All right Ben Johns to start point so let's see it's going to be in my Difference Maker the whole key it was the key to the matchup that when they first played each other it was Julian Arnold hitting the return to serve really hard putting Pace on it and he put a lot of pressure point.

That's going to be tough for Arnold if he gives away free points there missed return but he does have to apply that pressure like you're talking about Don he tried to get the depth on it but we see John sliding over running around that backhand.

Three two Point against Ben Johns Arnold can't have those mistakes at all carving out that backhand right there Chad and it's the it's the anticipation and the angles that he creates with his paddle that forced that pressure right he's not hitting hard balls but he's taking them early and cutting down the.

Reaction time so that ball stays in and I really think that obviously Arnold thought that ball was going to stay along and it didn't secretary Inside Out forehand winner there for Ben Johns no time out here from Arnold kind of surprised a little bit here Chad yeah and he's definitely a little flat is.

That zero right now not the typical Julian Arnold that we see thank you that's good point there from Arnold but it took Max effort to get that point actually get the side out yeah what's that last one go fire fight unsuccessful for Julian Arnold and it's it's tough to get into that hands battle.

With Ben John's Julian a little bit longer on his swings typically John's social compact foreign there from Arnold able to get John's on the move that's nice forehand winner there for Arnold let's even get him fired up here Chad.

But that's what we saw a lot of from him in that semifinal they had success with yeah and when he can roll it on both the forehand and backhand side he becomes dangerous is going to try to keep that ball down low to kind of take away from that role and there's our first Andiamo an aggressive one too but the key to that.

Shed right there was Julian Arnold taking that ball out of the air and not letting it settle watch this one two seven so there's one more forehand and then he takes this one out of the air I don't know asking for the win to blow that one back in there but as.

You can see well we can see it's not too much wind around right now it's very calm day-to-day clear skies good job there from Arnold two people popping up too high I'm not sure if Arnold thought yeah about going around the pulse here but yeah we can see the flag just a little flutter we did get up to.

20 30 mile an hour Gus earlier this week I didn't like my flight all right Paul there from Julian on the backhand volley it's not the word it's how you say it I say everything's different that's a great backhand volleyball tomorrow that just takes the pace off it okay.

So good from John's uh it just seems to me that Arnold's forehand and backhand passing shots that he was hitting very clean the first time these guys met they're just a little bit now well it's because of how low John's is keeping those balls he's he's using a lot of backspin oh wow what an angle on the forehand.

Volley from Arnold he's in full Sprint to get that last one oh yeah yeah good move there from Arnold recognizing that that ball was a little bit behind the backhand of John's but you still think Chad the key there him taking that ball out of the air it doesn't allow Ben Johns to set up well.

It's it yeah either he's stepping and taking it early or he's taking it out of the air trying to take down get or reduce three reaction time of John's Here Comes Julian Arnold it was a 7-0 run from John's to start oh wow.

A couple of somewhat lazy returns right there that's see the shape that was on that heavy spin quick dip below the net and even though John's is there it's dropping too fast he's got to get completely underneath that and run the risk of popping it back up.

doesn't always have to be powerful and now Arnold is getting overwhelmed is he calm we know there's some Andiamos already getting yelled out here but talk to us about his preparation this morning yeah I mean we went to Starbucks this morning got a coffee and I asked him if he was nervous and he's like no not.

Really and I was like well I'm glad you're not because I am and he's been got a little bit of a slower start but coming back into this what does he need to continue to do in order to win this match I think he just needs to stay fired up high enough he's got the crowd involved like he is now and just keep hitting those passing.

Shots and yeah he's doing great getting himself back into it thank you so much again Lauren strapman Point Pro women's player here in bronze medals and the women's doubles back to you guys a Little Help from the net core there for Julian Arnold foreign good shape and good setup same closing.

It off making it look like he's going to go back Cross Court with that forehand and then opening up the hip at the last minute ripping it down the line Arnold it's got it going on right now a 9-0 run from Julian Arnold here he sat up on that one he went for the the roll again.

But didn't get enough extension it's not really trying to rip up the back of that ball and he doesn't want those mistakes no free points here for Ben Johns you got to make him earn it eight out Josh trying to go forehand Cross Court drop pull inside out but.

Most babies it a little bit oh wow what a forehand on the line there from Arnold and he has John's thinking he's gonna go Cross Court you see John's heavy on that right foot and it is game a point here for Julian Arnold oh Ben Johnson making Arnold earn it there Chad yeah and Jones isn't doing a whole lot with those volleys right but.

He's putting spin on it and he's making Arnold continually try to hit harder and create those passing shots people set up and Arnold disappointed in himself putting that one into the net John's creeps within one now 9 10 in game one three out of five yeah.

Oh that's two balls at it I think sitting High that Arnold has to do something and that's what John's relies on a lot of the time is is creating errors All Tied here at 10. Ben John's getting to that Cross Court forehand from Arnold incredible get and now it gives.

Ben Johns his first game point no he's pulled on the line from Arnold he saves a game point here in game number one he's come all the way back Chad he might as well finish it 10 11. oh he rushed it yep he tried he tried to.

Make it perfect instead of just get it to the spot over hits it and Ben Johns will have a second game point just wide from Arnold and Ben and John fights off Julian Arnold to take game number one championships here on Center Court game number two nice ball from oh a little Shooter.

McGavin there a Little Rock action and it's a one a zero lead for Julian Arnold he came all the way back Ben Johns was up 7-0 in game number one Arnold went on a 9-0 run of his own but could not finish it but this is a good start here for Arnold Chad yeah I mean Arnold cannot give that much of a head start.

Now the free point there from John's trying to get up to that kitchen line quickly but just running through the return okay great job by Ben Jones he sees Arnold sprinting to the opposite side to cover he just goes behind him yeah John's had too much time to be able to see what Arnold was doing there.

Good angle that wide to the forehand creating that big serve from Ben John's right there yeah that thing kicked up Arnold looking at his paddle one two one I thought that's a roll and a half with you you see the shape of that right when.

We talk about roll it's that ball coming up rolling down over the net I thought he pulled it out a bit of pressure there from Arnold forcing the wide ball John's backhand it's there from Van John's as he just closes that sideline off to take a look at the crowd here.

Yeah Arnold needs to do more with that backhand he created the ball up but didn't put enough Pace on it John's able to catch up to it point the crowd a collective sigh right there off the tape and in for Ben Johns as he takes a 3-2 lead in game three after taking game one 12-10.

A much better return there Chad from Arnold yeah deeper return and then getting out to that kitchen line pushing that bolt out wide spreading John's across the court softer drop into the kitchen and then stepping up taking that ball out of the uh big backhand finish.

It was big but it was a controlled backhand right he didn't try and do too much because we have seen him do that foreign John's was there but Arnold got on the outside of that ball creating the angle and then once that ball hit the spin pushed it even further out it's in.

Wow it's almost all top Edge yeah he's pointing to the he pulled out right there yeah pointing to his Edge guard telling everybody that's how you do it better to be lucky than good sometimes can't keep that one out right there foreign.

Just trying to do a little too much there and he's tending to do that a couple times here but that's what Ben Johns does to you Chad as he forces you to try and be perfect well and that was the same as with Annalee Waters and and Leia Jansen right the the movement the coverage creates the issue as far as you have to.

Paint it on the lawn thank you and you hear him he goes yeah we hear him he goes yeah there it is meaning he dialed that in right there he didn't try and do too much with it he got on top of it beautiful roll well the the adjustment there was the previous one was too quick of a wrist flick so it.

Brought it out there you see from a wrist he brushes up the back of the ball gets the shape and the roll that he needs that's when Arnold's going well he sets his feet right there and then he holds that ball on his paddle almost as long as he can making Ben John's guess.

John's keeps going wider and wider and wider Arnold trying to come back into the middle of the court to be able to protect against the cross-court but very smart from John's there I think our crowd is doubled in size since we started at 10 o'clock keep them coming from John's.

65. so the key for me is Arnold keeping that first drive that third right his third shot drive low so John's has to hit at least a little up on it and then him taking that next ball out of the air by doing that he eliminates Ben John's reaction time he's been successful for the most part he's able to volley.

Oh rushed it just a little bit it flattened out on him catching the net cord and going out wide so our Championship Court here holds 5800 and I would say we are two-thirds full right now a little over 3 000 people in here you see a big aerial view of.

Championship Court bye and keep coming three more matches to go after this today a little loose yeah too risky again tried for the the quick flick to get that out wide before John's second could readjust.

Oh my God as soon as he hits it he knows it's out but that's part of what we were talking about with John's and his coverage it makes Arnold Galt so so fine and if your timing is off at all that ball is going to go wide oh look how low does he keep this though.

And it's a volley unbelievable from Ben Johns right here under and the brush up the back see there's no wrist with that right it's full acceleration coming from the bottom to the top of the ball gets that sharp dive on it Miss hit there from John's the first pump from Ben Jones as he.

Covers the sideline so well and just goes hardcore for the winner and the angles he's creating there he's already got that paddle set up at that angle so it just accelerates through and that's how he gets so much Pace on the cross-court ball which is an essential essentially a foam a dink oh Arnold getting very frustrated out.

There right now down nine seven now game number two he's right in there needs to control those emotions get right back in this point get a side out point no timeout from Arnold and it is game point here for Ben Johnson game number two.

And just pulling for the top of it and down into the net wow just such a good angle there from Ben John's Chad yeah and I'm not able to catch up to that one I don't need to clean up some of his play here we saw four errors to end game two wow cross-core forehand winner from Ben.

Johns and he seems to be dialed in here Chad yeah taking that bolt nice and early heavy spin good shape going cross-court passing shot there so he got a little lucky on that one we've seen Arnold miss a few balls that have set up from John's but he got the help offer the net cord.

Zero two whoa oh dismissing that one wad wait come on I'd like to have seen him go a little bit soft to get that ball to drop earlier even if John's gets to it it pulls him out wide and up until the court no that Ball's just wide.

It's a nice Cross Court return there from here pulling Ben John's all the way out so right right there it goes down the line John's gets it but because he's pulled John's out now it opens up the back side of the court and just like you said just flipping that ball up that way forcing him to hit.

That one two good job stepping forward and taking that out of the air from Arnold again cutting down the reaction time that John's has to move and catch up to that ball Arnold trying to get the crowd pumped up here.

2-2 in game number three first and Arnold went for a little too much there popping that ball up okay Ben John's quietly putting that last one away two there it is right Chad what we talked about is taking some Pace off the ball well I'm trying to go 100 even 90 all.

The time and it was smart by Arnold there he was going to come forward he recognizes deep enough he stayed back controlled himself control that one as well it's similar to what we talked about with Jansen right and and we've done the similarities between Anna Lee and Ben with this matchup in order to open up the court.

You have to go softer you have to stretch them out if you're trying to hit through them you're just going to keep getting those balls back or you're generating the power for them all right let's get oh he almost gets that last one but again Ben John's controlling the kitchen.

Line so well it's that side out but Arnold does take a one point lead sorry sorry so Arnold giving that point to John's because in the middle of it the ball popped up and he yelled Sit recognizing that that's a distraction he.

Went for it he says it right as Ben Johns was about to hit that ball hey get out get out Mr Arnold yelling at the ball to get out three three are you still too tall didn't quite use the legs to get underneath that one.

It flattens out into the top of the map thank you much better job of controlling his volleys up at the kitchen line and not trying to do too much by Arnold three three oh my God both died on Arnold is we're at 3-3 in game three at 34 minutes we were almost at 3 33.

We were in the winter match so these matches moving along just how long right there John's almost looks like he's gonna ask if the referee did see that but three three no ask side out oh good cat and mouse game there with extremely sharp angles but John's coming out on top there and the difference Chad.

What did Ben Johns do right there he closed the gap on that last ball and didn't allow it to hit the ground he takes it out of the air doesn't allow Arnold to set up gets the side out no point still we're still at 3-3 here in the third game John's taking one and two.

Someone in the crowd says yeah on John's ball and Arnold calls it out it was out and he's kind of jokingly finger wagged the lady in the crowd yeah I like it again Chad is taking something off that right there adding more spin getting that ball to dip late over the net and then just drops.

be healing it right now and again oh that was weighing yeah again taking something off it keeping that and going sideline to sideline.

See the extra spin on that ball once it hit the net cord kicked back into the net Jones didn't have any other option to try to get it up and over a nice run here from Julian Arnold after we have been tied at three for a while he goes on a 3-0 run looking to finish this third game and force a game four.

Six three job good step in there from Julian Arnold and I will correct myself from something I said earlier I did say distraction first with the sit comment from Arnold but then I added hindrance it was not a hindrance just a.

Distraction that great cut backhand there from Ben Johns but Arnold goes on a 4-0 run to take a four-point lead here in game number three see if Ben Johns has an answer here back on search big sub there from John's see Arnold.

Almost take a knee chat force that I kicked up on him again oh just wide good pressure again from Arnold but the fact that this is a tweener with purpose he drove this ball from a tweener he didn't just try and hit that back.

Over oh just caught off his swing there created the shoulder return with the big serve d Arnold almost looked like you wanted to pull his paddle back and let it go out not sure where it was if it was going to go wide.

Nonetheless Arnold plays it and John's is back within two foreign good depth there from the volley of Julian Arnold so John's trying to back up to get that back in front of him but he crept just inside the Baseline wow and that's all set up yet from the return from Ben Johns how deep it was.

And we see Arnold trying to slide his feet on the court there again some issues with footing point can't give away free points six seven the detriment of Arnold in one and two where the arrows into the net all right good luck on the sideline as.

That ball goes wide but you hit it right on the head foreign but that's exactly what it is with with John's right whether it be singles or whether it be doubles he's putting pressure on but he is not going to give you a lot of information he's going he's going to force you to.

Beat yourself a lot of the time what point and Julian Arnold pulling his lead back up to three here at 9-6 in game three nine six it's close that's on the line so Juliana's going to you.

so Arnold calling it um that's good nice ball right there from Ben John's Inside Out forehand Chad and that is not what Arnold needs right here see Ben Johnson winners foreign John's lifting it a little too much.

The crowd getting behind Arnold here they want to see a game four here Chad that was interesting right there you could see John's looking right into the sun rather than letting it drop or letting it bounce he just Let It Drop and hit a low forehand and Julian Arnold has the same point.

Here in game number three 10-7 just wide there's some hesitation there from Arnold as well whether he's gonna let it bounce or whether he's going to take it out of the edge chose to take it out of the air that Bolt's wide enough for the paddle of John's.

Coming across the body just a little too much just missing that sideline he wants it back all he's got to do is take a little off it 17. inside out exchanging sod outs here.

Game point number three here for Jillian Arnold did not slide back with the depth of that return oh he kind of he was leaning back on it on his heels but the crowd is gasping every time Julian Arnold is serving the crowd always wants more pickleball.

Right foreign yes they do Chad and Arnold's trying to give it to him again here as this is his fourth game point gets their wish Chad we are going as he needs this one to force a fifth game it's good oh smart by John's gone back behind Arnold as he's trying to circle around I mean let's be let's be honest.

Here is there a potential that Arnold could be up to one right now oh 100 absolutely he had a game point in game one yeah at 10-9 could he have been ahead in game three yes I'm in game two could have won game two yes but he ended up with five errors in a row okay so I agree with this right now what.

They're discussing I thought it did but Ben John's played it hit the hit the bottom Bottom bar when Julian Arnold came across and he hit the tape his came down to me I think it hit the bar yeah but Ben played it and so we're gonna replay the point zero zero Arnold almost fell on the Baseline but.

Recovered and got to the next ball Ard Arnold's like he's on hardwood floor sliding around in socks sometimes like old PE class wow the amount of shape on that ball from Ben Johns look at this oh unbelievable dipping and Diving.

No where are you going so Arnold talking to himself where are you going yeah I think that he did it did a good job of getting it deep there to John's where the only option really for John's was to go down the line Point not to start that Arnold wanted.

Here Chad down 3-0 game four well we saw in in game one he went down 7-0 and had to Chlor his way back so oh my goodness what a shot here from Ben Johns that's one where you're on the run and you just flick it as hot as you can because if you don't go full it's our.

Second Men's Pro singles gold medal match Ben John's up two games to one foreign 's right there helping him out Chad yeah and that ball set up too high there from Arnold so we've seen him try to go back behind John's with the backhand sorry.

That has been a fun firefight if it didn't hit the net right there but smarter moved there from Arnold going into the body of John's because then it comes straight back at him and he can go angle if need be zero five Arnold trying to get on the board here in game four down by five.

Yeah Ben John's just moving Julian Arnold so well right now in that sideline to complete opposite sideline here and a better job from Arnold that using the angles good Court coverage I'd like to see Ben John try and pull that back again.

Cross-court with that forehand let's go it's tough though tough angle to hit balls again too high from Arnold he's overheating at this point right now and that's creating the ball to pop it's it's creating that pop-up whereas when he goes mid Pace medium pace slower Pace he gets more shape and more drop off of.

The spin oh and Julian Arnold coming out on top of that little cat Mouse right there Ben John's just popping up that backhand zero Arnold has an open court right there but that's what he wanted to do there 5-0 yeah good hold and a quick two-hand.

Flick backhand Cross Court from Julian Arnold but again good setup I like the cat and mouse that Arnold's playing here he just needs to stay out of your fire fights and getting that ball high if he can keep that ball low get into a couple more of those no just wide.

Again I know jumping up and down the the bolt that deeper ball using the feet enough and having to try to get that weight back over forcing them to come up on the ball is that pulling across the body keeping that ball so low oh so controlled Ben John's now out to a 6-0 lead here in.

Game number four trying to take that national championship Bend towels off on his sideline three groups Gets Ready up 6-0 I've seen Arnold miss that backhand volley quite a few times over the last few days both since right game one seconds.

Receiver no timeouts left server two time is in um just wide on the sideline from Julian Arnold and Ben John's continuing to pull away and just wanted him Ben Johnson's just getting everything back but controlled never rushing.

He's just forcing Julian Arnold into mistakes 9-0 point off the tape and off Julian Arnold's paddle and it will be a championship Point here
This is the Margaritaville National Championship 2022.