And we're back ladies and gentlemen I am joined by none other than Megan Hall for the first half of this next match watching The Man team rise Scott and Val against Evan and Teddy Megan well played in that last match thank you very much I appreciate that how was the winter Factor um the wind is really.

Extremely tough today we we decided to finish on the side with the Wind I saw it's got a little slow to like to the kitchen line there to Ernie the Ernie was there but uh if he would use my walkway he might have got there a little quicker no comment.

Come on so how's this match up what do you think Val and Scott have to do to keep pressure and keep extending that one zero lead well I think they have to play smart I think they have to play basic football I think they've got to drop the ball get to the kitchen line and see where they can create some.

Something obviously Evan Pratt brings a lot of energy I've never been on the court with him but I have heard that he brings a lot of energy his partner seems cool as a cucumber wow they've come out strong they've come out firing how important do you think it is in rally scoring to set the tone.

Right away because you know a point is scored no matter whether you're serving or receiving you don't have time to settle into the match correct I think it's really important you know any team that can get up with a lead like we did with the women just now you know up six love six zero it can make you know it can make a big difference.

Going into the other side especially if you're playing with such windy conditions like we are today okay how are you first yeah it's a great great setup and great play by Scott golden I think they're gonna look to keep it away from Evan.

Pratt who looks like he's hot and on fire right now and stay with a steady Eddie of Teddy dupe 100 it's sometimes it's you know you've got to pick on somebody oh he read it well he was there I think Scott Scott golden and Evan Pratt are the X factors here I think their their counterparts are pretty.

Steady so it's going to see it's going to come down to who can come up with those big plays and execute and right now it's Evan Pratt yes it's like you know if you if you look at three of the four players playing you can tell they come from a tennis.

Background from a heavy tennis background not at all this style is a little bit more but that doesn't mean he is not dangerous absolutely I think it's harder to read someone who doesn't come from tennis because you don't know where the ball is coming off their paddle it's much more difficult to read.

I'm loving Teddy's energy however I really do not want to be on the other side from him you know on the receiving end of that right absolutely I think that he's so consistent I'm calm wow from valbonata who you know can come in and do that he I think he kind of plays more the steady partner for Scott.

Who can be you know the X Factor but uh love when he can come in and just clean up his own Point absolutely and that Lefty in the middle you know giving two forehands in the middle allows that opportunity for that of the reverse poach to happen if you will absolutely hate left easily I know I do too I mean I don't know why they're allowed to play.

Pickleball honestly absolutely agreed foreign little you over exerted himself I think a little bit there is just a bit too wide 100 and you know it's also a little too chilly to overext it's not that much cracked not at this hour not with this temperature.

My first thought was pulled muscle Scott's third episode or fifth set up just a little bit too high Teddy dupe able to put a ton of topspin on that and put it right between Galvin and his legs for the winter I unlucky they had that point they were in command at the point the entire way.

But sometimes when these you know when the defensive team keeps lobbing the ball up you feel more pressure to go for more to risk more because you want to win that point you don't want to let them back in right absolutely ooh a lucky lucky point on a missed serve there I know they'll take that 15.

First two you great duck by Scott absolutely you know right now to pay is being picked on a little bit you know I think he's getting the majority of the balls and he feels like he's got to create something because he's getting the majority.

Oh an unlucky net chord but team rise will take it well and it was but it was again it was Val coming in and cleaning up his his start right absolutely and I think if I'm if I'm Teddy you know Evan's got great energy I've got to figure out how to bring him into this match so I don't feel the pressure to have to pull the trigger absolutely.

No he got read like a children's book valve was like on page two already absolutely um their big lead is now closing and I think that soon either they're gonna need a timeout which might be a little bit early in the match or they need to just switch it up for a point you know they need to do something team rise have.

Tied it up at 10 and after this next point no matter what happens we are switching sides it's got golden doing a great job of moving that ball around that's a great Point by both teams really I mean Teddy DuPage just with a gorgeous forehand roll pass valves on his backhand side I mean really really.

Nice I feel like that was a right shot by Val but he just hit it in the wrong spot I wanted him to go middle on that ball absolutely I agree I absolutely agree I but I think that's the presence of Evan Pratt with that forehand in the middle you know I think it's scary and you don't really want to go there because he gets a couple points get him.

Hot and and it's game over so I'm gonna go support my team 100 thanks for having me thanks for sitting in and uh we'll have you anytime good luck today thanks Lee so minor league pickleball let me give you the prize breakdown for this duper 20 the winning team will win 2 800 and the second place team will walk away.

With twelve hundred dollars for duper 18 the winning team walks away with sixteen hundred dollars well the second place team will walk away with 800 and at duper 16. it is fourteen hundred dollars and six hundred dollars all right they have changed sides they needed it's gonna probably take a couple.

Of points to adjust to this wind change on the ends but here we go team ADP are up 12 10. bringing the energy team ryze not able to redirect that ball to Teddy 1310 you.

know Scott realizing he hit an out ball if you don't let that ball go but he'll make those adjustments and they guarantee that ball will not be hit again real short serve if it hits the line in pickleball the non-volley zone line the.

Serve is a fault that line is considered part of the kitchen that's the only time the ball is out great speed up by Val unfortunately just a little bit long Teddy able to get out of the way of that one.

Fifteen two missed returns two easy points coming team Rises way we've all been there we've all done that we hate doing that third in a row 14-15 team rides within one.

16 14. it's a team Riser playing into the wind which means they'd get to hit a little bit more free on this side team ADP you've got to be a little bit more careful that wall was just out.

here great coverage by Val unfortunately that ball coming a little short when playing a factor there holding that ball back just a little bit work yes sir great cross-court topspin backhand by Scott golden.

Tied up at 17. 17. nice overhead by Teddy making sure that ball does not come back there was a lot of heat on that 1917 team ADP.

thank you 18 19. foreign coming in crossing over with that forehand being able to put that ball away teams are tied up at 19 no matter what happens after this point ladies and.

Gentlemen both teams will freeze and points have to be one answer oh the lucky net Court in their favor there both teams are frozen we're back to side out scoring able to risk a little bit more there side out scoring so nothing happened oh.

See Mariah's thinking their ball was in that might have flown a little bit long team AGP calling it out we are tied up at 20 folks 20 20. Mr turn team rise 21 game point.

Scott going for it all on the serve d still 2021 team ADP serving 20 21. top of the net ball just not going the way team rides wanted it to go we're tied up at 21 folks foreign.

Teddy doing a great job of forcing the era speeding up the ball and making sure about over swung for that ball 22-21 if team ADP wins this game they are tied.

At one game all nice backhand flick winner by Scott golden three one three two side out 22-21 timeout called by teamrise.

Trying to stop momentum here team rise have on the bench coaching them if I'm team rise I am telling my team to put Prussia keep putting pressure on them play smart pickleball and wait for the right opportunity to pull that trigger find Team ADP I'm telling them to.

Force that issue playing to win not playing not to lose all right we are back in Ron panda making sure everyone's set in the right positions there it is we are tied at one game all we will take a quick break and when we.

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Level know your game all right we are back watching the first of the duper 20 semi-finals I am Lee Whitwell I have been let loose in the booth alone in a freezing cold day here in Bradenton.

But I tell you what is hot the level of play we are seeing on the court we're having our first mixed matchup it looks like Evan Pratt and Brooke Caruso are taking the court against Christine marsecco and Val bandana games are tied at one all e the team has to win both mixed to move.

On or if it's tied at 2-2 at the end of the mixed we are going to the doretta dean dream breaker it is a fan favorite format and players dread it but it is exciting it is singles it is matchups you will never see if I'm team ADV I'm looking to capitalize on the energy I just brought in my men's doubles.

Evan is definitely high energy high octane he's got Brook Caruso the Lefty also with him amazing forehand smacks down the middle against Val and Christine another Lefty righty combination so what we're gonna most likely see in this combo is the women lined up against each other and the men facing off against each other in a Down.

The Line battle typically in next doubles the guy is in front of the girl and you see a lot more Cross Court rallies it'll be interesting to see what match um what tactics each team employs and how they are choosing to be aggressive we have Ron Ponder as the official ref.

Today he's making sure both teams are staying in line and adhering to the roles for those of you joining us this is minor league pickleball it is a Tampa Showdown duper 21st of the semi-finals after this we will have another semi-final there is money on the line all teams are playing for money.

This is one of the first things that we're doing at minor league pickleball is making sure that there is prize money in the amateur divisions team rise will serve the ball first and if I had to guess it is going to be which of the women wins the most hand battles against each other.

And who can get their guy inserted into that point the quickest right away you saw the guys coming over at hard middle Teddy really coming over on the other side but Brooke doing a phenomenal job of sliding over making sure that she's able to smack that forehand 1-0.

One one lucky net cord on falling on team rise's side team ADP able to capitalize on that little little net dribbler Christine making a valiant effort but coming up a little short Teddy not afraid to go down the line on.

Val exposing the high one-hunted backhand all right foreign Teddy not afraid to make sure Val stays on us and stays on his side of the Court able to go down the line to keep him there forces the pop-up Brooke coming in with the Finish.

Team ADP extending their league lead by four time out call by teamrise amazing third shot drive inside in bye Teddy Sorry by Evan Pratt team rise regrouping they're a team coming together getting.

Some coaching one of the format one of the differences in the formats in minor league pickleball and in the team format is coaching is allowed at any point in time timeouts you get a longer break so longer coaching strategizing sessions can happen but you can coach in between the points too just not during the point.

Team ADP already they they want to get going Brooke had the ball in the middle just didn't move her feet enough great d by Val but Evan Pratt with another net dribbler hey three.

team rice sneaking back in a couple of quick points grabbed by them the score is now five eight team rise surveying that Ball's sitting a little high Christine able to punch it right at Brooke Val coming across taking command to that.

Point but Brooke and Evan both stand in their ground an amazing Hands by Brooke able to find the Open Court just stood there like it was nothing it is a blister day here in Bradenton folks Brooke again staring Val down not afraid of that forehand shoes go she'll go Lefty to.

Lefty and she is the better Lefty right now getting fired up let's return we are switching sides switching sides means the wind will change and if you were playing into the wind now you're now playing against the wind shift coaching team rise trying to impart some words of wisdom.

While Megan and Scott are sitting on the bench wondering why they are playing on such a cold wintry day Brooke is feeling it right now I don't think she is she is seeing the ball the size of a football and she is not afraid of anybody right now score is 12-7.

Team rise trailing by five Val coming across with a nice pouch and making sure he jumps that kitchen so he does not get caught with a violation your teammate Evan with a nice deep serve Christine thought it might be going out bailed on it a little bit and unfortunately missed the return giving team ADB the point.

Coming across again for the Finish and makes doubles we totally see the guy coming across taking the middle Brooke is being a beast and coming across fearlessly it's such a great thing to see right G by team ADP a little bit confusion on team rise in the middle.

Unfortunately if you're just tuning in you're seeing the score be 16-9 and rally scoring this is not a big lead because a point is one whether you're serving or receiving teams are going to score points no matter what.

Evan looking at his bench asking why can't he drop the ball that ball was way too short way too low to drive you a couple of loose points by ADP giving rise up close in the gap great drive down the middle Brooke held that ball just a little bit.

Was able to see Christine lean a little bit to the left and the middle was open yeah you you know I've been trying to do a little bit too much there the way Brook's playing I would have probably let her take that.

Ball she's able to create things from anywhere on the court today 1912 team ADB okay 2013 for ADB as you know in rally scoring the team that has 20 is now Frozen they have to win on serve Gene rise are still in rally scoring.

With the body Fade Away Brooke with the volley they won the game 21-13 that ball looked like it came off of Brook's hand the hand is considered part of the paddle so it is a legal shot you want to know what it takes to be great you work hard go further train longer.

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A 3.0 guys come on I'm at least the foro yeah fair enough ratings don't have to be hard duper optimized for accuracy optimized for fun download the app and claim your free profile today and I said Saturday no one's here right are you.

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Circle it's your water your way try Circle at I know Ultra 2.6 carbs and 95 calories welcome back folks Ron Ponder has called.

15 seconds oh my bad he changed his mind to one minute Ron Ponder what are you doing I am trying to run a serious commentary here we are thankful to have him coming up next week it is Major League pickleball time we are heading to Daytona Beach tickets are on sale now we would love to.

Have you and if you are doing nothing next weekend please tune in if you can't come in person I will be playing on the Texas ranchers and uh can't wait to feel your love your support and most of all have you be part of the energy that is Major League pickleball there is nothing else like it all right our second mix doubles is.

About to take the court we have Megan Hall and Scott golden playing Mercy vonder Schmidt and Teddy dupe team ADP are up two games to one team rise are unfortunately have to win this game to stay alive and hopefully secure a spot in the final otherwise team ADP are heading to the final quite a while together.

Let's see if they can capitalize on their experience and their years of playing pickleball to get a psychological Edge first ball flew a little high settling in it's always tough to come off the bench and give it 100 right out the gate and rally scoring but that's what we've got to do.

Great d by Megan settings got up unfortunately is flick a little too low hitting the tape of the net thank you great dropper by Macy Scott with that dangerous backhand Drive volley winner we've seen that quite a bit we saw it in the men's doubles and we're starting to see it now and mixed.

Whatever Teddy finding the line on that shot it's got covering line on that ball but Macy coming in and taking that attack down the middle beautifully executed if you're on her team unfortunate on the other side.

right now begging this guy have gotta just settle into that game play Pickleball play the way they know how they have the pressure to secure the win and need to play and need to play smart pickleball and Force the pop-ups from Team ADP.

things slipping away from Team rise team ADP just playing pickleball and getting things done it is a balmy day here in Bradenton Florida the winds are only blowing at 18 miles an hour and Floridians have traded their board.

Shorts for ski jackets all right we are changing ends team ADP are up 11-3 let's see if the wind is going to be a factor as we change sides can Team rise Drive the ball with the wind playing into the wind a little bit more and keep that ball in play in World team ADP play some loose points and will the wind carry the ball.

Stay tuned folks nothing but high energy pickleball today I will be the voice in your TV all day I apologize and we'll see what we can do about getting some fun folks to sit here in the booth with me time in 11-3 right away that ball sitting up a little.

Bit team rise able to attack when you're playing in the Wind you have to adjust your strategy whether the wind's in your face are at your back oh.

Come on one of the things I love about Scott golden on the court he's always a positive positive partner always encouraging no matter what the score is Scott and Teddy having a little exchange there over that out Ball but all in fun and just.

Macy with a bullet flying off a Scott's paddle slightly out great attacking by team rise foreign just a few loose points given away you'd be extending their lead.

Next to going for a little bit too much there so that's got golden going for the Ernie and thought she'd drive it down the middle that's a great ballet move by Scott trying to get getting out of the way of that ball nothing but athleticism and.

Gymnastics at its finest all right Teddy coming across and finishing after bro after Macy chasing down that log 17-9 Megan told Scott earlier to find Teddy's backhand she did a great job of doing.

That the reason why she told him that is because he is sliding over and pinching metal hard he is looking for that forehand he wants to attack the forehand so if we can find his backhand we keep him a little bit honest on the side of the Court Megan Hall calling a timeout a little bit frustrated there her return is going.

A little long it is tough playing in the wing ladies ladies and gentlemen I know those returns look like basic errors on TV but it is windy out here and conditions are definitely playing a huge factor in the ball manipulation so that ball should have been in it's a routine return of serve but the wind just took it a little bit out.

Team azb are within two points of securing their spot in the final rise doing whatever they can right now to stay alive here dream of surviving another round the sweatshirts are off matching outfits are on game on people.

They're within eight hoodies come off Megan just yelled they're getting tight she wants to put pressure she wants to keep going in rally scoring we have seen this time and time again the lead is shrunk.

Four Points rattled off by team rise can they keep going they're feeling the momentum they're going to play smart pickleball right now and put pressure on team ADP who need to switch their game plan.

All right team ADP winning that point Maisie with a blistering forehand team ADP are frozen they have to win a serve team rise are still on rally scoring so right now you're seeing the score change for Rise it is 15 20.

all right Megan calling that ball out it was mostly out which in pickleball means it was in the wind pulled that ball back in Megan with great sportsmanship there.

Got it ball going out team ADP Frozen at 20 team rise scoring a point they are within four I hope I don't jinx it here folks but one of the hardest things to do in rally scoring with the freeze while your other where your opponents are still aren't.

Frozen is closing out this game The Last Point sometimes is the hardest to win right now Megan Hall and Scott golden playing to win team ADP playing not to lose all right both teams now the score is 2018 that means both teams are frozen and they have to win on serve we are.

Back to regular scoring folks we have a game on our hands and fired up of her energy got golden and Megan Hall played together for a long time very familiar with their games and their movement patterns calling on all our experience.

Right now to pull out the win that ball just dying Megan Hall had a read on it but unfortunately the ball must have hit something on the court and not come up just underneath her paddle unfortunately that return goes out and team AGP win 21-19 what a comeback from.

Team rise but sadly team ADP uh the victors team rise do not move on ADP has secured their spot in the final no one's here right you getting this so if he wants the end water doesn't it doesn't have to be boring turn it up with circle with over 40 delicious flavors and a dial that controls your intensity.

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Now foreign thank you okay so let's do the uh.

No it's not true uh services foreign all right oh all right folks we are back for this second semi-final in this duper 20 lineup for minor league pickleball we have Team hit and run against team.

All-Stars for hit and run we have Ava kalis and Bella Nelson playing against Julia Henderson and Amanda studnicki let's see if Amanda can live up to her last name and become a stud today I guess we'll have to see Huntley absolutely I am joined in the booth for a rare appearance by the one and only Kyle McKenzie Mackenzie yes excuse you.

I mean that's that's actually a compliment I mean his commentary skills are pretty good to be honest with you I don't think I have those those type of chops but uh I was like don't say Mackenzie McKenzie in my head the whole time oh my God.

Well we're after a whopping great start today yeah well I am Kyle solinko also known as my twin brother ex-twin brother X twin brother now I apologize Kyle a little flick by Bella going slightly long I did do my homework earlier and looked.

At these matchups and did have who was supposed to be slightly ahead with their duper combined but I've totally forgotten all that information seeing as I botched your last name and probably the rest of this commentating show well I would say it's pretty even absolutely you know we have Ava Kayla's.

Ava Kaylis has impressed me I've watched her play now for a couple of years and her you know her dedicate of course I give her compliments when she misses the ball but you know watching her grow and and take advice and and compliments and take tactical stuff to heart and really work on them I'm excited for her future definitely on the.

Pickleball court I probably know her better than the other three players what do you think about this format Kyle uh these if you haven't been to a minor league event this is the second one uh that I've been to and from a player standpoint I didn't play in it but it's just the energy the team format the.

Energy I personally like the rally scoring so uh I mean if you haven't been the one you need to make you need to you need to check one out they're they're coming throughout the United States they're all throughout the year absolutely you know one of the biggest things I've noticed.

About Minor League pickleball which was granted this is only my second minor league football event but the one thing I've noticed is it's brought young people together on the court the teams are a lot younger than maybe a traditional draw at the amateur tournaments yeah I mean if you certainly digging into the analytics a.

Little bit the the age of the viewership is going down which is a good sign for for pickleball just in general definitely I think you know and one of the things I've said is we're in a very unique situation we have a front row seat at the evolution of the sport and we're watching it grow and we're watching that age get younger and.

Younger team hit and run up by one point right now just a rare Miss by Ava I'll blame the win for her in this one great ball there both teams just just trying to settle in here.

I mean maybe a little bit nerves you're you're in the semifinals one match away from the finals and with real money on the line not just Monopoly money not just Monopoly money that's another reason to come out and play these we'll have to get the we'll have to get the graphic up again of uh the prize pool breakdown here here at the turn.

Absolutely every division duper 20 18 and 16 playing for money this weekend I mean I wish when I was a 4-0 I mean I probably am a 4-0 now again uh I wish I could play for money back in 2016. I mean I don't know what I need to do to get my due for lower but I I wouldn't mind playing.

a great finish and you know with rally scoring and most people are used to the traditional scoring with side out scoring rally scoring you're scoring a point whether you're serving or receiving and points go pretty quickly and sadly today you add the wind factor.

I think we're at 18 mile an hour when wind gusts today and it does play a factor in somehow letting points get away from you very very quickly it's a tough it's a tough fat match to settle into I think today with conditions and you can just tell like.

It's uh just even in this match trying to settle in make a couple balls we'll see my opinion is whoever settles in and makes consistently can make a couple balls here I think we'll take the lead in the match 100 and then you know we do have an end change at 11 timeout called by uh Team hit and run see if they can make.

Some adjustments here interesting that the um the guys on their team are taking it's nice to see the guys in the team taking an active role they are younger but they're they're definitely committed to the team they're oh here we go we got the prize money breakdown uh duper 20 2800 bucks.

That's that's I know that's crazy I'd like that money I remember when I won I won like 300 bucks back in my playing days with with actually with Zane navratil I that's my claim to fame Lee like his first prize money was because you were his face picture you were his face first paycheck I lost the command of the English language today.

And it was uh it was a 300 bucks and I it felt like we won the lottery I mean months to win money you get your prize money back and plus some things have changed quickly we'll see if All-Stars can keep it rolling here right at 11 with the end change you know that that's another game adjustment.

Because the wind is blowing now the other way right it's you're either into the wind or Against the Wind so long again the wind is at the back of Julia and Amanda come on I'm excited for the men's doubles after this because we will see my future.

Mcdouble's partner in action which one will that be that there's a there's a lot of good players on that side I know but my future mixed Devil's partner is taking the stage and I'm so excited to commentate that match well looks like my dreams are crushed tournament I think I do I do several all right we got the All-Stars up eight.

Eleven to eight now on the other side I think they might be able to play a little Freer and rack up some points although in the last semi-final I thought that was going to happen and it did to an extent but not to the point that I thought they could run away with a match once they switch slides.

Well I found from just being around pickleball most players prefer hitting into the win I'm actually opposite I like the wind at my back and now hit and run has the wind they're hitting into the win so we'll see if that uh they'll help them but it's it's like it's anything with a rally story though like no no lead is safe like you.

Watch the last match it was 20 to 11 and when some somewhere around there 2012 and they made it all back all the way back and tied it at 20. so I mean this is not insurmountable to come back from dive a good set up there good finish absolutely they're picking on Bella a.

Little bit but Kayla's trying to get into that point and doing what she does best Bella dinking that ball down the line allowed Ava to get into that point About That season as well that was then it was almost out nice little flick come on.

And here we go that leads that lead has vanished one of the things that was that's been nice to see is the fairness of calls this weekend it could be it could be that it's live streamed in there on TV I don't want Mom to see me cheating but I mean my calls have been a Hot Topic in the past couple months 100 and you know what what is the.

Answer do we go to like a Hawkeye technology or do we trust the human eye and get line judges uh you probably need a Hawkeye type system but what what boxcar AKA our company's doing I mean we're trying to have a reasonable solution to the problems with the with the challenge line line challenge system.

It's just uh you know we get from doing this I've noticed we probably get about 95 of the calls pretty good but obviously a Hawkeye is 100 so so those of you that don't know I am joined today by Kyle silinko I will get his name right forever and I would probably refer to Kyle McKenzie's.

Counseling go for the rest of his life as well Kyle owns boxcar Productions and they do a phenomenal job not only on the production side but also showing the quick replays on the line calls and the judgments that are made and like you said they are 95 accurate and that is way accurate than the human eye way more.

Accurate than the human eye ball to be out that doesn't mean it is but it's like anything like in a replay even if like you get the NFL MLB sometimes replays are just inconclusive you know and sometimes that's just gonna happen but I mean if you can get a large majority of the calls I think it keeps the Integrity of the game I think.

Players are more hesitant to call questionable line calls that they would just normally call well especially if there is a you know a punishment not a punishment of some sort but there is a consequence to the nicorent call whether it's a loss of a timeout or a loss of a side out or something right there there's got to be.

A consequence because otherwise people will just challenge everything we're within one right now Amanda studnicki living up to her name right there with the overhead what a great last name letting that ball sit up just a little.

Bit it was it was a really good point construction way way to get in there way to stay just ahead Amanda a little bit on her that's a great dropper there by Bella the exciting thing about Minor League too is as as the sport evolves and grows.

And especially in the duper 20 we're going to see them moving up to 2 for 22 duper open and then hopefully into my major league Challenger and Major League Premiere so we've got a we've got a front row seat at the next generation of players so to speak I always like to say all reps are good reps right so the pressure they're.

Feeling right now at duper 20 they're gonna feel that same pressure in our duper 22 semifinal and then the Challenger and then Premiere so I mean this is such a good idea and stepping stone for Major League pickleball absolutely and then I would let me know we've got some Marquee events coming up with Jupiter 22 and duper open and one.

Of the things I get asked is what are you looking for in a player well at this at this point of the game at 16 17. I'm looking for who are the clutch players who are the players that can play right now you know before 11 I'm like okay you can make shots you can do certain things but when the pressure's.

On can you make the shots you're supposed to make exactly that is recruitable Talent oh just wide good dig there by Ava to set that up just good great dink just couldn't that Bella just I would have liked to have seen Ava try to go for the Ernie there to draw.

Yeah you know um Julia's eye a little bit coming from the Ernie Queen herself she always has the eye for the Ernie oh player pulled out wide my goal now is to try to execute a bird and I guarantee it will not be legal as we see hit and run has made that run on the side change.

So wind is playing a factor like you said today 18 mile an hour wind and we got a timeout here at 2017. and hit and run are frozen at 20 now they have to win on served whereas All-Stars get one point of rally scoring before they freeze and just for everybody's information.

Daytona Beach MLP by Margaritaville is next weekend is it already next weekend isn't that crazy I just felt like I just got home from Mesa you know someone back down in Daytona but if you have not got your tickets yet tickets are on sale it is going to be next Thursday Friday Saturday and the finals and semifinals will be on Sunday.

So if you haven't been to an MLP event and you live in the Florida area this is your time to come and check it out because there's nothing like it like the slogan says and I would say come and hang out and have some fun in the sun but uh I can promise you fun and high octane but we can't promise you the sun oh I left Wisconsin for the warm weather.

And I just brought the cold weather big Point here you did yep is that Nikki being a stud nice overhead here getting their team to 18 both teams are frozen they have to win on serve now all these women utilizing the nice two-handed backhand maybe a tennis giveaway.

Stud Nikki pulling the trigger I mean it was all set up by the dink but you know having that confidence to pull the trigger and make the shot seeing the opportunity seizing the day so to speak Henderson doing some nice forehand thinking I mean I think that was a I.

Mean that was probably like a 50 50 ball there by Bella Coulda maybe just been a little bit more patient but paddle two was a factor in that right she's got a little bit more skinny grip yep so she's got to be way more precise on that ball most of them it looks like almost all of them have like almost like.

A semi-western grip going on here forehand oriented that's why we see most of them having two-handed backhands there's there was stud Nikki with the earning attempts and right now there I mean team All-Stars are playing the perfect game great setup and that will be game one.

Game one so what we saw right there the last two points prior to this one Bella was the one who'd made the mistake team All-Stars recognize that and pressured Bella into that last point well the All-Star sick of one old lady and we're going to take a timeout all right we'll be back on the flip side.

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Joined by none other than boxcar owner founder Creator Kyle solenko Kyle how are we today thank you for joining me thank you for having me well it's a it's a bit chilly here for South Florida or Southern Florida I would say Floridians have traded their board shorts for ski jackets you're right.

It's going well it's uh I've been in Florida for a couple weeks now nice you brought the cold weather with you oh well it is it is like eight degrees in Wisconsin right now so this is about the same yeah right I guess I can't be complaining about 60 degree weather right at this moment but.

But we can and we will because we're you know it's what we do we've got our men's match up right now so we've got hit and run wretched liverneese Jaden Broderick against the All-Stars shiv Krishna Swami and axel Morgan the All-Stars won the ladies game so they are up 1-0 hit and run and looking to win this match to tie.

It up so leeu teased us last match that your future Partners on this court right now absolutely FP is here future partner for those of you that uh that don't know are you gonna share who it is are you gonna keep it a secret um let's just say I'm smart in my.

Partner selections I've gone for the tallest youngest guy on the course Jaden Broderick is my future mix partner yes he is Left-Handed and so am I but I am not worried because Jaden is six foot eight with a wingspan of twelve foot three he is a tall a very tall person I.

Wouldn't know anything about that Lee me either I just like picking tall Partners however his game definitely impresses me I love the way he moves on the court he's relaxed he's he's got a maturity Beyond his years and I'm just excited to play with him all right Axel Morgan serving for team All-Stars.

Nice point to start up there nice Point construction a little nice thinking I feel like we see a lot more dinking in the guys game than the girls I've already decided no matter the outcome of this match my FP can do no wrong I said.

Lefty forehand in the middle right shot great shot against the righty not so good against Lefty you know I've seen Jaden play broader play several times and he says very calm when he plays nothing seems to phase him no and then you know hitting a good thing against him because height is is hard because he's got to reach and he.

Can flick this like that too yeah I think that was a good setup he uses he uses his reach really well just in that last point to flick that ball just out there maybe just a tad low to try to flick that I didn't feel like it was a little out and that lever was a little too far extended but.

It would have been a great shot had he pulled it off oh calling that ATP out but it was like about three houses in those three houses in that looked like it was in oh yeah thank you yeah thank you what was it.

Okay so it looked like Axel called it in shiv called shiv Krishna Swami called it out excellent overruled and called it in and um really excellent is the one who had a good read on the ball the angle that was at makes it hard to see it was a good defense by Axel Morgan as.

Well good pressure there by Axel Morgan Axel Morgan another teenager up and coming up and coming from Texas I remember seeing Axel Morgan have the first next-gen tournament uh last year and he has grown up a lot since then just in his presence on the court shot.

Selection obviously physicality as well just wide there by Chris Swami Christian salami a South Florida resident actually in his second year residency as a doctor the uh impressive he can still keep this level play absolutely he is a great player why do we compliment players and then.

They make the mistake right away he is the oldest one on the on the court right now it's a great spot there by Axel it's a good reach great pressure five six couple of Miss dinks here not sure how much of that is wind related.

That ball carries a little bit too much or not enough sometimes that was definitely a win problem for my FP can't possibly make that mistake wow nice Ernie there great angle Ernie and you didn't need the walkway and we're starting to see a little bit more.

Intelligence maybe is the right word in the earnings most earnings are smacked straight down in front of the right in front and now we're seeing people start to create more and use more angles angles and cuts and since the game gets younger it's uh a little bit more creativity.

And I guess we'd be remiss if we didn't address technology too right remember when we first started playing pickleball how gritty were paddles I mean I mean the first pie well I had sounded like uh an aluminum like I can't even describe the sound.

It's like it stuck like it was not a I mean to think about it right we had very very smooth panels and uh definitely not filled with the stuff they're filled with now and with the grittiness and Technology players are able to do more with the ball.

You better read greater anyway Ernie there by Jaden I feel like Jaden could hit a Burt and it would still look like an Ernie just cash yeah routine day in the office nice to handle there by Axel here we go the All-Stars three-point lead as we've seen it's the players have been favoring The Far Side of the Court.

Though so this was the same situation that um it was the opposite for the All-Stars right they they on the change of ends they were they were losing they were losing however they did end up on this side of the court so I don't know I feel like the wind is.

It's honestly it's whoever can just shut it out and just play this is our second semi-final here of the duper 20 semifinal at the minor league pickleball Tampa Showdown in Bradenton in Bradenton what this is called GT Brady GT Beret GT Bray it's a nice it's a balmy Sunday afternoon it is Mother's Day in.

Gibraltar and Europe where I'm from so happy Mother's Day Mom I know that you are in and out of the feed today listening so hope you had a great day my brother was nice to you and acknowledged you and maybe dad remembered to bring you flowers thank you.

They got away with that nice reaching vibrate and then that ball sat up and they both went for it sometimes that is a detriment of having two forehands in the middle which you will not have when you play with them no and I told some people I was going to be.

Playing for Jaden they're like but he's left-handed isn't that weird 99 of all doubles Partnerships are two righties why is two lefties weird it's the same thing I was actually I actually heard that for the first time this week when two lefties we were playing wreck we're playing together like this is weird but.

You don't want to play them but two lefties no they didn't want to play together oh they didn't want to play together they're like why so save us two rights that's what I said wow nice we'll wind up casual Drive coming on with a lot of heat by Broderick this is a great looking stroke.

Foreign maybe a timeout here for the All-Stars I think so China regroup just pause momentum by six straight points here for hit and run I know I talk about my FP quite a bit but you know he's not playing singles out here today he does have another partner Richard livernese is his partner great pickup line great.

Pickleball player again coming from a tennis background oh great d ude a little bit unlucky there for Christmas Swami the product was ready it was a nice attack if it would have got to probably broderick's hip which would be a good.

Spot from Crystal Swami but the net unlocking neck cord sometimes you end up with an extra opponent in that net so we're at 1511 hit and run extending their knee their lead hit and run do need this win to tie it up at one game all and selfishly I would like this to go to.

Too because I want to see a dream breaker because it's fun not fun to play fun to watch what do you mean do you remember your first Dream breaker that you ever played in I know it was a long time ago it was over 300 days ago yes but do you remember some of those backhand winners that you hit no I I do they were.

Nice yeah they were nice some of those passing those one-handed passing shots in the very first duper if anyone everyone should go check that out Lee whitwell's Major League Major League dream Breakers I it was multiple dream Breakers of her just hitting one-handed passing Shots by some of the top male players.

In the game if you haven't seen that go check that out I do send the Highlight clip to Declan Jay on their birthdays every year there it is again good read good setup by and shiv's defense that was a great dink my chef unfortunately when you have a 12-foot Wing slime on the other side it's not a great tank.

He put it in the middle of the box of Broderick and he still reached it Axel trying to and reciprocate the earning with an Ernie with that ball being put a little aggressively in the right spot just out of his reach we will have all the finals coming up.

After this the 16 18 and duper 20 finals that's another reason why you should come out and play you get till final you're gonna be on the live stream yep you get the pleasure of Kyle and I commentating and you also win money I love the fact that this prize money in amateur sports or amateur pickleball we just uh broadcasted the.

The duper Collegiate regional tournament and that's great too those those uh those men and women they win scholarship money absolutely and the best thing was we had the duper Collegiate Nationals earlier or last year rather towards the end of last year and one of our breakout Stars ended up in the singles final.

A couple of weekends ago coming through qualities lighting people up and ending up in the final and lost in three sadly but hey what a run what a story Colin schlick is a chick that's how easy that yeah I remember watching him great book by Richard in the middle of that yeah like you say at the Collegiate like you could see her like oh this.

Kid's got some skill but didn't really see him in a tournament and now a 30 seed made into the final but it's cool to see like actually like well I talked a lot of the college kids and they they actually start clubs for this type of stuff which is awesome yeah I love I love the fact that it's in.

College clubs I love the fact that it's growing in college clubs and I'd love to see it as an NCAA sport at some point because my logic may be flawed but in my mind the minute it's a Collegiate Sport with scholarship you're a High School Middle School feeder program already takes care of itself because now there's a pathway.

I mean that's part of the problem like you said with the youth when we talk about the youth like what unless you're going to become an Annalee Waters or somebody that's a teen teenage Phenom what's the what's the outcome that you could possibly reach like if you play a lot of tennis you could get a scholarship right like you're saying the.

Like pickleball if they can make it a Collegiate sport I think the youth movement would be huge 100 and and honestly it's like will we see another run like Annalee like Catherine like Simone like Ben Kyle Even what we see another run like that again maybe not because the sport has evolving so much there's so many more people playing.

Now and so many new talent coming in now and right now we're witnessing a rally scoring freeze at 20 and a comeback on the non-rally scoring side All Stars still have rally scoring hit and run have to win this point to tie it up otherwise All-Stars win a point and there it is tied up one to one.

So who do you think has the advantage going into the mixed doubles because there's not a long break in between matches I will give the advantage to hit and run just off of pure momentum off the last match now if I'm hit and run who do I put in as my first doubles um hi or which guy do I put in first I.

Would put my stronger guy in first I would I want to get up and set the tone and put the pressure on for that third game the or the fourth game that would be my strategy like you always want to you always want to take momentum and keep using it so I would put my best team out there you wouldn't keep your best team lost.

And let the the second team kind of take that momentum and use it to their advantage no I want to I want to keep the momentum up and keep the other team down I want to I want to keep the momentum Rising so who in your opinion is the better guys at Richard or is it Jayden uh I haven't seen Richard play he was.

Pretty impressive my guess would be Jaden he's got a lot more tournament experience and under his belt um and yeah that that would probably be my now the females who who would you say would be their the better female on the other side I don't know much about Bella I just.

Have seen Ava in a lot of tournaments I know Ava's got a lot of tournaments under her belt so I mean Ava did play the did play the left side last match so I would put Ava and and Jaden together and now for Hit and Run all right Ava's taking the court first what do you what do you think the All-Stars what do you think what do you.

Think the All-Stars should do with their lineup now that they've seen him looks like Chris Swami's coming up with see I was gonna say shiv and stud yeah I mean the only reason like if see that's that's when I when I when I watch MLP or anything I always I always think like okay if you have a lefty male or female on your team.

Especially if you have a lefty male like you oh to me like I I would always want to pair it with who's ever playing the left side in the female combination right whatever if you like and I need to do a little bit more of a deep dive because I might be just spewing stuff that makes no sense.

Um which has happened every once in a while um the um a lefty guy with a righty girl don't seem to have as much success as a lefty girl with a righty guy Lefty guide righty girl puts the match up girl girl be girl straight just head.

To head guy be guys straight down the line and for some reason if you look at the pro players and look at those matchups the Lefty guy hasn't had the success that he maybe should have I'm talking about a Rafael to Tyler lung rally to Heart yeah have I missed out any other lefties those would probably be.

The top ones they've had great results in men's doubles but when it comes to mixed is it because the Lefty guy match up is that doesn't sit well in I think I think a lot of it is this the with the righties in general like there's a certain pattern on how where we hit balls right.

So I mean we see a lot of a lot of cross like we're used to always being a lot of backhand thinking if I'm a guy on the left-hand side so it says natural for the ball and then the woman is too is usually I mean we're used to that pattern of going to that side to the left so it'd be outside the outside right so.

I think it's a pattern thing from a lot of righty players in my opinion and it just doesn't it to me it just doesn't play well because two like hitting more balls to where a lot of people play in the do side of the on the bottom right so the pattern is always what we see a lot is a lot of add to add add to add backhand the back end.

Back in the back end and so I think it's just a lot of patterns just like that and right is that the ball stays a little bit more away from the do side box and the Lefty player that would just be my opinion with it but it's because to me when I'm playing a lefty mixed doubles guy I love it because that means the girls.

In front of me and I want to tear up the girl right and that's my Attack Mode whereas in traditional the guys in front of me see Richard would have been my first pick in putting this this doubles lineup up I didn't know that I don't know if I had to put in with Ava but I liked his.

Energy from the doubles coming here he was louder more vocal foreign female to female thinking battle you have you have one who is let me see so we've got Ava and Richard yeah so Amanda she she's from what you.

See in that first cross exchange from forehand the forehand she's hitting a cut forehand and Ava's hitting more of a topspin so it's gonna be interesting to see how that that Dynamic plays out because it's actually an advantage to both of them right it's a cut to a to a Top Spin and vice versa so vote with Jaden.

Yeah she's a stud she's there she's like nope um that's because Ava likes her backhand on the outside yeah so I would have I would have I would have placed her with Ava she could even Jayden Ava can Cross Court backhanding roll you all day long thank you good step in good hand and good angle.

As you see here that was high on the third he stepped in put it in the right spot and then nice Insight in um we call that the Tommy up up north the Tommy yeah Tomahawk okay call that tomahawk it's like more of like a windshield wiper but I get it.

I think Zayn never told me to take a lesson about the tomahawk again because as you see he was in the non-top ten is it Tommy's he at PPA Austin he went for a few in singles oh did he miss that one and he missed it and it hit him in the head so I saw the replay I couldn't actually see what I think I did not granted I did.

My glasses on but I was like what just happened and then I saw his paddle go up into the air he went for a Tommy or windshield wiper completely missed the ball hit him in the head that's how you make SportsCenter Not Top 10 right nice lovers.

good dig wow yeah she she went as she was hitting that back and she was going for that Ernie and that ball set up just a little bit see right there yeah.

have you seen Amanda play before I have not I'm very impressed with her do you know where is she out of is she in the Florida area no we're gonna have to do our homework on the next commercial break so we can come back and talk intelligently about her.

Nice one-handed counter block block volley by Chef's backhand there setting it up just along there by krisha Swami he took a nice swing at it another uncharacters that missed there by Crystal Swami it's normally a very solid Dependable guy.

Sure he's gonna hate me describing him that way but it is a compliment our lovely assistant did some research for us Amanda plays out of Gainesville Florida she played Division One tennis at Delaware.

Sounds exactly like my background and if you're already feeling under accomplished she just finished his PhD in biomedical engineering that sounds just like my resume I I mean I maybe she can buy the engineered while at one break.

so she's smart talented understood like her name said great play there bye bye Richard yeah loving his energy loving him coming over and then committing to the poach he's deceivingly long as well maybe he just wanted to play with Ava.

Because he wanted to be the tall one on the court no he is tall he is tall he just does not look tall against Jaden he's probably like six one I'd say the All-Stars are up by two points so we're switching ends shiv and stud are I'm just gonna call her stud because he's playing like a stud.

So you have played a lot of Major League events and you put a lot of rally scoring now is there a mind shift in the strategy because for example like when you're when you had to serve in regular scoring like you someone will serve big or or be aggressive on their third a little bit more aggressive do you feel that there's a different type.

Of strategy with rally scoring because if you if you serve Bigfoot and you hit it out it's important right and I think but I think early on you can sort of set that tone and serve big and go bigger early on because like we talked about earlier a five-point lead is nothing in rally scoring you know but you want to get your confidence up knowing you're.

Making those shots and you know it's like we've we've all been on the receiving end of being up 2015 and losing and being down 2015 coming back and winning it's almost it's almost like it's the it's the opposite who has the advantage right like right now in the score point right off the serve they're the score point there are the defense.

The returning team is already at an advantage they're at the kitchen line ready so they have a better well if you got to return the search first but you're in a better position to score a point right right away and that's completely different than regular scoring which is interesting and I think in rally scoring format you will see.

Most points scored on return of serve versus on serve so if you can win most of your points in return on serve and then capitalize on x amount on your serve you're going to win the match just try to channel Jayden there almost came up a little bit short.

that's twice chip has gotten lucky in that net core where it's set up for the opponent because he played that beautifully it was a good log they had Richard on his back heels yep and then just an unlucky neck chord that wind picked up just as was.

Hitting that ball and it's it's keeping the ball down and as explaining earlier to our you know 25 000 viewers that these these mistakes on TV may look basic but the wind is playing a huge factor in what is going on right now so so the ball just like there the ball is landing short and then there's a hard.

Breeze coming back and so now your timing's off because the ball is short and slow and it's just it's more of a mind thing than anything but it's still a huge Factor 100 and the other thing too In The Wind that we can't do is we can't set our feet too soon yep because that ball is continuously moving.

And we're we're within two I mean you can be playing bad offense and you if you can just keep your mind in the keeping getting holds keep scoring points it keeps you engaged a little bit I like the move just a little bit ambitious there and I think he thought Ava was in his way so he.

Didn't commit as much as he should have but 100 in the wind you keep getting that defensive ball back the other team is going to feel the pressure to to do more with the ball swirling you never know what's going to happen hitting runner up one right now 16-15 it's a Swami's way it just had to go his.

Way poor guy notice this with no apologies on that corset what team has apologized to the other one there's another one oh around the coast there you go a little run by Chris Swami not slice grip that that you know the the way this the amander is slicing that.

Ball with the way Ava's holding her paddle the slice is proving problematic it's keeping the ball low and really and really causing them Ava to go very low to high and if you're not and you're just not a confident just a little bit You're Gonna Pop the ball up right and I mean on the lower that ball saves him.

It's proven In The Wind that ball is staying pretty low that there's any so low to high you can go with that paddle good dig there yep so after watching a ton of MLP and minor league and duper there is one point and one situation during this rally scoring that's more important than any and we'll see if we'll get there.

Right now we're at 18 18. if they score if hit and run scores here and they get a 1918. the next point is more pivotal than any other point 100 and that's because if hit and run would score again to get the 20 they are automatically froze at 18. but if all all starts with the score all right now right now right so.

If the All-Star scores here it's at a big disadvantage for hit and run because they are frozen at 18. but if hit and run scores here it's 1919 and it's not froze correct so that to me when playing like this is the most pivotal point of the match because of the freeze this is where you've got a play to win yeah there it goes there it is 1919 now.

Instead of instead of 2018. and then I felt in this point they you know shiv and Amanda were a little bit careful they were playing not to not to lose instead of playing to win the point right now it's still rally scoring this is another pivotal point because now it's 2019 with a freeze again yeah but to me it's like it's very disheartening.

When you're Frozen at 18. for sure instead of 19. great D oh great cool Ava with another good pickup whoa what a point oh clutch play unbelievable pickups look at where all the way from where look at where Richard came from to get that ball.

I'm on the ground I haven't split since the first George Bush Administration Richard's feeling it now and he felt it too much I mean a lot of times it I've noticed too is like when you see a person or team get really really fired up they usually have a hard time bringing that back down and winning the next Point.

Yeah they tend to play that next Point super amped up Amanda's stuck with just a great counter Richard which is not ready for the ball coming back and he was leaning forehand and she went straight back at him all right we're tied at 20. we're Frozen Richard was ready for that one forehand ready now how will he play this point.

Will he be amped or can he calm himself down look it looks like he just reset himself by touching the back of the fence so hopefully wow stud Mickey going not this time Richard he's been leaning that way the whole time if I'm recruiting that play that's a recruitable play right there it's like okay she's she can.

Make the shot and high awareness right that's recognizing patterns like we gave her a compliment one job keep these comp like the play right there should the third straight up his line again Richard was here yep so Christian Swami did a great job with the third he went behind Richard Richards.

Overreach you know he got it back but stuck sudden Nikki had a great fifth shot and then I just wish you would settle into the point right you know just a little bit and get something a little bit better than I would say a 50 50 ball and I think I think sometimes too especially in mixed novels right the.

Philosophy is right or wrong is find the girl and sadly in that point we saw Richard Richard was way over on the half of the Court you know Ava was slightly over to the right of the court and studnicki tried to find Ava which was the wrong play the plague.

Should have been like just go behind Richard whether he gets the ball back or not irrelevant but keep him honest I mean I think the the skill levels between women and men are closing if they haven't closed already so much that you almost just want to play where the ball is dictating you to hit the ball to make the shot instead of worrying is the.

Guy over there is the girl over there they play the ball play the hit the right shot for the ball and where the positioning is oh we're still tied at 20. great return was way on his back foot when he was hitting that third what is the right play there because I see a lot of.

Players on their back foot you know what is the right play when you're on the back foot hitting the third uh I think it's situational but like if you're really in the back foot you can just get a good stroke that will cause them to hit a four shot that you can handle with your fifth that's what I'd probably do.

Because leaning off your back foot trying to hit a perfect third it's hard it's hard we're still on side out ladies and gentlemen this could be like a football game 20 20 means it's an hour Richard just he's over extending himself right now and he's he's smelling the win.

And he wants to force the issue and he's not trusting his partner Dr Dr Ava has been holding her own this whole match I would like to see him let her play just a little bit more yep all right it's 21 20 21 20 pressure shots all right can the stud come up with the.

Goods I think this is the first time I've ever seen a doctor playing a doctor right now and a kitchen violation on Match Point on Match Point Let's see what it oh he did not re-establish did not re-establish he said he slid his foot but he might have slid his foot in the air.

Hopefully we'll get another great second mix game all stars are up two to one but I think we first need to take another commercial break we'll be right back just a word from our sponsors three is definitely a 2.5 guys look at that forehand she's clearly a 3.0 guys come on.

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Matter your age no matter what tour you plan or who you play with no matter what's in your bag or what paddle you use what matters is Your Love of the Game celebrating the sport and knowing your level so that you can keep pickleball fun and fair for everyone what matters is you.

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Is how you recover when active recovery is part of your game you're thinking about your whole game backed by science trusted by Champions loved by all activate your recovery with UFOs and we're back joining me again is Kyle solenko owner and founder of boxcar Productions and.

All the great production in pickleball is him his brainchild and he is lending me his expertise in the commentating Booth because he said I should not be left alone supervised I think you were doing a great job on supervise but I must say it takes a huge team for a pickleball production so it's just not just me I'm just a a part of it.

So thank you to all the great team members that uh that work with boxcar Productions put on as many pickleball Productions as we can um but I was mistaken so I said Ava was a doctor last time no it's Amanda Nikki yeah the two docks on the same side how do they even have time to play let alone win pickleball matches.

But Chef Christian Swami is a he's a resident in his second year so he's getting he's getting close and Amanda is getting here doctorate now so no no she is a doctor yeah engineering yeah and uh I might have to interview her later and ask her what exactly biomedical engineering is I do not know.

But I do know that it is a witchy windy day on our monitor almost blew off the table and we're here in balmy Bradenton we got about what would you say 15 to 20 mile hour winds yeah I think I think it's gusting a little over 20 from time to time but um it's.

I mean it slightly affects the ball I would say the ball is is light plastic so it moves in the air as we go into this critical second mix match you have the All-Stars up two and one so does my FP bring the heat what do you think uh Jaden and Bella need to do here to send this to a dream breaker.

Jaden's got to get big Bella's gotta not be afraid to go up head to head against against Julia Julia is going to be in front of her and I think if Bella can dink a little bit like let me line and then a little bit more middle that's gonna allow Jaden to come across.

And do some damage and I think the first guy to be able to insert himself in the point is gonna be the victor um but I will favor Jaden's reach over axels right now only because it's 12 feet versus nine feet and we have Axel Morgan and Julia.

Henderson serving on the far side and Jayden Braddock Broderick and Bella Nessa on the near side although this matchup is primed for us to see a bird will we see a bird goodness okay yeah well why don't you just play the whole Court why don't you do it and he is a singles player so he does.

Have that mentality too of you know if I was playing with him because I'm Lefty I would be playing on the left and I will leave him on the right and I would tell him if I hit a backhanding he is not doing his job I should only be able to hit four endings which is smack on the sideline.

Like those last two shots were very wind controlled yes the ball got extremely on top of Julia Henderson and that last Point causing the missed third shots oh and he can move a little wrist flick ATP look like he sliced that he cut that yeah oh my goodness okay.

It looked like his line was open but it really wasn't just Windows calls extreme quickly with Jade and product I mean maybe an early trigger there by Exo Morgan and then that's the right play his place to get big in the middle knowing he can.

Cover his his backhand side and force them to go behind him we talk about shrinking the court right in mixed doubles we see shrink the court maybe because of the girl guy combo but we're starting to see it in men's doubles too a lot more and women's doubles as people start to establish.

Themselves as right side of the left side of player and be a more alpha or more beta player you know and I think there's if you're a very upcoming Pro in my opinion there is room to be I don't understand why more Pro players just don't focus on being a beta not to say like Colin Johns is a bad.

Player but I mean he has taken that right side to a different level right and yeah I mean you've gone look you've got um great great great right-sided players and it's like you know when people ask me yeah yeah I'm looking at you know I want to be a pro player what should I.

Work on I might be a right-sided guy yeah be a right-sided specialist because yes your partner will probably get most of the recognition but it it won't go unnoticed that it's on your back yes so right now if I'm Jaden I'm gonna look to come across in front of Bella a little bit and trade a little bit of.

Pressure off of her just had a few balls thrown at her so Axel actually popped that ball up and Bella had the attack and backed off that line like yes she I think I don't know if she was on the side if that ball was going to go out but chica if she would have stayed on.

The line she could have reach and attacked it Axel and Julia are really starting to settle in now you're seeing them making third shots getting to the kitchen line constructing points kind of putting a little bit pressure on yeah on.

Uh on Bella the freezing her a little bit and there's another alcohol and we're at 11.6 after it was a strong start by the hit and run the All-Stars have come back to take the 11-6 lead and here's the thing it's you know once Bella's you know they've attacked her she's reset well but then she's popped up a couple of balls and like once.

That's in your head it becomes a thing and rally scoring that's what you're looking to do you're looking to make it a scab on somebody and make it an exposed wound so to speak to force the partner to have to maybe do more and try for things they normally wouldn't or maybe before they would yeah and this is why I really was advocating you know.

When they were picking their mixed Partners to have Ava killstead play with Jaden because she was playing she was playing the the left side in the women's match so she's probably maybe just a little bit more comfortable on that side 100 and I mean we should have put our names in as like commentator coaches and I could have.

Come over we could have talked them through our logic but and I think that speaks sometimes to the to the youngness of the team right it's a fairly young team and maybe those are the the Tactical side of pickleball that is not quite occurring to them yet and with maturity and experience that comes agreed.

just sitting up and it's so if I'm if I'm the coach right now I'm just going to tell Bella not to reset just the counter and to try to get those cobwebs out because it is just a seven point lead yeah no lead is safe in rally scoring that's.

The great thing in the excitement about rally scoring there you go that was definitely went but hit and run are taking that point I mean it's just pattern so we were talking about women's doubles they're used to attacking that.

That backhand of when in women's Supple so this is a pattern right here we go and if you're just a little mellow this looks a little bit tight as yeah thankfully Jaden was able to come across on that one but yes it's and it's not fun when you get titled but we've all been there it's all happened to us and.

It sucks and you feel like you're getting picked on and which you are but it's the right play but pickleball is a game of runs and confidence can shift very quickly so you know maybe maybe if Bella starts making a couple balls and you know her confidence picks.

Up things will turn a little bit it's not like she's playing bad that bad or anything it's just a couple balls it's too big there see here we go she made a couple balls force and error but it also in doubles right it's it's like if we're playing and I'm feeling tight and pressure you be saying hey.

Just go for the bomb and giving your partner permission allows for a breath for a minute right and it gives you maybe gives you the ability to relax and just settle into settle back into it and I feel like you know as Jaden gets older like that's something he's got to incorporate into his game just as axel needs to and.

Um you know Richard as well it's like they're young and it's not just playing great pickleball it's how to be a good partner yep and here we go look at this 12 15 after a little run by Bella and Broderick great step in there bye and if you notice the shift that's been.

That Bella made in her dinking was not now down the line it's Cross Court like don't be afraid like I said play the ball like don't sometimes when you're struggling a little bit don't don't play the person play the ball if the ball is dictating to go across Court even if the guy's there go cross-court now look at what Nelson she's she's her confidence.

Is picked up she's made a couple of really good dinks brodericks has done done a good job stepping in taking a leaving a little bit of pressure and now we have a 15-13 game like we said the great the great thing about rally scoring and minor league pickleball and Major League pickleball the runs the excitement like they say.

There's nothing like it there's nothing else like it and your lead is not safe no lead is safe no lead is safe and I mean in pickleball here's the thing is a good dink is a good dink is a good dink it doesn't matter who you're hitting against if it's a good Dink it's a good dink yes you it's an unattackable the hands at.

This level are so good like they're all so good like you just can't speed it up at somebody and consistently win points right so you can't take balls from very low to high and expect to win points at this type of level right so a good thing is a good dink and you know humans we are oh we're.

Predictable people tend to attack the same way so you study then you read them they catch you the first time you sit on it the second oh this is dangerous this is dangerous now for them oh my goodness Axel Morgan some unbelievable gifts oh the point of the match point of the.

Match now it was getting dangerous for Broderick and Nelson because the longer these balls came back the more pressure Jaden was to have to do something with that ball he stayed with that course though he did a good job of not getting overly aggressive not getting flustered by not being able to put the ball away from.

Their from their good gets and that one hurts a little bit that one hurt right then and there that hurts well I wanted to take your time out Jaden said no that was all set up by the great Cross Court dings by by Bella Nelson right 100 and watch this right this yeah pulls Axel out so wide.

Great cover there by Julia but oh exposed the court now I like I would like to see Bella get into that Cross Court dinking rally no matter what and that's why they say always let's get one more ball back right there because you just never know especially with this wind.

They're within two that's 16 18 if I'm lobbing somebody who do I love right now well not not brain if I'm Jaden and I like because Axel messed that overhead I'm gonna force him to hit another one foreign.

So all stars are frozen come on Bella right here and now hit and Runner Frozen the score is 18 20. we've seen a little bit of a momentum shift from side to side as this match is worn on but if all straws win this is over if hit and run win we're going to a dream breaker.

There's Bella with our Cross Court backhand she's finding her groove backhandings down the line weren't working she made the adjustments gone cross-court come on we're tied up at 20. 20 20.

Oh the Thompson and the wind to help that stay in game point could we see our first Dream breaker it's looking that way I would like to see a timeout no they gotta stop see right now I would do a timeout a side switch and a stack and that chain.

Server that's what I would do right now all right there it is Stella's finding her groove in that backhand Cross Court dink and it does help with a 13-foot wind Spang as your partner we're having a dream breaker all right so now.

Who do we match up against him well they all seem like they have some type of tennis background most of them do I'm not sure if Axel Morgan does I think he does his two-handed backhand leads me to believe that he might have one but who do I match up do we go guy go girl or do we you know I always like.

The I love the girl guy too I mean it's Works in my favorite plenty of times but you know if I'm the girl on on the All-Stars I don't want to play either Richard who can move or Jaden who doesn't have to take one step in either direction to cover the whole Court.

So who do I sacrifice and say you know what if you get one point we're golden because we're gonna stack the other two to get the points and how much okay now when plays a factor in doubles how much of a factor does it play in singles does it play more than a factor does it play less than a factor I think it plays more of a.

Factor I think in singles you've got to knuckle down and really be precise and hit your shots through the air cleanly so the ball has less wiggle roommate the the harder you hit the ball the cleaner it's gonna come through the air the more you float it that wind can can move it around I but if you come to the net I'm lobbing.

You in the Wind I really think that in my opinion I would say team hit and run has the advantage that's as my my from looking at the the skill sets from this match I'm gonna say that I'm gonna go with Team Hit and Run who are you at where you at Lee well.

What team you got what team do you think has the event I know the world watching wants me to be biased and impartial but my future partner is on team hit and run and I will never bet against my future partner well all right fine I'll give you can run I'll take the All-Star okay close or wipe out uh I think it's gonna.

Be like a 21-18 yeah yeah in my favor of course no never never it's gonna be at least two footfalls 180p a Bert and three passing shots absolutely I gotta ask you a question I've seen you walking around in these and they look like they're a new sponsor first how do you correctly pronounce.

Their name is it oops it is UFOs I can't tell you exactly how they came up with the name my version is definitely on the PG for 13 version however they are a recovery Footwear okay so yeah tell us a little bit about your experience with them they are now a.

A sponsor of Major League pickleball minor league pickleball yes there definitely is uh they're definitely a minor league and super sponsor um I have been an UFOs fan for years and then um.

Got connected with an employee who sent me another pair one day and then I reached out to them and ended up loving them and being them being one of my sponsors and what I love about it is it's they're not your everyday Footwear they're the kind of shoes you wear in.

Between matches after working out there is it's just great recovery it's almost like a memory foam for your feet that's awesome and your feet thank you I mean if my feet could talk the things they would say when I put these shoes on I mean there are things I wouldn't even say to myself everyone needs to go check.

Them out yes that's phenomenal if you're on site check it out but also let's remember Daytona Beach MLP by Margaritaville this coming weekend Thursday through Sunday check out all of Major League pickleball has to offer if you haven't been there there's literally nothing else like it 100 that's high octane fun the atmosphere is unlike.

Anything or any tournament you've ever been to tickets are on sale so go check that out absolutely we hope to see you there because once you go to one of these you're going to want to go back as a fan which is unbelievable and even as a player you know one of the I'll tell you the hardest thing is a flare is going from an MLP event where.

There's so much screaming and so high energy in your your wins are Amplified and your losses hurt and they're commiserated with your team the energy you expend as a player on the emotional side makes dick going to a regular tournament hard because it's such a left hunt I've talked the pros about that about the.

Next week I'm like man you just look like you had an adrenaline jump they're like yeah exactly it's it's just the all right shifts going up first let's see who let's see who's going against oh we got All-Stars ship against Richard Lebanese I'm gonna I'm gonna go and call 2-2 on this one um yes because I just no shift.

's a gamer but yeah Richard looks like she's the Mover yep and he looks like he has an unbelievable tennis background yep which should help him here in singles great job by shiv keeping him back but I like the play by Richard that's he's showing that he has some.

Singles experience maybe and so I'm just trying to blow the ball but I hit an actual drop um there is nothing wrong with blowing the ball past them but this like but that's what I mean like with shiv Krishna saw me right there he had a good third shot drive but then maybe it wasn't exactly the great.

Ball to try to drive again maybe try to get to the net your drives and pickleball have to be so low over the net they cannot be anything above two inches that ball is gonna get it's your toast okay FP against axel great job by Axel Morton keeping Jaden back.

Sadly against anybody else that is a phenomenal shot and you got them on backhand on the Run it was two steps for Jaden I mean I thought Axel Morgan thought he had a winner with that back what an incredible backhand and look at that just to keep the ball in play that ball was past 99 of players.

Foreign big Point here yep four three so they went girl girl guy guy did these teams have gone with a more traditional matchup in their singles I would expect that some girl guy combos I know I was hoping for that those are.

The most exciting ones do you want 10x experience coming in from Amanda's dad Nikki aka the stud great return there that's that was all set up with a great great return there by Ava hitting runner up one point ah.

Drive dive oh after the first bounce Ava does it look like there was a kitchen Fault by yep yeah the back side yeah it was oh that hurts that hurts seven five.

Oh the wind and you know actually maybe the soft serve in this wind is actually a great play the ball will just not come to you because you're used to a normal serve the ball hitting and coming to you and three points that's gonna get in her head here we go Shake It Off oh.

No no great job by Bella just to keep the point alive that was big just to get up get that get that one point after you know a couple missed returns absolutely Salvage this one point that that did more for her confidence right there than you know it is a cold day here in Florida I'm.

Just looking at ourselves in the live stream oh let's have a look oh yeah oh no oh great passing there by Richard great passing shot great inside out pretty sure that's a.

Pretty shot once you run around that forehand you've got too many angles and you just got to pick one if I were Richard on that shot I would have run around it again yeah it hit another Inside Out get it inside out or inside in right there turn around and he had the line on the forehand his line.

Would have been yep yep oh she has a wind assist we're tied at 10. one point to the end change I feel like Axel knows he missed an opportunity there that return would had nothing on it and unfortunately Axel rushed a little bit too much saw the opening.

And change at 11. well we're right on schedule for at least a 21-18 yep love the togetherness that I'm seeing from the teams though whatever for those of you that just wondered what Kyle was talking about it's his food order it's exhausting commentating.

Minor league pick Walt doing a great job taking care of us though absolutely they're like these guys look hungry but I'm seeing this togetherness on these teams these young teams coming together chatting talking strategy who knows if it's effective strategy but they're they're talking another sponsor that I never heard of until MLP Mesa Circle.

The water bottles 100 which is another sponsor here of minor league pickleball if anyone that doesn't know they're they are if the top is an actual flavor and you can control the amount of flavor in the in the in the cab it's really interesting you should check them out one of the things I love about Circle I'll tell you after this point.

Oh night night is the fact that you you hit the nail on the head you can control the flavor my my problem with flavored beverages is there isn't enough flavor yes with this one I can add as much flavor as I want hasn't taken uh has it taken the place.

Of your diet coke addiction what was that what was that we'll have to talk about that some other time but I remember you said you were quitting Diet Coke I told JW Johnson yeah so it's a long story um but you know I feel like there are worse things I could be drinking than Diet.

Coke so no I'm not giving up Diet Coke um I have replaced certain Diet Cokes with circle so all in all we're at 12 12. we are prime for 21 actually we're Prime for 24.22 right and you'll see in the bottom corner you know.

Michelob Ultra is another sponsoring all my favorite things all my favorite things are sponsors of of duper and minor league pickleball it's almost like I got to hand pick them which I did not there's D1 tennis at its finest.

Oh great reflexes from Ava however I'm watching Amanda stud Nikki it's like saying she's not my favorite player because it's me but but I really feel like I really feel like her her hoodie is warranted today it could be like 95 on UV and Hoodie still at least it doesn't matter it.

Doesn't matter she isn't legs and a hoodie and rolled up sleeves look at that yeah back within one big serve and you come great great background she kept it low.

I feel like that was but that was wind curved in great shot great gets Bella just look at that oh Eva I mean there Ava I'll bet tonight you got to be thinking there's no possible way that she's going to be able to curl that all the way crossbody and you got to be thinking the line right there I mean I.

Wish Julia would have just stood her ground and taken that tried to take that ball in the air oh Chris shiv going for a little bit too much there or Julie I'm sorry dive hey.

That was a nice clutch Cross Court you gave Richard a little taste of his own inside out nothing right there oh ball called out there was it I mean I feel like the Call's have been pretty fair looks like the referees concur it was out the prince of pickleball's commenting thing we look a little cold.

Just a tad great job there by accident Jaden back and then dropping it short so you have to come out of diagonal maximum distance where are we at 1918 2018. hit and run 21-18 we called it you heard.

It here first I swear I should be making the books making the lines if pickleball ever makes it the right the gambling I want I want the line making job well that will do us that will do it here for our uh second duper 20 semi-final hit and run going to the final they're.

Gonna meet who won the first one the first match uh we already forgot that was like a while ago um I have it written down let me refer to my trusted notes it was um ADB right ADB Teddy and uh Teddy Teddy DuPage duprey's team up next though will be the duper 18.

And if you're wondering what the 18 means it means that everyone's dupers combined need to be below 18. they cannot exceed 18.3 yes 18.3 but firstly we need to take another time out so we will hit it to commercial break and we'll be back with the 18 championship.

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Circle at foreign foreign um.

what side are you feeling oh yeah all right now yes ma'am Maybe you ready.

Thank you seconds okay game one time in zero zero one zero.

Foreign all right guys welcome back we are watching the duper 18 final it is a battle between Drop it like it's.

Hot in the Orlando owls playing for the Orlando owls we've got Sydney signaker and Leanne Tran and for the Orlando owls I did not write their license out because I am blonde and it's cold I forgot we've got Danae and Ellie thank you Orlando owls coming out aggressive and.

Hot and taking an early lead three six a lot of positive energy coming from the Orlando olives right now they're getting hyped and pumped.

Yeah I like the sound of that it rhymes Orlando owls up 10-3 on this Sunday afternoon in Bradenton Florida thank you something all right we are changing ends 11 for Orlando owls are up.

This is the deeper 18 final again this means that all four team members cannot exceed 18.3 their aggregate dupas have to add up to no more than 18.3 all right Drop It Like It's Hot strategizing trying to figure out what they need to do to get back into this game where's the airlander hours are out on.

The court Danae and Ellie are ready to go ready to capitalize on this lead welcome back guys we are watching minor league critical pickleball at its finest we just had both duper 20 semifinals now we're going to have the 18 finals sorry semi-finals yep 18 finals followed by 16 finals and then we'll have duper 20 finals you're in for a treat guys this.

Is MLP format team style pickleball high octane fun 12-4 we go.

Orlando arrows playing pretty solid smart pickleball right now moving the ball around putting pressure on finding the Gap finding the feet finding space on the court thirteen five 15-5 Orlando arrows playing a pretty Flawless game right now Kyle silenko has.

Left me unsupervised in the commentating booth I apologize ahead of time for what may come out of my mouth nice attack by Leanne you right now all the energy and enthusiasm.

In favor of the night owls they're doing a great job of removing the ball around getting the pop-up got a lucky on the net cord there but still it was the right attack all right.

19-6 all right Orlando owls are frozen they have to win on served all right foreign.

Works in Sydney's favor and she gets pumped up and screams 29. 29. all right Drop It Like It's Hot still alive 10 20. we're slowly closing the Gap will they run out of time.

foreign Ron Ponder calling a fouling himself asked him to replay the score 10 20. game point.

For the euroland um for the Orlando owls Leanne calling in before the sea walks away 11 20. I'm smiling dude here we go great defense great Point construction great patience.

We saw it all in that ladies and gentlemen offense defense to offense back to defense finally back to office game one goes to the Orlando owls 21-11 the boys are going to take the stage next see if drop it like cotton win out this doubles and level it up at 1-1 we will be right back thank you.

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SpongeBob it's easy all right ladies and gentlemen welcome back to minor league pickleball we are here at GT Bray in Bradenton for the Minor League cricket balls Tampa Showdown we are watching the finals of.

The duper 18. right now the men's doubles are taking the stage we've got Ethan joshnik and Jack Holloway against Victor Mendez and BK Drop It Like It's Hot lost their ladies double so that means zero Lando owls are up 1-0 Drop it like it's hot looking for the win in this one.

So I'm looking for Ethan to get big in this match you know kind of command report he's probably the one I'm most familiar with I know it's game quite well he beats up on me regularly every Monday and Wednesday in our drill sessions excited he's a great player growing into a.

Phenomenal young man an amazing human being great D from the Orlando owls but that ball just coming just short Point goes to Drop It Like It's Hot he won two teams.

three two great serve and great third shot drive by Ethan forcing the error 14. thank you nice steal by Ethan joshnik in the.

Middle there you go yeah let's go foreign.

It's forward seven four great steal by BK in the middle better read that well and took the ball in the air and punished it up the middle awesome play awesome move.

Five seven two is that help hey fun driving like it's hot going for a little bit too much there nice backhand coach by Jack giving the.

Other team the stare down it was a great move great poach and generated a lot of power off that backhand some would say it's his form I just would say it's his paddle you pick nice backhand block down the line again way to stand his ground and not panic 11-6 at the turn Drop It Like It's Hot standing there lead to five.

because oh yeah in the correct position come in 11-6 nothing like a well-placed let cord winner to come back I'm Gonna Change around close it.

Up because great defense from Drop it like it's hot but Orlando owls keeping pressure on not going for too too much and eventually coming back.

With the win me nice click from BK Ethan was sitting a little bit too forehand there that left shoulder causing a little bit of problems foreign.

telling Ethan that was on him his drop sitting a little high exposing the line and allowing Victor to drive that ball into this volley down the line.

nope thanks for going for a little bit too much realizing the windows that is back may not be the right sir but that's okay they are up 59. I'm looking to tie up this match 10 15.

Finished there Ethan calling that serve out Orlando I was wondering if it was or not but you know what he's a fair guy 17-11 thank you point 1811.

. foreign staring down his opponents as he just blocked that ball right through the middle very pretty.

BK acknowledging it giving them a paddle flap Jack with the put away again set up by Ethan with the big serve the big third shake and bake.

foreign there it is ladies and gentlemen Drop It Like It's Hot just won that match 21-12 they have tied it up their games are now 1-1 we will be right back after this to watch our first mixed doubles.

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I love the energy the energy was Electric very fun such as social interaction that you get to play a whole bunch of people super excited to play the rally scoring and this format definitely pushed you to make it one more step and play in the big leagues.

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Loved by all activate your recovery with UFOs good job all right we are back for our mixed doubles Sydney Aunt Jack but Drop it like it's hot it's playing against BK oh what again BK and.

Ellie for the Orlando owls awesome one zero okay one more two one.

it's a good eye right there good leave okay that's good all right the score is 3-2 to the Orlando owls and then coming over and completely handcuffing Sydney and making her lock.

Down to her spot not able to do anything and cover if that ball would have gone excuse me if that ball would have come back Jack trying to get involved in that point forcing the issue a little too soon love the pressure he was creating oh.

Four four five four BK with the amazing overhead tying it up five five fun disease matchups fun to see the play in the team format.

We got two guys two girls playing MLP format on a team we saw a dream breaker in one of the duper 27 finals where we see one here yeah six six right now we have LA and BK playing.

Little bit calm a pickleball I would say Jack and Sydney are playing a little frantic trying to force the issue a little too soon but both benches quick to come off and celebrate every point one gotta love this formula brings out the best in everybody occasionally the worst.

Three point off the serve great deep Serve by Jack Hawley BK forcing trying to hit a deeper trade but forcing that ball long thank you for those of you watching it is a windy day here in Bradenton Florida we have created our board shorts with ski jackets we have gusts of 20 mile an.

Hour winds windy and cold but these guys are making the most of it not complaining and just playing the ball not letting the conditions beat them down come on nine nine.

attack coming over trying to take that third from Sydney Sydney's been thought solid with the thirds all day I'd like to see him relax and take a step back and let her play and do her job she will set him up the way he would like get down.

all right Drop it like it's hot as up by one at the turn these guys are very evenly matched trading point for Point not really extending past the two to three point lead before it collapses on them let's see what adjustments each team are gonna make to try to extend these leads.

That they keep getting see what they can do to come out with a w inner Ron Ponder I'm doing an amazing job at roughing today thank you to him and his team of referees that have helped us out all.

Weekend all right Jack put the punishing volleys putting stuff away putting pressure.

Jack is feeling it right now if I am the Orlando owls we've got to somehow take the momentum away from Jack maybe forcing that ball down the line a little bit if I'm BK I want to come over a little bit more just to give him a different look make him hit the ball somewhere else.

Sydney with great defensive really screaming happy with what she's doing great hands 15. so right there Jack came over and took that ball Sydney floated.

Her fourth board up I'd like to have seen BK be a little bit more imposing and take that ball do something with it it sat up for the attack you know pickleball is all about momentums and swings and right now we're gonna Drop It Like It's Hot swing.

Let's see if Orlando owls can do something to send the magic their way I'd like to see Ellie go behind Jack a little bit keep him honest she's letting him get way too big there putting enough pressure on him making him keep.

Keep his ground this she found his backhand one of the things we do and pick a wall sometimes we let one player get too big and dictate the court which makes it feel like the court is so much smaller in the real estate we're heading to is so much smaller we've got to keep our.

Players on ourselves honest Jack is determined that no matter where he is on the court he will find the ball or the ball will find him okay 14 19. yeah.

a couple of points scored by Orlando owls and mistakes but Drop it like it's hot is it enough to Rattle them with rally scoring once you start losing points sometimes it's hard to stop the bleeding we gotta go back to basics watch the.

Ball do what we do best flirting with that kitchen line Jack calling a timeout wind is a factor to save that a lot of errors that we're going to see aren't wind caused but they gotta play the win the correct way just.

Like you play the opponent the correct way we are back within one point Orlando staying on the court their team coming out to them Drop It Like It's Hot going to their bench come in 18 19.

one of the things we talked about earlier this 1819 point is probably one of the most important points if you win it you go to an automatic freeze for both sides otherwise we're back to 19 all and still in rally scoring foreign.

S out of position running back covering 2019 Drop It Like It's Hot at game point but they have to win on Sir side out scoring now applies and goes out it is 19 20. to live another point.

those forehand volleys were sitting in at the beginning of the match now they're just sailing out he's not getting enough on that ball it is 20 off thank you 21 20 21 20. my next ball I would drive.

It at Jack Holloway I would drive this third right at him attempt to hit the ball 22-20 what a comeback we will be right back for game four.

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Circle it's your water your way try Circle at all right we are back for match four mix doubles number two we've got Ethan and Leanne playing for Drop It Like It's Hot and Victor and Danae playing for the Orlando owls Orlando owls are up two to.

One drop it like a top need to win this to keep them alive and force the dream breaker Drop It Like It's Hot knee just start dropping it like a top it's a little deflating they did have the lead.

Owls came back and one even man have to put that out of their mind and play this game like it's just another game not they've got the pressure but they can't feel the pressure they got to force they can't force the issue they've got to play their game and do what they do best if they can do that they're in.

With a chance if they start forcing the issue and that also just gonna let them do that and take the points as they come for those of you just joining us we are watching the finals of the duper 18. Minor League cricket ball Tampa Showdown we're in game four mixed doubles number two greats First Serve by tonight pulling.

Leanne out wide opening up the court and with the error for those of you that don't know duper 18 means that all four players playing on the team their their aggregate may not exceed 18.3 all the groupers need to add up to 18.3 or less coming up after this final we will have the duper 16 final.

By the duper 20 final all these teams are playing for prize money they are playing for money they're playing for pride bragging rights you name it but I think cash overall wins Ethan with a great forehand third right there dropping in.

um Ron calling a fault right there by mistake he thought Ethan may have hit that ball in the air and stepped in the kitchen let that ball bounce so he's calling a a fault on himself and they are replaying the score he made a mistake referee era.

thank you you can get him pumped after that he survived a couple of eyeballs that he said back great hand great reflexes Drop It Like It's Hot give me the.

Three-point lead ladies and gentlemen you guys are in for a treat I am joined by a very special guest none other buckle up people I have sitting with me none other than Mr tropical himself guess what we're doing we are here we.

Are in Tampa it is cold and we're going to have some fun Lee aren't we absolutely you know we're gonna get tropical with a few more layers on than we normally would oh you look great you look like you're coming to Michigan to come see me it's great thank you for having us thank you for.

Having me oh I look forward to it all weekend that's a body bag if I've ever seen one he tried to catch it too I don't know what happened how's this format been for you have you enjoyed your weekend Oh I played in here we didn't do as well as I thought we would have done but we had a lot of fun and it was just a great experience overall got.

To play against your team you were coaching your team up our team up great return great return to the net on the third who's that Ethan could you tell me who's playing right now Lee uh no I could not actually I have no idea we've got we've got Ethan and Leanne for the for Drop it like it's hot in the pink right there okay and on our side we have.

Danae and Victor Danae and Victor okay Victor and Denise team the Orlando owls are up two to one so Drop It Like It's Hot need this win to force it to a dream breaker oh really dream Breakers are what we come here for that is like minor league pickleball Major League pickleball is great format to watch because you got the dream Breakers.

Because that's where dream Breakers are shattered literally 10 minutes ago we lost a dream breaker it was me too I went for three at the very end to lose it dream Breakers are tough you know the matchups it's rough look at that is that her sweater's.

Coming off yeah she's ready she is ready to ball we're making stuff happen ing to return nice drive keeping them back oh nice little shovels you know what let's just say she dropped it like it was hot you know that's uh she got as low as like Bobby she's just.

Your hero or Shiro you're just my hero or Shiro got the lady Gibraltar herself Lee Whitwell on the call sounding so so good so so good in her winter coat so oh Bixby oh it's Atlanta oh it didn't land that wind kicked up a little bit the palm trees good call.

Though big return go into that nice getting him height yeah big serve lower to the ground I like that Victor oh what a drop look at that big screen oh my goodness.

You're right here right now I'm loving you you know what I love about this team format the energy is unbelievable 100 I mean the winds are celebrated really hard and the losses that commiserated they hurt even more right no absolutely oh my God same guy same guy the same guy side switch Drop it like it's hotter up at 11 at the turn one of the things we.

Were talking about earlier was when Kyle was in here with me you know we saw a couple of player players do some amazing things great points all of a sudden they get super amped and then it's woof the next couple of points are terrible you know I think that's what separates as as you go up in levels right he's like we can't have those Great Moments followed.

By blah and two or three loose points we gotta play solid oh absolutely you know I 100 agree with you so I'll tell you this yesterday we played me and my part partner play the game of Our Lives we went on a 17-point run like which is very difficult to do an MLP uh minor league pickleball and then guess what we did after that you know what I was going.

To play the next game but I'm like hey you're so on fire right now we need you to play You're Gonna just continue this run in the next game like completely different right nothing fell like drops were missed uh drives were long and it's exactly that if you're it's about the consistency right and you see it in the different levels here right one of the.

One of the guys in the duper 20 um made it to the final and he's like do you have any words of advice