Good morning everyone and welcome to minor league pickleball today we have some exciting matches for you we are coming live from the beautiful Dreamland facility in the gorgeous Dripping Springs Texas my name is Rebecca Ryan I'm joined here by Wyatt Stone how you doing Wyatt doing good just happy to be here commentating and thank you for.

Watching minor league um so what's going on right now is that we have our minor league duper 16 semi-finals are going to be up first alrighty um first we have the slamma jamas versus our vatos locos all right so we are going to start out with women's doubles here first but.

After this semi-final for the duper 16 we will then play the next duper 16 semifinal then we'll go on to the duper 18 semi-finals both of them and then you'll see the finals of both of these leagues all right uh Wyatt could you explain to us what the difference is with the duper 16 versus duper 18 what is what do those numbers mean uh yeah if.

I'm not wrong which I don't know too much but I'm pretty sure it's the duper 16 is like three fives and below and then the duper 18s are like four rows and above yeah just about so basically it's just the level so I believe that the 16 means that all the dupers combined can be 16 or below alrighty um and then with the 18 the dupers.

Combined will be 18. we did have a little while ago a minor league I believe it was duper uh 22. so that was a little bit more um I think that's the most advanced minor league that we have and then of course you guys probably know about Major League that would be the next League coming up and.

Stay tuned for that for announcements on that that's going to be very exciting um things are changing fast and things are looking good for the major league in 2023 so our first match here today we have our vatos locos ladies on the far side and the slamajamas ladies on the near side.

And we're getting started so I watched some of these teams yesterday and a lot of them like to hit it hard so I'm sure we'll see a lot of drives and banging in this match yeah so here on the far side for vatas Locas we have Leia Sanchez in the white shirt and we have uh Jasmine Bryant in the black.

That's some good pressure by the slam pajamas ladies here for slamma jamas in the gray we have um Brandi Briscoe and in the black we have Kelly Stoker oh that's a good Serve by Kelly pretty aggressive I believe all these people uh played about six matches yesterday of.

Pickleball so they were here from eight to almost like eight o'clock at night so it was a very very long day yesterday so yeah there was some rain delays yesterday too so there was a lot of sitting unfortunately for many of these teams just long so if you haven't noticed already this.

Is Rally scoring that's how we run all of the minor league and the Major League matches thank you very fast paced the game can go super fast yeah some short points right now especially when each team is trying to stay aggressive here sound.

Yeah that's some nice aggressive play by Briscoe she kept the pressure on there was able to put it away the attack is risky from that low yeah let's see if these guys can be a little more patient play the points out just a little more.

It's a nice angle there by Briscoe you know it's really tough sometimes to put a pickleball away when you're just going for power so a lot of times you've really got to hit that angle you're going for placement over power it's great if you can get both of course for sure so every cost and mistake like that when.

You can't make a third shot or a dink over it's a point for the other team so unless you really want to make your drives and drops yeah that's the difference here with rally scoring that's a nice one-two punch there that was really well done by Bryant I like Sanchez looking for that Ernie though it puts pressure on the opponents.

Even though she didn't get the Ernie even though it wasn't close to her it puts that pressure for the other the opponents to keep it away forces them to do a little too much good put away yeah I'm not seeing too many dink rallies right now it seems like the serving team.

Someone is having a little bit of a hard time getting up to net I mean the other team is doing a good job keeping pressure that's a good drive there by Bryant so according to our referee it's yes that's a nice nice aggressive shots uh should be 10-9 now with the rally scoring.

It's not very quick points I feel like we just started it's 10 10 though no they switch sides at 11 here yeah so you can get to 11 first thank you looks like it's going to be the vatas lotos all right so at the switch ends here we do have a.

Time out so what's so nice about this team event is obviously you already have some people in your corner so it looks like both teams of ladies are going to be getting um some advice from the men on their teams um yeah it's great because after that when.

You have the time out you have time to just think about what you could be doing better what you're doing wrong uh just gives you time really to think about it yeah absolutely get your bearings order I mean it's very close here so it's not like we're seeing like a lot of momentum and the other team is down they've got to figure out what to.

Do here um I'd be interested to see if one of the teams switch it up or if they're just gonna go with this fast-paced driving most of the third shot strategy here oh that's the shot that she wants sometimes it's just the Finish thank you.

Turn deeper in this yeah absolutely as a great Drive along here it's a tough lob in the middle when we kind of just watch We're hope we're crossing our fingers hoping our partner's gonna go for it right.

Foreign the drive that was interesting though I don't know if you noticed but Brian didn't come up after her return and uh the other team still drove it to the net person unfortunately missed it talk about turning defense into offense.

That was nicely played I liked that LOB from a defensive position it's hard to hit a pretty accurate lob like that absolutely yeah I do I would too um I suspect maybe she's a tennis player so maybe it's a the tennis construction.

Here is a little bit different but I think that coming in was a little delayed but they still got the point so just like that she could have gone for power right back at the uh her opponents there um but I think that's what they're.

Expecting when she takes some power off and just goes for that angle it worked out in her favor obviously for sure a lot of these ladies have great defense can dig balls out so going for the angle and making them run and stretch for it a little more definitely better.

Oh great defense by Brandy Briscoe there unfortunately pulled that last one a little wide when it's this close you're feeling both teams are going to be feeling that pressure all right.

So we are going to have a timeout by the slam pajamas here so if I'm not wrong uh both of these teams freeze now because they're uh the slamma Jammers are Pat they're at 18 so they freeze at 18 and the vote the fattest lotos they stop they freeze at 22. so I think every team will have to score on their serve to be able to get points now it's not Rally.

Scoring here yeah so honestly it's really unfortunate like because sometimes I mean correct me if I'm wrong it's like the worst feeling to dig yourself out of a really tough position get all these really tough uh defensive shots you're even surprising yourself you got these back and then you get the ball on your paddle to put away.

And you make sometimes a what most players might look at is oh I just made a dumb error there we did all the work and then we missed the easy one that's what we say yeah I know it's almost like they're getting a little jumpy just playing so good but they can't put that last ball away yeah I feel like sometimes I call it a little.

Bit of a hero complex and I have some people dig themselves out and then they go for too much because they're like I gotta win this point now for sure some discrepancy I don't know if that was in or out looks like it's just out ER it I think they did they give it to them yep I think they did give it to him.

They weren't 100 sure so I like that call by the vatos locos good put away they'll get the ball back here let's see if they can get some points together like to see them drop it here get to the net so I believe it's 2019 now since the.

Teams are frozen yeah so now it's 19 20 here let's see if they can tie it up it's the same thing I'm interested to know why Briscoe wouldn't be driving towards uh Bryant who's standing back at that Baseline trying to keep her back.

Alrighty so the vatos locos get the first match here in this first semi-final they got women's doubles now we're gonna have men's doubles coming up shortly we'll see how the guys play different because the girls there's a lot of lobs and a lot of overheads there yeah it drives so we'll see if the guys are a.

Little more patient yeah maybe we'll see more dinking a little more dinking more hands battles so see the difference here Yeah so basically how exactly how this work is going to work is that we're going to have we had the women's doubles we're gonna have men's doubles then we're gonna have two mixed doubles.

That's of course if it's neck and neck of course if one team uh you'll see if one team gets the three first matches then we won't need to go to that uh next mixed double mixed doubles um if we end with two two why can you explain what happens here so we're gonna go to dream breaker and we're gonna play the dream breaker to 21 also so all.

Players will be playing the dream breaker it's singles and it's Four Points each so you all would play Four Points and then rotate players and be really fast paced and yeah yeah the dream breaker is really interesting because uh it's up to each team how they're going to do their lineup so.

You can in many cases end up with um a woman playing against a man here um and it's very interesting to see there because it's just the just four points and then you're done so of course if there's one team that has their uh star player let's say.

It's pretty important in a dream breaker for them to get those four points sometimes you know yeah so we're just gonna get some warm up going and here again we have vatos locos men in the white t-shirts the white shirts and the slam pajamas guys in the gray so of course these.

Uh vatos locos are going to want to get up to a 2-0 lead here if they get this match um but then we'll see if the slam pajamas guys can tie it up of course the women's doubles was super close that could have gone either way so we'll see if the men's doubles is going to be the same.

A second all right 15 seconds and we're going to do the coin toss we'll see which side we're going to start on which ends and we'll see who's going to take that serve guess we already did the coin toss excuse me um so now we're going to have our slam.

Pajamas guys on the near side here yep and we have our vatos locos guys on the far side serving for vatos locos we're gonna have Parker Van Dyke and his partner is Trent truelander I'm here for the slam pajamas Stephen Medford serving and his partner.

Tim Shirley well that's a nice shot there just out oh just Nest but even there nice little dinking rally we got going on maybe we're drinking this one already maybe a preview of what we will see this match foreign a lot more dinking I think we'll see in.

This one that's a tough drop to come in on if that drops us a little high that uh your opponent a lot of times is going to pick on you if you're the one who came up a little early so you've got to be very aware of how good the drop shot was yeah a couple sloppy returns.

I think everyone's kind of getting loose here absolutely still early on still a lot of pickle to be played oh way to stay in it by the vatos locos there they're in a little bit of trouble but sometimes it just takes getting one more ball over the net you know.

For sure make them play great angle nice angle there by Medford there nice controlled shots there by our vatos logos guys foreign control I think that's I think that's a strategy that's going to win the match just thinking playing patiently.

Foreign I like that move there by Trent coming over taking that as a forehand I think it was a little bit of an awkward spot there for Van Dyke that's nice that's nice to get an end change on a point like that yeah you know a lot of momentum coming over to.

The other side over there might fire them up a little bit fire the Slime pajamas all right so we're gonna have this time out during the end change the guys are going to get some encouragement again just like we saw before they're going to get some.

Encouragement from the ladies on their teams right now definitely I agree with you with the patience um getting up there honestly I don't see too many like crazy polls people aren't just pulling shots and losing the points there I think again sometimes we're seeing um our vatos locos guys they're.

Having a little bit of a hard time getting up to net sometimes and then a little bit of a pop-up gotta make sure that we keep those shots down that ball was just out that was a really nice drop there but yeah the good thing about this format is uh when a team is down the other team.

Freezes at 20 so it is harder for them to score so it's easier to come back in this kind of format great get oh just tags him yeah holding maybe holding a little bit more forehand yeah we see on that replay he.

Was able to get it right to that backhand side when you're favoring one side fully it's very awkward to try to adjust to get to that other side opinion how do you feel about that drop shot there do you think that's the I think he had him in a great position to just put the ball away honestly I don't.

Think to keep him back right to be aggressive great shot I don't think um Van Dyke was far enough for the drop shot to be too effective just getting one more ball over that net yeah the guy in the orange hat he has he has great dinks and he has great great drops.

But I will say about Medford he's gotten a few pop-up balls and I like that he's uh varying where he's going he's going one side to the next side and everything he's not being too predictable of where he's going to try to put those High those uh attempted put away shots all right so we had an alcohol Ron Ponder calls.

That one in overruled by our referee another Drive effective I find sometimes when someone's driving at me the one of the most important things for me is to just keep my feet in place and block it back sometimes when I get jumpy I head into the net.

You're jumping up it just throws off where you're hitting the ball exactly staying grounded staying balanced that was a great close great job great close way to get up there that's a nice one-hander there looks like they're really finding the groove now getting the rhythm going I like that attack there.

It's close to Van Dyke but he's not going right down the line sometimes that line attack might results in a high forehand but that was a nice crossbody attack that's half the battle right there leaving balls another very close match here.

Pretty naked like to see the photos Locos go for some shots right here oh wow what a great get by Medford I don't think our bottom swims expected that one to come back I think they're arguing to see if they.

Hit his hand or if it hit his body yeah he's saying it hit his paddle but remember even if it hits your hand if it's below your wrist on your paddle hand that still counts of course if it hit higher up on his arm that's the question all right they've got 18 19 here yeah.

you do the match point here I believe now they have the score on this some good communication there sometimes that ball looks too juicy we just want to hit it but when our partner yells at us we second guess it just out that makes it 20 20. you have to win by two or nineteen nineteen.

Twenty sorry if they can't get one more right here replay there's a question of if we thought it was in or not oh yeah like it was way in weigh in 2020 now that was nice control on that ATP too one by two right here.

That's a nice shot there by Shirley true and there is trying looking for the pouch in that middle going behind him that's some good shot selection there but then I missed which serve at this point I don't know if we can afford that little jumpy another missed opportunity yeah.

2020 all right we're gonna need to keep our composure here that's two missed shots there by Van Dyke I think that tie knob is a good call great time out yeah don't bring them home with you you got to use them all no one's hardly used in your timeouts in this match absolutely.

Honestly this is not a timeout that I think we're going to change any strategy I think we're a little too far along in the match for that but I do think that it's just to gain our composure after you miss a couple shots we get it's a little tough I find that when someone misses a couple shots in a row because this game is such.

A mental game a lot of times the opponents just start um really targeting that player so in order for us to gain our composure back sure two four two high forehands right there missed so we'll see if you can get together this last point right here we.

Need this point here to get the serve back all righty so the slamma jamas grab that one I believe that puts us at 1-1 here so we are all tied up now we're gonna go into some mixed matches we're gonna see who our teams put up.

First what do you think we're gonna see in mixed matches I do feel like that strategy we did see a little bit more patience from the guys do you have any opinion we're gonna see here yeah I don't think the guys would have to take over too much looks like the girls can obviously.

Handle their own they have quick hands and they can they have a lot of power uh so I think we'll see more of a 50 50 match in this uh but I think it would be kind of a mix between you know bang ball and playing a little softer but absolutely everyone can gel it's a mixed that makes it a little different is that and we'll see if it's.

This is not the case but a lot of times we have a man in front of a woman you know so what ends up happening is that um unfortunately if the women play the way they were playing and before if they want to attack from really low balls if they're attacking at the guys sometimes not all the times but sometimes we might feel it a little bit of a disadvantage.

If we're targeting the guy right in front of us so if we can wait for an opening there I actually we did mention that we saw more lobs in the women's match I would be interested to see some lobs in this in this match if you guys have been paying attention to Pro pickleball the lob has been.

Utilized a lot more this past season than it ever was people used to say that the lob was an amateur shot but I always felt like it was a very underused shot underrated shot and now we'll say it's very very effective at high level pickleball especially yeah for sure the lob used to be you know use it when you're on the defense.

When you're at the Baseline but now it's more use it for the offense and it's really using it great all righty so it looks like for our first mixed doubles match for this Slama gem as we are going to have Shirley and Briscoe and then for the vatos locos team we.

Have Van Dyke and Bryant I'm gonna get a slight warm-up in here the women have obviously been sitting for a little bit so they're going to want to get their feet moving get a good feel for the ball but it probably won't be a full Walnut am I if I'm not mistaken I probably hit.

A couple balls for a minute and then yeah everybody out there I was told you played in one of the leagues recently is that correct I did play in the last minor league yeah I was just eligible to do it so nice I did it with some some friends here so that was fun yeah oh look we've got Vivian David and Kaden.

Seaward Vivian one of the resident Pros here at Dreamland Kaden coming from Missouri he's been getting a lot of play in recently here at Dreamland visiting some very good play at this facility a lot of top level Pros in Austin yeah.

Where are you from New Braunfels where Thomas Wilson Thomas Wilson the Johnson do the Johnson Brothers live over there very nice good practice New Braunfels too yeah helps to have such a good facility like Dreamland to be able to train at too so absolutely.

All right looks like we're getting started here Van Dyke to serve so we actually are going to have a guy in front of guy here girl in front of girl so it's different from what I said before yeah so Van Dyke's backhand is going to be in the middle they're going to keep Brian's forehand in the middle.

She must like playing on the left yeah she might have that a good I would say I'm suspecting tennis maybe not but it looks like she does have a very nice forehand so I'm not against it at all be interesting to see if the girls attack each other or the guys attack each other or the guys still go to the.

Girls so let's see that's a nice leave by Van Dyke I was surprised you didn't take it in the air but I guess he made the right decision some really nice defense there great defense I like that move there by Shirley making himself big in the.

Court daring them to try to keep it away from him but oh foreign a little too high we are still very early in this match though so let's see if we can gain our composure a.

Little bit more a little misfire I don't know if that was the right idea there but yeah we saw Briscoe on her back foot I'm not sure that's going to be the best position because even if she gets it over the net usually she's in a pretty defensive position to get that next volley back.

Great drop shot wow it's a great Gap by Bristol the thing with these plastic balls that we have in pickleball is that when you go straight down as hard as you can they come up a heck of a lot slower it actually gives your opponent a lot of time sometimes a lot of time to play defense on that shot so a lot of times.

It makes more sense to try to go for a deeper or more angled overhead all right this is uh I think biggest Gap that we've seen so far today and change in a timeout besides the big Advantage so we'll see if they can keep it up right here yeah everyone's gonna get a little coaching we'll see what the what those Locos are.

Gonna do different I don't think the slamma jammies need to change anything really particularly right now but yeah we've got our referee Ron Ponder here on the screen holding down the fort well see honestly the vatos locos I think it just comes.

Down to fewer unforced errors I think that they've had some shots that they've missed a few into the net and everything and yes give credit to slamma gem as their defense is on point right now yeah I'd like to see them get their overheads a little bit deeper maybe a.

Little more angles on it I think they're kind of just putting it right into the middle of the Court where they want it in order to can play good defense from four I'm a little confused here though because Briscoe is now playing on the left.

Yeah it looks like they switched it up they wanted her is that I don't know the rule is that allowed I don't change it then so only in the timeouts you can change ends oh okay I didn't know that rule so we've changed it so now we have both females on the left let's see what changes here.

I wonder why they changed anything it was working so yeah that'll be interesting to see hopefully it keeps working it's a nice roll backhand there by Bryant oil great kids.

The slam pajamas are just keeping the pressure on right now they know what they've got going on they're keeping that momentum they're not making any mistakes a Relentless Firepower right now from them foreign taking that middle ball instead of.

Letting it bounce to go to his partner we got 15 7. but that's the same thing we saw in women's doubles Bryant chose not to come up on that I think that Briscoe made a good choice to hit the drive to her and frankly the servers were able to get up to the net before the receivers which is usually not the case.

Yeah I'd like to see her start coming up to the net a little more I think they got away at that point yeah I don't think they're good away at every point it's a pretty nice Firepower there by Brian but great defense for the slam pajamas just couldn't get that last one right definitely has a great tennis.

Overhead obviously let's see if they can use that fire to be able to close this Gap trailing by six it can be a fast comeback so we'll come back all right so we're seeing a few more unforced errors from the Slime pajamas now the vatas Locos might feel a little bit.

More comfortable and maybe even more comfortable after that one and I do agree with this timeout as well again same thing that we saw in men's doubles after one player misses a few in a row it can get a little bit flustered so just to take this time hey grab some water talk to your teammates and everything maybe they get to calm you.

Down a little bit it can be very helpful and what I also like about this timeout is that they've called it the vatos locos have a little bit of momentum trying to crawl back and close this Gap however they haven't closed it completely and I do think that's a mistake that a lot of teams.

Make they are way up and then the other team comes all the way back and that's when they call a timeout when I think they may should have called it a little earlier you know I like this call it's a lot of work to do so let's see if see if they can get that four point gap closed a little more so we have switched back.

The slamma gemas have gone back to their original positioning we have Briscoe on the right and surely on the left I think that was a good call I think I think what they were doing at the beginning was working yeah it was interesting to see them change it up oh Bryant just misses that drive.

Good hands there by Van Dyke be careful see it's a very aggressive serve very nice and I think good drive again going to Bryant there but I think that's another one they got away with they had to back they had to back up they were on their heels I mean Van Dyke had a great drop but still.

If I'm the receiver I want to get up to net before my points another great job a lot harder to score points on the Baseline when you're at the Baseline now the team's at the kitchen foreign I thought she almost was going to attack that ball that backhand and I think she.

May have change your mind to the right decision all right we've got our first match point I believe and they only needed one that's a good finish I really do think that timeout was big for the slam pajamas yeah it's a great close because when a team drinks a couple points together it.

Makes it feel like there's a lot of pressure on you to be able to close the match out and I think they called the right time out and they close it out good and a good call to switch up the positions I agreed with that one as well so it looks like our slam pajamas are up 2-1.

In this first semi-finals yes so now we will have our second mix doubles for the slamma Jammas we are going to have Kelly stoker and Steven Medford and then for our vatos locos team we have Leah Sanchez and Trent truelander so I'm not too sure how this works so if you lose this match you can still play.

For bronze correct I would think so think so but that might be a good thing for us to find out get a little warm up here again yeah in this case the guys have been sitting for a while a match and these ladies have been sitting for two matches so I.

Wouldn't be surprised if they might take a little bit longer of a warm-up than that other mixed doubles match Stephen Medford you see a duper 4.32 do you think we're gonna see similar strategies here I'd be interested to see who they have on the left side for both of these teams honestly.

Yeah I think unlike uh the Bryant uh Team I think I think they're coming up to the net a lot more here yeah so I think we'll see a lot more Nets right here yeah we might see Sanchez did seem to be coming up during women's doubles she seemed to be coming up a little bit more than her partner but.

Again Bryant definitely looks like she was a decent tennis player so sometimes if you're more comfortable with the net and at the back you might be able to win some points like you said it's a little bit more difficult sometimes you have to rely on just a mistake by your opponents which is not ideal but again they did get away.

With a few last match for sure a lot of tennis players come into the sport are primarily usually really good uh singles off the start but the doubles takes a little bit the strategy and the finesse a little bit takes a little more time all right we have Sanchez serving to Stoker.

I think the votos Locos I think they just I think they come out swinging because I don't I don't think they have much to lose yeah I mean they're down a game I think there's no reason to play timid what's up yeah yeah those definitely do not help if you're down the game.

And again we're very early in this match I feel like again people still need to get a feel for it there are probably some nerves right now it's a nice deep return again I I was saying I was looking for more lobs and mixed doubles I I don't mind that decision there by Stoker.

A little high on that dink yeah we'll see if she can keep some of these balls down let the male player do a little more yeah that's a good decision by Medford taking that high forehand it's going to be very awkward to take as a high backhand in many cases if the if stoker was left with that ball.

Another lob attempt and that one's in with the lob we have to realize that we're not always going for a winner of course if our opponent doesn't get it back over the net great that's ideal but even if they get it back over the net if our opponents have moved back and we are taking over the net again we're talking about that's the offensive position.

That's what we're looking for it's a nice angle there by trulinder clips that night that's a little awkward but a little night love yeah absolutely Sanchez is going to protect her feet which that's where the ball was going originally but once it hit the knife it popped up to her I think they called that serve that the.

Turnout which I agree with another some more net love for our slamajamas team before please but that was some great defense there by trillander the lob was a little short by Stoker.

Um oh sorry excuse me Medford had some great defense there schlander had a pretty good overhead Medford was able to get them back into that point not able to close it out unfortunately so now if I'm stoker I might be waiting a little bit for those lobs I think that now they know that's their play I Feel.

Like Sanchez actually took a step back a little early because I think she was seeing that happen happening she was anticipating it I think uh I think if she's gonna do that live I think she needs to go over the backhand a little more yeah I agree beforehanders gives her a little more reach to be able to get that I agree and.

I like that lob going over that back end of the female because the guy can either come over and try to hit a forehand but they're chasing down the ball or it's going obviously to the female's backhand the lob the other way is usually pretty uh pretty dangerous lobbing from the left side through the middle because you're.

Actually lobbing into someone's forehand yeah sure one more point for the slam pajamas to get that end change that's a great love yep much better again having him to chase it down that is definitely I think she missed.

One lob long and I think she's hit a couple a little short but that was a great one deep enough and high enough to where it threw them off all right so we do find ourselves vatos locos are in a little bit of a hole what do you do your vatos locos here yeah I mean she's she's got one good love but I.

Think she's loving very great I think if they can just stay consistent to the girl the guy has a lot of fiery power his drives are super good so I mean I think I I think they should return to the girl and just try to keep keep them back yeah as much as possible maybe oh and go off some overheads instead of just hitting it to him yeah.

That's just out close one there yeah I think if they can they can keep it over there you know the Cross Court dinks with her see if she can attack the guy like that I think I think that's the best strategy for them right now but it doesn't help when they're making errors like that.

To hone it in a little bit that was a great lob just online thinking he was he was thinking he was going to go a little out but man's just in 13. so I was just asking about the whole.

Bronze situation because neither of us were positive but there is no third or fourth so it's kind of just they're playing to win here there won't be any bronze medals or anything I'd probably go reset on that honestly mid-court get up.

All the way they have a little bit of a an advantage but it's not enough yep well it's do or die for the votos Locos right here so they gotta they got to start making their shots guys yeah rather miss high than Miss than the net so apparently I feel like they're doing what you were.

Saying they're keeping them back they're keeping it to Stoker um she had that great first drop but wasn't able to get too much uh ground on it I've seen both ladies going cross-court a little more dinking see if they can keep that up too yeah they're only two points away here so.

Nice deep return there by Sanchez got to keep our composure 14 16 here that's a great reset by Sanchez in the middle there I think that was the that was the shot they were I was able to get them up there get that pop-up now what you want right now there we go.

great angle there right angle with authority there from Sanchez yep let's see if they can tie it up here they've been trailing behind a little bit just shot there by stoker all right yep it goes for a little much trying to go down the guy's sideline.

Keep him honest like they see to see you redirect that to Cross Court to the other girl yeah Medford obviously not happy with that chat but sometimes it's hard to hide our emotions that was a great point though the lobs are on point now yeah that lava was really good got him the high shot.

Uh trulinder was had a great pickup there oh not as costly let's see if she can keep her composure after that Miss yeah 1818. friendly paddle tap we don't mean to hit each other at least we don't always mean to hit each other I don't think I don't think.

Trunder Meant to hit stoker there but so little friendly paddle tag top and time out again you gotta use them I think I don't know if this is going to be the case but I think they could have called it earlier as this was the case where slime pajamas were up by a decent amount and then vato's Locos has gone in on a.

Run now vato's Locos is up by one so I'm not if I were slamma Jam as I probably would have called this timeout at least two points ago before they tied it up but we'll see if they can gain their composure here foreign.

Like to see him return to the girl just about all right so we have Match Point here goes for a little too much that's that's tough when you're in a good position and you give the ball back yeah I find that happens a lot when you're coming down and then.

You have the pressure you just want to close it out let me go for a little too much feel like a lot of times I'm just like all right even though it's match point I have to still play smart to convince yourself oh alrighty we are all tied up 2-2 here we.

Are we should be going to the dream breaker if I'm not mistaken got a dream breaker first match of the day yep beside it this is where Brian has some very good upside with her tennis I think she's gonna be I think she's gonna be a killer in this one so yeah a sign of some pretty even pickleball that's why these guys are in the.

Semi-finals yep all right so we're gonna see how that exactly each team is going to set up their um roster here so I believe at the beginning of the match you either get to choose serve uh inside or you get to choose uh which lineup you want for the dream Breakers.

And the doubles matches oh so I think uh the photos Locos will get to choose their lineup first and then slam pajamas get the follow and see who they want to match up against yeah so that would be a good that would be an advantage for slam pajamas being able to for sure yeah to line up their players I did not know that thank you.

Foreign to see who who they match up against two here yeah it'd be interesting to see how these players games translate to singles I do agree with you I think Bryant might have these tennis drives um but I think there are some players out here that didn't come from tennis which isn't a bad thing.

But we'll see how it translates because singles is basically just a totally different game in my eyes yeah for sure the points are points are a lot quicker because there would be a lot of passes so we'll see it's usually a a deep serve try to get a deep return.

And then you know rip or drop the next ball with with a lot of angle on it yeah speed so we have Leia Jansen over there looks like she's texting on her phone yeah Leia is another Pro who lives in the Austin area now a bunch of people relocated to Austin within the last couple years.

It's a happening place here at Dreamland yeah a lot of it I think honestly we always talk about this having a deep serve a deep return is important in doubles but it really I think is so much more important in singles yeah because when you're playing doubles you have a not that great of return yeah you're in trouble if you're playing against.

Someone who's a good driver but if you hit a short return you still have time to come up to net but if you hit a short return in singles you really have to be picky what shots you're coming up on so if you only make it halfway up that Court especially we'll see different wingspans here I'm not the tallest so I know if I only make it.

Halfway up the court I'm gonna really pretty bad disadvantage I get past a lot so we'll see if these players take some warm-up or this gonna go straight into it looks like they're not going to take any warm-ups so all right so who do we have Bryant I guess starting.

Yep we'll see I mean she can start off strong start the team off strong and I think is it going to be about against surely he looks like he's the one who's ready to come onto the court alrighty so for our slam pajamas team we've got Shirley.

And we've got Bryant for our vatos locos team it's a nice deeper turn there by Shirley one two it's interesting because if you do compare like even Pro singles men's singles and women singles again is like a totally different game women singles they actually do stay back more than the.

Guys will not that they're always staying back but definitely I think the women are helping to go for more of a tennis game in singles and the guys sometimes get into cat and mouse at the kitchen yeah for sure there's a lot more a lot more like you said kitchen game and the singles for the men's so.

A lot of times you're seeing the Men's Pro singles there'll be both players at the net because they're so long absolutely and you can't again it's a little bit tougher because usually the guys are taller than the girls so uh it's a little harder to pass if you're playing against a tall guy so.

That's where the cat and mouse game comes in all right so Slimer Jam is up to a good start here 4-0 so here we have Stephen Medford for this for the slam pajamas versus Parker Van Dyke for our vatos locos that's a great serve just out looked like he committed to one side a little too early there.

Five one all right a 6-1 lead here for slam pajamas all right and we're gonna switch I believe yeah we're gonna switch here because that was four points we're getting Leah Sanchez.

For the vatos locos and Kelly Stoker for slam pajamas just out tries for the LOB lob in the lobber just out though oh a tough break Kelly stoker will happily take that ball now she's not sorry.

So they split there two two yep got the next players come in it's the last matchup right here so guy against a girl again we'll see how this goes I don't love the choice I don't think she she should have cut that volume yeah I think she should have just kept him back he was on he was way back there I.

Think she brought him up a little bit none of these players are slow so I don't think that works every time another shot great control didn't try to hit it too hard there are we gonna tie it up and we do at eight eight.

It is tough again with women's singles and men's singles being different see how you saw both of the girls just lose all four points exactly both times so we'll see if Bryant can get some points this time on the board there it is.

foreign that's the big difference because I think a guy would have come to the net off after that shot and you know what's tough is that she's just hit both backhand drives into the net and it might be tennis but again this ball does not bounce as much I feel like she's.

Almost letting it get too low and then she can't do much with it all right but I think we just split yeah two and two then yep that's good all right tied up at 10 10. great angle looked like it was a little close yeah and Van Dyke does ask our referee Ron.

Ponder if he saw that ball Ron Ponder says he agrees it was in so 11 10. slamma Jam is up one point yeah you know I don't think that ball was going in that Van Dyke took us at backhand I think he knows it I think he even just said that he saved an out Ball but just got to brush that.

Off keep playing we're getting a little return to the backhand yeah and then he was able to leave that one so that's good being able to leave balls out is a very specific skill here in pickleball does that serve so I think we're gonna switch players again.

That's a very nice angle there by Sanchez super controlled and we saw stoker leaning towards that forehand side expecting a drive I think Sanchez faked her out a little bit we're gonna see on the replay uh very close but looks a little closer to out looks like yeah.

Yeah we can't see from here but we'll take the call oh that one hurts yeah especially when you had the opportunity to tie it up but we'll see we did see 4-0 in this last matchup.

Here for True lender against Frisco it's crucial for her to get some points here for her team I think that's a smart shot this guy's very long and very quick so will not be easy she can get one that's a win there we go alrighty.

Hello net love I guess that ball was in and now I think we're tied up 16-16 I think this is going to be a very crucial one right here I agree Brian can get some points together here just out just missed that one one more for Bryant and this would be.

Huge there we go oh it's a tough break all right tight again down to the wire yeah I think you're either gonna go two and two here or one team's gonna win so it was a great shot place right there oh.

We've seen a couple of those a couple of those in doubles and singles in this match I think that's yeah it's tough to do that's all for of all eight of these players get better I think that would be that would be a much cleaner shot for them to hit yeah exactly so seeing some tight shots here and it.

Looks like we have match point for the slam pajamas all right here we go one by test that's 20 20. yeah that's that's four they gotta switch it up here all right so we did go two and two down to the ladies here or maybe not it's 19 20.

Oh because of the freezing sorry excuse me oh I was a little confused with the freezing and everything forgot about that but it is 20 20 now all right Soaker does not get a point for that though so.

Obviously it's not ideal for Sanchez but it's not going to switch again this is the tough matchup right here this might be the matchup to end it yeah have to see if she can stay strong over there.

ball goes over no point for that alrighty Match Point here for vatos locos actually it's deep return and that's too good of a drop.

Alrighty so our vatos locos will be moving on with that nail biter 2220 in the dream breaker huge win huge celebration there yeah congrats to the slam pajamas though very well played it was great by the vatas logos to keep their composure though because they were actually down in the dream breaker and.

They were down in their last doubles match too and they were able to come back through yeah great perseverance that's about as close as it gets right there so absolutely it was a great great match to start today and next we will see our other semi-final our duper 16 teams.

And of course whoever wins that will go on to play vatos locos I wonder if vato circles will be watching and scouting out trying to figure out strategies against the teams coming up thank you sorry all right so we are going to take a.

Quick break we will be right back bringing you our next semi-final for our duper 16 League All right so stay tuned for some more exciting pickleball foreign the type of player you are Junior for now no matter where you're from my name is no matter your gender no matter your age.

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Know your game I'm gonna say she's a solid three five nah she's definitely a 2.5 okay look at that forehand she's clearly a 3.0 guys come on I'm at least Sephora ratings don't have to be hard duper.

Optimized for accuracy optimized for fun download the app and claim your free profile today what are you guys doing we're getting our duper tattoos you know it changes every match right oh duper keeping tattoo removers in business by updating after every match.

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Surprise download the app and claim your free profile today I haven't started yet oh foreign alrighty welcome back to our minor league pickleball here we have our second semi-final for our duper 16 League here we have.

Tilted chair versus choo choo train I remember vatos locos did take the first semi-final so whoever ends up pulling this one out will face vatos locos in the final all right so we do have uh tilted chair looks like it's going to be starting on the near side and choo choo train on the.

Far side I am going to be joined here by Caitlin Kerr okay welcome Caitlin thank you for joining me thank you so much I'm really excited to to be here for the first time yeah I saw you played actually in the league right yes how did your team do I.

Was in duper 18. oh yeah it was really good uh we did not have a winning record but played dream Breakers we played four of seven dream Breakers wow it was the most amazing time I've ever had in pickleball that's great I mean we just had a I don't know if you were able to see we just had a crazy nail bite or dream.

Breaker here I did not we went it went up to 22 20. oh and they were stuck at 2020 for a while so that team is going to be waiting in the finals wow for the winner of this semi-final amazing I mean this environment is like nothing else and playing it really gets you to see Major League pickleball yeah.

Absolutely the team event is just so different it's so much fun to have you I was talking to Wyatt about it you already have a team in your corner ready to give you some advice during timeouts it's not like oh the crowd is fully picking you have your team there um and it's just such an exciting environment especially with the rally.

Scoring every single point matters so much yeah if you get down in the rally scoring it's it's really difficult to come back if you if you're double digit down I've yet to see a team and uh you know make their way back up but oh absolutely hit the tape so here for tilted chair we have Sydney squirus Squires excuse me uh.

Here in the black great get by her and they're still in it oh great Point played there by Squires and she's playing with Melissa Vasquez here in the white T-shirt foreign on the choo choo train we have in the black tank top we have Carrie.

Ansac and in the all black uh in the t-shirt and leggings we have a Stephanie Crossing one thing I absolutely love about this is that you have the founder of Major League pickleball watches right there exactly because it doesn't matter what level you're at it's still as just as.

Exciting as the pros I mean I was in Columbus and watching duber 16 is it's truly just as exciting foreign and I were commenting in the last match in the lot in the first match women's doubles we really didn't get into many dinks we got into a lot of banging a handful of lobs and everything so I'd.

Say even now this is a little bit more dinking so no matter which team goes through here it'll be interesting to see them versus the other team right right you know you wonder if that's a little bit about the team you're playing absolutely they might not like that style but I think at the higher levels you need to get into that dinking game.

Much more often drop some balls think that's a great drop absolutely I'm surprised Stephanie took that first attack as a backhand she had a high ball and she actually opted for a little bit of an awkward chicken wing and unfortunately had to hit it up from that position yeah where I think she would have been able to hit it down if she.

Took it as a forehand yep just moving that paddle she's had a few of those background backhands to start this match already yeah they've gone a little bit off the court here she seems to like that pop backhand but it seems like it's a very quick motion so that's where the framing I think is.

Coming in is that it's not smooth and if you just if your timing is off just by a little bit it can go in a totally different direction yes yes it's a nice gift absolutely nice get but well constructed point there bye tilted chair it's very exciting with the rally.

Scoring because it just moves very fast everyone's at a point you're not getting in a standstill where side outside out so for this kind of environment I do think that the rally scoring is a good option oh 100 I think you know it's it's a lot to change right you come from you've been playing.

Tournaments for a very long time A lot of people are hesitant to change but once you try rally scoring for the first time it's incredible once I started playing it myself you're looking at it and you're like I don't want to try that I'm used to zero zero too I'm used to it I like playing that once you try it once.

You get out there it is amazing yeah and the games go quicker it's better for broadcasting because you know what time you're playing it's better to plan your day out I mean I cannot stand when I go to these amateur tournaments and I could be there until 10 pm yeah because you're waiting two hours because no one knows when the points are gonna end exactly.

Your match goes really quick and the match you're waiting on is just sitting there stuck in the third game and it's just going on and on yep and then it's the case of of course those people get put right on Court and you've been waiting for an hour and a half lobbing a bit here be nice to see a little drop shot on one of them that's.

Great a little pop-up on that one she wasn't quite there and she had to just swipe her paddle to get it yeah left a little bit of a hole though just moving a little bit setting her feet there to be able to hit a solid drop yeah be.

Ideal foreign what a touch all right so the change of ends is going to result in a time out still pretty neck and neck here um I don't again know if there's going to be a lot of a strategy change.

Again I think it has to do with keeping composure more than anything they're going to talk to their the guys on their team and see what they have to say but if it's working I don't know you might throw in a little bit of difference but sometimes trying to change a strategy when it's so close is going to result in the opposite of what you're looking for.

You know no totally and this is really helpful that they get this one minute change over like like you just said being able to talk to people that are on your team that understand your play style that can that can give you feedback like hey I saw that opposite team's backhand on the right side's week yeah try to Target.

That or you know we need deeper serves yeah simple things that can make actually a really big difference absolutely in the middle of this match here so we'll see how they come back out now having that third person perspective not on the court is very very big I agree with you we're gonna get a footfall something.

That yeah that's a good call and crowson does agree with it she did not get her foot fully established when she took that as a volley as a reminder for everyone that's listening here you are allowed to be in the kitchen at all times of play during pickleball matches however you are not allowed to volley the ball out.

Of the air if you are in the kitchen you have to let it bounce before you can hit the ball but you can be in the kitchen you can be chilling out you can be sitting down you could be doing little squats in the kitchen yeah as long as that ball bounces then you're able to hit it I think that's a big misconception in the pickleball world so.

Something in your wreck games to look out for this is great dink in here moving the ball around ah that one hurts it's a good uh good patient point though but I do agree with you I think it's funny I usually do say to a lot of my clients when I teach like hey if I.

Haven't been hit the ball all day I could take a nap in the kitchen okay they're not hitting the ball to me that's fine but it's so funny the different like kind of rumors of the rules that go around the different uh yes the different types and basically people I've heard like oh.

You can go in the kitchen that's a great put away there but you can go in the kitchen get the ball but you have to be out in three seconds I'm like wow okay who's keeping the time the watch on that one I don't know I don't know whose judgment that is oh my God but no yeah you can pick that up I'd be interested to see who's calling.

That one it's like the three second rule in basketball right oh that's good that's really good well when I'm excited you know this is going to be a great match can't wait to get into the championship here after this and then you got the two for 18s and uh they just made a rule change at the end of today yesterday uh or at.

The end of the day yesterday yeah that you're no longer able to use the spin serve oh for the for today for the league wow I didn't know that yesterday everyone was able to use a spin serve and there's a team in particular that was specifically fantastic at the spin serve and that's probably where they got a lot of their points oh yeah.

Oh yeah but they're a great team outside of the Spencer so I'm not sure that it's gonna you know dramatically affect their play but it definitely was a competitive advantage that's now taken away uh for this Sunday and finals you know goes it's for the duber 16 as well but I think you know many more players in the duper 18 are using that.

Spin serve but it's just going to be gone you know I spoke to one of the teams that's that's using the spin serve and they said it's not that big of a deal for them they they have confidence in their play confidence in themselves and it's going to be gone in a month anyway absolutely it's a little ahead of schedule here.

Oh another football let's see that replay did we push off here yes with our left foot it was not established again that's what's really tough sometimes with those overheads a lot of people's first reaction is to step if essentially if you're a righty and you're going to turn to your right to take an overhead step forward with.

Their left foot first and push off with it and that's something that a lot of people have to learn hey I have to just push off from the position I'm already in which is tough because of course if your feet are on the same plane yes it's a little bit of an awkward thing that you've got to train yourself to do but I I agree with this time out though they.

Have uh they were neck and neck at the end change now tilted chair has pulled ahead has a little bit of um an advantage here and then after something like that foot fault I think again trying to gain your composure just get some water sometimes when I take a time out I don't even talk to anyone sometimes it's just hey let me just take.

A break let me shake it off and everything talk to myself even totally um no you're so right getting that uh getting those few seconds just to regain composure yeah get your mind clear um and just on the screen we saw DJ young DJ young is in the house uh another fantastic Pro who recently.

Moved or relatively recently moved to the Austin area again great group over here yes he's got to be getting a little bit excited for that major league pickleball draft we have coming up this week uh it's gonna be live on Thursday I believe it's on the tennis channel could be wrong but I believe it's on the.

Tennis channel it's going to be in Vegas so a lot of the top rows are going to be out there for the PPA event it's the only team PPA event that's ever been held uh see it should be the only team PBA event going forward after the merger with with uh MLP so she'll be an exciting event and to have that draft on Thursday should be really good yeah well.

We just had our first match point and they only needed one um all right so we got tilted chair just took that that was probably the most commanding win we've seen today the other mat and the other matches for the other semi-final were all very neck and neck so we'll see how it goes for our men's doubles coming up next.

Um that that side change for them was crucial I don't know what that was there's not there's no sunlight coming in there's no wind but whatever was in the air on that side definitely pushed those women to a different level yeah you know what's interesting is I'm visiting for the week and I've talked I've played here a few times I've talked.

To people who play here a lot and they did actually say that this near side to the camera in terms of visibility is a little bit tougher sometimes uh with all the wording back there versus on the other side it you do have the duper and the MLP stuff you can't see it on the camera right now but you don't have the other banners with the extra words.

There are other actually courts that have don't have the banners but actually have it on one side where you can see outside you can see the trees and actually a lot of people say the same thing where once it gets into the tree area when you're playing the visibility gets a little bit awkward not sure if that really made a big difference it.

Could have been the timeout where they were able to get their composure but I have heard that some people are saying they're losing the ball a little bit interesting it's also a different color ball than most people are playing than most people are used to we're playing with I think the new the duper ball yeah I'm not.

Mistaken I believe there's two and this is one of them and it depends on the climate um so this is a new ball for everyone uh that hasn't been playing here I don't know if they're really out yet but I think they're sort of testing them with uh minor league pickleball yeah and I liked.

It yeah did you I didn't I've never played with it but did you see uh did you feel any difference I feel like I don't okay no that much I mean I play with the Franklin you're not too used to one to be able to really make that differentiation yeah only been playing for a year um I'm mostly at the four I was playing.

4-0 but I actually think I after this weekend I think yeah you should be playing for five at this point so um just started playing a lot of competitive tournaments and so addicting yeah so addicting now rumor has it that you do you own one of the NLP teams are you.

A co-owner and everything yeah so uh I own an MLP team with you know most people would know the other owners is Tom Brady and Kim klysters okay nice but we have a pretty big group of owners and one of them is my best friend Cali and I played soccer with her in college at Duke um we live next to each other in the.

Jersey Shore it's incredible and then uh are you from New Jersey I originally grew up outside of Philly so Bucks County I'm from New Jersey what part uh Northern central New Jersey a very small town called Berkeley Heights do you know Berkeley yes oh wow I don't know like I haven't been there um but I'm from Belmont well I live in.

Belmar oh cool yeah I mean I'm not near ashore so I would so when I had to go down to the Jersey Shore I'd go there shout out to the Jersey Peeps and right outside of Philly peeps yeah yeah where are you now um I have spent the last few uh years in Florida actually I've been working with Simone jardim and Chad Edwards at their.

Academy Peak Performance in Bonita Springs but I actually have spent the last few months in Europe and now I am actually going to be going I'm actually going to be moving here to Austin um I'm planning on moving here in January so I'm very excited excited what.

Were you doing in Europe uh a friend of mine is from there so I was there spending time with some friends and family oh very awesome and then are you moving here for pickleball just a new opportunity hope I'll probably be doing some work in pickleball and cool.

Um basically I've had a philosophy even before I moved to Florida that do it while I can right I had an opportunity before I came before I have to say oh I'm too settled for it you know and I've heard nothing but great things and this is my first time at Dreamland this past week and it lives up to the hype.

Everyone if you haven't checked out Austin or Dreamland I really encourage you do so um but I've had heard nothing but great things about this Austin area I agree with that it's my first time at Dreamland and it is truly pickleball Paradise I mean I went to Nationals this past year in Palm.

Springs and it was incredible but this is a different environment I love everything that Steve has built he really had a vision to bring joy to so many people and I just I'm like should I be moving here I'm like this sounds pretty good actually yeah no it's it's truly awesome.

So the guys are going to start to get underway here awesome so let's see I believe we have tilted chair on this near side as well yes with Jeff Lee and Tim Wu h.

Good start there choo choo train on the far side with kiffer gorier and Drew Dalton well the choo choo train I've really loved their mascot one of the guys over there has a golden retriever that he's brought around the past two days and the golden is just so adorable makes me miss.

My golden oh really yes I'm like oh I wonder if he's from Austin I'm not sure I didn't ask I think one of the most underrated things at this level is truly just getting a deep servant yeah and a deep return absolutely if you hit you know a slightly softer return they're just going to come in and.

It's pretty difficult at this level to to be able to block and reset very easily mm-hmm all right so that's a good leave good call three two that's a nice deep serve that's great I'll say about that sort of kind of on that same point there.

It was a short return but it was actually to the player's backhand which not everyone but many people are a little bit more um uncomfortable trying to take advantage of a short return on their backhand than they are with their forehand yes so true anytime we don't know a player we always are like let's.

Target that back here yeah and then if they're one of those players that has a really good backhand then we're like oh let's try the forehand I guess exactly you're so right but that's always a good place to start if you're new and you know you always want to go into a game with a little bit of strategy even.

If you're if you're at the 3.0 level you just don't want to leave it up to chance who came in pretty hot there on that one and hit it wide stop a little bit too strong there and a great leave by tilted chair right on the line oh.

Set it setting myself up for that but again A lot of times it comes to the Finish you ever see that where it's like you play such a great point you set yourself up and then it's just that one that last shot yeah it was too juicy yeah it's right there oh that's a good move held up a little bit High.

Wow athletic move there by the choo choo train oh another Drive this guy's loving the drive right now it can be very effective very effective you want to hit that drive right over the net these are coming up a little bit.

Too high I'd like to see them mix it up a little bit continue to use this strong drive but every now and again you know putting a little drop tried the drop there and and hit the net but that's the right idea and he has to return to that he cannot lose his confidence on that drop once you lose your.

Confidence it goes by the wayside and I think that's maybe why he's going he's resorting to that drive more often but wow oh oh that was incredible I'm gonna say I was not the biggest fan of that last shot the overheads were great the gets.

Were obviously great but you could see kiffer is a little bit upset about that but I don't I don't really like him bringing his opponent up on that last shot right I agree with that the thing with if you get a high ball and you're trying to hit a drop shot you better hit the heck of one heck of a drop shot you know right if you're just hitting an.

Okay drop shot and you're inviting your opponent up you've let them off the hook you had a high ball and now you're giving them a much easier ball totally and with these got I mean tilt the chair seems very quick very quick so they are definitely feeling it right now up 10 8. they win this point we'll go to the one.

Minute change of ends here switch sides it's a great return nice bit a little bit of stare Downs going on right here it's getting definitely heated heated moment these guys are competitive working hard so we're right back that's probably less.

Than a minute and a half per minute and the score is back to 10 10 here next Point gets that change ends um I believe we're gonna change ends here alrighty so choo choo train did just get the last few points they seem to be feeling it right now.

Um one thing that I'd like to highlight is actually the both tilted chair players are using electrum paddles and both choo choo train are using Yola oh very interesting wonder if that's a team decision or just a happenstance yeah it might be honestly hey they might be.

Good friends already because I know a lot of these teams are good friends I mean hey I just tried this paddle I really like it you should try it and then it's oh I agree with you yeah but yeah I mean electrum and Yola obviously uh a couple of the most popular yeah for sure Brands out there.

Yola pretty new in the game right now but of course we all know they immediately signed Ben John so that's a good name to have on your team and they have signed a bunch of great players since then picking up great players um Anna right absolutely it's a good put away by woo a little bit too high there from the.

Choo choo train he's trying to make that drop and just leaving it a little bit too high foreign really good job there by tilted chair he had to reach and I think he was trying to do a little bit of a backhand yeah I liked that lob too though yes.

Which got what you got to do I like that I was actually going to say I'm I would like to see tilted chair take a little bit more down that uh sideline because that one player is holding a little bit middle I think he's leaving a little bit there and even though they didn't get it as a winner when you're holding middle.

You've got to cover a lot especially if someone's attacking you've got to cover body and now you've got to cover both sides and it's it's tough where are you I like to call it that keeping someone honest if you have someone's coming a little bit too far to the middle you don't always have to attack they did attack on that one but.

Even just dinking behind them that's what happens a lot in high level mixed doubles the mix if you're just allowing the one the guy to come over over over you're putting pressure on yourself hey if you can get a dink behind them get them back to where they need to be get them back in their spot and then maybe now you dink back to where you wanted it.

To go totally we've seen a lot of that in duper 18 a lot of the guys were trying to take over the court and uh a lot of the guys were really dominant I think you're gonna see that in the in the duber 18 semis but every now and again I just had to drop it behind the guy on his backside because he was coming over and poaching.

Too much so something to look out for so we are at 13 15 here I'm really liking this this men's doubles match it's a little bit more methodical than the original woman's um they're.

Getting to the line they're having really good dinking battles and then they're getting into some fire fights all right that's a good leave there I think the first one was going out too uh why I mentioned before that leaving the out balls is a very specific skill here in pickleball being able like to not take especially.

If it's high but I do agree I like the patience here they're coming up tonight getting into those dink rallies ideally of course waiting for the good ball that's it caught the tape tilted chair getting maybe their biggest lead in three points that they've had in a little bit now.

See if should you drink and hold them here that's a nice shot there they went to his backhand and he just lifted it just a little bit too high and that's the tough thing when the ball when you have a deep dink there I agree with this timeout first of all but what I always tell people in terms of like what are.

The best kind of things and when we first start at least when I started the game has been evolving so much it felt like get your dinks in the kitchen the dink said land closest to the net are the best ones and stuff like that because you want but realistically if you're out there and you're dinking close to the net and you're just you're.

Not putting any pressure on your opponents once you hit that deeper dink that ball Dalton had to make a decision did he want to take it in the air did he want to take it off the bounce if he make if he takes it off the bounce he has to sometimes do an awkward step back if he didn't do it early enough and that's what happens when you make when.

You make your decision I think that uh a little bit too late he stepped back a little late and now it was still behind him it was awkward I probably would have liked him to try to take that in the air if that ball is bouncing if you're set at that kitchen light and the ball is bouncing on the kitchen line I find it easier unless it's a crazy spin dink or.

Something like that but if it's a flat dink landing at that kitchen light sometimes it's easier to just hey Bend those knees to get it in the air and stay up there right now people should be using that even maybe myself but they're hard you know when they're coming in and yeah.

And that's where you'll see a lot like a nice dick rally um I know a lot of people talk about women's doubles especially people backing up a lot and that's where you see those top women have heavy top spendings so sometimes it's very awkward to take it in the air and that's where I made the the distinction there if it's.

Flat it's one thing but yeah if you see that they've they've got some junk on that ball taking the step back I'm not against that which is another thing that I used to be told never take a step back always hold your ground and everything the game is Just evolving so much you watch you watch pickleball from before yeah Harris.

Todd takes steps back off the kitchen line all the time that's one of the best players I play with amateurs in New Jersey she is off the kitchen I mean maybe a little bit too much you could argue but I always thought everyone told me take the balls out of the air everyone you should be yeah.

It's not yeah that's not always the case the one thing that I actually kind of annoys me is that people try to put things in a box they say always do this never do this always just return after your third shot and everything oh and that just finished very quickly wow um but all right so we got I think that's true great win by tilted chair.

They came back I think we got 2-0 now here by tilted chair if I'm not mistaken um so if they do win this next match if they do win this match next match I don't believe they have to play that fourth match right um because obviously if they get three out of four it doesn't really matter.

Playing that last one um we'll see if they can hold their composure I'm very very interested to see the mixed doubles though because that's really when you see people play men's doubles and women's doubles a lot of times it's just their strategy is going to have to change in many cases you know.

Yeah so I'm not sure when we're away but the home team gets to decide their mixed doubles second so the away team has to show their cards first really so what makes someone the home or the away team so there's a coin toss okay like you know the ref will have a one or two and.

You okay so the person who wins the so the person who wins the coin toss can choose between three things okay they either choose server return Homer away or side okay so usually people choose home because they want to respond to mixed doubles if you choose home you respond to McDoubles however if.

It goes into a dream breaker you show your card first so there's a little bit of a catch-22 now some choose to serve a return occasionally and don't choose at home or away they think the return or the serve is more important that's an interesting call especially.

With rally scoring I was going to ask what what would be your take whether you should serve a return I think so if you have to pick from each one like one of them if I'm playing rally I might pick return um I don't know if that's what people do because what's interesting is that again every Point counts.

Um normally I talk about how when you in general when you're playing as a receiver you hit your return you kind of have a free ticket up to the kitchen line yes your the servers have to earn their way up okay so realistically in the actual point construction the receivers are actually on a little bit of a have a little bit of an advantage.

Because they can just get up to that kitchen line and put the pressure you know so in a game because you can in a regular scoring game I can understand people taking serve because then they can win their they can win the first point the other side would just get a side out and not an actual point but if it's rally I might take service I might.

Take excuse me receiving maybe taking advantage of that first point having the kitchen Advantage maybe getting on the board and then also so getting a side out I don't know I've actually never played rally scoring so oh it's the best it's the best I mean the big debate is whether or not you choose home or away or return I.

Would probably choose the home or away yeah as my first option if I had to choose server return that might be my thought process but I agree I I mean it's so incredibly important to be able to pick your mix to be able to pick your mixed doubles second because you see the other players that you're going to be up against so you're able to determine okay.

I know that I would match up well against this player or my teammate you know is able to attack this player you you match up your strengths and weaknesses much better when you're able to react to to the opponents absolutely so we've got tilted chair here oh another drop shot right great hustle great hustle wow but.

He's too sure that was wow wow Tim woo there we have Tim Wu serving and Sydney Squires his partner here on the choo choo train we have Stephanie crowson and Drew Dalton that ball is pulled a little wide.

He's had some pretty consistent defense that I'd like to see and she she's you know even in the in the women's doubles game she was getting attacked and she's able to drop that ball back into the kitchen and reset and then move her way up let's see if she can continue to do that here that's a very nice deep serve and a.

Great return I mean that was line in line to be in it's a great log again a lob is becoming more and more effective at all levels I think according to this sheet that the our referee showed us it did have the word Away by choo choo trains so does that change every match in terms of men's.

Doubles women's doubles or anything or does it say oh for this whole semi-final they are the away team do you know so if sorry you said choo choo train is away yes okay so two two trains away so they had to show their mixed doubles first so the choo choo train is on our Far Side yes so they had to show who they were playing first and then tilted.

Chair then reacted so what happens is if it goes to a dream breaker then choo choo train would and when it gets to the dream breaker you only show one person at a time so that's even more interesting wow so you show your first player can be male or female and the other team can react with.

Their first player could be male or female so there's a lot of strategy that goes into that whether you want to you know if you think you're outmatched you want just want to sacrifice somebody and you know for example in one of my matches I had never played singles before so I thought it was going to be absolutely.

Terrible so we sacrificed me put me up against the best male player because we thought we had an advantage over the rest of them with the other matchups so you lose out on four eight or 12 points with me if I get one or two I'm really lucky which is very similar I don't know if anyone watching watch Major League pickleball but Major League pickleball.

Sierra gate and leech in one of the dream Breakers they put her up against J.W Johnson as sort of a sacrifice and she actually got one point off of him which was considered a huge win because they did really well in the others shout out to Sierra really nice and had a killer major league tournament in Columbus.

Representing the hard Eights oh dismissed Squires had some great defense like you said in that last Point she got into a little bit of the hands battles with Dalton and then she was able to bail herself out with a beautiful reset love that and I love that shot and I think that really comes like we were.

Talking about it before if you're gonna hit a drop shot you have to hit a heck of a drop shot and I think that's exactly what Wu just did there he hit a heck of a drop shot he's been hitting them all day it seems like he has been crushing that shot and that shot is very hard to hit for you to take a ball from an from a pretty high.

Angle and hit such a beautiful Drop that's a very uh you have a good advantage to have that in your repertoire you know I would love to know if he's had any tennis or ping pong experience his hands seemed yeah very good that was a great save by Frozen unfortunately Dalton did hit.

That high Bolt the net into punch there me oh wow oh she is diving on the court for that ball we lost a little skin on that court for that one uh unfortunately we wasn't able to get that next one kept his composure but yeah.

Sacrificing the body for the game I mean she's marked up all over on her leg on her back that hostel is something that you cannot teach that is Passion that is that is okay I just became a big fan I think the referee is checking to make sure she's not bleeding anywhere because I think that's a rule is it at least I think it.

Used to be because she was just showing all and this one on her elbow looks like it's a little questionable but now I think she's fine I mean maybe wipe up the blood but I don't see why I mean I played soccer my whole life in college and I'm not sure I think it might not even be a rule might just be.

Something I want to make sure that you're not dripping blood everywhere and it actually looks like she had I have a weird detection for knee surgeries I've had seven but she looks like she actually had a knee surgery or two so she's probably an athlete from one sport or the other I'd love to on which leg on her left.

At least on her left I see some scars okay see some uh oh all right after a couple mistakes we're gonna call time out gain our composure again nine ten one minute the choo choo train has climbed back I think they were down a little bit Squires and woo.

Trying to stop that momentum there is nothing like that man I love that play I mean going all out there are very few people even at the pro level that will dive on the court for a ball and seeing that this is duper 16 so the average rating for each player is 4.0 and just to see that in your team like as a teammate you've.

Got to get pumped up and you saw their whole team roaring the crowd was going wild I mean that takes a lot you know that she wants to win and you know she's giving 100 effort in in that time and that can even just send a message to her opponents too that's like I'm willing to do anything for this yeah are you.

Yes a hundred percent all right she's gonna shake it off she does look yeah she is a little scraped up 10. great sir oh that's some nice spin we'll put on oh he's even just showing the cut that he got it's very.

Sometimes it's very awkward to get hit a nice it seems like it's coming slow that excuse me the return and then you're like oh I'm gonna drop shot it or even oh I'm gonna drive it this is a slow return and if it has a lot of cut on it like people always talk about topspin um being like Oh it jumps on you but that return with cut which a lot of Pros.

Have um if it has a lot of cut it's tough to hit an accurate shot off of it 100 even at the pro level you see people mess that up yeah it's not easy 10 11. close one.

Again choo-choo train remember is fighting for the lives in this match they do have to win this match to stay in tilted chair seems to have a little bit of the momentum and the energy right now yeah they're bringing the power placing the ball really well.

I like uh Dalton getting big on that one though coming over taking that as a forehand putting some Pace on it wow it's got a lot of spin find me 14 11.

It's a good drop that drop allowed both of them to get to the kitchen line and absolutely I think uh Frozen actually gave a little bit of space on that she kind of stayed halfway back which frankly I mean realistically if you stay halfway back on your returns I mean you can do what you want I'm never going to be the person to say you have to do this.

But she did give Squires a lot more room to work with on her drop and Squires did a beautiful Drop put her um kept excuse me cross-sent in an awkward position in the in the middle of the transition zone um and yeah I just think a lot of times people I have all these questions of I should do this right everyone tells me.

This is what I'm supposed to do and I a lot of times just say hey different things work with different people but if you realize that that's not working for you anymore then maybe we gotta figure something else out but I do think when we are when we are receiving that serve coming up to net is crucial putting the pressure on your opponents we had.

Um sometimes people staying back after their returns and you could just tell the people the servers feel a lot more comfortable with that oh yeah hitting their Drive they have a lot more Court to work with oh yeah when you're starting out everyone's like well I I don't feel comfortable in the kitchen they're right.

There and you just kind of work your hands up to be able to handle it so the chair's pulling away here yeah I say that too if you if you want to stand in the middle of the transition zone because you say you're more comfortable there I always say well so are your opponents your opponents are a lot more.

Comfortable with you standing there too all right yes so sometimes I feel like it's like all right at a certain point we gotta just get comfortable put on the big boy pants yeah move up to that kitchen line we'll stay there way to stay aggressive there by choo choo train those great defense.

By tilted chair but just couldn't get that ball down thank you again holding it up there and just the power from power from tilted chairs too much to handle.

That backhand she should be using the forehand almost or putting I don't know it's like the backhand's staying up that backhand and she's she's feeling the pressure right now I would agree like she had that drive coming from Wu and like she took an awkward step back which she's in the middle of her step back.

When she's trying to hit a block volley which is not great because your weight is going backwards a lot of times when you're taking that step back your angle of your paddle changes actually and then you said it goes up yeah foreign yes that was a good volley all right I think we've got a match.

Point coming just doing such a great job at keeping the pressure on yeah game point Match Point everything right here is it all right we'll remember right at 20 they're frozen correct yes all right so they still have to win on their serve so technically it's not match point.

Any more for them inside out place the ball down the middle and then Pat her on her got her on her backside there a very nice deep shot there by crowson right at his feet couldn't do much with.

That back here at a matching game point here it is all right referee coming over to Tilted chairs team reminding them that there is no coaching allowed during a rally not sure exactly what they said but apparently our referee did hear something so.

All right we're still alive here choo choo train has been able to get up to 16 now see if they can close the gap a little bit more foreign drops in I don't mind Dalton looking for that shot but I think Squires just hit a.

Really good shot off of that ball she was able to get it to dip over the net and that's what that match is it all right so tilted chair Clean Sweep there I forgot kind of shocked that they're not celebrating a little bit more I think tilted chairs team actually forgot about the freezing because the last couple.

Points that the Tilted chair got on choo choo train serve it looked like they were jumping up because they thought they won the match and they looked very confused when everyone was playing still so maybe they were just making sure okay that it was the match um I think also sometimes oh here's our mascot you were talking about look at.

The baby oh my God I love it I think also sometimes like it's tough in a team event or just in general if you win like a queen queen sweep like that sometimes you feel a little bit uncomfortable cheering too much like yeah the other team cheered so much I mean as a dream breaker 22-20 like of course but when it's like pretty lopsided and you're on.

The winning team you don't you almost feel like you don't want to rub it in your face you have every right to cheer but sometimes it feels a little uncomfortable you know totally agree with that that's for sure so yeah we will have tilted chair should be playing vatos locos the winner.

Of our last semi-final match however before we bring you those semi those that final excuse me we will be bringing you the semi-finals of the minor league duper 18. you'll see both semi-finals before we get into both of the finals later on I am so excited for this match yeah I did you play these did you play these teams who are coming so I.

Played one of the two okay um played one of the two but all four teams that made it to the semis are incredible yeah and you know they've been playing a lot of four or five five oh tournaments different parts of the country kind of like that next batch of players that are sort of on the verge I think actually some people in duper 18.

Have been playing some Pro tournaments um 5-0 some Pro so you have really good talent at this level and it's just it's going to be a really good match yeah I'm sure all right so we're going to take a quick break here before we start our 18s.

Semi-finals all right but remember there is a lot of great pickleball still to come so please stay tuned and hopefully you'll join us in a few more minutes all right awesome thanks guys foreign the type of player you are Junior for now no matter where you're.

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Duper keeping tattoo removers in business by updating after every match download the app and claim your free profile today what are you guys doing getting our duper tattoos cool hey Cameron how's it going almost done perfect can't wait to see your number.

Duper because ratings shouldn't be a surprise download the app and claim your free profile today I haven't started yet oh good you're a duper final athlete exam begins now you how much does it cost to have a rating it's free decal how many different types of ratings are there two one for singles one for doubles okay.

Camera who can have a rating anyone and World Peace duper bringing world peace to pickleball ratings no matter the type of player you are Junior for now no matter where you're from my name is no matter your gender no matter your age.

no matter what tour you play on or who you play with no matter what's in your bag or what paddle you use what matters is Your Love of the Game celebrating the sport and knowing your level so that you can keep pickleballs fun and fair for everyone what matters is you.

What matters is you what matters is you unify the game download duper today to learn the power of you know your level know your game I'm gonna say she's a solid three five it's definitely a 2.5 guys look at that forehand she's clearly.

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Hey Cameron how's it going almost done perfect can't wait to see your number duper because ratings shouldn't be a surprise download the app and claim your free profile today I haven't started yet oh children your duper final athlete exam begins now you how much does it cost to have a rating it's free Deco how many.

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no matter the type of player you are Junior for now no matter where you're from my name is no matter your gender no matter your age no matter what tour you play on or who you play with no matter what's in your bag or what paddle you use what matters.

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Know your game I'm gonna say she's a solid three five it's definitely a 2.5 guys look at that forehand she's clearly a 3.0 guys come on I'm a lucifero ratings don't have to be hard duper optimized for accuracy optimized for fun.

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Profile today what are you guys doing getting our duper tattoos oh cool hey Cameron has gone almost done perfect can't wait to see your number duper because ratings shouldn't be a surprise download the app and claim your free profile today.

I haven't started yet oh children your duper final athlete exam begins now you how much does it cost to have a rating it's free decal how many different types of ratings are there two one for singles one for doubles okay camera rating anyone and.

World Peace duper bringing world peace to pickleball ratings download the app and claim your free rating today congratulations you are all smarter than you look alrighty welcome back to minor league pickleball right now we have our duper 18 first semi-final match here.

I'm Becky Ryan I'm joined here by Caitlin Kerr and DJ young thanks guys for joining me you're welcome excited to be here the one and only Caitlin Kerr yes all right so we have our basic dink team versus Franklin family basic dink is on the far side with steinecker and Horvath and the near side.

Is Franklin family with Wong and ignatawitch foreign I'm expecting a loud match here today yeah this one's sorry no it's gonna say this one's very gonna be very intense yeah I saw a little bit of the of these teams play yesterday and some of the.

Louder teams out there I think oh yeah they want to get into it they want to get pumped I think you have a pretty you have a pretty good match up here um with the basic dings you have Courtney on the right side and and Sydney on the left Sydney is an attacker she loves to come in hard and hot.

Courtney is a resetter she's amazing with her drops and you have the same thing here on the Chevrolet side Shelly is a great resetter and Eva ignatowicz is actually James ignatowicz's sister and she is she's great she comes from has a big tennis background she played B1.

Somewhere in the United States Davidson in North Carolina unbelievable B1 school for tennis shout out to my fellow Rancher jameswich Chevrolet so um on our we're having Franklin family that's what we've been told I'm not sure well I was going to say I'm interested that it's Franklin family.

When Ava is definitely playing with a carbon nope so Franklin actually sponsors so they had a bunch of sponsors Shelly did her work and actually got Chevrolet to sponsor them they're one lob shirts and Franklin gave them all paddles and I think they actually paid for their hotels their flights and and really made.

This thing almost like a pro event for them foreign how quickly this rally scoring goes I really feel like this match just started and it is 8 10. oh yeah hi to you as well Anna bright welcome to the Stream.

I believe they're watching this match with the one and only JW Johnson I'm pretty sure they're cheering on definitely not Ava but their best friend uh Davis which is apparently um yeah James and attitude's best friend they played tennis together and grew up together so there's some really good uh.

Information right there for all of us Davis was I interviewed James ignatovich on my pickleball chick Channel this past Wednesday and Davis was in the car at 9 30. Davis and James ignanowicz were driving to the pickleball court to start drilling with J.W Johnson and they drilled until 1am 1am no one is more dedicated than them.

I think it's something to watch out for here like a applicable check was mentioning was Courtney's consistency I have not seen or missed a shot yet the whole tournament she doesn't mess Sydney a little bit more flashy but playing the left has the alpha roll just like Jim kingdata which you would not do in the uh MLP last year.

Thank you I mean look at these drops they're perfect that's a beautiful setup oh she's a little lucky there though insanely getting loud that's what we want to see some Personalities in the game I believe it's 12-8 going for the basic Bank.

very good hands by everybody a little net love there makes you a little bit of a more Awkward shot there for steinecker so Anna bright asking me if by becoming a right side guy does that mean I am no longer an alpha um my answer to that would be that it's.

Not the side of the Court where the sides if you're an alpha or not it's the beast in you that does so of course as you could imagine I'm still the alpha what made you want to become a right side player he met real Alphas I think I was naturally born as an alpha.

On the right side so I just needed to play the left for business reasons but now that I finally came to my true colors I am back on the right where I belong well Davis Davis on this uh Franklin Family team is coming for your spot with James he wants to be the best right side guy.

James Johnson says that DJ's the right side demon and I would very much agree awesome Yelp at Sydney once again all right that was a really well played Point by all four players the defense offense it's a beautiful backing overhead just set up with that high forehand that overhead.

Couldn't put it away I don't mind that timeout we've been talking about that all day I think that uh the Franklin Family team needs to just gain their composure after a couple um missed shots on forced errors and they're hoping to come back in it to close this Gap.

It's perfect lineup on my hair shout out to my barber Trader Barber thank you so much for the compliment road to all I appreciate that so James how are you feeling about this Major League pickleball draft are you going to be James.

I was like is she talking to this person in the comments and by James I mean DJ no I feel very good I'm extremely excited for uh tomorrow for the draft to you know be presented to us I'm definitely going to be a top 48 pick in the elite uh series of the MLP and um extremely excited I think MLP is doing a great job and so.

Is BPA putting everything together so I'm happy to be a part of it great point wow oh wow that's a great point wow that hurts for that to end like that but from the looks of this point you can definitely see that avagnato which is a.

Much better left side player than jameswich I mean how many how many times does that hit and during that point that would have been close to maybe 40 30. 13 16. it's very difficult to miss uh third.

Shots in the Israeli scoring format by losing a point that beautiful third fifth combo get into the net wow Sonic are winning that dink battle I think the court movement right here is looking really good I like ignata which coming over to that middle.

Good power from Shelley oh wow very smart shopping just missed there on that sideline is going to be giving them I think a match yeah Point here yeah 2014. your basic dink wow that is very nice drive wow.

I would say a little unexpected outcome on that one maybe 21 14. wow I would have thought it would have been a little bit closer yeah I agree I think it just comes down to those unforced errors I think a couple on four stairs in a row especially in this rally scoring is really not not great it's also the composure I.

Think it becomes hey one person misses a few and then everyone all the balls go to that one person because you know oh no they're in their head a little bit sometimes totally I those unforced errors are key to winning any match and making sure you don't hit the net on your thirds or your serve crucial but I mean give credit to Sydney and.

Courtney that was an amazing job by them they've had some really good wins I think they're performing better than expected on all fronts and just proud of them for how they're they're handling this I think what's unique about their team is they have that consistent right side player like you have in a Vivian or you have in a.

Jackie kalamoto at the pro level that's just so good when you have that consistency you're able to have a player like Sydney on the left who's just she's playing a great left side yeah and she might play a little bit of a higher risk higher reward kind of game she might not she might make a few more errors but she's also the one taking the more risks.

In many cases totally I mean that combo is huge yeah yeah they played really well offense and defense honestly I'll say there were a couple points there that I thought were one on the Franklin family's paddle and then the basic dink just kept getting him back and then ended up pulling out those points.

So we have uh on the basic think we have Brian playing the right side and Ethan playing the left and then we have uh the name shall not be said apparently but it's a James signal which is best friend playing the right side of the Lefty some people say that he's better than J dub and some people say otherwise.

And then our friend in the uh one love shirt uh his name is Anthony Rodriguez uh I love the tats it's not a good style uh he will be playing the right sorry uh the left uh as the right side player with the floor hang in the middle so very good matchup I believe these are.

Probably two of the uh Stronger stronger men's doubles teams in this uh minor league pickable event and I'm very much excited and looking forward to uh watch it uh DJ how do you think about well oh I keep calling you James how do you think about having a a left-handed player on the right side.

Do you think that gives them an added benefit uh that's a good question I would say it definitely depends I've played with uh left-sided players that are very defensive or Lefty players are very defensive and I still have to take over the middle and I've also played with left side players are very aggressive.

And then I have to play a little bit more of uh my side and less of the middle so I just think I think it depends on the dynamic of the team for the most part uh it's not much different than you know a righty player playing on the right that favors is backing more than the forehand so it's actually about the same I think two four things in the.

Middle when the ball gets uh going and faster Pace it might be a little bit better than a back end beforehand but on this strategy think inside of things I think it's overall pretty similar all right here we go zero zero I see Anna Brad wants me to know who the alpha is on this men's team and I will most likely say Anthony.

Jamie's best friend does not seem like an alpha to me foreign so we had a little bit of a rule change actually during this minor league pickleball event they the first day yesterday we were able to use a spin serve and overnight they changed it here for the finals so.

The basic dinks were two guys that had unbelievable spin serves but when I chatted with them before the match they said you know we actually don't care that it was changed we're just as good a players will come out and dominated with or without it wow it's a very nice roll.

Getting out of his best friend living it up a little too high just out it's a beautiful flick by Ethan Davis was very ready for it happened to be out three six three going for the basic tank beautiful flick by Davis.

Got even pretzel hello DJ why didn't you walk us through sort of how you think about a match before entering it at like a semi-level are you talking about the other players weaknesses are you talking more about you know what you guys what your strengths are that you should be doing.

Yeah for sure I mean for the most part on the MLP format uh because israeli's scoring I think uh the basics are actually more important than just in uh you know normal scoring we'll pick you know what pickleball is known for just because you really don't want to miss a bank or a third and lose a point even you know if you're serving so I would.

Say you're sticking to the basics a little bit more being a little smarter just safer for the most part and then talking to your um partner about some weaknesses and strengths of your own team and also your opponent is very smart as well um for us Pros we personally have a lot of.

Um what is it called a lot of videotape that you know from live matches and live recordings that we can watch and study I personally don't know how amateurs have or if they have any videos to watch personally but I think you know studying your opponents is also very smart.

Dylan Frazier is actually very well known for that he'll go and play a match and right after he'll watch it as soon as possible like between matches he'll be like oh what did I do right what did I do wrong wow so really nice there by the basic dink players.

Michael Anderson with a goaded commentator right here I wonder who he's talking about there's three of us I wonder police let us know in the comments Anthony serving at seven nine a little miscommunication in the middle all right basic thing can get this point they'll get the end change and they do.

Now you're Franklin family what are you doing in this position if you're Franklin Family you have the you're a little bit down and everything uh you're getting that uh end change you get to talk to your teammates a little bit you changing anything up yeah I mean I.

Would say that right now uh the basic dank it's playing very loose very calm as they have uh you know the 1-0 lead from the women's I think that the Franken family needs to settle down you know play a little more relaxed I think Davis uh specifically is a little jumpy I think it kind of need to settle down a little bit you know don't worry about.

Going you know being oh one down at the moment just take one match at a time and display the more hyper percentage pickable but yeah we'll see what goes on from now on where I'm gonna say I haven't seen him.

Yelling too much yet and I think that's what he likes to do and probably needs to do get himself pumped up I love his attitude he's from New Jersey from right right kind of where I actually am living right now and and there's attitude in that town and I like how he brings that on the court a joysy.

Fire yeah oh no no that's such a great get well I think I think as you guys were asking about the uh advantages of the two floorings in the middle you know there also can be some disadvantages just like you know miscommunication as to who's taking that ball where most of the time if you have a back end there the.

Forehand will most likely take it uh very smart shot by Anthony by hitting the net uh JW Johnson is asking me if Will they've mastered the right side ever um he is a lefty and you are asking the wrong guy you know you need to ask someone that is a lefty playing the right.

Wow great defense wow Michael Anderson saying that we all know who the goated commentator is we're still done now thank you so much please leave a name in the comments DJ and his fragile ego he's really hoping you uh Pump It Up Daniel LaBelle saying the DJ the guy in.

The opinion sentence team plays like you they have an advantage with just that it's very kind of you Dana um I actually don't see it but I guess he does I don't know so we have Ethan here in the pink shirt from the basic dink he actually served our country in the Army just got out and.

Uh now going to college and dedicating most of his time to pickleball really interesting story there see those are little mistakes that you cannot afford an MLP rally scoring format I will also mention that the basic thinking is doing a really good job with their returns uh Franken family is not.

Being allowed to come into the kitchen very frequently and they're losing a lot of points the same thing in that middle like you said DJ the two four hands there I think something that's also helpful is I believe that the basic dink plays together at next-gen or they have I'm not so sure that this Franklin Family.

Men's side has played together before this tournament chemistry brings a lot to the table 100 the more you play together the more High percentages you have for sure says asking me if I'm better than these kids uh if you're talking about all of them combined I'm gonna say no.

One at a time absolutely what if what if it was two oh okay I got a great question Travis Rhett Meyer playing the nml folks he believes he can beat two 4.5 players could you beat one two on one you versus the basic dank no I find it extremely disrespectful that that's not even a question.

The answer is yes all four of them I don't like my chances that's a bold statement that you could win verse two I they're almost 5.0 they're over 5.0 players my duper is a 14. yeah I think uh these two teams were.

Actually a lot closer uh in level than this than the score is showing us right now I just truly believe that Ethan and Brian are doing a better job with their returns yeah I just have not seen a dinking rally after they've served there we go again is high yeah we need to get up here more often and.

You know move the ball around a little bit better oh wow o