This is four five five oh seventy men's doubles in the US Open 2023. catching this one just a little bit into game one six four two great point three seven one.

Four seven one four seven two definitely have some wind heading left to right from our perspective dusting pretty good right now 741.

Nice serve really deep that's good 742 eight four two nine four two side out 491 sort of just long 492. switch I believe or no I think you just grab a towel.

Actually I think he needs a Band-Aid he said the quick pause here all right and we're back after real quick grabbing of a Band-Aid 492. 941 here in game one.

Uh foreign oh great point good point there nice ATP ATP defense okay so they gathered here in the middle discussing something I believe it was incorrect server or receiver I'm not.

Sure which side had the incorrect players so the incorrect person serves or the incorrect person receives the serve it is a fault so you have to make sure you're always in the correct positions you can always ask the ref am I in the right spots and they will tell you so I'm not sure.

Okay so score is ten four two I'm not exactly sure what happened there and that's game one eleven four here we go with game two after they switched ends that one lands out zero zero one foot fault called on the guy here in the.

White shirt on the near side so that's a point for the other side thank you one zero two I'm sorry once it was one zero one now it's one zero two sometimes it's very difficult to hear the ramps now zero one one.

Nice drop and some cheering for a court next door two one one three one one now timeout.

3-1-1 after the timeout three one two four one two five one two three one five one gentleman in the red on the other side.

Was saying the serves coming from this side had some strange Spin and that's why they were missing the last couple of them are very good serves just long on that two five one now the opening was.

The ref will not voluntarily overturn a call but if the opponent asks what they saw they will overturn a player's call saw it differently four five one four-star team is double checking what side they are supposed to be serving from.

good point four five two five five two double checking the score 552 is correct now five five one all right.

Quite a bit of wind picking up right here still heading left to right thank you six five one six five two off the net there I think the gentleman in red was trying to decide if that ball was going to land in after it clipped.

The net whether it was going to fall along I think it was going to stay in so he made the right decision in attempting to hit it but and the ball Clips the net like that not much you can do five seven one.

It has quite a gust of wind kind of just as he was hitting the ball see the flag blowing pretty good there seven five one you got that dink much higher than he was wanting I think he knew it as soon as he hit it 752 nice attack.

Five seven one nice ATP there yeah six seven one yeah nice shot backhand roll there to finish it off 672.

Yeah good Dinks nice idea by the gentleman in the blue there to shake it up a little bit do something different question over positioning seven seven I believe 771.

871 because nice Point nice touch on that final shot only a lot of power just put it in the right spot very heavy gusting wind right now 971 almost got that over.

972 . did his best to grab them how much you can do on a shot like that thank you ten seven two game point drops and resets from the gentleman here.

On the near side the white shirt are fantastic no matter what ball he's given he's able to drop that right into the kitchen it's a really nice job Seven Ten one as soon as I compliment him if he puts the uh easy dink into the net sorry about that.

Thank you eight ten one nine ten one thank you that falls long 10-10 all tied up timeout good idea 10 10 1. 10 10 1 after the timeout good grab.

The guy there in the Hat on the blue shirt thought that he thought that he had him great grab good hands by the near side team 10-2 I think the ref was confused on whether that ball landed in or out.

And had thought it was a point it is 10 10 2 though nice block that ball was coming in shoulder neck height or so really difficult to block those bent down and got a nice angle on it was able to put it down the other side.

So they get the ball back 10-10-1 quite a bit of wind here pushing hard left to right that's 11 10 1. ah and there's the match.

great game everybody