Steve bozek came up to me with his wife been married over 20 years and they told me they did not understand the twist concept and all so he asked if he could redo it and be the pro correspondent on this channel I offered him more money than me and he accepted this lesson is for all you at home that don't do the twist right now because.

You're not sure what the twist is my wife saw Joey's video the other day and she said what the heck is the twist after watching the whole video Fabian is Right many people told me this at a time I did get 17 000 views so a lot of people did tell me they did not understand the video I said babe what do you mean it's a.

Twist come on it's easy to understand so we got in the pickleball court today and she's got this big backswing she's reaching back here she's coming through the ball like this I'm like babe it's a Twist it's just a little twist so I'm gonna show her right now how it's done let's see if she can get it we're here watching the operator Hewitt cardio and.

DJ young and I'm telling wifey here in pickleball nothing goes backward everything's forward no back swing it's a twist twist with the hips with the arm and finish nothing back all forward how do you get your apple pie so when I go to get my apple juice it's a Twist it's a Twist I don't go back and then go get it.

Water bottle no Jesus you don't reach back and then go grab the water bottle you don't go back first to get the water bottle not classy yeah you twist you twist you grab it you twist you give your hip a little twist try twisting twist try twisting man no lower here we go I twist because I want to win I want to get the point I want to keep.

Them back to the baseline from the kitchen I'm gonna keep them back with a little twist I twist for my third shot so when I'm back at the Baseline I give it a little twist a little twist a little manipulation on the wrist to drop the ball just over the net or drive it at them with a little twist.

With a hip thrust twist there it is just the twist there it is and let's see the big back swing let's see the big backswing let's go no see you got a Twist babe you gotta twist here we go let's do the twist let's do the twist yeah that's it do the twist there you go.

Twisted she's Twisted guys there it is you want to win the point you gotta twist use that wrist and get that twist come on thank you Steve bozik I know how to twist now too you are the man he took me into the VIP section don't tell the PPA that you might get in trouble you actually Steve.

Um take a look at this video right here and Steve you are the pro correspondent on this channel moving forward we're gonna have a lot more content creators we're gonna be Innovative and Fabian you're welcome to be on too that's his wife and you can see the 4-0 final that they may have won or lost this weekend tomorrow morning we are growing here at.

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One concept that’s going to change the way you think about pickleball forever!
Coach Steve Bozic breaks down the main concept that has fueled his growth in Pickleball recently.

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