15 multiplication eight three Five Sixty plus here Diamond amateur championship Mom and Dad playing and I believe Rick and Michelle are the names of their opponents just missing the drop there from Dad zero zero one.

And one zero one point two zero one wow fantastic grab from Dad on the backhand side but they put a ball down the middle and he couldn't get back over three zero one ball just wide there three zero two.

Four zero two good shot for Mom zero four one two one one four one very close on that ball back here they called out let's take a look at the video to see exactly what happened there there's another point for mom and dad.

Two four one two four oh wow that ball dropping in after the wow good shots from Michelle oh wow great Hustle by dad okay good chance for Michelle though.

three four one three four two oh wow great grand by Mom putting that back over with a nice reset not a bad idea to lob there was just not real good great Point great point.

Yeah good idea to lob there because The Far Side seemed Rick and Michelle have the Sun real bad in their eyes Dad tried a law but it did not get it real high so they were able to easily grab it slide out four three one good point four three two foreign.

Just barely not making it over three four one and wide on that serve three four two three four two oh side out and slide out there the ball hit mom uh four three one.

Nice shot from Michelle five three one oh dancing an opportunity for a high ball there and it was sort of there maybe just a little bit too much of a reach trying to kind of punch it down the middle six three one six three one.

A tough spot there the ball was not much really difficult shot for either Mom or Dad it was over Mom's head and then a tough backhand way over on the sideline for Dad to grab 731 a little soft ink for Mom putting on the Rick's backing inside 732.

Serve oh wow that bombed dropping back over 371. oh wow great grab by Michelle putting that back over good point good attacks by Dan four seven one good serve on the backhand side.

And that ball stays on Rick in the Shell's side so five seven one great drop great drop by Mom and then she thought that ball was gonna drop out okay good serve five seven two.

Good point seven five one seven five two point that stayed in eight five two they'll switch ends nice shot by dad pulling Rick out wide five eight one nice attack down the middle six eight one oh.

Great poach from day out he left his whole side open but the risk paid off good attack on Rick what seven eight one good shot from Michelle putting in a Dad's feet tough to grab it from that position 782 oh good grab from Dad staring right into.

The sun okay and that'll tie it up 882 mom double checking she was quick server inside always a good idea if you have any confusion just sure you don't fault on it hit it too oh good shot my mom pulled her out but she got it back.

Great Point here oh nice spot for Michelle putting that just Out Of Reach of Dan good point though 881 that drop Falls wide it too another shot just out of Richard Dan actually almost exactly what happened a.

Couple points ago nine eight two oh wow doing a fantastic return from Mom saying she doesn't know where that shot came from eight nine one.

Good backhand drop back hand side drop from Dan and a little ding from Mom 991 there's 1091 Mom and Dad Take the Lead foreign come on tonight too and that one's gonna land out.

So nine eleven one nine eleven two good grab by Rick on that overhead by dad give them the point 10 11 2 wow great job by Dan staring into the sun I don't know how he grabs those overheads that is right.

Into the sun eleven ten one great shots good point oh server that ball bouncing I think it just had some spin on it and it didn't hit mom's panel where she was expecting it to 11 10 2.

Great shot from Rick dropping that in between them what 10 11 1. good Hustle by Dan to grab that when he's pulled out oh and that net dribbler eleven ten one eleven ten two ten eleven one 10 11 what.

Good finish from Rick now to reach a dad that'll tie it up 11-11-1 nice attack from Michelle put an awkward spot for Dad to block timeout 12 in 12 11 1 timeout mom and dad good pickup by Dan and there's another one.

Oh and good hustle to come up he knew they were gonna put that short 13 11 1. good to grab from Dad reaching over kind of a weird shot 13-11-2 that's serve okay sort of looked wide to me but.

My mom called it in with the Shadows it's sometimes hard to tell so I think it was probably in 1411 two timeout yes 14 11-2 14-11-2 after the timeout net dribbler dad grabs it out the last chance here for Mom and Dad.

Likely 11 14. now make it 12 14 foreign with those blocks Dan was attacking them sending them right to him good point 12 14-2 oh Rick trying to get Mom on a real short.

Ball just over the net and he didn't quite make it so 13 14-2 side out there 14 13-1 tight game oh great shot great shot for Mom 13-10 14 13 2 good shots by Mom and Dad oh yeah great finish.

Thirteen fourteen one good shot partner 13 14 2. nice shot by dad down the middle caused some confusion and that'll tie it up 14-14 foreign but they tied it up great run by Mom and.

Dad 14 14-1 nice shot from Michelle putting that right in between him actually I think a third time she's put us out there it's a great spot so 15 14-1 this is game point for Rick and Michelle wow good good grab on the first one by.

Rick but he popped it up and good finish from Dan 15 14-2 oh wow good shot from Rick good spot and there's the game 16-14 can't get any closer than that great game