This is match two of the day Nicole and Andrew on the far side they lost their first match so this is the loses bracket one game to 15. the team that loses is done the wins we'll continue on in the losers bracket and here the near side blue team first.

On the board one zero two this is 4019 plus Nationals 2022. mm-hmm good eye from Andrew letting my ball fly good point side out zero one one and that return is long so one one one the nearsigned team is stacking on.

Defense which is somewhat rare to see oh wow fantastic ATP there from Nicole just barely getting to the ball and it just grabs the line wow great shot her shot just barely made it in the court 2-1-1.

Oh I can tell that ball clock the edge of Nicole's paddle didn't have enough power to make it over two one two so I mentioned a moment ago that the blue team was stacking on defense now they're doing the more traditional switching.

When you stack on defense one player is off to the side of the court and then comes in to take their position versus the switching where both players line up on defense in their normal positions where they should be and then they switch as soon as the return is hit.

And that serve is long 132. return out so two three two Chris giftry the second call good shot by Nicole pushing that ball back as far as possible to keep them deep in the court.

And the guy here in blue going for the reset and putting that in the net three one one sorry three two one good little attack by Andrew trying to catch the guy unaware that he was able to block it and put it back in a tough spot for Nicole three two two.

Just short on that drop two three one on that drop two three two hmm good block from Nicole oh great little great little flick attack there puts it right between them three two one what.

Is oh that was that ball was way in wow yeah so The Blue Team calling that ball out it was definitely well in I was looking right at it uh Nicole and Andrew appeal to the ref.

And the ref said she couldn't overrule it I think she's had to the blue guy's body was blocking her view there are some heavy Shadows from the Sun so I assume it's an honest mistake two three two now.

thank you the guy kind of gave up on that there but the ball went right to his paddle if he had been a little more prepared he might have been able to put that back over uh good point three two one.

The lady here in blue thought she hit an out ball 2-1 good good block by Andrew there just got his paddle up to block that foreign good drop from Nicole.

Six two two so this is one game to 15 as I mentioned before served by Andrew 722 oh wow Nicole's grab on that switch Sheen ends there shot from Nicole on that ball that got well behind her I think was going out.

The blue lady hit it and it Nicole and Andrew came out on top of that point it's a little switch sides eight two two I believe is the score am I out of the end switch good job from Andrew oh a little high too high on Nicole's shot right to the man's forehand two eight one.

Players great shots from Nicole right here again that ball went right to the forehand of the guy very similar to the point a minute ago where if he had tried to hit it he might have been able to get it back over that long.

Uh refolding correct score eight two eight two one is correct you see Andrew and Nicole sending his many shots as they can to the female which is the of course right as I say that they Hammer the man but generally sending the shots to the female see what happens in mixed.

921 922 foreign shot drops it looks like they just kind of catch the bottom of Nicole's paddle just off The Sweet Spot and they end up with not enough power battery dropped from Andrew oh fantastic.

Drive right down the backhand side I think very unexpected to the guy on the blue guy on the other side 11 2-2 good serve oh wow great and I think that ball bounced and.

Then hit the bar on the net 211-1 it's gonna return really deep good spot right between them oh they were able to get a bag it was a good spot from Nicole he's ready for that attack down the middle and the cross stink from the.

Lady on the other side got too high and Andrew attacked Two Eleven two oh very close to making it over eleven two one twelve two one one two one oh I love it I thought that was gonna.

Land in it was looking like it was gonna be very good with a tough angle high-risk shot she puts it out there but right idea out lady in blue trying to attack that maybe get a little desperate here at this point 13-2-2 Andrew Sani hit his leg with the.

Paddle as he was serving side out 213-1 and the other The Blue Team just stacking with the woman now on the left a very interesting move I think they're just getting desperate here I'm trying to mix up Nicole and Andrew and they're doing it again right here so keeping the lady on the left are right but on their left side.

Forehand in the middle does not appear to be confusing Nicole and Andrew in any way they continue sending the ball to her 13-2-1 great Serve by Nicole dropping in the corner yeah good shots by Andrew 14-2-1 so this is Match Point Nicole and.

Andrew oh and that drop goes wide 14-2-2 gray drive from Andrew down the backhand side and the other other team uh switching so that's the match Andrew and Nicole Advance on 15-2 good win