Look any tennis instructor is going to teach you pickleball wrong there's no ready position in pickleball period so what am I saying I'm saying paddle positioning needs to be dictated by your opponents if that didn't High your paddle should be low if that hit low your pattern should be high take a look at J W Johnson he doesn't have a ready.

Position and he's one of the best players in the world he really is all right oh this concept will shave two or three years off your pickleball career right here let me go in slow motion right there he's hitting High I know exactly where it's going but I'm moving back right and that's a concept basically if.

My opponent has pedal High I have my pedal low it's coming on my feet if they have that pedal low it's probably coming above than that so I have my pedal above than that very simple right one other tip and this is from ping pong they're going at your right hip or right elbow for a right-handed player right so when that hitting move over a step to.

Your right and counter with that backhand block by doing this we look quicker and stay a step ahead of our opponent so if they if they move you right here you know they're on the other side I'm going to move in right there be where it's because I can block all the way across here yeah I don't do that that's smart so I should know this when.

Rob's hitting I should move one step to the right and have that backhand block above the net and this wouldn't happen and this blew my mind everyone aims for that right elbow so you have to counter attack you can't you blocked it here that's why I do that's why I do a game a backhand um block right if it comes over you're.

There yeah you're ready to finish okay when you're ready with the back kind of here so if it's a big low you move to the right yeah you're gonna be right here you're right here ready to go and your partner should be and your partner should be right here here's Lowell doing it he just walked on the courts last.

Week and just did this Edward Perez is a Pro and he's just right there he knows exactly where Ed's gonna hit he's counter attacking Ed Speedo I brought up J.W Johnson near left hand corner take a look he does exactly what Lowell said and look at the ready position he's not in a ready position at all really his paddle's kind of down below he's almost.

Baiting them to attack him right he's so fast so this is in the ready position of most 3035 people but keep in mind it's coming low he knows it's coming high and he does move over a little to the right just like Lowell said I mean the guy's a genius he should have a YouTube channel and rival me low give me a call and we'll work something out pickleball.

Lovers take a look at that video it was so good but let me ask you a question when your opponents are hitting that ball where is your paddle position and because you could be a lot quicker a lot quicker you really can and I'm just trying to keep you here a little longer and don't forget to have a good day play some pickleball today.

PPR Cert Pro Joey Gmuer Breaks down how to look and be quicker at pickleball without actually getting faster.

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