Nothing lead in game one for our men’s singles Championship Sunday matchup out how about that HP from it’s packed in here but Usher just need to stop them so they’re not moving during the play look at that paddle position oh my goodness bed just stop it fed wow Ben couldn’t even track it down and he had a.

Decent look on it and it’s just my angle is better the first part of this was nothing like this and there he goes with that that shot you got to clear your body and did he ever needful mixed final if you were with us Ben is not one to call a Timeout on defense very often at.

All oh man he was there in plenty of time too his movement is look at this guy Hustle No Way oh my the core coverage between both these players are you not entertained and that is one of Ben’s favorite movie so good call right there I mean my.

Goodness Ernie angles gets to the next one and they know if they give up the net they will probably be behind and lose the rally how good that shot is and fet’s like come on give me a little something over here I’m fedo Stacks route man uh this next ball right here to be able to find pace and the angle narrowly over.

The from fed wow just kept going to oh caught with his hand in the cookie jar looking Cross Court that’s the shot fed hit earlier on the cat and mouse when they’re both up at the kitchen and Ben yeah he just was beat cleanly here look at him jab images of each other.

It’s like watching that Spider-Man mem yes exactly pointing at each other good call out and don’t think let’s see if fed can take advantage fight you cannot this is pretty Ben’s trying to make that bounce in the kitchen so he can take.

Some cord that one sails just a little too long and just beautiful for stack rud comes away with it swords it down follow for Ben Johns just just waiting for the bus over there Michelle what’s he doing that was awesome point game 11 and in all those meetings fed won the.

First game it was for to a third point and that’s that back in he just holds it out there and you’ve seen him pull that heavy crosscourt and then this one he holds there and goes along a five point hole to climb out of we know he can do it we saw it in game one we’ll see if he can find some magic here not going to happen yet locked and.

That’s what happens when Ben and Anna lose it’s usually early and anal talked about that they lost in the quarterfinal last year in this tournament and mixed oh my huge close and a roar to The Crowd Goes Ben John you don’t see that kind of emotion out of him often no we don’t and the pickle ball doctors G right back to.

Him there’s my man Noah and uh this is impressive and that shows you how they do have the mirror images but Ben is too good today last year I know most players would kill for this he only won one Title Here last year and an inside out wow and now claim his second gold medal of the day.

Not yet 21 point point game match
Highlights from the Men’s Singles Gold Medal match – Ben Johns vs Federico Staksrud. Mesa Arizona Cup 2024 – Pro Pickleball Men’s Singles Championship match.

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