That's not on Tyson's mind right now all it's on his mind is being able to to get to Championship Sunday he's got to take care of Ryan Sherry first and McGuffin be able to force the side out to start game number one McGuffin puts it back into that corner where Sherry couldn't catch up to it by the way they did play the Sherry baby.

Song there was this thing was getting out I don't know if that was a an homage to Ryan Sherry who I mentioned is from Florida's home Club isn't is Fort Myers so over on the west coast Tyson McGuffin builds it to a two-nothing lead McGuffin got here by defeating not a witch.

Can be the quarterfinals oh great misdirection there by McGuffin perfect control of that paddle and then just kind of change the angle as he hit it at the last second puts it right into that corner with precision and Sherry was going down the line.

McGuffin might have been better advice to let that go but he does get a paddle on it and so the side out gets it back over to Sherry that's zero three beautifully placed there by Sherry he's on the board you hear the plane going overhead.

We are not far from the Orlando Airport if you're just tuning in 1-3 sharing now with a couple of consecutive points two three wow Sherry puts that one right down the line and has drawn even now at 3-3 foreign.

He had another Point uh Ryan Sherry has found a group people so reason he's playing here in the semifinals 4-3 and McGuffin says enough for that Tyson finally we'll get the serve back three four.

McGuffin gets up to the net and able to get it past Sherry Brian Sherry played a championship Sunday at the Invisalign North Carolina open earlier this year love to plan Championship Sunday here in Orlando goes for the ATP McGuffin Defender defended it but he couldn't.

The defense let me know check this out receiver foreign misfires and that'll make it 6'4 as Sherry runs over to go grab his wristband sex Thor.

Oh McGuffin with that third shot that Sherry was ready for I think Tyson anticipated that was going to get past him so four six and that's going to be wide so the side out gets it right back to Tyson McGuffin six four foreign.

Six four oh man Tyson from the Baseline unable to get it up over I think Tyson was reluctant to want to have to hit that one was looking at it like he thought it was going to be out realized it wasn't Goffin getting Sherry running all over.

The court and Sherry doesn't care the backhand from the Baseline that'll get uh some Applause out of the crowd that was impressive painting that line to get the serve back and then again into the corner Ryan Sherry shown a laser focus right now.

Sex sex tied up at six McGuffin does just keep that one in as does Sherry and then McGuffin wide it's Sherry in front seven six seven six foreign.

Does have a tennis background Now with an 8-6 lead eight six point and that's long so nine six now he is flexing his muscle against Tyson McGuffin amen and Sherry opens it up to a 10-6 lead and he's got game point.

It's just doing everything right McGuffin catches up to it off the net and then Sherry finishes it off into uh to be the one that's going to punch the ticket to Championship Sunday Ryan Sherry is uh he's playing like a man who certainly deserves to be on Championship Court he has played really well falls.

Behind here though one nothing to start game two Sherry able to catch up with that one and keep that in and then Mrs wide yeah Dave no doubt on paper Tyson is the clear maybe not clear but he is the favorite definitely who we expected to see challenging Ben Johns for the men's.

Singles Crown here in Orlando but Ryan Sherry is you've mentioned you know Big Time Florida Gator tennis player he has got so many Tools in his Arsenal he hits the point snot out of the ball Dave and just has angles and options that so many other players don't I mean he's a sneaky deceptive player just when you think.

That maybe the point's over he's snapping it back into playing he's a fighter he's a competitor above all else um and that's what we're going to see here today that's what we've seen so far Oh Sherry from that Baseline with one with the backhand that was beautiful zero three.

Point and the point here by Sherry gets him on the board 1-3 shout out on the side out right back over to McGuffin you mentioned to Sherry at Florida he actually Richard in his sophomore year so he played five well it.

Was was there with the tennis program for five years why would you not want to spend five years at the University of Florida if you had the opportunity yeah I am a Gamecock though so they are Rivals well yeah but I've I've you know I have some friends who uh have you know oh actually I'm old enough now that I.

Have friends who have kids who go to Florida yeah and uh yeah and I know that the campus is a nice place to be yes yes it is it is it's a great School two three and Ryan was clearly a success there tennis program clearly helped his pickleball game tremendously I mean we don't see him.

Playing in every tournament but the ones he does play and he always seems to make a name for himself he seems to Make Some Noise both literally and uh metaphorically oh McGuffin trying to bark a little bit here now or two make it 5-2.

5-2 Goffin unable to catch up to that one so the serve will go back over yeah too good from Ryan what an angle there off the forehand is dipping to Tyson's right side and Ryan is not going away.

Anytime soon it looks like neither is McGuffin no I mean that is so good from Tyson he's gonna have to play some great defense like that if he wants to send this to a third five two five two McGuffin Sherry beautiful angle there yeah and the uh the aggressive March.

Back to the Baseline that I love from Ryan Sherry after a great shot is caught the line two five point so while you're away Ryan changed I'm not sure if he changed sucks if there was something in his sock but he called the time out and took a shoe off took a took a sock off it now.

He's got one white sock and one black sock and I didn't pay attention if that's how he was when he started the match whatever works for him I mean I didn't expect a sock scenario to be involved that's gonna be wide yeah that's too good what a great drop Sherry off of his backhand At Tyson's backhand.

Tyson couldn't keep it in Sherry applying a ton of pressure at the moment he's tied it up in this second game can't forge in front however it's got such a lethal four and Ryan Sherry I mean he just snaps and abbreviates the stroke brushes up on the ball and really just generates a lot of.

Top Spin dips right at the net super hard to defend even for a player of Tyson's caliber but and Sherry's gonna get the serve right back now not a lot of cat and mouse here Ryan share you can see what he's trying to do he's really trying to pick out a side and just go for it.

Oh wow how good was that and he's playing to the crowd right now as he goes in front yeah very rarely does Ryan elect to drop the ball he's a power hitter he's best in my opinion he's aggressive quite the Ripper down the line.

Man he is and Sherry goes back to that corner I think that might have missed by a smidge and it is indeed called out why would he not go back to that though he's been he's been hitting those shots this entire match and that gets up to the net little drop with some finesse but then misses wide.

Yeah there's the bark from Tyson I thought we'd hear it gotta get himself going here that Sherry into the net we're nodded at seven yeah both these players love that Dave that inside out forehand they'll run around their forehead seven seven as McGuffin serving trying to get the lead.

I mean some of those shots where I thought I thought Sherry's first one was going to win I thought Tysons was going to win and Sherry's third one does win Insanity I mean that's what it takes at this level it's three four five shots off an opponent's winner oh that was great by Sherry.

Man he is playing at such a great level to cut from the share bear and he goes in front now 8-7 wow wow what a swing here in the second day of eight seven yeah and again he's Peyton line unreal and the crowd I think is silent just out of all I mean.

He's just picking his spots at this point 970s two points away from playing Ben Johns for gold and now McGuffin is going to use the share bear the lob and it's long so McGuffin getting the serve back here at 7-9.

And does nothing with it you should hold for Sherry Tyson's got to keep fighting nine seven wow how well placed was that shot and how fired up is Ryan Sherry as he's got Match Point that's an unbelievable drop Dave right to the lower corner I call that the side T it's not the T in the middle the court but on the side.

Unbelievable match point and Ryan Sherry is gonna play for a gold against Ben John's on Sunday and Tyson McGuffin smoke
This is the hertz national championship in Orlando FL