Got some fans rooting on Riley Riley pointing back to them in the stands we know he loves to get fired up and interact with the crowd we'll see that a ton in this match here we go it's a good lead from Riley and we talk about how seemingly unbeatable than.

Johnson and Lee waters are but what a feat it would be if Catherine and Riley could take them down here today I think a lot of pickleball fans pundits are wondering who's going to be the team too take them down if they ever do go down yeah no apology there for John's I thought.

Maybe now he's all business he's all business too good for Ben Johns you wonder if he's maybe going to take over even a little bit more than he usually does you know annalize been dealing with a little bit of a knee injuries you can see from the left knee brace she's wearing.

Well no sign of injury there she went for an Ernie herself she's feeling pretty good I mean looks like it at least that's not coming back no we mentioned you know the wind is a factor here today the wind right now at the backs of Riley and Catherine when pushing into the face of Ben and.

Anna Lee see how that plays out usually when the wind becomes a factor players tend to prefer one side or another it'll reset a little high there from Catherine great setup there for Ben know that's what he wants just missed it unbelievable Point wow.

two one one big overhead for Noonan we almost got hit there yeah knocked it into the commentary booth hello Riley Newman caught it too heavy there it's too.

Too few times she's missed those big forehand put away as long and against the team of Al and Ben's caliber that's an advantage of those opportunities well he does it there it's a great shot great shot from Riley I want to take a quick shout out to our referees for this match the lead referee Stan Brown second.

Referee Charlie Mueller wow our tracking referee Anita Johnson Flores and video referee Angela Lumen what a what a point that's gonna sail a little wide from Newman lucky roll off the net yeah yeah very smart from Riley he's so good at leaning in and closing that gap.

Between the net and himself points and only to serve here 4-1-2 and game one of the Pro mix doubles championship 's gonna go into the night Greg you and I called the semi-final matchup between Ben and Anna Lee taking on Lee Waters and Tyson McGuffin.

That is a great spot from Ben and we thought Lee and Tyson might take them down it went back and forth but ultimately Ben and Annalee prevailed to get here Newman and parento got a tighten up a little bit couple couple of years we get time out yeah the great aggressive play from Ben.

It's gonna clip off the top of the net and go in everything's going right wait yeah an apology from Anna Lee but they are now serving at 6-1-1 that's too good from Catherine ferento we will play three out of five games here to 11 win by two wow Anna Lee went for the poach the only.

Downside of course is leaving your side of the court open and great shot yeah Captain picked it out well traditionally a mixed doubles you're mostly looking I would say to Target the female Target the girl but here that doesn't work so well does it now there's really nowhere to go in the court that you know there's no safe Zone.

But you got to keep the guy on it switching the Parenthood is doing a pretty good job of yes foreign a ball he's doing something with it the top of the net.

Wow the athleticism from Riley but it's too much from that John's Drive is just an ancient other than that it's so tough gusts to win I mean just yeah ball may have moved even on Riley a little bit couple good pickups there but tough in the wind to keep those down Riley and Catherine now trailing 282 see.

If they can put any more points on the board here in this first game little even for Ben Johns I don't think he needs to speed that one up a little too low Captain was on it got another good spot at the feet of Catherine there from Ben Johnson he and Anna Lee will get the ball back.

Uh it's the last thing you need if you're new man yeah I mean you're sitting there saying they're already so good come on now they're gonna get a net cord too much that signature yep back hand whole little kind of curler chest went long so used to seeing that catch the line.

Even though that went out if if Ben Jones is playing that loose hitting shots like that you know you're in trouble yeah and just like that John's Johnson Anna Lee Waters management Texas open tour it's probably too many cabin parent is serving to Ben Johnson Anna Lee Waters.

Who took game one handily but there's Riley Newman saying I'll hand you one of my own it starts one zero two great hands from Catherine to try and set Riley up for that finisher little low so good for Mana Lee there's a little miscommunication in the middle of that.

Point and it just didn't matter yeah she went for the Ernie successfully and then ducked out of the way just in time wow Ben Jones is playing lights out right yeah I mean Ben hit that ball all the way to El Paso didn't he did drive from Ben is gonna sail just.

Wide just a little bit inch if that wow incredible defense yeah princess stay calm there and put it where she needed to be here all over the court there great footwork from the big man a little come on maybe one of the first.

Times we've heard a little come on or a little let's go from the Newman parento camp but we're going to need it foreign this is exceptional playing the longest point of.

The match there and just left one up there yeah good again that's probably going out but didn't matter Waters back in Riley has something to say about that point four three two.

When Annalee did such a good job of backing up getting behind the kitchen line to counter Riley's speed up so impressive and the second out is the one that got some of the point three five one yep come on.

that's the first Miss I've since John in 15 minutes another big come on from Riley Newman foreign slight neck cord there maybe yeah yeah it helped that's two speed UPS arrived from Newman against John that he's come.

Out on top of it sir I noticed too when Newman and parento have drove they've missed a lot of balls in the net wow this is smooth left hand in the middle of that point too yeah the persistence but yeah I was saying about the drives you just you know just gotta make it.

Over there even it's not great give yourself a chance oh a lot of frustration there from Riley and Catherine and Greg I hope you brought your football helmet because nearly take it hit one of us or one of the volunteers beside us right in the face.

another rare air for John's there or a mess there and only right on that and even got it back and John's again redness all right it's time out here Waters and Johns who took the first game.

See it's Riley and Catherine Kenneth pull a game back and even it up so sharp play from Al and Ben John's out of the timeout nice move nice move around here it's played really well this game yeah.

They're up three here three away from the game but it's a little too much Pace there down at the feet of Riley Newman a big overheads to overhead really well placed right down the middle gotcha yes a lot of patience on both sides there but.

This one Newman hits I think it's going out good eye good eye there sail along there off the Riley Newman paddle and after NRA and Ben Johnson took the first game 11-3 it was seven eight two great playing from chapter ground there really well.

Ben was attacking and yeah foreign 's playing pretty methodically I'd say kind of switching up where they're placing their danks getting both teams to try and maybe move on some Center centrally placed dinks and then I'll moving the ball side to side not really.

Targeting either player too aggressively but look at that misdirection roller nasty nasty from Newman's been roaming around and Al kept him honest there yeah yeah they're sitting on that speed up she.

Knew it was coming nice Communications yeah the dink's gonna sail a little wide and it's now Anna Lee and Ben johns with the lead here in the second game two points away from going up 2-0 wow then John's great spot yeah that's what makes him so good what really separates these players.

From a lot of the others is the fact that they make their decision in their minds quickly about what they want to do and that's it that was on the one they've got one more shot here to go up two games to none then opts for another drive there to Riley's dismay his drop goes into the net.

Good eye good early call there from Riley yep 19 love to get a 10 all at least here ah yeah two good shot Newman and parento called that the body back body bag baby no apologies nope all business they're here to win.

Little impatient I would say from Riley who says stupid after that yeah a little too low to speed up yeah foreign talk about defense to offense they were so patient sitting at the Baseline working drop after drop so they found the chance to creep back.

Into the kitchen line oh did I yeah Newman just shook his head after that point you're getting seven overheads and they just kept coming back at their game points unbelievable hands from Ben Johnson Ben Johnson Annalee Waters took a 2-0 lead here in the whole championship.

Pro championship match of the day Anna Lee Waters and Ben Johns off to a commanding 2-0 game lead and they start the third off sharply and this is the side that Ben and Annalee won the first game you know kind of level four yep so yeah eleven three we definitely have the advantage.

Yeah no doubt and it's great to see still so many fans packed in to watch this epic battle we'll see if Riley and Catherine can make some Headway and work the way back into it but so far it's just been too much from Ben Johnson Italy Waters they're playing such a clean match hardly making any mistakes.

It's good there's a mistake that's what they need right there yeah I mean a rare one I mean we talk about it not only are they going to have to play their absolute best they're going to need a few mistakes few balls to just roll their way wow.

I mean incredible defense from Ben Ben and Annalee Catherine did such a great job to your point Greg of keeping Ben honest going down his backhand line but they just make you hit so many shots don't it's like you just think the point's over and then the ball just keeps coming back foreign.

Newman did all he could he got three or four back but yeah too much from John's and Natalie stuck that ball right down the backhand side of Newman it's great playing and it's another overhead into the net.

He's had a few of those now is frustration's got to be building for Riley clinical right now yeah and what Ben's doing with that first speed up is not he's not trying to hit a winner he's trying to set himself for the combination yeah replication of the previous point.

See a time out here every time out and Ben Johnson is just taking over a dimension feeding off of his partner's incredible shots I mean not a lot you can do when Ben and Anna Lee are playing their best pickleball all right his Ball's back yeah.

Got to get on the board here and obviously they gotta get at least at least one or two Catherine lets out a sigh of frustration it's zero six two I think Catherine's on that and she is but John knows where that Ball's Gonna Be Right initial speed up and it's just really is clinical.

A slight miscommunication earlier in that point wasn't sure who was going to take one of those dinks they did well to adjust get get themselves back into the point but again the power from Ben Johnson the placement with that backhand flicker just too much see if Riley and Catherine parenzo can force us side out here.

Let's do it unbelievable point they're leaving it out there Newman and Catherine but just too much yeah I mean nothing you can do but applaud after that point it means exceptional play by both teams no oh my that point had everything in it four or five Nets I mean a couple frames that went in.

What do you do to get a point I guess I mean Greg that's the million dollar question oh Ben was maybe generous there with that line call couldn't tell if it was in or out definitely close but I mean you gotta tip your cap to help Ben and Anna Lee are playing and carrying themselves just playing such a.

Clean match and wow now this is some of the best pickleball I've seen benjians play yeah saying a lot I couldn't agree more this game in particular I mean especially with Riley and Catherine playing so well you know it'd be different if they were maybe two both.

Having off days not playing their best they're playing exceptional pickleball and we're still at 902 in the third game game point yeah really well placed aggression aggressive shot from Annalee Waters and we are at Match Point ladies and gentlemen nope and just like that Ben Johnson Anna Lee Waters the dynasty have taken the.

Pro mixed doubles
This the Baird Wealth Management Texas Open tournament. Final match for the gold.