it off 5-1 tag parento from David yeah the ball.

Clipped the tape I mean parental did a great job getting into the kitchen but just could not get out and establish in time for the block David pushes it wide another point for the aces as they have come out 6-2 lead to start Aces will be content with starting firefights staying in them as long as possible finding any Avenue to.

Win the rally fall long off the paddle of glossmann as the league grows to five tough shot there for Glassman she saw the opening but wasn’t able to get enough topspin to have that ball drop in and that forces a timeout early here by the AZ Drive Arizona calling the early timeout crowd into it seemed to be majority Brooklyn.

Fans here to start and Vivian Glassman one of the newer players to MLP still making the transition when she’s on she is very on has had the tendency to be a little streaky what does she need to do to dial her game back in against the strong start of the aces yeah well it makes sense to see some inconsistencies from a newer player in this type of.

Format she’s going to have the challenge of trying not to force the issue she’s playing with a very stable and capable player in Vivian David and David will allow her to be aggressive when it makes sense but glassman’s gonna really have to manage that and really check the winner versus Air ratio on that side winner versus error is always the golden.

Ratio it’s not just about either one timing of the match matters as well David 26 years old the right-hander living in Dripping string Springs Texas they will face the serve of Andrea coop that was an out ball called a little late from coop AZ looking to their bench and they’ve got.

Some advice from a fan saying to challenge this call and it looks like they will do that here so AZ is going to challenge the call on the court which is that the ball was out along the Baseline yeah look they need to do all they can to find any Avenue back into this game I mean it’s early they’re down six but the.

Reality of it is they’re playing a team with a ton of Merit on the other side Andrea Coop Catherine parento two household names in women’s pickleball and on the other side with David and Glassman they’re trying to figure out the partnership this is newer for them they have been playing well we know that they’re 2-0 but that doesn’t make this.

Any easier for them to get back in this matchup Glassman and David yesterday one in one they lost their first game to Columbus came back took a 21-12 win over Miami sometimes when you’re looking for momentum a challenge that goes in your favor if indeed this call does get overturned that could be a way to get a little spark yeah we talk about margins.

Being slim all the time out here in this format and yeah you’re correctly this could be one call that sways in the favor of AC drive and maybe pushes the momentum for them as well so we’ll see it’s a it’s a timely challenge for them especially being down by this much for Brooklyn they’ve come out the way they wanted to trying to play that role.

Of spoiler what have you liked about the aces so far I I just really love the mental space that they’re in now we talked about them being 0-2 they’re out of contention this is their last match here at MLP this week but yet look how they’re playing their fans are riled up they’ve got energy they’re playing with a purpose you love to see that.

Especially from a team here lead referee Michelle bumgardner saying the call has been overturned that ball was in on the line Brandon realistically what’s the difference between eight and two and seven and three yep you know I’m gonna say two points one is six and one is four but that’s just the mathematics degree in me.

Um psychologically it it matters because they won on that call so now for Glassman I expect her to continue this rise in confidence knowing that she didn’t hit an out ball she didn’t make an error well her partner Vivian David did make an error on the next Point gives it right back over to Brooklyn 8-3 for your math degree that’s five.

And another error there from parento third shot struggles and it’s still a four-point margin yeah a subtle D of the game but the win has started to pick up a little bit a little swirl out here feels like it’s blowing from the bottom of the screen to the top left to right here on grandstand Court.

Glossman leaves It Go beautiful roll from Coop to bring it in for the point yeah Coop I just marvel at being able to watch Hendrick who play Pickleball because she is just smart she knows when to hit shots and where nine four receive air off the paddle of glossman as Brooklyn steamrolling towards the end.

Change up 10-4 Bosman goes for this speed up catches the tape 11-4 Brooklyn Aces they head to the end change in control of this women’s doubles game yeah I don’t like what I’m seeing on AZ Drive side right now from a tactical perspective the energy is there they’re positive we know we’re going to get that.

Aspect from them but that last speed up attempt from Glassman in my opinion doesn’t make sense in that position you don’t like the Tactical strategy from the Arizona Drive what do you want to see from them instead coming out of this unchange I want to see them extend points a little bit longer you’ve got Catherine Prince on Andrew Coop on the.

Other side they’re very capable of Defending but they do get a little antsy at times they want to take opportunities and take chances use that you’ve got one of the best counter punchers in the game in Vivian David let’s try to feed that into her hands there as opposed to starting a rally too early pair of counter punchers David one of the best.

Parento one of the best as well when you have a lead that’s up 11-4 and you’re a team that likes to take chances how difficult is it to rain that in a little bit and know that you don’t have to yeah it’s tough I mean you can start you know you can start getting a little trigger happy out there and but these are veterans on the other side in.

Parental and Coop and I expect them to stay the course you don’t want to go away from what’s got you there it’s like falling into prevent defense too early it never ends well especially on this Football Saturday people watching at home that are going to kick off later no and another point for the Brooklyn East is coming out of the end change.

The drive just seem out of sorts here in this game so far everything going the way of the aces right now and David can only smile seeing that ball just move away from glassman’s paddle we talked about the slight wind that’s happening I’m gonna charge it to that and give Glassman the benefit of the doubt there you know.

Coming out of the end change Arizona now playing with the wind at their back right into the hip of David Goes Coop the wind after it picked up it didn’t really factor in the decision by the drive in terms of what they picked and signs maybe that’s a poor choice now once we get into this a little bit.

Wide from glossman yeah the wind portion is tough because when we started this matchup there wasn’t any win and then it started swirling six or seven points in and you’ve already made your decision wondering how that would have changed things there’s an easy overhead put away for glossman.

She has some of the most power really in the game at the moment and she’s pretty new so it’s awesome to see that’s a ball she’ll love to have a cool questioning parento as well they’re asking if that ball was in the kitchen yeah so the referee called let right away and it seemed as if she looked at her clipboard.

But didn’t necessarily notice if the ball caught the line or past the line so if the ball does catch the line it would actually be out and I think that call looked to be overturned in the favor of the aces a second ref Ron Ponder conferring with Michelle Bumgarner it has been overturned and parental with the forehand the ball.

Don’t lie perhaps yeah that listen it works in other sports why not this one 616. parento trying or rather David trying to counter and just too much power at the kitchen line from the aces yeah another speed up started by the drive not technically a fan of that but at this moment you’re down 11. you got to find.

Out what you can do to get back in this as well glossman better ball into the hip of coop yeah we’ll say she is not shying away from continuing to pull the trigger as you see here that ball bounces and she just picks the right spot jams up coop oh parento not able to come up with a.

Shot back to back points for the drive Coop puts it away down the middle again David’s shaking her head because she was on that ball but then turns around and sees that Glassman was in a better position just all around great pressure though from the aces cheers of coop breaking out here at grandstand Court you gotta add like six O’s to that.

Though okay listen I’m not we’re not doing soccer I don’t have the breast support for that foreign just misses the back line it’s a great eye from David she could have chose to hit that ball to keep the rally going but Court awareness and experience coming.

Into play there for Vivian David and glossman getting a friendly neck cord look sometimes you need a little luck in your favor not sometimes all the time you leave a little luck in your favor and that works in the area of Glassman there exact reason why they say it’s better to be lucky than to be good it helps if you’re both right.

Can’t make the dig as Brooklyn now within two points of taking this women’s Devils game yeah Glassman hit an out ball in the middle of that one of the downfalls of being one of the taller players is that when that ball Rises it’s hard to tell if it’s actually going out and Vivian glossman standing at 5 11.

Thank you David got the forehand she wanted but just Clips the tape and now the Aces game point this is just smart strategy pickleball from the aces they have been targeting Glassman from the start and relentless uh Coop telling her that ball is probably gonna go long.

Yeah parent though it’s hard to pull off that one she wanted a signature fall-off shot with that ended with some emphasis still a comfortable cushion for the Brooklyn Aces Coop lets it Go and it brings up another game point for Brooklyn yeah there was an opportunity there for Glassman but I think she saw Coop sliding to her right.

Decided to go out wide just a little bit too far game point number two sales long and Brooklyn takes women’s doubles 21-11 in a controlled effort from Catherine parento and Andrea Coop just sound awesome pickleball from the Brooklyn Aces right there makes you wonder how this team is 0-2 when they’re playing like that but there’s more to.

Come they got to send their men’s team out there to take on Deco bar and Julian Arnold from the AZ Drive well since you mentioned it Julian Arnold deckle bar 2-0 in their men’s doubles matches yesterday Julian iron had a fantastic day he was undefeated in all of his games Arnold and Barr will be taking on Tyler loong and Gabriel tardio who is.

Playing as a replacement for Hayden Patrick Quinn what do loong antardio have to do going up against such a dynamic duo in Arnold and Barr well they’re gonna have to do a lot but look I think they have the exact tools needed to potentially win a game like this tardio is you know kind of hectic.

At times on the court he can cover a lot he’s got some crazy trick shots that you’ll see in there but he’s also got a sound game that he can play and he’s imposing and then Tyler loon being a left-handed player covers his side appropriately he’s been labeled the Ernie King you’ll see him drop we’ll probably have to put an over under on.

Ernie’s for this game so I expect to see them play particularly well but they’re going to have to play free they can’t play tight tardio’s been called up to the Premier League here he played in Challenger a few days back he’s gonna have to bring his best stuff and take it to the AZ drive if they want to win this game worth noting that tardio did fill.

In yesterday afternoon in the second matchup for Brooklyn so not a new replacement today like we saw in the previous matchup where Tina pisnick playing her first match with the Columbus sliders but what is that number by the way on the over under for the Ernie’s let’s see um.

Ernie King this type of setup I’m gonna set the over under at three okay three for this game for the entire match three for this game and I have to say three and a half because it needs to be a whole number what happens so what are you going to take but under you’re gonna take the over for for the game only for the game only.

Is it Ernie’s where you get a point or just the Ernie attempt those are two different things just the points these are just Ernie’s in particular yep three and a half seems low seems low I’m gonna take the over all right you’re gonna take the over on it we’ll see we’ll monitor that we could probably put another counter for decobar as well who.

Is a great Ernie player as well but I just think this match is going to be exciting we’re going to see a lot of energy here from Julian Arnold as well um you know and we might as well set the over under counter yeah that’s the next thing I was going to ask you so we’ve got Ernie’s we’ve got Andiamos we’ve got.

All the things and we’ve got energy from the crowd too these are players that don’t necessarily need the crowd to manufacture the energy but the crowd has brought it so far here on grandstand Court yeah they really have this is an exciting atmosphere it’s Saturday beautiful weather there’s even some light wind we’ve got shade we’ve got.

Drinks we’ve got celebrities team owners players I mean why wouldn’t you be in an environment like this are you trying to get Trey young to come back up to the booth is that what’s going on here please come back I’m an NBA fan let’s just talk you know maybe play one-on-one or something you can have Trey young come up I still want James Blake to show.

Up pick that man’s brain it is 78 degrees here in Peachtree Corners just about 20 miles north of Atlanta Georgia for this first stop of MLP presented by Margaritaville season two this has been a fantastic weekend of pickleball we are not done yet this the final matchup in group C play Arizona is already locked in their spot in the playoffs Drive.

Trying to lock up that by dropping the first game to Brooklyn does not help because it goes to games net Orlando squeeze already undefeated moving into the playoffs they were eight games net ahead you’ve got DC playing the Chicago slice they were six games net coming into today that match taking place now on Championship court and the drive the.

Other undefeated team playing for their positioning in the post season not really post post tournament there we go nope still not right yeah you know what I’m oh for two in that sentence listen for them to carry on for Sunday ratio right no you I guess it’s a good thing I’m over here right you’re you’d be fine you’d be fine but look this is.

There’s things at stake for everyone here we talk about not just the teams not just your individual pairings but the individual brand of each player is super important we’ve got people watching this is always going to be recorded and so they always want to put out their best self for their the prospective Brands and sponsors out.

There none of those things that you just said made me feel better about the fact that I couldn’t come up with playoffs in that moment Everyone’s Watching Dorian it’s fine we are ready to get underway here on grandstand Court between the Brooklyn Aces and the AZ Drive Aces took women’s doubles easy Drive trying to get on the board.

Oh nice combo from Arnold and Arnold looks back to the crowd like are y’all not entertained well it wasn’t really it wasn’t anandiamo it was just uh it was more Rafa Hewitt like in the mannerism he’s adding some more celebrations to his Arsenal can’t blame you gotta diversify Inside Out forehand winter Loom smart by.

Loon because he faked the Ernie a couple times and Arnold thought he had him but he stayed home and pushed that overhead down what does the threat of the Ernie from Loom do to an opposing defense uh it just puts a ton of pressure you see there that Arnold had a pretty easy down the line Ball but you see someone potentially going to jump you don’t want.

To be a victim of the Ernie Ace is up 2-1 heavy backhand off the paddle of Arnold ties it at 2-0 yeah good one hand backhand he also has a two end backhand that he’ll use at times real versatile player especially from that left side Arnold can’t make the dig at the kitchen line.

Looked like he had an opportunity to take it out of the air but the wind slightly pushed it down caught him off guard Barr flips it long the tough thing about the breeze right now on grandstand court it’s not constant it’s only gusting at moment so it makes it tough to read as the aces have a 4-2 lead.

Cardio going for the speed up misses yeah Arnold yells to the crowd that that was way out a replay when you’ve got Arnold doing play-by-play he’s doing my job we got some input from the crowd as well oh nice Ernie defense from tardio but can’t come up with the point wow that was a pretty good Ernie there from.

Arnold almost defended from Tyler loon oh and Arnold’s talking early telling the crowd he does not want that oh all right then we’re bringing it early I see you know I like this I’m not mad about it.

Bloom getting a little fired up here yeah Arnold with the speed up tried to jam loon but he slid to his right just enough to counter that appropriately well done five all bar read it right Sails Long yeah and tardio wanted to pull out the trick down the line of the slice but Barr.

Recognized it early enough and got out of the way six five backhand flick winner right at the feet of tardio little confusion from loong and tardio loon thought tardio would step in and get that ball ended up popping it up oh powerful forehand coming at you.

Yeah when Deco bar strikes the ball from that position it is coming off hot bar going right after Gabriel tardio on the last three points I mean that was a huge serve followed by a huge drive and then a huge yell I mean that’s that’s the combo they’d like to see every single time here as it forces a timeout.

From the aces oh the other thing the drive likes to see is they are leading by four up nine to five what does Brooklyn need to do to counter the energy right now that the drive has been able to build over the last few points it seems like right now that Arizona Drive are just taking it to them mentally right now and tardio is still.

Trying to settle in get his bearing somewhat in this matchup he may have to take some unnecessary speed UPS maybe fire a ball at the chest of Barr at or Arnold something to get them off him right now because they are they are targeting him on nearly every single ball and to this point it’s working cardio one of the younger players in the.

MLP just 17 years old has a birthday coming up in a few weeks October the 12th just be 18 lives in Jupiter Florida turn pro last year yeah as I gotta shake the cashier thought he was 14 years old so I’m sure he loved that yeah he did I would love someone calling me that young oh oh what a shot from Arnold you had.

Lung and tardio say out but that ball stays in Cross Court just absolutely painted the line wow 10-5 oh tardio stepping across four-hand winner yeah great way to bail out loong after the Ernie was defended by Barr I think that puts our Ernie counter at one there first I was just going to ask if.

Any of if we are keeping track anywhere that’s gonna be your job I’m tracking points beautiful shot just Paints the line to send us to the end change with the drive in control 11-6 and that wind impacting the players and us here in the booth as my partner Brandon ensignbong just taken out by the.

Side of our broadcast tent on Augusta winds just testing my focus that’s all right there but look right now the wind is not in the favor of loong and tardio because this five-point lead for Barr and Arnold seems to continue to grow they’re playing extremely aggressive right now the last thing you want is Julian Arnold Yelling to the crowd.

Playing free because it makes it a tough out for the aces Arnold 32 years old the right-hander didn’t start playing pickleball until 2021 it’s always hard to believe that players at this level so accomplished yes they come from that heavy tennis background but still there is a learning curve Arnold mastering it quickly.

Yeah it speaks the amount of work that he’s put in he currently has moved to Austin Texas he’s been playing with a lot of top Pros it helps out a lot in your game I’d hope that he played collegiately at UCLA too started playing tennis at seven years old foreign decision by loon going behind bar wow.

What a get from Bart on the previous part of that rally not able to come up with the next one smart play from loon I thought tardio may have hit an out ball there on the sideline countertardio winner up the middle yeah and he’s got this look on his face of confidence right now which is so needed from the aces as he counters that ball.

Down the middle matardio weathering the storm as the aces chip away at the AZ Drive lead Julian Arnold saying nobody what a ball from Barr as he literally calls his own shot right there clip it foreign with two straight earnings in a row I mean he is blowing up this Ernie counter.

Right now we’re at three one more I might lose some money here I was gonna say my my over is looking pretty solid nice combination from Barr to force the error from tardio does a really good job of holding that paddle low towards the ground and it’s hard for a Defender to know where he’s going to hit it he just went behind tardio and opened up an.

Opportunity Arnold pounding the chest there’s an Andiamo we had an Andiamo and an Ernie and it’s a point for the drive he is screaming to the crowd right now after that defense resulted in a point for them and it’s just these are insane rallies right now what is that four earnings four earnings oh my goodness.

Off of The Edge guard you don’t typically see loon make that type of error yeah he was sliding to his right to anticipate a Down the Line shot from Arnold and Arnold went semi-cross court and caught him off guard 15-9 Flume trying to speed it up finds the net instead it’s another ball that he.

Really had the beat on what Arnold was going to do but couldn’t convert on the counter and car with a spectacular uh 17 shot in one Ernie bird look at this all the Sesame Street characters in that shot and he literally asked the referee was that good nope it.

Looked good though oh and it looks like that ball got got the body of Arnold yeah It’s Eye Care High character play right rep didn’t see it he just tells him help I think it hit my body there 11 16. Arnold’s yelled no right there on the counter from uh tardio saying it was.

Gonna go out but bar blocks It Anyway using that six foot three frame oh bar Beautiful Inside Out forehand speed up are you kidding yeah one of the best at bat again he’ll hold that paddle straight down and then he’ll flick in multiple directions Arnold creeping for the Ernie made the air and now AZ Drive closing in on that.

21. Arnold is trying to put on a show here now with the fake Ernie there oh another air off of the paddle of the Brooklyn Aces game point AZ and they’re really keeping them off balance Barr is mixing up his attacks versus neutral shots deep ball from Loom as Brooklyn able to.

Save one game point still work to do trailing by eight oh miscommunication in the middle on a medium speed ball that drops in that’s a tough one because you had both forehands there that ball was hanging either player could have hit it Logan tardio just some confusion game point number two.

Arnold a little too much topspin yeah he thought he had it at first with enough Top Spin on it but it just had too much Pace pushes long and Brooklyn lives to fight another point easy backhand put away there for Barr anything that high especially coming off that engaged paddle that he has makes it.

Really tough Brooklyn fighting chipping away Barr tried to go with the trick down the line tardio was there this time and Barkin come up with the counter speed up directed at tardio earns AZ a fourth shot at taking the game trading blows but they are needing to win on their serve.

See if they can convert here they cannot as Arnold comes up short and now Brooklyn making things a little bit interesting they trailed by eight they’ve been able to save four game points it’s 15 20. foreign make it 16 20 as Arnold can’t come up with the dink an uncharacteristic Miss.

There from Arnold but the pressure is mounting with this lead cut to four foreign lead down to three another error from Arnold and the second Miss dink from Arnold forces a timeout called by Barr for the AZ drive and don’t look now but the Brooklyn Aces fans are lighting up this place you don’t have to look you.

Can hear them as they are chanting trying to get their team back into it there have been two back-to-back errors from Arnold but what has Brooklyn been doing to apply more pressure on the drive over the last few points they’ve just slowed it down they worked their way to the kitchen line and then they said we’re going to wait for the right.

Ball at the right time we can’t afford to make any mistakes they’re already at game point and in doing so each ball has forced more and more pressure on the AZ drive and you saw it affect Arnold there drive look a little tight to you yeah I think they’ll respond but we’ll have to wait and see 17 20 coming out of the timeout.

Arnold with the speed up tardio can’t counter smart move from Arnold he recognized that he’s missed a few backhand slices now he’s moving out hitting a couple forehand dings from that side game point number five far backhand winner Drive take it 21-17 great setup from Arnold here as he saw an opportunity speeds it up to loong and.

Then Barr finishes with a two-hand counter awesome play there from the Arizona Drive Drive coming out and evening this matchup at one game a piece both teams are gonna break set their mix doubles matchups we’ve got much more coming up ahead here on grandstand Court don’t go anywhere it’s MLP presented by.

Margaritaville thank you foreign foreign foreign Court Brooklyn Aces AZ Drive tied at one game a piece as we head into the first of two mixed doubles matchups the drive did choose to react so they.

Have put out decal bar in Vivian Glassman to square off against Gabriel tardio and Andrea Coop Brendan what should we pay attention to in this one well for um decobar and Vivian Glassman Glassman struggled somewhat in that women’s matchup so I’ll be interested to see how she responds here it should be a little.

Bit easier for her here since she’s not going to have to cover as much Court decobar notoriously is a player that will cover 95 to 98 of the Court when it comes to mixed doubles but on the other side this is Gabriel zardio’s favorite event is mixed doubles it gives him an opportunity to create to Showcase his skills and his ability.

He’ll be playing with a capable partner and Andrea Coop who has a really good right side player so I’ll be interested to see how he manages that and his energy level this matchup favor Brooklyn or AZ I think this matchup favors Brooklyn here um bar again Barr is one of the best mixed doubles player players but for.

Glassman she’s new to the scene a little bit and mix doubles is tough especially on the female side to understand how to move and it looks like for the drive they’re actually going to start off in a different position they’ve got bar on the right which is not his natural position and Glassman on the left sound like you’re.

Surprised I am very surprised here because that is them saying to the aces we don’t feel comfortable with with bar on the strong side because of the liability with Glassman AZ able to get the first point but if you’re Brooklyn do you look at that and go okay we feel like we’re now have some sort of Advantage yeah I think it’ll.

Take them some points to figure this out and don’t look down but Barr is going back to the left side so they’re playing some Mind Games here with the aces tardio not phased at all puts away the overhead yeah anytime you can get a high ball in an overhead it’s hard to stress you out there.

Grossman in the backhand error in the drive they may want to be a little bit careful about switching both sides multiple times because that could keep Glassman feeling uncomfortable it feels like it would be hard to feel like you can establish a rhythm when you’re constantly switching sides absolutely and especially in this setup.

Where you may not be hitting a ton of balls bars hitting 90 of them it’s hard to kind of get situated cardio absolutely painting lines with that forehand Point Aces and this it’s early in this game but it looks like bar and Glassman are trying to figure out what they want to do it’s not bad.

Oh Ace is all over it Coop coming up with the winner pass bar great Point construction from tardio and Coop and it’s going to be a challenge for Barr and Glassman to really get leverage in these rallies fire fight cardio winner Aces 6-1 did I mention that this is his favorite event I mean he seems super confident he’s all.

The way on the right side showcasing his stuff and he lets the crowd know it Ace is coming out hot here in this first of two mixed doubles games oh tardio everything falling in off the battle of the 17 year old I mean he’s playing so well he even took an out ball and pushes it back in for the winner and that forces a time-out for the AZ Drive.

Tardio is on fire right now Atlanta that’s gonna be his nickname from now on that’s it the hot hot land we got to find a way to mix that in you know something there’s something there oh there’s certainly something there in this pairing for the Brooklyn Aces Coop tardio coming out looking so solid for.

The drive though you said you weren’t really happy with the way they started looked like they were trying to mix things up find their Rhythm what would you like to see the drive do coming out of this timeout yeah look in sports you really need your best players when all the chips are on the table when everything matters you need to put your.

Best players in a position to win you the game and so I just think putting Deco bar on the right side is not putting your best player in position to take over forget about what Glassman is doing at this moment she’ll find her Rhythm but you need Deco bar to be playing his best pickleball and you see that here with him going back to the.

Left side 7-1 Aces it’s been all Brooklyn to start this mixed doubles game and bar making an error on the third 8-1 because of the multiple switches now it’s going to take a few points to get back in rhythm Bart backhand Ernie.

Yeah that tells you all you need to know about his confidence he does the Ernie does a little finger whack there he’s all set he’s feeling good that they can make a way back here doesn’t look phased that his team’s trailing by six sends it long another point for the ace is 9-2 Brooklyn the challenge is because of all.

Of those switches early with Arizona Drive you’ve now got tardio filling Ultra confident Glassman pushes it long right now Arizona can’t find anything to get some momentum going she’s just not in Rhythm now I look to the bench and bar to find a way to get her comfortable outcasts blaring from Championship court.

But Gabriel tardio saying ain’t nobody fresh as me yeah I love it he’s feeling super confident walks over to the bench they’re loving what they’re seeing right here I mean this is an 11-2 lead right now for tardio and Coop and I think for Barr and Glassman on the other side he’s gonna have to go to overdrive at this point create some chaos controlled.

Aggression find a way and what will happen is as they continue to get more and more points Glassman will get comfortable and then they can start attacking for AZ though they have to be able to get points and that has been uphill sledding for the drive against tardio coop for her point she’s holding her own.

But it has been tardio who’s been creating for the aces you know Dorian sometimes in sports you can just overthink things and I think for the drive they overthought this early by mixing Glassman on the left or on the right they need to just get out there and play their game thank you.

There we go here we go yeah it’s a great play there by Barr he kept the pressure on even as tardio and Coop made their way to the net continued to find an Avenue oh the hands how impressive has tardio been in this game you mean he is playing as if he’s the best player right now on the court Barb made the mistake there of.

Going cross-court with that counter should have went down the line and it cost them a tardio human makes the air off the backhand side I think everyone’s relieved that we know that he’s actually human and he’s not a robot 4 12 Barr getting big trying to do a little.

Bit too much there it was a huge swing he saw it but Coop did a really good job of putting a little more angle on that ball and it just jammed up bar good put away smart decision there from Barr just to go right back up the middle yeah I’d almost like to see some of those medium high balls to let glossman.

Take it to see if she can kind of get in Rhythm a little bit especially when the aces are back at the Baseline Little confidence booster absolutely a bar maybe in need of some confidence of his own as he’s missed some uncharacteristic balls for him at this level it’s extremely hard to take over an entire game by yourself and so while.

He can spark a run they’re really gonna need Glassman to come along with them as well to get back in this game speed up push long forehand block not enough shape there aces are just they’re just dialed in at the moment and the driver scratching inclined to figure out something to get back in this.

Yes Barr says no and it does look like tardio will challenge but that ball that was close you know Barr said no immediately that ball trailed and then cardio says yes you know I I gotta just see the replay on it because that was extremely close.

Thank you fraction of inches is the margin in Pro pickleball I mean that is a let’s see if we can get one for our viewers to see here as well that is extremely close and this is the official challenge call here from the referee that’s our lead referee Michelle bumgardner.

Announcing that there is an official challenge as the rally stands it is 15-6 Arizona Deco ball deckle bar calling that ball out off the paddle of Gabriel tardio yeah it was uh look I’m sure that they’re gonna have a good angle on this I actually got a slight camera education from our crew out here they mentioned that they’ve got a 120 pixels on these.

Cameras out here right and so what does that mean for the view of the ball that they can actually see the movement within four inches so we’re actually going to see the ball bounce we’re going to see how close it was to the line cameras pointed at all the lines here on the court VAR in action so the best view you’re going to get the referees have it.

Here on video replay or video replay is Vicki Ryan here in this particular match-up yeah and I apologize for the suspense but we are not able to put that on the screen for our viewers to see right now uh it is just strictly for the referees but it is insanely close they’re still debating this if they can’t make uh a confident call either.

Way they will say the call is going to stand right it does have to be indisputable video evidence that Frey should be familiar to anyone who’s ever watched NFL college football you’ve heard it before you clearly heard Where I Stood because from my vantage point it looked in now my line calling percentage is not awesome I mean they talk about.

Some of the hardest jobs in pickleball refereeing yeah mind judging that’s all sports in general they’re at the top right listen someone’s always going to be mad at you no matter which way you call it that is true don’t open the YouTube comments don’t look on social media never do it.

The referees have confirmed they are walking back towards Center Court here’s the call from Michelle Bumgarner the call on the court has been overturned it is point Brooklyn that is a winner off the Battle of tardio I mean what a counter from tardio he has some of the fastest hands on tour and you saw.

It on display there as that ball landed in foreign so now as the rally stands it is 16-5 Brooklyn there’s a nice speed up from glasman Little roll finds some court that is just huge to see as you see Vivian David.

On the sideline jumping up and down because it’s a winner for Glassman and it gives some insight into her confidence at this moment to be able to take that shot counter from tardio too hot to handle yeah Barr thinks he hit maybe an out ball there but he’s slid expecting the counter it was just a little bit high.

And he was unable unable to come up with the winner bar backhand Ernie yeah it’s a great Ernie from Bard not only did he earn you this ball but he actually looked to see where to hit it instead of going sharp cross corner he went to the middle drives still trailing by 10 7 17.

Great hands from Coop but Barr finishes some live from the AZ drive after that fire fight right there there was a scorpion in the middle of that from Deco bar finishes It Off 817 and atario making an error so Brooklyn wins some life trying to get their way back into this game we’ve seen it before.

Here on grandstand Court what an overhead smart decision from tardio though took a little off there couldn’t see it at the sun got in his eyes a little bit so he decided just to push it back to the Baseline to at least Force the pressure on bar and Glassman how hard is it though for a young player to decide to not over hit that ball uh.

It’s it’s extremely difficult it’s a feel it’s an experienced portion of the game well you don’t need experience for yeah he went straight down the line twice and as soon as he got the opening he went cross-court to Coop well done deckle bar 10 18.

Oh glossman feeling confident but stepped over perhaps ill-advised in that moment yeah you know I don’t I don’t hate the attempt but we say second guess I think she third guessed that opportunity to go to that ball and you can’t do that in that situation let’s see bar long off in the backhand side game.

Point for the aces looking for the statement there off the forehand side cardio fired that ball it was just shy of Landing into the first row stands Barr returning a forehand long another game point coming for Brooklyn the former forehand from Target that’s the one that looks good coming off the.

Paddle but is nowhere near where it actually needs to be yeah that’s one of those end of the game I’m gonna be aggressive I’m going to win it and then oops no oops about that tardio winner through the court Aces take it 21-11 great job from tardio and Coop tardio was all over the place shout out to coop for allowing.

Him room to roam and Reign and that ends up in a win for the Brooklyn Aces they take a 2-1 lead in this matchup Aces came into today after dropping both of their matches yesterday they are not in playoff contention playing the role of spoiler Aces have done what they’ve needed to do watching them play a little bit surprising the results coming in but.

The Arizona drive now needing this game if they want to force the dream breaker and keep their chances for a buy intact yeah the pressure has switched completely over to the AZ drive you mentioned it Brooklyn Aces they’re out of contention the only thing they have to play for are a couple more games here maybe one more game here but for the.

Drive they need that better seating it makes things a little bit easier for you going on and if you don’t have to play one game to move you closer to the final on Sunday that’s what you want to do but it is not going to be given to them by the Brooklyn Aces they’re going to have to go out there with their number one mix team right now in Julian Arnold and.

Vivian David and take this win the match-up that you’re seeing on the court now is why Arizona chose to react to mixed so they could pick the matchups Arnold and David going to try and even this match up it’s worth noting that the drive was in this position in their Opening match against Columbus sliders yesterday the duo of Arnold and David.

Had to have that Final Mix doubles match came away with a convincing 21-14 win over Colin Johns and Megan sheehand is on yeah this one is going to be even tougher than that I will give them the slight Edge David being a really a rock star on the right side parental on in her own right doing the same but the difference will be the creativity from.

Julian Arnold and Tyler Long and actually a misspoke we’ll have Catherine parental on the left side and Tyler Loom on the right side so we’ll end up seeing how much Arnold can create and if he can create more than loong is creating they’re gonna have a chance to win this the other match we’re paying attention to as it pertains to seating for the.

Playoffs is DC pickleball Club in Chicago slice which is going on right now on Championship Court D.C pickleball team undefeated as well in that group of death Group B coming out of Friday and right now D.C pickleball team up two games to one on the Chicago slice the only one the slice one was men’s doubles Ben Johns and Eric Lang handling Riley.

Newman and Christian Alshon easily 21-9 both of those things are surprising at the same time I mean they really are I’m looking at it seeing they beat all Sean and Newman 21-9 and then kawamoto and Newman beat Eric Lang and sneeman 21-9 the other way and oh by the way we’ve got Ben John’s coming back up with Jesse Irvin I would not be shocked to see that.

Go to a dream breaker and that maybe that’s must see TV as well so if you’re here put both screens we’re not telling the people to turn away here from grandstand court because we’re going to have a good match here too but Championship Court looking live it is going to be Jackie kawamoto and Ben Johns taking on.

Or rather excuse me Ben John’s and Lee She’s are and Jesse Irvin taking on G Jackie I’m listen this is this is what this is Sister all right Jackie kawamoto and Christian Alshon yeah maybe I’m not over caffeinated listen you’re not the only one the fact of matter is that is going to be an awesome matchup yes it will be put them on both screens make.

Sure you keep the sound on of grandstand because we’ve got an exciting game coming up here and I expect to see not only fireworks but I expect to see a little bit of chirping we saw Julian Arnold going back and forth with the crowd behind him on this side mainly Brooklyn Brooklyn Aces crowd out here but Tyler loon is no stranger to the.

Banter as well so I look forward to seeing some of that and uh this is going to be exciting here in between the break between gendered and mixed doubles Brandon you said I wouldn’t be mad if this one went to a dream breaker powered by Toyota you might get your wish look Not only would I not be mad I will be happy I will be extremely happy to see a.

Dream breaker in this one just because so much on the line for the drive they need this one not only do they need the game but I think the confidence boost of potentially winning in a close dream breaker matchup could propel them further to this Sunday not just that this is the final match on grandstand Court here for this Saturday.

At MLP presented by Margaritaville we want to send it out in the right way give the people what they want they want to see that Toyota dream breaker everyone does it’s one of the things one of the many things that makes MLP so special we’re underway here in this second mix doubles match and David starting things off with a beautiful.

Roll forehand winner yeah David basically saying I’m not going to sit back and let things happen to us I’m going to make them happen as you see there with that down the line winner Arnold caught in the transition zone feet still moving just a little bit off on that one and the same thing as well for loong.

There these players did sit down for you know 10-15 minutes so it’d be getting a little bit more comfortable out here before this gets going nice ball there from parento a little Inside Out action and we talk about the game within the game to watch the amount of times that Arnold comes over on the outstret side of David will be something.

To keep an eye on thank you Bloom’s stepping over but can’t make the play it’s good lob from David between two forehands and then Arnold with the backhand flick not enough pace for lung they’re from David great get from Loom but wow did she cut that off sharp yeah.

That was such a good ball and kudos to Arnold for chasing that ball and then Ernie and Fast and Furious on grandstand court but the aces get the point a quick hands battle here from all four players but it results in a point there for the aces three four.

Into going right into the hip of Vivian David starting to see the energy pick up there for the aces parento great play there to get that ball down David doing a really nice job finding that cross-court sharp angle she’s one of the best on that right side about getting pace and spin at an extreme angle.

Loom comes up short they’re just working the point right now David and Arnold trying to get themselves into this game that’ll help Loom goes into the body of Arnold yeah that was a ball left a little bit high from David lung took advantage of it wow it’s kind of an anti-climactic.

Finish to what was shaping up to be a fantastic Point good pressure from Arnold and David and loon was really crossed up and he called that ball in before it even hit his paddle just wide 7-5 put away overhead from Arnold through the middle we’ve got some yells from Arnold and he.

Gestures to the crowd to be a little bit quiet for him a showman in his own right boom stepping over to get the winner such a great play from the aces no Panic at The Baseline made their way to the kitchen and ended up winning that rally another easy overhead put away David’s setting up Arnold for the winner.

Yeah this time Arnold with the winner but does not say anything to the crowd so something to watch there the back and forth no Arnold just miss hitting the backhand yeah I think he’s he’s feeling like that’s a little too aggressive on that shot especially from the low position maybe a little bit of heat check yep.

Uh David misplaying the forehand dink his back-to-back points makes it 8-9 Brooklyn cutting into the lead they’re allowing the aces to settle in here could be a dangerous spot forehand winner loon finds the corner love to see the misdirection David started off with one on the right side and then loong trailed that one and put.

A ball right behind her well constructed .9 all here on grandstand Court Aces Take the Lead and Arnold motions to his team saying he can’t see the ball right now I wonder if it got caught up in one of the signage I think both teams here want to head to.

The changeover on their terms foreign but it’s Brooklyn who takes the lead into the end change up 11 to 10. that was an acrobatic move from David just could not connect on that ball right there I like the term half scorp I kind of want to use that at some point oh this one has all the markings of a.

Game that is going to go down to the wire Brandon what is this matchup that has been so close so far going to come down to man this is we talk about it that there’s some times where you have to kind of throw out the X’s and O’s and you just need to find a way this feels like that the tough part here is as the.

Game weighs on the pressure is going to be more and more on Arizona drive if they do not build up a lead so outside of this changeover right now is an extremely important time for them to string together a couple points do the drive need to make a change to string together points or just get a little bit lucky and pick the right spot I think.

They’re playing a tad bit tentative at this moment right now they really got to let it fly it has to be controlled aggression but they’ve got to find those Avenues and find them quick Catherine parento playing some phenomenal defense wow that athleticism for Parental there and loong directing traffic saying go saying.

Left and that forces a challenge here from Arnold and the drive will challenge that call on the back line it was called long by loong yeah that uh that ball looks pretty in on uh my side here one thing I did mention earlier was Arnold was motioning saying he can’t see the ball at all and it seems like he was.

Talking about off of the paddle of Captain parento with the white and the Blue Paddle the ball popping off of it making a little bit tough for him to see the White and the Blue Paddle a little bit on the lighter side it is very bright here on grandstand Court as well lots of sun no cover it’s not going to make it easy as well you’ve got some.

White signage in the back along the Baseline some white signage up on the back there are some fans and some white shirts so you’re you’re there’s multiple elements in play here when you’re trying to catch that ball coming off the paddle and reading the pace the spin the direction yeah listen there’s a lot and then with the stakes being high like.

This you need to get the win you’re looking for the number one seed you want to not play the quarterfinal you could start you could have a tendency to start finding reasons why things aren’t going your way and so look for Arnold to get past that it’s kind of like when you strike out in baseball and you look at the bat like clearly it wasn’t me it’s.

The bat yeah absolutely right you get a new bat you throw it away and then you find a way to do the same thing and how many times have we seen players look at their paddle after they’ve missed a shot too it’s like uh okay it happens so you know it does it mean that that doesn’t affect it at all no but in this type of environment Arnold and David have to.

Eliminate any excuses that they see they’ve been able to do that before and find a way to come out on top of this game because if they don’t they will lose this match the call on the court has been overturned Brandon from our Vantage Point that’s a pretty easy overturn that ball on review well inside the court.

Yeah it was I don’t hate the challenge by Arnold maybe it’s a you know a way for him to just get a timeout right there regroup see if something sticks in this case it did not it makes it 11 11. so score wise also fairly significant is the drive trying to force that Toyota dream breaker oh and parento just misplayed it going.

For the Ernie that ball may be a little bit slower than she anticipated yeah the Ernie is a great shot it’s flashy that’s some of the downside of an Ernie if you misjudge it mistime it you could end up with that result fire fight goes the way of the drive long was on it he tried to place it in the appropriate spot not to David’s.

Backhand but ended up costing him there drive up two now Bloom smart play just puts it at the feet of David some confusion as Arnold came all the way over and then decided not to take that ball late forced Vivian David to pop it up and loon puts it away Arnold watching it calls it long wasn’t.

Sure as he felt the breeze if that ball was going to stay in but it is just long there in Brooklyn not motioning to challenge so 14-12 50 . oh the defense from the drive to keep that point alive wow wow I mean lung was.

Hitting overhead after overhead great defense from Vivian David Arnold comes in at the end there and they end up winning that point largest lead for either side here 1512 Drive parento getting one back off of The Edge guard of David little paddle wag as well so now we got parento going I love it.

There’s some drama building up here she waves the paddle there at Arnold they’re only down two David comes up short just off on that one she wanted it to be ultra sharp but it cost her on the margin over the net I’m trying to be a little bit too fine smart speed up from Arnold for the.

Winner it’s a great shot from Arnold as he let that ball traveled slid to the right and then rolls it with enough topspin the ball is well inside the Baseline man how fast though that hand wrist action it’s a thing of beauty backhand flick winner for Arnold another Point AZ I mean we had an ATP from.

Arnold we had the Ernie from Vivian David and then the backhand role from Arnold to finish off the point he picked the right spot and jammed up loong and went to the middle Brooklyn takes a timeout trailing by three as Arizona inching closer to forcing that dream breaker coming out of the end change Brandon you wanted.

Arizona to play a little bit more free take a few more chances have they done that here over the last few points they have and you’ve seen the energy raise a little bit on that side it looks like they’re playing more free now who knows if inside they’re a little bit type of what’s showing to their opponents is they’re here for the fight they’re.

Taking opportunities and they’re ready for whatever is going to come their way so I look for them to continue that and they have to if they want to win this game quick timeout loong and parento already back on the court Arnold David taking their time a couple of high fives headed back out to the Baseline this is where both teams are going to.

Have to lock in Focus wise towards the end of this game parento going for the speed up misplayed into the tape yeah she’s had a couple issues on that left side with the with the Ernie attempt and she slightly was moving that direction again parento just misses along the Baseline.

Wow that is uh that’s where the yoga classes pay off for Vivian David as she just gets out of the way from this ball Brandon I don’t know if you heard Championship Court going to a dream breaker oh wow well doing his best to avoid that fate going right at the feet of David love having that forehand in the middle right.

There and he’s able to put that ball down David can’t come up with it 15 19. oh what a tag there by Arnold and it couldn’t be sweeter for him as he’s been going back and forth with parental all game with some friendly banter game Point Drive.

Oh Loom through the wickets for the winner little ill advised for Arnold to speed that ball up but you can’t fault him he stayed aggressive this entire game loong was just on top of that and able to win the rally 16-14 Ace is trying to find a way to win forehand air from Loom gives the serf back over to AZ.

Pressure moments here on grandstand Court a little quarter Ernie there from parento another point for the Aces and she made a change she’s been going forehand on that Ernie attempt each time this time she goes backhand David stepping over at just the right time it’s a great ball from her she is.

One of the best at going from right to left with that two-hand backhand just had enough Top Spin on it where the ball bounced a little bit different and parental couldn’t come up with it Arnold taking an extra moment to go to the towel as David will once again serve for the game David can’t come up with the forehand.

We’re not done yet here on grandstand court it’s 18 20 Aces on serve beautifully set up and a little stare down from Arnold at the end of it it’s a great Ernie by Vivian David a even better defense from parento but Julian Arnold is there what’s that like a 30 inch vertical he’s got winner AZ drive we are headed to a dream.

Breaker gutsy performance from Vivian David and Julian Arnold getting the game win when they needed it the most wow and a little chatter from Arnold to parento this has some nice drama build up here in what way to end all of the talk to squash everything into a dream breaker well if you thought there was drama before there will certainly be drama.

After the break don’t go anywhere we are headed to a dream breaker presented by Toyota Prius here on grandstand court it’s MLP presented by Margaritaville foreign foreign thank you welcome back to grandstand Court Brooklyn Aces AZ Drive headed to a dream.

Breaker powered by Toyota Prius Dorian craft alongside pickleball Pro Brandon Ensign Brandon you have some thoughts on this I know when you are drafting we just reshuffled redrafted in between Seasons but when you are drafting do you pick your team based on Singles play because you know dream Breakers are a possibility do you.

Draft based on doubles hoping that you never have to really go to a dream breaker or do you draft for something else oh that is a spicy question there Dorian and there are multiple owners that have different strategies based on what they’ve seen I’ll tell you my take that I think is the most important setup in this would be mixed doubles the.

Reason I say that is because mixed doubles requires the male to move around a lot and if you have players that play really well in mixed doubles they’re usually pretty good in gender doubles as well and those same players if they move well on the court they’re probably decent in singles if you draft just for gender double sometimes it doesn’t.

Translate to mixed doubles and then if you draft just for singles that doesn’t necessarily mean those players are good in doubles or mixed doubles as well so to me mixed doubles the only game within this that translates to all aspects one of the big struggles for tennis players coming over to pickleball yeah that translates really fast to singles but in.

Doubles you cannot hit through everyone in the way that you would in tennis if you go by the Numbers alone decal bar the best singles player on this court drooper 7.01 that’s pretty good it’s uh and you know what’s insane about that is that this man hasn’t even played singles and maybe I don’t know a year ish and a half on.

The tour but his duper is is that high because he is that good I would say the most active player that they have right now is Julian Arnold who they’re sending up first this man has taken down some of the best in singles and he’s still currently pursuing it we were debating on who it was going to be it will be Arnold and Gabriel tardio to start us.

Off in the dream breaker powered by Toyota Prius first point goes to Arnold I can guarantee there will be some chirping in this dream breaker matchup there’s a lot on the line here Arnold starts off with a quick point backhand Cross Court winner Point Drive I love the face from Arnold he just.

Always looks as if Are you seriously putting me against this guy great play from him that’s just confidence it ain’t bragging if you can do it right I agree oh another forehand passing shot little a hand wave you can’t touch me yeah he’s feeling good we talked about him moving a bunch of different celebrations in his Arsenal we’re seeing the full gamut here.

So much oh oh wow that ball was over tardio thought he won it Arnold able to track it down can’t bring it into the court that would have been absolutely ridiculous what a play from tardio to stay focused and win that point but this place would have erupted if Arnold made that shot.

little forehand cop bar guessing smart play by him he dropped that first one and made bar reach and then closes the Gap and goes behind him two three uh misplayed there by Loom wind swirling here on grandstand Court as we get into this dream breaker.

Bar forehand error in the net so the best singles player by the numbers being tested here by Tyler Loom that was an incredible return from loon to keep our back bar punishing the overhead as Arizona and Brooklyn split those four points yeah it was a good showing by loon trying to make up the Gap from that 3-1.

Deficit with tardio and Arnold Vivian David squaring off against Catherine parento parento gets the first what a high level shot moving to her left she planted on that left left leg and then puts the ball and dips it into that left side and makes Vivian David stretch out.

All right 5-0 parento aces up 6-5 she is their best singles player for the Aces and she’s showing it here what a play from parento yeah parento gets all four points aces up by two wow that is just uh incredible showing from her crowd almost cheering a little bit early and David was still.

Able to recover the ball but parental stayed focused and put it away Andrea Coop will be facing Vivian glossman you like The Call by AZ to put glossman last yeah I think they were going to match her up with Coop either way and so that is just kind of the setup in the way that it happened.

Backhand air from Glassman yeah Coop shakes her head like I’m not sure what I was doing on that ball before but it worked out pulls it wide Cross Court and has claw’s been able to get back on serve Coop no stranger to this environment MLP singles she’s done this before and Coop won a title in 2021 with the.

Voqk bears but comes up short into the net there yeah klossman right now I mean I think the hope is for her to get at least two and she’s got that so far so this would be a bonus if she gets this one glossman coming up big does her job earns the drive three points and sometimes when you put what is supposed.

To be maybe the weakest singles player onto one of the stronger players there in Andrea Coop it can put a lot of pressure and you saw that there with Coop going one out of four against Glassman well as our Arnold Antonio take the court the crowd getting back into it ate all Arnold just toying with him oh I mean I.

Don’t know if he’s going to and just scrolling down he’s on number 64 right here as he did the sleeping im