Playing for three titles and to make them have to play three five game matches uh is a little bit prohibitive Dave thanks for having me excited to be here of course got a great matchup on Championship Court and Jada villier puts that one in a spot where I thought Colin Johns wasn't going to be able to get it he finally is.

Unable to get that one as we are officially underway and uh Clark I just told the audience before you came in that you literally just got done playing yeah it is uh today I would say is the first day of this week that the temperatures are probably a little bit uncomfortable for these players it's been perfect pickleball weather all week.

But today a little you you might want it just a little bit cooler and a little bit less humid yeah it is hot out there no doubt about it kind of glad we're not on camera right now Dave because my face is red and puffy and I hope these players are putting on sunscreen at least more than I did today seconds Colin flicks the wrist and able.

To put that down the line so move to one zero two here in this first game and the side out will get it back over to the Johns Brothers they always find it fascinating how a team like the Johns Brothers the clear favorite in this match and in the.

Tournament how they handle the beginning stages of these big matchups certainly critical to get off to a good start Point sometimes the opponent just has a lot of desire and a lot of drive to get off to a fast start as well and can be a tough task here's a look at the weather right now 81 degrees so we've surpassed the projected high for the day.

And it is humid out there I I'm not buying that 53 on the humidity uh not that I have a built-in humidity detector but I'd say it's probably north of 70 humidity it is sticky out there but the players are not complaining I had a chance to talk to to Megan design and and Elise Jones.

Following their match against Annalee Waters and Catherine parento that was fantastic you saw earlier here on Tennis Channel and they said hey you know what it's hot but we're from Utah we are more than happy well with being out here under these conditions and I think that that's probably the sentiment that most people here are agreeing with yeah no.

Doubt about it 2-1-1 thank you no point point there we'll make it 3-1 Yeah you mentioned it's so hot out Dave definitely the hottest day of the tournament thus far in Orlando that being said a lot of these players are so used to playing in Florida a lot of the.

Bigger tournaments tend to be in warmer climates of course so I don't think it's anything that's going to unphase um any of the top guys and girls however those that maybe haven't played as much tournaments um as many tournaments or don't have as much tournament experience may sneak up on them a little bit more so one three.

One to John's brothers devilier and Tyson will have no problems with the heat second sir move to the second serve here the thing I love about the the PPA clerk is that you know it it if it's not set in its ways in terms of it's always looking to see how can we make the sport.

Better both for the players and for the spectators and you know had a chance to talk to some people with the PPA following that that three Megan design Elise Jones match with Catherine parento and Anna Lee Waters and there was a critical point yeah in that match I believe it was 3-8 in game two when Megan had an ATP that.

That looked like it was good from where I was that the cameras made it look like it was good it got called out the the leader the lead referee did not see enough to to change the call and you know some talk about hey maybe there needs to be some thought about in implementing some sort of Replay once you get to the quarterfinals and Beyond.

Uh you know and and would love to be able to see that happen and I suggested hey you know what maybe at Championship Sunday you you get up to two challenges in a game maybe the answer would be on on point the quarterfinals in the semifinals you get one challenge a match sure and then that way people would use experience one well.

Meet the winner of the 2-3 seeds so the chalk has carried so Kohler and loong against Newman and right and that match will be coming up for you here on Tennis Channel Point that's too good from Colin John's well done and holding his paddle into the last second Tyson and Jay both weren't sure where the ball was going I.

Wasn't sure where the ball was going but lovely spot down the middle point Jay into the net it grows to a 7-1 Advantage for Ben and Collins and Bennett Cullen they have not lost a game today and getting to the semifinals did that catch the line Tyson reacted as if it did point.

And I believe Ben called it out so the point stands and said it didn't hit him either Tyson was asking him foreign they're confirming that the server was correct and on the right side of the Court point.

Another Point yeah super impressed with the consistency of the Johns Brothers ten one two they've taken it to Jay and Tyson from the start up side out I'll get it over to Jay and Tyson trying to see if they can make something happen one tin one as.

They've staved off one game point foreign gets a friendly roll off the net there Colin goes up and couldn't quite get the pedal on it the way he wanted Dave these two teams traded results and two Sapa Nationals out in Palm Springs Indian Wells California actually uh watched a little bit of that place.

High level super competitive got edgy at times and devillier and Tyson not sure if they had ever beaten to John's Brothers before that so I think that gives them some confidence coming into this match despite being down big in the first game it's a long match Colin goes for the Ernie and it ends up being successful yeah too good smart.

Play from him saw Jay slightly off the court went to his backhand side and that's really when you want to go for the Ernie attempt when the ball's behind your opponent Jake couldn't really have eyes on Colin at that point and that's why have never beaten Ben and Colin.

they did meet just a couple of weeks ago in Newport Beach for birthed on Championship Sunday and Colin and Ben were able to advance although eventually losing on Championship Sunday and that is going to be just out wow good idea from Ben.

Looks ambitious but I don't think anything is out of his wheelhouse Dave Point yeah uncharacteristic pop up there from the Johns Brothers Tyson says thank you very much let's get off to a quick lead here in the second and how about that Colin executes.

Another backhand Ernie we saw them him do that in game one impresses me about how cool he is out on the court so calm with a big Point like that and Ernie attempt just relax as his body gets the job done been able to track that down from the Baseline second serve and then unable to get that one over so we'll move to zero.

Two two just caught the line and finish the point off nice defense by Colin McGuffin with an Ernie and then wisely lets the return Sail Out of Bounds yeah of course we haven't heard too many commands and Barks from the devillier McGuffin Camp I think.

We'll start to see it a little bit more I always talk about how that style of play really fires the two of them up and makes them play better when they get fired up foreign right there second server yeah I pulled out the Pro tractor quite the angle from Mr Ben.

John's and a little bit of momentum on that one as well yes two zero two speaking of momentum Clark I got to tell you last night I I I doubled back here last night for the the Bros versus Pros charity event uh and it was it was interesting to see the the the Johns Brothers on the court against the Gronkowski brothers.

Pretty cool and uh Rob and his his two brothers uh Chris and uh I I forget the third brother's name and I'm sorry I have to to uh not have that handy right now but they uh they they all could play they could all play yeah Rob is Rob is honestly a solid I would say he's he's around a three five and Gordy is the third brother that's right my apologies.

To Gordy yeah no he can hang at the three five level he's got ton of reach of course and a lot of athleticism I'll tell you the other thing that impressed me last night was quite just watching Rob Gronkowski how many people wanted to like take a picture get and he was so generous with his time took the time to be with everybody who was interested in.

Talking to him and uh you know I even said to him afterwards I was like man I was like I I can't imagine having it not be able to walk a step without somebody wanting to take a picture with you but you know you were so you were so generous with your time so thanks for that I'm sure that the PPA and both the boys and girls club appreciated that as.

Well great event last night here on Center Court and I think the Johns Brothers had a good time as well everybody that was on hand enjoyed themselves yeah different matchup for the Johns Brothers right now uh than than that of last night but yeah the gronkowskis are great is so fun to be around final thought on that event last.

Night by the way there was Danny Duncan I don't know if you know who that is yep um so he's a YouTuber with millions of followers and um no clue who he is because I'm uh that's that's not my generation but two things on him he could play he's a decent pickleball player he hit four o doubles today yeah he had he had some game he was fun to.

Watch and he he was he I I said to him wow Tyson puts that one away and then you get a little a little remark out of him I said to Danny Duncan I was like ah Danny I gotta admit I'm 53. I don't really know who you are but I bet my 14 year old son does and I took a video of him and sent it to my son and my son was like bruh.

Yeah my younger brother said the same thing I got a video with Danny as well great guy good personality to be around the sport I think people like that people like Rob Gronkowski you know just being involved in pickleball certainly will just expedite his throats tremendously no question.

John's brother's trying to draw even here davilia tries to tag Collin I think he got out of the way yes star to this first game yeah a little bit slower for sure sorry second game rather foreign fight going on right now and then the reset by Tyson.

Oh that was filthy yeah out of bed John's yeah Jay was trying to pick out the corner on the law but Ben said you got to be a lot better than that 4-3 1 Ken goes over to take that one and then devillier has has been in Kellen were a little bit discombobulated there to Billy I think he rushed it he was.

Trying to take advantage of that yeah he worked the point well mixed in one of those Drop shots that I'm starting to notice seconds occur more and more frequently at the pro level when both players on the opposing side are back behind the baseline or near the Baseline you will get a drop as opposed to just consistently keeping the opponent back.

Wow Ben keeping that one inbounds going down the boulevard timeout receiving team six three two one of the other things Dave I wanted to hide so far in game two but they're starting to get a little bit of breathing room so Jay and Tyson with that time out and get some help off the net still.

Fighting and then McGuffin how about that reaction out of Tyson yeah that's what you'd love to see on Championship Court unreal energy from Jay davilia and Tyson McGuffin so they get the serve back at 3-6 but seconds are quickly move to the second server yeah and I didn't want to rush that last.

Thought that I was mentioning about Colin John's defense I think what makes the Johns Brothers such a lethal combination to play against is the fact that Ben well he has every shot in the book in his Arsenal loves to roam free do his thing as you see him doing there sliding across the court to Colin's side to knock that winner between Tyson and.

Jay but what Colin does so well is even when he's not involved in the point too much he stays engaged his eyes stay locked onto the ball I think he sets a great example for any player out there that is maybe getting iced out so to speak because they are maybe the stronger player at times not saying that's the case with Colin.

And Ben but what Colin does so well is he stays focused stays engaged and stays ready so that even if every fourth ball goes to him he's ready for that ball to come at him and what he does so well specifically when he's playing defense Dave yeah he's turned his hand towards an Eastern grip so he's able to hold the paddle a lot more like a frying.

Pan versus a hammer that squares the paddle face up toward the net toward the opponent and you'll see him as he gets attacked toward the shoulder neck face area he will bend down a little bit so that he can kind of just fly swap that ball right back into the opponent's Grill he's done it a couple times and one thing to for the viewers to look out.

For is this magic Progressive Dave Fleming likes to call that the Scorpion yes that goes down for that scorpion move move to the second serve here is devillier and three seven trying to climb their way back but in a steep hole right now I'll see this about Colin and it's just.

A very aesthetic Viewpoint right Clark but and Colin has been a fantastic pickleball player for a long time obviously had a great tennis career as well before pickleball I feel like Colin is is getting better like I feel like he and I'm not saying he wasn't great before again he's been fantastic a long time.

But I just feel like I I every time I watch him I feel like Colin just continues to be better and better not good news for the opponents no you're sitting here shaking your head second sorry yeah I mean you know I I probably sound like a broken record here saying what impresses me about the jobs Brothers but there's so many things that.

Do impress me one of the other things is you know Jay and Tyson came out to an early lead in the second game they never get un they never get phased by that they never get phased by their opponent maybe grabbing a couple points John's Brothers making a few mistakes they stay so even Keel so calm stay resolution mentally and they flipped the second.

Game on its head and they're up 7-3 by the way how about this uh our man Jordan who's doing a fantastic job producing our coverage of the PPA tour uh he just got in my ear and said the upstairs PPA men's doubles points standings yes sir by reaching the semis Colin now has amassed enough points that he has moved in front of Ben he is now.

The number one ranked men's doubles player on the PPA as Tyson barks there but yeah I mean College played in a couple more tournaments than Ben sure you know still it's Colin it's just yeah and as you said it's bad news for everybody else but Jay and Jay and Tyson they're trying to motivate themselves here see if they.

Can mount a comeback get this thing to a third game where anything is possible and Tyson lets that one go very wisely yeah smart from him see if they can't Sprint together a couple more points here put some scoreboard pressure on the Johns Brothers back within two at five seven.

Jay can't catch up to that one so it'll go back over to Ben and Collins by the way shout out to the the folks here in Orlando who have turned out in mass today yeah I I alluded to it earlier I set the stands for for that women's match uh between Annalee and Catherine against Megan and Elise and it was seconds like it was standing room only.

And it was everybody was dialed in and on top of that Clark and you were on some of the other courts playing today there were there were people everywhere around this USTA National campus it has been impressive to see uh all the people that have come out not only to play but to watch yeah we touched on it yesterday and I mean to.

Reiterate this is a beautiful facility it's run by the USTA of course uh not surprising that it is such an amazing facility but such a great place for pickleball and second so Orlando is such a hot spot for pickleball and Central to so many other key spots in the in the State of Florida so five seven two no surprise that we've got a full crowd on.

Hand especially with this matchup five seven two keep pointing this match because you can't give the serve back to Ben and Colin without closing the Gap and they do get another point so it's going to be 6-7 here yeah I love that Tyson almost high fives Jay in disgust saying let's go come on a couple more points.

Ben gets some help from the neck oh wow Ben John says you want to lob it up for me Tyson okay I'll just eat that right up how about the Hops well not too many hops actually on that one I thought he had jumped a little bit higher but quite the Precision on the overall put away.

that'll get it to eight six yeah super critical couple points here Dave 861 Tyson and Jay have one time out remaining you point and the unforced air by Tyson and then they're gonna get six one.

So still on the First Serve by the way at nine six one and that's gonna make it 10-6-1 so match points and what has been a mostly one-sided match here in this semifinal nope she wants that one go ends up being a good decision she'll move to 10-6-2 yeah.

Good hands from Jay you better be locked in when you're playing a team like Colin and Ben Johns Jay was locked in there see if they can hang on Ben misses on that little flick up on the lob so that'll get the served back to Tyson still hanging on here.

Foreign moves it just like that to the second server six and two Colin again goes to a backhand Ernie and man that's the third time we've seen that this match and each time it has worked to Perfection yeah six one.

And that's a part of his game that has just continued to become more and more effective as we are on Match Point number three one game that's all she wrote so good the back can't put away by Colin Johns and the Johnson Brothers surprised
This is the hertz national championship in Orlando FL.