hey excuse me do you know where the pickleball tournament is you're in the right place you want beer or no oh no no we're fine we're actually the athletes in today's tournament no kidding us still cool great awesome you're gonna kill them good luck do you guys want bloodies are you wearing those these.

Yeah no we're in those my 12 year old really likes those too so we are here at the first annual Manitowoc pickleball open here we are we're at the park I'm just really happy that our training has gotten us to this point it's our first tournament I'm glad this didn't conflict with the Packers game checking out the competition I think we got this you know.

It's important to tailgate before really anything but pickleball especially my ding shot's been like a little off we've been trying to correct a lot of your spin with some lead tape and we've been trying to work really on getting that power when we move forward the spicy bloodies give you a kick Gonna Knock You Yeah Gonna Knock them on their ass yeah.

He is wearing plastic shoes she's drunk she's on her looks like her fourth bloody mary we're both professional picklers you know we got some nice cucumbers in the garden yeah first of all this is not a regulation net but are those tap boxes holding the net down oh my gosh honey look is there a court official I'm sorry this is an.

Indoor ball this is an indoor ball it's okay fine no we're good I actually brought an outdoor ball so like we should be okay we're playing you guys oh good to see you this cannot be legal beautiful day out actually it's freezing.

I should have worn my Lululemon so is that beer allowed on the court they didn't say anything to me and they say anything to you no I think we're okay well in that case drink up yeah easier for us absolutely you want it honey what kind of tournament did you find for us oh you're good you're good well you take that I'm gonna take it you want to just.

Get started we're just here for fun guys you go easy on us okay I'll do it got it oh sorry just lucky shot it's fine it's fine it's fine fine the nice day out you know what's the point for us I apologize I promise we're not that good no no we're not our Target.

Was going out you know yeah you should try something oh you know what it's my serve hold on I'll hold your beer real quick once okay hold on Jackson did you hear about Jeff jelanski what about him now you've got a new lake house they should really get a boat are they having conversations the.

Walleyes are biting no you bet you're right yeah should we go to the church picnic later yeah that could be fun out great that's game well we tried we did it we did what we could you won we won what all by quite a lot very wide margins buy a lot oh gosh I'm so sorry your apologies actually make it worse somehow I don't know why but I'm full of.

Rage right now no idea we were winning no not a clue I'm done where are you guys going hey guys come on guys live right down the road I don't want to go to your house you know World shout out the address 525 Main Street for the love of God stop being so nice we'll see you over there fighting minor child finding minor child.

Please got you down just keep her moving
Anybody wanna pickle?

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