Today we are bringing you a mix 60 plus game here at the US Open in Naples Florida thanks to engage for making our coverage of the US Open possible start off here that serve just barely caught the line if you’re looking to up your pickle ball game use code team handling for 20% off and engage with the link in the.

Description1 001 one1 this is a best of three games to 11 match one2 two2 side out 021 can’t get the lob back over one two one definitely some wind that can impact the game here.

Go 22 one that ball sails out the back and hits the fence 222 side out 221 2 two.

two side out 2 two2 ball lands out 322 422 5-2 big run on the far side this is game to 11 side out 251.

gets the lucky net dribbler 252 that ball lands out 352 that one stays in side out 531 53 3 two side out 351 great hands the lady on the far side there as both opponents were just.

Sending everything her way see that happen a lot and mixed play making sure they’re set up correctly 352 352 Far Side gets another nice net dribbler 531 and it’s the near side’s turn to get a lucky bounce off the net.

532 and 632 huge overhead but called on a foot fult on the far side so it’ll be side out referee called the incorrect score so redoing it 361 31.

Ball bounce not only on the court but literally into one of the players over here so redo this point for a second time 362 four 62 clarifying the correct server with the raft they always have bands to signify the first server.

So just trying to make sure that what the team thought was correct lines up with what the ref was calling it is very easy to get mixed up as the game goes on especially out here in this Heat playing a number of hours we’ll come back after they’ve resolved this okay they got the placement figured out kind of an inside out shot that.

Stays in there side out 641 got some clouds popping up here give a little relief from this intense sun in Naples 642 742 great backhand shot down the middle there brings the ball back to the near side 471 that ball sails out the side 472 The Far Side responds with a shot down.

The middle of their own side out 741 that overhead goes is out the backat 841 842 and a second footfall called on the man on that overhead they’re trying to get the ball back from the next court.

Over pretty intense win picking up 481 deep return on that serve and the man just couldn’t get the power to put it back over 482 582 near side trying to to bring this game back within reach this is only the first game of a.

Best of three series the man was sitting on there ready to take that shot side out 851 852 went for the short dropper shot just over the net can’t quite get it to clear side out.

581 681 682 side out after that rather ill advised hob against the man on the far side 861 that ball goes out the side 961.

962 side out 691 second server that ball goes out the side 792 side out 9719.

nice little net dribbler 972 clarifying Correct server uh they discussed with the ref they are now discussing among the players she just took the ball and gave it to The Far Side when it belongs to the court next.

door I think we are finally back to the game in 972 1072 game point here there we go The Far Side takes game one in this best of three.

Matchup intense game we will be back for game two after the break if you’re looking to up your pickle ball game click the link check out all of the Fantastic paddles from engage use code team handling for 20% off all the info is in the description we are back for game.

Two one2 side out 011 111 one more not sure what the controversy is there the lady on the far.

Side I think they I think she thought she heard the ref maybe say something to stop the point but the ref has not indicated that is 211 that ball goes out the bat 212 312 412 after that bounce off the net.

512 Timeout on the far side time in uh ref was saying she was clarifying the score I think so they’re redoing it side out 151 that ball sails out the side.

152 252 side out 5 2 one 522 oh my goodness I believe both opponents on the far side were off the courts in that final shot.

Great movement From The Far Side to pick those up and keep that point going 351 352 side out sorry it’s 452 outside out 552 652 side out some great hands on the near.

Side to grab all those shots 561 tied back up at six that ball sails out the side 662 762 near side reclaims the lead if they win this game they will take the match anticipating.

Foot fault called on the man on the near side side out 671 ball goes out 771 great job by the lady being ready for that tack down the.

Middle 772 side out 771 that ball sails wide 871 great Hustle by the man going all the way back to the fence there but can’t quite get it to clear the net 971 timeout called by The Far Side time.

In 10 71 incredible efforts by both teams there especially in this he we’re hitting the peak sun in the afternoon here 1072 serve went.

Long 711 that shot went out of bounds 7102 8 102 side out 1081 near side has another chance to put this match away two extremely even teams here.

Second server 1082 side out another chance for The Far Side team to take the game here that ball went long 9101 that one goes goes just outside 1011 all tied up here in game two this.

Best of three match timeout called on the near side time in 10 102 apologies on the score there it’s 11102 now bounce off the net ends game two we will come back after the break for game three here in this exciting matchup two fantastic teams facing off.

Here with some incredible points stick around folks you’re not going to want to miss this game three here we go they will switch sides at six in this game one zer2 side out 011.

Great effort there on the near side can’t quite get it back across though 012 112 confusion in the middle there side out 111 112 overhead goes into the net 212 serve was out side out one two1 one two2.

That ball lands out back to the far side for 211 212 the wind just kind of pulled that one away there took it Out Of Reach one two one one two two side.

Out 211 212 that ball lands out side out get their ball back from the court next door and it’ll be one two1 22 one jumps for the overhead but glances off the top of his paddle goes.

Out 3 two one 4 to one as that ball sails out the bat 521 timeout called on the far side in.

they’ll switch sides here thanks so much for sticking with us through this absolute marathon of a match if you’re enjoying the team handling pickle ball coverage of the US Open here in Naples Florida encourage you to click the link in the description if you’re looking for a new pickle ball.

Paddle or merchandise check out everything engage has to offer and use code team Handlin to get 20% off your order we’ll be back after the break time in 62 foot fault called on the bman on the far side second server 622.

722 huge momentum shift here to The Far Side 822 922 near side just can’t find a response now side out there an incredible run From The Far Side 291 292 that ball goes.

Out just when the near side needed a break unlucky net dribbler back to the far side for 921 922 side out that ball stays in so it’ll be 292 331.

that one does not stay in so much needed point for the near side 392 that shot sails out the backs side out.

931 1031 come to game and match point here come on guys point game match at over 50 minutes what a battle two great teams here thank you so much for everyone watching at home stuck around with us through this whole Match 6 go.

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