Ben John's clearly the one that has to defend the title almost and be the one to not to not mess up Ben in the near Court beautifully played shot by Ben and he'll Force the side out to get this thing underway yeah great start from Ben that's signature back hand side up Dink that he just hits so beautifully across court.

And Out Of Reach of the opponent gives it right back though on the side out so devillier now with a still a chance to try and strike first sign up and they're trading side outs to get this thing underway did have a chance briefly to leave the booth when we were between the.

Last match and I tried to try to look for Ben I wanted to ask him about the timeout but I didn't see him so if pen one zero if Ben does get in trouble we know he's set a precedent that's right he can call a timeout clock that's right we've we're almost expecting it now Dave I don't know if I'd go quite that far but.

Into the net so chance this quick two-nothing lead three zero I think Ben was surprised that that was returned by Jay I think Ben might have thought that that wasn't in and then Jay returned it and then Ben really was kind of not ready for it yeah and it was a great drop by Ben set himself up well.

Just a little too low on the put away trading a couple side outs here beginning stages of this incredible semi-final match men's Pro singles draw oh how about that too good yeah been fooled J another look at it I mean JJ started.

Breaking to his left and Ben said no I'll just turn over this way yeah with a ball about shallow you've got to guess where your where your opponent's gonna go and made the right decision foreign think Ben really wants to have to use any timeouts he sees Jada villier might be starting to think about a timeout.

Though that's how good Ben has been to start this thing yeah yeah Ben looks sharp looks determined and focus wants to get into Championship Sunday we talked about the almost pressure he feels to win a Triple Crown every single tournament he plays it all starts right here and now suddenly six nothing.

And to villier indeed is going to use a tie it on court today tends to kind of have some wild outfits some color clashes but his sister Hannah's outfit is certainly on point here today as well Ben into this always side out side out gets it right back over to Ben.

Six though okay John's couldn't catch up to that one so Jay will take back over trying to see if he can get this Bagel off the scoreboard misfire on The Return by Johns will indeed give him his first point yeah we'll see if Jay can make some.

Headway here too good really ain't right down the line that was nice 2-6 a little flick of the wrist there by Band let's think Ben sometimes makes it look like so effortless right affiliate try to catch up with it I.

Thought he was going to try a tweener and then he just tried like a I don't know what you would call that I said but reverse around the side I don't either but what impresses me so much about Ben in this match is just how cool and calm he is right at the kitchen line doesn't get phased by a decent shot from Jay just continues to hold his ground and.

Place the ball in precarious spots that put a lot of pressure on devillier and there's another put away from Mr Johns seven two and up 7-2 tracks that one down in the corner couldn't track down the second one though.

Yeah Ben John's running at full Sprint which you don't see too often which I think just you know places crowded on his anticipation his positioning he's so good with knowing where the ball is going to go each and every time where he doesn't have to work as hard as a lot of other players do I'm too good point that was really good.

Three seven foreign mount a little bit of a rally here after trailing six nothing four seven and then able to put that down where Jake couldn't get it interesting seven four well set up from Ben.

Nice dig down pipe Johns wow how about that I think tavilia he had too much time to think about it and then uh and Dad bent for bent be able to hit that shot and return it with that lob that was that was special yeah you absolutely smacked that ball.

Didn't he Dave positive in any way shape or form we'll see if he can do that here and Claws way back into it oh it doesn't help him there it's game point that's too good he just moves Jay side to side and waited for the space to open up and hit it 10-4.

And that's long eleven four so Ben John's convincing it only wouldn't be a stranger to it Dave he's on fire thus far we'll see if the flying Frenchman Jay davilier has anything to say about it ultimately it forces the side out to start so he fell behind six nothing in game one.

Has a one-nothing lead in game two so he's already in better shape now that he he was to start game one yeah that's super critical just to give him a little bit of a confidence booster here point it's another one as well I need to try to pad this lead two zero point.

How about this a quick three nothing start for devillier three zero inside out yeah the side out we'll get it back to Ben John's zero three foreign beautiful finesse on that shot too good.

Playing with a lot more confidence in this game is body language is a little bit better see if he can build on this lead here gets a Little Help from the net yeah too good it's a nice pattern goes down the line with the one-handed backhand then he goes across Court once he pushes Ben out wide.

Very smart opened up the space for himself 4-0 wow right now what a rep he's off to a five nothing start 5-0 sign up talk about a player that places the ball.

In some precarious spots Jay davilier had the chance to play him in DC at the PPA and I mean the accuracy off that guy's paddle is unreal not to mention he's got quite a bit of length and reach yeah that's that's the biggest thing I see when you look at him you just know that oh man he puts it all.

To use right there too good and avoids the kitchen he's got the athleticism the explosiveness it's the complete package six zero oh that one is Slide not by much uh the idea was there but love what he's done here to really turn this match on its head.

Up 6-0 okay oh beautiful flick of the wrist for the passing shot yeah just a gorgeous Thursday late afternoon early evening here in Orlando foreign.

That was a whole lot of reach on display six one oh sign up into the net it was a great heads up play from him I love that you gration hit like a kind of a low ball to Ben's right side knowing that Ben was probably gonna pop it up and he did and Jay just miss executed on the put away.

And Ben hits it long so did Villa getting the serve back yeah Dave Jay's being much more aggressive here in the second game which I think is one of the big difference makers I mean yeah he's hitting his shots his passing shots but I love that he's closing in at any opportunity yeah man.

How about that and it's a 7-1 advantage yeah he's balling right now and John's able to get the sir back here let's see if he can close this Gap one seven foreign.

A little bit long not wide he was a little bit long on the third shot and that that serve just barely was in too he was flirting with it out on the serve wow to villier another winner kidding me I mean what a read from Jay and the put away absurd Right Down the Line.

How about that oh great shot by Ben just when I'm kind of thinking Ben might need a timeout to get himself collected and we're saying that tongue-in-cheek because we know Ben doesn't call time much but if you weren't with us earlier in the day Ben actually used the timeout in his.

First game that we broadcast earlier today and they ended up coming back roaring back after calling the timeout yes in his quarter-final win to to get to this semifinal yeah against Tyler loon two eight uncharacteristic from Mr John's the.

Serve into the net not used to seeing that not used to seeing timeouts is the day of first it's long on the return it's nine two devillier I mean Ben was pretty much dominant in that first game winning at 11-4 foreign that time he's just says okay I've had.

Enough see the frustration by Ben yeah Jay's really firing on all cylinders especially I mean I'm noticing the aggression as well as this one-handed backhand it's kind of a stable shot a lot of players playing with a Tui on the backhand side he elects to hit it one and he's been painting some lines.

Hitting some corners and he's been using that one-handed backhand to really set himself up for the put away shot we'll see if he continues to rely on that shot seems to be one of the favorites in his Arsenal just misses they gave it Jay called it in Jay did call it in I thought I thought Jay was.

Signaling out but he did say it was in three nine that is just to and it's it's so strange too right Clark because game one he was so dialed in and it seems like it's just he's just a smidge yeah nine three now which happens you know you go through Ebbs and flows during the course of a match.

It's all about of course being as consistent as possible and trying not to get too high or too low now davilia's got game point yeah I mean this is huge for him and semi-finals of the Men's Pro singles draw here in Orlando 10-3 huge opportunity to send this to a third.

That was a beautifully placed shot by Band and gets it back here at 3 10. I don't know if he's going to come back to win this game but yeah I think he's going to go on a little run you'd be surprised if he didn't and that's the first.

To make it 410. 14. oh devillier says I don't care about what the announcers think I want to not let a run happen yeah way to have his hands ready I mean Ben put that ball into his grill with some Pace but number two.

And gonna get the serve back yeah and as as the second game gets closer you'll see the frustration and anxiety build a little bit on the side of Jay uncharacteristic game point number three and that's game well yeah had other ideas Chase showing why he is one of the.

Best players on the PPA tour he bounces back from that lopsided loss in game one takes game two and here we go game three between these two heavyweights yeah talk about picking up the level of play I mean that's the response you want to see out of a player like that and this is the response you need to see if you want to.

Beat Ben John so Jay came out firing that second game we'll see if he can maintain that level in this third because you know Ben's gonna have something to say about it by the way you're you're right about the color coordination for Ben this this purple with this light blue light it's good right yeah really good sharp look.

And it's a sharp shot as well inside Audi from Ben John's runs around to the forehand side and leaves Jay kind of stranded on where to go 2-0 Ben we will get a side switch coming up at six Ben's got a three-nothing lead here.

Three Zoo had to guess in there and four nothing four zero debilier the backhand for the winner zero four oh that's a second time and just a matter of about 90 seconds that Ben has had.

Davilia guessing wrong 4-0 four zero to cut the net so the lit or the reserve now that's going to be why and you see Penn frustrated with himself yeah a little exclamation there to himself by the way the other the other thing that happened at Newport Beach that was.

Interested that the men's singles match between demilia and McGuffin Sevilla got called for some illegal serves and didn't have a enough upward motion on it on his serve and I've been kind of watching Ben for those last couple of surfs he was kind of flirting with that line as well yeah.

It's something that I've seen people talk about in a few different forums um I heard about it taught people my friends have talked about it quite frequently anytime I show up to play with them it's always you know are you watching the matches are you seeing these serves kind of right on the border between illegal and legal and.

It's interesting right it's not one of those black and white things it's a very gray area you know where's the waistline is it above the waistline below it's never really called at the pro level I've been called on it a couple times contacting the ball above the waistline that being said I think it should be a stop depends momentum been it's been.

With like anything but that to happen yeah they traded 11-4s and third game has been all Mr John's so far Jay's gonna get the serve back here he's got to string together a couple points gosh and he misses wide is going to want that one back a little Shake of the head and Ben's only a couple points away Dave I.

Feel from really solidifying his spot in the championship Sunday see what Jay's gotta say about it oh how about that two-handed backhand overhead well not really overhead but with the downward smash that was pretty impressive boom yeah a little unconventional there.

And again we talk about underrated play going toward the body in singles versus to one side or the other side up to villier forces a side out zero seven sign up and then gets it right back yeah I mean when you've got a player of Ben's caliber that can place the ball.

Nearly anywhere they want on the court it's just so hard to defend me even with the player of Jay's length and size oh yeah puts another one away and he's feeling it now up eight nothing yeah the tough thing with that was Jay decided to volley the ball right back to Ben gave him an easy drop shot and then he was.

Able to work his way in to finish it all off Jay's got to be a little bit more precise and aggressive with those volleys which is is not serving to help him at the moment foreign match point yeah I mean a couple unforced errors lack of aggression at the Times where he.

Needs it the most sitting at a pickle Point yep pickle point for the match John's able to track that down and uh with the little misdirection to keep it alive foreign so he will not get pickled as he gets a he gets a bagel on the.

Board here I mean a breadstick on the board takes the bagel off the board can he get a crooked number up there foreign making them work it's really into his credit keeping this thing alive but then hits it into the net a little bit she's like I got all the tub shots.

It's like what do I have to do got to do a lot that's the answer yes foreign 's a little bit deep so two match points fended off so far behind devilier and now Ben will have a third chance at.

A match point ten one side up I had the Phillies still breathing yeah that's the beauty of pickleball your opponent can't win unless they're serving so he's got some chances here to well he's still a base camping flip-flops but it stops snowing yes it.

Did we're making we're making small steps inside out that's not going to help though no no the flurries just started again see Ben will close it out here because Jay keep fighting oh man uncharacteristic.

Four match points that Ben has been unable to cash in point now devillier gets it unbelievable it's a beautiful stroke Cross Court from Jay such a pretty shot and probably wishes he had connected on a few of those earlier on foreign.

Tried to go behind chance but it hits it long how about the point construction there I mean so patient picked his time to come up into the net it looks like he's opting to not go into the cat Mouse with Ben 's of course very good but I don't know I'd like to see Jay maybe try it a little bit more he's got so much reach.

That's Point number five yeah it looks like he's opted more so to just drive the ball side to side until a window opens up for him to try to put away but not as much cat Mouse as I would have liked to have seen from from Jay unable to capitalize on the scoreboard.

So how about Match Point number six and the sixth one is the charm Ben John's close
This is the men’s singles semifinal for the hertz national championships in Orlando FL.