0-0 first point there quick side out ben johns gets the ball on his paddle then john's on the far side of the court.

And zero zero jw johnson one of the things scott that i find so interesting watching jw is sort of how even keel he seems for the whole match sometimes the movement almost seems effortless so we see that effortless backhand crossboard dink from john's that was.

Very sneaky i i you rarely see uh someone uh jw that was a great job i bet both i will contend and we just saw an example there ben's backhand his ability to be deceptive as you said to surprise his opponent to disguise where he's going and then also being able to attack with.

Speed on the backhand side when up near the net um to me is one of the most impressive aspects of his very impressive game yeah jw johnson just showed me uh my favorite shot of his is where he hits that.

Forehand with no backswing it just goes from zero to a hundred oh it's just a little bit wide off the forehand volley of johnson ben johns is the veteran here both in terms of years played but also specifically at the u.s open yeah it's gonna be so i mean it's so tough to play ben anywhere at any time.

But here at the us open he's so confident on the court he loves this big stage he loves this great crowd in the stands at zing zing championship court and a real like difference in the game for those of us who were watching the women's.

Pro singles final a few minutes ago jansen versus perron toe where we saw a lot of third shots that are really driven hard from the baseline here it'll be interesting to see how they mix in those drives with also some of the softer stuff enjoying that a bit let's take a look then helped out by the net there for a.

Moment i can't quite control it johnson good finish well do your point there like normally when the return goes to the back end most of these guys hit a a third shot slice drop and then get it into the kitchen but jw just rips with two hands which will.

Make his opponent uncomfortable jones jumps the corner there to try to play that ball as an ernie but risky to do in singles because if you don't finish the point there's a very good chance as we take a second look here great job by the production truck taking a look at that replay.

If you're going to jump the corner you better finish the point and there's a lot of open space just a little bit wide from johnson it was a great reading a great get he just couldn't quite finish it just just out of his reach and here we are tied up 3-3 earlier today i was watching uh this.

Match and i was charting when john's was playing against navratil and uh john's really it was almost a 50-50 split between the drops and the drives as opposed to an average on those third shots 100 drive so we'll see here it's really speaks to the versatility of ben john's out here on the court.

Different styles of game he can play depending on what he needs and i think a lot of times ben john's opponent does not want to get involved in the kitchen game with it kind of forces either doesn't he see it here both players able to hmm.

Jw johnson is not one of those uh players jw is more than capable at the kitchen with ben which makes it what makes these matches so fundamental both of them can cover the entire course yeah so good at moving but also so good at reading where their opponents are gonna hit.

Pretty clear there johnson's gonna go into the open court here johnson realized he hasn't got much of a chance as we see that nice high backhand swing volley from jon's one of the reasons that they'll often use those cross courts in those digging situations isn't just the lower net in the longer distance but it's so much.

Tougher for your opponent to earn you right if you go down the line you create an opportunity where your opponent can jump that corner more easily get that ball while it's still high so they're gonna often play those balls cross-court it's a bit of a insurance policy ball called a little wide so a little back and forth here.

And mark i would say the only the only risk just going forward is it opens up to your opponent the down the line john's finds the top of the net there gets that side out good early start here 3-3 yes men's championship match oh pardon me.

four three four three johnson with the lead got some applause for that yeah i think johnson's quickness at the kitchen in these cat and mouse kitchen points.

Is what separates him from the rest of benjamin's uh rivals ball sets up a little bit too high bit of a miss hit off the johnson paddle johns knows exactly what to do when his opponent makes a mistake 35 buries that forehand volley.

John's read it right he was there for it can't quite make the volley jw puts a lot on that ball five jw still at the baseline meanwhile it's one of the things i love about this and as we see singles evolved and you.

See a little bit more of this cat and mouse as you call it scotch right that's some of the soft stuff that's really precise kind of dinking and then that ball sits up a little bit and it's amazing how explosive that next shot can be oh oh my goodness.

What in exchange there a little bit of everything in that rally that's going to force ben johns to call a timeout take a look heat's up in the middle jw johnson puts it away and ben johns surprisingly behind calls the timeout let's take a look at what got them here.

Well tough day grinding away on single sunday out here as we take a look at uh john's defeating ryan sherry earlier on and then defeating in decisive faction navertill in the semifinals yeah ben ben played very solid um on the other side uh.

Federico uh stack crude uh a phenomenal match against uh tyson mcguffin and then that came up against jw johnson i think jw johnson won that in two straight games um and uh you know yeah i mean.

Really today no matter which court you were looking at here at the us open you saw amazing singles action right you saw players grinding away you saw upsets you saw best of three matches going the distance it's such a treat to come here um some big upsets exactly right so people tyson mcguffin was favored technically.

But everybody's like jw johnson he's been playing amazingly what's gonna happen and here we are with this match between these two puts that away the timeout worked in his favor there so for those of you who are just joining us we're in game number one of the men's pro singles match at the minto us open pickleball championships.

Powered by margaritaville ben johns the prior single champion here trying to claim another gold to his resume oh caught it off the mat yeah i mean when players have to keep the ball as low as they do in pickleball.

Especially at the elite level you are going to get a lot of those balls and one thing that really separates the pros from everyone else is the expectation that ball will come back over the net as we saw there so the serve started at the beginning there.

Johnson goes a little long it's a side out i'm coming back to ben john's we have it jw seems uh content to keep ripping that that two-hander pass it's leading to good things even though i missed that one backhand drop sits up too high jw johnson.

Finishes with authority again we see sort of how calm and cool barely looks like he's sweating out there it is still hot here in naples but he does they both have a relaxed bite nicely done what is it relaxed though is jw's footwork at the kitchen his his ability.

To to slide to sidestep his feet are so quick oh it's a little surprising four seven but sometimes a little bit deceptive here especially you know when you're watching at home is the speed at which these.

Serves are being hit sometimes referred to the heaviness of them the amount of spin that's on them no these players handle them so well it almost looks like it's easy but uh i promise you out on that court that serve is coming in hot and i think the reason they're able to handle them.

Is their their technique their combination of catching it out front while they're stepping in with their body weight going forward their basics are so soft so we have a side out while that one went long here where jw johnson only three points from taking.

Game number one in this gold medal match ben johnson ben johns the veteran of course looking to turn things around tough there jw was practically running while he hit that return yeah this is sometimes one of those just trying to weather the storm situations here.

John's has been in this situation before where sometimes he goes down in a game or down in a match absolutely there you go ball catches up the top of the tape right there's nothing jon's can do there he knows he didn't really make a mistake um yeah you just gotta this is where the mental toughness of pickleball.

Is so important there's the self shaking bake we talked about earlier today hitting that drive following it up aggressively coming to the net and that is going to set up rusty at game point exactly the crowd here is excited everybody online literally around the.

World dessert as you said today we've actually haven't gone to three games all of them have been done in two and so we'll see what happens here ben johns certainly like we said has come back before so i think i suspect we're that's what.

We're going to see here is john's you know really relies on his ability to dominate when is that cat and mouse game up in the kitchen we're going to see as tough as jw is johns can try to get back to that that's why quality volley on the line.

Running away another game point here okay jw serves a little late on that forehand volley j.w johnson takes game number one and we will be back to continue the gold medal match let's look at this final.

Point so there you have game number one goes to jw johnson we'll be back with the continuation of the pro gold match after this.

pickleball channel is proud to bring you all the action from naples florida or the minto u.s open pickleball championships powered by margaritaville more great content is on the way matches tips instruction inspiring stories and more so remember to subscribe like and follow on all your favorite social media.

Platforms and at pickleballchannel.com just started jw donson closed out the last one 11-5 people are murmuring ben john's gonna be dethroned as the us open pickleball champion of singles jw johnson so good on those high back.

End volleys able to not just put the ball where he wants but get it there in a hurry and i love the way he does it it is with quick feet and not much swing johnson is reading john's perfectly here we talked earlier about john's ability to deceive where he's going to play that ball right now johnson has his number.

He's taking that step just before ben hits it oh you got it i got like another example right a few of those i would think against most opponents john faces those are going to be clean winners and instead not only.

Does jw get it back but he makes ben earn it with one more tough shot try to go down the line there a little bit wide yeah that's what you gotta be careful not to be one not to have too many loose points here see that that's that's the play when ben has a little time off that bounce where he can get.

Deceptive and uh be offensive uh and it worked again but in game one jw johnson made ben earn everything he got that's a tough serve as uh referee byron freso does a little ball boy work out there byron i would consider an icon in the sport he's been so significant so many.

Matches both as a volunteer and an ambassador for the sport as well not just refereeing oh and there you have a big put away not to mention the singing of the international anthem there's byron got to spend some quarter some time on.

Court with byron over the last couple days uh we're running some coach education programs here what a treat to have him with us nice interchange so early in game number two of the gold medal match between ben johns and jw johnson.

John serving 3-2 i was just gonna say john's needs something to start to go his way a little bit jw you know we talked earlier about weathering the storm and he's done a reasonably good job of that the trouble is the storm's not stopping and jw continues to play at a very high.

Level ben is going to need a few things to go in his way like some balls off the top of the net and he would have liked if that ball caught the net but yeah that volley was carved beautifully two four that to me is a sign.

Of the kind of pressure that jones is feeling out here that is the ball that he typically makes in his sleep yeah i mean it's easy for me to say back here in the booth but of course right but when johnson is playing at the level he is you know every single ball is critical and um sometimes you just try to.

Slice the cheese a little too thin scott yeah when you when you when your opponent is on every ball you try to make it a little better and a little better that'll lead to the occasional error even from ben or even yeah well again right we talked about the importance of the serve because it.

Affects the quality of the return which then creates opportunities or not on the third shot and you know you can only score points when you're serving so ben's been going for a fair bit john's was off to a lead there's brian again but we're tie in game number two four four.

There's a little flick yeah it's a few of those kinds of exchanges that ben is going to need to be able to turn things around here so good on that backhand creating speed and spin yeah that was that was pretty that's another example you're talking about scott sometimes he doesn't even.

Big swings he just kind of does that little flick there no but like look at how quickly he moves over there your maximum reach is when you're standing in front of the ball he's not reaching sideways he's getting in front of it reaching forwards the other thing though is jw johnson doesn't look uncomfortable here.

He's just playing his game usually ben makes people 4-4 little right you know so again it's those kind of plays where i think like a little series of them more than one in a row i think um ben is so good that when he gets a little bit of a sense that there's an.

Opening really you know next thing you know you look up and he's one string of points absolutely we've seen it right there's second one it's sort of you know the tiny bit you're playing you lose two or three points early let's take a look at this.

And then all of a sudden you get past six and those two or three points are much more dangerous gotta think he's gonna say jw didn't get a stop there i'd expect a timeout because he knows nope get the timeout anyway.

Well we are seeing some excitement people on the edge of their seat going to see who takes the gold in this match we will be back to you soon with more singles action pickleball channel is proud to bring you all the action from naples florida of the minto u.s open pickleball championships powered by margaritaville.

Looking ben john's there with a two-point lead in game number two receiving jw johnson not letting up either we talking earlier for those of you who are new ben johns has been dominant recently the last few years of singles here at the us open.

Uh this is jw's first big uh appearance here on championship court the u.s open he's newer to the game but he has had an amazing year four six i really feel a little bit of tension we were talking about this during the break a little bit of tension here in the crowd this would be.

I mean they're both excellent players jw johnson's been making a lot of noise over the last year but uh i think most people would consider this a significant upset through and we're not there yet but we're on the verge here and sort of feels like the crowd.

Knows that something might be up yeah that's what makes it so fun to watch definitely the crowd is surprised at where we are right now have they six five do they think jw but definitely they're surprised maybe the case that for some people this might actually be the first time seeing.

Jw johnson um certainly for many of them would be the first time seeing him in person you know if they're regular uh attendees here at the minto uso championships for sure definitely be familiar with ben johns oh nice rally.

The crowd love that yeah you get the sense the crowd needs a bit of a release here right and so you know their turn for one player or another maybe but they're really cheering for the quality of the play there i think ben johns might have hit a ball that would have otherwise gone out six never really know.

Locked at six slide out you can see the light coming through this beautiful facility it's sort of a indoor outdoor kind of combination here where we've got this natural light coming through but also shade for the players point.

Seven six look at that last moment there ben came across jw answered it six seven jw quickly answers there what a pass with that for that forehand from jw he's been hitting through the ball this whole match and what a match it has been.

Seven seven point eight seven oh point that that that's a little loose error at this point very wisely so this is an important time in this match and so we're going to go to break we'll.

Be back to you very quick with some more action pickleball channel is proud to bring you all the action from naples florida of the minto u.s open pickleball championships powered by margaritaville receiver and we're back at championship court ladies and gentlemen this is an exciting game number two of the men's.

Gold match the crowd here on the edge of their seats ben john's called that timeout that we just came back from and executes a nice return point gets the ball back in his hands seven nine he was off to a lead in game number two but now fighting to come back.

he goes up jw up in the air over the corner side out he's just going with that that two-hander yeah cross-court and he's just gonna he's gonna live and die by it but so far he's doing quite well barely missed that one.

Seven nine point now we're down to one point yeah ben does not need much to get momentum going and to go on a run and yeah hitting a big forehand pass like that could be just slide out but jw johnson was tough.

he's reach holds a nice point flicks that down wow that was that was just the surprise it was it was it was unexpected yeah and we're at a match point championship point here jw johnson.

You know what i see about that scott is that johnson is not playing to not lose at this point right he is looking to win that point he is cracking those forehands there with the answer you want to think about it for just a second yeah and the timeout's been called.

Try to make sure this last moment doesn't go the other way we're gonna take a quick break and be back with the finale of the men's gold medal match here at the u.s open pickleball channel is proud to bring you all the action from naples florida of the minto u.s open pickleball.

Championships powered by margaritaville receiver you have one timeout servo you have zero timeouts remaining time in eight ten john's trying to turn things around call the timeout now we're quickly as you can hear in the background a little bit some of the.

Rowdy call calling a side out jw johnson has another opportunity to become the new singles gold champion here at the u.s open hey you know what so that backhand volley from john's i mean he hit the volley he was solid on it but he didn't accelerate through it the way that he often did sometimes that's a sign of tension.

Definitely a safe volley oh there you go nothing safe about that fist pump by ben johns there he's feeling that i read the needle wow down to one point ben's been here before nine ten absolutely oh what a point.

The quality of jw johnson's volleys here we are once again with the third opportunity to claim gold at match point ten nine big side out there big side out johnson playing a relatively slow serve just kind of got it in play and then seemed almost.

Content to sort of challenge john's one-on-one up at the net in that hands battle those quick reflex volleys john's comes out on top that time well i also like that j.w johnson went for the two-hander down the line uh nine to the cross court he's been hitting all day is john's with a serve at nine.

We are tied up ladies and gentlemen which means we gotta go two points we gotta go to 12 now at least at least holy cow you've been getting a little bit more fired up and emotional than you.

Typically see him rightly so ben thought for a moment that that return was gonna land long it just sort of floated a little higher than usual stays in play with five relief for johnson yeah makes it a perfect another big side out and again last time i'll say it just in.

Case you don't know you have to win by two game point 11-10 and there you go wow we're going to three ladies and gentlemen ben johns comes back and shows us why he has been a champion before will he be.

A champion again we will find out in the next game after this pickleball channel is proud to bring you all the action from naples florida of the minto u.s open pickleball championships powered by margaritaville more great content is on the way matches tips instruction inspiring stories and.

More so remember to subscribe like and follow on all your favorite social media platforms and at pickleball pickleballchannel.com and we are back at the minto u.s open pickleball championships powered by margaritaville we are in the zing zang championship court on a beautiful evening here in.

Naples florida you're looking at jw johnson there who's about to serve at the beginning of game number three to try to see if he can win that game and be the new gold champion at the u.s open it's already a great point the discipline of jw johnson here during this rally.

So many times you know especially if you drive one or two shots and you get another chance because you haven't hit the winner yet sometimes you just keep stepping on the gas one discipline to realize when it's the right time to play a drop and reset things really on display both these players and especially after losing game two.

When you had championship points you know mentally coming back from that is never easy and just to play a really solid first point uh zero one was great for him that is a lot of acceleration on that forehand volley jw johnson cross court into the open corner.

Get the ball back on his paddle here 1-0 wow could have gone anywhere with that yep let's take a look call sits up zero one kind of thing gotta think ben put away this one with some authority.

Another side out back to jw one zero so now we start to see right it almost seems like as jw starts to speed things up a little bit j uh john's is now there with the answer this is something we saw earlier number one gotta wonder whether this experience of benjamin's really comes into play here.

We're in game number three yeah i mean ben jaunt is a great pattern recognizer and it doesn't you know he knows your tendencies before the match even starts but once you start playing he's not gonna you're not gonna surprise him so then it's just a matter of he knows.

Where you're going it's a matter of are you executing the shot well enough to to beat him with it so far j.w johnson very good job of that once again johnson gets a little bit of help from the net going up and over and out stretched forehand not much you can do on those.

See the frustration on his face remember we're watching this match now it's a gold medal final men's pro singles these players have been out here all day their brackets started at eight o'clock this morning so we're now almost at seven o'clock 11 hours into.

Their day i was out here with these guys the warm-ups we were here just after seven everyone's warming up they've been here yeah we're pushing 11 hours now there is no difference in how he sets up whether he's going to play that little backhand roll down the line or cross court so you get to the point where you.

Just have to sort of guess well i think ben can just wait to see what you cover and just choose oh did they call that out yeah no big deal i think that serve was long though so this is where you know speaking about how it was 12 hours ago now that most of.

These players started their day on the courts and um this is where fitness becomes such an issue and this is i would say one of the biggest uh evolutions in pickleball over the last few years is how much fitness has now become a priority and how many of these players are putting as.

Much time in in the gym as they are on the court because they know if they can't play at the level they're capable of at the end of the day well then what's the point right they hit the line it's called just wide john's is going to appeal to frezzo i bet if there's an overrule sorry that.

Oh there we go two two oh yeah with your point about the fitness um and i think both of these guys are very very well prepared and so they have to be i doubt it will be a factor especially they're both.

Early 20s they can go all day compared to us old people i'm not gonna lie i felt pretty old today out there in the men's pro division this might be the last year for that one well it's one of the exciting things the bell curve in pickleball is still 50.

Plus but it's exciting how much broader it's getting with the young talent i find at 41 i'm really hitting my peak in the booth so once again everybody literally from around the world a couple thousand people joining us uh the stadium here is full as well.

And so thank you to our sponsors who make this all possible we will be back with more action after this pickleball channel is proud to bring you all the action from naples florida of the minto us open pickleball championships powered by margaritaville welcome back to championship court.

Zing zang championship court here as you can see jw johnson just serving 5-2 side out nice cross court down the line drill they had go on there and killed the rally by hitting winner two five oh looks how was that just wide.

You know just a little bit wide you can see it johnson's eyes rolled back in his head thinking how did i miss that forehand no mistake there interesting that ben read that that was going at him and just thought oh if you're trying to hit me i'll just duck and you'll miss.

And when you catch ben off guard he's still ready fire three balls just long and once again that's two in a row with the ball on his paddle j.w johnson misses a ball that for him is typically makeable got some frustration on his face there.

Then john's trying to come back i mean you gotta think scott like this match really is a back and forth but with those two kind of loose errors by johnson and in both cases john's not being able to capitalize and score points you know five three whether that becomes sort of a critical moment here.

When all is said and done there's another one sign up so thank you for joining us everybody we are here in beautiful naples florida at east naples community park where they've built an amazing open air structure.

Ben johns so they keep taking turns having chances to in ben's case catch up or jw johnson's case get to six and switch sides and then just uh come on frustration there there you go little fist pump and just as a recap of you joining us.

The score there in the second game we'll take a look at this just three five was it back and forth jw had three championship points was almost at 11. john's came all the way back and closed it out at 12 10. so here we are with a game that's not progressing much.

The last several interchanges a lot of side-outs the hush crowd so ben did manage to score one point there after getting that side out but again a forehand dink that typically wasn't under a lot of pressure fight for all he'll usually make as we see johnson switch things up with.

The lobster oh followed by that backhand two-hander gunman 6-4 time out called at 6-4 let's look at that two-hander backhand pickleball channel is proud to bring you all the action from naples florida of the minto u.s open pickleball.

Championships powered by margaritaville 6'4 johnson's backhand says a little bit long trying to get that ball to dip down and catch the inside of the line before gets past jon's four or six oh wow oh.

Look at that the hand up in the air oh jw johnson goes for the forehand atp around the post johns is there at the answer look how low he gets for this ball digs it off the ground just a little back camp boop as if we didn't have enough highlight reel shots already oh my goodness eight five six.

That is what you call dirty defense and jw johnson just comes back and says it's not over yet such good misdirection thereby johnson had been moving to his right instead goes to his left elite six five.

Nearly maybe that's why ben wanted to be on this side i knew those balls wouldn't roll over all of the net chord forehand fighters oh well then john's little sigh of relief there.

Not many people throw up a lob against j.w johnson and survive to talk about it so here we are tied up 6-6 john's really got away with one there to tie things i mean johnson had him like on a string right side to side six six you only play a lob at this level when you are really quite desperate.

Point all right it's a lot of table just turned yeah this is the most fist pumps i've seen agreed 7-6 some of the crowd trying to encourage each of their favors it's almost like jw right there is like.

All right all right finish it as we look at the replay here that ball sits up at the net and he finishes with authority down into the church nothing jw johnson needed that he needed the hands battle before and then and then getting a little momentum going his way.

Now tied up again seven seven there it is again it's almost like he wanted that the atp defense is strong on ben's side to he didn't seem to make a move for it.

There did he so either he is now really struggling maybe john adjustment here i haven't seen him take a time out this game has he no i read that one all right yeah i mean that's one of the first times ben has gone down the line and it hasn't worked but you know once jw sees it four times it's not a bad guess.

Eight oh slide out that's that's not a good sign mentally yeah you hear the crowd though so john's eight seven only one point but just three points away from my victory that's what's great about jw he has a bad point and he comes right back and.

Comes a solid one that's what you want to see just kind of reached over and spanx that forehand volley it does it looks like a little slap seven eight nice angle like just look at the body language here the difference between ben johns he's pumping his fists he's.

Playing to the crowd like he's acting like he's you know like almost like he's already won this we look at jw johnson here he's just trying to search for an answer hey seven johnson needs a bit of a reset jw came into the net on that approach like a.

Like a senior pro not a 20 year old so ben he's got to be thinking what you guys right now he's thinking he has all the momentum he's thinking i've i've been battling for for an hour ben's been battling and now it's the.

Tables have finally turned it's like he's finally ahead you can see the experience here you can see the experience we said that earlier you use the veteran right i mean look at the win history just at the u.s open alone that's gotta mean something yeah no i mean it counts for a lot right.

The experience out there you've been in this scenario before um and even having lost game number one but winning game number two like things are kind of rolling downhill for him which is good if you know if you're a rock yeah and so you were talking a little bit about the different experience and.

Progression kyle yates was the mentor to ben ben's going on jw's new blood it's just so exciting to see so many new people come into the sport and then compete at such a high level which also raises the caliber of everybody else remaining i mean the has been high all night here and the end time no exception not sure.

Serving so johnson gotta think here scott not 100 necessary but pretty critical that he can score yeah pretty soon he needs something good to go his way he needs to make something good happen earlier on i think in the match we would have seen him play that as a drop we.

Talked about the discipline of playing that sort of defensive drop to get back in things didn't do it there was a price it's a nice little drop there good touch around the net that's no doubt we've seen a few of those backhand volleys from johnson land him softly in the kitchen 7-9 oh.

that was just pretty ben johns does this as well as anyone in pickleball sees the opportunity we talked about the risk of dropping down the line we see it there good ernie from john's 9-7 again just two away from a possible championship wow.

We are right on the edge of ben john's coming back showing the world i still own this championship 10 7. not yet says jw johnson yeah and jw he's got the firepower to get back in it but he's going to have to execute.

7 10. he looks gassy i don't know yes he looks a little bit tired or mentally i mean we've got another match point here let's see if you can make a push ladies and gentlemen ben johns once again the singles pro championship at the u.s open pickleball championships.

Holy cow we will be back talking to him let's look at this last championship point and once again a little backhand that deceptive backhand well after so many so many down the line he wins it with the cross court yep.

There it is wow well done but amazing match though jw johnson impressive but there you have it once again the winner ben johns thank you for watching so far don't go away we have some moments to hear from.

Ben john's at the metal stand we'll be back in a moment pickleball channel is proud to bring you all the action from naples florida of the minto u.s open pickleball championships powered by margaritaville more great content is on the way matches tips instruction inspiring stories and more so remember to subscribe like and.

Follow on all your favorite social media platforms and at pickleballchannel.com welcome back to the minto u.s open pickleball championships i'm excited to be here with jw johnson the silver medalist everybody a round of applause some amazing gameplay we went to three.

Games you know you're it's great to see a new face here this is your first time on championship court at the us open and now you have a set silver medal what are your thoughts uh it was really fun it was a great match i really loved every minute of it and uh i thought we both played really well.

Obviously he played a lot better but um it was really fun and so you're newer to pickleball in general some of these people years and years and years how pickleball has come into your life what's it meaning to you now uh it's a lot better than what i was doing uh a really a better path for me and my whole family too.

Um so it's a lot better well congratulations we're gonna bring out your medal and your prizes here heather from margaritaville we'll bring you that silver and your prize money one more round of applause for our silver medalist.

And our champion gold medal winner ben johns ben it's amazing three games number two or number one you start off and you had to fight your way all the way to three you've been here before the crowd was quiet on the edge of the seats it's a new thing here on championship with jw.

What's going on in your mind right now uh well i was really happy to come away with the win for sure uh jw's a great player uh pushed me to the absolute limit no question about that uh so you know hats off to him and uh yeah i know i couldn't be happier with this win the the really close ones are definitely the sweetest so uh definitely gonna enjoy.

This one yeah and the uh the u.s open kind of a special place for you a little bit right i mean kyle yates brought you here to a certain extent and uh your singles career now what's going on right what does this mean really to do it again yeah you know it all started uh here on this court for me uh back in 2017 five.

Years ago uh trained with kyle a lot and got planned in the finals that was kind of the start of everything it was uh you know really fun then and uh it's been a blast from every second since then so uh just really grateful that i found this sport well fantastic match thank you so much let's bring heather from margaritaville with that gold medal.

You're also gonna get a head sweats champions hat as well as brand new skechers pickle pickleball shoes and lastly well not lastly you're going to get your check and the other special thing if you haven't heard it yet margaritaville margaritaville at sea is going to give you a three-night.

Three-day two-night cruise at margaritaville at sea so ladies and gentlemen it's been wonderful ben john's our golden medalist one more round of applause
Watch this elegant Men’s Singles PRO Gold match from the Minto US Open Pickleball Championships where Ben Johns battles JW Johnson for the top prize. After a long 12 hour day, these two giants in pickleball face off and test each other’s strategies, endurance and skill. Both of these competitors have the most chilled style of professional play, yet the match is tight enough to get both of them to exhibit their usually held-back emotions. Watch it in its entirety!
@BenJohns_pb @JOOLAPickleball

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