Or deep it's deep here we go first serve on its way folks here we go men's doubles finals nice clean flick by Ben Jones right there right down the line for the point it's a ball we normally would expect Ben to make but thoroughly in the match that's got to be frustrating for rally.

Newman knowing that he could get to a ball but because of the Court layout he actually cannot been waiting for an opportunity to say Tomahawk that was kind of for tomahawk well he'll just up for the left hand instead night start for the Jones Brothers 1-0 and got the ball back.

That's a very short return by Matt Ryan Shing Choice by Ben to just danked that ball Cross Court it was so short it was almost difficult to drive the ball in that position because Riley and Matt probably are gonna let that go I think that's exactly what we talked about him speed up at Ben Matt's ready for the one.

Too exactly how they want to play foreign just coming in from the Baseline a little too hard on that volley Matt Wright's probably got to reset that ball but if it's a little higher I think he can do something with it I played with them the other day I saw him make that shot a lot though so I.

Like the aggressiveness I think everybody in the building thought that boat was going to go towards Riley except Bend and that was a good spot at Matt's feet really nice point there Collins sliding off the court two or three balls great counters by Colin there and then a good finish by Ben for sure beautiful.

Ernie foreign that's just too good by Riley there yeah and characteristic mixed by rally there I wonder if he just lets Matt take that backhand Maybe and then that's a clean winner and pickleball there it'd have to do foreign.

Matches with this win these guys trying to place these balls away from the opponents as well as deal with the Wind sometimes just a little bit tougher that felt like a perfect drop off the paddle it looked good for the first 40 percent and then that win said not today foreign by Riley there instead of even trying to.

Make it he saw Colin sliding just went higher up into Colin's body and calling having a quick word about something they see a lot of in-game adjustments between these four players Colin leaving the ground with those feet there do you think he's got to leave the ground with those feet for that reset I.

Think he thought it was coming a little harder but I think it was just a little bit of a Miss hit there Riley trying to fire himself up here Riley's tough to play because he drives about every third puts a lot of pressure on he doesn't really miss him just 40 50 drives makes you hit the we'll play the fifth.

Into the kitchen that's a great heads up play by Matt Wright right there working both opponents having them guess where he's going to go with that last ball hard to tell where he's going rally seems to be having a lot of success with those higher shorter dinks right now with that wind helping him out.

Pushing the ball back into the net yeah Riley's and Matt's hands are so good that he doesn't mind putting those things there they trust that if they get sped up on they'll be okay unlucky Nick core there Ben's on it and I'm surprised that Ben didn't speed up one of those balls he had three or four dinks that I would have maybe like to.

See him flick something and when Matt got his one opportunity he took it foreign like Newman and Wright can win the points if they can make three or four more balls bounce but if it's if it's going to get a faster Point Defender Collins seem to be there early on.

Good leave there by Wright Newman Matt Wright with the emphatic Scream After the one two three punch got a nice little stare down there right through Ben John's not many people will do that but love to see it and that's kind of that ball that Ben just sped up there I thought maybe a.

Couple points ago when he's getting those short dinks I would think with his offense and deception he would take more opportunities like that maybe we'll see that going forward Matt Wright sitting on that ball just not getting it the way he wants Big Shot get speed up by Ben Johns it's a good eye that's one of the most.

Probably one of the hardest skills in pickleball for leaving the ball by leaving the ball that ball missed by a foot you gotta make a Split Second decision that's a good little punch by Matt right out in front on that ball following it across the court knowing.

Where that ball is going to go by Colin or Colin still a good amount of wind coming towards Matt Wright and maybe picked up in the last minute too actually it's blowing out here and that's why Riley's that's a good example right there just kind of a 50.

Drive dipping forces Ben to hit a deep ball there and get a free point out of it right foreign drive it's not fast it's not hard but you have to hit flat and deep and it's working except that one three errors in a row.

Yeah yeah feels like they've got a little bit of a recipe over here Matt with a human and Matt Wright serving score is seven four and Matt and Riley I've had a lot of success over the last you know five six points just hitting.

Drives four seen Ben and Colin to hit deep fourth ball six balls and they've got three or four errors off it it's a really good adjustment by rally Newman but he can't quite finish them Ben Jones there just to finish that's unlucky Riley's pancake was sitting there waiting Ben got the neck cord and Riley's ball.

Didn't go over unlucky on both sides sometimes huh that's how it goes that might have been one shot too early for Matt there it's a little off the line I like it when he's on the line hitting that shot but off the line Ben's hands are just too fast and just like that off the timeout eight.

Eight and The Heirs we saw from Ben and Colin five minutes ago the same errors are coming the other side now mm-hmm and a lot of it is the wind these are some uncharacteristic misses right not right down the line shot there we normally would expect him to make that shot yeah we had to miss return the missed.

Flakes we'll be here soon surprise they're not calling timeout after those couple balls wow you know one thing I'm noticed about Matt Wright and Riley Newman is they actually don't take a whole lot of time out so in certain situations especially towards the end of matches that was.

Ridiculous Hands by Ben John's right hands wow Riley said he saw that coming which appears he did with that counter and that's just the win right there the second he was all he was set up to hit that shot ball blew a foot offline ouch yeah.

Colin's there for that ATP but just ATP defense yeah he's there it's just gusts away right behind him on the reset 910. no that head ball took a bounce off the center line right there I believe it did not come up at all game point number two for the Jones Brothers a lot of patience by all four players.

Right here longest point of the match for those of you out there watching dinking is not dead oh what a point both ways great patience all four Place those are taxing points from a mental standpoint.

Folks then gotta put away ball and missed it and it's nine ten one football's got to be sucking back into the net from the wind and we got another time out here Newman and right just got two big stops.

I feel like Colin could have done a little bit more with that fourth so Riley's really got a lot of money you gotta hand it to Myra he's a great right side player that used to be a great left side player he's doing a great job supporting Riley over there and finishing.

That's just too much ben Johns what defense from Newman and right even to force Yeah by Riley Newman putting his hand on the rail while he hits the ball with his backhand eleven ten two game point number two that's two games you might see that one in his sleep tonight there's three game.

Points for the Jones Brothers Two game points for the new Newman right combo so far 10 11. great play by Riley Newman right there it's really amazing they're in there for three four five bang bang bang bang and then they can let that ball go very underrated.

That's a positional decision right there by Ben Jones and always got them on the switch taking advantage of Matt not quite getting over because his returns being short due to the wind right there smart play 11-11 oh that's just too good of the tough backhand game point number four for the Johns Brothers 12-11 too.

Wouldn't be surprised if I see a good third shot drive here and a little extra for Matt right there ain't going anywhere this game coach they're not quitting they're not quitting and we got 11 12. there's a big first game mentally for both sides you know in a best of five.

Foreign staying home that was filthy Rattlers was covering middle had to there a little little high but not that high game point number five I think right then when Riley takes that first.

Ball that is not to finish the point he knows he's got Colin on his heels for the first attack in the second half real smart I think we'll call him slide in there he's trying to get that a little more down because if he doesn't get it down Riley's getting exactly what he wants to the one too yeah another game point here for the Jones Brothers.

Foreign Brothers up a game Matt and Riley the serve zero zero start folks so we'd have a shift change got a friend with me here Clark from where are you from again Clark Baltimore Maryland Baltimore Maryland yeah but I'm having this of course living in Saint Pete Florida now but.

Super excited to be here with you Ben excellent Jones and brothers doing their thing so that's that third shot Drive we've been seeing from Ben he's usually crashing it after that they found a way to get that fourth ball two column but Ben still comes in on the seventh.

Yeah it's gonna be a tough tough ball to rights forehand there he's got a super powerful shot serve's gonna sail a little bit long huge confidence Builder though Ben I think for I think John's Brothers to grab that first game oh yeah but you can win on that side that's the side people have been winning on today.

But when you can get that that's the other side's actually the side people been winning on so I take that back but when they get that offside win and get the first win it's like a double up right there foreign just closing a little too late on that volley.

Yeah Riley tried to slide into the middle there we know he's so well known for that and just a well-placed ball down at the feet Newman foreign it's not too hot we got a little sweat dripping from the brown Ben Jones and he's putting in some work trying to.

Control these points and that's all it takes Ben is just a dink one two inches too high these players are good enough to take advantage no too good from Riley still looks a little bit frustrated I'm sure he and Wright are after that first.

Game but they've got to focus on just stepping it up in the second that's a good touch good Pace all the way down the line Colin just watches as it lands in you know we saw a lot of that early on in Midway through the first game with that third shot Drive where they were making some unforced errors on the Colin.

Ben John side I just got out of the way of that one didn't he Ben that was the backup boogler right there she got out of the way foreign about that Colin John's a little forehand power finishing a point for the team yeah I like it I like it.

A little bit of a different look than we're used to seeing from the jobs Brothers stare down and the no look cleaned down the middle winter off the dink battle that's one of the slower points we've had since that one long dink rally towards the end of game one yeah yeah I love the energy and the fire that.

Matt and Riley are bringing that I can't quite get that reset and Kyle may have even taken some Pace off that ball but again it's more so about Precision than power fast points here folks really fast points one more.

Yeah what Matt Riley and Ben I mean what they all do so well is holding that paddle facing to the very last second so as to disguise where they're gonna go with it they're early on in the program we talked about keeping Ben Jones honest and playing Adam and I think that they've done just a good enough job to.

Keep him honest in some of these points yeah foreign 's still going to be Ben he's still going to do what he does yeah not allowed to separate these two sides thus far and pretty much what we expected wouldn't be surprised if this goes five.

Unbelievable I can tell you right now if Matt ride and running him had won that point you would have had a little bit of a needle move on the energy and that could have probably translated to a few two more points possibly oh it's gonna fall in only with the wind in your face does that happen clearly both thinking it's.

Gonna go out foreign much better leave there by rally show off his acrobatics at the end and hop the kitchen line you still got the footwork again to the backhand side of Ben um you mentioned it before but Matt's gonna love going down that line he think.

He's going to continue to pick that spot out as time moves on in the Pro men's doubles final thing about that finish there Clark has a good combo by Colin sitting on his own attack yeah no doubt uh Ben as you mentioned before and for any of the viewers not actually here on site it is fairly windy and there is.

What tends to seem like a better and worse side most of these players I think tend to play into the win versus with it all right folks so here's what happened three five rallies ago and Matt right gets the clean winner down the line he gets the contested winner down the line and now he's lost the winner down the line so Ben is just growing into knowing.

That Ball's coming I mean that's just the adjustments that these guys make yeah just learning on the move and being ready fascinating yeah right now Riley and Matt playing against the win you can hit the ball a little bit harder and it's going to stay in whereas uh the Johns Brothers have got to be careful because.

Their balls are going to sail a little further really missing that ball standing on the center line that's his spot he doesn't think Ben can put that ball over there he manages to do it oh thought it was gonna trickle over but I mean great Precision from all four.

Players I mean every dink is hit with such a purpose so fascinating to watch Jones did some damage on that service side see if the Matt Wright rally Newman team can answer back so much smarter there I'm surprised to see Matt Wright dropped the one before.

That I would have thought they would have driven that it's hard to hit those drops with the one at your back foreign right there just hunting that ball off of Ben's paddle yeah I mean so much Relentless.

Aggression from Matt Wright and Riley Newman at the moment 972 great move by Ben I may have misspoken earlier wanted to clarify that Riley and Matt have the wind at their back at the moment with the Johns Brothers playing into the wind currently let me get a little switch there with.

Matt right on the left side the big forehand finish and the classic unlucky net cord with the apology yeah we all know too well yeah a little sorry not sorry Ben the second time that Matt Wright gets that clean winner down the middle and that could be built up from having been on the line on some of those other.

Shots right there he's playing that chess game really smart game point number one then what a fantastic Pro men's doubles matchup we've got for the fans in store on Championship Court here at the Oasis pickleball Club so far so good Wright Newman have split games with the Johns.

Brothers It's one a piece heading into the Third thank you and we're gonna see that all matched long fast exchanges at the net all four players being so skilled it's the small margin of error second time Matt runs a little bit late.

There on that backhand counter wow and that ball hung up in the wind a couple times you didn't even think it was maybe going to go over the net but Cullen getting the third and the fifth drop like that with this wind is insane touch oh the move from Ben was a smart one just.

Couldn't quite execute Newman and right to serve pictures yeah I like to bend left it a little too high there didn't you they're keeping Ben Jones honest on that side over there and then they're forcing Colin to cover the Middle with the backhand I think that's going to be a great recipe for.

That team that's a well-placed ball and like you said earlier the advantage to keeping Ben honest to going down his Line is now you've got them thinking which way is the ball gonna come so it opens up a few more ideas and angles for Wright Newman that's an insane attempt at a reset as he's falling backwards at 60 miles an.

Hour yeah and everybody winning with the wind at their back right now which was the opposite of the ladies doubles match foreign yeah I think the extra Pace that the wind at the at the back of and now the Johns Brothers was providing is certainly helping and giving them a.

Slight Advantage especially with how aggressive both these teams like to play they are clearly just taking it to him yeah boss bouncing maybe one time once they get to the net and then they're pulling the trigger and it seems to be working there's a force to time out yeah I like the time out really good oh.

Game three Pro men's doubles final oh pin knows it's over before it is yeah it turns us back probably smart I wouldn't have wanted to gotten hit in the eye or another unfortunate spot the fifth and the seventh by Ben Jones great spot by Ben you know the crazy.

Thing is a lot of those shots are actually sailing out but they hit their attacks with such Precision that Wright Newman don't have any time to get out of the way definitely it's a good adjustment putting matte on the left side and see if you can go down the line on Colin trying to keep the ball out of the middle right now yeah.

You can see what com was trying to do trying to duck down and almost pancake that ball just face on it great spot from Ben another thing that these players do so well and of course this is just an endless less Bend but waiting for the ball to get to its apex before attacking.

So they can have a better angle at a winner or what we'd like to say is a body bag right okay a couple of uncharacteristic messes right there yeah a little Shake of the head from Newman but game point right here at 10-1 pin makes that shot in the sleep but.

Matt finally gets that volley in the middle go where he wants it to go remember on that earlier play folks on the PPA Pro level we have let's at the pro level if it hits the net lands in it is a let and a redo the PPA Pro Tool see if Matt and Riley can put some scoreboard.

Pressure on the Johns Brothers string a couple points together here too good for Mr Johns a couple of good resets there by Matt wrap but not quite enough a little ambitious there but absolutely done it before a little narrow for it he can do it but that's a tough one especially in the wind at your face.

Game point number four I believe too good from that and Colin said let's go up 2-1 make you guys work for it and they have you're into the fourth game here and that is a phenomenal angle from Ben John this challenge Brothers just rolled through game three you know and it'll be.

Interesting to see if they can respond in kind over there on that good side with the one at their back for Matt and Riley yeah great hands and they're going to need a lot of that in this game if they want to survive send it to a fifth Ben and Colin looking determined to end it in four if they can.

It's real tough to keep that bulb deep when the winds at your back they're trying to get that ball at the feet have been it's just sailing a little bit he's going to get attack after attack surprised we didn't see a finger wag on that one yeah I think we may see a few more points from the right Newman Camp before we see some.

Finger Wags and some stare Downs usually a reset Riley hits in his sleep because they serve zero one two yeah and Colin hit that dink a little deeper hung it up a little the thought behind that is actually getting your opponent to beat it up so you can then counter so it kind of works itself in a one-two.

Punch sort of way wow that's a lot of wind yeah same wind that made Matt think that ball wasn't going to be as short as it was but it baited him into attacking earlier yeah the wind is really gusting at this point in the match certainly a factor wow everybody watching with baited breath.

Wondering if that Ball's gonna go over after the other three do incredible Point great defense but good finish by Matt and Riley oh wow the game has just changed in the last minute we've had 15 balls over 10 feet high we haven't seen that all game and here all of a sudden yeah they're bringing the variety.

okay just a little too high off the Newman cattle and John's Brothers will eat that up to get the serve back french fries on the scoreboard Ben unbelievable rally throwing his hands in the air after that net cord.

Yeah he's clearly frustrated still got plenty match to be played wow you got to hit 15 winners to get up to get a side out of them yeah at this level and that can be mentally exhausting sometimes.

Matt and Riley asking if everything's correct if they're in the correct spots as they'll receive it two one two and the net rolls their way that time it's tough enough when you're playing a team like the Jones Brothers for things to go against your grain every now and it would be nice to catch a break yep and a little star down there for Riley.

That third shot Drive fifth shot finish combo is working with the wind at his back now yeah signaling to himself to hit more centrally there especially with the wind going to the lines is going to be just a little more difficult oh and then the the other direction on the urn they set that up the first point.

Of this game he comes to cross quarter and now he goes down the line they're both looking to the left heads up play by Ben Jones Matt Wright sticking a solid fourth shot volley back at calling for that rally oh another neck board chest barely yeah.

They're frustration on Newman's face you're kidding me get out of here what a firefight Newman on the top side of that firefight for at least three of those strokes and still coming up short that's just great hands whether but John's Brothers yeah Matt let that dink a little too high which really just started the.

Attack from the Johns Brothers and took advantage for that dipping shot right into the kitchen Falls just a couple inches short Colin says no no no and we talk about needing a partner that can tell you when to not hit out Falls it helps.

Well Ben one characteristic mistake there by Colin yeah Riley and Matt are gonna have to get a couple points here on their serve when they can especially trailing in this fourth game which could be the final game you're still having any success getting to the net with the win at their back they're gonna hit some better thirds.

Some drives you know maybe put them on their heels with their serves but it's just not happening right now that's a great shot right there holding that shot like you said we're holding that pad on the watching Ben float to the middle and then pulling them out wide it's a great job on that ride yeah combination the win maybe just a.

Flat dink didn't get under it quite as much as you wanted to and Riley and Matt to get the ball back here and it's a critical side out service opportunity yeah I think Matt asked Riley if it was out Riley said unfortunately yeah just out yeah that started to shape up like one of those down the middle flicks that.

Matt had earlier they never got the they never got the option they're just not converting you know I mean they're getting the ball they're getting some side outs but they're not converting and then the Jones Brothers getting one or two points a click yeah it adds up and they're gonna have to get into the kitchen line at least make the.

Johns Brothers work for every point too good from Maddie Wright still got it you know most people don't talk about this he's got these guys by 10 years plus age-wise you know he's still in there fighting with these younger guys it's impressive he's been playing for years.

Yeah I mean speaks to his caliber speaks to his mental fortitude he was a college tennis player at the University of Michigan not too shabby of a background Ben that's gonna just fall and heck I'd even take Matt in 20 years I mean same Sky plays so well I'm I'm waiting for the call.

You and I both wow just deep rally actually thinks the ball's gonna stay in it almost does but just sails deep after the third attempt at the reset yeah Riley's got to be a little bit frustrated I mean how many points have we seen him get five six seven impossible resets back and then it not go his way.

You know really likes that right side he'll do it when his mix matches all the time yes they're just trying to figure out a way to just Buckle through this and get some execution I just can't seem to convert and they'll take those all day long I mean especially with the Johns Brothers up a game.

A little miscommunication I mean they've managed to hold them for quite some time here held them at five for a while stuff it's a nice cross-core dank battle between Riley and Colin with Riley telling himself his speed Up's too good gotta love the energy yeah the positive self-talk right.

That's the first little flick Ben Jones has never meant to be the winner always meant to be the first of two yes clearly working they just came out of Too Much from the side underneath enough to shape that ball with his whole body yeah it's gonna go probably a Ball's.

Length long tough one right there the Johns Brothers Take the Lead here in this fourth game six five one on real sequence all right so Riley misses a full swing attack and still has the presence of mind to recover balance and hit a quality aggressive dig yeah unbelievable concentration from Mr.

Newman oh well maybe you used it all up there or maybe we jinxed him I'm not sure yeah either way that's another point for the Jones Brothers great leave by Matt right right there yeah a huge side out for Newman and Wright that's that chip away though one or two points by the challenge every.

Time they get the ball lately to see if they can answer right back five seconds one zero yeah good talk well I mean really proclaiming Colin has no backhand yeah great playing for Matt and Riley and a little bit of smack talk there at the end Colin just staying composed and.

Yeah that's one interesting thing about pickleball is you can hear see feel your opponents yes and that's one of the things that draws us to the sport is how close in proximity you are to your adversary very unique about the game incredible Point that's a momentum point right there I wouldn't yeah I would not.

Be surprised at this time out here we go yeah it's a good time out from the John's pin and this is Pro men's doubles the championship it's the Johns Brothers taking on Matt Wright and Riley Newman it's Riley Newman's return sales into the net they've got a chance here Ben up 8-7 in the fourth game.

Can they send it to a deciding fifth it's great patience playpen controlled out front attacks recoil ready for the next one yeah going just a little late on that last ball a little high on his heels yeah again great defense for Matt Riley.

Uh Matt gets Ben again on that backhand what do you think about that combo yeah I mean by the time again it's working really well for them even when Ben is maybe expecting it the pace off that matte right forehand is just too good it was good talking tom sure.

Oh they can't execute on that service I just don't know if that drop shot with that one I think he's better off with that third shot drive that he's been doing yeah I'd agree and that's why we see a lot of players drive that third so they can have an easier fifth all he can do is watch he's got the wind.

Coming at him the ball's floating he thinks it's out and it just lands in by a foot almost wow seven eight two yeah the win ate that drop up yeah Matt rather with another chance here to extend the lead once again the Drop shots not paying off.

Oh that's a big one right there yeah costly mistake from the Johns Brothers that's a good spot you know you give the middle up sometimes you want to squeeze a little you go out wide on those overheads it's always hard to know but Ben puts that right where he wants to yeah perfectly placed they'll get the ball back here it's 791.

Much pace and aggression third five seven three five seven combo you know he has that great 35 seconds who else AJ Kohler with the lob attack finish that's one of my favorite combos but Ben's 357 drive is nice uncomfortable there that's important even these guys are human it happens still charged up after that last point I.

Imagine yeah wow unbelievable sequence I mean you're almost holding your breath just waiting for one of these four to speed it up aren't you and statement point right there by Ben saying he did not get it back down yeah ladies and gentlemen grab the popcorn.

Nine nine in the fourth oh let's get a late game timeout bye Matt and Riley Ben just like and there it is an aggressive play from Ben gives the Johns Brothers the championship in exchange at the net
This is the Baird Wealth Management Texas Open tournament