Having a few sound issues oh there we go there we go now we're live Now microphone is working okay so we're gonna have to restart all of that Gordon at least we had the scorecard going we're just waiting for the score to be called just a few sound issues but um at least the pictures are coming through here.

All right so uh for those who've just joined us we are live at uh APC 2022 uh here in Tennyson at the Queensland tennis center and you are currently watching the men's open singles uh gold medal match between Brendan Lee and Mitch Hargraves and that is a pirouette was that in or.

Out for sure that was there's nothing Right Touch from Mitchell Hargraves I just got to confirm the score thank you I'm muted but if you just want to talk I'm going to come so Brendan Lee.

Serving here oh another beautiful forehand winter there from from Mitchell he's in great form today coming through the pool games and easing his way through the quarterfinals to make it here through to the final against Brendan okay I'm back five two I just had to.

Confirm the score with the officials see a few people watching at home we want to have the correct uh information up on our screen and Brendan just calling a timeout here foreign how quickly a game can change so oh I agree Brendan just not calling a.

Defensive timeout just to um you know break the momentum that Mitch Mitch has got established early here yeah and I think the uh just the sheer quality like let's talk about some of the talking points that we brought up during the ladies final um so where did we feel there was one or.

Was that the angles hitting the net obviously the mental and physical exertion came into play I think the same applies here honestly singles is just such different Beast the doubles um I have no doubt these gentlemen are fit as a fiddle but once again that mental fortitude we do know that um.

Brendan had an absolute Thriller against West Vine just before this because we were doing live commentary um for the ladies match at the same time at the same time yeah so I wonder if that's going to come into play uh as the game wears on all the interesting interesting to see.

Maybe that's why you know these boys are going for their shots early see if they can get it over quicker yeah keep those rallies sure that was an absolute cannon fire by Hargraves there to the net there from Brandon but just making a few unforced errors and if you're wondering what those what.

That beeping is in the background it's um we're coming to you live from the tennis tennis in of Queensland Tennis Center here in Tennessee Workshop and the cafe has a beeper system oh there you go so when your order's ready your beef is start well I'm hoping these gentlemen serve up.

A classic because we've already seen some absolutely phenomenal shots as I'm pretty sure on the other court just next to us time an absolute rip at ATP it's a shame we didn't have camera on that well you might have seen it yeah yeah it's it's a shame the viewers that are the viewers at home can sort of seeing the background there that's the.

Bronze medal match between Leslie Vine oh he's got another one two times on fire he is on fire and when he when he gets to the net he's this oh it's very difficult to pass beautiful really beautiful shot there's such control and once again following on from the.

Discussions we have with the ladies with the dominance of the Dead I wonder whether it's going to be that's uh Gordon's chips orders coming through if you want to go and get it go for it I'll be right back oh nice shot Brandon jump on two examples do some live commentary so who better to provide.

Commentary then the women's women winner of the Women's Open singles I got Sarah bear with me hello everyone this is an amazing match already the uh unfortunately Gordon's chairs being jacked he ordered some chips and the beef has just gone off so he misses out sorry Gordo talk us talk us through when you're in a single Swan what's.

What's gone through they had what's what are you towing yourself uh you've got to serve deep and you've got to all returned uh the points pretty much won and lost on the serve will return um hit a short return you're just inviting your opponent in and it's so hard oh just wide on that one uh so hard to turn the point around yeah fair.

Enough and also what about um like your uh transition to the net like is that something that you're you're considering is it a definitely if you're looking for any opportunity to move forward obviously if you hit the too short of a rich um it was because Brandon's return was.

Great it was straight As narrow it was deep um but Mitch just had a great counter-attack there and I think there's nothing more discouraging isn't there when you absolutely nail a ripper of a shot and then your opponent Just Hits one even better it's so it's a bit deflating honest it happened to me quite.

A bit in my final year I was hitting some great returns and coming in and then next thing the ball's flown past my Cross Court they're like wow Gordon's come by he's got a pizza I might swap seats because I need to go find out what our score is to put it up okay thank you foreign.

all right let's see foreign first um it's almost a confidence thing saying I'm not scared of your backhand I'm not scared of your weapon yeah we've got some momentum here Mitchell's had really great success getting that.

That um softer shot into the kitchen from the Baseline absolutely it's got some beautiful hands and that that's also always a good strategy and singles too getting sometimes giving your opponent a shorter ball making them a hit up and over the net sometimes for people who like to you know slam from the bass lines it's.

A good strategy to actually draw me and make them hit up over the net and then sets you up for that to put away yes that's right yeah timeout yeah what are you doing so what do you think they're talking.

About here Sarah I think honestly Scott Baldwin who was commentating said this is something like seven or eight out of ten in the timeouts that are called and that you end up winning the next point so it's just I think it's just honestly a big thing it was just disrupting momentum and it's funny you should say that sir because we were.

Talking about that in your match when you'd call the timeout I think it was in the third and then you lost the next coin yeah and I was thinking you know what's going through your mind and um because it becomes a psychological game as well as a physical game absolutely yeah I think which is a couple of words of encouragement.

Again here he was on the back foot there Brandon actually because Mitchell had established himself up in there definitely had the advantage but he managed to ripe which is his face.

Yeah is strength for sure and he his background is also yes it is yes and like yourself Brendan's part of the engage team he is he's a very important part of Team Australia engage Australia he's doing a very proud in uh.

down 15 30. we're all on the edge of our seat screening he was so passionate and invested in these matches but um we were getting a little bit I think emotions are running wild here which is nice and Cool Runnings all the time out it's one characteristic of Mitch that.

You know if you're on the other side of the net he is always cool and composed yes yeah I was actually speaking to his mum about it just before we were like is he like this with all sports in regular life outside of pickleball and she said yeah it's just he's always been Paul was a cucumber and he said she's still playing tennis he was almost.

Training for his opponents who were throwing a couple of brackets and swearing and carrying on for him to be almost so relaxed and calm like so the other way yeah that it almost put them off he's just so cool if you had an amazing winner.

I'm just nothing but he doesn't really show any emotion but you know it means a lot to him it just keeps it all inside yeah yeah Mitch is much the same yeah whereas your point the opposite I remember I remember seeing that final point in Bali on the live stream and you'll leave for Joy was unbelievable and that's our first game.

So what do you think here what do you think particularly that backhand I'll be using that for sure yeah he's got to establish himself at the net he's really gonna get up there and and for Mitch probably just keep doing what you're doing yeah he's just cool as a cucumber.

and again it's funny you should say that because um Dylan and I were talking about that with Lou and because you've both got such a powerful ground strokes and I was saying it's like watching an arm wrestle yeah because because you're both so confident.

And it's you know for a viewer it's amazing to watch you can bring us yeah there you go because I'm afraid of drawing anything um thank you I'm just doing a little bit too much so would you take would you step back.

And take a little bit off just a little bit I think yeah it's such a fine one you know you need a little deep and it's actually that you can't overheat it at the same time let's say he's making good choices these are just tiny little tweets on the stretch and that's fantastic.

And thankfully which isn't an amazing thing to do yeah new sports so I've got the Open Women's doubles we're back so looking forward to that one.

I had to open mixed doubles with masks with Dr Martin yes some big big matchups there yes it's an incredibly strong field across both events so it's not going to be easy to be early night tonight we'll do that we should replay the shot in our head it would be so great if you could stream.

Both of these matches live but um this is another battle on for the bronze medals on the opposite Court as well just gonna let your last point guard before though the meat is hitting the ball with some hidden topspin yes yeah.

You can really see it from this angle where we're sitting such a smooth motion so it almost looks quite effortless it's very deceptive isn't it and again it comes but comes back to that he looks just so relaxed because then that ball is coming back across the middle of a million miles an hour foreign.

He was like is this like what we were talking about before um with like your game against Lou where if you know your opponent's hitting the ball so well you just have to ride that out yeah you're trying to hope for a bit of a break in there.

Yeah quite a few in your match too on his ankles at the moment three or two so we're just having a little bit of our time take time it's time yeah I can see in years to come the um Queensland Tennis Center will.

Probably have dedicated pickleball courts yes we'll probably look back and laugh at our take lines yeah we're making do this weekend that's a great facility it's a stunning facility and it's so exciting so exciting to be here the hard courts here are amazing yeah it's a beautiful surface plays really well and.

The facilities here are wood class and titles here it was really really windy so I was a little bit nervous because I don't particularly like to play in the winter you don't think anybody how did he do that so solid so impressive it just makes it look so easy yeah he that's his game he's an.

Aggressive player and is Mitch is an amazing player too if Brandon wants to get up in it he'll have to be aggressive you can't just and Brendan does play in the motion yes he does very much nothing he wants is so much five six it's a just long it's hard yeah it's.

Almost is it a winter a smile I'm not sure it's more of a wins of course yeah she's so good at finding those gaps and Brandon's so athletic so it's not easy to find a gap that's just unbelievable so we might um.

Sink one of the sponsors and yeah no no no no me for me yeah if you don't wanna you don't have to yeah all righty we are back on Gordon wanted to have a feed so I finished his spot absolutely awesome.

Yep he's acknowledge that it's just a great shot yes I said the same thing during the game that we watched for you ladies I said I'm so glad I took you know half the day off today because women just watched some absolutely top quality pickleball stretch is certainly something that uh Mitch doesn't whack you significantly.

Taller than most of it yes exactly so is that a uh I think it's a resource yeah so what time's your first game tomorrow Yeah we actually talked about this during your game we talked about the uh how does one promote surf momentum something that you know how do you get yourself fired up or rather cool down.

Some people do need that full in there as well the past match that'll fire so it's excites all right good and you can you can enjoy your dinner while I do it is good I was approaching the night now had one eye on him to see where I'm gonna put this ball and yeah so let's let's talk.

About venues obviously you have played here in the past but um do you find that as this is like a pro tennis surface yeah how does That Vary into that services that you may play also oh this is just yeah just I'm used to it to be honest with the Courtside family there's cracks in the ground I.

Don't know just a weird Bouncer and skidding yeah that's okay and I know you mentioned the wind earlier thankfully we had none today yes hopefully that continues yes I know I was speaking to uh tournament director earlier today I mentioned that rain is a possibility which obviously hope that doesn't happen.

Um foreign like we were talking earlier about the the sheer amount of practice that comes in so if you want to compete at a high level signals much just for the viewers at home how much how many hours yeah.

In singles you need a lot of drives and ground strokes so you need to drill that out to be consistent singles and obviously in doubles some people drive but there's a lot of drops and things like that so yeah yeah I guess I don't know how many drinks we've seen today with singles it's been more of the you know other place now it's more of it.

Just putting away angle shot that's right thanks here I've always said that Brandon has such a phenomenal two-headed backhand especially in other times the Indian team are like please show us how do you do this yeah.

it's such a phenomenal shot why wouldn't you oh I'm so serious how do they play on the mind of a player who are talking around and share the load with it's actually a big mental way.

And that's that's phenomenal inside like a lot of us uh especially in the Australian Community we don't play singles so it's like a champion it is oh there we go thank you Gordon is put his uh pizza away and he's reminded us extremely two points I wonder how the game's going over there over time and where's at the moment.

Yeah Tom's probably up to his fourth t-shirt he's sweating that much he just needs to pull it together get the side out get some moment he can do it central Mitch you've also got the pressure of finishing attack it's almost like you want to go to that hero shot you want to finish yeah and.

Crazy high but sometimes you're just getting to keep the ball in the book yep and just build that scoreboard pressure if you can there we go here we go momentum is a very real thing particularly in singles yeah and sometimes it can be like you know that one where the ball hits the net and dribbles over and it just breaks you.

Could be like a massive like 20 shot rally where you're going side to side and then that happens it's shattering at the Empire second Championship Point here for Mitch I think we're gonna try a stadium this is going to be official there all right so that's true that's two championship.

Points he's fought off to keep Mitch back away once more this is the third Championship Point could it be third time here he needs a job what a man yeah that was actually expected for you to watch.

So Golden's just gone for a long day he's going to do another interview very similarly when you will see no Sarah thank you so much for joining in the commentary I know we pray today from the family and you don't know what it is but hopefully uh you know best luck with the rest of the tournament desk you have one things in the drawer.

Kylie Dunn Barry Stewart Vicky Knight Jackie Dixon Daniel Aiken Ashley Ryan Ashton yeah oh it feels amazing to be honest football back up in May this year um I actually picked it up watching Brendan at New South Wales open I thought the level picked up so much.

Since 2019. so it got me Keen to train again and play at the top of it wow I remember seeing me play two years ago yeah it was three years ago now three years ago and um I thought thing the journey to be honestly it didn't feel too much fickle because with covid all the venues in Sydney were shot I.

Always had a point in my life and I was just finishing uni I got a full-time job and I'm like I may as well earn some money while I can't play Big Rock and um recently just a wonderful fun job this year so yeah with the Casual worry I've heard about um India I'm pretty keen on going to India just have to see.

Um see if I can make it to my schedule and then um go to the US in March this year so I can't wait to fires well congratulations he's gonna be benj on soon mate he already is congratulations thank you so much yeah same again.

Thank you sorry and you can bring in silver medal today yeah super happy just to make you find out here Gordon um foreign now just come back to play today.

Um look it was a combination like obviously we got back from Bali Monday night so maybe I'm a little bit tired but I felt really excited to be here today you want to turn up this is the biggest event of the year so you know definitely not myself after this final like once once I got through that Center you can kind of almost not relaxed.

Because you do whatever the titles it's really exciting so soon yeah um yeah you know every matches incredible like the best problem management I've ever played at the same time and we'll see how he goes in the bronze over there there's a good family as well but yeah Australian people is in a really good.

Positions and um yeah okay so I get to play double shot I did magnificent movie tomorrow which I'm very excited about we always have fun on the court together and then on Sunday I actually played 18 plus doubles with who I've played in the semi-finals and then I'll team up with my normal mix doubles partner uh yeah.

Um and hopefully we get some success uh we obviously want New South Wales or we can have mixed results we were looking forward to hopefully getting back on the podium in that one and then I'll finish off our tournament with a mixed doubles in the 18 plus with vet Kings everyone played in Bali yeah so Quality Partners.

Thank you now yeah they've just finished the game steps uh and how lucky are we we've got the gold medalists from the um Australian Champion Dion you've competed overseas we were a legendary.

Pickleball houses today it's such a great time and you know my mates and my old tennis events yeah well organized events just really enjoyed the event Pat how do you feel gold medal right I didn't think we'd get there but we did in the end and they owned the little guys just always.

Yeah but it's it's been a lot of play with and you know get this game known fantastic and you're up against some stiff competitions he did that well though so what what's your what's your sporting background yeah um and um and what about yourself I like I had.

A great time I wasn't supposed to play at all right and uh going well come here I'm also putting myself down for another event so we we met each other at 2 30. 2 30 you know 5 30 we're playing the Grand Final sir yeah tell us about the match um and.

Um everybody so what did you guys change up in the second game to come home I think we went to the same strategy or place being the Fresco and then he still had a few lessons on how he does that spin on that deck so we actually hit the.

Paper often in the second game yeah yeah a lot of minutes and getting a lot right down into kind of speed so uh continuing going through it we learned from what they did in the second and we get into third it's a fun game it is right well congratulations.

yeah is that all good I guess we'll just finish off good job I will finish it oh really and we're finished up for the day uh to all the people watching at home they're still in Kimberlin signing off for the.

Australian pickerball championships 2022. uh Gordon's just running back but uh look we'll be live streaming on YouTube on this same channel tomorrow as well as the Facebook account and for people with Queensland I believe it will be so make sure you have a look we have a lot of doubles games tomorrow so it'll be nice and exciting but um thank you.

For watching thank you for joining us and we will see you tomorrow
2022 Australian Pickleball Championships
Open Mens Singles
Mitch Hargreaves vs Brendan Lee