Game one time in 202. there's that middle ball right away yeah and it uh from Riley's reaction might have skidded the line sometimes I'm scared Michelle so uh not a good swing at the ball there from Riley nesting the forehand once again from Ben Johnson short return got pummeled there.

Quite Waters and John's off to a hot three nothing start for those new to the sport what separates them as the elite on the top of their game they've got offense they've got defense they're smart as we talked about and they won't beat themselves a lot of teams will they will.

Stay disciplined to the patterns and that's why they just keep racking up metals they need a whole house to put them in here finding a way to get the serve back on her side she loves that two-handed backhand zero three one it's a weapon.

Annalee Waters makes it look Easy Down the Line forcing the second serve of Tata Newman reminder this is the best three out of five for the doubles match-ups best two out of three in the singles point Tana Newman are on the board yeah and that's the thing you want to put that.

Ball in the middle as we talked about Michelle but if Riley can reach in there with the forehand he could flick it right back where it came from it's a great ball from him and he'll also bait you he'll slide to the middle thinking you think that it's open to his left and then I'll come flying over there with the two-handed.

Backhand as well so a lot of chests not Checkers out here today Michelle well Annalee got him once down the line twice right two that two-handed backhand three two one that's what you got to do you got to keep him honest over there he will just sit in the middle of the Court and if they play a lot of points that.

Well annalize going to say I want to play on the left side as they switched midpoint and Annelise on the left and a great little flick from Ben terrorist shot finding the back court the weird it looked like Ben left it and it was a couple miles in put away for Riley Newman Waters and.

Johns their run comes to a halt for now Smart Choice from Riley Newman of attacking through the middle twice that was good Riley Newman originally thought that was sailing seconds yeah that's one of those you say nope and then you turn around and you're like right on the line shoot point.

That's a big swing from Anna Lee Waters uh several feet off the kitchen line on the bounce tough to make that wow no Panic in benjam's game no and if you're new the kitchen or non-volley zone is that lighter blue and we saw the ball go in there you can go in there and hit the ball if it bounces but you cannot volley the ball in there.

That's that's the name yeah Ben Jones yeah nice job by Paris there Standing Tall right there at the kitchen you know we talk about how good somebody's hands are with those fast battles but to be able to get the paddle and a ball off the tape like there's even more impressive that was great by.

Newman second third shut up no points for Todd and Newman in that serving sequence five three one and that can hurt you when Ben Johnson is back to serve as the first server second sir.

Five three two sign up and that is a very quick side out to get it right back so big opportunity for Todd and Newman don't get errors like that very well often from those two.

About time he chose cross just holds it and then pronates that wrist and game over wow on the quick side outs continues there's no rule in place right now get to the kitchen and play ball point.

We saw that a lot in men's doubles and we'll see it later today if the ball is funneled into the middle Ben has been pulling that back in front of the person in front of him to their forehand and putting them in a tough spot and Todd couldn't handle that one second card for Cortana Newman and you saw they.

Chose to keep Paris Todd on that left side so they don't have to unwind the stack this time they will wow what defense from Paris shot tremendous defending because it's really hard to defend on both sides of your body back to back and she was able to do that saved one on her backhand side and then on the forehand as well that's well.

Played by Todd second serve Newman called out of bounds yes couldn't get out of the way fast enough but when it's coming through that quickly yeah Paris had the two-handed backhand just locked and loaded Riley Newman finishing on what we call the Ernie thing yeah so the kitchen is.

Flat so you can jump over it you just can't step into it and that dude's athleticism is ridiculous he flew over it great move Ben John's just getting back slowly doing that rehab we look forward to having her back it's not a short process though Riley Newman taking over the court on.

His side yeah I thought we were doing past hands girls between him and Anna Lee there for a minute that was fun six four two and a shot from Ben Johnson yeah and that says you watch these battles at that kitchen line it is the margins are so narrow that ball stays up just a little bit John's in Newman and.

The ladies as well will reach in and flick a winner that ball just skids off the Baseline what do you do when Ben Johns can take over the way that he has so far in this game that's got to be a shallower dink from Todd so that he has to take that off the bounce nope.

Paris shot with a textbook ATP around the post yeah why did Riley call it wide before that she needs the winner on her stats Michelle come on Riley Newman steps over steps in and puts it away that's a great read by Riley because he saw Ben change his choice of shots from a cut to a two-hander that had to go down the line.

Wow can't defend that so Riley Newman has 52 mixed doubles appearances most of those with his sister Lindsey Newman testing out a new partnership here with Paris Todd his 11 Golds 15 Silvers and 12 bronze in his career.

What's interesting about Lindsay and Riley is Lindsay's just one of six different players for him to make the finals with Paris Todd Elise Jones Anna bright Jesse Irvin Catherine parento wow that's a great mixed doubles partner to have and a lot of great players to play in the final Tim Riley Newman an appealing partner in.

Mixed doubles and his ability to take over matches yeah because he'll take he'll literally will do that he'll take over the court in the middle of the Court it'll literally yeah you'll see him all the way over there's a good example mentioned in an interview in the run that give her a little more.

Excuse to run with when they were struggling yes so it's finding that right balance and when you're playing with different people you got to find it quickly such a smart choice there by Band so sometimes you want to hit it as hard as you can and sometimes that short angle will see that a lot in the singles today.

To be able to stop that that's great great ball from Ben Johns there 682 the heroics the Riley Newman good enough for the first shot yeah made him hit one more but this angle right here my goodness that's a cute not many people can generate the angles that Ben Johns can yeah and that table.

Tennis background on the backhand enables him to do that as well and then the forehand he just brushes the ball pronates the wrist it's really impressive lose their Challenge and a timeout they still have one left white again that was about the exact same spot maybe an inch.

Further out so uh good hold there oh let's skip off the date Newman wanted the ATP gonna get it and sometimes the ones off the tape are the most fun because they push the ball even wider but that was so shallow to the net he just could not get it around the post there shut up.

I thought I had a good look at that but Ben got it just to her right hip enough where she couldn't pull the trigger and keep it above the net big at the kitchen second serve on the side of waters and Johns we've been at 8-6 for a little while oh just wide shut up right line kind to Ben Johnson more.

Paint on that line over there just an inch Riley Newman punches one home down the middle we have a one-point game yeah I think from Paris Todd there set that up and that's that pressure that Ben's been putting on her she returns the favor to Anna Lee Waters from a different position there great job by Riley.

Finishing that off what a choice there the five so we have a long ways to go here on Championship Court Riley Newman wins that hand battle and those boys are going to see each other later in the men's doubles final too so they're going to get a lot of each other on Center.

Today and here come Harris Todd and Riley Newman in the opening game with game point on Todd's paddle puts it away and Paris Sean and Riley Newman in game two what's up and what got them there and you saw a.

Couple of glimpses of that is the Paris Todd defense was outstanding got them to the final and saw a couple of nice digs on that particular rally foreign Waters and Giants taking the opening point in game number two and a little volume for manly there too she doesn't like losing anything.

Even a single game a little mishap they got out of it that's how high their standards are though right even a lost game will bother them wow Riley Newman and that two-handed backhand that you spoke of earlier Dave yeah and somehow got it through both paddles there trying to defend Waters.

Staying patient creating the error there yeah and that's the thing this team much like Ben and Colin Johns will happily win by Dinkins so when do you pick your moments of thinking and then speeding it up against these guys they're gonna wait till they get a ball up like that and they'll hit 50 dinks till they get that one and but.

They're not just making the dink for you to miss you saw a band again pull Paris Todd out wide and that's a tougher ball to keep shallow nice response there with a great return that almost hit her partner on the way by we almost had Friendly Fire Riley looks like a noodle yeah Friendly Fire.

Oh Newman gets caught in the middle of the Court Ben John's sneaking past him yeah and that's why you usually don't see a team return to Paris they'll return to Riley to keep him off the Nets from Newman and Todd Waters and Johns off to protect their three-point lead two-handed backhand down the line for.

Paris shot and she knows if she Fades to the right and just sits on the backhand that's all she has to defend anything to her right is wide that's a great ball from Paris she loves that backhand setting up her partner oh with the defense of Emily Waters and Ben Johns just too stingy yeah unlucky off the tape there because.

Riley's like this points over and Annalee said yeah I agree oh a whip of a backhand from Waters just wide yeah so that's one of those I know you're cheating into the middle and I'm gonna try and catch you but there's just not a lot of margin there all right we Newman putting away that point they break the scoreboard here.

Break into it rather in the second game it came back from a three-point lead in game one Paris John oh lined up ready just long I mean just sitting on that just rotates the body and Just Smokes the two-hander but caught the tape and smoke it and it hits the tape it goes deep sometimes unfortunately.

Newman can't believe he missed that one so you saw the faster points favor Todd and Newman they want to speed the ball up Riley wants to get involved slower points or the way that lady and Ben want to play till they get an opportunity they let it go and it was good Ben John's catching the Baseline.

Yeah full extension here because he'd come so far over and the key to that is he got his left hand in there to hit a two-hander and that got the paddle face down just enough oh hi Riley Newman losses What A Catch from the crowd what was it what in the world.

that just split between two people oh my goodness literally went between the head of people that could have gone in an opposite direction and taken out a tooth I'm not over it thankfully no dental work was needed there Michelle down their side.

Oh Emily Waters sneaks one through the back door on Riley Newman yeah Nana Lee playing up to the crowd and again when they're on odd they have not been switching Paris over Riley will switch here but Paris has been staying oh Riley Newman runs it down the Ben Jones bullying them from the kitchen and Riley.

Is like Ben what are you doing over here on the right one two great track down with the left hand Riley gets to more balls than just about anybody this is an onslaught we don't like losing games it was a response the bear has been poked.

There's that line shot that Annalee Waters was looking to review we saw that clearly wide Ben John's just a quick snap no room for Todd and Newman to go here down eight in game two of this best of three of five match series and there were none of those types of errors in game number one and that's.

Again that's another contributing factor here to this lopsided score so oh Riley Newman is putting on a show yeah he's not intending to but that paddle it's now not hitting the ball it's taking over again point for Waters and johns with a.

Statement of a response after dropping game one ten one two two humongous swing Annalee Waters wanted to rope one through the middle and go tap paddles but caught the net too big of a swing so if you get the high looping third.

Band's got a chance to do damage with it and pulled it across the body of Todd that's tough to defend shut up two game points here for Waters and Johns Ben Johns finishing things off and an 11-1 finish.

In game two animal Waters Ben wanted to drag that with one of those just devious angles back Cross Court but couldn't make it there what Todd of Newman get the opening point of game three one zero one Riley Newman punishing Emily waters on the Ernie.

Waits for her to put her head down to look at the ball to the paddle and then watch him read it and go boom down good night that's that same spot the Court's 20 by 44 they want it to be 20 and 2 inches by 44 do Waters and Johns all right Harris child field is here at the acrotech Atlanta open second third.

It's a good timeout called there for Waters and John's but four zero two no lead is too big for them to overcome what Todd a Newman will take that rare Miss from Ben Jones a nice dipping thirds one of those you can do I want to reach in and take it out of the air or step back and take it off the.

Bounce Annalee Waters going toe-to-toe with Riley Newman she's 16 years old and she fears no one no one and had a yell and a stare there as well okay I'm all for Chippy let's wait until Riley Newman starts to get going on his church we saw that in full force in men's doubles did we ever.

We Julian Arnold and Travis rettmeyer that was entertaining oh Anna Lee Waters gets Newman on the backside Newman was there just Miss hit it slightly Waters ranked right now nothing slow Riley Newman will also be on the men's doubles final it was first.

Of two appearances here today on Championship Sunday defending champ in that will be our fourth match on Championship Court oh just shy of the Baseline tried to thread it down the line the Net's a little higher it's 34 inches in.

The center 36 on the sidelines there so gotta have a little more Loft and not enough spin to keep it in one five two click hold for Todd and Newman oh Ben Jones catches Riley Newman off guard that's so tough to defend yeah and.

That's where they really made a living in that 11-1 run if it's hot dank just got a little too far just ignited Ben Johns and Annalee Waters she's done a much better job here in game number two high with the Third one five one.

replayed as long as it clears the kitchen line oh what happened there for Riley Newman sort of took off on him I don't know if that hit the kitchen line which again sometimes when the ball hits the line it skids it certainly didn't hit the sideline it wasn't that wide.

First Todd bringing Ben Jones onto the sideline Harris child loves those forehand roll dings and she's really good at picking her spots Ben Jones too powerful against Riley Newman is there a better place Riley.

Could have gone there and once you start in that hands battle Todd dug one out but if you are hitting up and they're hitting down it's hard to rectify that there's another example there redirect attempt so Waters and John's Trail by three three five one they'll have two service chances to build and close the gap.

What oh wow what a point that was so good Riley Newman hit classic Vengeance you think they're done and then Here Comes Emily Waters nice got the money stolen right back there how did that happen that's a great great athletic point on both sides Riley thought he had an open court he needed.

To really put more on it because the defense on both sides spectacular with the back candid Ernie the sport is on fire we're on Prime video we got the best players in the world putting on a show was it good I wasn't sure either because I was one of those where you tucked the elbow and.

Swing through the ball and it's hard to keep that down but she just right on the Baseline tie game Riley Newman finds the feet of Ben Jacks attacked the person closest to you if you have the ball up I don't care if it's the best player in the world get it down they're not going to get it back.

That's a smart choice from Riley Newman there neither did Riley apparently again Ben Johns coming away with that one taking their first lead of the third game and you want Riley's forehand extended he's so good in near his body but when he reaches out a little off balance smart shot location from Ben John's.

There oh a fortuitous bounced off the tape Emily Waters and Ben Jones up too yeah and such a smart choice from both players obviously they got lucky with the net cord but when you're tracking down a lob Don't Panic just go back and throw it into the kitchen director.

Paris Chad steps in in a huge crucial way she's asking for more from the fans we have lobs Galore there and what a dig in the middle of that and Ben thinks oh I'm gonna finish this and ride it Riley and then Paris is like not on this particular oh another redirect attempt from Todd.

Couldn't get that one down two Todd the Serb IA Newman and Todd climb within one wiggling her finger there I wonder if his at herself or she heard something keep an eye on that.

Oh too fast to handle for Riley Newman yeah and folks just if you're around the court just be ready we had the paddle on one side now a ball goes flying over here thank you just be loved from Newman again that's something I it looks like.

You know maybe he's been saving that for later in the match because he did not lob in game one or two but it's been pretty effective on that until that one came up too short and why would that be holy you know sometimes you might see something throughout a match that Anna Lee is so engaged leaning forward in the.

Kitchen you can throw it over her shoulder and he's so good with the deception it can look like a dank so I like that adjustment from him Paris Chad aggressively attacking Waters yeah and that ball is going to be four feet wide but that's not the purpose of that you know that person's wanting to.

Hit that ball you know they're gonna play it yeah same exact shot six nine one yeah benjams and Waters too hot to handle right now crucial serving moment for Newman.

Shut up and never really had a chance to play there to chip away at the lead that they feel like wait a minute didn't we have the lead earlier they did so if you see someone go for an Ernie you want to leave it shallow to the net so that they don't have a chance to do a lot.

With it so very smart by Riley there point game point Waters and Johns 10-6-2 s Riley running away with it early and then in game Ben and Annelise which brings us to game four.

All the pressure on Newman and Todd couldn't get any points in that rotation so two chances for Johns and Waters what a finish for Annalee Waters and not to panic when Riley Newman jumped the corner there she just stayed true and flicked it into that open court that's really well done.

like another one of those dinks that if it sails just a little too far you see the table tennis Acumen of Ben John's there with the roll oh barely missed for Ben Johns I think it might have caught did it oh.

We did wow kind of a flinger but again the left hand yeah just barely catches the corner an army will bring Riley Newman back to life and they need it Waters and John's off to a three-point lead in their deciding game.

Second serve yeah and that left foot of the right side player for anyone learning pickleball and getting to find where to put a dank that's a tough ball for your opponent to make keep putting it there oh toughness for Newman no points and that series back to serve.

Oh so Newman takes the first one far over them backs up on the second one that's a that's a tough tough ball for Paris Todd to step in and take of course because he was there and then gone and didn't know the next one was gonna be hers and Ben John seems to be effectively taking Riley Newman out of his game how.

Is he doing it he's really doing well on the balls off the bounce to get him in an uncomfortable positions wow another middle ball that's good fun but Dave Fleming is one of the best there is second third nice job coming out of the time out there.

Just gotta have the next stop here too so Riley Newman and Paris Todd with another chance to crack the scoreboard what's missing from their magic that they need to get back to pace and that's just an unbelievable ball from Ben because Paris wants to hit a.

Backhand there and she knows she's leaving literally three inches of room along look where this winner ends up Landing just remarkable crazy another lob from Riley I'm going to set up some pace for himself so I think other players watch how teams try and solve the puzzle and this.

Lobbing from Riley is going to be something I bet you see more and more of soda six one one oh wow what an ATP from Ryan Newman I mean offhand ATP he got that with the left that should be worth double six one two you should get a point even though.

You're receiving that's outrageous need better fourth balls here because if the drive is coming you're just asking for trouble Newman handling the pace of Emily Waters throwing in another Lobster she is going to know that this is going to be coming because this is a pattern.

That's pushed her off the line quite a few times what just grab Paris off the tape oh is it her hair did that get a ponytail one of the braids yeah well there was three chances for them I know so great that's the thing he's just one.

Keep the fashion for later she looks great though I'm not it's not hating that I'm just saying there's three chances for the ball to hit it seven one one second third oh Waters was denied but he loved.

The fearlessness of which she plays with 100 everything that she goes for with a hundred percent confidence and this match seems to be slipping out of grip and it's on the odd they just haven't solved that at all Paris switching or not pressure on the return Miss on the last one it's been a big problem.

Let's put Waters and John's to do yes if you don't have a problem they'll create one for you seems rude and then you press you know that that shot right there is a you know one out of 20. set up a couple of Misses because they force you to play perfectly yeah so you.

Try to do too much when you're down Rob read perfectly from Annalee Waters you pointed it out great Dave she knew that woman's coming yeah and that one came from a different position so this came from the middle of the court and he went to the wrong shoulder that's got to go over the left shoulder which is where.

The paddle is not off camera Riley is messing with something there he's getting ready tie the shoes oh set up all right Tata Newman survive two.

Chances to create something they need something short of a miracle come back in this one oh almost had it yeah Paris has been on the ground a couple times in this match as well you're trying to defend Al that looks painful.

Tops right back up with the help of her partner one not two Paris Tom the second server on her side Ben Johns closing the door on that thought for now two points away from closing in on this mixed doubles.

Final call a Bert when you do an Ernie in front of your partner and you even went with a little extra flare and hit a backhand just barely out Todd Newman live to see another day Riley Newman.

That ball was smoked at him and he was literally two inches from the net that's a ridiculous hands oh my goodness he's everywhere Riley Newman with the defense in Paris Chad there to finish it off two-handed backhand and a extended yell.

From Ms Todd unbelievable D from Riley to get them even in the chance to do that Harris shot again going toe-to-toe with Ben Jacks and fantastic though the entire way through tell me in three down one oh Ben Johns putting a close to any hope on the side.

Of Todd and Newman yeah ended up wide but he wanted he wanted his highlight reel Emily Waters firing through to Paris Chad now serve returns to Johns and Waters two chances to close it out Ben John slaps it home Cross Court and we have match point for this mixed.

Doubles Championship round not going away quietly the ball threatened down the line from Todd there Ben Johns Victorious once again
Watch the Championship Mixed Doubles match featuring Anna Leigh Waters & Ben Johns vs Paris Todd & Riley Newman.

This match was played during the Acrytech Atlanta Open at LifeTime (Peachtree Corners, Georgia)

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