Point-by-point players analysis and summarizedat the end of the video Let's play Pickleball and Ben John's just absolute hammer time yeah full uh full swing there and uh noproblem putting that one away and Ben slides in front of Annalee thereand I'm really interested Dave to see how Annalee Waters plays this matchnormally as a team they have such a huge advantage in hands battles againsttheir opponents in this match not going to be so obvious ignado which and Annabright are both very tough to attack looks at where that ball might havelanded had she Let It Go not sure second guessing herself a little bitwould have been very close I think 002.

And that's a beautiful ball down the linethat's going to keep James ignatowich honest over there and his feet aregoing to keep moving no matter what what I get from Anna bright my goodness and Ben's like all right I'll justwin this point on the other side instead yeah and that I think it'sgoing to be the toughest pattern is ignata which dinking cross with Benny'swe're gonna have to really make sure he gets that ball down with as far as uh BenJohn's is comfortable leaning in like that you are not allowed to have both playerson your team touch the ball there it did happen if it had gone in that would have beena No-No Noah set Spike no no no no volleyball.

And the other thing for the ladieshere is they were just full stomp on the pedal pickleball and now theyaren't the most aggressive player on their team necessarily now so theygot to ease into a different style yeah that's the usual kind of progressionor adjustment females need to make from women's to mixed is work the point a little longer um really uh wait for your opportunity toattack rather than just fire every single time and there you see ignatowicz left a dink a little high and that started off thatproblem and it is four nothing make it five time out could be comingthey're going to play through here.

And Anna Lee Waters just comes flying in thereand then goes inside out for the Finish yeah and I know that Anna Bright's playing playing fineand she's really trying to stay in that pattern with Anna Lee I just think against this team she'sgonna have to vary keeping benjons honest dinking back behind him just enough to get ignata whichher partner involved more on his own terms here there's a great attack from Anna bright thereagain using what works so well in the women's doubles match if that ball bouncesup even a little bit firing away yeah certainly another way to keep John's honestis the occasional attack right at him there and they are on the board again bright and ignato which beatLucy kovalova and Matt Wright and.

Georgia and J.W Johnson to gethere that is an impressive run and they both have a gold medal in mix this yearbut not with each other and a bright with Riley James ignatowich with Catherine parento and that one will not get all the wayover there and uh bright tries to sneak it down the line but gets Ernie well yeahand that's the risk that you take if you see that John's is too close to the linehe's going to be able to jump the kitchen you're really looking to think behind himwhen he's more in the middle of the Court and the Ben John sighting on theright does not end well for these two after the wild poach from AnnaLee Waters in the middle of that rally.

Foreign but not the second one in waters and brighthit more dinks in that rally than they did the entire women's doubles match yes theydid I like how they moved the ball around didn't win the point but I feel like theyput themselves in a good opportunity there was that run around forehand therepulls it a little wide but 7-1 for Waters and John again best three outof five if you're just joining us and there's the athleticism of James ignatowichyeah he leaped from pretty far away there Dave um obviously a taller young man and like you saidhas plenty of spring in his step as we saw there okay.

And magnetovich ran out of real estate to defendtheir nice angle from Johns yeah he read the hips of John's figured he was going to go shortangle but yeah just didn't have enough room you hear the voice of ignatowich there sayingcome on make it so they get but one there that does just catch the lineoff the tape there we'll Reserve I think they're playing that in yeah it lookedat right on the line yeah um probably normally not a bad leave by Waters but uh I was ableto keep that one in the court from Anna bright and that's a great inside out from Anna Lee Watersto keep ignatowich out of the middle and it is 8-2 eight two two oh and after all that digging Anna Lee waterblast one but it Clips the tape yeah they had.

To play great defense to earn the rightto move forward and potentially take an offensive swing but water's got alittle unlucky with the tape there that's a great ball from Magna which there hewon singles a few weeks ago in Minnesota see that forehand right there yeah realizethat John's was still moving tougher to clock a counter if your base isn't setnice recognition there from McDonald's that's a gorgeous combination frommcnado which right there yeah I like that he's getting more aggressive notwaiting for perfect opportunities but neutral situations to be able tospeed up and use his fast hands said go ahead and speed it up again buddyshe says I can I can clock a counter and.

Attack myself but you see how almostevery time that bright dinks behind John's that he often takes thatnext ball Cross Court and gives ignado which a neutral ball that he canpotentially choose to be aggressive on Dave just wide on the punch volleythere nine four Waters and Johns oh and after a reset Clinic a big swing from thetransition area there for Annalee Waters catches the net and I love how like nadowicz just ownedthe middle he even came in front of his partner there in control of the point I loved how he wasaggressive with his court positioning as well and we are at game point here forWaters and John's just immense pressure they are putting on bright and ignatowich.

Oh and it crawls over so we will play on a little Good Fortune there from bride andignotowicz let's see if they can make a run here nice job of switching the paddle from thebackhand to the forehand there and no Panic in that swing yeah the Net's giving him alittle bit of help again it's always nice when the ball sits right up into yourstrike zone for a counter attack barely bloops over and then that you knowgonna go three for three we'll see and James ignatowich on top ofthat and they're jumping around again when you come that far over youcan attack back behind John's because the counter attack will likely go rightback to where you're at in the middle.

Second serve and a lot of discussion aboutmaking it with James and James over there that's his inner monologue for you Davejust you know make your shots keep it simple yes don't miss it's good coaching andthere's a Miss from Ben Johnson I think Diane Anderson tracking and if we go to video whichwe haven't all day Mike mcspadden ready to roll and an awkward little push in the middle ofthat where the left hand wasn't quite where he wanted it on the paddle he's so good atcovering all the spots on his body even if it doesn't always look pretty he's making it workuh when he gets jammed there and we are at 8 10. and just can't quite get that oneback so they saved a game point at 10-4 now Waters and John's if theyneed it we'll have two more chances.

And they will need that second chance at 10-8as Johns comes up short y seems really important oh and two missed thirds from Ben John so the positivity rolling throughBrighton ignato which here we go and this is an example Dave likeI talked about when they show you that they're not playing their A-Plus game maybe they're a minus game they're leaving thewindow open important to capitalize now and Anna bright pulls the triggerbut does not make it so they can do no damage of their own fourthgame point for Waters and Johns and Ben Johnson comes flying across Ben Johns andAnna Lee Waters had more winners and fewer errors.

Than James and Anna bright and was the determiningfactor for the first game if this video is helpful to you a subscribe would mean a lot it gives usan indicator that we are building an audience by creating helpful content we should have justa little jump in their step and some confidence yeah again Dave for these high level matchesit's not just ability everybody on the court has a ton of talent but it's findingthe tempo finding the right pattern or maybe you can start to find somechinks in the armor of your opponents and Ben Johns waves the Cobra and thengoes outside hip of James ignatowich oh and Anna bright smacks that right backat Ben Johns yeah we talked about hand for hands they can go toe-to-toe with these guysand put it on display there from Anna bright.

Side out I heard annabright say don't miss it thoughand then an apology and she tried a couple of those and Dave I really don't mind theplay you'd rather make Ben have to beat you with a volley but she's gonna needto do that a certain amount and I like how she's changed her tactics after thefirst half or so of this uh this match and you want to talk about Lively finish mygoodness James ignato which hammered that one bright makes an unbelievable first volleyand then still has the athleticism to get over there with a gorgeous ATP yeah youalways like it when the net opens up the angle for you gives you just a littlebit more time she took advantage there.

Second sir I like the play even though it didn'twork out I think that ignado which is going to have to take his chances whenhe has a neutral ball of speeding up at Waters and and hope that hishands are just a little faster little office balance forAnna bright there on the reset and gorgeous hands from James ignatowich andhe comes into this match at a disadvantage because the other three peopleon the court have already played yeah he comes in a little but he'swarmed up now Dave and playing great and there's the forehand BBSthat Federico stacksford saw.

Earlier today in the singles fromBen Johns as he took that title oh and okay everybody Folks at homelook at that the best two players in the world can't communicate on a balldown the middle either you don't see that happen often for them but Brightonignotowicz will happily take that that's a great volley from Ben Johnsto keep that in a safe position well something tells me Ben Johns did prettygood in geometry class he seems to understand the Angles and exactly how to stay in controlof the point once he gets himself in the middle we got a Maryland Terrapin and John'sa Vandy Commodore in ignatowich a cal bear and Anna bright and a 16year old and Annalee Waters.

Second third yeah just a prodigy thatneeds no University pickleball University probably not going to make thetournament in basketball though just catches the back linethere good volley from Bright and the first bird of the day Ben Johnscomes flying in front of Annalee Waters and hello Sesame Street yeah just aBlue Streak sliding across the court all right and now right down Broadway explain what a birdis for people new to that term yeah so when uh you're jumping actually in front of your partneryou're actually cross-court from the action you jump in front of your partner Cross Court and takethe ball out of the air high level athletes only.

Folks on that one yes yes only do that at home ifyou have a 10 foot broad jump in your ability set and that's just unlucky there off the tape real good positivity though you can hearit from Brighton ignatowich yeah they're staying together out there it's good to see that's a great handle of the ball before thatby nadowicz yeah no absolutely Emily Waters so good at varying her attack speeds locationsbut I mentioned ignado which is one of the best at covering all the spots on his bodyhe has variety with how he counter punches that'll be more challenging for Annalee Watersthan against most people that she lines up with oh and we get the full pirouette from Annabright there after a really well constructed.

Point by those two just frustrated shemissed a dink played a good point up to that point but again it just takes a lotof good shots to to win kitchen points here and this guy is smoking balls that are up inhis eyes great shot from mcnado which there yeah really good drop he already had maybethe most certainly close to the most power in pickleball this tournament is now using the 002 sogiving himself even a little bit more power with the paddle choice warning all players on theother side of the net there's more heat he's pushing the envelope so 3-2 here in game two againbest of five on Championship Sunday and doubles and there's a beautiful Cross Courtattack from Anna Lee Waters yeah we talked about it in the women's matchif you are going to attack either of.

These ladies right into the body is a goodchoice great execution there from Waters Returns the favor with his own cross-court attack you always been known as a predominantlytwo-handed player on the backhand side but over the last few months has really started using that one hand on counter punchesas well as the flick like we saw there been treated to a great display ofpickleball here in this mixed doubles match Brighton ignatowicz had just down twotook a timeout just to get their offense set and now they're feeling really smart one I reallylike the adjustment from ignatowicz we talked about his need to be aggressive he was trying todrive every third early in this match even when it.

Wasn't there he's playing more disciplined patientwhen he has to aggressive when he needs to be right can't get that back I've also beenreturning to ignato which to keep him off the net it goes for the big serve and catches the net both he and John's have brought thatover from their singles they've been hammering serves and doubles oh absolutely oh again they had both paddles thereand then they both pulled him out of there and Anna bright puts her handsup in the air victoriously she'll take that one and we saw Wright and Newmancelebrating net chords like that yesterday just wide there couldn't get all the wayhome and not only are you on the run but.

Then you got a dead net in the kitchen yeah I'dlike to see bright put a little more height on her return just to give herself a littlemore time to run all the way across there and that had a decision in the middle of it aswell there the pace of the return was massive seconds which goes with well we'll call that a drop but it didn'tdrop it's either a drop or a law yes drop and five hole winner for Ben Johns asAnna bright can't get the drop down either again normally I like ignata which youknow disconnecting looking to get all the way in there but that does put morepressure on the drop of Anna bright drive from Anna Lee Waters and they havedoubled them up 6-3 here in game two.

Tremendous dig from Bright but thatcan't make the next ball seven three one that's just really well played from Brightonmcnado which yeah they moved really well as a unit there took several attacks to finally getthrough but they're ultimately able to do it point I think NADA which is doing everything he can to protect Anna bright on that switchbut that's just too big from Ben Johns and John's gets tagged can'tget out of the way there little playfulness post point there there's what brought them back again theydug a big hole here but then ignatowicz caught fire and almost got them back all theway in game one let's see what happens here.

Foreign Ben Johns goes for a little too much and we'reat five eight yeah sometimes when you're going for that finished Cross Court if you hit itat full Pace easy for that ball to carry wide this is one of those where I'm fromif I'm on a good run and I'm not sure what they're applauding but uh good job James good lead from Anna Lee Waters becauseshe had the two-hander ready to roll yeah it was a nice location fromBen Johns just finding the right hip of ignotowitz just caught him just alittle bit late on that forehand counter and Anna Lee water says I don't care if thisone's going out I'm smoking a clean winter.

Yeah Anna Brett tried to counter attack wasa little off the line lifted it and that ends up being just too high for uh the qualityof the team on the other side of the net just wide for James ignatowich as he pogosticks his way back to his proper position a little Punchy there again we've gota little formation change looks like uh eggnog which is very versatile he canplay Both Sides as well as Anna bright and I can't get it away from Ben John'sthere and again they get close and then you look up and we're at game point and thatis exactly what we are here in game two as well and so they got in so much trouble unwindingthe stack they chose not to do it there which smart adjustment save a game pointthey saved four of them in game one.

Bad luck off the tape great job by John'sholding that till the last second seeing if he can get ignado which to move oneway and then sliding it the other way point that goes wide and that is deep consistently like it takes atoll on the body aside from the skills and and the poison all that they bring to the table sowe're within three here are bright and ignatowich on a big cut from Anna break goes deep after agreat reset so second chance to close out game two and guess what Anna bright says ohlook he's look who's across Court here Ben Johnson's over there I'm gonna getinvolved in this and she wins it third try and Anna bright wins a forehand cross-courtdink battle and then a backhand cross-court.

Tank battle with Ben Johnson I really don'tthink that's a bad pattern for them with the topspin of Anna Bright's dink that will be moreaggressive than the slice of Ben John's there the other thing that formation does isit puts ignotowitz right in front of John so a little tougher for him to attack freely Seven Ten two second chance to Chip Away and that return is deep oh and John slides over and tries to take thatand they have come all the way back within one huge opportunity right here and a great Cross Court.

A little distracted as fanswere taking their seats oh on a terrific drop by ignatowiczbut bright just can't slide it over yeah she's got that patented360 every time she makes hair I mean that is a great read frommcnado which after some Elite defense yeah Emily Waters played a couple ofamazing digs but took away the available space by jumping the kitchen there andwe get a missed serve and we are right back to where we were a second ago 10-10but on a one now for Brighton ignatowich oh and a misfire from Ben Johns andafter saving three game points earlier in game two it is bright and ignatowiczwith their first at 11 10. thank you.

Oh does not roll over for him there just misses on the counter second try toclose out game number two and he left the third high and Anna Lee Watersmade him pay on the backside so smart from Waters there took some Pace off found thefeet as she knew ignata which was moving and then some risky Cuts being taken fromthe top seed here yeah this shows me they're just feeling just a hint of pressure to press alittle bit with going a little drive heavy here and they were just partnersand women's doubles but now they are firing away at each otherin mixed tied at 11. yeah especially when they're lined up head-to-head lookfor them to take shots at one another.

That does not curl back in so they do get one four breadsticks on the boardit's gonna take at least 13. and James ignatowicz comesflying and it cracks one at Anna Lee Waters and this is their third game point oh mine a Miss serve stare to the paddle of course we all woulddo that mentioned that he's been going for more on his serve carryover from Singles butyou do Miss serves a little more often when you're aggressive like that man thecrowd is into this as well fourth try and Anna bright this was a really close gameJames and Anna bright just had a bit more.

Winners than Ben Johns and Anna Lee watersfor the second game they had to take four tries to win on their serve and here wego game three tied up in one game a piece and ignata which brings it across thebody of waters and her vicious hack she barely made contact well that'swhat I said he needs to take chances and it's not always going to workout sometimes you'll look a little silly but if he gets gun shy it's notgoing to be the best play for his team guys and the first volume fromAnna Lee Waters here is that forehand come right into your screen here tags and a bright.

And the middle has had I'm going with at leastfour problems here for these two today yeah it's tough because the the water's Best Shot is hertwo in a backhand Ben John's Best Shot is that forehand back there so it's both of theirstrengths they're just gonna have to do a better job of talking and you saw they didn'tdo it there either so I would be funneling the ball there and make those two I don't carewho they are they got to communicate and if they don't it's going to be a problem well100 agree keep going there till they fix that oh there's that one-handed flickerfrom ignata which to see how much Pace he can generate there in such ashort motion tough shot in his Arsenal and and a bright takes another ball off thetape into her body she was trying to wheel.

That hand out of the way and couldn'tdo it yeah you can see the frustration she's thinking how in the world didI get beat again with that speed up so Anna Lee Waters comesbarreling in herself right here sir steep so everyone on the court has missed a serve except Anna bright I'm sorryAnna there is no announcer jinx really smart choice by ignata whichthey're realizing that Ben was in transition a worse Defender than Watersand he just kept the pressure on him to keep coming up with those toughdigs yeah some nice height and Jimmy is got his feet moving the whole timeand that man got off the ground there is not.

A trampoline in the court folks it just seemslike it another bird but it's and there's a nice honest play by Anna bright saying yes itgot the ball back over but it hit me first not a lot of competitors would instantly stop playletting everyone know she's playing Fair out here that is tremendous from Anna bright againjust firing away at Ben Johns in front of her well yeah Waters has been beating uh brightwith that speed up cross-core into the body but that time uh bright slid out of the way andgot her hands extended for a good counter that is beautiful pickleball from mcnadowich Sean Ben say hey you're not the only onethat can run across this kitchen line and dominate the court great play from him he'sgonna need to keep to look to be aggressive.

And this is just a couple of theheavyweights exchanging blows yeah you hit the nail on the head Dave they aretesting the hand speed out here of each other and that's an ambitious shot on the runto go inside out it's the right spot but maybe not the right hand that you heard shethought it was disguised enough but John's is just a little too disciplined I think for thatone to work yeah you heard Anna say my fault oh there's that same ball samelocation unfortunately for ignatowich beautiful roll from mcnado which kesichthe corner pocket and that's been a big adjustment for them it was in the secondgame of doing more of a three-quarter stack and not doing that unwinding ofthe stack when Anna bright is returning.

And Anna Lee Waters says hey James that's acool little shot you hit there I'm going to do it back to you you know just remindshim to stay on his line a little bit and Anna bright smokes one down themiddle catches the back edge of the line that was real close on the back onebut again they've been so smart to make that switch you talked about did they callthat good okay but they call that a good yep little slider off the tapehandcuffs Anna Lee Waters second sir even off Pace behind ignata which makes himhave to reset his feet and go back he has a good choice there by Waters seeing the ignatawhich was leaning hard towards the middle.

And Anna Lee Waters is able to reach outwith every last inch of her right arm and finish off that Ernie yeah that's whenyou can really complete the plays when you dink back behind the guy and then show theErnie to take away the available safe zones foreign sorry Point yes four two one serve a little bit of an epidemic here so a crawler goes in favor of brightand ignatowich let's see if they can.

Try and keep this game a little closer they've had to just dig dig out of problemsthey were able to do it in game two Anna bright had the perfect comboyeah we talked about she's got to do it once in a while she set it up sowell really wants that counter back that's just outrageously good pickleball all around yeah Enterprise did everythingshe could she wasn't just resetting she was changing the direction of herreset still not enough to get through full swing the full swing to full swingand that's gonna work on 90 of the pro guys but ignado it's very toughto attack like we've talked about.

Alley Waters couldn't even get her feet setto defend that pace so they keep them at four two four one second sir nice job of setting up himself forJohn's little roll in the middle there Kyle yeah he's putting pressure even when the ball bounceshe's assessing if anyone's mid-court he's firing at them and forcing them to block and hit one moresolid soft shot just to bring the point to neutral just Ben John's doing Ben John's things right now exactly in the hometown4-2 for a little while here and that time ignata which wasn't able toget he's been doing that weird little punch.

With the left hand uh when he gets tied upa little bit couldn't get there on that one point and Ben Johnson comes roaring in with the one-handed backhand volley attackand it is now six two six two one foreign that's the perfect setup by Anna brighterthat's just devastating rolling dinks yeah and it seems like ignonwich is still trying totake those borderline barely attackable balls back across to John's I'd rather see him keepthe pressure on Waters especially if she's the one popping it up and still potentiallymoving good leave for Anna bright there but here's the hole again 7-2 this time we'veseen this before we have seen it three times.

And there's a mistake from John'sand is this the start of another comeback that we've seen in the first two games and that goes deep as well so Scrappypoint on both sides bright and ignata which were able to complete the comebacktheir mid comeback here in game number three foreign yeah nice penetrating dink therefrom Waters and got bright just a little overextended sometimesopponents can be just indecisive whether you take it out of the air takea step back on play it off the bounce and that goes deep and Ben John'shanded it get out of jail free card.

Dana Lee water she left a dinkup in ignato which hammered it and John's was there earlier in thepoint that's a big moment right there and that is a unbelievable combinationthere and all Anna bright can do is Clapper paddle yeah it's one thingto be able to reach that poach but to be able to yank it across yourbody into the open court so good and another one so uh someone's maybe theywatched the uh Top Court shaken Back tutorial during the timeout they had that on theirphone obviously you know and again now 9-4 and dignity which is like I'm done with thisturns around for game point get the sense they're gonna be a little more focused herebased on what happened in games one and two.

And Ben Johnson goes crazy Bill fullswing Ben Johns and Anna Lee Waters had two times the number of winnersand had fewer errors than James and Anna bright n was the determiningfactor for the third game start strong here potentially have a little bitof a lead if they want to extend this match drive from the loser of our third dropcompetition Annalee Waters didn't get it into the into the trophy that'swhy she went with the drive exactly that's just a great ball behind Ben Johns from atough angle for mcnatta which good start for them yeah they haven't done that much and you saw howheavily uh John's was leaning towards the middle all right.

You can see the sun in his eyeshe's still firing away it's nice that we can say someone'sgot the sun in their eyes we've had very cloudy and in some caseswet conditions here in Austin so they stick with Anna brightstaying over there on a return on odd and that's a beautiful shot fromBen Johns yeah not just leaning in but finding that tunnel where he knowsignata which is going to be vulnerable and ignatowicz gets tagged on the dinkthat is up and you can hear Anna bright it's good coaching to anybody makea bounce make it bounce I like it and that stays in after some crazydefense from Anna Lee Waters and Ben.

Johnson a rolling two-handed winnerfrom James ignatowich she tries to jump the kitchen and has to resortto a dink but does it beautifully that sails wide nice Hammer from Brightafter she got the ball off the tape laughs goes there again yeah she is going to attack aspot on the Ben John's body I like it right into the body takeyour chances with that backhand counter especially when he's tryingto decide between one or two hands yeah just Steve from Anna Lee Waters greatScamper from Bright there tied at three.

Yeah she had ignatowitz leaning would haveworked but again just a little too much pace just a tremendous point on both sides offenseto defense and back the other way Ben Johnson gets the last swing yeah but ultimatelyit's the Annalee Waters speed up again cross-court into the body of Anna brighthandcuffs her and her partner puts it away and a bright one for that same patterndid get a good look at a ball from Ben Johns coming back to her just slammed it deep and you heard the grunt on thattwo-handed backhand and they get away with another return in the Middle wherethere just wasn't Clarity on who was going to take the ball this team's like a thousandand two in their record there it is again.

We mentioned that when they're in thatformation the middle is each of their strengths I think they're you know the wolfAlpha players they want to hit balls out there and for now it seems like Waters who'ssliding in there and taking a lot of those oh ignato which was in great positionthere but couldn't get on top of that one 5-3 Waters and Johns fivethree two thanks for watching the best pickleball on the planet AnnaLee Waters serving up two in game four and there it is again and ignatowichfrustrated with himself leaving it up and Anna Lee Waters doesn't let you get awaywith anything yeah again just hammering that.

Into the body of Anna bright it's been verysuccessful when she's found that location and that goes off the tape and stays in and 7-3now Waters and John's Waters and John's are not done for the day after this match they'llboth play again mcnado which and bright are and look at that absolute disgust andAnna bright just looks over and goes all right I'm gonna clap My Paddle onthat one come on to hit a fast sharp angle dink on a half volley it's just it'sbeyond my skill set behind her it's behind ever it's beyond everyone's skill set don'tput yourself in a small box that was amazing okay well guess what they'redown big in the game again one okay all right they know what to docan they bring the magic one more time.

Oh Ben definitely played a ball that was goingto hit the bear logo on the video board but hey here we go five eight oh and Anna Bright's just got way toomany souvenirs on her body gets tagged in the right leg this time on the ATP yeahexpecting that John's is in trouble thinking he's gonna have to try to reset it up her linebut he had enough to pull that around the post side out and there have been very few dank errors that's a tough time for oneof the few for Anna bright foreign for the apex of the shot and keep it infront of her but tape had other plans.

And that's terrific movement of danks and we areat Championship point for Anna Lee so here we go Championship point and it is Ben that gets clocked here we've seen that a couple times from Waterswhen they've got game point showing a little more variety with the lobby I think that's thefirst time it hasn't worked for that I've seen and incredible defense from Anna Lee againBen Johns and Anna Lee Waters had two times the number of winners and had fewer errors thanJames and Anna bright and was the determining factor for them winning the match if thisvideo is helpful to you a subscribe would mean a lot it gives us an indicator that we arebuilding an audience by creating helpful content.

Pickleball Mixed Doubles Finals Gold Medal Highlights with Ben Johns / Anna Leigh Waters (ALW) VS James (Jimmy) Ignatowich / Anna Bright at Onix Austin Showdown Pickleball Tournament at the Elevation Athletic Club in Lakeway, TX – Match Date: 03/17/2023

In-Depth Analysis of the Mixed Doubles – Metric being analyze for each player for every point including winners & errors ratios. The player analytics is summarized at the end of each game in a pie chart graphics.

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