To your back Catherine parento to serve there she is let's play Pickleball left footed footfall for Thomas Wilson Early just just snuck forward there a little bit one was called in game three and didn't get him off kilter uh of that quarterfinal matchup first example of that can we call it unorthodox backhand the grip from Newman.

Yes but makes him very difficult to read I'm even able to put very different kinds of spin quite easily on that backhand side one of my favorite to watch in fact on Catherine parento tries the Look Away trying to keep Thomas Wilson on us but uh quick three parento and Newman.

Saw parento able to get that paddle up zero three scorpion style and hit down the ball's down get your paddle up folks sign up Jansen tries the same with the balls too low for that trajectory we've had two different versions of Jansen she was a frustrated one that made some unforced errors the focused.

One who really was the hero of that match second sir good pressure forehand as well formidable weapon three zero two point just what love the idea from Jansen because Newman is going to be just.

Sliding more into the center just pushed it wide though gotta leave a little margin there's 12 left the three in the quarters and now they're down five here in the semis they got three last time do they have rallies in their paddles again we'll see is that up yeah I don't think it's on.

Purpose no I'm not quite certain times they were ready to go from the start that was weird I think Wilson was worried about where Jansen was and just pulled off that and then took a hack at the last second.

Quick set out you heard Thomas Wilson say it's all good so keeping that partner pumped up a second sir we had enough of that finally an opportunity to put it away yeah nice speed up at the body of Newman and then a big finish all right big SWAT splits the uprights from Newman.

And it's 6-0 yeah so aggressive difficult to slow him down and it's a second football call here in game one on Thomas Wilson that's Don Morgan and Ed Johnson keeping an eye on all of that and you.

Got Leia jansen's hands on her hips Thomas is walking slowly and methodically they got to find some energy seven zero two yeah well Wilson had the energy there I feel like that's what he's sort of having to do is play a little out of his comfort zone foreign loves and usually makes.

He was there in plenty of times to make it this other team here just much like Waters and John's doesn't have any real weaknesses parento doesn't miss shots she shouldn't Miss very often second serve so he gets a second chance at the ATP that one he makes him uh requests some love from the crowd.

Foreign enough left hand on that and then uh gets tagged off the net court and Jansen and Wilson are finally on the board one seven two point here no transitive properties of the human willpower which would get that ball over catches the tape off parento's.

Paddle so they get two jansen's been driving the ball here at parento over the last couple of points got them two second serve almost trickled over good first volley two can't get it to bounce but still fighting.

And that Newman sneaks in and finishes what a point nice just solid pickleball there from parento she's always just all business she walks out on the court two two mask of concentration on that face a lot of awkward defensive postures there and Wilson says enough.

Print is still digging in put a couple backs foreign beautiful finish right Thomas Wilson you heard him on that two-handed dick say watch it so Jansen knew that an ATP could be coming three eight one much better Point construction here for Jansen and Wilson.

Thank you so I can serve a little perseverance paying off there three eight two foreign point S one of those pickleball hat beds yes indeed.

Eight three one of so many players since you throw a strike Jan Mike I got to the plate it's a little hot a little high okay not bad you didn't bounce it though no I was nervous I would oh and the.

Riley Newman Antics on the net cord we play on point oh and Jansen goes down for the Scorpion and then the net core just flips it over just and she's stuck in just the most frustrating position and that creates a game point seven three beautiful finish fantastic all right let's see if Jansen and Wilson.

Have an answer here in game number two side out oh splitting the difference down the boulevard there and just really nice by Newman recognizing I don't got to do a lot with this don't miss it one point and a lot of kicking of the ball here from Thomas Wilson.

Was frustrated with that mess twice drop shot they're all the way back and they were all the way back drop it something you see a little bit more in singles than the doubles a successful drop shot well placed.

Sign up nice footwork from Wilson there so uh zero one let's see if this team can find that energy that got them here in that so fun quarterfinal they had with ignatowich and kawamoto one one one second serve.

It's not set in the transition area that comes up shortly could have that strong base underneath let me put one on the board but still a pretty quick side out one one Lefty say second sir and not the first time I've seen that it certainly won't be the last one talented guy.

Let's go Lefty he's in trouble he'll even go Lefty overhead side up nice stuff Thomas Wilson dictating 1-1-1 it's a courage to do more by his lovely wife watching at home let's see if he can do that again here he certainly cranked it up in the quarters one one two.

point parento's so solid but too much offense nice finish here from Wilson yeah that's hard to keep that in and have an angle there that's Well Done by Thomas two one two foreign.

okay scorpion Leia nice paddle up 3-1 was it the cleanest thing I've ever seen but uh doesn't matter yeah if it goes back over setup so they get three which is a perfect match to their first score but.

Not the desired number at the end let's see if they can get a stop and add back to this lead second serve parental and new and play as fast as any duo in pickleball fight Jansen missed a few returns in the quarters sails that one a bit deep.

Foreign well left yeah the chance of chewing gum out there yes unbelievable I thought I noticed it should be worried I was gonna swallow that gun parento that's the gum I thought I caught and yeah we got Enchanted as well yes.

Oh it dissipate some energy it could work yes and Jansen is a diabetic as well so uh has to monitor all sorts of things number three winner gets John's and Annalee Waters in The Final on Sunday boy.

Oh nice placement there from parental right into the body tough for Wilson to deal with it six three two bite there's that tricky Tui from Riley Newman he just holds you there and you don't really impossible to read that seven three.

Such a unique shot up yeah nice play good depth it's go time for Jansen and Wilson point big forehand can be the four seven Catalyst for a comeback we'll see foreign what absolute chaos.

So I'm assuming that shot from Wilson there at the end landed in I didn't hear a call out yeah we lost it there in the yeah so as chaotic as the point was the Finish was equally as chaotic and it did catch the line wow five seven second serve.

A little tiny run here five seven two on the board hard work sign up just catches the line on the return got to get that Loft if you're gonna switch so probably doesn't want to cut it that close every time but uh Catherine will take it so.

Let's see if they can add to their lead here yeah that third ball left a little too high therefore see the Sun is setting here so the lights are up on Center point yeah and there's that ball where.

It's kind of coming near you if you're Thomas Wilson but hey fine Leia's behind it ready to just absolutely clobber a two-hander side up yeah nice stuff parental smacks her thigh after leaving that one up point.

There's that big forehand so brings it across the body of Parental hard for her to block that back see if they let him swing away again or not the answer is no second sir so they're trying to drive and crash at parento here six eight two.

oh my oh and Wilson had a chance unbelievable Scamper from Jansen ah the fact that Wilson was able to get the first overhead back eight six one vastly impressive you gotta hit 11 winners that's just the way the sport works will be best three out of five.

Can they close it out here point another Lefty save from Newman and we are at match point such great control Newman ten six one somehow kept that low and that will do it the parento drive up the line can't be handled from Wilson.

This is the hertz national championship in Orlando FL