Point five point players analysis and sunrise atthe end of the video let's play Pickleball for Tan and we get a ball off the tape forTan's favorite player right there and I think the ball is gone David yes um lost to the bleachers they're gonnastart with another one here it's an excellent first volley from stacksrudeleaning to the forehand Side and being able to yank that across his body getting good depth thereand staying in control of the rally and it is we're gonna play one rally at a timewith each ball here so uh yeah that's good to just be able to get a good swingat an overhead there just to get started again stack through it from Argentina now lives inSouth Florida and Ben Johns right here in Austin.

A little too much on that and there's ourfirst point of Championship Sunday normally a routine volley for Ben John so good atthat kind of mid-court backhand cut volley what a get oh my almost gets to the next onein Federico stacksroot is selling out today and just to set where have we been with these two BenJohns won the first two times they've played but staxford got the last one so another opportunityfor Ben to get on the right side of singles here today yeah for singles today uh Dave I'm callingit revenge of the ghosts we've got Ben greatest of all time pickleball player on the men's side withan opportunity to get a little payback on Federico who got him last time and same thing with AnnaLee Waters versus Catherine prento later today okay point and there's that backhand ofBen Johnson It's just tough to read isn't.

It Kyle yeah those short angle cat and mousepoints he's definitely the best in the world that that is an area where Stack Street hasimproved tremendously over the last year or so that's a terrific volley from saxroad rightthere so 3-1 for Johns to start and again when they last played it was a three-gamethriller that Ben Johns had a match point ends up coming back and taking it yeah youwonder how long that's been in his head right so again this is his opportunityto get a little little payback here and that is a beautiful ball from StaxRoad right there just the right amount of pace Kyle yeah it uses a similar technique inthose kitchen points too uh Ben John's take that backhand roll cross-court with angle or use theoutside edge of the ball and hold it up the line.

3-1 great read by Ben Johnson he isthere to shut down the middle and that's a major difference in stylefrom from each of these players Johns will sometimes drop or drive where Federico isdefinitely a drive heavy uh third ball player that's a huge Drive speaking of Kyle yeahshowing great discipline at the ripe old age of 24 making sure he got a good night'ssleep and ready to perform his best today and that is an absolute Cannon shot on the forehandyeah so far there's not been a whole lot that stacksford's been able to do just an extremelyclean first start here from uh from John's oh we had a good look at that one and actuallyhit it too hard down instead of through it yeah.

I know put himself in a winning positionit seems like forehand side he's looking to drive but if the back return comes to thebackhand he's playing this disciplined cat and mouse points and there's the magic ofthe Argentinian he started the year number five player in singles all the way up to numbertwo now is stacksford and well deserved foreign gorgeous pass on the backhand thistime for Stacks route yeah and Stack Street is going to continue to use thatdrive most of the time but when he gets a short ball he will drive and lookto close in and crash in behind it close crash and here we go from six one tosix four nice Rampage here from staxrude 4-6 left that one up and that is no flyterritory there against Ben but again.

You see after that drive he's closingin he hit it too high so put himself in a tough spot but had that been lower he canreally change the volley with his pressure oh my goodness Ben Johns just stop it that'sjust silly silly good right there Dave nothing stacked screwed can do and for a playerthat's more of a disciplined player he certainly can have a highlight reel shotor two in his bag of tricks folks go back and watch the swing path there straightup the back side of the ball my goodness oh and then just goes back door againthe ball's up just a little bit but Ben Johnson is on point in his hometownyeah so good at stringing combinations of good shots together just getting alittle bit further forward each shot.

And the drop's so good that there aren'ta lot of choices for stacks for it to stay out of trouble yeah no not only did itland in the kitchen but it shot off the court after it bounced and it gave like yousaid Stacks were very limited options there oh my that would have got meshot right out of my chair if that landed in just deep completelystraightened it out it only missed long that serve also misses deep so 9-4 again best twoout of three in singles in Championship Sunday all over that Reed there and this is BenJohns at his absolute finest he's got the full arsenal on display right now Dave andagain right now Stacks are there's nothing he can do other than just try to weather thestorm here game point quickly for Ben Johns.

That ball doesn't get down so staxford will get another opportunity he did havea nice little run a second ago point nice variety there from StackStreet we mentioned that he doesn't drop often so really nice Precision there from him just misses it wide on his favorite shot rightthere that's why he's a little frustrated second chance to close out game number one great coverage from Stacks through there yeah I chose to roll that ball to theBen John's backhand feels like it can't hurt him nearly as much as before gooddiscipline there by stackstrom 5 10.

Same look at that shot thistime it stays wide so it's nice control off of the ball just dinked overthe net off the net cord within four and a ball off the tape and stacksrude has saved two game points and is now within three yeah he's playinghis game waiting to see Ben outstretched and then closing in and looking to takethe next one out of the air if possible and a beautiful ball down the lineand on a run John's called timeout just misses the forehand didn't hit it clean thereyeah it looked like he was thinking about where he was moving to before executing the shoton that one third game point for Ben Johns unbelievable get from Stacks rude he drops it onthe line and then finishes that it looked like we.

Were done I've seen him do that several timeshe might be the best in the world at running to the backhand being able to straightenout a ball that's practically behind him oh my and what a ball off the shoe tops wherehe had a good chance but the lateral movement of Ben Johns is there and this is a high levelto start the day my goodness fourth try for Ben and stacks rude has another answer yeahand early in this match Johns was getting statured almost every time that he playedthat cat Mouse style moving in slowly stack streets being a little more precise withhis angles and uh keeping him at Bay here foreign just can't quite get that one had a chanceto get a ball on the ground there on the.

Forehand side couldn't do it and we've got alittle stalemate here each player is answering the offense and the weapons of the otherplayer at the moment fifth try for Johns and that time the return went to the forehandBen Johns had more winners and fewer errors than Federico statsrid and this is thedetermining factor for the first game if this video is helpful to you a subscribe wouldmean a lot it gives us an indicator that we are building an audience by creating helpful contentwith us ready to go take a look at those lines there's the hold it and then flick acrossCourt Kyle just absolute filth Dave to make that look routine only the best player inthe world can make it look that easy please there's the little stare down in that cat andmouse game and that one goes to Ben Johns as.

Well and I mean the key is the disguise andthen the execution and he's got it going so far side out van looks at it stares itdown and says you know what either on the line or close enoughso uh that's what it takes don't say that very often from fed yeahyou only normally see that when he's in total desperation looks like he didhave enough time to add the second hand that was surprising point and you know he's focused onthat return to the backhand doesn't make that one and it's down he was downearly in game number one too and it's just so hard to climb out of a holeagainst the player playing this well.

Foreign again the pressure at the kitchen line fournothing for Ben yeah and it looked like just the pace off of that last one from Stacks Roadhe's certainly feeling the pressure not wanting to just place these shots he's feeling thatneed to do just a little bit more every time great patient attack there from staxford nottrying to do too much if you're wondering about the weather you see a lot of bundledhuman beings gathered around the court and we appreciate them coming out 48 degreesright now not too windy though so it's not bad conditions it'll just be fastbecause the ball will be cold slide out and John's has returned immenselywell this match I'm not sure if he's.

Missed one and he's getting good depthconsistently really tough for stockster to go on runs with the quality of thereturn like he's like he's had so far geez inside out a millimeter over the net and at this point if I'm stacked screwedI'm going to just start returning middle and make Ben methodically work every pointtake the angle away because even as drops he's able to get some good angle on whichis just making it that much more aggressive Ben had the read and he's playingso well he can't even imagine how how could I possibly miss a ball when Icalled for the middle return and Ben's first drop still hit the line on the otherside yeah so bad the angle anyway yeah bad.

Idea Kyle this is the exact thing you do totake an angle away and you still found one and that's just tremendous lateralquickness and just a slight a little slight little fist bump there just youknow yeah he knew it was important to keep his nose in front here gosh Imean just six points away right now just wide and the ball oh I don't even playsingles anymore but certainly no slouching singles himself now Pablo Taz is the otheryou can see him sitting there on the bench he's had a great start to the season aswell and my goodness that ball catches the line sometimes you just got to tipyour cap and even though fed wears his hat backwards he can just tip the frontside of it my goodness this is a show.

That one sails just deep John's recognizing stack should ranaround the forehand there knew he had further to go had an opening up theline just uh push it a little long and now you have scoreboard pressure problemswhere you want to make everything perfect because on the other side the guy is basically playing aperfect game well yeah and statue pressed on that shot it was outside his stance and he triedto yank it back Cross Court very tough to do that is a tremendous readfrom Stacks Road right there so athletic Kyle and sometimes apoint like that where you do just a little bit extra is enough to get yougoing get a little momentum on your side.

And I see your angles Ben Johns let's go just toogood it was a smart shot by Johns who recognized tax return was moving forward didn't hit thevolley to the middle but Saturn says I've got that heavy Cross Court ball too and you hear thatgoes after the serve so after being down seven gets a couple here two seven just ran out of options because theATP just isn't there yeah and earlier in that point statured had John'son the stretch he normally closes in after he stretches Jones didn't do iton that time and didn't get another chance good leave from Ben Johns and again thatforward pressure and we're at 8-2 in game two.

And steps into the front of the court and perfectpace of that one too Kyle yeah I didn't hit it too hard focus more on Spin and just straighteningout and the challenge of stacks you're trying to keep John's honest going back to the forehandonce in a while has not been working so far this time staxford stays back and weare at match point for Ben Johns 10-2 and that will do it Ben Johns Federicostaxford had three times the number of errors and fewer winners than Ben Johnsand is the reason why Ben won the match if this video is helpful to youa subscribe would mean a lot it gives us an indicator that we are buildingan audience by creating helpful content
Pickleball Men’s Singles Finals Highlights with Ben Johns VS Federico Staksrud at Onix Austin Showdown Pickleball Tournament at the Elevation Athletic Club in Lakeway, TX – Match Date: 03/19/2023

In-Depth Analysis of the Men’s Singles – Metric being analyze for each player for every point including winners & errors ratios. The player analytics is summarized at the end of each game in a pie chart graphics.

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