All right one zero two noah and joshua undefeated it's their final game of the day zero one one one two that was just long i think i'm gonna switch the view stayed in back there good shot from noah and that one was long.

Great lob from noah so two uh two three one i believe this is game one 332 i guess four through two good block from noah and a little no look from tyler now it's four three two.

Five three two three oh my five it's four or five now four five one four five two oh great shot great drive.

Five five one three four one oh sorry six four one getting all confused oh just long there six four two four six one six four one 741 and that was in.

7-42 oh good shot good shot nine four two 4910 five nine two six nine two 961 it's the first game in the match.

Going to eleven good drive from noah and that was just barely didn't make it back over 10-61 and that's the end of game one all right here's game two zero zero two oh good good defense this is zero zero one and that serve was just long.

Zero zero one good battle zero zero i think the paddle hit his head zero zero two good serve backhand side oh very high there but.

Doing well to recover oh great battle noah backed way out of that and josh he's taking all those yeah oh he made the mistake i guess he's gotta get himself out of it finally there's a point one zero one good pickup a good pick up off his feet on the first one but that's a little high one zero.

Two good sir real deep oh good shot good rob oh it's just out i thought that might land in good finish from noah zero one two good return from noah one zero one.

Good serve good attack set it up with a nice serve that pushed him uh held him back two zero one good shots from josh 3-0-1 this is game two best of three so win here from josh and noah they will be undefeated on the day.

And a little middle confusion there tyler started to go for it and then they both pulled back 4-0-1 good middle overhead there right between them 4-0-2 good overhead zero four one oh wow great battle.

Great point josh noah playing really well here good shot from josh looking for that high ball to attack and roll that over that one falls along oh i got it i got it got the full injury timeout.

All right welcome back five zero two the drop six zero two good return from tyler oh wow good return but noah had a fantastic shot there didn't look didn't look like it was going to make it over but it just barely did right between them 702.

So yeah 702. that was out so zero seven one great shot from josh and the guy actually he got to it they put it just a little high and then they finished it off zero seven two oh good little dink from josh.

7.01 um a little too much for reach seven zero two big finish there from noaa eight zero two oh great grab from noel on the overhead and a big time poach nine zero two.

And then hit no the ball actually did go back over but it hit his body zero nine one zero good hustle by tyler thank you zero nine two shots.

Nine zero one tyler's starting to look for that extreme poach there on grabbing those ten zero one oh wow great grab behind his back and then try to do a second one couldn't quite get it so 11-0 there for game two.

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