Minor League Pickleball DUPR 16 and DUPR 18 Semi-finals and Finals!
This is an amateur event. The total combined DUPR for the 16 level must be no more than a total combined DUPR of 16.30 or less, and 18.30 or less at the time of registration. The winner for each level gets a platinum ticket to the year-end championship event.


DUPR 16 Semi 1: Slamma Jamma’s vs. Vatos Locos
Vatos Locos: Parker Van Dyk, Leah Sanchez, Jasmine Briant, Trent Trullender
Slamma Jamma’s: Brandi Briscoe, Kelli J Stoke, Tim Shirley, Steven Medford

DUPR 16 Semi 2: Tilted Chair vs Choo Choo Train
Choo Choo Train: Kifer Gregoire, Drew Dalton, Kari Antczak, Stephanie Crowson
Tilted Chair: Jeff Lee, Tim Wu, Sydney Squires, Melyssa Vazquez

DUPR 18 Semi 1: Basic Dink vs Franklin Family
Basic Dink: Sydney Steinaker, Brian Hickman, Ethan Jauschneg, Courtney Horvath
Franklin Family: Shelley Wong, Ava Ignatowich, Anthony Rodriguez, Davis Carvalho

DUPR 18 Semi 2: Dink That vs The Ninjas
Dink That: Matthew Ginn, Axel Morgan, Asia Rose, Hannah Johns
The Ninjas: Camila Zilveti, Brian Kerr, Dexter Rangel, Kasia Carr

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