He uh he's been fantastic as a career goes and on the PPA but as this tournament goes this has not been on par with what he normally expects from himself and he'll start off this thing against Tyson McGuffin in rare form right there that was a beautifully played angle that's his Special Sauce that backhand.

Role and my goodness okay he didn't get three he didn't get two but he's hungry for one gold here too this is best two out of three by the way as the women's final will also beat best two out of three and that serve does Miss just wide zero one and making Tyson run from side to side.

And finally able to win The Exchange you can see the physical toll that singles is already McGuffin plenty fit especially two out of three you can empty the tank here it's Championship Sunday let's go side out we'll get it right back over to McGuffin Tyson McGuffin originally from.

Washington State his dad was a high school wrestling coach Tyson was a high-level High School wrestler got just out of the reach of McGuffin a focused individual right there Dave just a little bit that'll be another point for Ben Johns.

3-0 foreign to the side out gets it over to Tyson zero three coffin goes wide I don't know what do you consider the the bigger surprise the fact that they didn't even reach the metal round in the in the mixed doubles or the fact.

That they just completely lost their groove after that 7-1 lead in there the men's doubles this morning you know I think he's probably more surprised that he didn't get a medal with Catherine I mean I think they got the silver they've played the tournament before this which was the U.S Nationals and.

They got run over by Matt or excuse me by Riley Newman and Emily Waters his typical partner in the final coming here and getting nothing is a shock he's lost to Riley and Matt before now they came roaring out of the gate and weren't able to sustain it a lot of that had to.

Do with the play on the other side so I'd say if I had to ask him that's more surprising beautiful shot by Ben there to get the serve back four zero that'll get some humans pro pro doubles partner and then he and then he just emerged like a rocket ship from out of.

That chat yeah and his singles has always been there as well though Dave so he's he's he's just a well-rounded good player here but he's running into a big problem in John's right now yeah a laser focused pin Johns because now he's starting to hit two-handed winners in the absolute.

Corner of the Court Ben Miss hits that one so Tyson will get it here zero six and the crowd cheering as Tyson finally gets his first point what and six I thought it was great when we had Sam querrey on the broadcast I know you and I both got a chance to work with him earlier this week he was telling me he.

Went out to Tyson mcguffin's place in Idaho it was on his podcast they went down to a local park played some pickleball it's a good good person for query to train with because he's gonna make his entry into Pro pickleball got some uh rather boisterous supporters of Mr.

McGuffin they're urging him on that is just wide tremendous return from Ben Johns there in the corner and McGuffin did a great job to handle it brought it all the way back with a really biting angle but van Jones was there Dave yes he was Tyson asked to see the new ball being put in Play Just.

Again check how similar is it to the one we were just using six sign up I want to just miss one six not by much foreign just gets the serve right back then John's one of seven kids I said earlier they were allowed to watch one movie a week no television.

Ben's favorite movie is Gladiator that doesn't surprise me are you not entertained Dave great line so Ben when he was on the podcast we asked him about going on with Kelly and Ryan about a year and a half ago when he was on with Kelly ripen right Ben didn't really even know who Ryan.

Seacrest was he said he had vaguely had heard of him knew he was associated with American Idol seven one pretty cool though to be able to go play some pickleball on a closed off Street Manhattan absolutely.

And another laser beam forehand from bang John's one side up Side Up gets it back over to McGuffin I'm sure Tyson uh probably realized when Ben lost earlier today that that was only going to make it a little bit Tougher Than This singles Championship.

Yeah the only thing he would have wished for was for him to win in five take a little more of a physical toll potentially not that Ben's not used to playing as you've talked about he wanted a Triple Crown he's played and earned many of those not today leaves that one short see if Tyson can get anything going here.

Trying to fire himself up and Ben just to me that look easy side Tyson sort of hopingly said you see that to the referee which we all saw it was in yeah Tyson trying to get the ball finally does.

shout out because that was a little bit deep on the served all right then saw Tyson running towards the center of the court so he puts it right down the line with the passing shot yeah yeah way too high and into the wheel.

Hasn't been just no man's land and nowhere to go from McGuffin Corner didn't get it up enough one eight John's dispensers of that serve opportunity for McGuffin you mentioned two stops left for the season earlier today Dave yep.

One all the way across the country to Orlando after this and after the holidays I wish everyone a happy early thanks guys I'm actually on a plane to Orlando tomorrow his last chance at leaving this tournament with a goal time in nine one Pike and makes the lead 10-1 so game.

Point here for Johns and all the energy you usually get with McGuffin just doesn't exist and the scoreboard is the main reason of that obviously he's tried to manufacture some but it's not been easy to come pretty good on that exchange though yeah I mean there's going to be a game point.

Down you might as well play it well and build on something one tip put the side out quickly gets it right back over to Ben and he's had no looks at anything we've had no points where they're both at the kitchen line it's just been domination from that man.

And that'll close out game one a dominant 11-1 performance for Ben Johns in the first game and this thing is only your best two out of three so Tyson's gonna have to find something in a hurry or Ben Johns is gonna be forcing him to leave with a silver back to New Look at that Focus right now.

He's just he's all business in this Pro singles match he's not interested in getting on a plane and going back East without a gold yeah TSA might say Sir you're missing something here well that'll help Tyson McGuffin he's got a lead one zero.

How about that is as if as if Tyson needed the net to help out Ben's cause not in this situation so again interesting shadows and sun on the court right now as well Tyson right up at that line and a good solid bark to go with the forehand volley put away.

Off the net it skips out so the Net's still not showing Tyson any loss the Benz trickles over and is a problem and that one skitters deep point at first point of game two for Ben Johns yeah and that forehand has been lethal in this match for band going for his serve a little more getting shorter returns and then he can.

Pick his Target when a return comes that slow and that in the middle of the Court mcguffin's got a guess at that point and you're you're in so much jail foreign great action at the net there by McGuffin right on that line finally got a little cat and mouse point.

Where they're both at the kitchen line staring each other down see if he can build on that crowd trying to get Tyson motivated as well foreign especially in singles if they're back.

There's not a partner to jump across at the kitchen line to come grab that smart choice from McGuffin indeed by the way that last camera shot from the side there gives you a little bit of an idea that sun but I I think it's low enough now that it's not really going to be in Ben's eyes I don't miss returned so.

A trio of missed returns out of the forts three of them are missed returns John's gets it back here and a 2-4 hole two four first time he's looked at all vulnerable so far in this gold medal match foreign how about this McGuffin opening up a.

Little bit of breathing room and the energy and the focus is now coming from that side of the Court sign up so many options with that backhand he loves to finish down the line inside out but uh just brought across Court very easily into the Open Court two five oh.

Beautifully executed by Ben runs around it and then hits inside in meaning he takes the forehand that he runs around down the line crushes it and Tyson with a nice idea but he hits it long and back to one point game four five.

this the second to last match of the day on our tennis channel coverage we'll have the women's gold medal match in singles to follow as McGuffin gets to serve back on the side out calls time out and then hits a tremendous backhand slice return on this far sideline.

Foreign 's making McGuffin work finally McGuffin falters yeah there's a ball earlier in that point where it looked like Ben could just pulverize it and finish and he just sort of laid it.

Safely into the Open Court took a little more out of McGuffin and had the same result wow again Ben's going for that serve in this look at where this return lands it's just you're just begging him to hit a winner John's now back in front six five.

Make it 7-5 and Duffin is sick of saying yeah as it goes past them make it eight five it's almost like Ben you know just said okay I've had enough I I I I I gave you your your little lead here to start game two foreign called for the timeout before the ball.

Even landed he knew it was going to be out and John's now two points away and how about seven straight points for Ben Johns after he trailed five two and uh this cell Kirk will not be continuing on here today I traded before you certainly do now you'll see and then uh we have the Magic Man here just uh trying to.

Find something to do with his time for the next 60 seconds during the timeout that Ball's not gonna hit the ground does it I mean this is a relaxed man and he's two points from getting that gold medal he wants yeah I don't know about I'd say just he's focused right now he's in the zone 9-5.

All right one point away from the title I'd be curious to know if he feels more happy or relief to to be able to win this one probably a little bit of both but definitely happy and there it is I mean that was just a clinic nine straight points by the world's number one ranked player.

And Colin lost earlier today and McGuffin is a innocent
This the Takeya Showcase Newport Beach CA Tournament.