Hey guys welcome to another edition of the Monday morning tennis rant where I talk about what happened in the tennis world in the previous week and before we get started I want to tell you about an update on the intuitive tennis YouTube channel so from now on the Monday morning tennis Trend will be on the main Channel at intuitive tennis on Wednesday.

It's going to be a video upload and on Friday so before it was Tuesday and Friday now it's Monday Wednesday Friday so I just wanted to update you guys on that if you haven't subscribed to intuitive tennis go ahead and do so and don't forget to like this video now listen I'm super impressed by hogar Runa when I watch him play I think to.

Myself how can somebody hit the ball that hard he's the hardest ball Striker I think I've ever seen he's also very athletic so the potential is absolutely there we can all see it he's a phenomenal player he showed it when he won the Paris Masters last year and ab Djokovic but there's a lot of immaturity in this game for example when he played.

Indian Wells against babrenka and deep in the third set he was serving he was up 40 30 and he made three ridiculous unforced errors with really bad shot selection and very similar in Miami against Fritz he was hitting very poor quality shots so the fact that he is a phenomenal ball Striker he does have a lot of potential but there's a lot of.

Immaturity in his game and there needs to be a change made he needs to start playing a lot smarter shot selection is something that not only you guys at the recreational level struggle with but this is something that all high-level players and even Elite level players struggle with let me give you an example there are going to be circumstances on.

The court where if you go for a low percentage carbon if you hit the ball too hard the chances of you committing a mistake are very high and take a look at a player like alcaraz he rarely goes for this type of low percentage shots and it's for that reason that agars is ranked number one in the world and hogaruna is ranked far behind that.

Yes a lot of these young guys sinner Rooney and alkaras have a ton of power but you can see differences in consistency within the three the player that's by far the best from The Young Generation is Carlos akaraz and I'm the last person that's going to jump on the hype train but I can tell you that when it comes to akaras I can see him winning.

More than 10 slams I can see him being considered one of the greatest players to ever play the game when I hear Legends of the game talk about him they say things like that they are never seen a player debt complete at that young of an age and I agree there's absolutely no holes in awkward as this game he's the complete package he's got the power he's.

Got the control he also has the variety which is going to be something that's going to be super excited to watch on clay for example and I think that he has good chances to do well on grass so even though akara has lost the Center in Miami I'm gonna put him Above the Rest of the next gen by a lot and now let's talk about the guy that's currently on.

Complete fire and that's Medvedev he won four out of the last five tournaments he played easily the best player in the world right now even though akaras I feel like if both of these guys play their best I'd probably pick akaras over him it kind of depends on the surface as well the slower the surface the more chances I give akaras but right now.

Based on the last few months Medvedev is by far the best player in the world it's going to be super interesting to see however how he can transition to the clay Court season because Clay is his least favorite surface he likes hard courts the most so let's see what happens in next few weeks and one more thing about sinner who had a fantastic.

Tournament in Miami beat alcaraz lost in the final if you compare here sooner spinal against Huey horcat and the final against method of you're going to see the difference in level sinner has gotten a lot better his service better he's hitting the ball harder he's also using a lot better shot selection Center a few years back kind of played like.

Rooney he was making a lot of questionable choices on the court and now you're seeing that less and less so he's improved a lot and it's only a matter of time until he's going to start winning some of these big titles now some of you guys who are hardcore intuitive tennis fans know that I'm a big fan of WTA and I'm going to tell you.

A little bit of a back story on that I wasn't really a big WTA fan before my daughter started playing tennis so my daughter played competitively for six years we trained every day and during that time is when I really started to study the WTA I started examining the best WTA players and I discovered a lot of very interesting things during that.

Time and I developed quite a liking for the WTA because it is a different type of game than the ATP and the week in Miami was an example of that Petra cuerva who is one of my all-time favorite players on WTA won the title by playing tennis that resembles more of a classical game style something that is going to be difficult to the Sea on the.

ATP Tour but on the WTA tour there is still room for different game styles so let me explain Petra's game style in a little more detail so to serve my opinion won the greatest of all time that's not why she plays different from the Baseline if you take a look at her forehand and her backhand The Strokes are extremely flat the swing path is.

More horizontal if you take a close look at the tip of her racket on the forehand it points forward this is something you don't see on the ATP Tour anymore everybody hits with heavy Top Spin she however hits the ball with more of a Flat Top Spin trajectory also she is a power player she will go for the winners very often because one of her weaknesses.

Is movement she's not the greatest mover compared to some of the other players in the top 10 on the WTA but she figures out a way to win despite her deficiencies in the movement part and I think that I love the most about quittera that kind of reminds me of sampers is that she plays her best tennis and the most important stages of.

The tournament so you will often see Petra playing poorly and the first couple of rounds and then as the tournament progresses when it gets to the semi sent to the final she finds her best tenant and she can be counted as one of the greatest players in WTA history she has 30 titles nine Masters titles two slams she's never been number.

One in the world her highest ranking was number two but you can regard her as one of the greatest players to ever play the game and what I love about kurua is that she's a big match player when it comes to a final you can put your money on Petra it doesn't matter who she's playing and in fact she played riba Kina who is on absolute fire she's definitely.

One of the best three players in the world currently she won Indian Wells now made another final a lot of people were saying that Petra has no chance against rubakina but in the back of my mind I thought you know what Petra is going to take this I was texting some of my friends and I was calling cueroa to win the tournament and I was windicated and.

On top of that I just made a video about sabalanka surf where I used crude oil serve as an example of one of the greatest serves on WTA history you can check this video out I released this last week before anybody was expecting Clearwater to win this tournament so thank you Petra I feel Vindicated and guys let's finish off this Monday.

Morning rant with something that's concerning me okay and maybe you can explain this to me because it makes absolutely no sense yesterday John Mcenroe Michael Chang Andrew Agassi and Andy Roddy played pickleball now if these guys were to play doubles I would have watched the whole thing maybe I would have watched it twice because I.

Love all those players and it would have been fun to watch them play again and I tried to watch them play Pickleball out of curiosity and I lasted five minutes why because pickleball in my opinion okay don't get angry is unwatchable on TV yes it might be fun to play but it's something that you can't watch on TV why because the power is missing it's just.

Dinking and if you see the legends of the tennis game play Pickleball you see that for example Macker was trying to apply power to his shots and it was missing left and right and then everybody started thinking towards the end the only time you see somebody rip a ball if they get a high Valley Agassi was hitting some rip swing volleys but.

It's a game that's tough to watch on TV it doesn't translate well in my opinion and it it's hard for me and to stand why pickleball antennas are so connected to each other maybe you guys can explain it to me why is pickleball riding on tennis's coattails for example I have a tennis channel Plus subscription and I love it I watch Tennis all day and.

Recently there's an entire collection of pickleball tournaments right on top of my Tennis Channel Plus subscription so maybe you guys can explain it to me I don't get it I don't understand why tennis and pickleball can't be separate I don't understand the fascination with pickleball from former players what is.

This all about it can't be about money can it anyways I don't get it guys maybe you can explain it to me
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Monday morning tennis rant, April 3rd 2023. Miami recap, the next big 3, Agassi, Chang, McEnroe, Roddick Pickleball Match.

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