A Texas resident down in Austin so in his new home state Christian all Sean to serve let's play Pickleball and that would be a massive forehand to start for alsha Ben Johnson gets the benefit of the kiss over the tape and now all Sean gets the benefit of the tape that seems fair.

The other semi-final will show us Pablo Tellez who took out Jay davilier and Tyson McGuffin look at that absolute filth from Christian Alshon are you kidding me shot of the day for all Sean right there foreign second referee Patricia Masters.

All Sean right there foreign of all Sean's is a Lethal Weapon foreign and he is putting together a highlight reel here in game number one keeps himself well behind the kitchen line and that reach and that height is a major factor all shine up early.

Thank you and wow another ball off the tape goes all Sean's way everything working for Christian allshot goes for the Big Surf so I like to say it's part of the budget got to play aggressive and Ben John's response with the big.

Surf wow net has played a significant role here early on in this match as both sides have benefited another big forehand creates a miss and all shot three points from taking game one here in semi-final one on the men's side.

So that sails deep again wind at all Sean's back causes that return to float just a bit deep that's a solid deep return from all Sean there puts John's Under Pressure can't make the Third see his approach it looks like he's.

Going to serve over his head wow and that continues to have an impact and this is reaching insane proportions with the number of net cords that have led directly to a point and it is all shown with the first game point of this semi-final all players thought that that ball was.

Going to sail deep on the return it did not so Ben John saves one game point against not able to stay down and on top of that one so the pressure from all Sean creates a second game point and that one just kisses wide on thought what an apropos ending that would have.

Been if it stayed in that taketh away there and I happened again this is insane third chance for all Sean when the pickleball gods are with you you gotta finish what Hands by Ben Johns right there is Alshon was ready to tap paddles and Ben said no we will play on.

Ben Johnson gives a look everybody gives a look at the paddle all Sean try number four to game number one oh my Ben John's got the kiss for the ATP that he's gonna make most of the time as it goes wide enough but hits it too far so and again the pressure that can be put.

On a player from the side John's is on has been the theme today can that continue John's going for drives hasn't been sharp so far and the all shot forehand has been the difference plus a couple of ridiculous highlight reel shots there's a very uncharacteristic Miss.

From John's Ben Jones with the deep breath there's he did not hit any of those volleys clean at all there but got away with it there's the length and reach from all Sean two hours to finish from John's there so he's got to decide am I going to return in the.

Corner and make him run around the backhand or am I going to make him hit a forehand on the Run by going down the line chose to go down the line there that worked well and now all Sean is going cleaner winner at the kitchen line this guy is a highlight reel come on.

Nice pressure from Ben John's there so the momentum from the tweener at the kitchen is quickly dissipates and Ben Johnson's back to business in the kitchen line and ready to get a big serve D now Ben Johns has replies as well.

He's not used to the highlight real shots being predominantly from the other side of the Court foreign floats his return and that gets absolutely pasted we're at 3-1 foreign have a negative impact on his experience.

Here at Center again this is the barred wealth management Texas open I spinach from Ben Johns as he jumps the corner and Ernie's a winner sun again peeking through the crowd and through the clouds and interesting all Sean holds the ball that hits it over one season position.

Keep an eye on that and that is a beautiful forehand drive from Ben Johns foreign just wide on the volley there for Alshon we'll see if timeout is in the offing or not seems to be walking back to the corner.

Big serving the corner and all Sean does indeed call that welcome back everybody Ben Johnson drops game one but is up five in game two and goes inside out off the tape and finally he's thinking to himself the tape was my friend it's a great ball.

And backhand volleys have been a little bit of a problem here in game two for all Sean foreign a large mess there but uh stretches out the lead 2-7 and again the ability to make the ball bounce from this side when you are in trouble after a big serve and return.

Is the secret sauce to winning today a little compact rip there from all Sean John's is guessing late to it and that Ball's moving all over the place as the gusts pick up in the middle of the point as a player you have to fight through it you know there's wind for everybody continue to scuffle along here at 8-1.

Two eight all shot again we'll much rather rip that forehand and it is heavy got some a couple here within five that one slides wide so two very stoic players do not stoke the crowd so they are enjoying it but uh the.

Highlight Reel is what's getting them going and get a little grown for the Miss serve there Johnson's been on eight for a few minutes here thank you favor is returned by all Sean in favor he did not wish to return that's a beautiful read and jump.

Tall athletic don't let people drop it to your backhand side go get it and put it away well done by also foreign paying huge dividends now 8-4 and now 5A wow Sean very much taking his time steps up and looks like he's gonna hit a.

Nice kick serve there another tweener too good from Ben Johns but all Sean has the flare Factor folks okay we had a hard time hitting the relay man on the getting the ball over but John's house let's see if we can come up with something here he's been sitting at.

Eight sort of right on the line from Ben Jones and that is an absolute rocket from Ben Johns and he is now sitting on a game point come on oh Sean will use that second timeout he called one at 6-1 he calls the next one to have the advantageous position to end.

Game three on the side he currently stands another tweener that one does not work out winner is playing on Sunday Tellez and McGuffin is the second semi and the first serve of game three goes deep just that quick little flick by all Sean.

Is really effective nice punch stuck volley from Ben Johns there so no points as of yet and a behind the back paddle clap from Ben Johns for that forehand so all Sean gets the first point of game three big serve 0.2.

Saw the ball before that Ben John's trying to find a backhand with the volley and it is perfectly placed so he gets the next one that is a much less lethal side for all shot foreign Johnson wins that catch in battle.

Foreign you hear and see the footwork that all Sean is requiring to be able to keep hitting forehands and he does 3-0 game three foreign Madness continues four it's like a fireworks show with the net.

Cords the fans love you hear it they're packed in now this is quite the match okay first dent in the armor of all Shawna game three and missed backhand cut return thank you short return but so short that it.

Creates a different swing plane for John's and he finds the net that's the margin all Sean's going for I mean the amount of balls that are hitting the tape are not surprising considering the way he is going after it phenomenal Hands by both men but it is Ben Johns that's able to get that ball.

Right there again all Sean keeps the ball till he gets in position then sends it over unbelievable get there but Ben Johns is waiting and all Sean has immense paddle skills that you can obviously see but it's the.

Length and athleticism to track this down but Ben Johns will happily play cat and mouse with him at the kitchen line another Miss back in return so for all after jumping up 4-0 and another deep serve to the backhand gets a short return and all Shawn shoes.

Ben Johns just misses that on another that's similar ball short back in return and just missed it so a couple of those have not gone as well let's see if all Sean can tie it at five foreign interesting sliding little flick shot there all shot brings an interesting.

Variety of shots to the table goes for the big swing and that's well out yeah Alshon thought he made it but uh Ben Johnson has won six points in a row plenty of side outs in the middle of that but uh as far as hitting the scoreboard all Sean's been at four for a while so.

The best side has been the side that John's is on but we shall see fall off the tape and then all Sean just kept coming and when you have the size and length that he does doesn't take too many strides like the all Sean suckers that ball up to them every time.

Goes for the big rip and catches the tape foreign chatter those feet in the mid Court trying to get Ben on the fake after that stab volley and ends up being way behind in the point but wins that rally thank you also had a good swing at that obviously.

Pulled wide but unable to get that over foreign oh that's the one that has been his go-to shot all day gets a short return and hits that Cross Court dip diving forehand but that one he does not get on top of and on the other side Ben Johns does so.

Eight six eight five excuse me foreign look at this guy track down balls crowd loves the effort Ben Johnson loves that it's going to take a little more wear and tear out of him and Alshon definitely plays slow and chooses to call a timeout here at.

9-5 so and five time back in and another tweener winner this is the tweener King ladies and gentlemen look at this Christian Alshon putting on a show even down five nine in the third come on brother impressive unable to follow up the circus shot.

Though that is phenomenal Court coverage and anticipation all Sean is going to make Ben and John's earn it if he is going to be the one moving on so down four has been playing some brilliant points as a receiver can he find one as a server.

Just wide Johns gets all Sean spinning around and now we are at match point for Ben Johns five comes up short so all Sean still has a chance gets the ball back but he's got to go now oh Sean just was begging that serve to stand and the wind held it in.

Set a perfect point for him 6 10. tough ball there for all Sean and Ben Johns has Match Point number two and that will do it so Ben Johns the number one seed takes out the tweener King all shot put on
His is the Baird Wealth management Texas open tournament