Works too so they didn't always get a hold of those but it was a good it was a good paddle it made some good moves all right semi-final action let's play Pickleball and uh love the history there and what a picture or two uh show to the tennis channel audience uh from up there in Washington state the home of this great.

Sport and devillier comes out rocking first uh one look in a while at uh Ben and Anna Lee here again as I've mentioned earlier in the telecast they've lost but one time all year since the formation of this Duo in January that was to Riley Newman and Catherine.

Parento point there's no real weaknesses from Waters and Johns and two zero Juliet played very offensive in his last their last mixed match need more of that here and why does John's play zero two offensive themselves nice blend.

In fact little no look from uh davilier uh did not fool Ben Jones here at all that one coming up uh right there just ate it point gonna miss the return so uh two nothing lead is quickly gone devillier silver in this tournament so very comfortable here in Orlando last year.

Point and this is the scary part of this top seed three two six seven points can be on the board in less than a couple minutes like I said there Dave no weaknesses whatsoever from Waters and Johnson both of them have the ability to stay in the dink if they want or take it right.

Through the court those drives and Ernie time for Anna Lee Waters great read there as five two in your opponent puts their head down that's the time to go and she timed it perfectly second serve the annelieve has such good intuition for such a young player young athlete to have that intuition is very impressive.

There you see Lee Waters over Ben John's shoulder we certainly wish her a speedy recovery for her torn ACL hated to hear that news Jan Mike that's very unfortunate I've enjoyed watching it too I love the mother-daughter combination of the doubles that they play it is all the time.

Foreign big swing from John's goes deep so they do get a stop after the timeout call two seven one Irvin the davilia need to settle into their game and see if they can chip away the one thing I noticed about Washington was and John's in both their singles and doubles.

Um the new Folks at home can kind of follow along as the movement is methodical from from the both of them they never seem to rushed too much yeah they make some errors here and there it's part of it call but both of them so sure-footed yeah Ben never looks like he's like ever.

Really rare it's very rare and Annalee really the same so devillier got a little more aggressive they got a couple but uh a couple of mistakes there so seven four one this is the semi-final winner is done for the day and will play for the title on Sunday completely under siege and then turned.

Defense into offense in one second that's a tough look from an opponent too and you see the person you're up against looks so sure-footed and always just seems to be right in the right spot that makes you do more Miss you feel like you're rushed I don't think that's that's talked about enough in pickleball these two.

Do that to their opponents to talk about how well they move second sir oh and the rare indecision as I believe she missed a backhand to it well the only reason she missed that is because the Ben John's forehand was in the vicinity get out of her way yeah 4-2 come on Ben the best two-hander in the women's side.

Maybe in all a pickleball gave one of this semi-final point game 11-4 John have some answers here in game two shut up and Irvin saw them parting the Seas there but just pushed it deep zero zero.

One John's waiting all the way over there to take that forehand fake finish from devillier there zero zero two set out rare Drive Miss from Amanda Lee water so zero zero one good hold there zero zero.

Let's see if they can get a lead they had one very briefly in game number one at Tuesday has made the behind the back that made sportscenter's top ten not today taking that one for the dink you just don't see them often do that it's very.

Different the way they play like that it's reaction to the Daily I it's interesting Johnson Waters just forces out of their comfort zone so often everything is always on their turns at least for the most part and there's Ben Johnson's term it is a.

Tattoo for Mr Davila mean forehead questions point beautiful dipping roll great shape on that ball from Italy Waters there forces the air with lurking benjons just a frustrating point for Irvin and davilia beautiful ATP defended by Ben.

Johnson then finished with an Ernie from Anna Lee Waters three zero do you feel like that's a point that they would have won against most opponents probably off at ATP point and then a clean two-handed pass there is no doubles alley but she hit it.

Created one right down the line as davilia sitting forehand you saw just that little didn't go for too much with that that's what makes her so formidable sign up stays within her own rules she's created for herself and does it the entire game entire matches.

Jay de villier with ATP and then Cross Court Inside Out winner on the defense what a point that is you feel like he's having to do quite a bit that's what it takes to win one rally right there second serve yep you got to hit two shots of the year and it's one four two point.

more pressure from devillier makes Anna Lee look to go behind him and forces the error and it is the two-handed backhand from Irvin that sets up to villier and a nice little run for this Duo sign up long dick exchange but it is Ben Johnson.

With the final answer it's really one of the few that we've had this entire match who hasn't been very many dink exchanges at all one ball that's up in trouble oh my God second serve that stayed on the track like the train around your Christmas tree there but uh fell off upside down.

And Irvin goes Ernie and no harm done and let's see if they can tie this up and put more pressure on the top seed just a very calm casual reach three four two foreign there so still at 4-3.

Second serve all right A little pressure on the dinks a few errors four three two well if the errors are going to happen from Waters It's usually the forehand side out that great backhand and another side out so this is the time we gotta go so let's see if the Ville.

And Irvin Take the Lead here at least tie it up big Drive big five five big Focus second serve four four two don't bounce the ball against this team you're just defending and it's way too much you bounce the ball and opportunities arise so beautiful ball and combo from.

Irvin yeah Jesse River turning it on here and another gorgeous combination and after what looked like it was gonna be a two like that bouncing around from Waters it gets rid of some nerves if she has any move it.

I feel like Dave Waters took that break there and the timeout is just a strategy I don't feel like their strategy is incorrect if the rare Ben Johns on the right side siding because of the switch midpoint and it worked out hey Colin did you see that then the timeout worked just break the.

Rhythm of Irving into villier who've played well get to this moment nice dipping third and quickly tied up again they go to Johnny on the right so uh I like this seven six one second third just deep from Anna Lee.

Waters and for those of you've been tuning in all day this is a seventh positioning choice that we have seen from them earlier today as well you gotta have all choices so Ben banging away from the right side point.

How that worked now they're three points well right now from Sunday point that Dick's just up a little bit from Irvin and John's able to read it and then get there and finish it just seems such great composure as well from from Waters too.

Never gets too flustered just refocuses some ridiculous digs from Annalee Waters but devillier keeps the pressure down nice job of slicing that ATP back in there and finishes that one they got to go now what nice play some time away.

Good movement point same play exactly the same play trying to rush his opponents two in a row excellent stuff and I'd at nine on the one here foreign snuck in there but could not get the.

Ball down and Irvin that's tough but you're almost in an eye formation there and it is firing up the crowd and he has pushed himself and Jesse Irvin to a game point here in game two what a job at that kitchen line affiliate up to the task.

And that will do it nice little interaction there they have a great relationship and a fiery forehand drive from Ben Johns gets them on the board first sign up beautiful point and that was all started by Irvin sneaking the ball down the line behind Ben Johns right there.

Yeah I really feel like this third game is going to be on Jesse Irvin second how well can she play is uh DeVille really took over alongside Irvin being solid I think they're going to test her out that's what's going to happen here be surprised if they don't left that up and to villier.

Knew he was in trouble there so no scoreboard denting for Irvin and davilia on their first try point can debilitation at that high level that we saw from him in the second game another drive and another mistake in three zero one all off missed fourth balls foreign.

Second serve Anna Lee laid on the swing there again first of two semi-finals play on Sunday foreign insane coverage in the middle of the Court not just to get there but hits a clean winner behind devillier Irvin thought she'd hit a winner she'd.

Actually set up a winner on the other side foreign gotta hit seven winners in these uh high-level battles it takes a while to get through that wall zero four two really a handcuff there see if they can get on the board here.

Okay again backhand backhand combo and davilia consistently trying the circus behind the back swings like this one right there tough place to make a living yeah John's just nice and unpredictable with where he's taking the ball s in game three will switch sides at six sign out.

It's a big quick hold for Irvin and Davila second serve gotta make your thirds on the comeback Trail yeah I needed that forehand to land we have a downer but yeah and it is Ben Johns all over the kitchen forehand one-handed backhand two-handed.

Backhand finish nope second serve D really has been successful when he sped things up four zero two still having some success with that foreign he got absolute candy just sitting there but unfortunately did not make it.

5-0 stuff from Jessie there taking the initiative on that drive in game two I need to get going here midpoint switch foreign and as the plane Roars overhead then John's forehand Roars to the finish.

Of this point hit it side out good call by Jay devilier good sportsmanship it did go over but it went off his body then went over called himself I appreciate that sportsmanship they're calling their own lines out there as well.

Sports all around for the most part timeout and change tactic do you change because they figured it out in the second game there villier playing just some outstanding offensive pickleball I have to think about playing against Waters and Johns is they're so solid the entire time they're out there they haven't really adapted the way they've.

Played shown some different looks from the strategies of where the court they're playing that's about it for me it wasn't about Waters and John's playing worse in the second game than they did in the first it was zero one Julia really stepping it up it's hard to keep that level up.

Oh my and everything is falling apart unfortunately for Irvin and davilia after a beautiful Point by Irvin getsy absolute sitter and pushes it deep and we're two points from this being over here they get one stop can they get another two side out.

They can indeed so we have seen comebacks all day but they must start now second serve it's another skill that the best players have just let it go you still win yeah and he called him off that as well a little help the partner never hurts point.

So there's the drive tanalee J slide middle take the next ball that was a big part of the comeback see if he can continue oh the devastating two-hander setting stuff up for her partner and just a smart return too return to devillier to keep him off the net 9-1-1.

Again this team is not switched so Irvin will stay on the left second serve solid depth nine one two point you heard Irvin say my bad as she slid and left the ball up and this is Match Point Championship Sunday point for Waters and Johns Point getting the match.

And that comes up short so after a riveting game two it is all the top seed in game three
This is the hertz national championships in Orlando FL