Thank you this is playoff game one here at the diamond amateur championship 2022. 35 60 plus Chuck and dad on the far side Scott and Joe on the near side 102.

Thank you it's a game to 15. whoever wins this advances to play for gold nice shot from Chuck Chuck loves that little backhand deceptive shot fantastic zero one one Joe is in the white shirt and Scott in.

The blue shirt thank you great point one one one good Hustle by Chuck to get to that ball oh wow the exact same thing again oh and Chuck was he got to the first one.

But he's pulled just too far off to grab the other one and Dad couldn't get to it good hustle though one one two some wind picking up right now yeah definitely affecting the ball two one one good drop and that goes wide great drop by Dan.

Three one two serve into the net gives the ball back to Scott and Joe one three one good hands by Joe to grab that foreign two three one yeah good shot from Chuck on that little Bank hand shot he likes it adds a lot of spin to the ball so.

Even if you can get to the ball Scott was able to get to the ball there but that shot adds unusual spin two three two nice good finish from Dan good control three two one three two two.

Scott and Joe are stacking since Scott is a lefty so they're just confirming that they're on the correct sides stacking to put the two four hands in the middle standard formation when you're playing with the Lefty oh wow good pick up there I thought the.

Point was over great grab my dad oh good LOB smart lob there from Dad good point four two two very close on the football on Scott one of those shots but ref didn't call it so he must have stayed off the line two four one.

Two four two all goes back to Dad and Chuck four two one the winner of this goes on to play for gold and the loser has a chance at bronze good shots from Scott getting a lot of spin on that ball.

Putting in a good spot on Chuck's backhand side Chuck asking the ref to switch the ball out saying it's wobbly four two two four one nice shot by Scott uh.

Great spot from Scott Chuck joking about him looking Mill and hitting it down the side great shot three four one oh Scott going for the kill and kind of the Roll shot put it in the net three four two good spot from Dan on the overhead they're looking into the damn trucker.

Looking into the sun so good grab staring into the sun putting it deep four three one oh opportunity there to attack it just barely doesn't make it over the net four three two so this is a game to 15. I can't.

Remember if I mentioned that we'll switch to a best of three to 11 when they get to the metal match for now it's a game to 15 which is what all the other games today have been so far five three two nice shots from Dad putting that low.

Great spot six three two and that bone looked like it was long But Chuck and dad did not call it yep they okay they said it was in three six one now three six two foreign taking the safe shot there I think.

Struggling to see the ball in the Sun go off the net five six two I would like to see Chuck or Dan just try like a really soft shot there dropping it just over the next I think they would thank you would have gotten stuck at Scott and Joe at the back line call call wide there and back them up.

So that ties it up six six two and they are going with an all long stringy not a bad idea given that the sun is in the eyes of Dan and Chuck okay 762 gives Scott and Joe the lead nice blocked by Chuck and Chuck and Dad get the ball back.

So six seven one nice shot by Scott pulling Chuck way out six seven two seven six one good defense by Joe getting that first.

One back over Scott couldn't quite pick up the second overhead 762. oh Scott and Joe just throwing that ball off the waiting for Dan Cook to make a mistake great job though and they're what four or five lobs in.

That point again it's not a bad strategy with the sun positioned where it is six seven one and Scott and Joe called that wide look okay good right six seven two nice finished Shot by Joe.

It's switching out the ball again water hey okay re-serve there foreign calling the score and you serve in the middle of the ref coin the score it's a fault but she had not yet actually.

Started calling the score she was just clarifying the score she said so it was a redo that was quite a quite a long pause there as they figured out the ball situation and then re-served so 762.

Good Serve by Scott a good return by Chuck yeah Chuck and Dad just gonna get that ball down so that will be end switch eight six eight six two after the end switch Joe and Scott now on the bad Sun side see if Dad and Chuck take advantage with some lobs.

681 now 781 oh great grab by Chuck oh great grabbed by Chuck and then a fantastic grab by Dad good job dad seven eight two nice drop by Chuck.

Oh good dink by Joe at Dad's feet tough to get that back over eight seven one great finish from Chuck great overhead from Chuck eight seven two oh wow good call wow I didn't think that was going out.

Great call that's kind of weird there Joe ends up hitting the ball would start immediately backing up I don't know if he didn't see that it was coming over maybe it was looking into the Sun or what that ties it up 8-1.

981 gives dad and Chuck the lead game to 15. that served long 982 think into the net from Joe 10 8-2 great grabs there oh good try by Chuck could try by Chuck great defense on those previous shots good point.

Eight ten one oh nice attack by Chuck seeing that ball was just a little bit High great shot eight ten two yeah good finish 1081 nice drops by dads great drops right to Joe's backhand side great shots.

eleven eight one just short on that return eleven eight two all right sorry now I'll return on the serve good shot by Chuck Joe slid over looking for an attack.

Puts it in the net 1282 Dan and Chuck three points away from advancing on to the gold medal match timeout called by Joe and Scott Chuck double checking with the ref that he's the correct server in position 12-2 always a good idea to double check if you have any doubt at all 812-1.

Foreign thank you 9 12 2. yeah great shots Joe got that bit High good to work by dad and Chuck finishing it off 1291.

Good try by Chuck hold off balance good effort 1292 it's 1392 good drop two points away from a win and going on to gold oh good shot by Joe to Dad's feet to come get a drop on it 9 13 1. good finish.

Good finish for the backing and punch 9 13 2. 1391 once again down and Chuck two points away foreign oh good point 1392 great shot pulling Joe out forcing him.

To hit that backhand one point away 1492 timeout Joe and Scott 14 9-2 game point for Dad and Chuck oh and let that one go Chuck calling out on the first one and then letting the second one go great game 15-9 dad and Chuck Advanced on to the gold medal match.